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1992, volume 100, issue 6

Episodes in the History of the Journal of Political Economy pp. 1087-91 Downloads
Vicky M Longawa
Social Norms, Savings Behavior, and Growth pp. 1092-1125 Downloads
Harold Cole, George Mailath and Andrew Postlewaite
Growth in Cities pp. 1126-52 Downloads
Edward Glaeser, Hedi D. Kallal, Jose Scheinkman and Andrei Shleifer
Oligopolistic Pricing and the Effects of Aggregate Demand on Economic Activity pp. 1153-1207 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg and Michael Woodford
The Tragedy of the Commons and Economic Growth: Why Does Capital Flow from Poor to Rich Countries? pp. 1208-31 Downloads
Aaron Tornell and Andes Velasco
Quality-Adjusted Cost Functions and Policy Evaluation in the Nursing Home Industry pp. 1232-56 Downloads
Paul J Gertler and Donald Waldman
Are All Economic Hypotheses False? pp. 1257-72 Downloads
J Bradford De Long and Kevin Lang
Irving Fisher Comments on Benjamin Strong and the Federal Reserve in the 1930s pp. 1273-77 Downloads
Thomas Cargill

1992, volume 100, issue 5

Sanctions pp. 899-928 Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Maxim Engers
Competition in the British Electricity Spot Market pp. 929-53 Downloads
Richard Green and David M Newbery
Price Discrimination in Competitive Markets pp. 954-65 Downloads
Luis Locay and Alvaro Rodriguez
Measuring Peer Group Effects: A Study of Teenage Behavior pp. 966-91 Downloads
William Evans, Wallace Oates and Robert M Schwab
A Theory of Fads, Fashion, Custom, and Cultural Change in Informational Cascades pp. 992-1026 Downloads
Sushil Bikhchandani, David Hirshleifer and Ivo Welch
Engel's Law and Cointegration pp. 1027-46 Downloads
Masao Ogaki
Some Evidence on the Empirical Significance of Credit Rationing pp. 1047-77 Downloads
Allen Berger and Gregory Udell
The Changing Empirical Definition of Money: A Comment pp. 1078-81 Downloads
James L Swofford and Gerald A Whitney

1992, volume 100, issue 4

Economic Crisis in a Shortage Economy pp. 673-90 Downloads
Kent Osband
Quadratic Social Welfare Functions pp. 691-712 Downloads
Larry Epstein and Uzi Segal
Fiscal Policy, Specialization, and Trade in the Two-Sector Model: The Return of Ricardo? pp. 713-44 Downloads
Marianne Baxter
International Real Business Cycles pp. 745-75 Downloads
David Backus, Patrick Kehoe and Finn Kydland
Interest Rate Control and Nonconvergence to Rational Expectations pp. 776-800 Downloads
Peter Howitt
Peer Pressure and Partnerships pp. 801-17 Downloads
Eugene Kandel and Edward Lazear
Public versus Private Investment in Human Capital Endogenous Growth and Income Inequality pp. 818-34 Downloads
Gerhard Glomm and B Ravikumar
Compensating Wage Differentials and Unobserved Productivity pp. 835-58 Downloads
Hae-shin Hwang, W. Reed and Carlton Hubbard
Insider Trading: Should It Be Prohibited? pp. 859-87 Downloads
Hayne Leland
"Wasteful" Commuting: A Resolution pp. 888-98 Downloads
Kenneth Small and Shunfeng Song

1992, volume 100, issue 3

Collective Labor Supply and Welfare pp. 437-67 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori
Optimal Incentive Contracts in the Presence of Career Concerns: Theory and Evidence pp. 468-505 Downloads
Robert Gibbons and Kevin Murphy
Internal Net Worth and the Investment Process: An Application to U.S. Agriculture pp. 506-34 Downloads
Robert Hubbard and Anil Kashyap
The Determinants of Black-White Differences in Early Employment Careers: Search, Layoffs, Quits, and Endogenous Wage Growth pp. 535-60 Downloads
Kenneth I Wolpin
The Social Efficiency of Private Decisions to Enforce Property Rights pp. 561-80 Downloads
David de Meza and J R Gould
Time Dynamics and Incomplete Information in the Private Provision of Public Goods pp. 581-97 Downloads
Mark Gradstein
Incentive Contracts and Performance Measurement pp. 598-614 Downloads
George P Baker
Endogenous Market Participation and the General Equilibrium Value of Money pp. 615-46 Downloads
Satyajit Chatterjee and P. Dean Corbae
Are Contributions Rational? Untangling Strategies of Political Action Committees pp. 647-64 Downloads
Thomas Stratmann

1992, volume 100, issue 2

Convergence pp. 223-51 Downloads
Robert Barro and Xavier Sala-i-Martin
Insiders, Outsiders, and Nominal Wage Contracts pp. 252-70 Downloads
Nils Gottfries
Sacrifice and Stigma: Reducing Free-Riding in Cults, Communes, and Other Collectives pp. 271-91 Downloads
Laurence Iannaccone
History's Role in Coordinating Decentralized Allocation Decisions pp. 292-316 Downloads
Meyer, Donald J, et al
Testing Financial Market Equilibrium under Asymmetric Information pp. 317-48 Downloads
Larry Lang, Robert H Litzenberger and Vicente Madrigal
The Behavior of Prices and Inflation: An Empirical Analysis of Disaggregated Price Data pp. 349-89 Downloads
Saul Lach and Daniel Tsiddon
A General Equilibrium Model of Housing, Taxes, and Portfolio Choice pp. 390-429 Downloads
James Berkovec and Don Fullerton
The Cinderella Paradox Resolved pp. 430-32 Downloads
Edward Glaeser

1992, volume 100, issue 1

Does School Quality Matter? Returns to Education and the Characteristics of Public Schools in the United States pp. 1-40 Downloads
David Card and Alan Krueger
Sequential Banking pp. 41-61 Downloads
David S Bizer and Peter DeMarzo
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Silver, and China pp. 62-83 Downloads
Milton Friedman
The Trade-Off between Child Quantity and Quality pp. 84-117 Downloads
Eric Hanushek
The Role of Unemployment Insurance in an Economy with Liquidity Constraints and Moral Hazard pp. 118-42 Downloads
Gary Hansen and Ayse Imrohoroglu
Money and Prices in Colonial America: A New Test of Competing Theories pp. 143-61 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Measurable Dynamic Gains from Trade pp. 162-74 Downloads
Richard Baldwin
The Determinants of Pesticide Regulation: A Statistical Analysis of EPA Decision Making pp. 175-97 Downloads
Maureen Cropper, William Evans, Stephen J. Berard, Maria M. Ducla-Soares and Paul R. Portney
International Trade with Lumpy Countries pp. 198-210 Downloads
Paul Courant and Alan Deardorff
Road Congestion: The Diagrammatic Analysis: Comment pp. 211-17 Downloads
Alan W Evans
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