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1985, volume 93, issue 6

The Strategic Bequest Motive pp. 1045-76 Downloads
B. Douglas Bernheim, Andrei Shleifer and Lawrence Summers
Heterogeneity, Aggregation, and Market Wage Functions: An Empirical Model of Self-selection in the Labor Market pp. 1077-1125 Downloads
James Heckman and Guilherme Sedlacek
Changing World Prices, Women's Wages, and the Fertility Transition: Sweden, 1860-1910 pp. 1126-54 Downloads
T. Schultz
The Structure of Corporate Ownership: Causes and Consequences pp. 1155-77 Downloads
Harold Demsetz and Kenneth Lehn
Some Colonial Evidence on Two Theories of Money: Maryland and the Carolinas pp. 1178-1211 Downloads
Bruce Smith
General Equilibrium Tax Incidence under Imperfect Competition: A Quantity-setting Supergame Analysis pp. 1212-23 Downloads
Carl Davidson and Lawrence Martin
Uncovering Financial Market Expectations of Inflation pp. 1224-41 Downloads
James Hamilton
Open Market Operations in an Overlapping Generations Model pp. 1242-57 Downloads
Douglas G Waldo
A Model of Declining Health and Retirement pp. 1258-67 Downloads
John R Wolfe
The Case of Erudite Economists pp. 1268-71 Downloads
Kamran M Dadkhah

1985, volume 93, issue 5

Patents as Information Transfer Mechanisms: To Patent or (Maybe) Not to Patent pp. 837-58 Downloads
Ignatius Horstmann, Glenn MacDonald and Al Slivinski
The Financial Firm: Production with Monetary and Nonmonetary Goods pp. 859-80 Downloads
Diana Hancock
Nutrition and the Demand for Tastes pp. 881-900 Downloads
Eugene Silberberg
Motivations to Remit: Evidence from Botswana pp. 901-18 Downloads
Robert Lucas and Oded Stark
Money and Asset Prices in a Cash-in-Advance Economy pp. 919-44 Downloads
Lars Svensson
Copying and Indirect Appropriability: Photocopying of Journals pp. 945-57 Downloads
Stan Liebowitz
Competition with Hidden Knowledge pp. 958-76 Downloads
John Riley
The Effect of Professional Advice on the Stability of a Speculative Market pp. 977-93 Downloads
Frank Denton
The Effect of Labor Unions on Investment in Training: A Dynamic Model pp. 994-1007 Downloads
Yoram Weiss
Interest Rate Variability and Economic Performance: Further Evidence [The Effects on Output of Money Growth and Interest Rate Volatility in the United States] pp. 1008-18 Downloads
John Tatom
Official Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market pp. 1019-24 Downloads
Peter Spencer
A Critical Appraisal of Hausman's Welfare Cost Estimates pp. 1025-34 Downloads
Edgar Browning

1985, volume 93, issue 4

Rationing by Waiting and the Value of Time: Results from a Natural Experiment pp. 627-47 Downloads
Robert Deacon and Jon Sonstelie
Property Tax Incidence with a Public Sector pp. 648-65 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
Real Wages over the Business Cycle: Evidence from Panel Data pp. 666-89 Downloads
Mark Bils
The Influence of Private Contractual Failure on Regulation: The Case of Oil Field Unitization pp. 690-714 Downloads
Gary Libecap and Steven N Wiggins
Worker Heterogeneity, Job Screening, and Firm Size pp. 715-39 Downloads
John E Garen
Adam Smith in the Customhouse pp. 740-59 Downloads
Gary M Anderson, William Shughart and Robert Tollison
An Equilibrium Queuing Model of Bribery pp. 760-81 Downloads
Francis Lui
A Model of Chinese National Income Determination pp. 782-92 Downloads
Gregory Chow
Transaction Costs and the Interest Parity Theorem pp. 793-99 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Satya Das
Beating the Spread: Testing the Efficiency of the Gambling Market for National Football League Games pp. 800-806 Downloads
Richard A Zuber, John M Gandar and Benny D Bowers
Price-conveyed Information versus Observed Insider Behavior: A Note on Rational Expectations Convergence [Efficiency of Experimental Security Markets with Insider Information: An Application of Rational-Expectations Models] pp. 807-15 Downloads
Jeffrey Banks
A Specious Solution to the "Problem" of Procyclical Productivity pp. 816-23 Downloads
Raford Boddy
Karni on Optimal Wage Indexation: A Correction pp. 824-25 Downloads
Alvin L Marty

1985, volume 93, issue 3

Optimal Severance Pay with Incomplete Information pp. 435-51 Downloads
Charles Kahn
Testing the Efficiency of Extraction from a Stock Resource pp. 452-87 Downloads
Robert Farrow
Multimarket Oligopoly: Strategic Substitutes and Complements pp. 488-511 Downloads
Jeremy I Bulow, John D Geanakoplos and Paul Klemperer
The Impact of Product Recalls on the Wealth of Sellers pp. 512-36 Downloads
Gregg Jarrell and Sam Peltzman
Inflation and Currency Reform pp. 537-60 Downloads
Laura LaHaye
The Effect of Cohort Size on Earnings Growth: A Reexamination of the Evidence pp. 561-73 Downloads
Mark Berger
The Role of Taxes and Social Security in Determining the Structure of Wages and Pensions pp. 574-85 Downloads
Gene E Mumy
Testing Hypotheses about Firm Behavior in the Cigarette Industry pp. 586-98 Downloads
Daniel Sullivan
Monitoring and Hierarchies: The Marginal Value of Information in a Principal-Agent Model pp. 599-609 Downloads
Nirvikar Singh
The Leontief Paradox: Continued or Resolved? pp. 610-15 Downloads
Francois Casas and Eun Choi

1985, volume 93, issue 2

Debt, Deficits, and Finite Horizons pp. 223-47 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
The Tiebout Model: Bring Back the Entrepreneurs pp. 248-64 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson
Discriminatory, Status-based Wages among Tradition-oriented, Stochastically Trading Coconut Producers pp. 265-76 Downloads
George Akerlof
A Rehabilitation of Absolute Advantage pp. 277-97 Downloads
Glenn MacDonald and James Markusen
Short-run Analysis of Fiscal Policy in a Simple Perfect Foresight Model pp. 298-319 Downloads
Kenneth Judd
In Search of Predatory Pricing pp. 320-45 Downloads
R. Isaac and Vernon Smith
The Pricing of Forward Contracts for Foreign Exchange pp. 346-68 Downloads
Robert Korajczyk
A Test of the Expected Utility Model: Evidence from Earthquake Risks pp. 369-89 Downloads
Brookshire, David S, et al
On Patents, R&D, and the Stock Market Rate of Return pp. 390-409 Downloads
Ariel Pakes
The Social Costs of Monopoly and Regulation: Posner Reconsidered pp. 410-16 Downloads
Franklin M Fisher
Estimates of the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: The Importance of the Researcher's Prior Beliefs pp. 417-25 Downloads
Walter McManus

1985, volume 93, issue 1

A Test of the Hotelling Valuation Principle pp. 1-25 Downloads
Merton Miller and Charles Upton
Embargo Threats and the Management of Emergency Reserves pp. 26-42 Downloads
Clas Bergstrom, Glenn Loury and Mats Persson
Current Account Dynamics and the Terms of Trade: Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Two Generations Later pp. 43-65 Downloads
Torsten Persson and Lars Svensson
The Information Content of Specialist Pricing pp. 66-83 Downloads
John P Gould and Robert E Verrecchia
On the Economics of Compliance with the Minimum Wage Law pp. 84-91 Downloads
Yang-Ming Chang and Isaac Ehrlich
Information Aggregation, Inflation, and the Pricing of Indexed Bonds pp. 92-114 Downloads
Gur Huberman and G. Schwert
Trade Liberalization and Industrial Organization: Some Estimates for Canada pp. 115-45 Downloads
David Cox and Richard Harris
Transactions Costs and the Optimal Quantity of Money pp. 146-57 Downloads
Scott Freeman
The Economics of Copying pp. 158-74 Downloads
William Johnson
Money Is What Money Does: Monetary Aggregation and the Equation of Exchange pp. 175-204 Downloads
Paul A Spindt
Food Stamps as Money: The Macroeconomics of a Transfer Program pp. 205-13 Downloads
Daniel Hamermesh and James M Johannes
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