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1986, volume 94, issue 6

Unequal English Wealth since 1670 pp. 1127-62 Downloads
Peter Lindert
Implementation Cycles pp. 1163-90 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer
Monetary Analysis, the Equilibrium Method, and Keynes's "General Theory." pp. 1191-1224 Downloads
Meir Kohn
Labor-Management Bargaining: Contract Curves and Slutsky Equations pp. 1225-45 Downloads
Hajime Miyazaki
The Efficiency of Search under Competition and Monopsony pp. 1246-57 Downloads
James Albrecht and Boyan Jovanovic
Seasonal Fluctuations and the Life Cycle-Permanent Income Model of Consumption pp. 1258-79 Downloads
Jeffrey Miron
A Classical Model of the Class Struggle: A Game-Theoretic Approach pp. 1280-1303 Downloads
Perry G Mehrling
Fiscal Illusion and the Grantor Government pp. 1304-18 Downloads
Robert R Logan
Temporary Stabilization: Predetermined Exchange Rates pp. 1319-29 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo
The Fisher Hypothesis and International Capital Markets pp. 1330-37 Downloads
Ingemar Hansson and Charles Stuart

1986, volume 94, issue 5

The Bureaucracy of Murder Revisited pp. 905-26 Downloads
Albert Breton and Ronald Wintrobe
Price Destabilizing Speculation pp. 927-52 Downloads
Oliver Hart and David Kreps
Variance Bounds Tests and Stock Price Valuation Models pp. 953-1001 Downloads
Allan W Kleidon
Increasing Returns and Long-run Growth pp. 1002-37 Downloads
Paul Romer
The Efficiency of the Dollar-Sterling Gold Standard, 1890-1908 pp. 1038-73 Downloads
Lawrence Officer
The Political Economy of Resale Price Maintenance pp. 1074-95 Downloads
Howard P Marvel and Stephen McCafferty
Further Evidence on the Asymmetric Behavior of Economic Time Series over the Business Cycle pp. 1096-1109 Downloads
Barry Falk
The Path of Price Changes in Vertical Integration pp. 1110-19 Downloads
Herman C Quirmbach
The Leontief Paradox, Reconsidered: Correction pp. 1120 Downloads
Iraj Heravi

1986, volume 94, issue 4

The Costs and Benefits of Ownership: A Theory of Vertical and Lateral Integration pp. 691-719 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Oliver Hart
On Measuring Child Costs: With Applications to Poor Countries pp. 720-44 Downloads
Angus Deaton and John Muellbauer
The Bullionist Controversy Revisited pp. 745-62 Downloads
Morris Perlman
Simple Tests of Distributional Effects on Macroeconomic Equations pp. 763-95 Downloads
Thomas M Stoker
Price and Advertising Signals of Product Quality pp. 796-821 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
Technology Adoption in the Presence of Network Externalities pp. 822-41 Downloads
Michael Katz and Carl Shapiro
Capital Market Equilibrium with Transaction Costs pp. 842-62 Downloads
George Constantinides
Multi-Item Auctions pp. 863-72 Downloads
Gabrielle Demange, David Gale and Marilda Sotomayor
Income Distribution and Sociopolitical Instability as Determinants of Savings: A Cross-sectional Model pp. 873-83 Downloads
Yiannis P Venieris and Dipak K Gupta
Regulatory Policymaking at the Federal Trade Commission: The Extent of Congressional Control pp. 884-89 Downloads
Timothy J Muris
Congress and Regulatory Agency Choice: Reply [Bureaucratic Discretion or Congressional Control? Regulatory Policymaking by the Federal Trade Commission] pp. 890-94 Downloads
Barry Weingast and Mark J Moran
A Confirmation of the Relation between Inflation and Relative Price Variability pp. 895-99 Downloads
Constantine Glezakos and Jeffrey Nugent

1986, volume 94, issue 3

Testing between Competing Models of Wage and Employment Determination in Unionized Markets pp. S3-S39 Downloads
Thomas E MaCurdy and John Pencavel
Testing the Efficiency of Employment Contracts pp. S40-S87 Downloads
James N Brown and Orley Ashenfelter
Wages and Job Mobility of Young Workers pp. S88-S110 Downloads
Christopher Flinn
Local Labor Markets pp. S111-43 Downloads
Robert Topel
An Empirical Model of Wage Indexation Provisions in Union Contracts pp. S144-75 Downloads
David Card
Intertemporal Substitution in Labor Supply: Evidence from Micro Data pp. S176-S215 Downloads
Joseph Altonji
Large Shareholders and Corporate Control pp. 461-88 Downloads
Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny
What Do We Really Know about Wages? The Importance of Nonreporting and Census Imputation pp. 489-506 Downloads
Lee Lillard, James Smith and Finis Welch
Cyclical Unemployment: Sectoral Shifts or Aggregate Disturbances? pp. 507-22 Downloads
Katharine Abraham and Lawrence Katz
Induced Bias of Technical Change in Agriculture: The United States and Japan, 1880-1980 pp. 523-44 Downloads
Toshihiko Kawagoe, Keijiro Otsuka and Yujiro Hayami
The Variability of Crop Production in Private and Socialized Agriculture: Evidence from Eastern Europe pp. 545-63 Downloads
Josef Brada
Fiscal Policies in the World Economy pp. 564-94 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Assaf Razin
Ricardo's Volte-Face on Machinery pp. 595-613 Downloads
Haim Barkai
Using Cost Observation to Regulate Firms pp. 614-41 Downloads
Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole
The Resource Cost of Irredeemable Paper Money pp. 642-47 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Fiscal versus Traditional Market Variables in Canadian Migration pp. 648-66 Downloads
R Paul Shaw
An Intertemporal Analysis of the Interdependence between Risk Preference, Retirement, and Work Rate Decisions pp. 667-82 Downloads
Richard S Dowell and Keith McLaren

1986, volume 94, issue 2

Procurement and Renegotiation pp. 235-59 Downloads
Jean Tirole
Some Anecdotal Evidence Relating to the Legal Restrictions Theory of the Demand for Money pp. 260-65 Downloads
Gail E Makinen and G Thomas Woodward
Predatory Pricing and Acquisition Cost of Competitors pp. 266-96 Downloads
Malcolm R Burns
Does Better Nutrition Raise Farm Productivity? pp. 297-320 Downloads
John Strauss
The Efficiency Effects of Categorical Discrimination in the Insurance Industry pp. 321-44 Downloads
Keith J Crocker and Arthur Snow
Testing for Bubbles in Exchange Markets: A Case of Sparkling Rates? pp. 345-73 Downloads
Richard Meese
A Variance Bounds Test of the Linear Quadratic Inventory Model pp. 374-401 Downloads
Kenneth West
On the Existence of Optimal Stationary Equilibria with a Fixed Supply of Fiat Money: I. The Case of a Single Consumer pp. 402-17 Downloads
Lawrence M Benveniste and David Cass
Price Dispersion in an Automobile Insurance Market pp. 418-38 Downloads
Bev Dahlby and Douglas West
A Note on "Job Search: The Choice of Intensity." pp. 439-42 Downloads
Peter B Morgan
Trade Unions in the Production Process Reconsidered pp. 443-47 Downloads
Morgan O Reynolds

1986, volume 94, issue 1

Spurious Volatility in Historical Unemployment Data pp. 1-37 Downloads
Christina Romer
Job Search and Cyclical Unemployment pp. 38-55 Downloads
Randall Wright
The "Starving Artist"-Myth or Reality? Earnings of Artists in the United States pp. 56-75 Downloads
Randall Filer
Interest Rate Seasonals and the Federal Reserve pp. 76-125 Downloads
Truman A Clark
Risk, Return, and Equilibrium: A Revisit pp. 126-47 Downloads
Seha Tinic and Richard R West
Recurrent Devaluation and Speculative Attacks on the Mexican Peso pp. 148-66 Downloads
Herminio Blanco and Peter Garber
Information, Production, and the Term Structure pp. 167-84 Downloads
Theodore E Day
Gresham's Law or Gresham's Fallacy? pp. 185-99 Downloads
Arthur J Rolnick and Warren Weber
The Output-Inflation Trade-off When Prices Are Costly to Change pp. 200-224 Downloads
Michael Parkin
Search in a Known Pattern pp. 225-30 Downloads
Motty Perry and Avi Wigderson
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