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1996, volume 104, issue 6

Impetuous Youngsters and Jaded Old-Timers: Acquiring a Reputation for Learning pp. 1105-34 Downloads
Canice Prendergast and Lars Stole
A Monetary Explanation of the Equity Premium, Term Premium, and Risk-Free Rate Puzzles pp. 1135-71 Downloads
Ravi Bansal and Wilbur Coleman
Credit, Incentives, and Reputation: A Hedonic Analysis of Contractual Wage Profiles pp. 1172-1226 Downloads
Loren Brandt and Arthur Hosios
Relative Wage Movements and the Distribution of Consumption pp. 1227-62 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Steven Davis
Saving Babies: The Efficacy and Cost of Recent Changes in the Medicaid Eligibility of Pregnant Women pp. 1263-96 Downloads
Janet Currie and Jonathan Gruber
The Old Lady Visits Your Backyard: A Tale of Morals and Markets pp. 1297-1313 Downloads
Bruno Frey, Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Reiner Eichenberger
Informal Regulation of Industrial Pollution in Developing Countries: Evidence from Indonesia pp. 1314-27 Downloads
Sheoli Pargal and David Wheeler
Do Static Gains from Trade Lead to Medium-Run Growth? pp. 1328-37 Downloads
Joy Mazumdar

1996, volume 104, issue 5

The Role of Premarket Factors in Black-White Wage Differences pp. 869-95 Downloads
Derek Neal and William Johnson
Competitive Storage and Commodity Price Dynamics pp. 896-923 Downloads
Angus Deaton and Guy Laroque
A Theory of Commodity Price Fluctuations pp. 924-57 Downloads
Marcus Chambers and Roy Bailey
Favoritism in Organizations pp. 958-78 Downloads
Canice Prendergast and Robert Topel
Federal Fiscal Constitutions: Risk Sharing and Redistribution pp. 979-1009 Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
Gender, Agricultural Production, and the Theory of the Household pp. 1010-46 Downloads
Christopher Udry
Equilibrium Income Inequality among Identical Agents pp. 1047-64 Downloads
Scott Freeman
Measurement Matters: Recent Results from Monetary Economics Reexamined pp. 1065-83 Downloads
Michael Belongia
Product Reliability and Firm Value: The Experience of American and Japanese Automakers, 1973-1992 pp. 1084-99 Downloads
Brad Barber and Masako N Darrough
Rational Addiction to Caffeine: An Analysis of Coffee Consumption pp. 1100-1104 Downloads
Nilss Olekalns and Peter Bardsley

1996, volume 104, issue 4

Nobel Lecture: Monetary Neutrality pp. 661-82 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Consumers' Evaluation of New Products: Learning from Self and Others pp. 683-703 Downloads
Daniel McFadden and Kenneth Train
The Role of Countercyclical Monetary Policy pp. 704-23 Downloads
Peter Ireland
Competition and Corporate Performance pp. 724-46 Downloads
Stephen Nickell
Willingness to Pay and the Distribution of Risk and Wealth pp. 747-63 Downloads
John W Pratt and Richard Zeckhauser
How Does Privatization Work? Evidence from the Russian Shops pp. 764-90 Downloads
Nicholas Barberis, Maxim Boycko, Andrei Shleifer and Natalia Tsukanova
International Differences in Male Wage Inequality: Institutions versus Market Forces pp. 791-836 Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
Learning, Wage Dynamics, and Firm-Specific Human Capital pp. 838-68 Downloads
Leonardo Felli and Christopher Harris

1996, volume 104, issue 3

Evaluating the Effects of Incomplete Markets on Risk Sharing and Asset Pricing pp. 443-87 Downloads
John Heaton and Deborah Lucas
Real Exchange Rate Behavior: The Recent Float from the Perspective of the Past Two Centuries pp. 488-509 Downloads
James Lothian and Mark Taylor
The Behavior of the Exchange Rate in the Genetic Algorithm and Experimental Economies pp. 510-41 Downloads
Jasmina Arifovic
Culture, Information, and Screening Discrimination pp. 542-71 Downloads
Bradford Cornell and Ivo Welch
A Cross-Sectional Test of an Investment-Based Asset Pricing Model pp. 572-621 Downloads
John Cochrane
Dealer Price Discrimination in New Car Purchases: Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey pp. 622-54 Downloads
Pinelopi Goldberg

1996, volume 104, issue 2

Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Consumers pp. 219-40 Downloads
George Constantinides and Darrell Duffie
Localized Competition and the Aggregation of Plant-Level Increasing Returns: Blast Furnaces, 1929-1935 pp. 241-66 Downloads
Amy L Bertin, Timothy Bresnahan and Daniel M G Raff
What Can Explain the Apparent Lack of International Consumption Risk Sharing? pp. 267-97 Downloads
Karen K Lewis
Understanding Risk and Return pp. 298-345 Downloads
John Campbell
Reputation Formation in Early Bank Note Markets pp. 346-97 Downloads
Gary Gorton
The Tax Unit and Household Production pp. 398-418 Downloads
John Piggott and John Whalley
Precautionary Saving, Insurance, and the Origins of Workers' Compensation pp. 419-42 Downloads
Shawn Kantor and Price Fishback

1996, volume 104, issue 1

Optimal Debt Structure and the Number of Creditors pp. 1-25 Downloads
Patrick Bolton and David Scharfstein
The Daily Market for Federal Funds pp. 26-56 Downloads
James Hamilton
Public Provision of Private Goods pp. 57-84 Downloads
Dennis Epple and Richard Romano
Competition and the Core pp. 85-107 Downloads
Lester G Telser
Social Status, Education, and Growth pp. 108-32 Downloads
Chaim Fershtman, Kevin Murphy and Yoram Weiss
The Demand for Food and Calories pp. 133-62 Downloads
Shankar Subramanian and Angus Deaton
Valuing Biodiversity for Use in Pharmaceutical Research pp. 163-85 Downloads
R David Simpson, Roger Sedjo and John W Reid
The Alaskan Labor Market during the Pipeline Era pp. 186-218 Downloads
William J Carrington

1995, volume 103, issue 6

Is Consumption Growth Consistent with Intertemporal Optimization? Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey pp. 1121-57 Downloads
Orazio Attanasio and Guglielmo Weber
Optimal Capital Income Taxation with Incomplete Markets, Borrowing Constraints, and Constant Discounting pp. 1158-75 Downloads
S. Aiyagari
Learning by Doing and Learning from Others: Human Capital and Technical Change in Agriculture pp. 1176-1209 Downloads
Andrew Foster and Mark Rosenzweig
On the Form of Transfers in Special Interests pp. 1210-35 Downloads
Stephen Coate and Stephen Morris
Are Government Transfers Efficient? An Alternative Test of the Efficient Redistribution Hypothesis pp. 1236-74 Downloads
David Bullock
Swords or Plowshares? A Theory of the Security of Claims to Property pp. 1275-88 Downloads
Herschel Grossman and Minseong Kim
Education and Income Growth: Implications for Cross-Country Inequality pp. 1289-1301 Downloads
Donal O'Neill
The Political Economy of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 pp. 1302-42 Downloads
Andrew Seltzer

1995, volume 103, issue 5

Property Rights and Investment Incentives: Theory and Evidence from Ghana pp. 903-37 Downloads
Timothy Besley
The Economics of Polygyny in Sub-Saharan Africa: Female Productivity and the Demand for Wives in Cote d'Ivoire pp. 938-71 Downloads
Hanan Jacoby
Labor Contracts and Business Cycles pp. 972-1004 Downloads
Michele Boldrin and Michael Horvath
On the Turnover of Business Firms and Business Managers pp. 1005-38 Downloads
Thomas Holmes and James Schmitz
Endogenous Timing and the Clustering of Agents' Decisions pp. 1039-66 Downloads
Faruk Gul and Russell Lundholm
Industrial Development in Cities pp. 1067-90 Downloads
J. Vernon Henderson, Ari Kuncoro and Matthew Turner
Lessons from the Bell Curve pp. 1091-1120 Downloads
James Heckman

1995, volume 103, issue 4

Trade Wars and Trade Talks pp. 675-708 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman
Dynamic Income, Progressive Taxes, and the Timing of Charitable Contributions pp. 709-38 Downloads
William C Randolph
Rational Addiction with Learning and Regret pp. 739-58 Downloads
Athanasios Orphanides and David Zervos
R&D-Based Models of Economic Growth pp. 759-84 Downloads
Charles Jones
Coase versus Pacman: Who Eats Whom in the Durable-Goods Monopoly? pp. 785-812 Downloads
Nils-Henrik von der Fehr and Kai-Uwe Kuhn
Bait and Switch pp. 813-30 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Differential Interpretation of Public Signals and Trade in Speculative Markets pp. 831-72 Downloads
Eugene Kandel and Neil Pearson
China's Evolving Managerial Labor Market pp. 873-92 Downloads
Theodore Groves, Yongmiao Hong, John McMillan and Barry Naughton
On the Foundations of Dynamic Monopoly Theory: Comment pp. 893-902 Downloads
Marc Dudey

1995, volume 103, issue 3

Time-Consistent Health Insurance pp. 445-73 Downloads
John Cochrane
Macroeconomic Features of the French Revolution pp. 474-518 Downloads
Thomas Sargent and Francois Velde
Growth Effects of Flat-Rate Taxes pp. 519-50 Downloads
Nancy Stokey and Sergio Rebelo
The Effect of Marginal Tax Rates on Taxable Income: A Panel Study of the 1986 Tax Reform Act pp. 551-72 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
The Analytics of the Pricing of Higher Education and Other Services in Which the Customers Are Inputs pp. 573-86 Downloads
Michael Rothschild and Lawrence White
Fiscal Effects of the Voter Initiative: Evidence from the Last 30 Years pp. 587-623 Downloads
John Matsusaka
Exchange Rate Dynamics Redux pp. 624-60 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff
Is the Japanese Extended Family Altruistically Linked? A Test Based on Engel Curves pp. 661-74 Downloads
Fumio Hayashi

1995, volume 103, issue 2

The Selection Hypothesis and the Relationship between Trial and Plaintiff Victory pp. 229-60 Downloads
Joel Waldfogel
The Price Elasticity of Hard Drugs: The Case of Opium in the Dutch East Indies, 1923-1938 pp. 261-79 Downloads
Jan van Ours
The Wage Distribution in a Model of the Assignment of Skills to Jobs pp. 280-315 Downloads
C. N. Teulings
Can Imperfect Competition Explain the Difference between Primal and Dual Productivity Measures? Estimates for U.S. Manufacturing pp. 316-30 Downloads
Werner Roeger
The Journals of Economics pp. 331-59 Downloads
George Stigler, Stephen M Stigler and Claire Friedland
Precautionary Saving and Social Insurance pp. 360-99 Downloads
Robert Hubbard, Jonathan Skinner and Stephen Zeldes
Consumer Rationality and Credit Cards pp. 400-433 Downloads
Dagobert Brito and Peter Hartley
Aristocratic Equilibria pp. 434-38 Downloads
Steven E Landsburg
Aristocratic Equilibria: Response pp. 439-43 Downloads
Harold Cole, George Mailath and Andrew Postlewaite

1995, volume 103, issue 1

Corporate Conservatism and Relative Compensation pp. 1-25 Downloads
Jeffrey Zwiebel
Anarchy and Its Breakdown pp. 26-52 Downloads
Jack Hirshleifer
The Economics of Breakdowns, Checkups, and Cures pp. 53-74 Downloads
Curtis Taylor
A Theory of Income and Dividend Smoothing Based on Incumbency Rents pp. 75-93 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole
Market Frictions and Consumption-Based Asset Pricing pp. 94-117 Downloads
Hua He and David M Modest
Search, Bargaining, Money, and Prices pp. 118-41 Downloads
Alberto Trejos and Randall Wright
Restricting the Market for Quota: An Analysis of Tobacco Production Rights with Corroboration from Congressional Testimony pp. 142-75 Downloads
Randal R Rucker, Walter Thurman and Daniel Sumner
Credibility and Changes in Policy Regime pp. 176-208 Downloads
Francisco Ruge-Murcia
Can Markets Value Air Quality? A Meta-analysis of Hedonic Property Value Models pp. 209-27 Downloads
V. Smith and Ju-Chin Huang
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