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1977, volume 85, issue 6

Leisure, Home Production, and Work-The Theory of the Allocation of Time Revisited pp. 1099-1123 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
The Principle of Unanimity and Voluntary Consent in Social Choice pp. 1125-39 Downloads
Vernon Smith
An Economic Analysis of Marital Instability pp. 1141-87 Downloads
Gary Becker, Elisabeth M Landes and Robert T Michael
Location of Firms within a Square Central Business District pp. 1189-1207 Downloads
O'Hara, Donald J
Transaction Costs and Interest Arbitrage: Tranquil versus Turbulent Periods pp. 1209-26 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Richard M Levich
Money Wages, Prices, and Causality pp. 1227-44 Downloads
Y P Mehra
Exchange Rate Dynamics with Stock/Flow Interaction pp. 1245-57 Downloads
Jurg Niehans
Income Distributions in Two Experimental Economies pp. 1259-71 Downloads
Raymond Battalio, John Kagel and Morgan O Reynolds
Health, Investment in Health, and Occupational Choice pp. 1273-94 Downloads
Maureen Cropper
Inflationary Finance and Growth pp. 1295-1307 Downloads
Bijan B Aghevli

1977, volume 85, issue 5

The Gibson Paradox and Historical Movements in Real Interest Rates pp. 891-907 Downloads
Robert Shiller and Jeremy J Siegel
The Relevance of the Two-Sector Production Model in Trade Theory pp. 909-35 Downloads
Ronald W Jones and Jose Scheinkman
Trade Using One Commodity as a Means of Payment pp. 937-68 Downloads
Lloyd Shapley and Martin Shubik
Organized Futures Markets: Costs and Benefits pp. 969-1000 Downloads
Lester G Telser and Harlow N Higinbotham
Public Property and the Effects of Migration upon Other Residents of the Migrants' Countries of Origin and Destination pp. 1001-20 Downloads
Dan Usher
The Monetary Appreciation of Paintings pp. 1021-35 Downloads
John Picard Stein
Empirical Study of Scale Economies and Production Complementarity: The Case of Journal Publication pp. 1037-48 Downloads
William Baumol and Yale M Braunstein
The IS-LM Model of Macroeconomic Equilibrium and the Monetarist Controversy pp. 1049-62 Downloads
Neil Bruce
Price Discrimination and Vertical Control: A Note pp. 1063-71 Downloads
J R Gould
Pollak and Wachter on the Household Production Function Approach pp. 1073-82 Downloads
William Barnett
Reply: "Pollak and Wachter on the Household Production Approach." pp. 1083-86 Downloads
Robert Pollak and Michael L Wachter

1977, volume 85, issue 4

Financial Flow Variables and the Short-Run Determination of Long-Term Interest Rates pp. 661-89 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
The Demand for Quality-adjusted Cash Balances: Price Uncertainty in the U.S. Demand for Money Function pp. 691-715 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
The Competitive Effects of Trust-Busting: A Portfolio Analysis pp. 717-39 Downloads
Malcolm R Burns
Capital Punishment and Deterrence: Some Further Thoughts and Additional Evidence pp. 741-88 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich
The Demand for Supplementary Health Insurance, or Do Deductibles Matter? pp. 789-801 Downloads
Emmett B Keeler, Daniel T Morrow and Joseph Newhouse
Probability and Utility Estimates for Racetrack Bettors pp. 803-15 Downloads
Mukhtar M Ali
The Variability of Expectations in Hyperinflations pp. 817-27 Downloads
Mohsin Khan
On the Structure and Stability of Political Markets pp. 829-42 Downloads
W. Crain
On Uncertain Lifetimes pp. 843-49 Downloads
Robert Barro and James Friedman
Consumer Horizon: Further Evidence pp. 851-58 Downloads
Khan A Mohabbat and Evangelos O Simos
Equilibrium in Stable Markets pp. 859-64 Downloads
James Ohlson
On the Shadow Pricing of Traded Commodities pp. 865-72 Downloads
Peter Warr
An Example of a Trading Economy with Three Competitive Equilibria pp. 873-75 Downloads
Lloyd Shapley and Martin Shubik

1977, volume 85, issue 3

Nobel Lecture: Inflation and Unemployment pp. 451-72 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Rules Rather Than Discretion: The Inconsistency of Optimal Plans pp. 473-91 Downloads
Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott
Minimum Rate Regulation, Modal Split Sensitivities, and the Railroad Problem pp. 493-512 Downloads
Kenneth D Boyer
The Social Cost of Public Finance pp. 513-47 Downloads
Larry Sjaastad and Daniel L Wisecarver
Regional Product Price Differences and the Sectoral Distribution of Labor in Less Developed Countries pp. 549-68 Downloads
James L McCabe
Education: Consumption or Production? pp. 569-97 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Consumer Interdependence via Reference Groups pp. 599-615 Downloads
Hiroaki Hayakawa and Yiannis P Venieris
A Model of Exchange Rate Determination under Currency Substitution and Rational Expectations pp. 617-25 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Carlos Rodríguez
Price-Level Stickiness and the Feasibility of Monetary Stabilization Policy with Rational Expectations pp. 627-34 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Taxation and "Abnormal" International Capital Flows pp. 635-46 Downloads
Maurice Levi
The Deeper Economics of Sleeping: Important Clues toward the Discovery of Activity X pp. 647-49 Downloads
Emily P Hoffman

1977, volume 85, issue 2

A Political Model of the Business Cycle pp. 239-63 Downloads
Cecil MacRae
Savings and Consumption with an Uncertain Horizon pp. 265-81 Downloads
David Levhari and Leonard Mirman
Foreign Direct Investment in Manufacturing pp. 283-97 Downloads
Edward John Ray
Political Power, Desegregation, and Employment of Black Schoolteachers pp. 299-322 Downloads
Richard Freeman
The Foreign Dependence Question pp. 323-47 Downloads
George S Tolley and John D Wilman
The Surprising Incidence of a Tax on Pure Rent: A New Answer to an Old Question pp. 349-60 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Patterns of Engineering Trade Specialization, 1960-1970, and Sweden's Factor Abundance pp. 361-78 Downloads
Lennart Ohlsson
Perfect Foresight, Expectational Consistency, and Macroeconomic Equilibrium pp. 379-93 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky and Edwin Burmeister
On Two Specifications of Asset Equilibrium in Macroeconomic Models: A Note pp. 395-400 Downloads
Willem Buiter and Geoffrey Woglom
On Two Specifications of Asset Equilibrium in Macroeconomic Models: Reply pp. 401-02 Downloads
Duncan Foley
The Theory of Share Tenancy Revisited-Again pp. 403-07 Downloads
Reid, Joseph D,
Household Allocation of Time and Church Attendance: Some Additional Evidence pp. 409-13 Downloads
Stephen H Long and Russell F Settle
Household Allocation of Time and Religiosity: Replication and Extension pp. 415-23 Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg
Estimating Property Tax Capitalization: A Critical Comment pp. 425-31 Downloads
A Thomas King
A Note on Local Tax Rates, Public Benefit Levels, and Property Values pp. 433-40 Downloads
Harvey Rosen and David J Fullerton
The Conference Handbook pp. 441-43 Downloads
George Stigler

1977, volume 85, issue 1

Optimal Peak-Load Pricing, Investment, and Service Levels on Urban Expressways pp. 1-25 Downloads
Theodore E Keeler and Kenneth Small
A Beta-logistic Model for the Analysis of Sequential Labor Force Participation by Married Women pp. 27-58 Downloads
James Heckman and Robert Willis
A Theory of the Size and Shape of Nations pp. 59-77 Downloads
David Friedman
Factor Mobility, Regional Development, and the Distribution of Income pp. 79-96 Downloads
Rachel McCulloch and Janet Yellen
Risk, Probabilities, and a New Theory of Cardinal Utility pp. 97-122 Downloads
Jagdish Handa
The Demand for Children in Farm Households pp. 123-46 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig
Managerial Objectives in Regulated Industries: Expense-Preference Behavior in Banking pp. 147-62 Downloads
Franklin R Edwards
Stabilizing Powers of Monetary Policy under Rational Expectations pp. 163-90 Downloads
Edmund Phelps and John Taylor
Long-Term Contracts, Rational Expectations, and the Optimal Money Supply Rule pp. 191-205 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
The Ricardian Nonequivalence Theorem pp. 207-10 Downloads
O'Driscoll, Gerald P,
Education, Income, and Ability: A Comment pp. 211-15 Downloads
Nicholas Scott Cardell and Mark Myron Hopkins
Education, Income, and Ability: Rejoinder to Cardell and Hopkins pp. 215 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Publishing Scholarly Books and Journals: Is It Economically Viable? pp. 217-25 Downloads
Fritz Machlup
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