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1982, volume 90, issue 6

Price Inertia and Policy Ineffectiveness in the United States, 1890-1980 pp. 1087-1117 Downloads
Robert Gordon
Dividends and Taxes: Some Empirical Evidence pp. 1118-41 Downloads
Merton Miller and Myron Scholes
Tariffs, Technology Transfer, and Welfare pp. 1142-65 Downloads
Robert Feenstra and Kenneth Judd
Optimal Multiperiod Contracts and the Gain from Enduring Relationships under Private Information pp. 1166-86 Downloads
Robert Townsend
Sticky Prices in the United States pp. 1187-1211 Downloads
Julio Rotemberg
The Real-Bills Doctrine versus the Quantity Theory: A Reconsideration pp. 1212-36 Downloads
Thomas Sargent and Neil Wallace
Adam Smith's Analysis of Joint-Stock Companies pp. 1237-56 Downloads
Gary M Anderson and Robert Tollison
Wages, Rents, and the Quality of Life pp. 1257-78 Downloads
Jennifer Roback
Exploration and Scarcity pp. 1279-90 Downloads
Shantayanan Devarajan and Anthony C Fisher
The Role of the Current Account in Exchange-Rate Determination: A Comment on Rodriguez pp. 1291-94 Downloads
Michael Dooley and Peter Isard
On the U.S. Import Demand Function: A Comment pp. 1295-99 Downloads
Paul A Volker

1982, volume 90, issue 5

Aggregate Demand Management in Search Equilibrium pp. 881-94 Downloads
Peter Diamond
The Permanent Income Hypothesis: Estimation and Testing by Instrumental Variables pp. 895-916 Downloads
Fumio Hayashi
Capitalization and the Theory of Local Public Finance pp. 917-43 Downloads
John Yinger
The Effects of General Price Controls in the United States during World War II pp. 944-66 Downloads
Paul Evans
Imperfect Information and Wage Inertia in the Business Cycle pp. 967-87 Downloads
Mark Gertler
Directly Unproductive, Profit-seeking (DUP) Activities pp. 988-1002 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati
Differential Use of Medical Care by Sex pp. 1003-19 Downloads
Jody L Sindelar
Imports, Domestic Production, and Transnational Vertical Integration: A Theoretical Note pp. 1020-34 Downloads
Pranab Bardhan
Wasteful Commuting pp. 1035-51 Downloads
Bruce W Hamilton
Wasteful Commuting: Appendix pp. 1052-53
Ailsa Roell
A Theory of Factor Mobility pp. 1054-69 Downloads
Gene Grossman and Carl Shapiro
Optimal Policy in the Presence of Licensed Technology from Abroad pp. 1072-78
Richard Brecher

1982, volume 90, issue 4

Efficiency of Experimental Security Markets with Insider Information: An Application of Rational-Expectations Models pp. 663-98 Downloads
Charles Plott and Shyam Sunder
Heterogeneous Information and the Theory of the Business Cycle pp. 699-727 Downloads
Sanford Grossman and Laurence Weiss
Dynamics of a Floating Exchange Rate Regime pp. 728-54 Downloads
Elhanan Helpman and Assaf Razin
Cost-Benefit Criteria and the Compensation Principle in Evaluating Small Projects pp. 755-76 Downloads
Neil Bruce and Richard Harris
Sectoral Shifts and Cyclical Unemployment pp. 777-93 Downloads
David M Lilien
The Welfare Cost of Free Public Schools pp. 794-808 Downloads
Jon Sonstelie
Giffen Goods and the Law of Demand pp. 809-15 Downloads
William Dougan
Politics, Time, and the Laffer Curve pp. 816-19 Downloads
James Buchanan and Dwight R Lee
The Leontief Paradox, Continued pp. 820-23 Downloads
Richard Brecher and Ehsan Choudhri
The Political Economy of Benefits and Costs: A Neoclassical Approach to Distributive Politics-Comment pp. 824-26 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Reward for Risk in the Labor Market: Evidence from the United Kingdom and a Reconciliation with Other Studies pp. 827-53 Downloads
Alan Marin and George Psacharopoulos
The Employment-Real Wage Relationship: An International Study pp. 854-71 Downloads
Patrick T Geary and John Kennan

1982, volume 90, issue 3

The Economic Impacts of Minimum Wage Laws: A New Look at an Old Question pp. 443-69 Downloads
Peter Linneman
Optimal Patents with Compulsory Licensing pp. 470-86 Downloads
Pankaj Tandon
Dumping pp. 487-506 Downloads
Wilfred Ethier
Estimated Output, Price, Interest Rate, and Exchange Rate Linkages among Countries pp. 507-35 Downloads
Ray Fair
Micro Estimates of Public Spending Demand Functions and Tests of the Tiebout and Median-Voter Hypotheses pp. 536-60 Downloads
Edward Gramlich and Daniel L Rubinfeld
Inflation and Welfare in the Steady State pp. 561-77 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
Prices, Technology, and Farm Size pp. 578-95 Downloads
Yoav Kislev and Willis Peterson
Bayesian Information and the Precautionary Demand for Money pp. 596-605 Downloads
Bryan E Stanhouse
Social Security and Private Saving: New Time-Series Evidence pp. 606-29 Downloads
Dean R Leimer and Selig D Lesnoy
Social Security and Private Saving: Reply pp. 630-42 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Social Security, Preretirement Labor Supply, and Saving: A Confirmation and a Critique pp. 643-46 Downloads
Richard Burkhauser and John A Turner
Macroeconomic Policy and the Optimal Destruction of Vampires pp. 647-55 Downloads
Dennis Snower

1982, volume 90, issue 2

The Choice of Techniques and the Optimality of Market Equilibrium with Rational Expectations pp. 223-46 Downloads
David M Newbery and Joseph Stiglitz
Monetary Policy and the Information Content of Prices pp. 247-79 Downloads
Robert King
Waiting-Line Auctions pp. 280-94 Downloads
Charles Holt and Roger Sherman
Seigniorage and the Case for a National Money pp. 295-313 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
Durable-Goods Monopolists pp. 314-32 Downloads
Jeremy I Bulow
A Neglected Classic in the Theory of Distribution pp. 333-55 Downloads
John K Whitaker
Official Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market, or, Bet against the Central Bank pp. 356-68 Downloads
Dean Taylor
Unemployment in Interwar Britain: Still Searching for an Explanation [Searching for an Explanation of Unemployment in Interwar Britain] pp. 369-79 Downloads
Michael Collins
How Much Voluntary Unemployment in Interwar Britain? [Searching for an Explanation of Unemployment in Interwar Britain] pp. 380-85 Downloads
Rod Cross
Still Searching for an Explanation of Unemployment in Interwar Britain pp. 386-99 Downloads
David Metcalf, Stephen Nickell and Nicos Floros
Unemployment in Interwar Britain [Searching for an Explanation of Unemployment in Interwar Britain] pp. 400-409 Downloads
Paul Ormerod and G D N Worswick
Unemployment and Unemployment Benefits in Twentieth-Century Britain: A Reply to Our Critics [Searching for an Explanation of Unemployment in Interwar Britain] pp. 410-36 Downloads
Daniel Benjamin and Levis A Kochin

1982, volume 90, issue 1

Entrepreneurial Risk Taking, Inequality, and Public Policy: An Application of Inequality Decomposition Analysis to the General Equilibrium Effects of Progressive Taxation pp. 1-21 Downloads
Ravi Kanbur
Does Anticipated Monetary Policy Matter? An Econometric Investigation pp. 22-51 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
Parental Preferences and Provision for Progeny pp. 52-73 Downloads
Jere Behrman, Robert Pollak and Paul Taubman
A Model of Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. 74-104 Downloads
Michael Mussa
Inequality within and between Families pp. 105-27 Downloads
Eytan Sheshinski and Yoram Weiss
Inequality in the Local Public Sector pp. 128-45 Downloads
Sam Bucovetsky
Relative Price Variability and Nonuniform Inflationary Expectations pp. 146-57 Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Paul Wachtel
PPP Exchange-Rate Rules and Macroeconomic Stability pp. 158-65 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
Variance Bounds in a Simple Model of Asset Pricing pp. 166-75 Downloads
Ronald W Michener
Monetary Stabilization and the Informational Value of Monetary Aggregates pp. 176-80 Downloads
Jeremy J Siegel
A Note on Uncertain Lifetimes: A Comment pp. 181-83 Downloads
Joseph Pelzman and Donald Rousslang
On Compliance with the Minimum Wage Law pp. 184-87 Downloads
Gilles Grenier
Revenue Seeking: A Generalization of the Theory of Tariffs-A Correction pp. 188-90 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati and T. Srinivasan
The Impact of Proposition 13 on House Prices in Northern California: A Test of the Interjurisdictional Capitalization Hypothesis pp. 191-200 Downloads
Kenneth T Rosen
The Effect of the Term Structure of Interest Rates on the Demand for Money in the United States pp. 201-12 Downloads
Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz
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