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1983, volume 91, issue 6

Unemployment with Observable Aggregate Shocks pp. 907-28 Downloads
Sanford Grossman, Oliver Hart and Eric Maskin
Excess Volatility in the Financial Markets: A Reassessment of the Empirical Evidence pp. 929-56 Downloads
Marjorie A Flavin
International Trade and Human Capital: A Simple General Equilibrium Model pp. 957-78 Downloads
Ronald Findlay and Henryk Kierzkowski
The Economics of Quality pp. 979-1000 Downloads
Arthur S De Vany and Thomas R Saving
Groundwater: Focusing on the Real Issue pp. 1001-27 Downloads
Micha Gisser
On Competitive Price Adjustment for a Storable Good and Abstention from Trade pp. 1028-44 Downloads
Benjamin Eden
Optimal Insurance in Incomplete Markets pp. 1045-54 Downloads
Neil A Doherty and Harris Schlesinger
Contestable Markets and the Theory of Industry Structure: A Review Article pp. 1055-66 Downloads
William Brock
Cagan's Hypothesis and the First Nationwide Inflation of Paper Money in World History pp. 1067-74 Downloads
Francis Lui

1983, volume 91, issue 5

Estimating a Household Production Function: Heterogeneity, the Demand for Health Inputs, and Their Effects on Birth Weight pp. 723-46 Downloads
Mark Rosenzweig and T. Schultz
Job Search: The Choice of Intensity pp. 747-64 Downloads
Jess Benhabib and Clive Bull
Bureaucratic Discretion or Congressional Control? Regulatory Policymaking by the Federal Trade Commission pp. 765-800 Downloads
Barry Weingast and Mark J Moran
The Hungarian Hyperinflation and Stabilization of 1945-1946 pp. 801-24 Downloads
William A Bomberger and Gail E Makinen
Fertility and Savings in the United States: 1830-1900 pp. 825-40 Downloads
Frank Lewis
Savings and Nutrition at Low Incomes pp. 841-55 Downloads
Mark Gersovitz
Real and Nominal Interest Rates under Uncertainty: The Fisher Theorem and the Term Structure pp. 856-67 Downloads
Simon Benninga and Aris Protopapadakis
A Further Exploration in the Theory of Exchange Rate Regimes pp. 868-75 Downloads
David Aschauer and Jeremy Greenwood
Imperfect Information and Wage Inertia in the Business Cycle: A Comment pp. 876-79 Downloads
Mark Watson
Growth and Inflationary Finance: Variations on a Mundellian Theme pp. 880-87 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and David Peel
A Note on the University of Chicago's "Academic Scribblers." pp. 888-93 Downloads
R Craig McIvor

1983, volume 91, issue 4

Nobel Lecture: The Process and Progress of Economics pp. 529-45 Downloads
George Stigler
Forecasting the Forecasts of Others pp. 546-88 Downloads
Robert Townsend
A Positive Theory of Monetary Policy in a Natural Rate Model pp. 589-610 Downloads
Robert Barro and David Gordon
The Rate of Time Preference and Dynamic Economic Analysis pp. 611-35 Downloads
Larry Epstein and J Allan Hynes
Advertising and Entry Deterrence: An Exploratory Model pp. 636-53 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
Environmental Regulations and Productivity Growth: The Case of Fossil-Fueled Electric Power Generation pp. 654-74 Downloads
Frank Gollop and Mark Roberts
Speculative Hyperinflations in Maximizing Models: Can We Rule Them Out? pp. 675-87 Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff
Trade in Used Equipment with Heterogeneous Firms pp. 688-705 Downloads
Eric Bond
Positive Time Preference: A Comment pp. 706-08 Downloads
Jose Encarnacion

1983, volume 91, issue 3

A Comparison of Tournaments and Contracts pp. 349-64 Downloads
Jerry Green and Nancy Stokey
The Production and Inventory Behavior of the American Automobile Industry pp. 365-400 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance, and Liquidity pp. 401-19 Downloads
Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig
A Sorting-cum-Learning Model of Education pp. 420-42 Downloads
Andrew Weiss
Competition in Interregional Taxation: The Case of Western Coal pp. 443-60 Downloads
Charles Kolstad and Wolak, Frank A,
Elicitation of Honest Preferences for the Assignment of Individuals to Positions pp. 461-79 Downloads
Herman B Leonard
Discrete Equilibrium Price Dispersion pp. 480-93 Downloads
John A Carlson and Randolph McAfee
Job Search and Implicit Contracts pp. 494-504 Downloads
Richard Cothren
World Product and Income: A Review Article pp. 505-17 Downloads
Henri Theil

1983, volume 91, issue 2

Do Sunspots Matter? pp. 193-227 Downloads
David Cass and Karl Shell
Oil and the Macroeconomy since World War II pp. 228-48 Downloads
James Hamilton
Stochastic Consumption, Risk Aversion, and the Temporal Behavior of Asset Returns pp. 249-65 Downloads
Lars Hansen and Kenneth Singleton
Marx's Hypotheses on the Length of the Working Day pp. 266-81 Downloads
Edwin G West
On Optimal Wage Indexation pp. 282-92 Downloads
Edi Karni
Sex Differentials in Unemployment Rates: A Case for No Concern pp. 293-303 Downloads
Janet L Johnson
The Interdependence of Individual Portfolio Decisions and the Demand for Insurance pp. 304-11 Downloads
David Mayers and Smith, Clifford W,
Transaction Costs and the Solution to Captain MacWhirr's Problem pp. 312-15 Downloads
Edward Saraydar
Subsidies to New Energy pp. 316-18 Downloads
David Kreutzer
Efficient Asset Portfolios and the Theory of Normal Backwardation pp. 319-31 Downloads
Colin Carter, Gordon Rausser and Andrew Schmitz
Wage-Risk Premiums and Workers' Compensation: A Refinement of Estimates of Compensating Wage Differential pp. 332-40 Downloads
Richard J Arnould and Len M Nichols

1983, volume 91, issue 1

The Vulnerability of Price Stabilization Schemes to Speculative Attack pp. 1-38 Downloads
Stephen Salant
Real Business Cycles pp. 39-69 Downloads
Long, John B, and Charles Plosser
Effects of Nominal Contracting on Stock Returns pp. 70-96 Downloads
Kenneth French, Richard S Ruback and G. Schwert
The Terms of Trade and the Current Account: The Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Effect pp. 97-125 Downloads
Lars Svensson and Assaf Razin
Some Evidence on the Effect of the Separation of Spending and Taxing Decisions pp. 126-40 Downloads
Stanley Winer
Real Interest Rates, Home Goods, and Optimal External Borrowing pp. 141-53 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
On the Nonexistence of Market Equilibria in Exhaustible Resource Markets with Decreasing Costs pp. 154-67 Downloads
Mukesh Eswaran, Tracy Lewis and Terry Heaps
Reason and Rationality during Energy Crises pp. 168-81 Downloads
George G Daly and Thomas H Mayor
A Note on the Effect of Cost Changes on Prices [Measurement of Monopoly Behavior: An Application to the Cigarette Industry] pp. 182-85 Downloads
Jeremy I Bulow and Paul Pfleiderer
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