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1976, volume 84, issue 6

A New and Superior Process for Making Social Choices pp. 1145-59 Downloads
T Nicolaus Tideman and Gordon Tullock
Expectations and Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. 1161-76 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
An Alternative Approach to the Analysis of Taxation pp. 1177-97 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
The Successes and Failures of Professor Smith pp. 1199-1213 Downloads
George Stigler
Futures Trading and Market Information pp. 1215-37 Downloads
Charles C Cox
Consequences and Causes of Public Ownership of Urban Transit Facilities pp. 1239-59 Downloads
B Peter Pashigian
The Incidence and Efficiency Effects of Taxes on Income from Capital pp. 1261-83 Downloads
John B Shoven
The Incidence and Efficiency Effects of Taxes on Income from Capital: A Reply pp. 1285-92 Downloads
Arnold Harberger and Neil Bruce
Optimum Replacement of Capital Goods with Labor-saving Technical Progress: A Comparison of the Early New England and British Textile Firm pp. 1293-1303 Downloads
Peter Swan
Some More Problems with Income-contingent Loans: The Case of Medical Education pp. 1305-11 Downloads
Roger Feldman
Policy Implication of Full-Loss-Offset Capital Gains Tax on Forward Contracts: A Note on Leland's "Optimal Forward Exchange Positions." pp. 1313-18 Downloads
Dan Galai
The Social Costs of Monopoly and Regulation: Some Comments pp. 1319-23 Downloads
Goran Skogh
Distribution, the Aggregate Consumption Function, and the Level of Economic Development: Some Cross-Country Results pp. 1325-34 Downloads
Philip A Della Valle and Noriyoshi Oguchi
Firm Demand for Information about Price and Technology pp. 1335-41 Downloads
Richard E Kihlstrom
The Desirability of Cheating Incentives and Randomness in the Optimal Income Tax pp. 1343-52 Downloads
Laurence Weiss
On the Specification of the Demand for Money: The Real Rate of Return versus the Rate of Inflation pp. 1353-59 Downloads
Benjamin Eden
Vindication of a "Common Mistake" in Welfare Economics pp. 1361-63 Downloads
John C Panzar and Robert D Willig
Vindication of a "Common Mistake" in Welfare Economics: Rejoinder pp. 1365-66 Downloads
Robert Dorfman

1976, volume 84, issue 5

The Cobb-Douglas Production Function Once Again: Its History, Its Testing, and Some New Empirical Values pp. 903-15 Downloads
Paul H Douglas
A Statistical Theory of Expenditures in Capital Maintenance and Repair pp. 917-36 Downloads
George Bitros
Temporary Layoffs in the Theory of Unemployment pp. 937-57 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Interfuel Substitution in Steam Electric Power Generation pp. 959-78 Downloads
Scott Atkinson and Robert Halvorsen
Money and Economic Activity in the Open Economy: The United Kingdom, 1880-1970 pp. 979-1012 Downloads
Peter D Jonson
Private Pensions and Saving: New Evidence pp. 1013-32 Downloads
Alicia Munnell
The Economics of Information and Retail Gasoline Price Behavior: An Empirical Analysis pp. 1033-60 Downloads
Howard P Marvel
A Theory of Government Enterprise pp. 1061-77 Downloads
Cotton M Lindsay
Exhaustible Resources and Industrial Structure: A Nash-Cournot Approach to the World Oil Market pp. 1079-93 Downloads
Stephen Salant
The Effect of Broadcasting on Political Campaign Spending: An Empirical Investigation pp. 1095-1107 Downloads
Burton Abrams and Russell F Settle
Advertising, Concentration, and Price-Cost Margins pp. 1109-21 Downloads
Allyn D Strickland and Leonard W Weiss
Market Organization and the Effect of Import Quotas: Empirical Evidence pp. 1123-31 Downloads
Susumu Hondai
A Purchasing-Power-Parity Application to Demand for Money in Afghanistan pp. 1133-38 Downloads
Maxwell J Fry

1976, volume 84, issue 4

H. Gregg Lewis and the Development of Analytical Labor Economics pp. S3-8 Downloads
Albert Rees
A Life-Cycle Model of Earnings, Learning, and Consumption pp. S11-44 Downloads
James Heckman
A Theory of Life Earnings pp. S45-67 Downloads
Sherwin Rosen
Wages of Very Young Men pp. S69-85 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Unemployment Effects of Minimum Wages pp. S87-104 Downloads
Jacob Mincer
Employment Quotas for Minorities pp. S105-39 Downloads
Finis Welch
Child Endowments and the Quantity and Quality of Children pp. S143-62 Downloads
Gary Becker and Nigel Tomes
Fertility Response to Child Mortality: Micro Data from Israel pp. S163-78 Downloads
Yoram Ben-Porath
Estimation of a Model of Labor Supply, Fertility, and Wages of Married Women pp. S179-99 Downloads
Glen Cain and Martin Dooley
The Allocation of Time of Israeli Women pp. S201-20 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
Residential Location and Labor Supply pp. S221-38 Downloads
Walter Oi
Economies of Scale in U.S. Electric Power Generation pp. 655-76 Downloads
Laurits R Christensen and William Greene
A Strategic Analysis of Monetary Interdependence pp. 677-700 Downloads
Koichi Hamada
Migration, Age, and Education pp. 701-19 Downloads
Aba Schwartz
Price Dispersion in the Government Securities Market pp. 721-40 Downloads
Kenneth Garbade and William L Silber
Some Quantitative Aspects of the Economics Journal Literature pp. 741-55 Downloads
Richard E Quandt
The Origin and Development of Media of Exchange pp. 757-75 Downloads
Robert Jones
Alternative Stabilization Policies for Less-developed Economies pp. 777-95 Downloads
Basant Kapur
Direct versus Indirect Remedies for Externalities pp. 797-808 Downloads
Jerry Green and Eytan Sheshinski
Technology, Growth, and History pp. 809-20 Downloads
Jeffrey Williamson
The Friedman-Savage Utility Function in Cross-cultural Perspective pp. 821-34 Downloads
Frederic L Pryor
Fertility Interactions and Modernization Turning Points pp. 835-47 Downloads
Paul R Gregory and Campbell, John M,
Testing the Monetary Approach to Devaluation in Developing Countries pp. 849-59 Downloads
Michael Connolly and Dean Taylor
Another Advantage of the Division of Labor pp. 861-68 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg
Taxes, Spending, and Property Values: A Comment and Further Results pp. 869-80 Downloads
George Richard Meadows
Do Import Levies Matter? The Case of Sweden pp. 881-91 Downloads
Gary Sampson and Alexander J Yeats
Money, Interest, and Prices in Market Disequilibrium: A Comment pp. 893-94 Downloads
George H Blackford

1976, volume 84, issue 3

Inflation Uncertainty and Expected Returns on Treasury Bills pp. 427-48 Downloads
Eugene Fama
Human Capital and Labor Supply: A Synthesis pp. 449-72 Downloads
Alan Blinder and Yoram Weiss
An Economic Analysis of Eminent Domain pp. 473-97 Downloads
Patricia Munch
Economically Rational Expectations: Are Innovations in the Rate of Inflation Independent of Innovations in Measures of Monetary and Fiscal Policy? pp. 499-522 Downloads
Edgar Feige and Douglas Pearce
Uncertainty, Waiting Time, and Capacity Utilization: A Stochastic Theory of Product Quality pp. 523-41 Downloads
Arthur S De Vany
Project Evaluation, Shadow Prices, and Trade Policy pp. 543-52 Downloads
Ronald Findlay and Stanislaw Wellisz
National Health Insurance: Some Costs and Effects of Mandated Employee Coverage pp. 553-71 Downloads
Bridger M Mitchell and Charles E Phelps
The New Contractarians pp. 573-90 Downloads
Scott Gordon
The Effect of Unemployment Compensation on a Seasonal Industry: Agriculture pp. 591-602 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
A Dynamic Model of the Firm pp. 603-13 Downloads
Arvind Virmani
Multilateral and Bilateral Measures of Effective Exchange Rates in a World Model of Traded Goods pp. 615-21 Downloads
Stanley Black
Triangular Graphs pp. 623-30 Downloads
Joe Latham
The Observational Equivalence of Natural and Unnatural Rate Theories of Macroeconomics pp. 631-40 Downloads
Thomas Sargent
Measuring Gains and Losses pp. 641-46 Downloads
George W McKenzie
The Effects of Property Taxes and Local Public Spending on Property Values: A Theoretical Comment pp. 647-50 Downloads
Bruce W Hamilton

1976, volume 84, issue 2

A Classical Macroeconometric Model for the United States pp. 207-37 Downloads
Thomas Sargent
Economic Development in Communist China pp. 239-64 Downloads
Colin Clark
A Stochastic Model of Applied Research pp. 265-81 Downloads
Robert E Evenson and Yoav Kislev
The Marginal Cost of Public Funds pp. 283-98 Downloads
Edgar Browning
A Model of Optimal Human-Capital Accumulation and the Wages of Young High School Graduates pp. 299-316 Downloads
Charles Brown
Determining Legislative Preferences on the Minimum Wage: An Economic Approach pp. 317-29 Downloads
Jonathan I Silberman and Garey Durden
Perceived Wealth in Bonds and Social Security: A Comment pp. 331-36 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Barro on the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem pp. 337-42 Downloads
James Buchanan
Reply to "Perceived Wealth in Bonds and Social Security" and "Barro on the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem." pp. 343-49 Downloads
Robert Barro
Earnings and Individual Variations in Postschool Human Investment pp. 351-58 Downloads
Charles B Knapp and W Lee Hansen
The Conundrum of the Low Issue of National Bank Notes pp. 359-67 Downloads
John James
Autocorrelated Growth Rates and the Pareto Law: A Further Analysis pp. 369-80 Downloads
Vining, Daniel R,
It Takes Two to Tango, or Sind "Separable Externalities" Vberhaupt Moglich? pp. 381-87 Downloads
William Baumol
A Note on Tariffs, Nontariff Barriers, and Labor Protection in United States Manufacturing Industries pp. 389-94 Downloads
John H Cheh
Import Instability and Tariffs: Some Welfare Implications of Price Stabilization pp. 395-400 Downloads
Toshihisa Toyoda
The Leff Conjecture: Some Contrary Evidence pp. 401-05 Downloads
Hanson, John R,
A Note on Risk, Return, and Equilibrium: Empirical Tests pp. 407-09 Downloads
Menachem Brenner

1976, volume 84, issue 1

Three-and-a-Half Million U.S. Employees Have Been Mislaid: Or, an Explanation of Unemployment, 1934-1941 pp. 1-16 Downloads
Michael Darby
Tariffs and Income Distribution: Some Empirical Evidence for the United States pp. 17-45 Downloads
David Burgess
Age, Experience, Earnings, and Investments in Human Capital pp. 47-72 Downloads
N. Anders Klevmarken and John Quigley
Money Illusion and Balance-of-Payments Adjustment pp. 73-82 Downloads
J C Murphy and S K Das
The Economic Value of Statute Reform: The Case of Liberalized Abortion pp. 83-99 Downloads
Timothy A Deyak and V. Smith
Destabilizing Speculation: A General Equilibrium Approach pp. 101-08 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
Pareto: A View of the Present through the Past pp. 109-22 Downloads
Vincent J Tarascio
Economics in Dialectical Dialect pp. 123-30 Downloads
Martin Bronfenbrenner
Some Evidence on the Factor Content of West Germany's Foreign Trade pp. 131-41 Downloads
Robert Stern
The Property Rights Theory of the Firm: Empirical Results from a Natural Experiment pp. 143-52 Downloads
Harry Frech
Thornton's Estimates of Efficiency Losses in Soviet Industry: Some Fixed-Point-Method Recalculations pp. 153-59 Downloads
John Whalley
Sharing Risks of Deferred Payment pp. 161-68 Downloads
Steven Shavell
An Inquiry into the Economics of Race-Track Gambling pp. 169-77 Downloads
Arthur Gruen
Currency Denominations and the Price Level pp. 179-83 Downloads
Chau-nan Chen
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