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1979, volume 87, issue 6

An Equilibrium Theory of the Distribution of Income and Intergenerational Mobility pp. 1153-89 Downloads
Gary Becker and Nigel Tomes
The Volatility of Long-Term Interest Rates and Expectations Models of the Term Structure pp. 1190-1219 Downloads
Robert Shiller
Parametric Productivity Measurement and Choice among Flexible Functional Forms pp. 1220-45 Downloads
Ernst R Berndt and Mohammed S Khaled
Firm-specific Capital and Turnover pp. 1246-60 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
Why Is There Mandatory Retirement? pp. 1261-84 Downloads
Edward Lazear
Expectations and Output-Inflation Tradeoffs in a Fixed-Exchange-Rate Economy pp. 1285-1306 Downloads
Leonardo Leiderman
Recursive Structure in U.S. Income, Prices, and Output pp. 1307-27 Downloads
Charles Nelson
Quacks, Lemons, and Licensing: A Theory of Minimum Quality Standards pp. 1328-46 Downloads
Hayne Leland
The Optimal Payment of Unemployment Insurance Benefits over Time pp. 1347-62 Downloads
Steven Shavell and Laurence Weiss
The Rate of Return to Storing Wines pp. 1363-67 Downloads
William S Krasker
Marginal Consumers and Neoclassical Demand Theory pp. 1368-76 Downloads
William Novshek and Hugo Sonnenschein
A Note on Inflation and Concentration pp. 1377-82 Downloads
Micha Gisser and Ronald N Johnson

1979, volume 87, issue 5

Education and Self-Selection pp. S7-36 Downloads
Robert Willis and Sherwin Rosen
Sibling Models and Data in Economics: Beginnings of a Survey pp. S37-64 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Effects of Cohort Size on Earnings: The Baby Boom Babies' Financial Bust pp. S65-97 Downloads
Finis Welch
Education, Unemployment, and Earnings pp. S99-116 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and John Ham
Education and Lifetime Patterns of Unemployment pp. S117-31 Downloads
Stephen Nickell
Family Income Distribution: Explanation and Policy Evaluation pp. S133-61 Downloads
Richard Layard and Antoni Zabalza
The Distribution of Family Earnings pp. 163-92 Downloads
James Smith
On Education and Distribution pp. S193-212 Downloads
Paul Hare and D T Ulph
Population Heterogeneity and Inference from Panel Data on the Effects of Vocational Education pp. S213-26 Downloads
Nicholas Kiefer
Testing the Educational Screening Hypothesis pp. S227-52 Downloads
John Riley
Douglas on Wages on the Supply of Labor pp. 915-22 Downloads
Albert Rees
Paul Douglas's Measurement of Production Functions and Marginal Productivities pp. 923-39 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
On the Determination of the Public Debt pp. 940-71 Downloads
Robert Barro
Job Matching and the Theory of Turnover pp. 972-90 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
Hierarchy, Ability, and Income Distribution pp. 991-1010 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo and Stanislaw Wellisz
The Effects of Ideal Production Stabilization: A Welfare Analysis Under Rational Behavior pp. 1011-33 Downloads
Brian Wright
Contracts, Price Rigidity, and Market Equilibrium pp. 1034-62 Downloads
Dennis Carlton
Nominal Demand Policy and Short-Run Fluctuations in Unemployment and Prices in the United States pp. 1063-85 Downloads
Jacob Grossman
Bonus Payments, on-the-Job Training, and Lifetime Employment in Japan pp. 1086-1104 Downloads
Masanori Hashimoto
The Composition of Trade within Import-restricted Product Categories pp. 1105-14 Downloads
Rodney Falvey
Inflation, Mortgages, and Housing pp. 1115-38 Downloads
J R Kearl
Mullahs, Muslims, and Marital Sorting pp. 1139-43 Downloads
Gerald W Scully

1979, volume 87, issue 4

Transaction Costs in a Model of Capital Market Equilibrium pp. 673-700 Downloads
Joram Mayshar
An Analysis of the Accuracy of Four Macroeconometric Models pp. 701-18 Downloads
Ray Fair
A General Equilibrium Entrepreneurial Theory of Firm Formation Based on Risk Aversion pp. 719-48 Downloads
Richard E Kihlstrom and Jean-Jacques Laffont
The Welfare Cost of Permanent Inflation and Optimal Short-Run Economic Policy pp. 749-68 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Of Risk Taking and the Personal Distribution of Income pp. 769-97 Downloads
Ravi Kanbur
Wage Indexing Rules and the Behavior of the Economy pp. 798-815 Downloads
Olivier Blanchard
Simulation Methodology in Macroeconomics: An Innovation Technique pp. 816-36 Downloads
Frederic Mishkin
Unemployment, Justice, and Keynes's General Theory pp. 837-50 Downloads
Reuven Brenner
A Simple Model of Equilibrium Price Dispersion pp. 851-58 Downloads
Jennifer Reinganum
The Impact of Taxation and Valuation Practices on the Timing and Efficiency of Land Use pp. 859-68 Downloads
Brian L Bentick
The Incidence of a Tax on Pure Rent: A New (?) Reason for an Old Answer pp. 869-74 Downloads
Guillermo Calvo, Laurence Kotlikoff and Carlos Rodríguez
Is "a New and Superior Process" Really Superior? pp. 875-90 Downloads
William H Riker
Expense-Preference Behavior in Banking: A Reexamination pp. 891-95 Downloads
Timothy Hannan

1979, volume 87, issue 3

Searching for an Explanation of Unemployment in Interwar Britain pp. 441-78 Downloads
Daniel Benjamin and Levis A Kochin
Wages and Unemployment in a Poor Agrarian Economy: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis pp. 479-500 Downloads
Pranab Bardhan
Sharing, Monitoring, and Incentives: Marshallian Misallocation Reassessed pp. 501-21 Downloads
Robert Lucas
Optimal Investment in Schooling when Incomes are Risky pp. 522-39 Downloads
Lawrence Olson, Halbert White and H M Shefrin
Value of Life Saving: Implications of Consumption Activity pp. 540-58 Downloads
Glenn Blomquist
The Processing of Primary Commodities: Effects of Developed-Country Tariff Escalation and Developing-Country Export Taxes pp. 559-77 Downloads
Stephen S Golub and Joseph Finger
Quasi Optimality: The Price We Must Pay for a Price System pp. 578-99 Downloads
William Baumol
The Effects of Devaluation on the Trade Balance and the Balance of Payments: Some New Results pp. 600-20 Downloads
Marc A Miles
Inflation and the Choice of Asset Life pp. 621-38 Downloads
Alan Auerbach
Anticipated Shocks and Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. 639-47 Downloads
Charles A Wilson
A Mixed Logit Model of the Relationship between Unionization and Right-to-Work Legislation: Comment pp. 648-55 Downloads
Ronald Warren and Robert Strauss

1979, volume 87, issue 2

Anticipations and the Nonneutrality of Money pp. 225-52 Downloads
Stanley Fischer
A Model of Innovation, Technology Transfer, and the World Distribution of Income pp. 253-66 Downloads
Paul Krugman
Capital Immobility, Adjustment Costs, and the Theoretical Foundations of Income-Expenditure Models pp. 267-91 Downloads
John Floyd and J Allan Hynes
The Efficient Allocation of Individuals to Positions pp. 293-314 Downloads
Aanund Hylland and Richard Zeckhauser
Preferential Trading Theory: The n Commodity Case pp. 315-31 Downloads
Eitan Berglas
Compliance with the Minimum Wage Law pp. 333-50 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter and Robert S Smith
One-Way Arbitrage and Its Implications for the Foreign Exchange Markets pp. 351-64 Downloads
Alan Deardorff
The Inefficiency of Interest-bearing National Debt pp. 365-81 Downloads
John Bryant and Neil Wallace
A Comment on Fisher and Temin on the Schumpeterian Hypothesis pp. 383-85 Downloads
Carlos Rodríguez
The Schumpeterian Hypothesis: Reply pp. 386-89 Downloads
Franklin M Fisher and Peter Temin
Granger Causality and the Natural Rate Hypothesis pp. 390-94 Downloads
Charles Nelson
On the Observational Inequivalence of Classical and Keynesian Models pp. 395-402 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Causality, Exogeneity, and Natural Rate Models: Reply to C. R. Nelson and B. T. McCallum pp. 403-09 Downloads
Thomas Sargent
Covered Interest Arbitrage: Unexploited Profits? Comment pp. 411-17 Downloads
Frank McCormick
Covered Interest Arbitrage and Unexploited Profits? Reply pp. 418-22 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel and Richard M Levich
Anti Sealing as an Industry pp. 423-28 Downloads
Jeremiah Allen

1979, volume 87, issue 1

An Economic Basis for the "National Defense Argument" for Aiding Certain Industries pp. 1-36 Downloads
Earl A Thompson
The Possibility of Rational Social Choice in an Economy pp. 37-56 Downloads
Martin J Bailey
Monetarism, Rational Expectations, Oligopolistic Pricing, and the MPS Econometric Model pp. 57-73 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
Subjective Information and Market Efficiency in a Betting Market pp. 75-88 Downloads
Stephen Figlewski
An Empirical Job-Search Model, with a Test of the Constant Reservation-Wage Hypothesis pp. 89-107 Downloads
Nicholas Kiefer and George R Neumann
The Demand for Money and the Term Structure of Interest Rates pp. 109-29 Downloads
H Robert Heller and Mohsin Khan
On Compulsory-Arbitration Schemes pp. 131-59 Downloads
Vincent Crawford
The Transition of Land to Urban Use pp. 161-69 Downloads
Richard Arnott and Frank Lewis
On the Specification of Asset Equilibrium in Macroeconomic Models: A Note pp. 171-77 Downloads
Edi Karni
Evidence on Structural Change in the Demand for Aggregate U.S. Imports and Exports pp. 179-92 Downloads
Robert Stern, Christopher Baum and Mark N Greene
A Note on Uncertain Lifetimes pp. 193-95 Downloads
Eliakim Katz
The Distribution of Lifetime Labor Force Participation of Married Women: Comment pp. 197-201 Downloads
Jacob Mincer and Haim Ofek
Reply to Mincer and Ofek [The Distribution of Lifetime Labor Force Participation of Married Women] pp. 203-11 Downloads
James Heckman and Robert Willis
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