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1964, volume 72

A Model of the Canadian Economy Under Fixed and Fluctuating Exchange Rates pp. 1 Downloads
Rudolf R. Rhomberg
The Objectives of Canadian Monetary Policy, 1949-61: Empirical "Trade-Offs" and the Reaction Function of the Authorities pp. 109 Downloads
G. L. Reuber
The Production Function and Technical Change in the Steam-Power Industry pp. 133 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
Economic Effects of Broadcast Licensing pp. 151 Downloads
Harvey J. Levin
Elements of a Theory of Stock-Option Value pp. 163 Downloads
A. James Boness
The Financial Structure of Manufacturing Corporations and the Demand for Money: Some Empirical Findings pp. 176 Downloads
William J. Frazer and Jr.
Alternative Tax Incentives for Investment pp. 184 Downloads
E. William Dinkelacker
Marginal Cost of Hot Money pp. 189 Downloads
H. Peter Gray
On the Dynamic Effects of a Customs Union pp. 193 Downloads
Mordechai Kreinin
A Note on the Substitution of Inanimate for Animal Power pp. 196 Downloads
Richard B. Du Boff
Some Empirical Tests of Monetary Management and of Rules versus Discretion pp. 211 Downloads
Franco Modigliani
The Survival Technique and the Extent of Suboptimal Capacity pp. 246 Downloads
Leonard W. Weiss
Economic Concentration and Monopoly in Japan pp. 262 Downloads
Eugene Rotwein
A Model of Market Areas with Free Entry pp. 278 Downloads
Edwin S. Mills and Michael R. Lav
Income Variability and the Analysis of Income Size pp. 289 Downloads
David S. Huang and John G. Myers
The Real-Balance Effect and the Slutsky Equation pp. 295 Downloads
Cliff Lloyd
Cobweb Cycles and Partially Correct Forecasting pp. 300 Downloads
K. W. Rothschild
Estimates of Rates of Saving pp. 306 Downloads
Charles A. Lininger
International Burden-sharing: Comment pp. 312 Downloads
James E. Price
The Nature of Equilibrium in Monopolistic Competition: Reply to Mr. Demsetz pp. 314 Downloads
Edward H. Chamberlin
Industrial Research and Development Expenditures: Determinants, Prospects, and Relation to Size of Firm and Inventive Output pp. 319 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
A Theory of Long-Run International Capital Movements pp. 341 Downloads
George H. Borts
Price Stability and Development in Mainland China (1951-63) pp. 360 Downloads
Dwight H. Perkins
The Economics of Nationalism pp. 376 Downloads
Albert Breton
The Economics of Charity: Loans versus Grants pp. 387 Downloads
Wilson E. Schmidt
The Role of Entry in Oligopoly Theory pp. 396 Downloads
Dale K. Osborne
Union-Non-Union Wage Differentials Revisited pp. 403 Downloads
David E. Kaun
Wage Levels and Employment Structure in United States Regions: A Free Trade Precedent pp. 414 Downloads
Ronald Wonnacott
Interest Payments on Demand Deposits and Bank Investment Behavior pp. 431 Downloads
George J. Benston
Schultz, Denison, and the Contribution of "Eds" to National Income Growth pp. 450 Downloads
Mary Jean Bowman
A Geometrical Analysis of Some Theorems on Steady Growth pp. 476 Downloads
N. F. Laing
How to Make a Burden of the Public Debt: A Reply to Mishan pp. 483 Downloads
Franco Modigliani
Confessions of a Burden Monger pp. 486 Downloads
James Buchanan
Comment on "How to Make a Burden of the Public Debt" pp. 489 Downloads
John C. Hause
The Burden of the Public Debt: A Rejoinder pp. 491 Downloads
E. J. Mishan
Comparison of the Equilibrium Labor Supply under Proportional and Progressive Taxation pp. 496 Downloads
Malcolm Levitt
The Demand for Money: A Note from the Time Series pp. 498 Downloads
T. J. Courchene and H. T. Shapiro
A Little More Evidence from the Time Series pp. 504 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
Collusion in the Auction Market for Treasury Bills pp. 509 Downloads
Michael Rieber
Comment on "Collusion in the Auction Market for Treasury Bills" pp. 513 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Collusion in the Auction Market for Treasury Bills: Rejoinder pp. 515 Downloads
Michael Rieber
Advertising and Competition pp. 537 Downloads
Lester G. Telser
Multiplier and Velocity Analysis: An Evaluation pp. 563 Downloads
Thomas Mayer
Adjustment to Senility by Induced Contraction pp. 575 Downloads
Simon Rottenberg
The Purchasing-Power Parity Doctrine: A Reappraisal pp. 584 Downloads
Bela Balassa
Tariff Dispersion and Trade Negotiations pp. 597 Downloads
Richard N. Cooper
Tax Deductibility of Economic Depreciation to Insure Invariant Valuations pp. 604 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Speculation and Price Stability Once Again pp. 607 Downloads
Robert Z. Aliber
The Demand for Labor in a Classical and Keynesian Framework pp. 610 Downloads
E. J. Mishan

1963, volume 71

An "Agricultural Surplus" as a Factor in Economic Development pp. 1 Downloads
William H. Nicholls
Business Pricing Policies and Inflation pp. 116 Downloads
Horace J. Depodwin and Richard T. Selden
Total and Private Rates of Return to Investment in Schooling pp. 128 Downloads
W. Lee Hansen
Free Reserves, Total Reserves, and Monetary Control pp. 141 Downloads
William G. Dewald
Relative Economic Growth Rates and Fiscal-Monetary Policies pp. 154 Downloads
Beryl W. Sprinkel
Expectations, Errors, and the Term Structure of Interest Rates pp. 160 Downloads
John H. Wood
Castro and Economic Man, or What is a Prisoner Worth? pp. 172 Downloads
Burton A. Weisbrod
Bronfenbrenner on Monetary Rules: A Comment pp. 173 Downloads
Donald P. Tucker
Consumer Response to the Relative Price of Store versus Delivered Milk pp. 180 Downloads
Margaret G. Reid
Expenditure Plans and the Uncertainty Motive for Holding Money pp. 201 Downloads
R. C. O. Matthews
The Demand for Money: The Evidence from the Time Series pp. 219 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
Value of Time, Choice of Mode, and the Subsidy Issue in Urban Transportation pp. 247 Downloads
Leon N. Moses, Harold F. Williamson and Jr.
The New Economic Policy (NEP) as an Economic System pp. 265 Downloads
V. N. Bandera
Inflation and Real Interest pp. 280 Downloads
Robert Mundell
The Substitution of Inanimate Energy for Animal Power pp. 284 Downloads
Edward F. Renshaw
Balm for the Visiting Economist pp. 293 Downloads
M. Bronfenbrenner
The Political Arithmetic of International Burden-Sharing pp. 309 Downloads
Irving B. Kravis and Michael W. S. Davenport
The Sources of Measured Productivity Growth: United States Agriculture, 1940-60 pp. 331 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Monetary Policy, Taxes, and the Rate of Interest pp. 347 Downloads
Boris P. Pesek and Thomas R. Saving
The Recent Development of the Money and Banking System of Yugoslavia pp. 363 Downloads
Milos Vuckovic
The Climax of the Bank War: Biddle's Contraction, 1833-34 pp. 378 Downloads
Jacob P. Meerman
Eight Decades of Inflation in Chile, 1879-1959: A Political Interpretation pp. 389 Downloads
Tom E. Davis
On the Economics of Post-World War III pp. 398 Downloads
Ronald G. Ridker
Vault Cash and the Shift in the Desired Level of Free Reserves pp. 408 Downloads
Giorgio Basevi
Effects of Stabilization pp. 413 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
New Methods in Statistical Economics pp. 421 Downloads
Benoît Mandelbrot
The Microfoundations of the Social Investment Function pp. 441 Downloads
James G. Witte and Jr.
The Economics of Earmarked Taxes pp. 457 Downloads
James Buchanan
The Economics of Discrimination pp. 481 Downloads
Anne O. Krueger
The Origins of the "Chicago School(s)"? pp. 487 Downloads
A. W. Coats
Counter-Speculation in the Forward Exchange Market: Some Further Comments pp. 494 Downloads
Henry Goldstein
Investment in Human Capital: A Comment pp. 501 Downloads
R. S. Eckaus
Irrational Behavior and Economic Theory: A Comment pp. 505 Downloads
John F. Chant
How to Make a Burden of the Public Debt pp. 529 Downloads
E. J. Mishan
The Effect of Unemployment on Juvenile Delinquency pp. 543 Downloads
Belton Fleisher
Size of Firm, Market Structure, and Innovation pp. 556 Downloads
Edwin Mansfield
A Note on the Impact of Devaluation and the Redistributive Effect pp. 577 Downloads
Carlos F. Diaz Alejandro
Balance Requirements and Deposit Competition pp. 581 Downloads
Richard G. Davis and Jack M. Guttentag
Total Productivity and the Quality of Capital pp. 586 Downloads
Evsey D. Domar
More about Counter-Speculation in the Forward Exchange Market pp. 589 Downloads
R. Z. Aliber
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