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1972, volume 80, issue 6

An Econometric Analysis of Rent Control pp. 1081-1100 Downloads
Edgar Olsen
Estimates of Labor Aggregation Functions pp. 1101-19 Downloads
C R S Dougherty
Specific Human Capital: An Application to Quit Rates and Layoff Rates pp. 1120-43 Downloads
Donald Parsons
A Microeconometric Study of Hospital Cost Inflation pp. 1144-66 Downloads
David Salkever
Economies of Scale, Technical Progress, and the Nonhomothetic Leontief Production Function: An Application to the Japanese Petrochemical Processing Industry pp. 1167-87 Downloads
Lawrence J Lau and Shuji Tamura
The Effects of Pre-Civil War Territorial Expansion on the Price of Slaves pp. 1188-1202 Downloads
Peter Passell and Gavin Wright
The Risk Element in Occupational and Educational Choices pp. 1203-13 Downloads
Yoram Weiss
The American Automobile Industry: Investment Demand, Capacity, and Capacity Utilization, 1921-1940 pp. 1214-31 Downloads
Lloyd J Mercer and W Douglas Morgan
Consumption Possibilities, Growth, and the Optimal Commercial Policy pp. 1232-45 Downloads
Philip Musgrove
Income Expectations and the Consumption of Graduate Students pp. 1246-58 Downloads
Alan Gustman and Frank Stafford
Testing a Model of the Term Structure of Interest Rates in an Error-learning Framework pp. 1259-70 Downloads
Charles Nelson
Long-Run Factor Demand in a Perfectly Competitive Industry pp. 1271-79 Downloads
S Charles Maurice
The Upward Bias in the Consumer Price Index due to Substitution pp. 1280-86 Downloads
Nicholas N Noe and George von Furstenberg
Imperfect Knowledge and the New Theory of Demand pp. 1287-94 Downloads
Douglas Auld
Criteria for Public Investment: Comment pp. 1295-1313 Downloads
Daniel McFadden
Criteria for Public Investment: Reply pp. 1314-16 Downloads
E J Mishan
The Effects of Price Supports on Output and Factor Prices in Agriculture: A Reply pp. 1317-19 Downloads
John Floyd
Comparative Statics When the Objective Function is Concave: Old Wine in Old Bottles? pp. 1320-22 Downloads
Mohamed A El-Hodiri
Why 22,31,000 for a Velazquez?: An Auction Bidding Rule pp. 1323-27 Downloads
B S Yamey

1972, volume 80, issue 5

Friedman's Monetary Theory pp. 837-51 Downloads
Karl Brunner and Allan Meltzer
Friedman's Theoretical Framework pp. 852-63 Downloads
James Tobin
A Keynesian View of Friedman's Theoretical Framework for Monetary Analysis pp. 864-82 Downloads
Paul Davidson
Friedman on the Quantity Theory and Keynesian Economics pp. 883-905 Downloads
Don Patinkin
Comments on the Critics pp. 906-50 Downloads
Milton Friedman
Money, Debt, and Economic Activity pp. 951-77 Downloads
Karl Brunner and Allan Meltzer
Inflationary Finance and the Welfare Cost of Inflation pp. 978-1001 Downloads
Robert Barro
Optimal Economic Stabilization Policy: An Extended Framework pp. 1002-22 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
Human Capital Losses Resulting from U.S. Casualties of the War in Vietnam pp. 1023-30 Downloads
B F Kiker and Jon Birkeli
Extinction of a Fishery by Commercial Exploitation: A Note pp. 1031-38 Downloads
J R Gould
On the Possibility of a Market for Externalities pp. 1039-44 Downloads
William C Wheaton
Externalities, Welfare, and the Feasibility of Corrective Taxes pp. 1045-51 Downloads
Richard Dusansky and Peter J Kalman
The Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem in the Multi-Commodity Case pp. 1052-55 Downloads
Jagdish N Bhagwati
Professor Stigler on Dupuit and the Development of Utility Theory: Comment pp. 1056-59 Downloads
Robert Ekelund
Maintenance of Slum Housing: Optimal Policy Subject to a Political Constraint pp. 1060-66 Downloads
Benton F Massell
Slum Housing: A Further Word pp. 1067-68 Downloads
Stanley Lebergott

1972, volume 80, issue 4

Market Insurance, Self-Insurance, and Self-Protection pp. 623-48 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich and Gary Becker
The Optimal Full-Employment Surplus pp. 649-61 Downloads
Martin J Bailey
Peak-Load Pricing Under Regulatory Constraint pp. 662-79 Downloads
Elizabeth E Bailey
The Economics of Jury Conscription pp. 680-702 Downloads
Donald L Martin
An Economic Measure of Capacity in a Joint Product, Multiprocess Industry pp. 703-23 Downloads
James M Griffin
Structure of Revealed Preference: Some Preliminary Evidence pp. 724-44 Downloads
Anthony Y C Koo and Georg Hasenkamp
The Concept and Measurement of Permanent Industrial Concentration pp. 745-60 Downloads
Irvin M Grossack
On Models of Commercial Fishing: A Defense of the Traditional Literature pp. 761-68 Downloads
Richard F Fullenbaum, Ernest W Carlson and Frederick W Bell
Policy Prescriptions in Bionomic Models: The Case of the Fishery pp. 769-75 Downloads
Clive Southey
On Models of Commercial Fishing: The Traditional Literature Needs No Defenders pp. 776-78 Downloads
Vernon Smith
Token Economies and Experimental Economics pp. 779-85 Downloads
John Kagel
Further Evidence on the Elasticity of Substitution among Different Types of Educated Labor pp. 786-92 Downloads
George Psacharopoulos and Keith Hinchliffe
Direct Income and Substitution Effects in Participation Decisions pp. 793-95 Downloads
Barry Hughes
Welfare Indexes with Interindustry Flows: Comment pp. 796-800 Downloads
Trent J Bertrand
Welfare Indexes with Interindustry Flows: Rejoinder and a Further Extension pp. 801-02 Downloads
Jaroslav Vanek
Ramsey's Investment Criterion pp. 803-06 Downloads
Peter A Frost and Lawrence D Schall
Ramsey's Investment Criterion: A Reply pp. 807-10 Downloads
James B Ramsey
On the Enigma of Inflationary Gaps pp. 811-17 Downloads
Barbara Henneberry and James G Witte
The Financing of Inflationary Gaps: Rejoinder pp. 818-21 Downloads
George Horwich
Aerospace Profits and Renegotiation: A Comment pp. 822-26 Downloads
Arthur E Burns
Aerospace Profits and Renegotiation: A Reply pp. 827-28 Downloads
A M Agapos and Lowell E Gallaway
The Rational Consumer's Demand for Psychiatric Help: A Preference Function Generating a Perfectly Price-inelastic Demand Function pp. 829-32 Downloads
H H Liebhafsky

1972, volume 80, issue 3

Optimal Investment in College Instruction: Equity and Efficiency pp. S2-S30 Downloads
Theodore Schultz
Optimal Investment in College Instruction: Equity and Efficiency: Comment pp. S31-S33 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
Time-Series Changes in Personal Income Inequality in the United States from 1939, with Projections to 1985 pp. S34-S66 Downloads
Barry Chiswick and Jacob Mincer
Time-Series Changes in Personal Income Inequality in the United States from 1939, with Projections to 1985: Comment pp. S67-S71 Downloads
Mary Jean Bowman
Time-Series Changes in Personal Income Inequality in the United States from 1939, with Projections to 1985: Comment pp. S72-S73 Downloads
Thomas Johnson
Education, Income, and Ability pp. S74-S103 Downloads
Zvi Griliches and William M Mason
Education, Income, and Ability: Comment pp. S104-S07 Downloads
Paul Taubman
Earnings Profile: Ability and Schooling pp. S108-S38 Downloads
John C Hause
Earnings Profile: Ability and Schooling: Comment pp. S139-S41 Downloads
Burton A Weisbrod
Equity Implications of State Tuition Policy and Student Loans pp. S142-S71 Downloads
Robert W Hartman
Equity Implications of State Tuition Policy and Student Loans: Comment pp. S172-S74 Downloads
Douglas M Windham
Equity Implications of State Tuition Policy and Student Loans: Comment pp. S175-S77 Downloads
Luther Tweeten
On Tuition and the Costs of Higher Education: Prolegomena to a Conceptual Framework pp. S178-S218 Downloads
Marc Nerlove
Schooling and Inequality from Generation to Generation pp. S219-S51 Downloads
Samuel Bowles
Schooling and Inequality from Generation to Generation: Comment pp. S252-S55 Downloads
Gary Becker
Note on the Intergenerational Transfer of Public Higher-Education Benefits pp. S256-59 Downloads
Joseph A Pechman
Equity and the Finance of Higher Education pp. S260-S73 Downloads
W Lee Hansen
Equity and the Finance of Higher Education: Comment pp. S274-76 Downloads
Oswald H Brownlee
Equity and the Finance of Higher Education: Comment pp. S277-S79 Downloads
Finis Welch
The Alternatives before Us pp. S280-S89 Downloads
Harry G Johnson
Racial Discrimination and Trade Unionism pp. 435-64 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter
Economies of Scale and Customs Union Theory pp. 465-75 Downloads
W M Corden
Pareto Optimality and the Political Economy of Liberalism pp. 476-90 Downloads
Alan T Peacock and Charles Rowley
Crime, Youth, and the Labor Market pp. 491-504 Downloads
Phillips, Llad, et al
On Marx's Scheme of Reproduction and Accumulation pp. 505-22 Downloads
Donald J Harris
A Macro Model of the Endogenous Business Cycle in Marxist Analysis pp. 523-39 Downloads
Robert V Eagly
Workers' Management and Interindustry Wage Differentials in Yugoslavia pp. 540-60 Downloads
Howard M Wachtel
Changes in Industrial Structure in Yugoslavia, 1959-1968 pp. 561-74 Downloads
Stephen Sacks
Optimum Durability, Second-Hand Markets, and Planned Obsolescence pp. 575-85 Downloads
Peter Swan
A Note on Monopolistic Competition and Excess Capacity pp. 586-91 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
The Inconsistencies in Monopolistic Competition: A Reply pp. 592-97 Downloads
Harold Demsetz
Monopoly and Contrived Depreciation pp. 598-602 Downloads
Robert Barro
Emigration: A Bearer of Welfare Loss? pp. 603 Downloads
Donald Wellington
Comment on "Emigration: A Bearer of Welfare Loss." pp. 604-07 Downloads
R Albert Berry and Ronald Soligo
Revealed Planners' Preferences Once Again: A Rebuttal to Drewnowski pp. 608-11 Downloads
Paul Craig Roberts
The Portfolio Approach to Capital Movements: A Comment pp. 612-16 Downloads
Peter B Clark and Richard D Haas
The Economics of Reducing Faculty Teaching Loads pp. 617-19 Downloads
Richard B McKenzie

1972, volume 80, issue 2

On the Concept of Health Capital and the Demand for Health pp. 223-55 Downloads
Michael Grossman
Testing the Assumptions of Production Theory: A Nonparametric Approach pp. 256-75 Downloads
Giora Hanoch and Michael Rothschild
On Golden Rules, the "Biological Theory of Interest," and Competitive Inefficiency pp. 276-91 Downloads
David A Starrett
Short-Run Flexibility in a Developing Economy pp. 292-313 Downloads
Jere Behrman
Externalities and the Race for Economic Growth in the USSR: Will the Environment Ever Win? pp. 314-27 Downloads
Marshall I Goldman
An Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Management Education pp. 328-46 Downloads
Samuel Paul
Experimental Economics Revisited pp. 347-52 Downloads
Thomas H Naylor
What Was Left on Viner's Desk pp. 353-64 Downloads
Fritz Machlup
Inflation and Real Interest Rate: A Long-Term Analysis pp. 365-74 Downloads
Edi Karni
Experimental Evidence on Price Formation in Competitive Markets pp. 375-85 Downloads
Alan C Hess
Inventory Holdings, Rational Expectations, and the Law of Supply and Demand pp. 386-93 Downloads
Bennett McCallum
A Note on the Nature of Equilibrium in Monopolistic Competition pp. 394-402 Downloads
William C Perkins
A Test of the Permanent-Income Hypothesis of the Demand for Money Using Grouping as an Instrumental Variable pp. 403-08 Downloads
Richard E Peterson
Disaggregation and Calculations of the Welfare Cost of a Tax pp. 409-17 Downloads
Ronald F Hoffman
On the Net Present Value Rule for Educational Investments pp. 418-20 Downloads
Elchanan Cohn
Optimal Enforcement of Laws: A Comment pp. 421 Downloads
Thomas R Ireland

1972, volume 80, issue 1

What the World Thought of Jacob Viner pp. 1-4 Downloads
Fritz Machlup
Jacob Viner, 1892-1970 pp. 5-11 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Jacob Viner at Princeton pp. 12-15 Downloads
William Baumol
Domestic Resource Costs and Effective Protection: Clarification and Synthesis pp. 16-33 Downloads
Michael Bruno
Input Substitution and the Concept of the Effective Rate of Protection pp. 34-47 Downloads
Wilfred Ethier
Evaluating Restrictionist Trade Regimes: Theory and Measurement pp. 48-62 Downloads
Anne O Krueger
Domestic Resource Costs and Effective Protection Once Again pp. 63-69 Downloads
Bela Balassa and Daniel M Schydlowsky
Research and Development Costs and Returns: The U. S. Pharmaceutical Industry pp. 70-85 Downloads
Martin Neil Baily
The Effect of Urban Renewal on Municipal Service Expenditures pp. 86-101 Downloads
John C Weicher
Additive Utility Functions with Double-Log Consumer Demand Functions pp. 102-24 Downloads
Kazuo Sato
Demographic Effects and the Multiperiod Consumption Function pp. 125-38 Downloads
Dale M Heien
Lifetime Excess Burden of a Tax pp. 139-47 Downloads
David Levhari and Eytan Sheshinski
Technological Externalities and Common-Property Resources: An Empirical Study of the U. S. Northern Lobster Fishery pp. 148-58 Downloads
Frederick W Bell
Monetary Reform and the Payment of Interest on Money pp. 159-70 Downloads
Roger Waud
A New Program for More Monetary Stability pp. 171-75 Downloads
Thomas Havrilesky
A Note on Rules, Authorities, and Information pp. 176-78 Downloads
A A Walters
The Specification of the Demand for Money and the Tax Multiplier pp. 179-85 Downloads
James Holmes and David J Smyth
Unemployment in the Great Depression: Is There a Full Explanation? pp. 186-91 Downloads
Robert Lucas and Leonard A Rapping
Real Wages and Inflation: Rejoinder pp. 192 Downloads
Albert Rees
Differential Tax Incidence: Large versus Small Tax Changes pp. 193-97 Downloads
Melvyn B Krauss
Changing Domestic Demand and Ability to Export pp. 198-202 Downloads
Robert C Hsu
Why the American Tourist Abroad Is Cheated: A Price-theoretical Analysis pp. 203-07 Downloads
John Adams
Aesop's Paradox: The Classical Critique of Democratic Decision Processes pp. 208-12 Downloads
William Fischel
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