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1973, volume 81, issue 6

Models of Market Organization with Imperfect Information: A Survey pp. 1283-1308 Downloads
Michael Rothschild
Research and Productivity in Wheat and Maize pp. 1309-29 Downloads
Robert E Evenson and Yoav Kislev
Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market: A Test of Alternative Hypotheses pp. 1330-52 Downloads
Barry Chiswick
Aggregate Demand, Job Search, and Employment pp. 1353-69 Downloads
Herschel Grossman
Size, Productivity, and Returns to Scale: An Analysis of Farm-Level Data in Indian Agriculture pp. 1370-86 Downloads
Pranab Bardhan
Futures Trading and Investor Returns: An Investigation of Commodity Market Risk Premiums pp. 1387-1406 Downloads
Katherine Dusak
The Process of International Adjustment under Conditions of Full Employment: A Keynesian View Revised pp. 1407-29 Downloads
James Holmes
The Inclusion of Wastes in the Theory of the Firm pp. 1430-41 Downloads
Don Ethridge
Heterogeneous Labor, Minimum Hiring Standards, and Job Vacancies in Public Employment pp. 1442-50 Downloads
Ronald Ehrenberg
The Interest Rate Parity Theorem: A Reinterpretation pp. 1451-59 Downloads
Robert Z Aliber
Limit Pricing and Potential Competition pp. 1460-66 Downloads
Victor Goldberg and Sharon Moirao
A Note on Tax Changes and Fluctuations in National Income pp. 1467-70 Downloads
Maurice Peston
The Tariff System and the Composition of Imports pp. 1471-72 Downloads
David Charles
Astronomics: A New Approach to Economics? pp. 1473-75 Downloads
James T Bennett and James Barth

1973, volume 81, issue 5

An Evaluation of Consumer Protection Legislation: The 1962 Drug Amendments pp. 1049-91 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
The Dynamic Inefficiency of Capitalism pp. 1092-1109 Downloads
Kelvin Lancaster
Exchange-Rate Movements and Economic Development in the Late Nineteenth Century pp. 1110-35 Downloads
Jeffrey Nugent
Growth, Satiety, and the Tax Revenue from Money Creation pp. 1136-52 Downloads
Alvin L Marty
Interpreting the Effect of Distance on Migration pp. 1153-69 Downloads
Aba Schwartz
A Generalized Theory of Job Search pp. 1170-88 Downloads
David Whipple
Karl Marx and Mathematical Economics pp. 1189-1204 Downloads
Leon Smolinski
City Size and Transportation Costs pp. 1205-15 Downloads
Eli Borukhov
The Transactions Demand for Cash: Incorporation of the Value of Time into the Inventory Approach pp. 1216-25 Downloads
Edi Karni
The Bilateral Monopoly Theory of Public Goods: A Critique pp. 1226-35 Downloads
E G West
The Fogel-Engerman Iron Model: A Clarifying Note pp. 1236-40 Downloads
Paul Joskow and Edward F McKelvey
Risk, Entrepreneurship, and Tenancy pp. 1241-44 Downloads
Yukon Huang
Research and Development in Industrial Growth: Comment pp. 1245-48 Downloads
John Tilton
Research and Development in Industrial Growth: Reply pp. 1249-52 Downloads
William N Leonard
Paper Recycling and the Stock of Trees pp. 1253-55 Downloads
Michael Darby
Universities Should Discriminate Against Assistant Professors pp. 1256-57 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
The Rate of Profits in Equilibrium Growth Models: A Review Article pp. 1261-77 Downloads
Geoff(rey) Harcourt

1973, volume 81, issue 4

A Theory of Marriage: Part I pp. 813-46 Downloads
Gary Becker
Stabilization Policy and Lags pp. 847-77 Downloads
Stanley Fischer and J Phillip Cooper
The Specification of Technology with Several Kinds of Output pp. 878-92 Downloads
Robert Hall
Currency Depreciation, Hoarding, and Relative Prices pp. 893-915 Downloads
Rüdiger Dornbusch
Policy Choices in an Open Economy: Some Dynamic Considerations pp. 916-35 Downloads
Sven Arndt
The Expansion of Firms pp. 936-49 Downloads
Paul Rubin
Profit Maximization and the Extinction of Animal Species pp. 950-61 Downloads
Colin W Clark
A Model of Imported Inflation pp. 962-71 Downloads
Yoichi Shinkai
The Effect of Nonneutral Taxation on the Use of Capital by Sector pp. 972-81 Downloads
David J Ott and Attiat F Ott
Investment and Corporate Taxation pp. 982-93 Downloads
Michael Sumner
The Effects of Property Taxes and Local Public Spending on Property Values: A Comment and Further Results pp. 994-1003 Downloads
Henry O Pollakowski
The Effects of Property Taxes and Local Public Spending on Property Values: A Reply and Yet Further Results pp. 1004-08 Downloads
Wallace Oates
A CPI-Futures Market pp. 1009-12 Downloads
Michael Lovell and Robert C Vogel
Denison and the Contribution of Education to National Income Growth: A Comment pp. 1013-16 Downloads
Richard Layard

1973, volume 81, issue 3

Participation in Illegitimate Activities: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation pp. 521-65 Downloads
Isaac Ehrlich
An Econometric Model of the Flight to the Suburbs pp. 566-89 Downloads
David Bradford and Harry H Kelejian
Racial Discrimination, Segregation, and the Price of Housing pp. 590-606 Downloads
A Thomas King and Peter Mieszkowski
Risk, Return, and Equilibrium: Empirical Tests pp. 607-36 Downloads
Eugene Fama and James D MacBeth
The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities pp. 637-54 Downloads
Fischer Black and Myron Scholes
Quasi-Engel Curves, Diffusion, and the Ownership of Major Consumer Durables pp. 655-77 Downloads
Holger Bonus
Tropical Trade and Development in the Nineteenth Century: The Brazilian Experience pp. 678-96 Downloads
Nathaniel H Leff
Labor-Force Participation Rates and the Supply of Labor pp. 697-704 Downloads
Yoram Ben-Porath
CES and VES Production Functions in a Cross-Section Context pp. 705-20 Downloads
C. Lovell
Profit Performance in the Defense Industry pp. 721-28 Downloads
Douglas R Bohi
The Effectiveness of Using the Tax System to Curb Inflationary Collective Bargains: An Analysis of the Wallich-Weintraub Plan pp. 729-40 Downloads
Peter Isard
Elasticities and the Interest Parity Theory pp. 741-47 Downloads
Jacob A Frenkel
Risk, Return, and Portfolio Analysis: Comment pp. 748-52 Downloads
S C Tsiang
Risk, Return, and Portfolio Analysis: Reply pp. 753-55 Downloads
Eugene Fama
Competition and Efficiency: Comment pp. 756-64 Downloads
David Schwartzman
Competition and X-Efficiency: Reply pp. 765-77 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
The Optimal Provision of Public Goods: Yet Another Comment pp. 778-85 Downloads
Herbert Mohring and Allan Maslove
Highway User Fees and Vehicle Transport Modes: An Old Rule Defended pp. 786-95 Downloads
Stuart Mestelman

1973, volume 81, issue 2

The Value of Children: An Economic Perspective pp. S2-13 Downloads
Theodore Schultz
A New Approach to the Economic Theory of Fertility Behavior pp. S14-64 Downloads
Robert Willis
A New Approach to the Economic Theory of Fertility Behavior: Comment pp. S65-69 Downloads
Norman B Ryder
Child Quality and the Demand for Children pp. S70-95 Downloads
Dennis N De Tray
Child Quality and the Demand for Children: Comment pp. S96-98 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter
Economics of the Size of North Carolina Rural Families pp. S99-122 Downloads
Bruce Gardner
Economics of the Size of North Carolina Rural Families: Comment pp. S123-27 Downloads
Glen Cain
Education and the Derived Demand for Children pp. S128-64 Downloads
Robert T Michael
Education and the Derived Demand for Children: Comment pp. S165-67 Downloads
Margaret G Reid
The Effect of Children on the Housewife's Value of Time pp. S168-99 Downloads
Reuben Gronau
The Effect of Children on the Housewife's Value of Time: Comment pp. S200-01 Downloads
Robert Hall
Economic Analysis of Fertility in Israel: Point and Counterpoint pp. S202-33 Downloads
Yoram Ben-Porath
Economic Analysis of Fertility in Israel: Point and Counterpoint: Comment pp. S234-37 Downloads
H Gregg Lewis
Explanation of Birth Rate Changes over Space and Time: A Study of Taiwan pp. S238-74 Downloads
T. Schultz
The Welfare Loss of Excess Health Insurance pp. 251-80 Downloads
Martin Feldstein
Explanation of Birth Rate Changes over Space and Time: A Study of Taiwan: Comment pp. S275-78 Downloads
James Tobin
On the Interaction between the Quantity and Quality of Children pp. S279-88 Downloads
Gary Becker and H Gregg Lewis
The Effect of Health Insurance on the Demand for Medical Care pp. 281-305 Downloads
Richard N Rosett and Lien-fu Huang
Education in Nonmarket Production pp. 306-27 Downloads
Robert T Michael
Margin Changes and Stock Price Behavior pp. 328-39 Downloads
Largay, James A, and Richard R West
The Structure of Earnings in Japanese Manufacturing Industries: A Human-Capital Approach pp. 340-55 Downloads
Vladimir Stoikov
A Simulation Analysis of the Effects of Population Change on a Neoclassical Economy pp. 356-75 Downloads
Frank Denton and Byron Spencer
The Allocation of Effort under Uncertainty: The Case of Risk-averse Behavior pp. 376-85 Downloads
M K Block and J M Heineke
An Extension of Optimality Criteria: An Axiomatic Approach to Institutional Choice pp. 386-400 Downloads
Blaine Roberts
Can Public Investment Have a Positive Rate of Return? pp. 401-13 Downloads
David L Shapiro
The Average Concentration Ratio: An Inappropriate Measure of Industry Structure pp. 414-26 Downloads
Stanley E Boyle
A Note on the Optimal Product Mix in a Centrally Planned Economy pp. 427-34 Downloads
Pham Chung
Teen-Age Unemployment and Real Federal Minimum Wages pp. 435-41 Downloads
Douglas K Adie
A Note on the Theory of Vertical Integration pp. 442-49 Downloads
Richard Schmalensee
The Theory of Socialist Planning: Comment pp. 450-58 Downloads
Howard J Sherman
The Theory of Socialist Planning: Comment pp. 459-64 Downloads
P J Uitermark
The Theory of Socialist Planning: Reply pp. 465-70 Downloads
Paul Craig Roberts
Constitutional Choice and Simple Majority Rule: Comment pp. 471-79 Downloads
David M Barton
Constitutional Choice and Simple Majority Rule: Reply pp. 480-84 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
Real Balances and the Demand for Money: Comment pp. 485-87 Downloads
Arnold Zellner, David S Huang and L C Chau
Optimal Terms of Foreign Assistance: Comment pp. 488-90 Downloads
Yew-Kwang Ng
A Sketch of the History of Truth in Teaching pp. 491-95 Downloads
George Stigler

1973, volume 81, issue 1

The Effect of Government Subsidies-in-Kind on Private Expenditures: The Case of Higher Education pp. 1-27 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
Higher Education, Mental Ability, and Screening pp. 28-55 Downloads
Paul J Taubman and Terence J Wales
Returns to Scale in Research and Development: What Does the Schumpeterian Hypothesis Imply ? pp. 56-70 Downloads
Franklin M Fisher and Peter Temin
On the Wicksellian Point-Input, Point-Output Model of Capital Accumulation: A Modern View (or, Neoclassicism Slightly Vindicated) pp. 71-97 Downloads
David Cass
On the Neutrality of Money pp. 98-119 Downloads
Thomas R Saving
Aid, Foreign Private Investment, Savings, and Growth in Less Developed Countries pp. 120-30 Downloads
Gustav F Papanek
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Women's Participation in the Professions pp. 131-44 Downloads
Rudolph C Blitz and Chin Hock Ow
Putty-Clay Capital and Small-Sample Properties of Neoclassical Estimators pp. 145-57 Downloads
James H Gapinski
Efficiency Aspects of Local School Finance: Comments and Extensions pp. 158-73 Downloads
Noel M Edelson
Private Schools and Public School Finance pp. 174-86 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
A Note on Efficient Taxation pp. 187-91 Downloads
Ted Bergstrom
A Note on Barlow's Local School Finance pp. 192-98 Downloads
Timothy D Hogan and Robert B Shelton
Efficiency Aspects of Local School Finance: Reply pp. 199-202 Downloads
Robin Barlow
Local Government Tax and Product Competition and the Optimal Provision of Public Goods pp. 203-10 Downloads
Michael J Boskin
Social Choice and Intensity of Preference pp. 211-18 Downloads
Donald E Campbell
A Note on the Restrictive Effect of Unilateral United States Export Controls pp. 219-22 Downloads
Thomas A Wolf
Public Goods, Increasing Cost, and Monopsony: Comment pp. 223-30 Downloads
Hirofumi Shibata
Public Goods, Increasing Cost, and Monopsony: Reply pp. 231-36 Downloads
Robert L Bish and O'Donoghue, Patrick D
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