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1958, volume 66

Imbalance in the World Wheat Economy pp. 1 Downloads
Helen C. Farnsworth
Capital Formation in Residential Real Estate pp. 131 Downloads
Margaret G. Reid
The Economic Articles in the Quarterly Review and Their Authors, 1809-52. II pp. 154 Downloads
Frank Whitson Fetter
The Discount Rate as a Credit-Control Weapon pp. 171 Downloads
Warren L. Smith
How Income Ought to be Distributed: A Paradox in Distributive Ethics pp. 189 Downloads
Robert H. Strotz
Liquidity and Farm Investment Outlays pp. 206 Downloads
Norman V. Breckner
New Developments on the Oligopoly Front pp. 215 Downloads
Franco Modigliani
Futures Trading and the Storage of Cotton and Wheat pp. 233 Downloads
Lester G. Telser
Underemployment in Backward Economies: Some Additional Notes pp. 256 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
Underemployment in Backward Economies: An Empirical Comment pp. 259 Downloads
Harry T. Oshima
Underemployment in Backward Economies: Reply pp. 264 Downloads
Harvey Leibenstein
Workers and Industrial Change: A Case Study of Labor Mobility pp. 277 Downloads
Phillip Nelson
Wage Policy and the Health Service pp. 278 Downloads
M. W. Reder
Investment in Human Capital and Personal Income Distribution pp. 281 Downloads
Jacob Mincer
The Demand for Currency Relative to the Total Money Supply pp. 303 Downloads
Phillip Cagan
On the Theory of Optimal Investment Decision pp. 329 Downloads
Jack Hirshleifer
Making Currency Reserves "Go Round" pp. 353 Downloads
A. E. Jasay
On Measuring Economic Growth: A Comment pp. 357 Downloads
Herbert S. Levine
On Measuring Economic Growth: Reply pp. 360 Downloads
G. Warren Nutter
On Measuring Economic Growth: Rejoinder pp. 363 Downloads
Herbert S. Levine
Monetary Reforms and Monetary Equilibrium pp. 375 Downloads
Boris P. Pesek
Economies of Scale in Financial Enterprises pp. 389 Downloads
Roy J. Hensley
A Theory of Foreign-Exchange Speculation under a Floating Exchange System pp. 399 Downloads
S. C. Tsiang
Research Costs and Social Returns: Hybrid Corn and Related Innovations pp. 419 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
An Economic Analysis of Contributions Under the Income-Tax Laws pp. 432 Downloads
Floyd E. Gillis and Vernon Smith
The Economics of Slavery in the Ante Bellum South: A Comment pp. 440 Downloads
Douglas F. Dowd
The Economics of Slavery in the Ante Bellum South: Reply pp. 442 Downloads
Alfred H. Conrad and John R. Meyer
The Corporate Income Tax in the Long Run: A Comment pp. 444 Downloads
Arnold Zellner
The Corporate Income Tax in the Long Run: Reply pp. 446 Downloads
M. A. Adelman
The Corporate Income Tax in the Long Run: Rejoinder pp. 448 Downloads
Arnold Zellner
An Exact Consumption-Loan Model of Interest with or without the Social Contrivance of Money pp. 467 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Competition, Oligopoly, and Research pp. 483 Downloads
Henry H. Villard
General Productivity in Soviet Agriculture and Industry: The Ukraine, 1928-55 pp. 498 Downloads
Andrew Gunder Frank
A Rehabilitation of Purchasing-Power Parity pp. 516 Downloads
Leland B. Yeager
Tinbergen on Policy-Making pp. 531 Downloads
Charles E. Lindblom
The Friedman-Becker Illusion pp. 539 Downloads
Lawrence Klein
The Friedman-Becker Illusion: Reply pp. 545 Downloads
Milton Friedman and Gary Becker
The Friedman-Becker Illusion: Supplementary Comment pp. 547 Downloads
Milton Friedman

1957, volume 65

Perfect Competition, Historically Contemplated pp. 1 Downloads
George Stigler
The Wealth of Nations in Spain and Hispanic America, 1780-1830 pp. 104 Downloads
Robert Sidney Smith
The Slowdown as a Union Tactic pp. 126 Downloads
Richard S. Hammett, Joel Seidman and Jack London
An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy pp. 135 Downloads
Anthony Downs
The Corporate Income Tax in the Long Run pp. 151 Downloads
M. A. Adelman
Forecasting Industrial Production pp. 158 Downloads
John E. Maher
Structure and Policy in Postal Rates pp. 185 Downloads
Jane Kennedy
The Influence of Expectations and Liquidity on Dividend Policy pp. 209 Downloads
Paul G. Darling
Municipal Fiscal Structure in a Metropolitan Region pp. 225 Downloads
Julius Margolis
The British Truck System in the Nineteenth Century pp. 237 Downloads
George W. Hilton
A Note on the Cost of Children's Mortality pp. 257 Downloads
W. Lee Hansen
Saving and the Rate of Interest pp. 279 Downloads
Martin J. Bailey
Price Instability, Hedging, and Trade Volume in the Coffee Futures Market pp. 306 Downloads
Leland L. Johnson
Collective Bargaining in Atomic-Energy Construction pp. 322 Downloads
Kenneth M. McCaffree
Why "Dominant Firms" Decline pp. 338 Downloads
Dean A. Worcester and Jr.
Patinkin on Money, Interest, and Prices pp. 347 Downloads
Carl Christ
Cardinal Welfare and Individualistic Ethics: A Comment pp. 355 Downloads
J. Marcus Fleming
Workers' Management in Yugoslavia pp. 373 Downloads
Benjamin Ward
Increased Rents from Increased Costs: A Paradox of Value Theory pp. 387 Downloads
Richard Nelson
A Study of Irrational Judgments pp. 394 Downloads
Arnold M. Rose
Interest Arbitrage, Exchange Rates, and Dollar Reserves pp. 403 Downloads
M. N. Trued
Employment Effects of Minimum Wages, 1938-50 pp. 412 Downloads
John M. Peterson
Demand Elasticities and the Foreign-Exchange Market pp. 431 Downloads
Egon Sohmen
The Backward-leaning Approach to Controls pp. 437 Downloads
Abba P. Lerner
Aggregative Wage Theory and Money Illusion pp. 442 Downloads
K. W. Rothschild
Aggregative Wage Theory and Money Illusion: Reply pp. 445 Downloads
M. Bronfenbrenner
Aggregative Wage Theory and Money Illusion: Rejoinder pp. 447 Downloads
K. W. Rothschild
Providing for Growth of the Money Supply pp. 465 Downloads
George S. Tolley
Price-setting Problems in the Polish Economy pp. 486 Downloads
John Michael Montias
Some Evidence on the International Price Mechanism pp. 506 Downloads
Arnold Harberger
Economic Problems of Alliance pp. 522 Downloads
Malcolm W. Hoag
Academic Methods for Marxian Problems pp. 535 Downloads
M. Bronfennbrenner
A Note on Ruble-Dollar Comparisons pp. 543 Downloads
Norman M. Kaplan and Eleanor S. Wainstein
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