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1960, volume 68

A Method of Identifying Disturbances Which Produce Changes in Money National Income pp. 1 Downloads
Jerome Stein
The Specie Circular and Distribution of the Surplus pp. 109 Downloads
Richard H. Timberlake and Jr.
The Second Bank of the United States and the Inflation after the War of 1812 pp. 118 Downloads
Leon M. Schur
Industrial-Urban Development and Agricultural Adjustments, Tennessee Valley and Piedmont, 1939-54 pp. 135 Downloads
William H. Nicholls
Identical Bid Prices pp. 150 Downloads
Vernon A. Mund
A Note on the Expenditure Effect of State Aid to Education pp. 170 Downloads
Edward F. Renshaw
Wage Escalators and Inflation in Denmark, 1945-55 pp. 175 Downloads
Dudley W. Johnson
The Economics of Slavery in the Ante Bellum South: Another Comment pp. 183 Downloads
John E. Moes
The Economics of Slavery in the Ante Bellum South: A Reply pp. 187 Downloads
Alfred H. Conrad and John R. Meyer
Random Variations and Sampling Models in Production Economics pp. 219 Downloads
R. A. Levine and R. B. Rainey
Labor-Market Aspects of the St. Lawrence Seaway Project pp. 232 Downloads
Donald E. Cullen
Economic Planning in the Netherlands, France, and Italy pp. 252 Downloads
Stanislaw Wellisz
A Note on Relative Shares and the Elasticity of Substitution pp. 284 Downloads
M. Bronfenbrenner
Cost Push Versus Demand Pull: A Reply pp. 297 Downloads
Richard T. Selden
George Berkeley as an Economist: A Comment pp. 302 Downloads
T. W. Hutchison
George Berkeley as an Economist: Reply pp. 307 Downloads
Ian D. S. Ward
The Cost of Protection and the Scientific Tariff pp. 327 Downloads
Harry G. Johnson
Product Differentiation and Advertising: Some Lessons from Soviet Experience pp. 346 Downloads
Marshall I. Goldman
Differences between the Personal Demand for Money and the Business Demand for Money pp. 358 Downloads
John J. McCall
Price-Level and Money-Denomination Movements pp. 369 Downloads
John J. Klein
Featherbedding: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 379 Downloads
Paul A. Weinstein
The Scene of the Crime of 1873 Revisited: A Note pp. 388 Downloads
Paul M. O'Leary
Kreinin, the GATT Hypothesis, and Trade Diversion pp. 393 Downloads
Sterie T. Beza
Returns to Speculators: Telser versus Keynes pp. 396 Downloads
Paul H. Cootner
Returns to Speculators: Reply pp. 404 Downloads
Lester G. Telser
Returns to Speculators: Rejoinder pp. 415 Downloads
Paul H. Cootner
Non-Convexity, Aggregation, and Pareto Optimality pp. 435 Downloads
Jerome Rothenberg
Government Efficiency and the Military "Buyer-Seller" Device pp. 469 Downloads
Norman V. Breckner
The Manichaean Heresy: A Note for Economists pp. 507 Downloads
Jacob Weissman
A Note on the Saving-Wealth Relation and the Rate of Interest pp. 509 Downloads
Arnold Collery
An Application of Leibenstein's Theory of Underemployment pp. 511 Downloads
Hannan Ezekiel
Commercial Banks and Financial Intermediaries: Fallacies and Policy Implications--A Comment pp. 518 Downloads
Leland J. Pritchard
Commercial Banks and Financial Intermediaries: Fallacies and Policy Implications: A Reply pp. 523 Downloads
Joseph Aschheim
Commercial Banks and Financial Intermediaries: Fallacies and Policy Implications: A Rejoinder pp. 524 Downloads
Leland J. Pritchard
Kantorovich on Economic Calculation pp. 545 Downloads
Benjamin Ward
Some Institutional Aspects of the Wealth of Nations pp. 557 Downloads
Nathan Rosenberg
Capital Formation by Education pp. 571 Downloads
Theodore Schultz
Long-Run Changes in Occupational Wage Structure, 1900-1956 pp. 584 Downloads
Paul G. Keat
Monetary Policy and Its Critics pp. 601 Downloads
James R. Schlesinger
Friedman on the Lag in Effect of Monetary Policy pp. 617 Downloads
J. M. Culbertson
The Public Debt, Corporate Income Taxes, and the Rate of Interest pp. 622 Downloads
Robert Mundell
The Burden of Monopoly pp. 627 Downloads
David Schwartzman
Are Farmers Irrational?--A Reply pp. 630 Downloads
Jesse W. Markham
Are Farmers Irrational?: Rejoinder pp. 632 Downloads
Zvi Griliches
Positive Policy in the Fertilizer Industry pp. 634 Downloads
Vernon Ruttan

1959, volume 67

Cost-Push versus Demand-Pull Inflation, 1955-57 pp. 1 Downloads
Richard T. Selden
An Organizational Model of Soviet Industrial Planning pp. 109 Downloads
David Granick
Price Expectations, Money Illusion, and the Real-Balance Effect pp. 131 Downloads
John H. Power
Criteria for Choice Among Risky Ventures pp. 144 Downloads
Henry Allen Latane
Foster and Catchings: A Reappraisal pp. 156 Downloads
Alan H. Gleason
Income Protection for Farmers: A Possible Approach pp. 173 Downloads
Boris C. Swerling
Congressional Hearings and the Federal Reserve pp. 187 Downloads
C. R. Whittlesey
Workers' Management in Yugoslavia: A Comment pp. 194 Downloads
Branko Horvat and Vlado Rascovic
Workers' Management in Yugoslavia: Reply pp. 199 Downloads
Benjamin Ward
Determinants of Risk Premiums on Corporate Bonds pp. 217 Downloads
Lawrence Fisher
The Effect of Tariffs on the Level and Terms of Trade pp. 246 Downloads
W. M. Gorman
Deflationary Effects of Outlay and Income Taxes pp. 266 Downloads
Amotz Morag
The Behavior of the French Money Supply: 1938-54 pp. 275 Downloads
Allan Meltzer
The Simple Economics of Basic Scientific Research pp. 297 Downloads
Richard Nelson
Dollar Shortage: A Modern Myth pp. 307 Downloads
Raymond F. Mikesell
The Demand for Money: Some Theoretical and Empirical Results pp. 327 Downloads
Milton Friedman
The Effect of Monopoly on Price pp. 352 Downloads
David Schwartzman
Instalment Credit Control: A Theoretical Analysis pp. 363 Downloads
Alpha C. Chiang
The Convexity Assumption in the Theory of Competitive Markets pp. 377 Downloads
M. J. Farrell
Transport Costs and Comparative Advantage pp. 392 Downloads
J. N. Wolfe
On the "Trade-Diversion" Effect of Trade-Preference Areas pp. 398 Downloads
Mordechai E. Kreinin
Forecasting Industrial Production--Leading Series versus Autoregression pp. 402 Downloads
S. S. Alexander and Herman Stekler
New Developments on the Oligopoly Front: Cournot and the Bain-Sylos Analysis pp. 410 Downloads
Franklin M. Fisher
New Developments on the Oligopoly Front: A Comment pp. 414 Downloads
Donald E. Farrar, Charles F. Phillips and Jr.
New Developments on the Oligopoly Front: Reply pp. 418 Downloads
Franco Modigliani
Utility, Risk, and Linearity pp. 437 Downloads
G. C. Archibald
Changes in Labor Inputs in Soviet Agriculture pp. 451 Downloads
Arcadius Kahan
Inflation and the Price Mechanism pp. 463 Downloads
Harold Wolozin
Formal Criteria for Investment Decisions pp. 476 Downloads
Martin J. Bailey
The Tata Steel Strike: Some Dilemmas of Industrial Relations in a Developing Economy pp. 489 Downloads
Subbiah Kannappan
Relative Permanent Income: Elaboration and Synthesis pp. 508 Downloads
William Fellner
Consumption-Loan Interest and Money pp. 512 Downloads
Abba P. Lerner
Consumption-Loan Interest and Money: Reply pp. 518 Downloads
Paul Samuelson
Consumption-Loan Interest and Money: Rejoinder pp. 523 Downloads
Abba P. Lerner
Labor Mobility, Unemployment, and Economic Change: An Indian Case pp. 545 Downloads
Ralph C. James
Maintenance Costs and Economic Development pp. 560 Downloads
Rudolph C. Blitz
Problems of Majority Voting pp. 571 Downloads
Gordon Tullock
Bank Earnings and the Competition for Savings Deposits pp. 580 Downloads
Deane Carson
The Structure of Saving and the Consumption Function in Postwar Japan pp. 589 Downloads
Miyohei Shinohara
J. S. Mill on Monopoly and Socialism: A Note pp. 604 Downloads
Abram L. Harris
Once More: Capital Formation in Residential Real Estate pp. 612 Downloads
Leo Grebler, David M. Blank and Louis Winnick
Capital Formation in Residential Real Estate: Reply pp. 619 Downloads
Margaret G. Reid
Capital Formation in Residential Real Estate: Rejoinder pp. 626 Downloads
Leo Grebler, David M. Blank and Louis Winnick
Bigness, Fewness, and Research pp. 628 Downloads
Jacob Schmookler
Bigness, Fewness, and Research: Reply pp. 633 Downloads
Henry H. Villard
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