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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2017

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Volume 105, issue C, 2017

Group-based hierarchical adaptive traffic-signal control part I: Formulation pp. 1-18 Downloads
Seunghyeon Lee, S.C. Wong and Pravin Varaiya
Exogenous priority rules for the capacitated passenger assignment problem pp. 19-42 Downloads
Stefan Binder, Yousef Maknoon and Michel Bierlaire
A subjective capacity evaluation model for single-track railway system with δ-balanced traffic and λ-tolerance level pp. 43-66 Downloads
Feng Li, Ziyou Gao, David Z.W. Wang, Ronghui Liu, Tao Tang, Jianjun Wu and Lixing Yang
A new solution framework for the limited-stop bus service design problem pp. 67-85 Downloads
Guillermo Soto, Homero Larrain and Juan Carlos Muñoz
Exact and approximate route set generation for resilient partial observability in sensor location problems pp. 86-119 Downloads
Marco Rinaldi and Francesco Viti
An approach to transportation network analysis via transferable utility games pp. 120-143 Downloads
Yuval Hadas, Giorgio Gnecco and Marcello Sanguineti
Multi-periodic train timetabling using a period-type-based Lagrangian relaxation decomposition pp. 144-173 Downloads
Wenliang Zhou, Junli Tian, Lijuan Xue, Min Jiang, Lianbo Deng and Jin Qin
Dynamic equilibrium at a congestible facility under market power pp. 174-192 Downloads
Erik T. Verhoef and Hugo E. Silva
Dynamic clustering and propagation of congestion in heterogeneously congested urban traffic networks pp. 193-211 Downloads
Mohammadreza Saeedmanesh and Nikolas Geroliminis
On node models for high-dimensional road networks pp. 212-234 Downloads
Matthew A. Wright, Gabriel Gomes, Roberto Horowitz and Alex A. Kurzhanskiy
Optimal hyperpaths with non-additive link costs pp. 235-248 Downloads
Saeed Maadi and Jan-Dirk Schmöcker
Managing disruptions in the multi-depot vehicle scheduling problem pp. 249-269 Downloads
Ezgi Uçar, Ş. İlker Birbil and İbrahim Muter
A decomposition approach to the static traffic assignment problem pp. 270-296 Downloads
Ehsan Jafari, Venktesh Pandey and Stephen D. Boyles
Optimal environmental road pricing and daily commuting patterns pp. 297-314 Downloads
Jessica Coria and Xiao-Bing Zhang
A unified follow-the-leader model for vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic pp. 315-327 Downloads
Yongxiang Zhao and H.M. Zhang
Dynamical capacity drop in a nonlinear stochastic traffic model pp. 328-339 Downloads
Wei-Liang Qian, Adriano F. Siqueira, Romuel F. Machado, Kai Lin and Ted W. Grant
Multi-train trajectory optimization for energy efficiency and delay recovery on single-track railway lines pp. 340-361 Downloads
Pengling Wang and Rob M.P. Goverde
A critical evaluation of the Next Generation Simulation (NGSIM) vehicle trajectory dataset pp. 362-377 Downloads
Benjamin Coifman and Lizhe Li
A general iterative approach for the system-level joint optimization of pavement maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction planning pp. 378-400 Downloads
Le Zhang, Liangliang Fu, Weihua Gu, Yanfeng Ouyang and Yaohua Hu
Sufficient optimality conditions for distributed, non-predictive ramp metering in the monotonic cell transmission model pp. 401-422 Downloads
Marius Schmitt, Chithrupa Ramesh and John Lygeros
A microscopic model for optimal train short-turnings during complete blockages pp. 423-437 Downloads
Nadjla Ghaemi, Oded Cats and Rob M.P. Goverde
A first-order behavioral model of capacity drop pp. 438-457 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
A robust approach to airport gate assignment with a solution-dependent uncertainty budget pp. 458-478 Downloads
Liang Xu, Chao Zhang, Feng Xiao and Fan Wang
Recasting and optimizing intersection automation as a connected-and-automated-vehicle (CAV) scheduling problem: A sequential branch-and-bound search approach in phase-time-traffic hypernetworkAuthor-Name: Li, Pengfei (Taylor) pp. 479-506 Downloads
Xuesong Zhou
Kinematic wave models of lane-drop bottlenecks pp. 507-522 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
Understanding the mechanism of traffic hysteresis and traffic oscillations through the change in task difficulty level pp. 523-538 Downloads
Mohammad Saifuzzaman, Zuduo Zheng, Md. Mazharul Haque and Simon Washington
Utility optimization framework for a distributed traffic control of urban road networks pp. 539-558 Downloads
Tung Le, Hai L. Vu, Neil Walton, Serge P. Hoogendoorn, Péter Kovács and Rudesindo N. Queija
Optimal parking provision for ride-sourcing services pp. 559-578 Downloads
Zhengtian Xu, Yafeng Yin and Liteng Zha

Volume 104, issue C, 2017

Discrete-time day-to-day dynamic congestion pricing scheme considering multiple equilibria pp. 1-16 Downloads
Linghui Han, David Z.W. Wang, Hong K. Lo, Chengjuan Zhu and Xingju Cai
Determining optimal locations for charging stations of electric car-sharing systems under stochastic demand pp. 17-35 Downloads
Georg Brandstätter, Michael Kahr and Markus Leitner
An agent-based day-to-day adjustment process for modeling ‘Mobility as a Service’ with a two-sided flexible transport market pp. 36-57 Downloads
Shadi Djavadian and Joseph Y.J. Chow
Investigation of the traffic congestion during public holiday and the impact of the toll-exemption policy pp. 58-81 Downloads
Yue Bao, Feng Xiao, Zaihan Gao and Ziyou Gao
Resilient facility location against the risk of disruptions pp. 82-105 Downloads
Guodong Yu, William B. Haskell and Yang Liu
Simultaneous estimation of states and parameters in Newell’s simplified kinematic wave model with Eulerian and Lagrangian traffic data pp. 106-122 Downloads
Zhe Sun, Wen-Long Jin and Stephen G. Ritchie
A predictive-control framework to address bus bunching pp. 123-148 Downloads
Matthias Andres and Rahul Nair
Train timetabling by skip-stop planning in highly congested lines pp. 149-174 Downloads
Feng Jiang, Valentina Cacchiani and Paolo Toth
Modelling bus bunching and holding control with vehicle overtaking and distributed passenger boarding behaviour pp. 175-197 Downloads
Weitiao Wu, Ronghui Liu and Wenzhou Jin
Speed optimization over a path with heterogeneous arc costs pp. 198-214 Downloads
Qie He, Xiaochen Zhang and Kameng Nip
Modeling the dynamics of congestion in large urban networks using the macroscopic fundamental diagram: User equilibrium, system optimum, and pricing strategies pp. 215-237 Downloads
Mahyar Amirgholy and H. Oliver Gao
A fast simulation algorithm for multiple moving bottlenecks and applications in urban freight traffic management pp. 238-255 Downloads
Michele D. Simoni and Christian G. Claudel
On the stochastic fundamental diagram for freeway traffic: Model development, analytical properties, validation, and extensive applications pp. 256-271 Downloads
Xiaobo Qu, Jin Zhang and Shuaian Wang
Efficient and fair system states in dynamic transportation networks pp. 272-289 Downloads
Feng Zhu and Satish V. Ukkusuri
The decentralized field service routing problem pp. 290-316 Downloads
Edison Avraham, Tal Raviv and Eugene Khmelnitsky
Strategic entry to regional air cargo market under joint competition of demand and promised delivery time pp. 317-336 Downloads
Fan Wang, Xiaopo Zhuo and Baozhuang Niu
Effects of risk-aversion on competing shipping lines’ pricing strategies with uncertain demands pp. 337-356 Downloads
Wei Zheng, Bo Li and Dong-Ping Song
Cruising for parking around a circle pp. 357-375 Downloads
Richard Arnott and Parker Williams
Group-based hierarchical adaptive traffic-signal control Part II: Implementation pp. 376-397 Downloads
Seunghyeon Lee, S.C. Wong and Pravin Varaiya
Testing the slope model of scheduling preferences on stated preference data pp. 409-436 Downloads
Dereje Abegaz, Katrine Hjorth and Jeppe Rich
Operational flexibility in the truckload trucking industry pp. 437-460 Downloads
Hossein Zolfagharinia and Michael A. Haughton
Air-rail cooperation: Partnership level, market structure and welfare implications pp. 461-482 Downloads
Changmin Jiang, D'Alfonso, Tiziana and Yulai Wan
How to mix per-flight and per-passenger based airport charges: The oligopoly case pp. 483-500 Downloads
Achim I. Czerny, Simon Cowan and Anming Zhang
Lagrangian relaxation for the reliable shortest path problem with correlated link travel times pp. 501-521 Downloads
Yuli Zhang, Zuo-Jun Max Shen and Shiji Song
A probabilistic Passenger-to-Train Assignment Model based on automated data pp. 522-542 Downloads
Yiwen Zhu, Haris N. Koutsopoulos and Nigel H.M. Wilson
Modeling collusion-proof port emission regulation of cargo-handling activities under incomplete information pp. 543-567 Downloads
Shiyuan Zheng, Ying-En Ge, Xiaowen Fu, Nie, Yu (Marco) and Chi Xie
Two-phase decomposition method for the last train departure time choice in subway networks pp. 568-582 Downloads
Liujiang Kang and Qiang Meng
Testing the proportionality condition with taxi trajectory data pp. 583-601 Downloads
Jun Xie, (Marco) Nie, Yu and Xiaobo Liu
When adjacent lane dependencies dominate the uncongested regime of the fundamental relationship pp. 602-615 Downloads
Balaji Ponnu and Benjamin Coifman
Macroscopic modelling and robust control of bi-modal multi-region urban road networks pp. 616-637 Downloads
Konstantinos Ampountolas, Nan Zheng and Nikolas Geroliminis
A train rescheduling model integrating speed management during disruptions of high-speed traffic under a quasi-moving block system pp. 638-666 Downloads
Peijuan Xu, Francesco Corman, Qiyuan Peng and Xiaojie Luan
A game-theoretic model of car ownership and household time allocation pp. 667-685 Downloads
Mingzhu Yao, Donggen Wang and Hai Yang
Networked traffic state estimation involving mixed fixed-mobile sensor data using Hamilton-Jacobi equations pp. 686-709 Downloads
Edward S. Canepa and Christian G. Claudel
A stochastic optimal control approach for real-time traffic routing considering demand uncertainties and travelers’ choice heterogeneity pp. 710-732 Downloads
Xidong Pi and Qian, Zhen (Sean)
Models for technology choice in a transit corridor with elastic demand pp. 733-756 Downloads
Luigi Moccia, Giovanni Giallombardo and Gilbert Laporte
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