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Transportation Research Part B: Methodological

1979 - 2019

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Volume 119, issue C, 2019

Parsimonious trajectory design of connected automated traffic pp. 1-21 Downloads
Li Li and Xiaopeng Li
The urban recharging infrastructure design problem with stochastic demands and capacitated charging stations pp. 22-44 Downloads
Barış Yıldız, Evren Olcaytu and Ahmet Şen
Analytical derivation of the optimal traffic signal timing: Minimizing delay variability and spillback probability for undersaturated intersections pp. 45-68 Downloads
Reza Mohajerpoor, Meead Saberi and Mohsen Ramezani
Network congestion games are robust to variable demand pp. 69-78 Downloads
José Correa, Ruben Hoeksma and Marc Schröder
Distributionally robust optimization of an emergency medical service station location and sizing problem with joint chance constraints pp. 79-101 Downloads
Kanglin Liu, Qiaofeng Li and Zhi-Hai Zhang
Tolerance-based strategies for extending the column generation algorithm to the bounded rational dynamic user equilibrium problem pp. 102-121 Downloads
Dong Wang, Feixiong Liao, Ziyou Gao and Harry Timmermans
Stochastic on-time arrival problem in transit networks pp. 122-138 Downloads
Yang Liu, Sebastien Blandin and Samitha Samaranayake
Robust location-allocation network design for earthquake preparedness pp. 139-155 Downloads
Jomon A. Paul and Wang, Xinfang (Jocelyn)
Efficient calibration of microscopic car-following models for large-scale stochastic network simulators pp. 156-173 Downloads
Carolina Osorio and Vincenzo Punzo
Drone scheduling to monitor vessels in emission control areas pp. 174-196 Downloads
Jun Xia, Kai Wang and Shuaian Wang
The emergence of macroscopic interactions between intersecting pedestrian streams pp. 197-210 Downloads
Nikolai W.F. Bode, Mohcine Chraibi and Stefan Holl

Volume 118, issue C, 2018

One-block train formation in large-scale railway networks: An exact model and a tree-based decomposition algorithm pp. 1-30 Downloads
Chongshuang Chen, Twan Dollevoet and Jun Zhao
Stability analysis and variable speed limit control of a traffic flow model pp. 31-65 Downloads
Yihang Zhang and Petros A. Ioannou
Work crew routing problem for infrastructure network restoration pp. 66-89 Downloads
Nazanin Morshedlou, Andrés D. González and Kash Barker
Asymptotic approximations of transient behaviour for day-to-day traffic models pp. 90-105 Downloads
David P. Watling and Martin L. Hazelton
Hierarchical control of heterogeneous large-scale urban road networks via path assignment and regional route guidance pp. 106-123 Downloads
Mehmet Yildirimoglu, Isik Ilber Sirmatel and Nikolas Geroliminis
The p-center flow-refueling facility location problem pp. 124-142 Downloads
Cheng-Chang Lin and Chuan-Chih Lin
Ride-sharing with travel time uncertainty pp. 143-171 Downloads
Jiancheng Long, Weimin Tan, W.Y. Szeto and Yao Li
How time-inconsistent preferences affect investment timing for rail transit pp. 172-192 Downloads
Qian-Wen Guo, Shumin Chen, Paul Schonfeld and Zhongfei Li
Passenger demand oriented train scheduling and rolling stock circulation planning for an urban rail transit line pp. 193-227 Downloads
Yihui Wang, D’Ariano, Andrea, Jiateng Yin, Lingyun Meng, Tao Tang and Bin Ning
A closed-form estimation of the travel time percentile function for characterizing travel time reliability pp. 228-247 Downloads
Zhaoqi Zang, Xiangdong Xu, Chao Yang and Anthony Chen
Generalized multinomial probit Model: Accommodating constrained random parameters pp. 248-262 Downloads
Rajesh Paleti
A quantum cognition model for bridging stated and revealed preference pp. 263-280 Downloads
Jiangbo Gabriel Yu and R. Jayakrishnan
Dynamic factor model for network traffic state forecast pp. 281-317 Downloads
Tao Ma, Zhou Zhou and Constantinos Antoniou
Trial-and-error train fare design scheme for addressing boarding/alighting congestion at CBD stations pp. 318-335 Downloads
Shuaian Wang, Wei Zhang and Xiaobo Qu
Subloop-based reversal of port rotation directions for container liner shipping network alteration pp. 336-361 Downloads
Jingxu Chen, Shuai Jia, Shuaian Wang and Zhiyuan Liu
The Bike sharing Rebalancing Problem with Stochastic Demands pp. 362-380 Downloads
Dell’Amico, Mauro, Manuel Iori, Stefano Novellani and Anand Subramanian
Controllability of transportation networks pp. 381-406 Downloads
Marco Rinaldi
An innovative approach for traffic crash estimation and prediction on accommodating unobserved heterogeneities pp. 407-428 Downloads
Chunjiao Dong, Chunfu Shao, David B. Clarke and Shashi S. Nambisan
A piecewise trajectory optimization model for connected automated vehicles: Exact optimization algorithm and queue propagation analysis pp. 429-456 Downloads
Xiaopeng Li, Amir Ghiasi, Zhigang Xu and Xiaobo Qu
A new formulation and a column generation-based heuristic for the multiple depot vehicle scheduling problem pp. 457-487 Downloads
Sarang Kulkarni, Mohan Krishnamoorthy, Abhiram Ranade, Andreas T. Ernst and Rahul Patil

Volume 117, issue PB, 2018

The Intelligent Driver Model with stochasticity – New insights into traffic flow oscillations pp. 613-623 Downloads
Martin Treiber and Arne Kesting
Effect of information availability on stability of traffic flow: Percolation theory approach pp. 624-638 Downloads
Alireza Talebpour, Hani S. Mahmassani and Samer H. Hamdar
Unifiable multi-commodity kinematic wave model pp. 639-659 Downloads
Wen-Long Jin
An analytical framework to model uncertainty in urban network dynamics using Macroscopic Fundamental Diagrams pp. 660-675 Downloads
Gao, Xueyu (Shirley) and Vikash V. Gayah
Minimal parameter formulations of the dynamic user equilibrium using macroscopic urban models: Freeway vs city streets revisited pp. 676-686 Downloads
Jorge A. Laval, Ludovic Leclercq and Nicolas Chiabaut
Robust perimeter control for two urban regions with macroscopic fundamental diagrams: A control-Lyapunov function approach pp. 687-707 Downloads
R.X. Zhong, C. Chen, Y.P. Huang, A. Sumalee, W.H.K. Lam and D.B. Xu
Surge pricing and labor supply in the ride-sourcing market pp. 708-722 Downloads
Liteng Zha, Yafeng Yin and Yuchuan Du
A car sharing auction with temporal-spatial OD connection conditions pp. 723-739 Downloads
Yusuke Hara and Eiji Hato
Statistical metamodeling of dynamic network loading pp. 740-756 Downloads
Wenjing Song, Ke Han, Yiou Wang, Terry L. Friesz and Enrique del Castillo
On the uniqueness of equilibrated dynamic traffic flow patterns in unidirectional networks pp. 757-773 Downloads
Takamasa Iryo and Michael J. Smith
Departure time and route choices in bottleneck equilibrium under risk and ambiguity pp. 774-793 Downloads
Yang Liu, Yuanyuan Li and Lu Hu
The morning commute in urban areas with heterogeneous trip lengths pp. 794-810 Downloads
Raphaël Lamotte and Nikolas Geroliminis
First-best dynamic assignment of commuters with endogenous heterogeneities in a corridor network pp. 811-831 Downloads
Minoru Osawa, Haoran Fu and Takashi Akamatsu
Day-to-day departure time choice under bounded rationality in the bottleneck model pp. 832-849 Downloads
Ren-Yong Guo, Hai Yang, Hai-Jun Huang and Xinwei Li
The initial condition problem with complete history dependency in learning models for travel choices pp. 850-861 Downloads
Cristian Guevara, Yue Tang and Song Gao
Models of count with endogenous choices pp. 862-875 Downloads
Roger B. Chen
Pareto-improving policies for an idealized two-zone city served by two congestible modes pp. 876-891 Downloads
Shu-Xian Xu, Ronghui Liu, Tian-Liang Liu and Hai-Jun Huang
On characterizing the relationship between route choice behaviour and optimal traffic control solution space pp. 892-906 Downloads
Marco Rinaldi, Chris M.J. Tampère and Francesco Viti
An optimization modeling of coordinated traffic signal control based on the variational theory and its stochastic extension pp. 907-925 Downloads
Kentaro Wada, Kento Usui, Tsubasa Takigawa and Masao Kuwahara
Adaptive offsets for signalized streets pp. 926-934 Downloads
Carlos F. Daganzo, Lewis J. Lehe and Argote-Cabanero, Juan
Integrated public transport timetable synchronization and vehicle scheduling with demand assignment: A bi-objective bi-level model using deficit function approach pp. 935-955 Downloads
Tao Liu and Ceder, Avishai (Avi)
Reliable sensor location for object positioning and surveillance via trilateration pp. 956-970 Downloads
Kun An, Siyang Xie and Yanfeng Ouyang
Locating urban and regional container terminals in a competitive environment: An entropy maximising approach pp. 971-985 Downloads
Collins Teye, Michael GH Bell and Michiel CJ Bliemer

Volume 117, issue PA, 2018

Bayesian estimator for Logit Mixtures with inter- and intra-consumer heterogeneity pp. 1-17 Downloads
Felix Becker, Mazen Danaf, Xiang Song, Bilge Atasoy and Ben-Akiva, Moshe
Joint berth allocation and quay crane assignment under different carbon taxation policies pp. 18-36 Downloads
Tingsong Wang, Xinchang Wang and Qiang Meng
Remote park-and-ride network equilibrium model and its applications pp. 37-62 Downloads
Zhiyuan Liu, Xinyuan Chen, Qiang Meng and Inhi Kim
A generic multi-level framework for microscopic traffic simulation—Theory and an example case in modelling driver distraction pp. 63-86 Downloads
J.W.C. van Lint and S.C. Calvert
Graphical solution for system optimum dynamic traffic assignment with day-based incentive routing strategies pp. 87-100 Downloads
Chuan-Lin Zhao and Ludovic Leclercq
Role of road network features in the evaluation of incident impacts on urban traffic mobility pp. 101-116 Downloads
Chenshuo Sun, Xin Pei, Junheng Hao, Yewen Wang, Zuo Zhang and S.C. Wong
Bulk ship scheduling in industrial shipping with stochastic backhaul canvassing demand pp. 117-136 Downloads
Lingxiao Wu, Kai Pan, Shuaian Wang and Dong Yang
Preference heterogeneity and congestion pricing: The two route case revisited pp. 137-157 Downloads
Paul Koster, Erik Verhoef, Simon Shepherd and David Watling
Climate change, natural disasters and adaptation investments: Inter- and intra-port competition and cooperation pp. 158-189 Downloads
Kun Wang and Anming Zhang
Public transit service frequency and fares with heterogeneous users under monopoly and alternative regulatory policies pp. 190-208 Downloads
Junlin Zhang, Robin Lindsey and Hai Yang
Optimal time point configuration of a bus route - A Markovian approach pp. 209-227 Downloads
W. Klumpenhouwer and S.C. Wirasinghe
Automatic train regulation of complex metro networks with transfer coordination constraints: A distributed optimal control framework pp. 228-253 Downloads
Shukai Li, Xuesong Zhou, Lixing Yang and Ziyou Gao
Networks of fixed-cycle intersections pp. 254-271 Downloads
Marko A.A. Boon and Johan S.H. van Leeuwaarden
Codeshare agreements in the integrated aircraft routing problem pp. 272-295 Downloads
Nabil Kenan, Ali Diabat and Aida Jebali
A scenario decomposition algorithm for strategic time window assignment vehicle routing problems pp. 296-317 Downloads
Anirudh Subramanyam, Akang Wang and Chrysanthos E. Gounaris
Modelling decisions of control transitions and target speed regulations in full-range Adaptive Cruise Control based on Risk Allostasis Theory pp. 318-341 Downloads
Silvia F. Varotto, Haneen Farah, Tomer Toledo, Bart van Arem and Serge P. Hoogendoorn
Second-best urban tolls in a monocentric city with housing market regulations pp. 342-359 Downloads
Ioannis Tikoudis, Erik T. Verhoef and Jos van Ommeren
Economies of scale in recoverable robust maintenance location routing for rolling stock pp. 360-377 Downloads
D.D. Tönissen and J.J. Arts
Optimal infrastructure capacity of automated on-demand rail-bound transit systems pp. 378-392 Downloads
Oded Cats and Jesper Haverkamp
Strategic formation and welfare effects of airline-high speed rail agreements pp. 393-411 Downloads
Alessandro Avenali, Valentina Bracaglia, Tiziana D'Alfonso and Pierfrancesco Reverberi
Pickup and delivery of automobiles from warehouses to dealers pp. 412-430 Downloads
Yu Wang, Feng Chen and Zhi-Long Chen
Modeling electric vehicles adoption for urban commute trips pp. 431-454 Downloads
Xuekai Cen, Hong K. Lo, Lu Li and Enoch Lee
The delivery problem: Optimizing hit rates in e-commerce deliveries pp. 455-472 Downloads
Alexandre M. Florio, Dominique Feillet and Richard F. Hartl
SpeedRoute: Fast, efficient solutions for school bus routing problems pp. 473-493 Downloads
Ali Shafahi, Zhongxiang Wang and Ali Haghani
The Railway Rapid Transit frequency setting problem with speed-dependent operation costs pp. 494-519 Downloads
David Canca, Andrade-Pineda, José Luis, Alicia De los Santos and Marcos Calle
Quantifying errors in travel time and cost by latent variables pp. 520-541 Downloads
Juan Manuel Lorenzo Varela, Maria Börjesson and Andrew Daly
An integrated framework for electric vehicle rebalancing and staff relocation in one-way carsharing systems: Model formulation and Lagrangian relaxation-based solution approach pp. 542-572 Downloads
Meng Zhao, Xiaopeng Li, Jiateng Yin, Jianxun Cui, Lixing Yang and Shi An
Integrated train timetabling and locomotive assignment pp. 573-593 Downloads
Xiaoming Xu, Chung-Lun Li and Zhou Xu
Incorporating Stakeholders’ priorities and preferences in 4D trajectory optimization pp. 594-609 Downloads
Veronica Dal Sasso, Franklin Djeumou Fomeni, Guglielmo Lulli and Konstantinos G. Zografos
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