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1985 - 2019

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Volume 153, issue C, 2019

“Take it or leave it!” A choice mindset leads to greater persistence and better outcomes in negotiations pp. 1-12 Downloads
Anyi Ma, Yu Yang and Krishna Savani
Relevance insensitivity: A new look at some old biases pp. 13-26 Downloads
Christopher K. Hsee, Yang Yang and Xilin Li
The role of moral decoupling in the causes and consequences of unethical pro-organizational behavior pp. 27-40 Downloads
Ryan Fehr, David Welsh, Kai Chi Yam, Michael Baer, Wu Wei and Manuel Vaulont
The gravitational pull of expressing passion: When and how expressing passion elicits status conferral and support from others pp. 41-62 Downloads
Jon M. Jachimowicz, Christopher To, Shira Agasi, Stéphane Côté and Adam D. Galinsky
Beyond preference reversal: Distinguishing justifiability from evaluability in joint versus single evaluations pp. 63-74 Downloads
Xilin Li and Christopher K. Hsee
Military veterans are morally typecast as agentic but unfeeling: Implications for veteran employment pp. 75-88 Downloads
Steven Shepherd, Aaron C. Kay and Kurt Gray
Gossip as a resource: How and why power relationships shape gossip behavior pp. 89-102 Downloads
Elena Martinescu, Onne Janssen and Bernard A. Nijstad
Easy, breezy, risky: Lay investors fail to diversify because correlated assets feel more fluent and less risky pp. 103-117 Downloads
Yann Cornil, David J. Hardisty and Yakov Bart

Volume 152, issue C, 2019

Leader power, power stability, and interpersonal trust pp. 1-10 Downloads
Marlon Mooijman, Wilco W. van Dijk, Eric van Dijk and Naomi Ellemers
The rules of exchange: The role of an exchange surplus in producing the endowment effect pp. 11-24 Downloads
Laurence Ashworth, Peter R. Darke, Lindsay McShane and Tiffany Vu
The prosocial side of power: How structural power over subordinates can promote social responsibility pp. 25-46 Downloads
Leigh Plunkett Tost and Hana Huang Johnson
The consequences of humility for leaders: A double-edged sword pp. 47-63 Downloads
Cindy P. Zapata and Hayes-Jones, Laura C.
Multiple equivalent simultaneous offers (MESOs) reduce the negotiator dilemma: How a choice of first offers increases economic and relational outcomes pp. 64-83 Downloads
Geoffrey J. Leonardelli, Jun Gu, Geordie McRuer, Victoria Husted Medvec and Adam D. Galinsky
Development of a bipartite measure of social hierarchy: The perceived power and perceived status scales pp. 84-104 Downloads
Andrew Yu, Nicholas A. Hays and Emma Y. Zhao
Updating impressions: The differential effects of new performance information on evaluations of women and men pp. 105-121 Downloads
Madeline E. Heilman, Francesca Manzi and Suzette Caleo
Deception as competence: The effect of occupational stereotypes on the perception and proliferation of deception pp. 122-137 Downloads
Brian C. Gunia and Emma E. Levine
Being sensitive to positives has its negatives: An approach/avoidance perspective on reactivity to ostracism pp. 138-149 Downloads
D. Lance Ferris, Shereen Fatimah, Ming Yan, Lindie H. Liang, Huiwen Lian and Douglas J. Brown

Volume 151, issue C, 2019

Better to overestimate than to underestimate others’ feelings: Asymmetric cost of errors in affective perspective-taking pp. 1-15 Downloads
Nadav Klein
Helping one or helping many? A theoretical integration and meta-analytic review of the compassion fade literature pp. 16-33 Downloads
Marcus M. Butts, Devin C. Lunt, Traci L. Freling and Allison S. Gabriel
The power of phantom alternatives in negotiation: How what could be haunts what is pp. 34-48 Downloads
Robin L. Pinkley, Donald E. Conlon, John E. Sawyer, Dustin J. Sleesman, Don Vandewalle and Maribeth Kuenzi
You and I have nothing in common: The role of dissimilarity in interpersonal influence pp. 49-60 Downloads
Mirjam A. Tuk, Peeter W.J. Verlegh, Ale Smidts and Daniël H.J. Wigboldus
Stake size effects in ultimatum game and dictator game offers: A meta-analysis pp. 61-72 Downloads
Andrea Larney, Amanda Rotella and Pat Barclay
The impression management benefits of humorous self-disclosures: How humor influences perceptions of veracity pp. 73-89 Downloads
T. Bradford Bitterly and Maurice E. Schweitzer
Algorithm appreciation: People prefer algorithmic to human judgment pp. 90-103 Downloads
Jennifer M. Logg, Julia A. Minson and Don A. Moore
Thin slices of workgroups pp. 104-117 Downloads
Patricia Satterstrom, Jeffrey T. Polzer, Lisa B. Kwan, Oliver P. Hauser, Wannawiruch Wiruchnipawan and Marina Burke
How incentive framing can harness the power of social norms pp. 118-131 Downloads
Alicea Lieberman, Kristen E. Duke and On Amir
Choice architects reveal a bias toward positivity and certainty pp. 132-149 Downloads
David P. Daniels and Julian J. Zlatev
Speaking out and speaking up in multicultural settings: A two-study examination of cultural intelligence and voice behavior pp. 150-159 Downloads
Kok-Yee Ng, Linn Van Dyne and Soon Ang

Volume 150, issue C, 2019

Curiosity made the cat more creative: Specific curiosity as a driver of creativity pp. 1-13 Downloads
Lydia Paine Hagtvedt, Karyn Dossinger, Spencer H. Harrison and Li Huang
Reconceptualizing goal setting’s dark side: The ethical consequences of learning versus outcome goals pp. 14-27 Downloads
David Welsh, John Bush, Chase Thiel and Julena Bonner
Losing your temper and your perspective: Anger reduces perspective-taking pp. 28-45 Downloads
Jeremy A. Yip and Maurice E. Schweitzer
Nostalgia promotes intrinsic motivation and effort in the presence of low interactional justice pp. 46-61 Downloads
Marius van Dijke, Joost M. Leunissen, Tim Wildschut and Constantine Sedikides
Better calibration when predicting from experience (rather than description) pp. 62-82 Downloads
Adrian R. Camilleri and Ben R. Newell
Seeker beware: The interpersonal costs of ignoring advice pp. 83-100 Downloads
Hayley Blunden, Jennifer M. Logg, Alison Wood Brooks, Leslie K. John and Francesca Gino
When numbers make you feel: Impact of round versus precise numbers on preventive health behaviors pp. 101-111 Downloads
Monica Wadhwa and Kuangjie Zhang

Volume 149, issue C, 2018

Innovate or die: How should knowledge-worker teams respond to technological turbulence? pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tingting Chen, Fuli Li, Xiao-Ping Chen and Zhanying Ou
Attainment versus maintenance goals: Perceived difficulty and impact on goal choice pp. 17-34 Downloads
Antonios Stamatogiannakis, Amitava Chattopadhyay and Dipankar Chakravarti
The impact of a limited time perspective on information distortion pp. 35-46 Downloads
Anne-Sophie Chaxel, Catherine Wiggins and Jieru Xie
Cogs in the machine: The prioritization of money and self-dehumanization pp. 47-58 Downloads
Rachel L. Ruttan and Brian J. Lucas
From spontaneous cooperation to spontaneous punishment – Distinguishing the underlying motives driving spontaneous behavior in first and second order public good games pp. 59-72 Downloads
Dorothee Mischkowski, Andreas Glöckner and Peter Lewisch
Low power individuals in social power research: A quantitative review, theoretical framework, and empirical test pp. 73-96 Downloads
Michael Schaerer, Christilene du Plessis, Andy J. Yap and Stefan Thau
The impact of doubt on the experience of regret pp. 97-110 Downloads
Philippe P.F.M. van de Calseyde, Marcel Zeelenberg and Ellen R.K. Evers
Building trust by tearing others down: When accusing others of unethical behavior engenders trust pp. 111-128 Downloads
Jessica A. Kennedy and Maurice E. Schweitzer
Connectionism in action: Exploring the links between leader prototypes, leader gender, and perceptions of authentic leadership pp. 129-144 Downloads
Susanne Braun, Claudia Peus and Dieter Frey
“If hierarchical, then corrupt”: Exploring people’s tendency to associate hierarchy with corruption in organizations pp. 145-164 Downloads
Sean Fath and Aaron C. Kay
The (bounded) benefits of correction: The unanticipated interpersonal advantages of making and correcting mistakes pp. 165-178 Downloads
Daniella Kupor, Taly Reich and Kristin Laurin

Volume 148, issue C, 2018

Underestimating the importance of expressing intrinsic motivation in job interviews pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kaitlin Woolley and Ayelet Fishbach
A double-edged sword: How and why resetting performance metrics affects motivation and performance pp. 12-29 Downloads
Hengchen Dai
CEO gender differences in careers and the moderating role of country culture: A meta-analytic investigation pp. 30-53 Downloads
Gang Wang, R. Michael Holmes, Richard A. Devine and John Bishoff
The embedding forces of network commitment: An examination of the psychological processes linking advice centrality and susceptibility to social influence pp. 54-69 Downloads
Patrick F. Bruning, Bradley J. Alge and Hsin-Chen Lin
“I was going to offer $10,000 but…”: The effects of phantom anchors in negotiation pp. 70-86 Downloads
Nazlı Bhatia and Brian C. Gunia
Too precise to pursue: How precise first offers create barriers-to-entry in negotiations and markets pp. 87-100 Downloads
Alice J. Lee, David D. Loschelder, Martin Schweinsberg, Malia F. Mason and Adam D. Galinsky
When and why randomized response techniques (fail to) elicit the truth pp. 101-123 Downloads
Leslie K. John, George Loewenstein, Alessandro Acquisti and Joachim Vosgerau
A bi-factor theory of the four-factor model of cultural intelligence: Meta-analysis and theoretical extensions pp. 124-144 Downloads
Thomas Rockstuhl and Linn Van Dyne
Motivated dissimilarity construal and self-serving behavior: How we distance ourselves from those we harm pp. 145-158 Downloads
Laura J. Noval, Andrew Molinsky and Günter K. Stahl
Bringing “The Beholder” center stage: On the propensity to perceive overall fairness pp. 159-177 Downloads
Jason A. Colquitt, Kate P. Zipay, John W. Lynch and Ryan Outlaw
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