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2024, volume 132, articles 3

Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: Empirical Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline Market pp. 723 - 771 Downloads
Stephanie Assad, Robert Clark, Daniel Ershov and Lei Xu
Optimal Bank Regulation in the Presence of Credit and Run Risk pp. 772 - 823 Downloads
Anil K Kashyap, Dimitrios P. Tsomocos and Alexandros P. Vardoulakis
Social Interactions, Mechanisms, and Equilibrium: Evidence from a Model of Study Time and Academic Achievement pp. 824 - 866 Downloads
Timothy G. Conley, Nirav Mehta, Ralph Stinebrickner and Todd Stinebrickner
Plants in Space pp. 867 - 909 Downloads
Ezra Oberfield, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Pierre-Daniel Sarte and Nicholas Trachter
Are Economists’ Preferences Psychologists’ Personality Traits? A Structural Approach pp. 910 - 970 Downloads
Tomáš Jagelka
Q-Monetary Transmission pp. 971 - 1012 Downloads
Priit Jeenas and Ricardo Lagos
Can Mentoring Alleviate Family Disadvantage in Adolescence? A Field Experiment to Improve Labor Market Prospects pp. 1013 - 1062 Downloads
Sven Resnjanskij, Jens Ruhose, Simon Wiederhold, Ludger Woessmann and Katharina Wedel

2024, volume 132, articles 2

The Life Cycle of Products: Evidence and Implications pp. 337 - 390 Downloads
David Argente, Munseob Lee and Sara Moreira
Foreign Shocks as Granular Fluctuations pp. 391 - 433 Downloads
Julian di Giovanni, Andrei A. Levchenko and Isabelle Mejean
The Global Distribution of College Graduate Quality pp. 434 - 483 Downloads
Paolo Martellini, Todd Schoellman and Jason Sockin
Piercing through Opacity: Relationships and Credit Card Lending to Consumers and Small Businesses during Normal Times and the COVID-19 Crisis pp. 484 - 551 Downloads
Allen N. Berger, Christa H. S. Bouwman, Lars Norden, Raluca A. Roman, Gregory F. Udell and Teng Wang
The Human Capital–Reproductive Capital Trade-Off in Marriage Market Matching pp. 552 - 576 Downloads
Corinne Low
The Finance Uncertainty Multiplier pp. 577 - 615 Downloads
Iván Alfaro, Nicholas Bloom and Xiaoji Lin
Beyond the Balance Sheet Model of Banking: Implications for Bank Regulation and Monetary Policy pp. 616 - 693 Downloads
Greg Buchak, Gregor Matvos, Tomasz Piskorski and Amit Seru
When It Rains It Pours: Cascading Uncertainty Shocks pp. 694 - 720 Downloads
Anthony M. Diercks, Alex Hsu and Andrea Tamoni

2024, volume 132, articles 1

Evaluating the Success of the War on Poverty since 1963 Using an Absolute Full-Income Poverty Measure pp. 1 - 47 Downloads
Richard Burkhauser, Kevin Corinth, James Elwell and Jeff Larrimore
Estimation of a Life-Cycle Model with Human Capital, Labor Supply, and Retirement pp. 48 - 95 Downloads
Xiaodong Fan, Ananth Seshadri and Christopher Taber
Market Segmentation and Competition in Health Insurance pp. 96 - 148 Downloads
Michael J. Dickstein, Kate Ho and Nathaniel Mark
Spatial Influences in Upward Mobility pp. 149 - 199 Downloads
Garrett Anstreicher
O-Ring Production Networks pp. 200 - 247 Downloads
Banu Demir, Ana Cecília Fieler, Daniel Yi Xu and Kelly Kaili Yang
Investing with the Government: A Field Experiment in China pp. 248 - 294 Downloads
Emanuele Colonnelli, Bo Li and Ernest Liu
Cultural Values and Productivity pp. 295 - 335 Downloads
Andreas Ek

2023, volume 131, articles 12

Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk pp. 3267 - 3309 Downloads
Maryam Farboodi
Centralizing Over-the-Counter Markets? pp. 3310 - 3351 Downloads
Jason Allen and Milena Wittwer
Reserve Prices in Internet Advertising Auctions: A Field Experiment pp. 3352 - 3376 Downloads
Michael Ostrovsky and Michael Schwarz
Learning Efficiency of Multiagent Information Structures pp. 3377 - 3414 Downloads
Mira Frick, Ryota Iijima and Yuhta Ishii
Experimental Tests of Rational Inattention pp. 3415 - 3461 Downloads
Mark Dean and Nathaniel Neligh
Supply Chain Resilience: Should Policy Promote International Diversification or Reshoring? pp. 3462 - 3496 Downloads
Gene M. Grossman, Elhanan Helpman and Hugo Lhuillier
Multidimensional Sorting under Random Search pp. 3497 - 3539 Downloads
Ilse Lindenlaub and Fabien Postel-Vinay

2023, volume 131, articles 11

Optimal Dynamic Mediation pp. 2969 - 3002 Downloads
Jack Fanning
Shocks and Technology Adoption: Evidence from Electronic Payment Systems pp. 3003 - 3065 Downloads
Nicolas Crouzet, Apoorv Gupta and Filippo Mezzanotti
Information Frictions, Reputation, and Sovereign Spreads pp. 3066 - 3102 Downloads
Juan Morelli and Matias Moretti
Gainers and Losers in Priority Services pp. 3103 - 3155 Downloads
Alex Gershkov and Eyal Winter
Disability Insurance Income Saves Lives pp. 3156 - 3185 Downloads
Alexander Gelber, Timothy Moore, Zhuan Pei and Alexander Strand
Informed Information Design pp. 3186 - 3232 Downloads
Frederic Koessler and Vasiliki Skreta
Public Debt as Private Liquidity: Optimal Policy pp. 3233 - 3264 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos, Fabrice Collard and Harris Dellas

2023, volume 131, articles 10

Nobel Lecture: Financial Intermediaries and Financial Crises pp. 2597 - 2622 Downloads
Douglas W. Diamond
Nobel Lecture: Multiple Equilibria pp. 2623 - 2644 Downloads
Philip Dybvig
Multiproduct Cost Pass-Through: Edgeworth’s Paradox Revisited pp. 2645 - 2665 Downloads
Mark Armstrong and John Vickers
Information Acquisition, Efficiency, and Nonfundamental Volatility pp. 2666 - 2723 Downloads
Benjamin Hebert and Jennifer La’O
Educational Attainment and Intergenerational Mobility: A Polygenic Score Analysis pp. 2724 - 2779 Downloads
Aldo Rustichini, William G. Iacono, James J. Lee and Matt McGue
Labor Market Conflict and the Decline of the Rust Belt pp. 2780 - 2824 Downloads
Simeon D. Alder, David Lagakos and Lee Ohanian
Sovereign Debt Ratchets and Welfare Destruction pp. 2825 - 2892 Downloads
Peter DeMarzo, Zhiguo He and Fabrice Tourre
Multidimensional Premarital Investments with Imperfect Commitment pp. 2893 - 2919 Downloads
V. Bhaskar, Wenchao Li and Junjian Yi
Incentives and Performance with Optimal Money Management Contracts pp. 2920 - 2968 Downloads
Stefano Pegoraro

2023, volume 131, articles 9

Firm-Embedded Productivity and Cross-Country Income Differences pp. 2289 - 2327 Downloads
Vanessa Alviarez, Javier Cravino and Natalia Ramondo
Fiscal Stimulus under Sovereign Risk pp. 2328 - 2369 Downloads
Javier Bianchi, Pablo Ottonello and Ignacio Presno
No Kin in the Game: Moral Hazard and War in the US Congress pp. 2370 - 2401 Downloads
Eoin McGuirk, Nathaniel Hilger and Nicholas Miller
Collective Progress: Dynamics of Exit Waves pp. 2402 - 2450 Downloads
Esat Doruk Cetemen, Can Urgun and Leeat Yariv
Local Evidence and Diversity in Minipublics pp. 2451 - 2508 Downloads
Arjada Bardhi and Nina Bobkova
Trade, Technology, and Agricultural Productivity pp. 2509 - 2555 Downloads
Farid Farrokhi and Heitor S. Pellegrina
The Stakeholder Corporation and Social Welfare pp. 2556 - 2594 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey and Gregory Ponthiere

2023, volume 131, articles 8

Understanding Cross-Country Differences in Health Status and Expenditures: Health Prices Matter pp. 1949 - 1993 Downloads
Raquel Fonseca, Francois Langot, Pierre-Carl Michaud and Thepthida Sopraseuth
Recipes and Economic Growth: A Combinatorial March Down an Exponential Tail pp. 1994 - 2031 Downloads
Charles I. Jones
Identifying the Effect of Persuasion pp. 2032 - 2058 Downloads
Sung Jae Jun and Sokbae (Simon) Lee
What Happened to US Business Dynamism? pp. 2059 - 2124 Downloads
Ufuk Akcigit and Sina T. Ates
Determinacy without the Taylor Principle pp. 2125 - 2164 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Chen Lian
Returns to On-the-Job Soft Skills Training pp. 2165 - 2208 Downloads
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Namrata Kala and Anant Nyshadham
Dynamic Bank Expansion: Spatial Growth, Financial Access, and Inequality pp. 2209 - 2275 Downloads
Yan Ji, Songyuan Teng and Robert M. Townsend
Cooperative Property Rights and Development: Evidence from Land Reform in El Salvador: A Comment pp. 2276 - 2285 Downloads
Anders Kjelsrud, Andreas Kotsadam and Ole Rogeberg
Erratum: Cooperative Property Rights and Development: Evidence from Land Reform in El Salvador pp. 2286 - 2287 Downloads
Eduardo Montero

2023, volume 131, articles 7

How Costly Are Markups? pp. 1619 - 1675 Downloads
Chris Edmond, Virgiliu Midrigan and Daniel Yi Xu
Optimal Deposit Insurance pp. 1676 - 1730 Downloads
Eduardo Davila and Itay Goldstein
The Conservation Multiplier pp. 1731 - 1771 Downloads
Bård Harstad
Learning and Money Adoption pp. 1772 - 1796 Downloads
Michael Choi and Fan Liang
Keeping the Listener Engaged: A Dynamic Model of Bayesian Persuasion pp. 1797 - 1844 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che, Kyungmin Kim and Konrad Mierendorff
Patent Publication and Innovation pp. 1845 - 1903 Downloads
Deepak Hegde, Kyle Herkenhoff and Chenqi Zhu
Pareto-Improving Optimal Capital and Labor Taxes pp. 1904 - 1946 Downloads
Katharina Greulich, Sarolta Laczó and Albert Marcet

2023, volume 131, articles 6

Partial Default pp. 1385 - 1439 Downloads
Cristina Arellano, Xavier Mateos-Planas and José-Víctor Ríos-Rull
The Equilibrium Existence Duality pp. 1440 - 1476 Downloads
Elizabeth Baldwin, Ravi Jagadeesan, Paul Klemperer and Alexander Teytelboym
The Lasting Effects of Early-Childhood Education on Promoting the Skills and Social Mobility of Disadvantaged African Americans and Their Children pp. 1477 - 1506 Downloads
Jorge Luis Garcia, James Heckman and Victor Ronda
The Mainstreaming of Marx: Measuring the Effect of the Russian Revolution on Karl Marx’s Influence pp. 1507 - 1545 Downloads
Phillip W. Magness and Michael Makovi
Pareto-Improving Segmentation of Multiproduct Markets pp. 1546 - 1575 Downloads
Nima Haghpanah and Ron Siegel
Voluntary Interaction and the Principle of Mutual Benefit pp. 1576 - 1616 Downloads
Andrea Isoni, Robert Sugden and Jiwei Zheng

2023, volume 131, articles 5

Partial Identification in Matching Models for the Marriage Market pp. 1109 - 1171 Downloads
Cristina Gualdani and Shruti Sinha
Asset Safety versus Asset Liquidity pp. 1172 - 1212 Downloads
Athanasios Geromichalos, Lucas Herrenbrueck and Sukjoon Lee
Bank Market Power and Central Bank Digital Currency: Theory and Quantitative Assessment pp. 1213 - 1248 Downloads
Jonathan Chiu, Seyed Mohammadreza Davoodalhosseini, Janet Jiang and Yu Zhu
US Inequality and Fiscal Progressivity: An Intragenerational Accounting pp. 1249 - 1293 Downloads
Alan Auerbach, Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Darryl Koehler
Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives pp. 1294 - 1355 Downloads
Miguel Antón, Florian Ederer, Mireia Giné and Martin Schmalz
Tax Smoothing in Frictional Labor Markets: A Comment pp. 1356 - 1371 Downloads
Mehrab Kiarsi
Tax Smoothing in Frictional Labor Markets: A Reply pp. 1372 - 1382 Downloads
David Arseneau and Sanjay Chugh

2023, volume 131, articles 4

Heterogeneity and Asset Prices: An Intergenerational Approach pp. 839 - 876 Downloads
Nicolae Gârleanu and Stavros Panageas
Distinctively Black Names and Educational Outcomes pp. 877 - 897 Downloads
Daniel Kreisman and Jonathan Smith
Social Networks with Unobserved Links pp. 898 - 946 Downloads
Arthur Lewbel, Xi Qu and Xun Tang
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Quasi Nonergodicity, and Wealth Inequality pp. 947 - 993 Downloads
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and Roger Farmer
Race, Representation, and Local Governments in the US South: The Effect of the Voting Rights Act pp. 994 - 1056 Downloads
Andrea Bernini, Giovanni Facchini and Cecilia Testa
The Multidimensional Impact of Teachers on Students pp. 1057 - 1107 Downloads
Nathan Petek and Nolan Pope

2023, volume 131, articles 3

Risk-Sharing Externalities pp. 595 - 632 Downloads
Luigi Bocola and Guido Lorenzoni
What Do Employee Referral Programs Do? Measuring the Direct and Overall Effects of a Management Practice pp. 633 - 686 Downloads
Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Mitchell Hoffman and Nick Zubanov
Mixture Choice Data: Revealing Preferences and Cognition pp. 687 - 715 Downloads
Valentino Dardanoni, Paola Manzini, Marco Mariotti, Henrik Petri and Christopher Tyson
Progressive Random Choice pp. 716 - 750 Downloads
Emel Filiz-Ozbay and Yusufcan Masatlioglu
When Parents Decide: Gender Differences in Competitiveness pp. 751 - 801 Downloads
Jonas Tungodden and Alexander Willén
Informationally Simple Incentives pp. 802 - 837 Downloads
Simon Gleyze and Agathe Pernoud

2023, volume 131, articles 2

Consumption and Income Inequality in the United States since the 1960s pp. 247 - 284 Downloads
Bruce D. Meyer and James Sullivan
Getting Dynamic Implementation to Work pp. 285 - 387 Downloads
Yi-Chun Chen, Richard Holden, Takashi Kunimoto, Yifei Sun and Tom Wilkening
The Performance of School Assignment Mechanisms in Practice pp. 388 - 455 Downloads
Monique De Haan, Pieter Gautier, Hessel Oosterbeek and Bas van der Klaauw
Sources of Wage Growth pp. 456 - 503 Downloads
Jerome Adda and Christian Dustmann
Costless Information and Costly Verification: A Case for Transparency pp. 504 - 548 Downloads
Deniz Kattwinkel and Jan Knoepfle
Large-Scale Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from India pp. 549 - 591 Downloads
Gaurav Khanna

2023, volume 131, articles 1

Collective Brand Reputation pp. 1 - 58 Downloads
Volker Nocke and Roland Strausz
The Mechanics of the Industrial Revolution pp. 59 - 94 Downloads
Morgan Kelly, Joel Mokyr and Cormac Ó Gráda
Optimal Cooperative Taxation in the Global Economy pp. 95 - 130 Downloads
V. V. Chari, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles
Personalized Pricing and Consumer Welfare pp. 131 - 189 Downloads
Jean-Pierre Dubé and Sanjog Misra
A Semistructural Methodology for Policy Counterfactuals pp. 190 - 201 Downloads
Martin Beraja
Attraction versus Persuasion: Information Provision in Search Markets pp. 202 - 245 Downloads
Pak Hung Au and Mark Whitmeyer
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