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08/251: Perspectives on High Real Interest Rates in Turkey Downloads
Prakash Kannan
08/250: The Use of Blanket Guarantees in Banking Crises Downloads
Luc Laeven and Fabian Valencia
08/249: Trade Effects of Currency Unions; Do Economic Dissimilarities Matter? Downloads
Giorgia Albertin
08/248: Banks’ Precautionary Capital and Persistent Credit Crunches Downloads
Fabian Valencia
08/247: Interest Rate Elasticity of Residential Housing Prices Downloads
Plamen K Iossifov, Martin Cihak and Amar Shanghavi
08/246: Globalization Drives Strategic Product Switching Downloads
Marialuz Moreno Badia, Veerle Slootmaekers and Ilke Van Beveren
08/245: Contingent Liabilities; Issues and Practice Downloads
Aliona Cebotari
08/244: Do Interest Groups Affect U.S. Immigration Policy? Downloads
Prachi Mishra, Giovanni Facchini and Anna Maria Mayda
08/243: Wage-Price Setting in New EU Member States Downloads
Manuela Goretti
08/242: Does Openness to International Financial Flows Raise Productivity Growth? Downloads
Eswar Prasad, Marco Terrones and Ayhan Kose
08/241: Household Income As A Determinant of Child Labor and School Enrollment in Brazil; Evidence From A Social Security Reform Downloads
Irineu de Carvalho Filho
08/240: International Competitiveness of the Mediterranean Quartet; A Heterogeneous-Product Approach Downloads
Herman Z Bennett and Ziga Zarnic
08/239: Latin America; Highlights from the Implementation of the System of National Accounts 1993 (1993 SNA) Downloads
Roberto Luis Olinto Ramos, Lisbeth Rivas and Gonzalo C Pastor Campos
08/238: The Costs of Sovereign Default Downloads
Eduardo Borensztein and Ugo Panizza
08/237: The Spending and Absorption of Aid in PRGF Supported Programs Downloads
Jan Kees Martijn, Markus Berndt, Abu Shonchoy and Paolo Dudine
08/236: A Theory of International Crisis Lending and IMF Conditionality Downloads
Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Jonathan Ostry and Olivier Jeanne
08/235: Growing Apart? A Tale of Two Republics; Estonia and Georgia Downloads
Thorvaldur Gylfason and Eduard Hochreiter
08/234: Inflation Targeting and Communication; It Pays Off to Read Inflation Reports Downloads
Katerina Smidkova, Viktor Kotlán, David Navrátil and Ales Bulir
08/233: Rapid Current Account Adjustments; Are Microstates Different? Downloads
Patrick Imam
08/232: Bank Losses, Monetary Policy and Financial Stability—Evidence on the Interplay from Panel Data Downloads
Lea Zicchino and Erlend Nier
08/231: Beyond Macroeconomic Stability; The Quest for Industrialization in Uganda Downloads
Abebe Aemro Selassie
08/230: Garbage In, Gospel Out? Controlling for the Underreporting of Remittances Downloads
Tigran Melkonyan, David Grigorian and J Shonkwiler
08/229: Banks and Labor as Stakeholders; Impact on Economic Performance Downloads
Kenichi Ueda and Stijn Claessens
08/228: Determinants of Government Efficiency Downloads
David Hauner and Annette J Kyobe
08/227: Tax Reforms, “Free Lunches”, and “Cheap Lunches” in Open Economies Downloads
Juha Tervala and Giovanni Ganelli
08/226: An Anatomy of Credit Booms; Evidence From Macro Aggregates and Micro Data Downloads
Marco Terrones and Enrique Mendoza
08/225: Current and Proposed Non-Oil Tax System in Azerbaijan Downloads
International Monetary Fund
08/224: Systemic Banking Crises; A New Database Downloads
Fabian Valencia and Luc Laeven
08/223: Macroeconomic Effects of EU Transfers in New Member States Downloads
International Monetary Fund
08/222: Central Bank Collateral Frameworks; Principles and Policies Downloads
Rebecca McCaughrin, Simon T Gray and Alexandre Chailloux
08/221: Commodities and the Market Price of Risk Downloads
Shaun K. Roache
08/220: An Analysis of So-Called Export-led Growth Downloads
Jie Yang
08/219: Are Weak Banks Leading Credit Booms? Evidence from Emerging Europe Downloads
Deniz Igan and Natalia Tamirisa
08/218: The Impact of Public Capital, Human Capital, and Knowledge on Aggregate Output Downloads
Fred Joutz and Yasser Abdih
08/217: Public Financial Management and Fiscal Outcomes in Sub-Saharan African Heavily-Indebted Poor Countries Downloads
Ezequiel Cabezon and Tej Prakash
08/216: Trade Elasticities in the Middle East and Central Asia; What is the Role of Oil? Downloads
Andreas Billmeier and Dalia Hakura
08/215: Banking Structure and Credit Growth in Central and Eastern European Countries Downloads
Burcu Aydin
08/214: The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank; Challenges to an Effective Lender of Last Resort Downloads
Pablo F Druck and Mario Dehesa
08/213: New Keynesian Exchange Rate Pass-Through Downloads
David Cook and Woon Gyu Choi
08/212: Mauritius; A Competitiveness Assessment Downloads
Camelia Minoiu and Patrick Imam
08/211: House Price Developments in Europe; A Comparison Downloads
Paul Louis Ceriel Hilbers, Angana Banerji, Haiyan Shi and Alexander Hoffmaister
08/210: Central Bank Response to the 2007–08 Financial Market Turbulence; Experiences and Lessons Drawn Downloads
Peter Stella, Seiichi Shimizu, Simon T Gray, Ulrich Klueh and Alexandre Chailloux
08/209: Original Sin and Procylical Fiscal Policy; Two Sides of the Same Coin? Downloads
Gustavo Adler
08/208: Global Volatility and Forex Returns in East Asia Downloads
Sanjay Kalra
08/207: Investment Incentives and Effective Tax Rates in the Philippines; A Comparison With Neighboring Countries Downloads
Alexander Klemm, Dennis P Botman and Reza Baqir
08/206: Stress Testing at the IMF Downloads
Mark Swinburne, Stephanie Stolz and Marina Moretti
08/205: Impact of Macroeconomic, Political, and Institutional Factors on the Structure of Government Debt in Emerging Market Countries Downloads
Anastasia Guscina
08/204: Foreign Aid and Real Exchange Rate Adjustments in a Financially Constrained Dependent Economy Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky, Serpil Tekin and Valerie Cerra
08/203: Zero Corporate Income Tax in Moldova; Tax Competition and Its Implications for Eastern Europe Downloads
Marcin Piątkowski and Mariusz Jarmuzek
08/202: What Drives Household Borrowing and Credit Constraints? Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina Downloads
Ke Chen Chen and Mali Chivakul
08/201: Macroeconomic Effects of Pension Reform in Russia Downloads
David Hauner
08/200: Transmission of Liquidity Shocks; Evidence from the 2007 Subprime Crisis Downloads
Heiko Hesse, Nathaniel Frank and Brenda Gonzalez-Hermosillo
08/199: Efficiency Costs of Myanmar’s Multiple Exchange Rate Regime Downloads
Masahiro Hori and Yu Ching Wong
08/198: Equilibrium Non-Oil Current Account Assessments for Oil Producing Countries Downloads
Alun H. Thomas, Jun I Kim and Aqib Aslam
08/197: The Myth of Post-Reform Income Stagnation; Evidence from Brazil and Mexico Downloads
Irineu de Carvalho Filho and Marcos Chamon
08/196: The Impact of Oil-Related Income on the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate in Syria Downloads
Jemma Dridi and Maher Hasan
08/195: Pension Privatization and Country Risk Downloads
Alfredo Cuevas, Maria Gonzalez, Arnoldo Lopez-Marmolejo and Davide Lombardo
08/194: The Option-iPoD Downloads
Christian Capuano
08/193: Understanding the Inflationary Process in the GCC Region; The Case of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Downloads
Hesham Alogeel and Maher Hasan
08/192: Are Emerging Asia’s Reserves Really Too High? Downloads
Marta Ruiz-Arranz and Milan Zavadjil
08/191: Monetary Transmission in an Emerging Targeter; The Case of Brazil Downloads
Adrian Pagan, Douglas Laxton and Luis Catão
08/190: Quality of Financial Sector Regulation and Supervision Around the World Downloads
Martin Cihak and Alexander Tieman
08/189: Investigating Inflation Dynamics in Sudan Downloads
Kenji Moriyama
08/188: Innovation in Banking and Excessive Loan Growth Downloads
International Monetary Fund
08/187: What Goes Up Must Come Down? House Price Dynamics in the United States Downloads
Vladimir Klyuev
08/186: Real Effects of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis; Is it a Demand or a Finance Shock? Downloads
Hui Tong and Shang-Jin Wei
08/185: Rising Income Inequality; Technology, or Trade and Financial Globalization? Downloads
Chris Papageorgiou, Subir Lall and Florence Jaumotte
08/184: Credit Growth in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia Region Downloads
Joe Crowley
08/183: Kernel Density Estimation Based on Grouped Data; The Case of Poverty Assessment Downloads
Camelia Minoiu and Sanjay Reddy
08/182: Technology and Finance Downloads
Anna Ilyina and Roberto Samaniego
08/181: Convergence in Emerging Europe; Sustainability and Vulnerabilities Downloads
Athanasios Vamvakidis
08/180: Bank Recycling of Petro Dollars to Emerging Market Economies During the Current Oil Price Boom Downloads
Johannes Wiegand
08/179: Germany’s Corporate Governance Reforms; Has the System Become Flexible Enough? Downloads
Jürgen Odenius
08/178: The Impact of Research and Development Tax Incentives on Colombia’s Manufacturing Sector; What Difference Do They Make? Downloads
Valerie A Mercer-Blackman
08/177: Consumer Confusion; The Choice of AFORE Downloads
Moisés J. Schwartz, Enrique E. Domínguez and Roberto Calderón-Colín
08/176: Central Bank Financial Strength and Policy Performance; An Econometric Evaluation Downloads
Peter Stella and Ulrich Klueh
08/175: Inflation Smoothing and the Modest Effect of VAT in Germany Downloads
Stephan Danninger and Alina Carare
08/174: A Framework for Developing Secondary Markets for Government Securities Downloads
Zsófia Árvai and Geoffrey M Heenan
08/173: Determinants of Foreign Currency Borrowing in the New Member States of the EU Downloads
Christoph B. Rosenberg and Marcel Tirpák
08/172: Africa’s Oil Abundance and External Competitiveness; Do Institutions Matter? Downloads
Mahvash Qureshi
08/171: The ECB’s Monetary Analysis Revisited Downloads
Helge Berger, Thomas Harjes and Emil Stavrev
08/170: Natural Resource Endowments, Governance, and the Domestic Revenue Effort; Evidence from a Panel of Countries Downloads
John Thornton, Fabian Bornhorst and Sanjeev Gupta
08/169: Credit Matters; Empirical Evidence on U.S. Macro-Financial Linkages Downloads
Tamim Bayoumi and Ola Melander
08/168: The Distributional Impact of Fiscal Policy in Honduras Downloads
David Newhouse, Irene Yackovlev and Robert Gillingham
08/167: Do the Gulf Oil-Producing Countries Influence Regional Growth? The Impact of Financial and Remittance Flows Downloads
Nadeem Ilahi and Riham Shendy
08/166: The Information Content of Money in Forecasting Euro Area Inflation Downloads
Emil Stavrev and Helge Berger
08/165: Reforming Government Subsidies in the New Member States of the European Union Downloads
Alex Segura-Ubiergo, Taline Koranchelian and Carlos Mulas-Granados
08/164: Strategic Interactions between an Independent Central Bank and a Myopic Government with Government Debt Downloads
Sven Jari Stehn and David Vines
08/163: Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks - Lessons for Austria from International Experience Downloads
Erik J. Lundback
08/162: Vacation Over; Implications for the Caribbean of Opening U.S.-Cuba Tourism Downloads
Rafael Romeu
08/161: A U.S. Financial Conditions Index; Putting Credit Where Credit is Due Downloads
Andrew J Swiston
08/160: A Review of Capital Budgeting Practices Downloads
Davina Jacobs
08/159: Resolving a Large Contingent Fiscal Liability; Eastern European Experiences Downloads
Mark J Flanagan
08/158: Life Expectancy and Income Convergence in the World; A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis Downloads
Kenichi Ueda
08/157: Dollarization and Maturity Structure of Public Securities; The Experience of Bolivia Downloads
Esteban Vesperoni and Walter Orellana R.
08/156: Modeling Macro-Critical Energy Sectors in Low-Income Countries; A General Framework and an Application to Côte d’Ivoire Downloads
Holger Fabig
08/155: Fiscal Policy and Economic Development Downloads
Alex Mourmouras and Peter Rangazas
08/154: Bolivia; The Hydrocarbons Boom and the Risk of Dutch Disease Downloads
Eugenio Cerutti and Mario Mansilla
08/153: Bivariate Assessments of Real Exchange Rates Using PPP Data Downloads
Juan Zalduendo
08/152: A Model of Sovereign Debt in Democracies Downloads
Ali Alichi
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