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Volume 111, issue 03, 2017

Days of Action or Restraint? How the Islamic Calendar Impacts Violence pp. 439-459 Downloads
Michael J. Reese, Keven G. Ruby and Robert A. Pape
Montesquieu's Teaching on the Dangers of Extreme Corrections: Japan, the Catholic Inquisition, and Moderation in The Spirit of the Laws pp. 460-470 Downloads
Nathaniel Gilmore and Vickie B. Sullivan
Foreigners as Liberators: Education and Cultural Diversity in Plato's Menexenus pp. 471-483 Downloads
Rebecca LeMOINE
How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, Not Engaged Argument pp. 484-501 Downloads
Gary King, Jennifer Pan and Margaret E. Roberts
Testing Social Science Network Theories with Online Network Data: An Evaluation of External Validity pp. 502-521 Downloads
James Bisbee and Jennifer M. Larson
Between Means and Ends: Reconstructing Coercion in Dewey's Democratic Theory pp. 522-534 Downloads
Alexander Livingston
Process or Candidate: The International Community and the Demand for Electoral Integrity pp. 535-554 Downloads
Johannes Bubeck and Nikolay Marinov
Electoral Accountability for State Legislative Roll Calls and Ideological Representation pp. 555-571 Downloads
Steven Rogers
Childhood Skill Development and Adult Political Participation pp. 572-583 Downloads
John B. Holbein
Voter Registration Costs and Disenfranchisement: Experimental Evidence from France pp. 584-604 Downloads
Céline Braconnier, Jean-Yves Dormagen and Vincent Pons
Economic Development, Mobility, and Political Discontent: An Experimental Test of Tocqueville’s Thesis in Pakistan pp. 605-621 Downloads
Andrew Healy, Katrina Kosec and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo
Geography, Transparency, and Institutions pp. 622-636 Downloads
Joram Mayshar, Omer Moav and Zvika Neeman

Volume 111, issue 02, 2017

Taking Sides in Wars of Attrition pp. 219-236 Downloads
Robert Powell
The Political Violence Cycle pp. 237-255 Downloads
S. P. Harish and Andrew T. Little
Catalyst or Crown: Does Naturalization Promote the Long-Term Social Integration of Immigrants? pp. 256-276 Downloads
Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner and Giuseppe Pietrantuono
The Behavioral Immune System Shapes Political Intuitions: Why and How Individual Differences in Disgust Sensitivity Underlie Opposition to Immigration pp. 277-294 Downloads
Lene Aarøe, Michael Bang Petersen and Kevin Arceneaux
Vigilance and Confidence: Jeremy Bentham, Publicity, and the Dialectic of Political Trust and Distrust pp. 295-307 Downloads
Jonathan R. Bruno
Xenophon on the Psychology of Supreme Political Ambition pp. 308-321 Downloads
Lorraine Smith Pangle
Who Defects? Unpacking a Defection Cascade from Russia's Dominant Party 2008–12 pp. 322-337 Downloads
Henry E. Hale and Timothy J. Colton
Demand for Law and the Security of Property Rights: The Case of Post-Soviet Russia pp. 338-359 Downloads
Jordan Gans-Morse
It’s Not Just What You Have, but Who You Know: Networks, Social Proximity to Elites, and Voting in State and Local Elections pp. 360-378 Downloads
Matthew T. Pietryka and Donald A. Debats
Spontaneous Collective Action: Peripheral Mobilization During the Arab Spring pp. 379-403 Downloads
Zachary C. Steinert-Threlkeld
The Power to Nudge pp. 404-417 Downloads
Andreas T. Schmidt
Is the U.S. Government a Corporation? The Corporate Origins of Modern Constitutionalism pp. 418-435 Downloads
David Ciepley
Are Supreme Court Nominations a Move-the-Median Game? – ERRATUM pp. 436-437 Downloads
Charles M. Cameron and Jonathan P. Kastellec

Volume 111, issue 01, 2017

Political Cleavages within Industry: Firm-level Lobbying for Trade Liberalization pp. 1-20 Downloads
In Song Kim
State Development, Parity, and International Conflict pp. 21-38 Downloads
Douglas M. Gibler
A Problem-Based Approach to Democratic Theory pp. 39-53 Downloads
Mark E. Warren
Will vs. Reason: The Populist and Technocratic Forms of Political Representation and Their Critique to Party Government pp. 54-67 Downloads
Daniele Caramani
Democracy at Work: Moving Beyond Elections to Improve Well-Being pp. 68-82 Downloads
Michael Touchton, Natasha Borges Sugiyama and Brian Wampler
Colonization and Democracy: Tocqueville Reconsidered pp. 83-96 Downloads
Ewa Atanassow
The Crisis of Party Democracy, Cognitive Mobilization, and the Case for Making Parties More Deliberative pp. 97-109 Downloads
Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti and Fabio Wolkenstein
Moral Power: How Public Opinion on Culture War Issues Shapes Partisan Predispositions and Religious Orientations pp. 110-128 Downloads
Paul Goren and Christopher Chapp
The Incumbency Curse: Weak Parties, Term Limits, and Unfulfilled Accountability pp. 129-148 Downloads
Marko Klašnja and Rocío Titiunik
The Architecture of Political Spaces: Trolls, Digital Media, and Deweyan Democracy pp. 149-161 Downloads
Jennifer Forestal
Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Development: Evidence from India pp. 162-183 Downloads
Saad Gulzar and Benjamin J. Pasquale
Precedent and Doctrine in a Complicated World pp. 184-203 Downloads
Steven Callander and Tom S. Clark
Faulty Foundings and Failed Reformers in Machiavelli's Florentine Histories pp. 204-216 Downloads
John P. McCormick
“Of Darkness from Vain Philosophy”: Hobbes's Critique of the Classical Tradition—ERRATA pp. 217-218 Downloads
Devin Stauffer

Volume 110, issue 04, 2016

Turnout, Status, and Identity: Mobilizing Latinos to Vote with Group Appeals pp. 615-630 Downloads
Ali A. Valenzuela and Melissa R. Michelson
Fast Estimation of Ideal Points with Massive Data pp. 631-656 Downloads
Kosuke Imai, James Lo and Jonathan Olmsted
Constitutions Unentrenched: Toward an Alternative Theory of Constitutional Design pp. 657-674 Downloads
Mila Versteeg and Emily Zackin
The Historical Origins of Territorial Disputes pp. 675-698 Downloads
Scott F. Abramson and David B. Carter
Does Paying Politicians More Promote Economic Diversity in Legislatures? pp. 699-716 Downloads
Nicholas Carnes and Eric R. Hansen
When Public Reason Fails Us: Convergence Discourse as Blood Oath pp. 717-730 Downloads
Brian Kogelmann and Stephen G. W. Stich
Aid as a Tool against Insurgency: Evidence from Contested and Controlled Territory in Afghanistan pp. 731-749 Downloads
Renard Sexton
The Democratic Effect of Direct Democracy pp. 750-762 Downloads
Lucas Leemann and Fabio Wasserfallen
Do Politicians Use Policy to Make Politics? The Case of Public-Sector Labor Laws pp. 763-777 Downloads
Sarah F. Anzia and Terry M. Moe
Are Supreme Court Nominations a Move-the-Median Game? pp. 778-797 Downloads
Charles M. Cameron and Jonathan P. Kastellec
Tongue-Tied: Rawls, Political Philosophy and Metalinguistic Awareness pp. 798-811 Downloads
Yael Peled and Matteo Bonotti
Jurisdiction Size and Local Government Policy Expenditure: Assessing the Effect of Municipal Amalgamation pp. 812-831 Downloads
Jens Blom-Hansen, Kurt Houlberg, Søren Serritzlew and Daniel Treisman
Do Voters Dislike Working-Class Candidates? Voter Biases and the Descriptive Underrepresentation of the Working Class pp. 832-844 Downloads
Nicholas Carnes and Noam Lupu
Covenants without the Sword? Comparing Prison Self-Governance Globally pp. 845-862 Downloads
David Skarbek
The Poor Man's Machiavelli: Saul Alinsky and the Morality of Power pp. 863-875 Downloads
Vijay Phulwani
What Makes a Utopia Inconvenient? On the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Realist Orientation to Politics pp. 876-888 Downloads
Benjamin L. McKean
Domination and Care in Rousseau's Emile pp. 889-900 Downloads
Shawn Fraistat

Volume 110, issue 03, 2016

Collective Threat Framing and Mobilization in Civil War pp. 411-427 Downloads
Anastasia Shesterinina
On the Rights of Warlords: Legitimate Authority and Basic Protection in War-Torn Societies pp. 428-440 Downloads
Robert A. Blair and Pablo Kalmanovitz
Electoral Rules and Legislative Particularism: Evidence from U.S. State Legislatures pp. 441-456 Downloads
Tanya Bagashka and Jennifer Hayes Clark
Language Policy and Human Development pp. 457-480 Downloads
David D. Laitin and Rajesh Ramachandran
“Of Darkness from Vain Philosophy”: Hobbes's Critique of the Classical Tradition pp. 481-494 Downloads
Devin Stauffer
Testing Civics: State-Level Civic Education Requirements and Political Knowledge pp. 495-511 Downloads
David E. Campbell and Richard G. Niemi
Explaining Causal Findings Without Bias: Detecting and Assessing Direct Effects pp. 512-529 Downloads
Avidit Acharya, Matthew Blackwell and Maya Sen
Reaching the Individual: EU Accession, NGOs, and Human Rights pp. 530-546 Downloads
Ana Bracic
“Contesting the Empire of Habit”: Habituation and Liberty in Lockean Education pp. 547-558 Downloads
Rita Koganzon
The Primary Effect: Preference Votes and Political Promotions pp. 559-578 Downloads
Olle Folke, Torsten Persson and Johanna Rickne
Deliberate Disengagement: How Education Can Decrease Political Participation in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes pp. 579-600 Downloads
Kevin Croke, Guy Grossman, Horacio A. Larreguy and John Marshall
Political Commitment and the Value of Partisanship pp. 601-613 Downloads
Lea Ypi

Volume 110, issue 02, 2016

Crafting Counterrevolution: How Reactionaries Learned to Combat Change in 1848 pp. 215-231 Downloads
Kurt Weyland
Forbearance pp. 232-246 Downloads
Alisha C. Holland
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Risks: Participation in an Ethnic Rebellion pp. 247-264 Downloads
Güneş Murat Tezcür
Political Characterology: On the Method of Theorizing in Hannah Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism pp. 265-277 Downloads
Hans-Jörg Sigwart
Crowd-sourced Text Analysis: Reproducible and Agile Production of Political Data pp. 278-295 Downloads
Kenneth Benoit, Drew Conway, Benjamin E. Lauderdale, Michael Laver and Slava Mikhaylov
The Organizational Roots of Political Activism: Field Experiments on Creating a Relational Context pp. 296-307 Downloads
Hahrie Han
Systemic Representation: Democracy, Deliberation, and Nonelectoral Representatives pp. 308-324 Downloads
Jonathan W. Kuyper
Presidential Influence in an Era of Congressional Dominance pp. 325-341 Downloads
Jon C. Rogowski
Adam Smith on What Is Wrong with Economic Inequality pp. 342-352 Downloads
Dennis C. Rasmussen
Left Behind? Citizen Responsiveness to Government Performance Information pp. 353-368 Downloads
John Holbein
Two Concepts of Religious Liberty: The Natural Rights and Moral Autonomy Approaches to the Free Exercise of Religion pp. 369-381 Downloads
Vincent Phillip Muñoz
The Limits of Political Representation pp. 382-396 Downloads
Howard Schweber
Party Policy Diffusion pp. 397-410 Downloads
Tobias Böhmelt, Lawrence Ezrow, Roni Lehrer and Hugh Ward

Volume 110, issue 01, 2016

Can Employment Reduce Lawlessness and Rebellion? A Field Experiment with High-Risk Men in a Fragile State pp. 1-17 Downloads
Christopher Blattman and Jeannie Annan
Nondomination or Practices of Freedom? French Muslim Women, Foucault, and The Full Veil Ban pp. 18-30 Downloads
Inés Valdez
Under One Roof: Supply Chains and the Protection of Foreign Investment pp. 31-51 Downloads
Leslie Johns and Rachel L. Wellhausen
Beyond Black and White: Biracial Attitudes in Contemporary U.S. Politics pp. 52-67 Downloads
Lauren D. Davenport
Experimentation and Persuasion in Political Organizations pp. 68-84 Downloads
Alexander V. Hirsch
Preventing and Responding to Dissent: The Observational Challenges of Explaining Strategic Repression pp. 85-99 Downloads
Emily Hencken Ritter and Courtenay R. Conrad
The Rhetoric of Sincerity: Cicero and Smith on Propriety and Political Context pp. 100-111 Downloads
Daniel J. Kapust and Michelle A. Schwarze
Gender Quotas and Women's Political Leadership pp. 112-126 Downloads
O’brien, Diana Z. and Johanna Rickne
Religious Minorities and Resistance to Genocide: The Collective Rescue of Jews in the Netherlands during the Holocaust pp. 127-147 Downloads
Robert Braun
Liberal Integrity and Foreign Entanglement pp. 148-159 Downloads
Shmuel Nili
Parties, Brokers, and Voter Mobilization: How Turnout Buying Depends Upon the Party’s Capacity to Monitor Brokers pp. 160-179 Downloads
Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall and Pablo Querubín
Deliver the Vote! Micromotives and Macrobehavior in Electoral Fraud pp. 180-197 Downloads
Ashlea Rundlett and Milan W. Svolik
Targeted for Diffusion? How the Use and Acceptance of Stereotypes Shape the Diffusion of Criminal Justice Policy Innovations in the American States pp. 198-214 Downloads
Graeme Boushey
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