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Volume 114, issue 2, 2020

Social Isolation and Repertoires of Resistance pp. 309-325 Downloads
Emily Kalah Gade
Outside the Wire: U.S. Military Deployments and Public Opinion in Host States pp. 326-341 Downloads
Michael A. Allen, Michael E. Flynn, Carla Martinez Machain and Andrew Stravers
Why Arms Control Is So Rare pp. 342-355 Downloads
Andrew J. Coe and Jane Vaynman
When the Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: On the Conceptualization and Measurement of Populist Attitudes and Other Multidimensional Constructs pp. 356-374 Downloads
Alexander Wuttke, Christian Schimpf and Harald Schoen
The Commensurability Problem: Conceptual Difficulties in Estimating the Effect of Behavior on Behavior pp. 375-391 Downloads
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Scott A. Tyson
Democracy in America? Partisanship, Polarization, and the Robustness of Support for Democracy in the United States pp. 392-409 Downloads
Matthew H. Graham and Milan W. Svolik
Reducing Exclusionary Attitudes through Interpersonal Conversation: Evidence from Three Field Experiments pp. 410-425 Downloads
Joshua L. Kalla and David E. Broockman
The Desire for Social Status and Economic Conservatism among Affluent Americans pp. 426-442 Downloads
Adam Thal
The Geography of Inequality: How Land Use Regulation Produces Segregation pp. 443-455 Downloads
Jessica Trounstine
One Person, One Vote: Estimating the Prevalence of Double Voting in U.S. Presidential Elections pp. 456-469 Downloads
Sharad Goel, Marc Meredith, Michael Morse, David Rothschild and Houshmand Shirani-Mehr
Who Votes More Strategically? pp. 470-485 Downloads
Andrew C. Eggers and Nick Vivyan
Social Network Structures and the Politics of Public Goods Provision: Evidence from the Philippines pp. 486-501 Downloads
Cesi Cruz, Julien Labonne and Pablo Querubín
Origins of Early Democracy pp. 502-518 Downloads
Ali T. Ahmed and David Stasavage
From Islamists to Muslim Democrats: The Case of Tunisia’s Ennahda pp. 519-535 Downloads
Sharan Grewal
Relational State Building in Areas of Limited Statehood: Experimental Evidence on the Attitudes of the Police pp. 536-551 Downloads
Sabrina Karim
Killing in the Slums: Social Order, Criminal Governance, and Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro pp. 552-572 Downloads
Beatriz Magaloni, Edgar Franco-Vivanco and Vanessa Melo
Legacies of the Third Reich: Concentration Camps and Out-group Intolerance pp. 573-590 Downloads
Jonathan Homola, Miguel M. Pereira and Margit Tavits
Independent Agencies, Distribution, and Legitimacy: The Case of Central Banks pp. 591-595 Downloads
Peter Dietsch
Does Trust in Government Increase Support for Redistribution? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments pp. 596-602 Downloads
Kyle Peyton
Measuring the Influence of Political Actors on the Federal Budget pp. 603-608 Downloads
Ben Hammond and Leah Rosenstiel
Human Capital and Voting Behavior across Generations: Evidence from an Income Intervention pp. 609-616 Downloads
Randall Akee, William Copeland, John B. Holbein and Emilia Simeonova
Exit Strategy: Career Concerns and Revolving Doors in Congress – CORRIGENDUM pp. 617-618 Downloads
Michael E. Shepherd and Hye Young You

Volume 114, issue 1, 2020

Representative Democracy as Defensible Epistocracy pp. 1-13 Downloads
Dimitri Landa and Ryan Pevnick
A Formal Theory of Democratic Deliberation pp. 14-35 Downloads
Hun Chung and John Duggan
In the Mood for Democracy? Democratic Support as Thermostatic Opinion pp. 36-53 Downloads
Christopher Claassen
Plato’s Myth of Er and the Reconfiguration of Nature pp. 54-67 Downloads
Tae-Yeoun Keum
What Is Spontaneous Order? pp. 68-80 Downloads
Daniel Luban
Self-Rule and the Problem of Peoplehood in Colonial India pp. 81-94 Downloads
Nazmul S. Sultan
Reconceiving Immigration Politics: Walter Benjamin, Violence, and Labor pp. 95-108 Downloads
Valdez, Inã‰s
How Saudi Crackdowns Fail to Silence Online Dissent pp. 109-125 Downloads
Jennifer Pan and Alexandra A. Siegel
Can Economic Assistance Shape Combatant Support in Wartime? Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan pp. 126-143 Downloads
Jason Lyall, Yang-Yang Zhou and Kosuke Imai
Does Public Support for Judicial Power Depend on Who is in Political Power? Testing a Theory of Partisan Alignment in Africa pp. 144-163 Downloads
Brandon L. Bartels and Eric Kramon
Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Evaluations of Partisan Fairness in District-Based Democracies pp. 164-178 Downloads
Jonathan Katz, Gary King and Elizabeth Rosenblatt
Strategic Legislative Subsidies: Informational Lobbying and the Cost of Policy pp. 179-205 Downloads
Christopher J. Ellis and Thomas Groll
Race and Representation in Campaign Finance pp. 206-221 Downloads
Jacob M. Grumbach and Alexander Sahn
How Partisan Is Local Law Enforcement? Evidence from Sheriff Cooperation with Immigration Authorities pp. 222-236 Downloads
Daniel M. Thompson
Noisy Retrospection: The Effect of Party Control on Policy Outcomes pp. 237-257 Downloads
Adam M. Dynes and John B. Holbein
How Empathic Concern Fuels Political Polarization pp. 258-269 Downloads
Elizabeth N. Simas, Scott Clifford and Justin H. Kirkland
Exit Strategy: Career Concerns and Revolving Doors in Congress pp. 270-284 Downloads
Michael E. Shepherd and Hye Young You
Spatial Voting Meets Spatial Policy Positions: An Experimental Appraisal pp. 285-290 Downloads
Tanja Artiga Gonzã Lez and Georg Granic
Understanding Delegation Through Machine Learning: A Method and Application to the European Union pp. 291-301 Downloads
L. Jason Anastasopoulos and Anthony M. Bertelli

Volume 113, issue 4, 2019

Who Leads? Who Follows? Measuring Issue Attention and Agenda Setting by Legislators and the Mass Public Using Social Media Data pp. 883-901 Downloads
Pablo Barberã, Andreu Casas, Jonathan Nagler, Patrick J. Egan, Richard Bonneau, John T. Jost and Joshua A. Tucker
Persuading the Enemy: Estimating the Persuasive Effects of Partisan Media with the Preference-Incorporating Choice and Assignment Design pp. 902-916 Downloads
Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Matthew A. Baum, Adam J. Berinsky and Teppei Yamamoto
The Party or the Purse? Unequal Representation in the US Senate pp. 917-940 Downloads
Jeffrey R. Lax, Justin H. Phillips and Adam Zelizer
Pitch Perfect: Vocal Pitch and the Emotional Intensity of Congressional Speech pp. 941-962 Downloads
Bryce J. Dietrich, Matthew Hayes and O’BRIEN, DIANA Z.
Do Fairer Elections Increase the Responsiveness of Politicians? pp. 963-979 Downloads
George Kwaku Ofosu
Why Some Persistent Problems Persist pp. 980-996 Downloads
Robert Powell
Investment in the Shadow of Conflict: Globalization, Capital Control, and State Repression pp. 997-1011 Downloads
Mehdi Shadmehr
Can Violent Protest Change Local Policy Support? Evidence from the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Riot pp. 1012-1028 Downloads
Ryan D. Enos, Aaron R. Kaufman and Melissa L. Sands
Ethnic Riots and Prosocial Behavior: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan pp. 1029-1044 Downloads
Anselm Hager, Krzysztof Krakowski and Max Schaub
Mass Purges: Top-Down Accountability in Autocracy pp. 1045-1059 Downloads
B. Pablo Montagnes and Stephane Wolton
BARP: Improving Mister P Using Bayesian Additive Regression Trees pp. 1060-1065 Downloads
James Bisbee
Political Theory in an Ethnographic Key pp. 1066-1070 Downloads
Matthew Longo and Bernardo Zacka
Does Public Opinion Constrain Presidential Unilateralism? pp. 1071-1077 Downloads
Dino P. Christenson and Douglas L. Kriner
Concentrated Burdens: How Self-Interest and Partisanship Shape Opinion on Opioid Treatment Policy pp. 1078-1084 Downloads
Justin de Benedictis-Kessner and Michael Hankinson

Volume 113, issue 3, 2019

Deliberative Democracy in an Unequal World: A Text-As-Data Study of South India’s Village Assemblies pp. 623-640 Downloads
Ramya Parthasarathy, Vijayendra Rao and Nethra Palaniswamy
Establishing the Rule of Law in Weak and War-torn States: Evidence from a Field Experiment with the Liberian National Police pp. 641-657 Downloads
Robert A. Blair, Sabrina M. Karim and Benjamin S. Morse
Wealth, Slaveownership, and Fighting for the Confederacy: An Empirical Study of the American Civil War pp. 658-673 Downloads
Andrew B. Hall, Connor Huff and Shiro Kuriwaki
Policy Ideology in European Mass Publics, 1981–2016 pp. 674-693 Downloads
Devin Caughey, O’GRADY, Tom and Christopher Warshaw
Electoral Reform and Trade-Offs in Representation pp. 694-709 Downloads
Michael Becher and Gonzã Lez, Irene Menã‰ndez
The Fingerprints of Fraud: Evidence from Mexico’s 1988 Presidential Election pp. 710-726 Downloads
Francisco CANTÚ
Partisan Poll Watchers and Electoral Manipulation pp. 727-742 Downloads
Sergio J. Ascencio and Miguel R. Rueda
Are Moderates Better Representatives than Extremists? A Theory of Indirect Representation pp. 743-761 Downloads
John W. Patty and Elizabeth Maggie Penn
Signaling with Reform: How the Threat of Corruption Prevents Informed Policy-making pp. 762-777 Downloads
Keith E. Schnakenberg and Ian R. Turner
Imperial Politics, English Law, and the Strategic Foundations of Constitutional Review in America pp. 778-795 Downloads
Sean Gailmard
Making Offenders Vote: Democratic Expressivism and Compulsory Criminal Voting pp. 796-809 Downloads
Andrei Poama and Tom Theuns
The Politics of Decolonial Interpretation: Tradition and Method in Contemporary Arab Thought pp. 810-823 Downloads
Yasmeen Daifallah
Constructivism and the Logic of Political Representation pp. 824-837 Downloads
Thomas Fossen
Declaring and Diagnosing Research Designs pp. 838-859 Downloads
Graeme Blair, Jasper Cooper, Alexander Coppock and Macartan Humphreys
Individual Life Horizon Influences Attitudes Toward Democracy pp. 860-867 Downloads
Marie Lechler and Uwe Sunde
Yes, Human Rights Practices Are Improving Over Time pp. 868-881 Downloads
Christopher J. Fariss
When Do Citizens Respond Politically to the Local Economy? Evidence from Registry Data on Local Housing Markets – CORRIGENDUM pp. 882-882 Downloads
Larsen, Martin Vinã†s, Frederik Hjorth, Peter Thisted Dinesen and Sã˜nderskov, Kim Mannemar

Volume 113, issue 2, 2019

“Judge Lynch†in the Court of Public Opinion: Publicity and the De-legitimation of Lynching pp. 293-310 Downloads
Michael Weaver
Misdemeanor Disenfranchisement? The Demobilizing Effects of Brief Jail Spells on Potential Voters pp. 311-324 Downloads
Ariel White
Through the Grapevine: Informational Consequences of Interpersonal Political Communication pp. 325-339 Downloads
Taylor N. Carlson
Is Position-Taking Contagious? Evidence of Cue-Taking from Two Field Experiments in a State Legislature pp. 340-352 Downloads
Adam Zelizer
Using a Probabilistic Model to Assist Merging of Large-Scale Administrative Records pp. 353-371 Downloads
Ted Enamorado, Benjamin Fifield and Kosuke Imai
Local News and National Politics pp. 372-384 Downloads
Gregory J. Martin and Joshua McCRAIN
Democratization and the Conditional Dynamics of Income Distribution pp. 385-404 Downloads
Michael Dorsch and Paul Maarek
How Do Immigrants Respond to Discrimination? The Case of Germans in the US During World War I pp. 405-422 Downloads
Vasiliki Fouka
Diversity, Institutions, and Economic Outcomes: Post-WWII Displacement in Poland pp. 423-441 Downloads
Volha Charnysh
Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Make Natives More Hostile? pp. 442-455 Downloads
Dominik Hangartner, Elias Dinas, Moritz Marbach, Konstantinos Matakos and Dimitrios Xefteris
Cosmopolitan Immigration Attitudes in Large European Cities: Contextual or Compositional Effects? pp. 456-474 Downloads
Rahsaan Maxwell
Information Provision, Voter Coordination, and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from Mexican Social Networks pp. 475-498 Downloads
Eric Arias, Pablo Balã N, Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall and Pablo Querubã N
When Do Citizens Respond Politically to the Local Economy? Evidence from Registry Data on Local Housing Markets pp. 499-516 Downloads
Larsen, Martin Vinã†s, Frederik Hjorth, Peter Thisted Dinesen and Sã˜nderskov, Kim Mannemar
Demand Effects in Survey Experiments: An Empirical Assessment pp. 517-529 Downloads
Jonathan Mummolo and Erik Peterson
Participation, Government Legitimacy, and Regulatory Compliance in Emerging Economies: A Firm-Level Field Experiment in Vietnam pp. 530-551 Downloads
Edmund Malesky and Markus Taussig
Elite Defection under Autocracy: Evidence from Russia pp. 552-568 Downloads
Ora John Reuter and David Szakonyi
Mass Repression and Political Loyalty: Evidence from Stalin’s ‘Terror by Hunger’ pp. 569-583 Downloads
Arturas Rozenas and Yuri M. Zhukov
Legitimacy in Criminal Governance: Managing a Drug Empire from Behind Bars pp. 584-606 Downloads
Benjamin Lessing and Graham Denyer Willis
Family Matters? Voting Behavior in Households with Criminal Justice Contact pp. 607-613 Downloads
Ariel White
An Asymmetrical “President-in-Power†Effect pp. 614-620 Downloads
Davide Morisi, John T. Jost and Vishal Singh
Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress – ERRATUM pp. 621-621 Downloads
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Matto Mildenberger and Leah C. Stokes

Volume 113, issue 1, 2019

Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress pp. 1-18 Downloads
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Matto Mildenberger and Leah C. Stokes
Does Private Regulation Preempt Public Regulation? pp. 19-37 Downloads
Neil Malhotra, Benoãžt Monin and Michael Tomz
Does Party Trump Ideology? Disentangling Party and Ideology in America pp. 38-54 Downloads
Michael Barber and Jeremy C. Pope
The Informational Theory of Legislative Committees: An Experimental Analysis pp. 55-76 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Ernest K. Lai, Wooyoung Lim and Joseph Wang
Preventive Repression: Two Types of Moral Hazard pp. 77-87 Downloads
Tiberiu Dragu and Adam Przeworski
The Countervailing Effects of Competition on Public Goods Provision: When Bargaining Inefficiencies Lead to Bad Outcomes pp. 88-107 Downloads
Jessica Gottlieb and Katrina Kosec
Enhancing Electoral Equality: Can Education Compensate for Family Background Differences in Voting Participation? pp. 108-122 Downloads
Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson and Mikael Persson
(Under What Conditions) Do Politicians Reward Their Supporters? Evidence from Kenya’s Constituencies Development Fund pp. 123-139 Downloads
J. Andrew Harris and Daniel N. Posner
The Psychology of State Repression: Fear and Dissent Decisions in Zimbabwe pp. 140-155 Downloads
Lauren E. Young
The Credibility of Public and Private Signals: A Document-Based Approach pp. 156-172 Downloads
Azusa Katagiri and Eric Min
From Isolation to Radicalization: Anti-Muslim Hostility and Support for ISIS in the West pp. 173-194 Downloads
Tamar Mitts
Theopolitics Contra Political Theology: Martin Buber’s Biblical Critique of Carl Schmitt pp. 195-208 Downloads
Charles H. T. Lesch
Candidate Entry and Political Polarization: An Experimental Study pp. 209-225 Downloads
Jens Groãÿer and Thomas R. Palfrey
The Endurance of Politicians’ Values Over Four Decades: A Panel Study pp. 226-241 Downloads
Donald D. Searing, William G. Jacoby and Andrew H. Tyner
Legislative Review and Party Differentiation in Coalition Governments pp. 242-247 Downloads
David Fortunato
Elections Activate Partisanship across Countries pp. 248-253 Downloads
Shane P. Singh and Judd R. Thornton
Education and Anti-Immigration Attitudes: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Reforms across Western Europe pp. 254-263 Downloads
Charlotte Cavaille and John Marshall
Public Attitudes toward Young Immigrant Men pp. 264-269 Downloads
Dalston G. Ward
Effects of Divisive Political Campaigns on the Day-to-Day Segregation of Arab and Muslim Americans pp. 270-276 Downloads
William Hobbs and Nazita Lajevardi
Partisan Affect and Elite Polarization pp. 277-281 Downloads
Daniel Diermeier and Christopher Li
Tactical Extremism pp. 282-286 Downloads
Jon Eguia and Francesco Giovannoni
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