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Volume 118, issue 2, 2024

State Violence, Party Formation, and Electoral Accountability: The Political Legacy of the Marikana Massacre pp. 563-583 Downloads
Daniel de Kadt, Ada Johnson-Kanu and Melissa L. Sands
Repression and Dissent in Moments of Uncertainty: Panel Data Evidence from Zimbabwe pp. 584-601 Downloads
Adrienne Lebas and Lauren E. Young
Identifying the Rich: Registration, Taxation, and Access to the State in Tanzania pp. 602-618 Downloads
Jeremy Bowles
Bringing in the New Votes: Turnout of Women after Enfranchisement pp. 619-634 Downloads
Mona Morgan-Collins
Buying a Blind Eye: Campaign Donations, Regulatory Enforcement, and Deforestation pp. 635-653 Downloads
Robin Harding, Mounu Prem, Nelson A. Ruiz and David L. Vargas
Patterns of Affective Polarization toward Parties and Leaders across the Democratic World pp. 654-670 Downloads
Andres Reiljan, Diego Garzia, Frederico Ferreira Da Silva and Alexander H. Trechsel
Military Repression and Restraint in Algeria pp. 671-686 Downloads
Sharan Grewal
Movement versus Party: The Electoral Effects of Anti-Far Right Protests in Greece pp. 687-705 Downloads
Antonis A. Ellinas and Iasonas Lamprianou
Regime Support and Gender Quotas in Autocracies pp. 706-723 Downloads
Yuree Noh, Sharan Grewal and M. Tahir Kilavuz
Consolidating Progress: The Selection of Female Ministers in Autocracies and Democracies pp. 724-743 Downloads
Jacob Nyrup, Hikaru Yamagishi and Stuart Bramwell
Drinking Tea with the Neighbors: Informal Clubs, General Trust, and Trustworthiness in Mali pp. 744-763 Downloads
Jaimie Bleck, Jacopo Bonan, Philippe Lemay-Boucher and Bassirou Sarr
Representation and Forest Conservation: Evidence from India’s Scheduled Areas pp. 764-783 Downloads
Saad Gulzar, Apoorva Lal and Benjamin Pasquale
The Composition of Descriptive Representation pp. 784-801 Downloads
John Gerring, Connor T. Jerzak and Erzen Öncel
Global Slavery in the Making of States and International Orders pp. 802-814 Downloads
J.C. Sharman and Ayşe Zarakol
Civilian Protest in Civil War: Insights from Côte d’Ivoire pp. 815-830 Downloads
Sebastian van Baalen
Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves: How Female Combatants Help Generate Gender-Inclusive Peace Agreements in Civil Wars pp. 831-847 Downloads
Jakana L. Thomas
The Right to Hunger Strike pp. 848-861 Downloads
Candice Delmas
Activism versus Criticism? The Case for a Distinctive Role for Social Critics pp. 862-875 Downloads
Lisa Gilson
The View from the Future: Aurobindo Ghose’s Anticolonial Darwinism pp. 876-889 Downloads
Inder S. Marwah
Discrimination Without Traits: From Social Construction to the Politics of Discrimination pp. 890-902 Downloads
Diana Popescu-Sarry
Women Also Know Stuff: Challenging the Gender Gap in Political Sophistication pp. 903-921 Downloads
Patrick W. Kraft
The Geography of Racially Polarized Voting: Calibrating Surveys at the District Level pp. 922-939 Downloads
Shiro Kuriwaki, Stephen Ansolabehere, Angelo Dagonel and Soichiro Yamauchi
Can Racial Diversity among Judges Affect Sentencing Outcomes? pp. 940-955 Downloads
Allison P. Harris
How Partisan Is Local Election Administration? pp. 956-971 Downloads
Joshua Ferrer, Igor Geyn and Daniel M. Thompson
Civic Responses to Police Violence pp. 972-987 Downloads
Desmond Ang and Jonathan Tebes
The Long-Term Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantage on Voting Behavior: The “Moving to Opportunity” Experiment pp. 988-1004 Downloads
Elizabeth Mitchell Elder, Ryan D. Enos and Tali Mendelberg
The Slaughter-House Dissents and the Reconstruction of American Liberalism pp. 1005-1019 Downloads
Pamela Brandwein
What Do Americans Want from (Private) Government? Experimental Evidence Demonstrates that Americans Want Workplace Democracy pp. 1020-1036 Downloads
Soumyajit Mazumder and Alan N. Yan
Do Politicians Outside the United States Also Think Voters Are More Conservative than They Really Are? pp. 1037-1045 Downloads
Jean-Benoit Pilet, Lior Sheffer, Luzia Helfer, Frederic Varone, Rens Vliegenthart and Stefaan Walgrave
Endogenous Popularity: How Perceptions of Support Affect the Popularity of Authoritarian Regimes pp. 1046-1052 Downloads
Noah Buckley, Kyle L. Marquardt, Ora John Reuter and Katerina Tertytchnaya
Demographic Regulation and the State: Centering Gender in Our Understanding of Political Order in Early Modern European States pp. 1053-1057 Downloads
D’arcy, Michelle
Misclassification and Bias in Predictions of Individual Ethnicity from Administrative Records pp. 1058-1066 Downloads
Lisa P. Argyle and Michael Barber
Who Shapes the Law? Gender and Racial Bias in Judicial Citations pp. 1067-1074 Downloads
John Szmer, Laura P. Moyer, Susan B. Haire and Robert K. Christensen
Social Capital, Institutional Rules, and Constitutional Amendment Rates pp. 1075-1083 Downloads
William D. Blake, Joseph Francesco Cozza, David A. Armstrong and Amanda Friesen
Introducing HiSCoD: A New Gateway for the Study of Historical Social Conflict pp. 1084-1091 Downloads
Cédric Chambru and Paul Maneuvrier-Hervieu
The Right to Hunger Strike – CORRIGENDUM pp. 1092-1092 Downloads
Candice Delmas
The Effect of Black Congressional Representation on Political Participation – CORRIGENDUM pp. 1093-1093 Downloads
Claudine Gay
Does State Repression Spark Protests? Evidence from Secret Police Surveillance in Communist Poland – CORRIGENDUM pp. 1094-1095 Downloads
Anselm Hager and Krzysztof Krakowski

Volume 118, issue 1, 2024

The Violence of Law-and-Order Politics: The Case of Law Enforcement Candidates in Brazil pp. 1-20 Downloads
Lucas Novaes
Political Responsiveness to Conflict Victims: Evidence from a Countrywide Audit Experiment in Colombia pp. 21-37 Downloads
Joan Barceló and Mauricio Vela Barón
Extraction, Assimilation, and Accommodation: The Historical Foundations of Indigenous–State Relations in Latin America pp. 38-53 Downloads
Christopher L. Carter
Impartial Administration and Peaceful Agrarian Reform: The Foundations for Democracy in Scandinavia pp. 54-68 Downloads
David Andersen
Divided We Unite: The Nature of Partyism and the Role of Coalition Partnership in Europe pp. 69-87 Downloads
Hyeonho Hahm, David Hilpert and Thomas König
Tilly Goes to Church: The Religious and Medieval Roots of European State Fragmentation pp. 88-107 Downloads
Anna Grzymala-Busse
The Political Consequences of Green Policies: Evidence from Italy pp. 108-126 Downloads
Italo Colantone, Livio Di Lonardo, Yotam Margalit and Marco Percoco
From Pluribus to Unum? The Civil War and Imagined Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century America pp. 127-143 Downloads
Melissa M. Lee, Nan Zhang and Tilmann Herchenröder
War and Nationalism: How WW1 Battle Deaths Fueled Civilians’ Support for the Nazi Party pp. 144-162 Downloads
Alexander de Juan, Felix Haass, Carlo Koos, Sascha Riaz and Thomas Tichelbaecker
Coordinated Dis-Coordination pp. 163-177 Downloads
Mai Hassan
Elite Change without Regime Change: Authoritarian Persistence in Africa and the End of the Cold War pp. 178-194 Downloads
Josef Woldense and Alex Kroeger
State Terror and Long-Run Development: The Persistence of the Khmer Rouge pp. 195-212 Downloads
Donald Grasse
From Victims to Dissidents: Legacies of Violence and Popular Mobilization in Iraq (2003–2018) pp. 213-234 Downloads
Chantal Berman, Killian Clarke and Rima Majed
Rule Ambiguity, Institutional Clashes, and Population Loss: How Wikipedia Became the Last Good Place on the Internet pp. 235-251 Downloads
Sverrir Steinsson
The Global Resonance of Human Rights: What Google Trends Can Tell Us pp. 252-273 Downloads
Geoff Dancy and Christopher J. Fariss
Imperfect Victims? Civilian Men, Vulnerability, and Policy Preferences pp. 274-290 Downloads
Anne-Kathrin Kreft and Mattias Agerberg
Nietzsche’s Critique of Power: Mimicry and the Advantage of the Weak pp. 291-303 Downloads
Thomas Meredith
Racial Equality and Anticolonial Solidarity: Anténor Firmin’s Global Haitian Liberalism pp. 304-317 Downloads
Jared Holley
Eco-Miserabilism and Radical Hope: On the Utopian Vision of Post-Apocalyptic Environmentalism pp. 318-331 Downloads
Mathias Thaler
Immigration, Backlash, and Democracy pp. 332-344 Downloads
Ryan Pevnick
How Deliberation Happens: Enabling Deliberative Reason pp. 345-362 Downloads
Simon Niemeyer, Francesco Veri, John S. Dryzek and André Bächtiger
Se Habla Español: Spanish-Language Appeals and Candidate Evaluations in the United States pp. 363-379 Downloads
Marques G. Zárate, Enrique Quezada-Llanes and Angel D. Armenta
Diversity Matters: The Election of Asian Americans to U.S. State and Federal Legislatures pp. 380-400 Downloads
David Lublin and Matthew Wright
Dark Parties: Unveiling Nonparty Communities in American Political Campaigns pp. 401-422 Downloads
Stan Oklobdzija
An Outbreak of Selective Attribution: Partisanship and Blame in the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. 423-441 Downloads
Matthew H. Graham and Shikhar Singh
Presidential Investment in the Administrative State pp. 442-457 Downloads
Nicholas R. Bednar and David E. Lewis
Contested Killings: The Mobilizing Effects of Community Contact with Police Violence pp. 458-474 Downloads
Kevin T. Morris and Kelsey Shoub
Counterinsurgency Tactics, Rebel Grievances, and Who Keeps Fighting pp. 475-480 Downloads
Connor Huff
The Silenced Text: Field Experiments on Gendered Experiences of Political Participation pp. 481-487 Downloads
Alan N. Yan and Rachel Bernhard
Fathers’ Leave Reduces Sexist Attitudes pp. 488-494 Downloads
Margit Tavits, Petra Schleiter, Jonathan Homola and Dalston Ward
Female Representation and Legitimacy: Evidence from a Harmonized Experiment in Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia pp. 495-503 Downloads
Kristen Kao, Ellen Lust, Marwa Shalaby and Chagai M. Weiss
Evidence of Caste-Class Discrimination from a Conjoint Analysis of Law Enforcement Officers pp. 504-511 Downloads
Margaret L. Boittin, Rachel S. Fisher and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo
Democracy, Public Support, and Measurement Uncertainty pp. 512-518 Downloads
Tai, Yuehong ‘cassandra’, Yue Hu and Frederick Solt
Modeling Spatial Heterogeneity and Historical Persistence: Nazi Concentration Camps and Contemporary Intolerance pp. 519-528 Downloads
Thomas B. Pepinsky, Sara Wallace Goodman and Conrad Ziller
Re-Evaluating Machine Learning for MRP Given the Comparable Performance of (Deep) Hierarchical Models pp. 529-536 Downloads
Max Goplerud
Fixed Effects and Post-Treatment Bias in Legacy Studies pp. 537-544 Downloads
Jonathan Homola, Miguel M. Pereira and Margit Tavits
The Political Consequences of Green Policies: Evidence from Italy—CORRIGENDUM pp. 545-548 Downloads
Italo Colantone, Livio Di Lonardo, Yotam Margalit and Marco Percoco
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