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Volume 106, issue 04, 2012

Unemployment and the Democratic Electoral Advantage pp. 685-702 Downloads
John R. Wright
How Words and Money Cultivate a Personal Vote: The Effect of Legislator Credit Claiming on Constituent Credit Allocation pp. 703-719 Downloads
Justin Grimmer, Solomon Messing and Sean J. Westwood
Sources of Bias in Retrospective Decision Making: Experimental Evidence on Voters’ Limitations in Controlling Incumbents pp. 720-741 Downloads
Gregory A. Huber, Seth J. Hill and Gabriel S. Lenz
Tying Your Enemy's Hands in Close Races: The Politics of Federal Transfers in Brazil pp. 742-761 Downloads
Fernanda Brollo and Tommaso Nannicini
The Adverse Effects of Sunshine: A Field Experiment on Legislative Transparency in an Authoritarian Assembly pp. 762-786 Downloads
Edmund Malesky, Paul Schuler and Anh Tran
Borrowed Power: Debt Finance and the Resort to Arms pp. 787-809 Downloads
Branislav Slantchev
“Writing a Name in the Sky”: Rancière, Cavell, and the Possibility of Egalitarian Inscription pp. 810-826 Downloads
Aletta J. Norval
Democracy's Dignity pp. 827-846 Downloads
Josiah Ober
The Supreme Court's Many Median Justices pp. 847-866 Downloads
Benjamin E. Lauderdale and Tom S. Clark
On the Demos and Its Kin: Nationalism, Democracy, and the Boundary Problem pp. 867-882 Downloads
Arash Abizadeh
Does Combat Experience Foster Organizational Skill? Evidence from Ethnic Cleansing during the Partition of South Asia pp. 883-907 Downloads
Saumitra Jha and Steven Wilkinson
Legislative Bargaining and the Dynamics of Public Investment pp. 908-909 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Salvatore Nunnari and Thomas R. Palfrey

Volume 106, issue 03, 2012

The Autocratic Legacy of Early Statehood pp. 471-494 Downloads
Jacob Gerner Hariri
Inequality and Regime Change: Democratic Transitions and the Stability of Democratic Rule pp. 495-516 Downloads
Stephan Haggard and Robert R. Kaufman
Putting Inequality in Its Place: Rural Consciousness and the Power of Perspective pp. 517-532 Downloads
Katherine Cramer Walsh
Gender Inequality in Deliberative Participation pp. 533-547 Downloads
Christopher F. Karpowitz, Tali Mendelberg and Lee Shaker
The Civic Origins of Progressive Policy Change: Combating Violence against Women in Global Perspective, 1975–2005 pp. 548-569 Downloads
Mala Htun and S. Laurel Weldon
Crime Victimization and Political Participation pp. 570-587 Downloads
Regina Bateson
Collective Action, Clientelism, and Connectivity pp. 588-606 Downloads
Mahvish Shami
Competing for Liberty: The Republican Critique of Democracy pp. 607-621 Downloads
Nadia Urbinati
Rule Creation in a Political Hierarchy pp. 622-643 Downloads
Clifford J. Carrubba and Tom S. Clark
Socratic Method and Political Science pp. 644-660 Downloads
Christopher Meckstroth
Benchmarking across Borders: Electoral Accountability and the Necessity of Comparison pp. 661-684 Downloads
Mark Andreas Kayser and Michael Peress

Volume 106, issue 02, 2012

Elite Competition, Religiosity, and Anti-Americanism in the Islamic World pp. 225-243 Downloads
Lisa Blaydes and Drew A. Linzer
The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy pp. 244-274 Downloads
Robert D. Woodberry
Between Polis and Empire: Aristotle's Politics pp. 275-293 Downloads
Mary G. Dietz
Does the Leader's Ethnicity Matter? Ethnic Favoritism, Education, and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 294-325 Downloads
Raphael Franck and Ilia Rainer
Strongmen and Straw Men: Authoritarian Regimes and the Initiation of International Conflict pp. 326-347 Downloads
Jessica L. Weeks
The Influence of Federal Spending on Presidential Elections pp. 348-366 Downloads
Douglas L. Kriner and Andrew Reeves
Legislatures, Bureaucracies, and Distributive Spending pp. 367-385 Downloads
Michael M. Ting
Insecure Alliances: Risk, Inequality, and Support for the Welfare State pp. 386-406 Downloads
Philipp Rehm, Jacob S. Hacker and Mark Schlesinger
Legislative Bargaining and the Dynamics of Public Investment pp. 407-429 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Salvatore Nunnari and Thomas R. Palfrey
A Source of Bias in Public Opinion Stability pp. 430-454 Downloads
James N. Druckman, Jordan Fein and Thomas J. Leeper
Another Realism: The Politics of Gandhian Nonviolence pp. 455-470 Downloads
Karuna Mantena

Volume 106, issue 01, 2012

Editorial Statement pp. iii-iv Downloads
John Ishiyama, Marijke Breuning, Steven Forde and Martinez-Ebers, Valerie
Candidate Genes and Political Behavior pp. 1-34 Downloads
Evan Charney and William English
When Natural Experiments Are Neither Natural nor Experiments pp. 35-57 Downloads
Jasjeet S. Sekhon and Rocio Titiunik
The Economic Origins of Democracy Reconsidered pp. 58-80 Downloads
John R. Freeman and Dennis P. Quinn
Democracy, War, and Wealth: Lessons from Two Centuries of Inheritance Taxation pp. 81-102 Downloads
Kenneth Scheve and David Stasavage
Electoral Business Cycles in OECD Countries pp. 103-122 Downloads
Canes-Wrone, Brandice and Jee-Kwang Park
Dynamic Government Performance: Honeymoons and Crises of Confidence pp. 123-145 Downloads
Torun Dewan and David Myatt
The Perils of Unearned Foreign Income: Aid, Remittances, and Government Survival pp. 146-165 Downloads
Faisal Z. Ahmed
Getting Ahead in the Communist Party: Explaining the Advancement of Central Committee Members in China pp. 166-187 Downloads
Victor Shih, Christopher Adolph and Mingxing Liu
The People, Rhetoric, and Affect: On the Political Force of Du Bois's The Souls of Black Folk pp. 188-203 Downloads
Melvin L. Rogers
The European Court of Justice, State Noncompliance, and the Politics of Override pp. 204-213 Downloads
Alec Stone Sweet and Thomas Brunell
Understanding the Role of the European Court of Justice in European Integration pp. 214-223 Downloads
Clifford J. Carruba, Matthew Gabel and Charles Hankla

Volume 105, issue 04, 2011

Searching for Good Policies pp. 643-662 Downloads
Steven Callander
Expertise and Scale of Conflict: Governments as Advocates in American Indian Politics pp. 663-682 Downloads
Laura E. Evans
Voting with Your Feet: Exit-based Empowerment in Democratic Theory pp. 683-701 Downloads
Mark E. Warren
Governance and Prison Gangs pp. 702-716 Downloads
David Skarbek
Politicizing Agency Spending Authority: Lessons from a Bush-era Scandal pp. 717-734 Downloads
Sanford C. Gordon
Rethinking Culture: The Social Lineage Account pp. 735-749 Downloads
Alan Patten
“From This Far Place”: On Justice and Absence pp. 750-764 Downloads
W. James Booth
Unpacking the Black Box of Causality: Learning about Causal Mechanisms from Experimental and Observational Studies pp. 765-789 Downloads
Kosuke Imai, Luke Keele, Dustin Tingley and Teppei Yamamoto
Newspapers and Parties: How Advertising Revenues Created an Independent Press pp. 790-808 Downloads
Maria Petrova
Democracy, Development, and the International System pp. 809-828 Downloads
Carles Boix
Collective Action with Uncertain Payoffs: Coordination, Public Signals, and Punishment Dilemmas pp. 829-851 Downloads
Mehdi Shadmehr and Dan Bernhardt

Volume 105, issue 03, 2011

The Cost of Empty Threats: A Penny, Not a Pound pp. 437-456 Downloads
Jack Snyder and Erica D. Borghard
The Decider's Dilemma: Leader Culpability, War Outcomes, and Domestic Punishment pp. 457-477 Downloads
Sarah E. Croco
Horizontal Inequalities and Ethnonationalist Civil War: A Global Comparison pp. 478-495 Downloads
Lars-Erik Cederman, Nils B. Weidmann and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
Elite Influence on Public Opinion in an Informed Electorate pp. 496-515 Downloads
John G. Bullock
Deliberation with Evidence pp. 516-529 Downloads
Jérôme Mathis
The Ideological Mapping of American Legislatures pp. 530-551 Downloads
Boris Shor and Nolan McCARTY
Do Democracies Select More Educated Leaders? pp. 552-566 Downloads
Timothy Besley and Reynal-Querol, Marta
Patronage and Elections in U.S. States pp. 567-585 Downloads
Olle Folke, Shigeo Hirano and James M. Snyder
Making Outsiders' Votes Count: Detecting Electoral Fraud through a Natural Experiment pp. 586-603 Downloads
Kentaro Fukumoto and Yusaku Horiuchi
Intersectionality, Quotas, and Minority Women's Political Representation Worldwide pp. 604-620 Downloads
Melanie M. Hughes
Clarifying the Concept of Representation pp. 621-630 Downloads
Jane Mansbridge
The Concepts of Representation pp. 631-641 Downloads
Andrew Rehfeld

Volume 105, issue 02, 2011

Caught in the Draft: The Effects of Vietnam Draft Lottery Status on Political Attitudes pp. 221-237 Downloads
Robert S. Erikson and Laura Stoker
Jurisdiction Size and Local Democracy: Evidence on Internal Political Efficacy from Large-scale Municipal Reform pp. 238-258 Downloads
David Lassen and Søren Serritzlew
Deliberation, Democracy, and the Rule of Reason in Aristotle's Politics pp. 259-274 Downloads
James Lindley Wilson
Divide and Conquer or Divide and Concede: How Do States Respond to Internally Divided Separatists? pp. 275-297 Downloads
Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham
Hobbes on the Causes of War: A Disagreement Theory pp. 298-315 Downloads
Arash Abizadeh
The Structure of Inequality and the Politics of Redistribution pp. 316-336 Downloads
Noam Lupu and Jonas Pontusson
Strategic Opposition and Government Cohesion in Westminster Democracies pp. 337-358 Downloads
Torun Dewan and Arthur Spirling
Parties, Coalitions, and the Internal Organization of Legislatures pp. 359-380 Downloads
Daniel Diermeier and Razvan Vlaicu
On Partisan Political Justification pp. 381-396 Downloads
Jonathan White and Lea Ypi
Judicial Review as a Response to Political Posturing pp. 397-414 Downloads
Justin Fox and Matthew C. Stephenson
Does International Law Promote the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes? Evidence from the Study of Territorial Conflicts since 1945 pp. 415-436 Downloads
Paul K. Huth, Sarah E. Croco and Benjamin J. Appel

Volume 105, issue 01, 2011

Do Natural Resources Fuel Authoritarianism? A Reappraisal of the Resource Curse pp. 1-26 Downloads
Stephen Haber and Victor Menaldo
The Tragedy of the Nomenklatura: Career Incentives and Political Radicalism during China's Great Leap Famine pp. 27-45 Downloads
James Kung and Shuo Chen
Bribes, Lobbying, and Development pp. 46-63 Downloads
Bard Harstad and Jakob Svensson
Is There a Trade-off between Security and Liberty? Executive Bias, Privacy Protections, and Terrorism Prevention pp. 64-78 Downloads
Tiberiu Dragu
Competing on Good Politicians pp. 79-99 Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso and Tommaso Nannicini
Toward a Mobilization Conception of Democratic Representation pp. 100-114 Downloads
Lisa Disch
Turning Out to Vote: The Costs of Finding and Getting to the Polling Place pp. 115-134 Downloads
Henry E. Brady and John E. McNulty
How Large and Long-lasting Are the Persuasive Effects of Televised Campaign Ads? Results from a Randomized Field Experiment pp. 135-150 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber, James G. Gimpel, Donald P. Green and Daron R. Shaw
Parties, Pivots, and Policy: The Status Quo Test pp. 151-165 Downloads
Jesse Richman
Costly Jobs: Trade-related Layoffs, Government Compensation, and Voting in U.S. Elections pp. 166-188 Downloads
Yotam Margalit
Hobbes, Savagery, and International Anarchy pp. 189-204 Downloads
Pat Moloney
Coercion and (Global) Justice pp. 205-220 Downloads
Laura Valentini
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