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Volume 102, issue 04, 2008

What Is a “Right to Have Rights”? Three Images of the Politics of Human Rights pp. 401-416 Downloads
James D. Ingram
The Impartiality of International Judges: Evidence from the European Court of Human Rights pp. 417-433 Downloads
Erik Voeten
Judicial Behavior under Political Constraints: Evidence from the European Court of Justice pp. 435-452 Downloads
Clifford J. Carrubba, Matthew Gabel and Charles Hankla
The New Unitary Executive and Democratic Theory: The Problem of Alexander Hamilton pp. 453-465 Downloads
Jeremy D. Bailey
Punishment, Property, and the Limits of Altruism: Locke's International Asymmetry pp. 467-479 Downloads
Alex Tuckness
Discursive Representation pp. 481-493 Downloads
John S. Dryzek and Simon Niemeyer
The Role of Parties' Past Behavior in Coalition Formation pp. 495-507 Downloads
Margit Tavits
Governmental Centralization and Party Affiliation: Legislator Strategies in Brazil and Japan pp. 509-524 Downloads
Scott Desposato and Ethan Scheiner

Volume 102, issue 03, 2008

Are Voters Sensitive to Terrorism? Direct Evidence from the Israeli Electorate pp. 279-301 Downloads
Claude Berrebi and Esteban Klor
Candidate Positioning and Voter Choice pp. 303-318 Downloads
Michael Tomz and Robert P. van Houweling
A Formal Model of Learning and Policy Diffusion pp. 319-332 Downloads
Craig Volden, Michael M. Ting and Daniel P. Carpenter
Delegating Direct Democracy: Interparty Legislative Competition and the Adoption of the Initiative in the American States pp. 333-350 Downloads
Daniel A. Smith and Dustin Fridkin
The Qualities of Leadership: Direction, Communication, and Obfuscation pp. 351-368 Downloads
Torun Dewan and David Myatt
Does Legal Doctrine Matter? Unpacking Law and Policy Preferences on the U.S. Supreme Court pp. 369-384 Downloads
Michael A. Bailey and Forrest Maltzman
Erratum to “Bargaining in Legislatures over Particularistic and Collective Goods” American Political Science Review 101(1): 79–92 pp. 385-386 Downloads
Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman
Democracy and the Logic of Political Survival pp. 387-392 Downloads
Kevin A. Clarke and Randall W. Stone
Retesting Selectorate Theory: Separating the Effects of W from Other Elements of Democracy pp. 393-400 Downloads
James D. Morrow, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Randolph M. Siverson and Alastair Smith

Volume 102, issue 02, 2008

Authoritarian Reversals and Democratic Consolidation pp. 153-168 Downloads
Milan Svolik
Replacing Cabinet Ministers: Patterns of Ministerial Stability in Parliamentary Democracies pp. 169-180 Downloads
John D. Huber and Martinez-Gallardo, Cecilia
The Political Origins of Coordinated Capitalism: Business Organizations, Party Systems, and State Structure in the Age of Innocence pp. 181-198 Downloads
Cathie Jo Martin and Duane Swank
Mill, Political Economy, and Women's Work pp. 199-213 Downloads
Nancy J. Hirschmann
The Strength of Issues: Using Multiple Measures to Gauge Preference Stability, Ideological Constraint, and Issue Voting pp. 215-232 Downloads
Stephen Ansolabehere, Jonathan Rodden and James M. Snyder
Genetic Variation in Political Participation pp. 233-248 Downloads
James H. Fowler, Laura A. Baker and Christopher T. Dawes
Whistleblowing pp. 249-267 Downloads
Michael M. Ting
Design, Inference, and the Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism pp. 269-273 Downloads
Scott Ashworth, Joshua D. Clinton, Adam Meirowitz and Kristopher W. Ramsay
Methods and Findings in the Study of Suicide Terrorism pp. 275-277 Downloads
Robert A. Pape

Volume 102, issue 01, 2008

Cycles in American National Electoral Politics, 1854–2006: Statistical Evidence and an Explanatory Model pp. 1-17 Downloads
Samuel Merrill, Bernard Grofman and Thomas L. Brunell
Vote Buying or Turnout Buying? Machine Politics and the Secret Ballot pp. 19-31 Downloads
Simeon Nichter
Social Pressure and Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment pp. 33-48 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber, Donald P. Green and Christopher W. Larimer
Is Voting Contagious? Evidence from Two Field Experiments pp. 49-57 Downloads
David W. Nickerson
Challenges to the Impartiality of State Supreme Courts: Legitimacy Theory and “New-Style” Judicial Campaigns pp. 59-75 Downloads
James L. Gibson
Systemic Politics and the Origins of Great Power Conflict pp. 77-93 Downloads
Bear F. Braumoeller
The Multiple Effects of Casualties on Public Support for War: An Experimental Approach pp. 95-106 Downloads
Scott Sigmund Gartner
Oil, Islam, and Women pp. 107-123 Downloads
Michael L. Ross
The Autocrat's Credibility Problem and Foundations of the Constitutional State pp. 125-139 Downloads
Roger B. Myerson
Plato's Critique of Hedonism in the Philebus pp. 141-151 Downloads
Robert C. Bartlett

Volume 101, issue 04, 2007

Effects of Television Discourse on Perceptions of a Legitimate Opposition pp. 621-635 Downloads
Diana C. Mutz
Framing Public Opinion in Competitive Democracies pp. 637-655 Downloads
Dennis Chong and James N. Druckman
The Law of k/n: The Effect of Chamber Size on Government Spending in Bicameral Legislatures pp. 657-676 Downloads
Jowei Chen and Neil Malhotra
Partition as a Solution to Wars of Nationalism: The Importance of Institutions pp. 677-691 Downloads
Thomas Chapman and Philip G. Roeder
Can Institutions Build Unity in Multiethnic States? pp. 693-708 Downloads
Zachary Elkins and John Sides
Why Does Ethnic Diversity Undermine Public Goods Provision? pp. 709-725 Downloads
James Habyarimana, Macartan Humphreys, Daniel N. Posner and Jeremy M. Weinstein
Rousseau's Discriminating Defense of Compassion pp. 727-739 Downloads
Jonathan Marks
A Methods-centered Approach to Cross-cultural Engagement pp. 741-755 Downloads
Leigh Kathryn Jenco
Pax Asiatica versus Bella Levantina: The Foundations of War and Peace in East Asia and the Middle East pp. 757-780 Downloads
Etel Solingen
Strikes and Labor Organization in Hybrid Regimes pp. 781-798 Downloads
Graeme B. Robertson
Allocating Defensive Resources with Private Information about Vulnerability pp. 799-809 Downloads
Robert Powell
Institutions and Equilibrium in the United States Supreme Court pp. 811-825 Downloads
Robert Anderson Iv and Alexander M. Tahk
Leading the Party: Coordination, Direction, and Communication pp. 827-845 Downloads
Torun Dewan and David Myatt
Demand Commitment in Legislative Bargaining pp. 847-850 Downloads
Maria Montero and Juan Vidal-Puga
Demand Commitment and Legislative Bargaining: A Response pp. 851-851 Downloads
Massimo Morelli

Volume 101, issue 03, 2007

Economic Interests and the Origins of Electoral Systems pp. 373-391 Downloads
Thomas R. Cusack, Torben Iversen and David Soskice
Vote Choice in Suburban Elections pp. 393-408 Downloads
J. Eric Oliver and Shang E. Ha
Efficiency, Equity, and Timing of Voting Mechanisms pp. 409-424 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Rebecca Morton and Thomas Palfrey
IS Se Puede! Latino Candidates and the Mobilization of Latino Voters pp. 425-441 Downloads
Matt A. Barreto
Democratic Theory and Political Science: A Pragmatic Method of Constructive Engagement pp. 443-458 Downloads
Archon Fung
Federalism, Liberalism, and the Separation of Loyalties pp. 459-477 Downloads
Jacob T. Levy
A Portrait of the Artist in Politics: Justice and Self-Interest in Aristophanes' Acharnians pp. 479-492 Downloads
Paul W. Ludwig
The Struggle between: Jefferson, Backus, and the Dissonance of America's Founding Principles pp. 493-503 Downloads
J. Judd Owen
Explaining the Political Ambivalence of Religion pp. 505-525 Downloads
Daniel Philpott
Defending against Terrorist Attacks with Limited Resources pp. 527-541 Downloads
Robert Powell
Efficient Secrecy: Public versus Private Threats in Crisis Diplomacy pp. 543-558 Downloads
Shuhei Kurizaki
When Do States Follow the Laws of War? pp. 559-572 Downloads
James D. Morrow
Who Keeps International Commitments and Why? The International Criminal Court and Bilateral Nonsurrender Agreements pp. 573-589 Downloads
Judith Kelley
Constructing Legal Rules on Appellate Courts pp. 591-604 Downloads
Jeffrey R. Lax
Regulatory Quality Under Imperfect Oversight pp. 605-620 Downloads
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Matthew C. Stephenson

Volume 101, issue 02, 2007

Editorial Statement pp. iii-iv Downloads
Ron Rogowski
Pericles at Gettysburg and Ground Zero: Tragedy, Patriotism, and Public Mourning pp. 195-208 Downloads
Simon Stow
Can the Prince Really Be Tamed? Executive Prerogative, Popular Apathy, and the Constitutional Frame in Locke's Second Treatise pp. 209-222 Downloads
Benjamin A. Kleinerman
Reopening the Quarrel between the Ancients and the Moderns: Leo Strauss's Critique of Hobbes's pp. 223-233 Downloads
Devin Stauffer
Islamic Foundations for a Social Contract in non-Muslim Liberal Democracies pp. 235-252 Downloads
Andrew F. March
What's at Stake in the American Empire Debate pp. 253-271 Downloads
Daniel H. Nexon and Thomas Wright
When Do Elections Encourage Ideological Rigidity? pp. 273-288 Downloads
Canes-Wrone, Brandice and Kenneth W. Shotts
Candidate Quality, the Personal Vote, and the Incumbency Advantage in Congress pp. 289-301 Downloads
Jamie L. Carson, Erik J. Engstrom and Jason M. Roberts
Challenger Entry and Voter Learning pp. 303-320 Downloads
Sanford C. Gordon, Gregory A. Huber and Dimitri Landa
Party, Policy, or Duty: Why Does the Supreme Court Invalidate Federal Statutes? pp. 321-338 Downloads
Thomas M. Keck
When Race Matters and When It Doesn't: Racial Group Differences in Response to Racial Cues pp. 339-354 Downloads
Ismail K. White
Solidary Groups, Informal Accountability, and Local Public Goods Provision in Rural China pp. 355-372 Downloads
Lily L. Tsai

Volume 101, issue 01, 2007

Between Decision and Deliberation: Political Paradox in Democratic Theory pp. 1-17 Downloads
Bonnie Honig
The Politics of the Personal: A Liberal Approach pp. 19-31 Downloads
Corey Brettschneider
The Genders of Citizenship pp. 33-46 Downloads
Stephen T. Leonard and Joan C. Tronto
The Priority of Democracy: A Pragmatist Approach to Political-Economic Institutions and the Burden of Justification pp. 47-61 Downloads
Jack Knight and James Johnson
Scandal, Protection, and Recovery in the Cabinet pp. 63-77 Downloads
Torun Dewan and David Myatt
Bargaining in Legislatures over Particularistic and Collective Goods pp. 79-92 Downloads
Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman
Buying Expertise: Campaign Contributions and Attention to Policy Analysis in Congressional Committees pp. 93-109 Downloads
Kevin M. Esterling
A Public Transformed? Welfare Reform as Policy Feedback pp. 111-127 Downloads
Joe Soss and Sanford F. Schram
Explaining Bureaucratic Optimism: Theory and Evidence from U.S. Executive Agency Macroeconomic Forecasts pp. 129-142 Downloads
George A. Krause and J. Kevin Corder
The Paradox of Voter Participation? A Laboratory Study pp. 143-158 Downloads
David Levine and Thomas R. Palfrey
Tax Me If You Can: Ethnic Geography, Democracy, and the Taxation of Agriculture in Africa pp. 159-172 Downloads
Kimuli Kasara
Beyond Fractionalization: Mapping Ethnicity onto Nationalist Insurgencies pp. 173-185 Downloads
Lars-Erik Cederman and Luc Girardin
Ethnic Minority Rule and Civil War Onset pp. 187-193 Downloads
James Fearon, Kimuli Kasara and David D. Laitin
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