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Volume 9, issue 04, 1915

Judicial Control of Administrative and Legislative Acts in France pp. 637-665 Downloads
James W. Garner
The Substitution of Rule for Discretion in Public Law pp. 666-676 Downloads
Ernst Freund
The Trend Within the British Empire pp. 677-695 Downloads
Theodore H. Boggs
The Congressional Caucus of Today pp. 696-706 Downloads
Wilder H. Haines
The Early History of the Tradition of the Constitution pp. 707-734 Downloads
Frank I. Schechter
Law Reform—New York pp. 735-738 Downloads
Henry A. Forster
Legislation of 1914 Affecting Nominations and Elections pp. 738-743 Downloads
Victor J. West
Legislation of 1915 Concerning Nominations and Elections pp. 743-748 Downloads
Victor J. West
Special Municipal Corporations pp. 751-759 Downloads
Charles Kettleborough
Budgetary Laws pp. 759-762 Downloads
Frank G. Bates
Decisions of State Courts on Points of Public Law pp. 779-786 Downloads
John T. Fitzpatrick
Das Internationale Landkriegsrecht Erläutert. By Dr. Karl Strupp. (Frankfurt am Main: Joseph Baer & Co., 1914. Pp. xii, 252.) pp. 789-790 Downloads
Jesse S. Reeves
Die Geschichte der Pan-Amerikanischen Bewegung mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer völkerrechtlichen Bedeutung. By Dr. Robert Büchi. (Völkerrechtliche Monographien herausgegeben von Dr. Walter Schücking und Dr. Hans Wehberg Heft 2, Breslau, 1914, J. U. Kern's Verlag. Pp. xvi, 189.) pp. 790-791 Downloads
Jesse S. Reeves
Bender's War Revenue Law 1914. By the Publisher's Editorial Staff. (Albany, N. Y.: Matthew Bender and Company, 1914. Pp. xxviii. 181.) pp. 791-792 Downloads
J. Wallace Bryan
The Monroe Doctrine: National or International? By William I. Hull. (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1915. Pp. vii, 129.) pp. 792-792 Downloads
Robert T. Crane
Woman's Work in Municipalities. By Mary Ritter Beard. (New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1915. Pp. x, 337.) pp. 792-793 Downloads
Robert T. Crane
Cyclopedia of American Government. Edited by Andrew C. McLaughlin and Albert Bushnell Hart. (New York and London: D. Appleton and Company, 1915. 3 volumes. Pp. xxxiv, 732; vi, 773; v, 785.) pp. 793-798 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
The Natural History of the State: An Introduction to Political Science. By Henry Jones Ford. (Princeton University Press, 1915. Pp. i–viii, 1–188) pp. 798-799 Downloads
J. Q. Dealey
The Formal Bases of Law. By Giorgio del Vecchio. Translated by John Lisle. Modern Legal Philosophy Series, Vol X. (Boston: The Boston Book Co., 1914. Pp. lvii, 418.) pp. 799-802 Downloads
Morris Raphael Cohen
Societal Evolution. By Albert Galloway Keller. (New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. ix + 338.) pp. 802-803 Downloads
Henry Jones Ford
Applied City Government. By Herman G. James. (New York: Harper and Bros. Pp. ix + 106.) pp. 803-804 Downloads
Henry Jones Ford
Recent Government Publications of Political Interest pp. 805-810 Downloads
John A. Dorney

Volume 9, issue 03, 1915

Education for the Bar in the United States pp. 437-448 Downloads
Simeon E. Baldwin
The Bicameral System in State Legislation pp. 449-466 Downloads
James D. Barnett
The Presidential Preference Primary pp. 467-487 Downloads
Francis W. Dickey
Scientific Management of the Public Business pp. 488-495 Downloads
Morris L. Cooke
City Manager Plan in Ohio pp. 496-503 Downloads
L. D. Upson
Some Reflections on the City Manager Plan of Government pp. 504-506 Downloads
Herman G. James
Court Organization for a Metropolitan District pp. 507-518 Downloads
Herbert Harley
Repeal of the Judiciary Act of 1801 pp. 519-528 Downloads
William S. Carpenter
Present Tendencies in Judicial Reform pp. 529-542 Downloads
Herbert Harley
Legislative Reference for Congress pp. 542-549 Downloads
Herbert Putnam
Civil Service Legislation—1915 pp. 549-555 Downloads
Albert Smith Faught
Administration of Mothers' Pension Laws pp. 555-558 Downloads
Charles Kettleborough
Commission and City Manager Government pp. 561-563 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
Fixing Responsibility for Fires pp. 563-563 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
City Planning—New York pp. 564-565 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
Taking Property by Condemnation pp. 564-564 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
Purchasing Department pp. 565-566 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
Municipal Ice Plants pp. 565-565 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
Regulation of the Jitney Bus pp. 566-567 Downloads
1 A. M. H.
Decisions of State Courts on Points of Public Law pp. 590-594 Downloads
John T. Fitzpatrick
Limitations on the Treaty-Making Power Under the Constitution of the United States. By Henry St. George Tucker. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1915. Pp. xxi, 444.) pp. 595-598 Downloads
Lindsay Rogers
Austria-Hungary and the War. By Ernest Ludwig, with an introduction by Dr. Constantin Theodor Dumba. (New York: J. S. Ogilvie. 1915. Pp. 217, with two appendices.) pp. 598-602 Downloads
N. Dwight Harris
Les Finances de Guerre de L'Angleterre. By Gaston Jèze, Professeur-adjoint a la Faculté de Droit de L'Université de Paris. (Paris: Giard et Brière. 1915. Pp. 248.) pp. 602-604 Downloads
James W. Garner
A History of French Public Law. By Jean Brissaud. Translated by James W. Garner. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1915. Pp. lviii + 581.) pp. 604-605 Downloads
J. M. Vincent
War: Its Conduct and Legal Results. By T. Baty and J. H. Morgan. (New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. 1915. Pp. xxviii, 578.)Manual of Emergency Legislation … Passed and Made in Consequence of the War. Edited by Alexander Pulling. (London: H. M. Stationery Office. 1914. Pp. xi. 572.) pp. 605-608 Downloads
Lindsay Rogers
Les Principes Généraux du Droit Administratif. Deuxième édition. By Gaston Jèze. (Paris: Giard et Brière. 1914. Pp. xlvii, 542.) pp. 608-612 Downloads
James W. Garner
The Philosophy of Law. By Josef Kohler. (Boston: The Boston Book Company. 1914. Pp. xliv, 390.) pp. 612-614 Downloads
Orrin K. McMurray
Recent Government Publications of Political Interest pp. 615-624 Downloads
John A. Dorney

Volume 9, issue 02, 1915

Reform in China pp. 209-224 Downloads
Frank J. Goodnow
Remarks on President Goodnow's Paper pp. 224-226 Downloads
Sudhindra Bose
The Southern Slav Question pp. 227-251 Downloads
Norman Dwight Harris
Governmental Reorganization in Illinois pp. 252-257 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
Administrative Reorganization in Iowa pp. 258-263 Downloads
F. E. Horack
The Reorganization of State Government in Kansas pp. 264-272 Downloads
C. A. Dykstra
Administrative Reorganization in Minnesota pp. 273-286 Downloads
Jeremiah S. Young
Reorganization of State Government in Oregon pp. 287-293 Downloads
James D. Barnett
The Reorganization of State Government pp. 294-303 Downloads
Herman G. James
The Executive Council, with Special Reference to Massachusetts pp. 304-308 Downloads
A. N. Holcombe
Reorganization of state administration pp. 317-322 Downloads
Frank G. Bates
Home rule legislation during the years 1913–1914 pp. 322-327 Downloads
Alice M. Holden
Report of Committee of Seven on Instruction in Colleges and Universities pp. 353-374 Downloads
Charles G. Haines
Preliminary Report of the Joint Committee on Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure pp. 374-381 Downloads
E. R. A. Seligman
Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution. By A. V. Dicey. Eighth edition. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1915. Pp. cv, 577.) pp. 385-389 Downloads
1 E. P.
Intervention and Colonization in Africa. By Norman Dwight Harris, with an introduction by James T. Shotwell. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1914. Pp. xviii, 384.) pp. 389-391 Downloads
C. S. Allin
The Legislative Union of England and Scotland. By P. Hume Brown. (Oxford: The Clarendon Press. 1914. Pp. xii, 208.) pp. 391-393 Downloads
Edward Porritt
Party Government in the United States of America. By William Milligan Sloane. (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1914. Pp. xvii, 451.) pp. 395-398 Downloads
Victor J. West
The Individual Delinquent. By Dr. William Healy. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1915. Pp. 830.) pp. 398-399 Downloads
Adolf Meyer
The Dread of Responsibility. By Émile Faguet. Translated from the French by Emily James Putnam. (New York: G. P. Putnam Sons, 1914. Pp. xv, 221.) pp. 399-401 Downloads
J. W. Garner
The Passing of the Great Reform Bill. By J. R. M. Butler. (New York: Longmans, Green and Company, 1914. Pp. xiii, 454.)The Genesis of Parliamentary Reform. By George Stead Veitch, with introduction by Ramsay Muir. (London: Constable and Company. Pp xxxi, 397.) pp. 401-405 Downloads
Edward Porritt
Thirty Years. Anglo-French Reminiscences (1876–1906). By Sir Thomas Barclay. (Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company. 1914. Pp. viii, 389 pp. 405-406 Downloads
John H. Latané
The Principles and Practice of Prize Law. By Viscount Tiverton. (London: Butterworth and Company, 1914. Pp. xix, 218.) pp. 406-408 Downloads
Philip Marshall Brown
Harrington and his Oceana. By H. F. Russell Smith. (Cambridge University Press, 1914. Pp. 223.) pp. 408-409 Downloads
Raymond G. Gettell
Progressive Democracy. By Herbert Croly. (New York: Macmillan Company. Pp. vii, 438.) pp. 409-410 Downloads
Henry Jones Ford
The Political Science of John Adams. By C. M. Walsh. (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. xii, 374.) pp. 410-411 Downloads
Henry Jones Ford
The Modern City and Its Problems. By Frederic C. Howe, Ph.D. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915. Pp. x, 390.) pp. 411-412 Downloads
William Bennett Munro
Recent Government Publications of Political Interest pp. 413-423 Downloads
John A. Dorney

Volume 9, issue 01, 1915

Law and Organization: Presidential Address the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association pp. 1-15 Downloads
John Bassett Moore
The Causes of the Great War pp. 16-35 Downloads
Edward Raymond Turner
Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States on Constitutional Questions, 1911–1914 pp. 36-49 Downloads
Emlin McClain
The essence of democracy pp. 50-56 Downloads
Wilhelm Hasbach
The Federal Trade Commission: The Development of the Law which led to its Establishment pp. 57-67 Downloads
James A. Fayne
Sub-Committees of Congress pp. 68-92 Downloads
Burton L. French
Some Phases of Injunction Legislation 1913–1914 pp. 93-97 Downloads
Carl Henry Mote
Constitutional Amendments and Referred Acts, November Election, 1914 pp. 101-107 Downloads
Frank G. Bates
Administration of Minimum Wage Laws in the United States pp. 107-110 Downloads
F. H. Guild
The Reorganization of County Government in 1913 and 1914 pp. 111-114 Downloads
Dorothy Ketcham
War Literature pp. 142-146 Downloads
Edward Raymond Turner
Who Made German Opinion? pp. 146-156 Downloads
H. R. Spencer
The Validity of Rate Regulations, State and Federal. By Robert P. Reeder, of the Philadelphia Bar. (Philadelphia: T. and J. N. Johnson Company, 1914. Pp. ix, 440.) pp. 160-163 Downloads
Edward S. Corwin
The Confederation of Europe: A Study of the European Alliance, 1813–1823, as an Experiment in the International Organization of Peace. By Walter Alison Phillips, M.A. (London and New York: Longmans, Green, and Company, 1914. Pp. xv, 315.) pp. 163-166 Downloads
John H. Latané
“L'État et les Fonctionnaires: Études Economiques et Sociales, Publiées avec le concours du Collège libre des Sciences sociales.” By Alexander Lefas. (Paris: Giard et Brière, 1913. Pp. lxix, 397.) pp. 166-168 Downloads
James W. Garner
The American Doctrine of Judicial Supremacy. By Charles Grove Haines. (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1914. Pp. xvii, 365.) pp. 168-170 Downloads
W. F. Dodd
Law, Legislative and Municipal Reference Libraries. By John B. Kaiser. (Boston: Boston Book Company, 1914. Pp. 467.) pp. 170-172 Downloads
John A. Lapp
The Neutrality Laws of the United States. By Charles G. Fenwick. (Washington: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1913. Pp. 201.) pp. 172-174 Downloads
Robert T. Crane
An Economic History of Russia. By James Mavor. (New York: J. M. Dent and Sons, 1914. Vol. I, pp. 614; vol. II, pp. 630.) pp. 174-176 Downloads
Samuel N. Harper
Outlines of International Law. By Charles H. Stockton, Rear-Admiral U. S. N., Retired. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1914. Pp. xvii, 616.) pp. 177-178 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
Die Judikature des Ständigen Schiedshofs von 1899–1913. Dritter Teil. (München und Leipzig: Duncker und Humblot. 1914. Pp. 368) pp. 178-179 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
Municipal Life and Government in Germany. By William Harbutt Dawson. (London: Longmans, Green and Company, 1914. Pp. 507) pp. 179-180 Downloads
Karl F. Geiser
The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs. By J. Castell Hopkins, F.S.S., F.R.G.S. Thirteenth Year of Issue. (Toronto: The Annual Review Publishing Company. Pp. 766. Supplement, pp. 70.) pp. 181-182 Downloads
Edward Porritt
America and the Philippines. By Carl Crow. (New York: Doubleday, Page and Company, 1914. Pp. xi, 287.) pp. 181-181 Downloads
Henry Jones Ford
Municipal Charters—A Discussion of the Essentials of a City Charter with Models for Adoption. By Nathan Matthews. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1914. Pp. 210.) pp. 183-184 Downloads
1 H. G. J.
Documents Illustrative of International Law. By T. J. Lawrence. (New York: Heath and Company, 1914. Pp. vi, 351.) pp. 184-185 Downloads
Robert T. Crane
The Great Society. By Graham Wallas. (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1914. Pp. xii, 383.) pp. 185-185 Downloads
Henry Jones Ford
Essai sur la legitimité des gouvernements dans ses rapports avec les gouvernements de fait. By Raymond Gaudu. (Paris: Librairie Felix Alcan. Pp. xviii, 821.) pp. 185-187 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
Foreigners in Turkey. By Philip Marshall Brown. (Princeton University Press, 1914. Pp. iv, 118.) pp. 187-187 Downloads
Robert T. Crane
Recent Government Publications of Political Interest pp. 188-194 Downloads
John A. Dorney
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