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Volume 49, issue 04, 1955

The Constitution and the Tasks Ahead pp. 961-979 Downloads
Charles McKinley
Presidency and Legislation: Planning the President's Program pp. 980-1021 Downloads
Richard E. Neustadt
Comparative Politics of Non-Western Countries pp. 1022-1041 Downloads
George Mct. Kahin, Guy J. Pauker and Lucian W. Pye
A Suggested Research Strategy in Western European Government and Politics pp. 1042-1049 Downloads
Gabriel A. Almond, Taylor Cole and Roy C. Macridis
Trade Unions and the British Labor Party pp. 1050-1066 Downloads
Bernard Hennessy
Organization of the Indonesian Elections pp. 1067-1084 Downloads
Robert C. Bone
Justice Harlan and the Uses of Dissent pp. 1085-1104 Downloads
Loren P. Beth
A New Look at the Constituencies: The Need for a Recount and a Reappraisal pp. 1105-1119 Downloads
Maurice Klain
A Two-Dimensional Scheme for Classifying the States According to Degree of Inter-Party Competition pp. 1120-1128 Downloads
Joseph A. Schlesinger
A Survey of Selected Literature on the Government and Politics of British West Africa pp. 1130-1150 Downloads
James S. Coleman
A Study of History. Vols. VII–X. By Arnold J. Toynbee. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1954. Pp. xxx, 772, ix, 732, viii, 759, vi, 422. $35.00.) pp. 1151-1154 Downloads
Arthur N. Holcombe
The Liberal Tradition in America: An Interpretation of American Political Thought since the Revolution. By Louis Hartz. (New York: Harcourt Brace and Co. 1955. Pp. ix, 309. $4.75.) pp. 1155-1157 Downloads
John D. Lewis
Politics in America. By D. W. Brogan. (New York: Harper & Brothers. 1954. Pp. 467. $5.00.) pp. 1157-1159 Downloads
Pendleton Herring
Justice William Johnson, The First Dissenter: The Career and Constitutional Philosophy of a Jeffersonian Judge. By Donald G. Morgan. (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. 1954. Pp. xv, 326. $6.50.) pp. 1159-1160 Downloads
Arnaud B. Leavelle
Regulating Business by Independent Commission. By Marver H. Bernstein. (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1955. Pp. xi, 306. $5.00.) pp. 1160-1163 Downloads
Avery Leiserson
The TVA: An Approach to the Development of a Region. By Gordon R. Clapp. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1955. Pp. xiii, 206. $3.50.)Personnel Policy in a Public Agency: The TVA Experience. By Harry L. Case. (New York: Harper & Brothers. 1955. Pp. xii, 176. $3.00.)Experiment in Management: Personnel Decentralization in the Tennessee Valley Authority. By Robert S. Avery. (Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press. 1954. Pp. xi, 212. $4.50.) pp. 1163-1165 Downloads
York Willbern
Great Cities of the World: Their Government, Politics and Planning. Edited by William A. Robson. (New York: The Macmillan Co. 1955. Pp. 693. $10.00.) pp. 1165-1167 Downloads
Roger H. Wells
Representative Government in Greek and Roman History. By J. A. O. Larsen. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1955. Pp. vi, 249. $4.00.) pp. 1167-1170 Downloads
Thomas I. Cook
Britain—Uneasy Ally. By Leon D. Epstein. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. viii, 279. $4.00.) pp. 1170-1171 Downloads
Benjamin E. Lippincott
The Australian Federal Labour Party, 1901–1951. By L. F. Crisp. (New York: Longmans, Green & Co. 1955. Pp. viii, 341.)Communism and Democracy in Australia: A Survey of the 1951 Referendum. By Leicester Webb (Melbourne: F. W. Cheshire. 1954. Pp. viii, 214. 25/–) pp. 1171-1172 Downloads
Werner Levi
Studies in Federalism. Directed and Edited by Robert R. Bowie and Carl J. Friedrich. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1954. Pp. xlii, 887. $15.00.) pp. 1172-1173 Downloads
Schuyler C. Wallace
The Third Reich. Edited by Maurice Baumont, John H. E. Fried, and Edmond Vermeil. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger. 1955. Pp. xv, 910. $9.00.) pp. 1173-1174 Downloads
Frederick L. Schuman
The Federal Government Service: Its Character, Prestige, and Problems. Prepared for The American Assembly. (New York: Graduate School of Business, Columbia University. 1954. Pp. 189.) pp. 1174-1175 Downloads
Ferrel Heady
Freedom in Agricultural Education. By Charles M. Hardin. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1955. Pp. xviii, 275. $4.50.) pp. 1175-1177 Downloads
Ralph K. Huitt
Behind the President: A Study of Executive Office Agencies. By Edward H. Hobbs. (Washington, D. C.: Public Affairs Press. 1954. Pp. vi, 248. $4.50.) pp. 1177-1178 Downloads
Laurence I. Radway
The History of the New York City Legislature. By Frederick Shaw. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1954. Pp. vi, 300.) pp. 1178-1179 Downloads
Herbert Kaufman
Government by Investigation. By Alan Barth. (New York: The Viking Press. 1955. Pp. 231. $3.00.) pp. 1180-1180 Downloads
James MacGregor Burns
The American Legion and American Foreign Policy. By Roscoe Baker. (New York: Bookman Associates. 1954. Pp. 329. $4.75.) pp. 1180-1181 Downloads
Victoria Schuck
The Political Writings of Thomas Jefferson: Representative Selections. Edited with an Introduction by Edward Dumbauld. (New York: The Liberal Arts Press. 1955. Pp. xlii, 204. Paper 90¢, Cloth $2.25.) pp. 1181-1181 Downloads
C. Perry Patterson
Selected Articles and Documents on: American Government and Politics pp. 1185-1192 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
The Prefects and Provincial France. By Brian Chapman. (London: George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. 1955. Pp. 246. $4.25.) pp. 1192-1193 Downloads
Roy Pierce
Annuaire Européen, Vol. 1. Publié sous les auspices du Conseil de l'Europe. (The Hague: M. Nijhoff. 1955. Pp. xxv, 584.) pp. 1193-1193 Downloads
J. B. C.
General Election, May 26, 1955: List of Candidates. (London: The Press Association, 1955. Pp. 120. 17s./6d.) pp. 1194-1194 Downloads
J. B. C.
Report of the Congress Village Panchayat Committee. (New Delhi: All India Congress Committee. 1954. Pp. 60, lxxxviii. Rs. 1-8-0.) pp. 1195-1196 Downloads
J. B. C.
Reglamente de la Cámara de Senadores de la Nación. (Buenos Aires: Imprenta del Congreso de la Nación. 1955. Pp. 78.) pp. 1195-1195 Downloads
J. B. C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 1197-1202 Downloads
William H. Roberts
Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores. Tratados internacionales. Tomo 1. (Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Imprenta Calderón. 1954. Pp. 526.) pp. 1203-1203 Downloads
J. B. C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: International Law and Relations pp. 1205-1212 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
The Dynamics of Bureaucracy. By Peter M. Blau. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1955. Pp. ix, 269. $5.00.) pp. 1212-1212 Downloads
Charles S. Ascher
In the Twilight of Socialism: A History of the Revolutionary Socialists of Austria. By Joseph Buttinger. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc. 1953. Pp. x, 577.) pp. 1213-1213 Downloads
J. R.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Political Theory pp. 1214-1219 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles and Documents on: Methodology and Research in the Social Sciences pp. 1219-1221 Downloads
Herbert Simon
In Memoriam pp. 1241-1241 Downloads
Edward S. Corwin

Volume 49, issue 03, 1955

Bifactional Rivalry as an Alternative to Two-Party Competition in Louisiana pp. 641-662 Downloads
Allan P. Sindler
Sovereignty and Democracy in the Japanese Constitution pp. 663-672 Downloads
Kazuo Kawai
The French Council of State: Its Role in the Formulation and Implementation of Administrative Law pp. 673-692 Downloads
Georges Langrod
The Development of Political Parties in Western Nigeria pp. 693-707 Downloads
Peter C. Lloyd
The New Zealand Labor Party pp. 708-732 Downloads
Louise Overacker
Toward a Theory of International Politics pp. 733-746 Downloads
Kenneth W. Thompson
Indian and Western Political Thought: Coalescence or Clash? pp. 747-761 Downloads
Norman D. Palmer
Judicial Self-Restraint pp. 762-772 Downloads
John P. Roche
Party Voting in American State Legislatures pp. 773-791 Downloads
Malcolm E. Jewell
Doctoral Dissertations in Political Science: In American Universities pp. 792-826 Downloads
William C. Seyler
A Survey of Materials for the Study of Military Management pp. 828-850 Downloads
Paul P. Van Riper
Power through Purpose: The Realism of Idealism as a Basis for Foreign Policy. By Thomas I. Cook and Malcolm Moos. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1954. Pp. 216. $4.00.)The Limits of Foreign Policy. By Charles Burton Marshall. (New York: Henry Holt and Co. 1954. Pp. 128. $3.00.)Civilization and Foreign Policy: An Inquiry for Americans. By Louis J. Halle. (New York: Harper and Bros. 1955. Pp. xxviii, 277. $3.75.)Power and Policy: U. S. Foreign Policy and Military Power in the Hydrogen Age. By Thomas K. Finletter. (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co. 1954. Pp. viii, 408. $5.00.)Realities of American Foreign Policy. By George F. Kennan. (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1954. Pp. 120. $2.75.) pp. 851-857 Downloads
McGeorge Bundy
A Report on the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Chicago. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. 180. $2.50. Supplementary Documents, pp. 144. Mimeographed.)The Behavioral Sciences at Harvard. Report by a Faculty Committee. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Pp. 518. 1954.)Survey of the Behavioral Sciences. Report of the Faculty Committee and Report of the Visiting Committee. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan. Pp. 237. 1954.)The University of North Carolina Survey of Behavioral Science, 1953–1954. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina. Pp. 604. Mimeographed.)The Stanford Survey of the Behavioral Sciences, 1953–1954. Report of the Executive Committee and Staff. (Stanford: Stanford University. 1955. Pp. 172; Appendices, pp. 163. Mimeographed.) pp. 857-863 Downloads
Arthur W. Macmahon
Freedom and Control in Modern Society. Edited by Morroe Berger, Theodore Abel, and Charles H. Page. (New York: D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc. 1954. Pp. xii, 326. $4.50.) pp. 863-866 Downloads
Peter H. Odegard
Medieval Political Ideas. By Ewart Lewis. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1954. 2 vols. Pp. xii, 356; v., 661. $12.50.) pp. 866-868 Downloads
H. A. Rommen
The Right of Counsel in American Courts. By William M. Beaney. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 1955. Pp xi, 268. $4.50.) pp. 868-869 Downloads
John H. Ferguson
The Prospects for Communist China. By W. W. Rostow in Collaboration with Richard W. Hatch, Frank A. Kierman, Jr., and Alexander Eckstein, and with the Assistance of Others at The Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (New York: The Technology Press of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1954. Pp. xx, 379. $5.00.) pp. 869-870 Downloads
Robert C. North
A Study of Bolshevism. By Nathan Leites. (Glencoe: The Free Press. 1903. Pp. 639. $6.50.)Ritual of Liquidation: The Case of the Moscow Trials. By Nathan Leites and Elsa Bernaut. (Glencoe: The Free Press. 1954. Pp. xi, 515. $6.50.) pp. 870-872 Downloads
Phillip E. Mosely
Federalism: Mature and Emergent. Edited by Arthur W. Macmahon. (Garden City: Doubleday and Co. 1955. Pp. xi. 557. $7.50.) pp. 872-874 Downloads
Harvey C. Mansfield
The Nation and States, Rivals or Partners? By William Anderson. (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 1955. Pp. xvi, 263. $3.75.) pp. 874-875 Downloads
Charles Aikin
The Inter-University Case Program: Cases in Public Administration and Policy Formation. (University, Alabama: University of Alabama Press.) pp. 876-877 Downloads
George A. Warp
The Western Public: 1952 and Beyond. By Alfred DeGrazia (Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1954. Pp. ix, 226.) pp. 877-878 Downloads
Ivan Hinderaker
Politics in the Press: An Analysis of Press Content in 1952 Senatorial Campaigns. By LeRoy C. Ferguson and Ralph H. Smuckler. (East Lansing: Governmental Research Bureau, Michigan State College. 1954. Pp. 100.) pp. 878-879 Downloads
Allan P. Sindler
Prejudice, War and the Constitution. By Jacobus ten Broek, Edward N. Barnhart, and Floyd W. Matson. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1954. Pp. xii, 408. $5.00.) pp. 878-878 Downloads
Spencer D. Parratt
The Roosevelt Leadership, 1933–1945. By Edgar Eugene Robinson. (New York: J. B. Lippincott Co. 1955. Pp. 461. $6.00.) pp. 879-880 Downloads
Lester G. Seligman
Public Policy: A Yearbook of the Graduate School of Public Administration, 1954. Volume V. Edited by Carl J. Friedrich and J. Kenneth Galbraith. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1954. Pp. viii, 420.) pp. 879-879 Downloads
Avery Leiserson
Selected Articles and Documents on: American Government and Politics pp. 882-888 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
La Nueva Constitución de Puerto Rico: Informes a la Convención Constituyente preparados por la Escuela de Administración Pública de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales. (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico: University of Puerto Rico, School of Public Administration. 1954. Pp. xix, 609.) pp. 888-888 Downloads
Austin F. Macdonald
Political Parties: Their Organization and Activity in the Modern State. By Maurice Duverger. Translated by Barbara and Robert North. (New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1954. Pp. xxxvii, 439.) pp. 889-890 Downloads
D. W. Brogan
Germany Reports. (German Federal Government: Press and Information Office. 1953. Pp. 367. $3.00.) pp. 889-889 Downloads
Roger H. Wells
Members of Parliament, 1734–1832. By Gerrit P. Judd, IV. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1955. Pp. viii, 389. $6.00.) pp. 890-890 Downloads
1 W.S.L.
Bibliografie van in Nederland verschenen officiële en semi-officiële uitgaven. XXV. 1953. By the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. ('s-Gravenhage: Staatsdrukkerij. 1954. Pp. 228. F. 3.50.) pp. 891-891 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Der zwèite Deutsche Bundestag; sein Vorgeschichte, sein Aufbau, und sein Werden. By Hans Trossmann. (Bonn; Verlag Bonner Universitäts-Buchdruckerei Gebr. Scheur G.m.b.H. 1954. Pp. xiii, 384.) pp. 892-892 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 893-900 Downloads
William H. Roberts
Toward International Understanding. By Yasaka Takagi (Tokyo: Kenkyusha. 1954. Pp. vii, 180. 250 yen.) pp. 900-901 Downloads
Chitoshi Yanaga
Approaches to Economic Development. By Norman S. Buchanan and Howard S. Ellis. (New York: The Twentieth Century Fund. 1955. Pp. xiv, 469. $5.00.) pp. 901-902 Downloads
J. J. Spengler
Danger in Kashmir. By Josef Korbel. (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1954. Pp. xvi, 351. $5.00.) pp. 902-903 Downloads
D. Mackenzie Brown
Selected Articles and Documents on: International Law and Relations pp. 906-914 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
Henry George. By Charles Albro Barker. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1955. Pp. xvii, 682. $9.50.) pp. 915-916 Downloads
James L. Busey
Graduate Education and Research in Government in the South: A Report of the Advisory Commission on Graduate Education and Research in Government in the South. (Atlanta: Southern Regional Education Board. 1954. Pp. ix, 77.) pp. 915-915 Downloads
James W. Fesler
Selected Articles and Documents on: Political Theory pp. 917-923 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles and Documents on: Methodology and Research in the Social Sciences pp. 923-926 Downloads
Herbert Simon
In Memoriam pp. 946-946 Downloads
Saul K. Padover

Volume 49, issue 02, 1955

The Twentieth-Century Enlightenment pp. 321-339 Downloads
Cushing Strout
The Intention of the Framers: A Note on Constitutional Interpretation pp. 340-352 Downloads
William Anderson
Interpersonal Freedom and Freedom of Action pp. 353-363 Downloads
Felix E. Oppenheim
Perceptions of Class and Party in Voting Behavior: 1952 pp. 364-384 Downloads
Heinz Eulau
American Jews and the Presidential Vote pp. 385-401 Downloads
Lawrence H. Fuchs
The Administration of Justice in a “People's Democracy” pp. 402-415 Downloads
Eduard Taborsky
Federalism in Yugoslavia pp. 416-430 Downloads
Joseph Frankel
An Introduction to the Theory and Measurement of Influence pp. 431-451 Downloads
James G. March
The Senate and American Federalism pp. 452-469 Downloads
William H. Riker
The Effect of Television upon Voting Behavior in Iowa in the 1952 Presidential Election pp. 470-477 Downloads
Herbert Simon and Frederick Stern
The New Strategy of International Communism pp. 478-486 Downloads
John H. Kautsky
Two Currents in Contemporary English Political Theory pp. 487-495 Downloads
Thomas P. Peardon
Metaphysical Pathos and the Theory of Bureaucracy pp. 496-507 Downloads
Alvin W. Gouldner
The Political Thought of Neo-Liberalism pp. 509-525 Downloads
Carl J. Friedrich
In the Cause of Peace: Seven Years with the United Nations. By Lie Trygve. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1954. Pp. xv, 473.) pp. 526-529 Downloads
Quincy Wright
Voting: A Study of Opinion Formation in a Presidential Campaign. By Berelson Bernard R., Lazarsfeld Paul F., and McPhee William N.. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. ix, 395. $7.50.) pp. 529-531 Downloads
Robert E. Lane
The Jachsonians: A Study in Administrative History, 1829–1861. By White Leonard D.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1954. Pp. xii, 593. $8.00.) pp. 531-534 Downloads
Marver H. Bernstein
Workmen's Compensation: Prevention, Insurance, and Rehabilitation of Occupational Disability. By Somers Herman Miles and Somers Anne Ramsay. (New York: John Wiley London: Chapman & Hall, Ltd. 1954. Pp. xv, 341. $6.50.) pp. 535-536 Downloads
Murray Edelman
The Western Hemisphere Idea: Its Rise and Decline. By Whitaker Arthur P.. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 1954. Pp. x, 194. $3.00.) pp. 536-539 Downloads
George I. Blanksten
European Union and United States Foreign Policy: A Study in Sociological Jurisprudence. By Northrop F. S. C.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1954. Pp. x, 230. $4.75.) pp. 539-541 Downloads
R. K. Gooch
Government and Parliament: A Survey from the Inside. By Morrison Herbert. (London, New York and Toronto: Oxford University Press. 1954. Pp. xiii, 363. $3.40.) pp. 541-542 Downloads
Eugene P. Chase
La Fonction Publique. By Grégoire Roger. (Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1954. Pp. 282. 1200 fr.) pp. 542-544 Downloads
Charles A. Micaud
The Soviet Regime: Communism in Practice. By Kulski W. W.. (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press. 1954. Pp. xiv, 807. $8.00.) pp. 544-545 Downloads
Max BeLoff
The International Law Standard in Treaties of the United States. By Wilson Robert Renbert. (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 321. $4.50.) pp. 545-547 Downloads
Inis L. Claude
People of Plenty: Economic Abundance and the American Character. By Potter David M.. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. xxvii. 219. $3.50.) pp. 547-549 Downloads
H. C. Nixon
Politics and Opinion in the Nineteenth Century: An Historical Introduction. By Bowle John. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1954. Pp. 512. $4.50.) pp. 549-551 Downloads
Currin V. Shields
Social Security in the British Commonwealth: Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. By Mendelsohn Ronald. (London: The Athlone Press. 1954. Pp. iv, 391. $7.00.) pp. 551-552 Downloads
Gwendolen M. Carter
Behörde und Bürger: Das Verhältnis zwischen Verwaltung und Bevölkerung in einer deutschen Mittelstadt. By Lindemann Klaus A.. (Darmstadt: Eduard Roether Verlag. 1952. Pp. xv, 214.) pp. 552-555 Downloads
C. B. Robson
Taxation in the United States. By Paul Randolph E.. (Boston: Little, Brown and Co. 1954. Pp. xii, 830. $15.00.) pp. 555-556 Downloads
Alfred G. Buehler
Methods of State Constitutional Reform. By Sturm Albert L.. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 1954. Pp. xii, 175. $2.50.) pp. 557-557 Downloads
W. Brooke Graves
Economic Policy in the Development of a Western State: Missouri, 1820–1860. By Primm James Neal. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1954. Pp. viii, 174. $3.75.)Constructive Liberalism: The Role of the State in Economic Development in Georgia to 1860. By Heath Milton S.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1954. Pp. xiv, 448. $7.50.) pp. 557-558 Downloads
John P. Roche
The Negro and the Schools. By Ashmore Harry S.. (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. 1954. Pp. xv, 228. $2.75.) pp. 558-559 Downloads
Manning J. Daueb
A Whig Embattled: The Presidency under John Tyler. By Morgan Robert J.. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 1954. $3.50.) pp. 559-559 Downloads
George A. Peek
Law Writers and the Courts: The Influence of Thomas M. Cooley, Christopher G. Tiedeman, and John F. Dillon upon American Constitutional Law. By Jacobs Clyde E.. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1954. Pp. 223. $3.50.) pp. 560-560 Downloads
Wallace Mendelson
State of Louisiana Official Publications, 1935–1953. (Baton Rouge, La.: Wade O. Martin, Jr., Secretary of State. 1954. 2 vols.) pp. 561-561 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Checklist of New Mexico Publications, 1850–1953. By Shelton Wilma Loy. (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1954. Pp. 240.) pp. 561-562 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: American Government and Politics pp. 563-569 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
Essai sur la Politique des Subventions Administratives. By Boulouis Jean. (Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1951. Pp. ix, 334.) pp. 569-569 Downloads
Charles S. Ascher
The Communist Party of India: A Short History. By Masani Minoo R.. (New York: Macmillan. 1954. Pp. 302. $3.50.) pp. 569-570 Downloads
Merrill R. Goodall
Grenzen der Verfassungsaenderung. By Ehmke Horst. (Berlin: Duncker & Humblot. 1935. Pp. 144.) pp. 570-570 Downloads
John H. Herz
Mau Mau and the Kikuyu. By Leakey L. S. B.. (New York: The John Day Company. 1954. Pp. 115. $2.50.) pp. 570-571 Downloads
Ronald Young
The Economic Development of Japan: Growt and Structural Change, 1868–1938. By Lockwood William W.. (New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Pp. xv, 603. $10.00.) pp. 571-571 Downloads
1 R.B.
Diario de sesiones de la Comisión de los quince encargada de elaborar el proyecto de la Constitución de la República. (Guatemala, C. A.: Tipografia Nacional. 1953. Pp. 272.) pp. 572-573 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. Fifth General Index to the Papers Presented to Parliament. Sessions 1937–38–39–40, 1940, 1940–41–42–43, 1943–44, 1944–45, 1945–46, 1946–47–48 and 1948–49. 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Parliaments. (Canberra: Government Printing Office. 1954. Twentyfirst Parliament, 1954, Paper No. 15. Pp. LXXIV. 4s.) pp. 572-572 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Bedeutung, Arbeitsweise und Aufgabenstellung der Ständigen Kommissionen der Bezirksund Kreistäge, der Stadtverordneten- und Stadtbezirksversammlungen. By Hauptabteilung Örtliche Organe des Staates beim Ministerpräsidenten der Regierung der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. (Berlin: VEB Deutscher Zentralverlag. 1954. Schriftenreihe Demokratischer Aufbau, Heft 12. Pp. 40.) pp. 573-573 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 574-579 Downloads
William H. Roberts
The Legal Community of Mankind. By Schiffer Walter. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1954. Pp. x, 367. $5.50.) pp. 580-581 Downloads
Clyde Eagleton
The Wilhelmstrasse: A Study of German Diplomats under the Nazi Regime. By Seabury Paul. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1954. Pp. xiii, 217. $3.00.) pp. 580-580 Downloads
Frederick L. Schuman
The Anglo-Iranian Oil Dispute of 1951–1952. By Ford Alan W.. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1954. Pp. xii, 348. $4.00.) pp. 581-581 Downloads
Charles D. Hounshell
Taiheiyō Sensō Gen'in Ron [Essays on the Causes of the Pacific War], Compiled by the Gakkai Nihon Gaikō [Japanese Diplomatic Association] Supported by the Japanese Ministry of Education. (Tokyo: Shimbun Gekkan-sha. 1953. Pp. iv, xii, 766, xxii. Appended chronological table. 1,100 yen.) pp. 582-583 Downloads
James William Morley
The International Labor Movement: History, Policies, Outlook. By Lorwin Lewis L.. (New York: Harper and Brothers. 1953. Pp. xviii, 366. $5.00.) pp. 583-583 Downloads
Joseph G. La Palombara
Secretary Stimson: A Study in Statecraft. By Current Richard N.. (New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press. 1954. Pp. x, 272. $4.50.) pp. 583-584 Downloads
H. Bradford Westerfield
La Teoría y la Práctica del Reconocimiento de Gobiernos. By Sepúlveda César. (Mexico: Publications of the Faculty of Law of the National University. 1954. Pp. xxii, 111.) pp. 584-585 Downloads
J. A. C. Grant
Poland: White Eagle on a Red Field. By Sharp Samuel L.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1953. Pp. vii, 338. $5.00.) pp. 585-586 Downloads
Eduard Taborsky
Woodrow Wilson and the Rebirth of Poland, 1914–1920: A Study in the Influence on American Policy of Minority Groups of Foreign Origin. By Gerson Louis L.. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1953. Pp. xi, 166. $4.00.) pp. 585-585 Downloads
George Lenczowski
Documents relatifs à la Conférence de Genève sur l'Indochine (21 Juillet 1954). (Paris: La Documentation Française. 1954. Notes et études documentaires, no. 1,901, série internationale cccvi, textes diplomatiques cxxxiii. Pp. 12. 25 fr.) pp. 587-588 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: International Law and Relations pp. 589-596 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
The Social Sciences in Historical Study. By the Committee on Historiography. (New York: Social Science Research Council. 1954. Pp. x, 181. Paper, $1.75; cloth, $2.25.) pp. 596-597 Downloads
Gaines Post
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Lane W. Lancaster
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