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Volume 67, issue 04, 1973

Authority Patterns: A Structural Basis for Political Inquiry pp. 1142-1161 Downloads
Harry Eckstein
National and Local Forces in State Politics: The Implications of Multi-Level Policy Analysis pp. 1162-1173 Downloads
Douglas D. Rose
Innovation in the States: A Diffusion Study pp. 1174-1185 Downloads
Virginia Gray
Comment: Problems in Research on the Diffusion of Policy Innovations pp. 1186-1191 Downloads
Jack L. Walker
Rejoinder to “Comment” by Jack L. Walker pp. 1192-1193 Downloads
Virginia Gray
Economic Growth and Intergenerational Change in Japan pp. 1194-1203 Downloads
Nobutaka Ike
Issue Area and Foreign-Policy Process: A Research Note in Search of a General Theory pp. 1204-1212 Downloads
William Zimmerman
Party and Incumbency in Postwar Senate Elections: Trends, Patterns, and Models pp. 1213-1234 Downloads
Warren Lee Kostroski
The Paradox of Vote Trading pp. 1235-1247 Downloads
William H. Riker and Steven Brams
Schema Theory: An Information Processing Model of Perception and Cognition pp. 1248-1266 Downloads
Robert Axelrod
Human Rights Without Discrimination pp. 1267-1274 Downloads
Vernon Van Dyke
Minority Electoral Politics in a North Indian State: Aggregate Data Analysis and the Muslim Community in Bihar, 1952–1972 pp. 1275-1287 Downloads
Harry W. Blair
Fear, Apathy, and Discrimination: A Test of Three Explanations of Political Participation pp. 1288-1306 Downloads
Lester M. Salamon and Stephen Van Evera
Comment: A Re-evaluation of Black Voting in Mississippi pp. 1307-1318 Downloads
Sam Kernell
Fear Revisited: Rejoinder to “Comment” by Sam Kernell pp. 1319-1326 Downloads
Lester M. Salamon and Stephen Van Evera
[no title] pp. 1327-1329 Downloads
William Loehr
[no title] pp. 1329-1330 Downloads
John Gerard Ruggie
[no title] pp. 1330-1331 Downloads
Mostafa Rejai
[no title] pp. 1330-1330 Downloads
Grant Hilliker
[no title] pp. 1331-1331 Downloads
Edward N. Muller
On Understanding Fascism: A Review of Some Contemporary Literature pp. 1332-1347 Downloads
A. James Gregor
Choice and the Politics of Allocation, a Developmental Theory. By Apter David E.. (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1971. Pp. 212. $7.95.) pp. 1348-1349 Downloads
J. Roland Pennock
The Legacy of the German Refugee Intellectuals. Edited by Boyers Robert. (New York: Schocken Books, 1972. Pp. 307. $10.00.) pp. 1349-1352 Downloads
Arnold Brecht
The Costs of Accidents: A Legal and Economic Analysis. By Calabresi Guido (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1970. Pp. 340. $10.00, cloth; $4.50, paper.) pp. 1352-1353 Downloads
Malcolm M. Feeley
Moralphilosophie und Naturrecht bei Samuel Pufendorf. By Denzer Horst. (Munich: Verlag C. H. Beck, 1972. Pp. 405. No price given.) pp. 1353-1355 Downloads
Patrick Riley
Bakunin on Anarchy: Selected Works by the Activist-Founder of World Anarchism. Edited, Translated, and with an Introduction by Dolgoff Sam. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1972. Pp. xxvii, 405, vii. $10.00.) pp. 1355-1356 Downloads
Rolf H. W. Theen
Community and Purpose in America: An Analysis of American Political Theory. By Drukman Mason. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971. Pp. vii, 428. $9.95.) pp. 1356-1357 Downloads
Richard W. Crosby
Historians' Fallacies: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought. By Fischer David Hackett. (New York: Harper & Row, 1970. Pp. xxii, 338. $12.00.) pp. 1357-1358 Downloads
Edward Miller
Capitalism and Social Theory: An Analysis of the Writings of Marx, Durkheim, and Max Weber. By Giddens Anthony. (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1971. Pp. 261. $11.00.) pp. 1358-1360 Downloads
Talcott Parsons
A Source Book for the Study of Personality and Politics. Edited by Greenstein Fred I. and Lerner Michael. (Chicago: Markham Publishing Co., 1971. Pp. 572. $16.50.) pp. 1360-1362 Downloads
Stanley Coopersmith
Cybernetics, Simulation, and Conflict Resolution: Third Annual Symposium of the American Society for Cybernetics. Edited by Knight Douglas E., Curtis Huntington W., and Fogel Lawrence J.. (New York: Spartan Books, 1971. Pp. 249. $10.00.) pp. 1362-1363 Downloads
Edward E. Azar
A Pre-View of Policy Sciences. By Lasswell Harold D.. (New York: American Elsevier Publishing Co., Inc., 1971. Pp. 173. $7.50.) pp. 1363-1364 Downloads
Charles O. Jones
The German Historians and England. A Study in Nineteenth-Century Views. By McClelland Charles E.. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1971. Pp. x, 302. $16.50.) pp. 1364-1366 Downloads
Peter Pulzer
Hegel: A Collection of Critical Essays. Edited by MacIntyre Alasdair. Garden City, New York: Doubleday and Company, 1972. Pp. viii, 350. $250, paper pp. 1366-1368 Downloads
Allen W. Wood
On Colonialism: Articles from the New York Tribune (sic) and other Writings. By Marx Karl and Engels Frederick. (New York: International Publishers, 1972. Pp. 382. $7.50.) pp. 1368-1369 Downloads
Marian Sawer
The Justification of the Law. By Morris Clarence. (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1972. Pp. 214. $12.50, cloth; $3.45, paper.) pp. 1369-1369 Downloads
George C. Christie
Magna Carta: The Heritage of Liberty. By Pallister Anne. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1971. Pp. 133. $6.50.) pp. 1369-1370 Downloads
Goldwin Smith
Friedrich Meinecke and German Politics in the Twentieth Century. By Pois Robert A.. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1972. Pp. x, 164. $7.50.) pp. 1370-1371 Downloads
George K. Romoser
The Defense of Gracchus Babeuf Before the High Court of Vendôme. Edited and translated by Scott John Anthony. With an essay by Marcuse Herbert. (New York: Schocken Books, 1972. Pp. 120. $1.95, paper.) pp. 1371-1372 Downloads
William R. Schonfeld
Xenophon's Socrates. By Strauss Leo. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1972. Pp. 181. $8.50.) pp. 1372-1373 Downloads
R. E. Allen
Development Assistance in the Seventies: Alternatives for the United States. By Asher Robert E.. (Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 1970. Pp. 248. $6.95.) pp. 1373-1374 Downloads
S. G. Triantis
Revolutionary Politics in Massachusetts: The Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Towns, 1772–1774. By Brown Richard D.. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1970. Pp. 282. $10.00.) pp. 1374-1375 Downloads
William Nisbet Chambers
Free Press and Fair Trial. Edited by Bush Chilton R.. (Athens, Ga.: University of Georgia Press, 1970. Pp. 133. $3.75.) pp. 1375-1376 Downloads
D. Grier Stephenson
Big Brother's Indian Programs—With Reservations. By Levitan Sar A. and Hetrick Barbara. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971. Pp. 214. $8.95.) pp. 1376-1377 Downloads
John E. Crow
The Private Nuclear Strategists. By Licklider Roy E.. (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1971. Pp. 213. $11.00.) pp. 1377-1378 Downloads
Anne H. Cahn
The Accessible City. By Owen Wilfred. (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1972. Pp. 150. $6.50.) pp. 1378-1378 Downloads
Michael N. Danielson
Reapportionment in the 1970s. Edited by Polsby Nelson W.. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1971. Pp. 296. $10.00.) pp. 1378-1380 Downloads
Thomas A. Flinn
The Discovery of the Asylum. Social Order and Disorder in the New Republic. By Rothman David J.. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1971. Pp. 376. $12.50.) pp. 1380-1381 Downloads
Michael Kammen
The Jacksonians Versus the Banks: Politics in the States After the Panic of 1837. By Sharp James Roger. (New York: Columbia University Press, 1972. Pp. 329. $12.50.) pp. 1381-1382 Downloads
W. R. Brock
The Growth and Decadence of Constitutional Government. By Smith James Allen. (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1972. Pp. 287. $8.50.) pp. 1382-1383 Downloads
William C. Louthan
L'Election Présidentielle des 5 et 19 Décembre 1965. Edited by Adam Gérard et al. (Paris: A. Colin, Centre d'Etude de la Vie Politique Française, Cahiers de la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, 169, 1970. Pp. 571. $20.00.) pp. 1383-1384 Downloads
Harvey G. Simmons
The Chilean Senate: Internal Distribution of Influence. By Agor Weston R.. (Austin: University of Texas Press, 1971. Pp. 206. $7.00.) pp. 1384-1385 Downloads
Paul E. Sigmund
Indian Political Thinking from Naoroji to Nehru. By Appadorai A.. (Madras: Oxford University Press, 1971. Pp. xxvi, 189. Rs. 10.) pp. 1385-1386 Downloads
Michael Brecher
Peasants Against Politics: Rural Organization in Brittany, 1911–1967. By Berger Suzanne. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1972. Pp. 298. $11.75.) pp. 1386-1388 Downloads
Henri Mendras
The Theory of Moral Incentives in Cuba. By Bernardo Roberto M.. Introduction by Horowitz Irving Louis. (University: The University of Alabama Press, 1971. Pp. xix, 159. $7.50.)Revolutionary Change in Cuba. Edited by Mesa-Lago Carmelo. (Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press, 1971. Pp. xvi, 544. $14.95.) pp. 1388-1390 Downloads
Lowry Nelson
Organized Complexity: Empirical Theories of Political Development. By Brunner Ronald D. and Brewer Garry D.. Introduction by Lasswell Harold D.. (New York: Free Press, 1971. Pp. xvii, 190. $7.00.) pp. 1390-1392 Downloads
Robert B. Stauffer
Revolution in Central Europe, 1918–1919. By Carsten F. L.. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1972. Pp. 360. $11.95.) pp. 1392-1393 Downloads
Richard E. Allen
Changing Latin America: New Interpretations of Its Politics and Society. Edited by Chalmers Douglas A.. (New York: The Academy of Political Science, Columbia University, Vol. 30, No. 4, 1972. Pp. 193. $3.50, paper.) pp. 1393-1394 Downloads
Henry C. Kenski
Korea: The Third Republic. By Chung Kyung Cho. (New York: The Macmillan Co., 1971. Pp. xii, 269. $6.95.) pp. 1394-1395 Downloads
B. C. Koh
Centre-State Relations Since 1967: An Interim Assessment. By Dube Ramesh. (Delhi: Kanpur Printing Press, 1971. Pp. 96. No price given.) pp. 1395-1396 Downloads
S. C. Ghosh
Kurt Riezler Tagebuecher, Aufsaetze, Dokumente. Edited by Erdmann Karl Dietrich. (Goettingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1972. Pp. 766. DM 142.) pp. 1396-1397 Downloads
Wayne C. Thompson
Politics and Privilege in a Mexican City. By Fagen Richard R. and Tuohy William S.. (Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1972. Pp. viii, 209. $8.50.) pp. 1397-1398 Downloads
Lawrence S. Graham
A History of the Chinese Communist Party, 1921–1949. By Guillermaz Jacques. Translated by Destenay Anne. (New York: Random House, 1972. [First published in France as Histoire du parti communiste chinois, 1921–1949, by Payot, Paris, 1968.] Pp. xviii, 477. $12.95.) pp. 1398-1400 Downloads
James C. Hsiung
Urban Dynamics in Black Africa: An Interdisciplinary Approach. By Hanna William J. and Hanna Judith L.. (Chicago and New York: Aldine, Atherton, Inc., 1971. Pp. 390. $9.75.) pp. 1400-1401 Downloads
Richard Stren
Turning Point in China: An Essay on the Cultural Revolution. By Hinton William. (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1972. Pp. 112. $5.95, cloth; $1.75, paper.) pp. 1401-1401 Downloads
Winberg Chai
Modernization without Development: Thailand as an Asian Case Study. By Jacobs Norman. (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1971. Pp. 421. $20.00.) pp. 1401-1402 Downloads
William J. Siffin
Revolution in Perspective: Essays on the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Edited by Janos Andrew C. and Slottman William B.. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1971. Pp. 185. $10.00.) pp. 1402-1404 Downloads
Galia Golan
Village and Bureaucracy in Southern Sung China. By McKnight Brian E.. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1972. Pp. xi, 219. $9.00.) pp. 1404-1405 Downloads
Edmund H. Worthy
Run it Down the Flagpole: Britain in the Sixties. By Levin Bernard. (New York: Athenaeum, 1971. Pp. 451. $8.95.) pp. 1404-1404 Downloads
Michael Steed
Russian Peasant Organization before Collectivization: A Study of Commune and Gathering 1925–1930. By Male D. J.. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1971. Pp. 253. $12.50.) pp. 1405-1406 Downloads
Robert F. Miller
Sous-Développement et Révolution en Amérique Latine. By Marini Ruy Mauro. (Paris: François Maspero, 1972. Pp. 199. F 14.80.) pp. 1406-1407 Downloads
Iêda Siqueira Wiarda
Struktura i funkcje partii chlopskiej na przykladzie ZSL (Structure and Functions of a Peasant Party: A Case Study of the Polish United Peasants Party). By Mikolajczyk Zenon and Patryn Emil. (Warsaw: Ludowa spoldzielnia wydawnicza, 1968. Pp. 331. 18 zlotys [approx. $.85], paper.)System Partyjny PRL (Poland's Political Party System). By Sadowski Michal. (Warsaw: Ksiazka i Wiedza, 1971. Pp. 280. 22 zlotys [approx. $1.00], paper.)Studies in the Polish Political System. Edited and translated by Wiatr Jerzy J.. (Wroclaw: The Polish Academy of Sciences' Press, 1967. Pp. 242. 35 zlotys [approx. $1.60], paper.) pp. 1407-1408 Downloads
Donald E. Pienkos
Dilemmas of Growth in Prewar Japan. Edited by Morley James W.. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972. Pp. 527. $12.50.) pp. 1408-1410 Downloads
Henry D. Smith
The Modernization Imperative and Indian Planning. By Nayar Baldev Raj. (Delhi: Vikas, 1972. Pp. 246. Rs. 30.) pp. 1410-1411 Downloads
Paul Streeten
A Theory of Ideology: The Tanzanian Example. By Nellis John R.. (Nairobi, Kenya: Oxford University Press, 1972. Pp. xii, 217. Shs. 25/-.) pp. 1411-1412 Downloads
Charles F. Andrain
Cuba: The Measure of a Revolution. By Nelson Lowry. (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1972. Pp. 242. $10.00.) pp. 1412-1414 Downloads
Edward Gonzalez
Yugoslavia. By Pavlowitch Stevan K.. (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1971. Pp. 416. $11.00.) pp. 1414-1415 Downloads
Josef Kalvoda
Nuclear Politics: The British Experience with an Independent Strategic Force, 1939–1970. By Pierre Andrew J.. (London and New York: Oxford University Press, 1972. Pp. 378. $18.75.) pp. 1415-1416 Downloads
Robert Jervis
Conservation in the Soviet Union. By Pryde Philip R.. (London and New York: Cambridge at the University Press, 1972. Pp. 301. $14.50.) pp. 1416-1417 Downloads
Paul E. Lydolph
Dictatorship and Armed Struggle in Brazil. By Quartim João. Translated by Fernbach David. (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1971. Pp. 250. $6.95, cloth; $3.45, paper.) pp. 1417-1418 Downloads
Kenneth Paul Erickson
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Melvin Gurtov
The Sword and the Scepter: The Problem of Militarism in Germany. By Ritter Gerhard. Translated by Norden Heinz. (Miami: University of Miami Press, 1969): Vol. I: The Prussian Tradition, 1740–1890 (338 pp. $15.00). Vol. II: The European Powers and the Wilhelmian Empire, 1890–1914 (328 pp. $15.00.) pp. 1419-1420 Downloads
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Youth and Authority in France: A Study of Secondary Schools. By Schonfeld William R.. (Beverly Hills, Calif.: Sage Publications, Inc., 1971. Pp. 80. $2.80.) pp. 1424-1424 Downloads
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Charles S. Brant
Catholicism and Political Development in Latin America. By Turner Frederick C.. (Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1971. Pp. 272. $8.75.) pp. 1430-1431 Downloads
Henry A. Landsberger
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David Lloyd Larson
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Warren I. Cohen
World Without Borders. By Brown Lester R.. (New York: Random House, 1972. Pp. 395. $8.95.) pp. 1434-1434 Downloads
Robert H. Puckett
The UN and the Palestine Refugees: A Study in Nonterritorial Administration. By Buehrig Edward H.. (Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, 1971. Pp. xvi, 215. $8.50.) pp. 1434-1435 Downloads
Ruth B. Russell
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Shao-Chuan Leng
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Roman Kolkowicz
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British Foreign Policy in the Second World War. Volume I. By Sir Woodward E. L.. (London: H.M.S.O., 1970. Pp. 640. £3.62½ p.) pp. 1461-1463 Downloads
David Dilks

Volume 67, issue 03, 1973

Caste and the Decline of Political Homogeneity pp. 799-816 Downloads
A. H. Somjee
The Attribution of Variance in Electoral Returns: An Alternative Measurement Technique pp. 817-828 Downloads
Richard S. Katz
Comment: On the Measurement of Electoral Dynamics pp. 829-831 Downloads
Donald E. Stokes
Rejoinder to “Comment” by Donald E. Stokes pp. 832-834 Downloads
Richard S. Katz
Electoral Choice in the American States: Incumbency Effects, Partisan Forces, and Divergent Partisan Majorities pp. 835-853 Downloads
Andrew T. Cowart
The Impact of Party on Voting Behavior in a Nonpartisan Legislature pp. 854-867 Downloads
Susan Welch and Eric H. Carlson
Foreign Aid and United Nations Votes: A Comparative Study pp. 868-888 Downloads
Eugene R. Wittkopf
Democratic Committee Assignments in the House of Representatives: Strategic Aspects of a Social Choice Process pp. 889-905 Downloads
David W. Rohde and Kenneth A. Shepsle
Candidates' Perception of Voter Competence: A Comparison of Winning and Losing Candidates pp. 906-913 Downloads
Chong Lim Kim and Donald P. Racheter
Residential Location and Electoral Cohesion: The Pattern of Urban Political Conflict pp. 914-923 Downloads
Timothy A. Almy
The Politics of Redistribution: A Reformulation pp. 924-933 Downloads
Bernard H. Booms and James R. Halldorson
Voting Systems, Honest Preferences and Pareto Optimality pp. 934-946 Downloads
Richard Zeckhauser
A New Shape Measure for Evaluating Electoral District Patterns pp. 947-950 Downloads
Peter J. Taylor
Policy and Priority in the Budgetary Process pp. 951-963 Downloads
Peter B. Natchez and Irvin C. Bupp
[no title] pp. 964-965 Downloads
Hwa Yol Jung
[no title] pp. 965-966 Downloads
John D. Nagle
[no title] pp. 966-966 Downloads
W. Phillips Shively
[no title] pp. 966-967 Downloads
Howard Ball
[no title] pp. 967-967 Downloads
Douglas H. Mendel
[no title] pp. 967-968 Downloads
Richard Hsiuh Yang
[no title] pp. 968-969 Downloads
Glendon Schubert
[no title] pp. 969-969 Downloads
Samuel Krislov
Man's Tools and Man's Choices: The Confrontation of Technology and Political Science pp. 973-980 Downloads
Victor C. Ferkiss
Bach, Beethoven, and Bureaucracy: The Case of the Philadelphia Orchestra. By Arian Edward. (University, Alabama: University of Alabama Press, 1971. Pp. x, 158. $7.50.) pp. 981-982 Downloads
Kenneth Sherrill
Thomas Jefferson as Social Scientist. By Benson C. Randolph. (Cranberry, N.J.: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1971. 333 pp. $10.00.)Thomas Jefferson: A Well-Tempered Mind. By Binger Carl. (New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1970. Pp. 209. $6.95.) pp. 982-984 Downloads
Harvey C. Mansfield
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