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Volume 104, issue 04, 2010

When Distance Mattered: Geographic Scale and the Development of European Representative Assemblies pp. 625-643 Downloads
David Stasavage
Economic versus Cultural Differences: Forms of Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision pp. 644-662 Downloads
Kate Baldwin and John D. Huber
Dynamic Public Opinion: Communication Effects over Time pp. 663-680 Downloads
Dennis Chong and James N. Druckman
Agonistic Homegoing: Frederick Douglass, Joseph Lowery, and the Democratic Value of African American Public Mourning pp. 681-697 Downloads
Simon Stow
Coalition-directed Voting in Multiparty Democracies pp. 698-719 Downloads
Raymond M. Duch, Jeff May and David A. Armstrong
Party Affiliation, Partisanship, and Political Beliefs: A Field Experiment pp. 720-744 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber and Ebonya Washington
Competition between Specialized Candidates pp. 745-765 Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
Limitation Riders and Congressional Influence over Bureaucratic Policy Decisions pp. 766-782 Downloads
Jason A. Macdonald
The President and the Distribution of Federal Spending pp. 783-799 Downloads
Christopher R. Berry, Barry C. Burden and William G. Howell
Fullness and Dearth: Depth Experience and Democratic Life pp. 800-816 Downloads
Stephen K. White
Political Consequences of the Carceral State pp. 817-833 Downloads
Vesla M. Weaver and Amy E. Lerman

Volume 104, issue 03, 2010

International System and Technologies of Rebellion: How the End of the Cold War Shaped Internal Conflict pp. 415-429 Downloads
Stathis N. Kalyvas and Laia Balcells
Regime Type, the Fate of Leaders, and War pp. 430-445 Downloads
Alexandre Debs and H.E. Goemans
Regime Change and Revolutionary Entrepreneurs pp. 446-466 Downloads
Ethan Bueno de Mesquita
A Liberal Defense of Black Nationalism pp. 467-481 Downloads
Andrew Valls
Nodding or Needling: Analyzing Delegate Responsiveness in an Authoritarian Parliament pp. 482-502 Downloads
Edmund Malesky and Paul Schuler
The Conditional Impact of Incumbency on Government Formation pp. 503-518 Downloads
Lanny W. Martin and Randolph T. Stevenson
Leapfrog Representation and Extremism: A Study of American Voters and Their Members in Congress pp. 519-542 Downloads
Joseph Bafumi and Michael C. Herron
Political Polarization and the Size of Government pp. 543-565 Downloads
Erik Lindqvist and Robert Östling
Who Wants To Deliberate—And Why? pp. 566-583 Downloads
Michael A. Neblo, Kevin M. Esterling, Ryan P. Kennedy, David M.J. Lazer and Anand E. Sokhey
Familiarity Breeds Investment: Diaspora Networks and International Investment pp. 584-600 Downloads
David Leblang
Real Exchange Rates and Competitiveness: The Political Economy of Skill Formation, Wage Compression, and Electoral Systems pp. 601-623 Downloads
Torben Iversen and David Soskice
Attitudes toward Highly Skilled and Low-skilled Immigration: Evidence from a Survey Experiment—Erratum pp. 624-624 Downloads
Jens Hainmueller and Michael J. Hiscox

Volume 104, issue 02, 2010

“A Good Work for Our Race To-Day”: Interests, Virtues, and the Achievement of Justice in Frederick Douglass's Freedmen's Monument Speech pp. 209-225 Downloads
Peter C. Myers
Are Survey Experiments Externally Valid? pp. 226-242 Downloads
Jason Barabas and Jennifer Jerit
Direct Democracy and Local Public Goods: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia pp. 243-267 Downloads
Benjamin A. Olken
Estimating the Electoral Effects of Voter Turnout pp. 268-288 Downloads
Thomas G. Hansford and Brad T. Gomez
Ministerial Selection and Intraparty Organization in the Contemporary British Parliament pp. 289-306 Downloads
Christopher Kam, William T. Bianco, Itai Sened and Regina Smyth
Migrant Remittances and Exchange Rate Regimes in the Developing World pp. 307-323 Downloads
David Andrew Singer
Activists and Conflict Extension in American Party Politics pp. 324-346 Downloads
Geoffrey C. Layman, Thomas M. Carsey, John C. Green, Richard Herrera and Rosalyn Cooperman
Diplomatic Calculus in Anarchy: How Communication Matters pp. 347-368 Downloads
Robert F. Trager
Historical Knowledge and Quantitative Analysis: The Case of the Origins of Proportional Representation pp. 369-392 Downloads
Marcus Kreuzer
Coevolution of Capitalism and Political Representation: The Choice of Electoral Systems pp. 393-403 Downloads
Thomas Cusack, Torben Iversen and David Soskice
Electoral Markets, Party Strategies, and Proportional Representation pp. 404-413 Downloads
Carles Boix

Volume 104, issue 01, 2010

Are Coethnics More Effective Counterinsurgents? Evidence from the Second Chechen War pp. 1-20 Downloads
Jason Lyall
Cross-cutting Cleavages and Ethnic Voting: An Experimental Study of Cousinage in Mali pp. 21-39 Downloads
Thad Dunning and Lauren Harrison
Politicized Places: Explaining Where and When Immigrants Provoke Local Opposition pp. 40-60 Downloads
Daniel J. Hopkins
Attitudes toward Highly Skilled and Low-skilled Immigration: Evidence from a Survey Experiment pp. 61-84 Downloads
Jens Hainmueller and Michael J. Hiscox
Personality and Civic Engagement: An Integrative Framework for the Study of Trait Effects on Political Behavior pp. 85-110 Downloads
Jeffery J. Mondak, Matthew V. Hibbing, Damarys Canache, Mitchell A. Seligson and Mary R. Anderson
Personality and Political Attitudes: Relationships across Issue Domains and Political Contexts pp. 111-133 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber, Gregory A. Huber, David Doherty, Conor M. Dowling and Shang E. Ha
Without Foundations: Plato's Lysis and Postmodern Friendship pp. 134-150 Downloads
Paul W. Ludwig
Broad Bills or Particularistic Policy? Historical Patterns in American State Legislatures pp. 151-170 Downloads
Gerald Gamm and Thad Kousser
Building Strategic Capacity: The Political Underpinnings of Coordinated Wage Bargaining pp. 171-188 Downloads
John S. Ahlquist
Taking People As They Are: Islam As a “Realistic Utopia” in the Political Theory of Sayyid Qutb pp. 189-207 Downloads
Andrew F. March

Volume 103, issue 04, 2009

MPs for Sale? Returns to Office in Postwar British Politics pp. 513-533 Downloads
Andrew C. Eggers and Jens Hainmueller
Assessing Partisan Bias in Federal Public Corruption Prosecutions pp. 534-554 Downloads
Sanford C. Gordon
When Left Is Right: Party Ideology and Policy in Post-Communist Europe pp. 555-569 Downloads
Margit Tavits and Natalia Letki
The Case for Responsible Parties pp. 570-587 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt, John Duggan and Francesco Squintani
Closing the Deal: Negotiating Civil Rights Legislation pp. 588-606 Downloads
Gyung-Ho Jeong, Gary J. Miller and Itai Sened
Legislative Involvement in Parliamentary Systems: Opportunities, Conflict, and Institutional Constraints pp. 607-621 Downloads
Fabio Franchino and Bjørn Høyland
Deference, Dissent, and Dispute Resolution: An Experimental Intervention Using Mass Media to Change Norms and Behavior in Rwanda pp. 622-644 Downloads
Elizabeth Levy Paluck and Donald P. Green
Why Resource-poor Dictators Allow Freer Media: A Theory and Evidence from Panel Data pp. 645-668 Downloads
Georgy Egorov, Sergei Guriev and Konstantin Sonin
Trade-based Diffusion of Labor Rights: A Panel Study, 1986–2002 pp. 669-690 Downloads
Brian Greenhill, Layna Mosley and Aseem Prakash
Claiming Rights across Borders: International Human Rights and Democratic Sovereignty pp. 691-704 Downloads
Seyla Benhabib

Volume 103, issue 03, 2009

Religious Competition and Ethnic Mobilization in Latin America: Why the Catholic Church Promotes Indigenous Movements in Mexico pp. 323-342 Downloads
Guillermo Trejo
Campaign Communications in U.S. Congressional Elections pp. 343-366 Downloads
James N. Druckman, Martin J. Kifer and Michael Parkin
Gay Rights in the States: Public Opinion and Policy Responsiveness pp. 367-386 Downloads
Jeffrey R. Lax and Justin H. Phillips
Myopic Voters and Natural Disaster Policy pp. 387-406 Downloads
Andrew Healy and Neil Malhotra
Partisanship and Economic Behavior: Do Partisan Differences in Economic Forecasts Predict Real Economic Behavior? pp. 407-426 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber and Gregory A. Huber
Birthrights: Freedom, Responsibility, and Democratic Comportment in Aeschylus' Oresteia pp. 427-441 Downloads
Elizabeth Markovits
The Language of Liberty and Law: James Wilson on America's Written Constitution pp. 442-455 Downloads
James R. Zink
Moral and Criminal Responsibility in Plato's Laws pp. 456-473 Downloads
Lorraine Smith Pangle
The Constraining Capacity of Legal Doctrine on the U.S. Supreme Court pp. 474-495 Downloads
Brandon L. Bartels
Constitutional Power and Competing Risks: Monarchs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and the Termination of East and West European Cabinets pp. 496-512 Downloads
Petra Schleiter and Morgan-Jones, Edward

Volume 103, issue 02, 2009

A Model of Social Identity with an Application to Political Economy: Nation, Class, and Redistribution pp. 147-174 Downloads
Moses Shayo
Moral Bias in Large Elections: Theory and Experimental Evidence pp. 175-192 Downloads
Timothy Feddersen, Sean Gailmard and Alvaro Sandroni
The Transforming Power of Democracy: Regime Type and the Distribution of Electricity pp. 193-213 Downloads
David S. Brown and Ahmed Mobarak
Representation Rethought: On Trustees, Delegates, and Gyroscopes in the Study of Political Representation and Democracy pp. 214-230 Downloads
Andrew Rehfeld
From Violence to Voting: War and Political Participation in Uganda pp. 231-247 Downloads
Christopher Blattman
Should Peacemakers Take Sides? Major Power Mediation, Coercion, and Bias pp. 248-263 Downloads
Katja Favretto
Helping Hand or Grabbing Hand? State Bureaucracy and Privatization Effectiveness pp. 264-283 Downloads
J. David Brown, John S. Earle and Scott Gehlbach
Who Wants To Revise Privatization? The Complementarity of Market Skills and Institutions pp. 284-304 Downloads
Irina Denisova, Markus Eller, Timothy Frye and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
The Design of Montesquieu's The Spirit of the Laws: The Triumph of Freedom over Determinism pp. 305-321 Downloads
Ana J. Samuel

Volume 103, issue 01, 2009

Shaping Democratic Practice and the Causes of Electoral Fraud: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Germany pp. 1-21 Downloads
Daniel Ziblatt
Do Electoral Quotas Work after They Are Withdrawn? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India pp. 23-35 Downloads
Rikhil Bhavnani
Who Loses in American Democracy? A Count of Votes Demonstrates the Limited Representation of African Americans pp. 37-57 Downloads
Zoltan L. Hajnal
Spatial Voting in the 2004 Presidential Election pp. 59-81 Downloads
Stephen A. Jessee
The Electoral Implications of Candidate Ambiguity pp. 83-98 Downloads
Michael Tomz and Robert P. van Houweling
When Do Legislators Pass on Pork? The Role of Political Parties in Determining Legislator Effort pp. 99-112 Downloads
Philip Keefer and Stuti Khemani
Exporting the Bomb: Why States Provide Sensitive Nuclear Assistance pp. 113-133 Downloads
Matthew Kroenig
Analysis and History of Political Thought pp. 135-146 Downloads
Peter J. Steinberger
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