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Volume 26, issue 06, 1932

William of Occam and the Higher Law pp. 1005-1023 Downloads
Max A. Shepard
The Emancipation of Iraq from the Mandates System pp. 1024-1049 Downloads
Luther Harris Evans
Procedures in State Legislative Apportionment pp. 1050-1058 Downloads
Valdimer O. Key
Governors' Messages and the Legislative Product in 1932 pp. 1058-1075 Downloads
Harvey Walker
State Legislation on Public Utilities in 1932 pp. 1075-1081 Downloads
Orren C. Hormell
Who Should Reorganize the National Administration? pp. 1082-1098 Downloads
Peyton Hurt
Personal and Miscellaneous pp. 1099-1104 Downloads
Frederic A. Ogg
Radio Program of the American Political Science Association pp. 1104-1106 Downloads
Thomas H. Reed
Government by Judiciary. By Louis D. Boudin. (New York: William Goodwin, Inc. 1932. Two volumes. Pp. xii, 583; 579.) pp. 1107-1108 Downloads
Edward S. Corwin
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. By Silas Bent. (New York: Vanguard Press. 1932. Pp. 386.) pp. 1108-1111 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
The American Constitutional System. By John M. Mathews. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1932. Pp. xvii, 468.) pp. 1111-1112 Downloads
John P. Senning
The Federal Trade Commission. By Thomas C. Blaisdell Jr., (New York: Columbia University Press. 1932. Pp. viii, 323.) pp. 1112-1113 Downloads
John P. Comer
Race, Class, and Party: A History of Negro Suffrage and White Politics in the South. By Paul Lewinson. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1932. Pp. x, 302.) pp. 1113-1114 Downloads
Joseph P. Harris
Straw Votes; A Study of Political Prediction. By Claude E. Robinson. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1932. Pp. xxi, 203.) pp. 1114-1115 Downloads
John T. Salter
The United States in World Affairs. By Walter Lippmann and William O. Scroggs. (New York: Harper and Brothers. 1932. Pp. 375.) pp. 1115-1116 Downloads
David Mitrany
Philippine Uncertainty. By Harry B. Hawes. (New York: The Century Company. 1932. Pp. 360.) pp. 1116-1119 Downloads
W. Leon Godshall
Studies in Law and Politics. By Harold J. Laski. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1932. Pp. 299.) pp. 1119-1120 Downloads
David Mitrany
Responsible Bureaucracy: A Study of the Swiss Civil Service. By Carl J. Friedrich and Taylor Cole. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1932. Pp. xiii, 93.) pp. 1120-1121 Downloads
Walter R. Sharp
The French Revolution. By Pierre Gaxotte. Translated with an Introduction by Walter Alison Phillips. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1932. Pp. xiv, 416.)Siéyès: His Life and his Nationalism. By Glyndon G. Van Deusen. (New York: Columbia University Press. Pp. 170.) pp. 1121-1122 Downloads
Crane Brinton
Canada. By Alexander Brady. The “Modern World” Series, edited by H. A. L. Fisher. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1932. Pp. vii, 374.) pp. 1123-1123 Downloads
Joseph R. Starr
The Makers of Modern Italy: Napoleon to Mussolini. By Sir John A. R. Marriott. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1931. Pp. xii, 228.) pp. 1123-1125 Downloads
Howard R. Marraro
Italian Foreign Policy: 1918–1932. By Muriel Currey. (London: Nicholson and Watson, Ltd. 1932. Pp. 330.) pp. 1125-1126 Downloads
Howard R. Marraro
The China Year Book, 1931-32. Edited by H. G. W. Woodhead. (Shanghai: The North China Daily News and Herald, Ltd. 1932. Pp. xvi, 831.) pp. 1126-1127 Downloads
Harold S. Quigley
The Report of the British Committee on Ministers' Powers pp. 1142-1147 Downloads
John M. Gaus
The Lytton Report pp. 1148-1151 Downloads
Tyler Dennett
Books and Periodicals pp. 1152-1169 Downloads
Charles M. Kneier and Charles S. Hyneman
Government Publications pp. 1169-1172 Downloads
Miles O. Price
Index to Volume XXVI pp. 1173-1189 Downloads
Jessie P. Boswell

Volume 26, issue 05, 1932

Petty Business in Congress pp. 815-827 Downloads
Robert Luce
The Japanese Emperor, II pp. 828-845 Downloads
Kenneth Colegrove
First Session of the Seventy-second Congress, December 7, 1931, to July 16, 1932 pp. 846-874 Downloads
E. Pendleton Herring
Effects of the Growth of Administrative Law upon Traditional Anglo-American Legal Theories and Practices pp. 875-894 Downloads
Charles Grove Haines
American Administrative Law in 1931 pp. 894-910 Downloads
Marshall E. Dimock
The Prestige Value of Public Employment pp. 910-914 Downloads
Leonard D. White
The Wisconsin Executive Council pp. 914-920 Downloads
John M. Gaus
The German Reichstag Elections of July 31, 1932 pp. 921-926 Downloads
Jerome G. Kerwin
Elections in Soviet Russia pp. 926-931 Downloads
Lazare Teper
Personal and Miscellaneous pp. 932-937 Downloads
Frederic A. Ogg
Legislative Regulation. By Ernst Freund. (New York: The Commonwealth Fund. 1932. Pp. xvi, 458.) pp. 938-940 Downloads
J. P. Chamberlain
Politico, Methodice Digesta of Johannes Althusius (Althaus). With an Introduction By Carl Joachim Friedrich. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1932. Pp. cxl, 436.) pp. 940-942 Downloads
George H. Sabine
God in Freedom: Studies in the Relation between Church and State. By Luigi Luzzatti. Translated from the Italian by Alfonso Arbib-Costa. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1930. Pp. 794.) pp. 942-943 Downloads
M. W. Royse
Systematic Sociology. On the Basis of the Beziehungslehre and Gebildelehre of Leopold von Wiese. Adapted and Amplified by Howard Becker. (New York: John Wiley. 1932. Pp. xxi, 772.) pp. 943-945 Downloads
R. M. MacIver
Toward Soviet America. By William Z. Foster. (New York: Coward-McCann, Inc. 1932. Pp. viii, 343.)Tough Luck—Hoover Again. By John L. Heaton. (New York: Vanguard Press. 1932. Pp. 94.)The Socialist Cure for a Sick Society. By Norman Thomas. (New York: The John Day Company. 1932. Pp. 28.)The Coming of a New Party. By Paul H. Douglas. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1932. Pp. viii, 236.)What We Are About to Receive. By Jay Franklin. (New York: Covici-Friede. 1932. Pp. 243.) pp. 945-947 Downloads
E. Pendleton Herring
Development of the League of Nations Idea: Documents and Correspondence of Theodore Marburg. Edited By John H. Latané (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1932. Two volumes. Pp. xvii, 886.) pp. 947-949 Downloads
Denys P. Myers
The Society of Nations: Its Organization and Constitutional Development. By Felix Morley. (Washington: Brookings Institution. 1932. Pp. xxii, 678.) pp. 949-950 Downloads
Pitman B. Potter
The International Institute of Agriculture. By Asher Hobson. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1931. Pp. xi, 356.) pp. 950-951 Downloads
Geddes W. Rutherford
A Manual Digest of Common International Law; with Theoretical and Historical Introductions and a Discussion of the Future of International Law. By Pitman B. Potter. (New York: Harper & Brothers. 1932. Pp. xx, 284.) pp. 951-952 Downloads
Charles E. Hill
A Charter for the Social Sciences. By Charles A. Beard. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1932. Pp. xii, 122.)Dare the School Build a New Social Order ? By George S. Counts. (New York: The John Day Company. 1932. Pp. 56.) pp. 952-953 Downloads
Ray O. Hughes
Books and Periodicals pp. 977-998 Downloads
Charles M. Kneier and Charles S. Hyneman
Government Publications pp. 998-1001 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 26, issue 04, 1932

The Present Position of Representative Democracy pp. 629-641 Downloads
Harold J. Laski
The Japanese Emperor pp. 642-659 Downloads
Kenneth Colegrove
State Constitutional Law in 1931–32 pp. 660-682 Downloads
Charles G. Haines
Municipal Legalizing Acts in Iowa pp. 683-692 Downloads
Dorothy Schaffter
Forms of Municipal Government in Ohio pp. 692-695 Downloads
Roy V. Sherman
The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California pp. 695-697 Downloads
Edwin A. Cottrell
Recent Elections in Prussia and Other German Länder pp. 698-705 Downloads
Harwood L. Childs
Federal Aid in Australia pp. 705-710 Downloads
Kenneth O. Warner
The Dutch East Indies pp. 711-715 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
Personal and Miscellaneous pp. 716-721 Downloads
Frederic A. Ogg
Radio Program of the American Political Science Association pp. 721-723 Downloads
Thomas H. Reed
Some Political Aspects of Economic Planning pp. 723-727 Downloads
Lewis L. Lorwin
The Theory and Practice of Modern Government. By Herman Finer. (New York: The Dial Press. 1932. Two volumes. Pp. xv, 1556.) pp. 728-730 Downloads
William B. Munro
America Faces the Future. Edited By Charles A. Beard. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1932. Pp. xviii, 416.)The Road Ahead. By Harry W. Laidler. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company. 1932. Pp. 501.)A Planned Society. By George Soule. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1932. Pp. ix, 295.)A Program for America. By Will Durant. (New York: Simon and Schuster. 1931. Pp. 146.)Man and Technics. By Oswald Spengler. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1932. Pp. 104.) pp. 730-733 Downloads
George E. G. Catlin
Money and Politics Abroad. By James Kerr Pollock. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1932. Pp. xv, 328.) pp. 733-735 Downloads
Joseph P. Harris
Monetary Problems of the British Empire. By S. E. Harris. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1931. Pp. xviii, 569.) pp. 735-736 Downloads
J. P. Day
Some Aspects of the Theories and Workings of Constitutional Law. By W. P. M. Kennedy. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1932. Pp. xiv, 142.) pp. 736-737 Downloads
Joseph R. Starr
American National Government. By Samuel Peter Orth and Robert Eugene Cushman. (New York: F. S. Crofts and Company. 1931. Pp. xi, 766.) pp. 737-739 Downloads
William Seal Carpenter
The Administrative Control of Aliens; A Study of Administrative Law and Procedure. By William C. van Vleck. (New York: The Commonwealth Fund. 1932. Pp. ix, 260.) pp. 739-742 Downloads
Richard W. Flournoy
The Populist Revolt. By John D. Hicks. (Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press. 1931. Pp. xiii, 473.) pp. 742-743 Downloads
E. Pendleton Herring
The Public Papers of Francis G. Newlands. Edited by Arthur B. Darling. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1932. Two volumes. Pp. vi, 434, 426.) pp. 743-744 Downloads
Charles R. Lingley
The Federal Trust Policy. By John D. Clark. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1931. Pp. 298.) pp. 744-745 Downloads
Irston R. Barnes
The Spirit of World Politics. By William Ernest Hocking. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1932. Pp. xiv, 571.) pp. 745-747 Downloads
Rupert Emerson
The Exchange of Minorities: Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. By Stephen P. Ladas. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1932. Pp. xi, 849) pp. 747-748 Downloads
Joseph S. Roucek
International Legislation. By Manley O. Hudson (Washington: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 1931. Four volumes. Pp. cxvii, 3218.) pp. 748-750 Downloads
J. P. Chamberlain
International Government. By Clyde Eagleton (New York: The Ronald Press Company. 1932. Pp. xx, 672.) pp. 750-751 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
Progress in International Organization. By Manley O. Hudson. (Stanford University: Stanford University Press. 1932. Pp. x, 162.) pp. 751-752 Downloads
Pitman B. Potter
Is Germany Finished? By Pierre Vienot. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1932. Pp. 141.) pp. 752-753 Downloads
David Mitrany
Political Economy of Juan de Mariana. By John Laures. (New York: Fordham University Press. 1928. Pp. xi, 319.)Robert Bellarmine, De Laicis, or The Treatise on Civil Government. Edited by Kathleen B. Murphy. (New York: Fordham University Press. 1928. Pp. 83.)Political Theory and Law in Medieval Spain. By Marie R. Madden. (New York: Fordham University Press. 1930. Pp. xv, 197.)Unpopular Essays in the Philosophy of History. By Moorhouse F. X. Millar. (New York: Fordham University Press. 1928. Pp. xiii, 214.) pp. 753-755 Downloads
Raymond G. Gettell
Briefer Notices. The Origin and Development of the State Cult of Confucius; An Introductory Study. By John K. Shryock. (Published for the American Historical Association. New York: The Century Company. 1932. Pp. xiii, 298.) pp. 755-756 Downloads
Elbert D. Thomas
The Development of American Political Thought. By J. Mark Jacobson. (New York: The Century Company. 1932. Pp. xiv, 723.) pp. 756-756 Downloads
Taylor Cole
Doctoral Dissertations in Political Science: In Preparation at American Universities pp. 769-783 Downloads
Earl W. Crecraft
Books and Periodicals pp. 784-806 Downloads
Charles M. Kneier and Charles S. Hyneman
Government Publications pp. 807-810 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 26, issue 03, 1932

The Future of the Washington Conference Treaties pp. 439-451 Downloads
Arthur N. Holcombe
Theories of Majority Rule pp. 452-469 Downloads
John Gilbert Heinberg
The Self-Governing Bar pp. 470-482 Downloads
G. W. Adams
The Federal Judicial Conference pp. 482-485 Downloads
Norman J. Padelford
The German Presidental Election of 1932 pp. 486-496 Downloads
Harwood L. Childs
Relations of the United States with the Council of the League of Nations pp. 497-526 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
A Scale for the Measurement of Attitude toward Candidates for Elective Governmental Office pp. 527-544 Downloads
Herman C. Beyle
Personal and Miscellaneous pp. 545-552 Downloads
Frederic A. Ogg
The Democratic Joint Policy Committee pp. 552-554 Downloads
W. H. Humbert
Exchange of Official Publications Between Germany and the United States pp. 554-557 Downloads
Everett S. Brown
American Interpretations of Natural Law; A Study in the History of Political Thought. By Benjamin Fletcher Wright Jr., (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. 1931. Pp. X, 360.) pp. 558-560 Downloads
Francis W. Coker
Readings in Early Legal Institutions. Edited with Introduction by William Seal Carpenter and Paul Tutt Stafford. (New York: P. S. Crofts and Co. 1932. Pp. 357.)Elementary Principles of Jurisprudence. By George W. Keeton. (London: A. and C. Black. 1930. Pp. xii, 324.)An Introduction to the Science of Law. By Albert Kocourek. (Boston: Little, Brown and Co. 1930. Pp. 343.) pp. 560-561 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
The New British Empire. By William Yandell Elliott. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1932. Pp. XV, 519.) pp. 561-563 Downloads
F. R. Scott
National Sovereignty and Judicial Autonomy in the British Commonwealth of Nations. By Hector Hughes. (London: P. S. King and Son. 1931. Pp. xv, 184.) pp. 563-564 Downloads
William Y. Elliott
Regionalism in France. By R. K. Gooch. (New York: The Century Company, 1931. Pp. xii, 129.) pp. 564-565 Downloads
Walter R. Sharp
Financial Conditions and Operation of the National Government, 1921-1930. By W. F. Willoughby. (Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution. 1932. Pp. xii, 234.) pp. 565-566 Downloads
G. C. S. Benson
The Government in Labor Disputes. By Edwin E. Witte. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. 1932. Pp. xi, 352.) pp. 566-567 Downloads
Edward Berman
The International Labor Organization: The First Decade. Preface By Albert Thomas. (Boston: World Peace Foundation. 1931. Pp. 382.) pp. 567-568 Downloads
Phillips Bradley
Franco-Italian Relations, 1860-1865. By Lynn M. Case. (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 1932. Pp. xii, 351.)War and Diplomacy in the French Republic; An Inquiry Into Political Motivations and the Control of Foreign Policy. By Frederick L. Schuman. (New York and London: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1931. Pp. xvii, 452.) pp. 568-570 Downloads
Graham H. Stuart
The French Colonial Venture. By Constant Southworth. (London: P. S. King and Son, Ltd. 1931. Pp. xi, 204.) pp. 570-571 Downloads
Graham H. Stuart
Society at War. By Caroline E. Playne. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1931. Pp. 380.) pp. 571-572 Downloads
Rupert Emerson
Crowded Years; The Reminiscences of William G. McAdoo. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1931. Pp. xii, 542.) pp. 572-573 Downloads
Harold F. Gosnell
Franklin Pierce: Young Hickory of the Granite Hills. By Roy Franklin Nichols. (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 1931. Pp. xvii, 615.) pp. 573-574 Downloads
James P. Richardson
Books and Periodicals pp. 599-622 Downloads
Charles M. Kneier and Charles S. Hyneman
Government Publications pp. 622-624 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 26, issue 02, 1932

Representative Government in Evolution pp. 223-240 Downloads
Charles A. Beard and John D. Lewis
The Need for the Development of Political Science Engineering pp. 241-255 Downloads
Henry S. Dennison
Constitutional Law in 1930–31: The Constitutional Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States in the October Term, 1930 pp. 256-284 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Governors' Messages to Special Legislative Sessions in 1931 pp. 285-294 Downloads
Harvey Walker
Direct Primary Legislation in 1930–31 pp. 294-300 Downloads
Louise Overacker
The Wisconsin Unemployment Compensation Law of 1932 pp. 300-311 Downloads
J. Mark Jacobson
Research Work of the American Legislators' Association pp. 311-314 Downloads
Rodney L. Mott
The British Royal Commission on the Civil Service pp. 315-318 Downloads
Leonard D. White
Civil Service in Soviet Russia pp. 318-324 Downloads
Bertram W. Maxwell
Trends in Public Personnel Organization pp. 324-332 Downloads
John M. Pfiffner
The British General Election of 1931 pp. 333-345 Downloads
Arthur W. Macmahon
British Trade Union Law Since the Trade Disputes and Trade Union Act of 1927 pp. 345-351 Downloads
Edwin E. Witte
The Swiss National Council Elections of 1931 pp. 351-353 Downloads
Harold F. Gosnell
Personal and Miscellaneous pp. 354-357 Downloads
Frederic A. Ogg
Fourth Biennial Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations pp. 357-360 Downloads
Harold S. Quigley
Personnel of Republican and Democratic National Committees pp. 360-362 Downloads
Wallace S. Sayre
Theodore Roosevelt; A Biography. By Henry F. Pringle. (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co. 1931. Pp. 627.)President and Chief Justice; The Life and Public Services of William Howard Taft. By Francis McHale. (Philadelphia: Dorrance and Co. 1931. Pp. 321.) pp. 363-367 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Newton D. Baker: America at War. By Frederick Palmer (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company. 1931. Two volumes. Pp. xiv, 421; x, 450.) pp. 367-368 Downloads
Grenville Clark
John G. Carlisle; Financial Statesman. By James A. Barnes. (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company. 1931. Pp. xiii, 552.) pp. 368-369 Downloads
James A. Woodburn
Society; Its Structure and Changes. By R. M. MacIver. (New York: Ray Long and Richard R. Smith, Inc. 1931. Pp. xvi, 569.) pp. 370-371 Downloads
William H. George
The Problem of Federalism; A Study in the History of Political Theory. By Sobei Mogi. With a Preface by Professor Harold J. Laski. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1931. Two volumes. Pp. 1144.) pp. 371-372 Downloads
Johannes Mattern
Intelligence in Politics; An Approach to Social Problems. By Paul W. Ward. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 1931. Pp. ix, 126.) pp. 372-374 Downloads
James Hart
Reason and Nature. By Morris R. Cohen. (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. 1931. Pp. xxiv, 470.) pp. 374-375 Downloads
George E. G. Catlin
French Political Thought in the Nineteenth Century. By Roger Soltau. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1931. Pp. 500.) pp. 375-376 Downloads
George E. G. Catlin
Josiah Tucker; A Selection from his Economic and Political Writings. Edited by Robert L. Schuyler. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1931. Pp. 576.) pp. 376-377 Downloads
B. F. Wright
Far Eastern International Relations. By Hosea Ballou Morse and Harley Farnsworth MacNair. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin and Company. 1931. Pp. xvi, 846.)Japan's Special Position in Manchuria. By C. Walter Young. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 1931. Pp. xxxiv, 412.)The International Legal Status of the Kwantung Leased Territory. By C. Walter Young. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 1931. Pp. xvii, 249.)Japanese Jurisdiction in the South Manchuria Railway Areas. By C. Walter Young. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 1931. Pp. xxii, 332.)The End of Extraterritoriality in China. By Thomas F. Millard. (Shanghai: A.B.C. Press. 1931. Pp. 278.) pp. 377-380 Downloads
Lucius C. Porter
The Holy Land Under Mandate. By Fannie Fern Andrews. Two volumes. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin and Company. 1931. Pp. xvii, 361; ix, 436.) pp. 380-382 Downloads
Quincy Wright
The Problem of the Twentieth Century. By David Davies. (London: Ernest Benn, Limited. 1930. Pp. xviii, 795.) pp. 382-383 Downloads
Pitman B. Potter
Die Nationalitäten in den Staaten Europas. Edited by Dr. Ewald Ammende. (Wien-Leipzig: Wilhelm Braumüller, Universitäts-Verlagsbuchhandlung. 1931. Pp. 566.) pp. 383-384 Downloads
Joseph S. Roucek
Books and Periodicals pp. 404-427 Downloads
Charles. M. Kneier and Charles. S. Hyneman
Government Publications pp. 428-431 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 26, issue 01, 1932

Social Planning Under the Constitution—A Study in Perspectives pp. 1-27 Downloads
Edward S. Corwin
The Teutonic Origins of Representative Government pp. 28-44 Downloads
Charles A. Beard
The Manchurian Crisis pp. 45-76 Downloads
Quincy Wright
The Results of Governors' Messages in 1931 pp. 77-84 Downloads
Harvey Walker
State Legislation on Public Utilities in 1931 pp. 84-96 Downloads
Orren C. Hormell
State Constitutional Development Through Amendment in 1931 pp. 96-98 Downloads
Harold R. Enslow
Relations of the United States with the Assembly of the League of Nations pp. 99-112 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
What Constitutes Readiness for Independence? pp. 112-122 Downloads
Walter H. Ritsher
Personal and Miscellaneous pp. 123-129 Downloads
Frederic A. Ogg
Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association pp. 129-136 Downloads
Clyde L. King
Report of the General Chairman of the Committee on Policy for the Year 1931 pp. 136-149 Downloads
Thomas H. Reed
The Making of Citizens. By Charles Edward Merriam. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1931. Pp. xiv, 371.) pp. 150-151 Downloads
Charles A. Beard
Stephen J. Field: Craftsman of the Law. By Carl Brent Swisher (Washington: The Brookings Institution. 1930. Pp. 473) pp. 151-154 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Family Quarrels—the President; the Senate; the House. By George Wharton Pepper. (New York: Baker, Voorhis and Co. 1931. Pp. ix, 192.) pp. 154-155 Downloads
James Hart
State Government. By Finla Goff Crawford. (New York: Henry Holt and Company. 1931. Pp. x, 533.) pp. 155-157 Downloads
Milton Conover
Die Moderne Nation. By Heinz O. Ziegler. (Tübingen: Verlag von J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck). 1931. Pp. viii, 308.) pp. 157-158 Downloads
Rupert Emerson
China in Revolution; An Analysis of Politics and Militarism Under the Republic. By Harley Farnsworth MacNair. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1931. Pp. xl, 244.) pp. 158-160 Downloads
Arthur N. Holcombe
Fascism. By Major J. S. Barnes. The Home University Library. (New York: Henry Holt and Company. 1931. Pp. 252.)Liberty and Restraint. By Louis Le Fevre. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1931. Pp. xxix, 346.)Modern Civilization on Trial. By C. Delisle Burns. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1931. Pp. xi, 324.) pp. 160-161 Downloads
L. M. Pape
The French Civil Service: Bureaucracy in Transition. By Walter Rice Sharp. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1931. Pp. xii, 588.) pp. 161-162 Downloads
Leonard D. White
Slovakia Then and Now. By R. W. Seton-Watson. (London: George Allen & Unwin. 1931. Pp. 356.) pp. 162-163 Downloads
Joseph S. Roucek
Chicago Police Problems. By the Citizens' Police Committee. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1931. Pp. xix, 281.) pp. 163-164 Downloads
Elmer D. Graper
The Government of Metropolitan Areas in the United States. (New York: National Municipal League. 1930. Pp. 403.) pp. 165-165 Downloads
Joseph McGoldrick
Books and Periodicals pp. 184-213 Downloads
Charles M. Kneier and Charles S. Hyneman
Government Publications pp. 214-216 Downloads
Miles O. Price
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