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Volume 46, issue 04, 1952

Another “Great Debate”: The National Interest of the United States pp. 961-988 Downloads
Hans J. Morgenthau
The Whig Tradition in America and Europe pp. 989-1002 Downloads
Louis Hartz
The Relation Between Roll Call Votes and Constituencies in the Massachusetts House of Representatives pp. 1046-1055 Downloads
Duncan Macrae
The Electoral System of the Federal Republic of Germany—a Study in Representative Government pp. 1056-1068 Downloads
James K. Pollock
Public Opinion and Political Parties in France pp. 1069-1078 Downloads
Maurice Duverger
Judicial Review in Modern Constitutional Systems pp. 1079-1099 Downloads
David Deener
The Impact of U.S. Assistance Programs on the Political and Economic Integration of Western Europe pp. 1100-1116 Downloads
Donald C. Stone
Problems of World Order in the Light of Recent Philosophical Discussion pp. 1117-1129 Downloads
William Ernest Hocking
Comments on the Theory of Organizations pp. 1130-1139 Downloads
Herbert Simon
The Issue of a Science of Politics in Utilitarian Thought pp. 1140-1152 Downloads
Fred Kort
A Guide to Books on India pp. 1154-1166 Downloads
David G. Mandelbaum
Charles Evans Hughes. By Merlo J. Pusey. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1951. 2 vols., paged continuously, pp. xvi, vii, 829. $15.00 a set.) pp. 1167-1173 Downloads
Edward S. Corwin
Uncle Sam in the Pacific Northwest; Federal Management of Natural Resources in the Columbia River Valley. By Charles McKinley. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1952. Pp. xx, 673. $7.50.) pp. 1173-1175 Downloads
C. Herman Pritchett
Morality and Administration in Democratic Government. By Paul H. Appleby. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. 1952. Pp. xiii, 261. $4.00.) pp. 1175-1177 Downloads
George A. Graham
Congress at Work. By Stephen K. Bailey and Howard Samuel. (New York: Henry Holt and Company. 1952. Pp. x, 502. $3.50.) pp. 1177-1178 Downloads
Joseph P. Harris
The Future of American Politics. By Samuel Lubell. (New York: Harper and Bros. 1952. Pp. viii, 285. $3.50.) pp. 1179-1180 Downloads
Paul T. David
Judicial Legislation; A Study in American Legal Theory. By Fred V. Cahill Jr. (New York: Ronald Press. 1952. Pp. ix, 164. $4.00.) pp. 1180-1182 Downloads
Glendon A. Schubert
Thomism and Aristotelianism; A Study of the Commentary by Thomas Aquinas on the Nicomachean Ethics. By Harry V. Jaffa. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1952. Pp. viii, 230. $5.00.) pp. 1182-1183 Downloads
Francis D. Wormuth
Hobbes and His Critics; A Study in Seventeenth Century Constitutionalism. By John Bowle. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1952. Pp. 215. $2.75.) pp. 1183-1185 Downloads
Thomas I. Cook
The Rise of Totalitarian Democracy. By J. L. Talmon. (Boston: Beacon Press. 1952. Pp. xi, 366. $4.00.) pp. 1185-1187 Downloads
Jerome G. Kerwin
A History of the League of Nations. By F. P. Walters. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1952. 2 vols. Pp. XV, 833. $11.50.) pp. 1187-1189 Downloads
Clyde Eagleton
The American Approach to Foreign Policy. By Dexter Perkins. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1952. Pp. 195. $3.00.) pp. 1189-1191 Downloads
Elton Atwater
Red Flag in Japan; International Communism in Action, 1919–1951. By Rodger Swearingen and Paul Langer. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. 1952. Pp. xii, 276. $5.00.) pp. 1191-1192 Downloads
Harold S. Quigley
Central and Local Government; Financial and Administrative Relations. By D. N. Chester. (London and New York: The Macmillan Co. 1951. Pp. ix, 421. $6.00.)The Finance of Local Government; England and Wales. By J. M. Drummond. (New York: The Macmillan Co. 1952. Pp. vii, 206. $4.50.) pp. 1192-1194 Downloads
Samuel H. Beer
The California Progressives. By George E. Mowry. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1951. Pp. xi, 349. $6.00.)Boss Ruef's San Francisco; The Story of the Union Labor Party, Big Business, and the Graft Prosecution. By Walton Bean. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1952. Pp. xii, 345. $5.00.) pp. 1194-1195 Downloads
Frank M. Stewart
The Political Almanac; 1952. Compiled by George Gallup and the American Institute of Public Opinion Staff. (New York: B. C. Forbes & Sons Publishing Company. 1952. Pp. xv, 317. $5.95.) pp. 1196-1197 Downloads
Paul T. David
The Federal Taxing Process. By Roy Blough. (New York: Prentice-Hall. 1952. Pp. x, 506. $5.00.) pp. 1196-1196 Downloads
Jesse Burkhead
Woodrow Wilson of Princeton. By McMillan Lewis. (Narberth, Pa.: Livingston Publishing Company. 1952. Pp. xii, 118. $2.50.) pp. 1197-1198 Downloads
Jesse Burkhead
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 1198-1201 Downloads
J. Alton Burdine
Consultation and Co-operation in the Commonwealth; A Handbook on Methods and Practice. By Heather J. Harvey. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1952. Pp. viii, 411. $5.00.) pp. 1202-1203 Downloads
H. Duncan Hall
Political Parties and the Parly System in Britain; A Symposium. Edited by Sydney D. Bailey. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger. 1952. Pp. xii, 211. $3.50.) pp. 1203-1203 Downloads
Edward G. Lewis
Länderkammer der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. 1. (Konstituierende)–6. Sitzung. (Stenographische Niederschrift.) 9 November 1950–8. Februar 1952. (Berlin. 1950–52. 6 nos., 100 p.)—Gesetzesvorlagen und Anträge, Landerkammer der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, Drucksachen, 1–19. (Berlin. 1950–1952. 19 nos. in 8.) pp. 1204-1204 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Om offentlig redovisning av den politiska propagandans financiering. Partifinansieringisakkunigas betänkande. (Stockholm. 1951. Pp. 83. Statens offentliga utredningar, 1951: 56, Justitiedepartementet.) pp. 1206-1206 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
República dos Estados Unidos do Brasil. Constituicões federal e estaduais. Textos vigentes, Indice comparativo. (Rio de Janeiro: Ministério da justica e negócios interiores, Servico de documentação. 1951. Pp. 811.) pp. 1206-1207 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 1207-1209 Downloads
Mario Einaudi
East Africa High Commission. Proceedings of the East Africa Central Legislative Assembly. Fourth session, 1951–52. Official report, vol. IV. (Nairobi. 1952. Pp. 154) pp. 1207-1207 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
British Labour's Foreign Policy. By Elaine Windrich. (Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1952. Pp. ix, 268. $5.00.) pp. 1209-1209 Downloads
Leon D. Epstein
The End of Extraterritoriality in China. By Wesley R. Fishel. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1952. Pp. xi, 318. $4.50.) pp. 1210-1210 Downloads
Mark T. Orr
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 1213-1219 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
Socialism and American Life. Edited by Donald Drew Egbert and Stow Persons. Bibliography by T. D. Seymour Bassett. (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1952. 2 vols. Pp. xiv, 776; xiv, 575. $10.00 each, $17.50 a set.) pp. 1219-1220 Downloads
D. Lewis
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 1221-1225 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles on pp. 1225-1228 Downloads
Herbert Simon
Index to Volume XLVI pp. 1247-1259 Downloads
Emma Rhyne Patterson

Volume 46, issue 03, 1952

Contemporary British Political Thought pp. 641-659 Downloads
George Catlin
Political Science and Public Administration: A Note on the State of the Union pp. 660-676 Downloads
Roscoe C. Martin
New Dimensions in International Law pp. 677-698 Downloads
Herbert W. Briggs
Pan-Slavism and World War II pp. 699-722 Downloads
Hans Kohn
The Federal Constitutional Court in Germany and the “Southwest Case” pp. 723-731 Downloads
Gerhard Leibholz
The Independent Vote: Measurement, Characteristics, and Implications for Party Strategy pp. 732-753 Downloads
Samuel J. Eldersveld
Roosevelt's Third-Term Decision pp. 754-765 Downloads
Paul H. Appleby
Some General Characteristics of Nonpartisan Elections pp. 766-776 Downloads
Charles R. Adrian
Some Relations between Events and Attitudes pp. 777-789 Downloads
James C. Davies
Responsiveness, Responsibility, and Majority Rule pp. 790-807 Downloads
J. Roland Pennock
Bureaucracy and Constitutionalism pp. 808-818 Downloads
Norton E. Long
Doctoral Dissertations in Political Science: In American Universities pp. 819-847 Downloads
Ralph K. Huitt
A Selective Survey of Literature on Mongolia pp. 849-866 Downloads
Robert J. Miller
Revolution and the Development of International Relations; Hoover Institute Studies. (Stanford: Stanford University Press.)Series A: General Studies, No. 1. The World Revolution of Our Time; A Framework for Basic Policy Research. By Lasswell Harold D.. (1951. Pp. vi, 66. $1.25.)Series B: Elites. No. 1. The Comparative Study of Elites; An Introduction and Bibliography. By Lasswell Harold D., Lerner Daniel, and Rothwell C. Easton. (1952. Pp. iii, 72. $1.25.)No. 2. The Politburo. By Schueller George K.. (1951. Pp. vi, 79. $1.25.)No. 3. The Nazi Elite. By Lerner Daniel. (1951. Pp. x, 112. $1.50.) pp. 867-869 Downloads
Norton E. Long
Content Analysis in Communications Research. By Berelson Bernard. (Glencoe, Ill.: Free Press. 1952. Pp. 220. $3.50.)Revolution and the Development of International Relations; Hoover Institute Studies. Series C: Symbols. (Stanford: Stanford University Press.)No. 1. The Comparative Study of Symbols; An Introduction. By Lasswell Harold D., Lerner Daniel and de Sola Pool Ithiel. (1952. Pp. v, 87. $1.25.)No. 2. The “Prestige Papers”; A Survey of Their Editorials. By de Sola Pool Ithiel. (1952. Pp. vii, 146. $1.75.)No. 3. Symbols of Internationalism. By de Sola Pool Ithiel. (1951. Pp. 73. $1.25.)No. 4. Symbols of Democracy. By de Sola Pool Ithiel. (1952. Pp. xi, 80. $1.25.) pp. 869-873 Downloads
David B. Truman
The Organizational Weapon; A Study of Bolshevik Strategy and Tactics. By Selznick Philip. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. 1952. Pp. viii, 350. $5.00.) pp. 873-875 Downloads
Barrington Moore
Public Administration and Policy Development; A Case Book. Edited by Stein Harold. (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. 1952. Pp. xlv, 860. $5.00.) pp. 876-879 Downloads
Dwight Waldo
Party and Constituency; Pressures on Congress. By Turner Julius. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 1952. Pp. 190. $2.50.)Sectional Biases in Congress on Foreign Policy. By Grassmuck George L.. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. 1951. Pp. 181. $2.00.) pp. 879-880 Downloads
Stephen K. Bailey
A Two-Party South? By Heard Alexander. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 1952. Pp. xviii, 334. $4.75.) pp. 880-882 Downloads
J. B. Shannon
Sociologie Électorale; Esquisse d'un Bilan; Guide de Recherches. By Goguel François and Dupeux Georges. (Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1951. Pp. 90. 300 fr.)Géographie des Élections Françaises de 1870 à 1951. By Goguel François. (Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1951. Pp. 144. 500 fr.) pp. 882-883 Downloads
Henry W. Ehrmann
Ecuador; Constitutions and Caudillos. By Blanksten George I.. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1951. Pp. xii, 196. Cloth $3.00, paper $2.50.) pp. 883-885 Downloads
Willmoore Kendall
Spannungen und Kräfte im westdeutschen Verfassungssystem. By Weber Werner. (Stuttgart: Friedrich Vorwerk Verlag. 1951. Pp. 102. DM 4.80.) pp. 885-887 Downloads
Otto Kirchheimer
Das Budget: Vol. I, Die Budgetkontrolle; Vol. II, Das Budgetwesen; Vol. III, Inhalts-, Sach- und Namensverzeichnis. By Heinig Kurt. (Tübingen: J. C. B. Mohr. 1949–1951. Pp. vi, 586; iv, 491; xix, 204. GM 82.40, bound GM 94.00.) pp. 887-890 Downloads
Fritz Morstein Marx
War and Human Progress; An Essay on the Rise of Industrial Civilization. By Nef John U.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1950. Pp. ix, 464. $6.50.) pp. 890-891 Downloads
Bernard Brodie
Soviet Legal Philosophy. Translated by Babb Hugh W. with an introduction by Hazard John N.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1951. Pp. xxxvii, 465. $7.50.) pp. 891-893 Downloads
William Ebenstein
The Jews in the Soviet Union. By Schwarz Solomon M.. (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press. 1951. Pp. xviii, 380. $5.00.) pp. 893-894 Downloads
Paul L. Horecky
How to Keep Our Liberty; A Program For Political Action. By Moley Raymond. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1952. Pp. xxvii, 339. $4.00.)The Welfare State and the National Welfare. Edited by Glueck Sheldon. (Cambridge, Mass.: Addison-Wesley Press. 1952. Pp. ix, 289. $3.50.) pp. 895-896 Downloads
Robert E. Lane
Presidential Succession. By Silva Ruth C. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 1951. Pp. viii, 213. $3.50.) pp. 895-895 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
The Unfinished Business of Civil Service Reform. By Carpenter William Seal. (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1952. Pp. 128. $3.00.) pp. 896-897 Downloads
Ferrel Heady
Wendell Willkie, 1892–1944. By Dillon Mary Earhart. (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. 1952. Pp. 378. $4.00.) pp. 897-898 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
The Use of the Licensing Power by the City Chicago. By Parsons Malcolm B.. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press. 1952. Pp. x, 198. Cloth $4.50, paper $3.50.) pp. 897-897 Downloads
Miriam E. Oatman
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 900-902 Downloads
J. Alton Burdine and Emmette S. Redford
El Poder Ejecutivo; Génesis y Transformaciones. By Demicheli Alberto. (Buenos Aires: Editorial Depalma. 1950. Pp. xix, 207. 18 pesos Arg.) pp. 903-904 Downloads
Roger Abbott
A Breviate of Parliamentary Papers, 1917–1939. By Ford P. and Ford G.. (Oxford: Basil Blackwell. 1951. Pp. xlviii, 571. $8.50. Distribute by Macmillan Company, New York.) pp. 904-904 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Conversations on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure; Volume II. By Kaul M. N., Secretary to Parliament. (New Delhi: Parliament Secretariat. 1950. Pp. vii, 81.) pp. 904-905 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Committee on the Conduct of a Member (Mudgal Case); Report, Special Reports, Minutes, Appendices, Evidence and Debates on the Motion. (New Delhi: Parliament Secretariat. 1951. Pp. 387.) pp. 905-905 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 906-908 Downloads
Mario Einaudi
República Oriental del Uruguay; Ley constitutional sancionada el 26 de octubre de 1951, que sera sometida a plebiscito de ralificacón el 16 de diciembre de 1961. (Montevideo: Imprenta Nacional. 1951. Pp. 96.) pp. 906-906 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
The Treaty as an Instrument of Legislation. By Allen Florence Ellinwood. (New York: Macmillan Company. 1952. Pp. xxi, 114. 81.75.) pp. 908-909 Downloads
Eli E. Nobleman
The Philippines and the United States. By Grunder Garel A. and Livezey William E.. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 1951. Pp. xi, 315. $4.00.) pp. 909-910 Downloads
Claude A. Buss
International Organization. By Hill Norman (New York: Harper & Brothers. 1952. Pp. xii, 627. $5.00.) pp. 910-910 Downloads
1 E.E.n
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 912-918 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
John Adams and the Prophets of Progress. By Haraszti Zoltán. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1952. Pp. viii, 362. $5.00.) pp. 918-919 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Democracy and the Economic Challenge. By MacIver Robert M.. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1952. Pp. 86. $2.50.) pp. 919-919 Downloads
Charles B. Hagan
Pioneers of Russian Social Thought; Studies of Non-Marxian Formation in Nineteenth-Century Russia and of its Partial Revival in the Soviet Union. By Hare Richard. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1951. Pp. vi, 307. $4.50.) pp. 919-920 Downloads
Hans Kohn
Selected Articles and Documents on pp. 921-926 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles on pp. 926-928 Downloads
Herbert Simon

Volume 46, issue 02, 1952

American Political Thought and the American Revolution pp. 321-342 Downloads
Louis Hartz
Foreign Policy: the Realism of Idealism pp. 343-356 Downloads
Thomas I. Cook and Malcolm Moos
Social Stratification and Political Power pp. 357-375 Downloads
Reinhard Bendix
The Group Basis of Politics: Notes for a Theory pp. 376-397 Downloads
Earl Latham
The British General Election of 1951 pp. 398-405 Downloads
H. G. Nicholas
Britain's Economic Planning Machinery pp. 406-421 Downloads
R. S. Milne
France Reopens the Constitutional Debate pp. 422-437 Downloads
Roy Pierce
Constitutional Limitations on Reëligibility of National and State Chief Executives pp. 438-454 Downloads
Joseph E. Kallenbach
Federal Regulation of the Uses of Natural Gas pp. 455-469 Downloads
Ralph K. Huitt
Recent Political Science Research in American Universities pp. 470-485 Downloads
Claude E. Hawley and Lewis A. Dexter
The Quantification of Aristotle's Theory of Revolution pp. 486-493 Downloads
Fred Kort
“Development of Theory of Democratic Administration”: Replies and Comments pp. 494-503 Downloads
Herbert Simon, Peter F. Drucker and Dwight Waldo
“Goals for Political Science: A Discussion”: Replies and Comments pp. 504-511 Downloads
Marshall E. Dimock, Clinton Rossiter and John C. Donovan
Recent German Publications and German Foreign Policy, 1933–1945 pp. 525-541 Downloads
E. Malcolm Carroll
Recent Literature on Chinese Communist Party History pp. 542-549 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
Political Realism and Political Idealism; A Study in Theories and Realities. By Herz John H.. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1951. Pp. xii, 275. $3.75.) pp. 550-552 Downloads
F. M. Watkins
Philosophy of Democratic Government. By Simon Yves R.. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1951. Pp. ix, 324. $3.50.) pp. 552-555 Downloads
John H. Hallowell
Principles of Social and Political Theory. By Barker Ernest. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1951. Pp. viii, 284. $5.00.) pp. 555-557 Downloads
Benjamin E. Lippincott
John C. Calhoun: Nationalist, 1782–1828; Nullifier, 1829–1839; Sectionalist, 1840–1850. By Wiltse Charles M.. (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company. 1944–1951. 3 vols. Pp. 477, 511, 592. $6.00 ea.)The Political Theory of John C. Calhoun. By Spain August O.. (New York: Bookman Associates. 1951. Pp. 306. $3.50.) pp. 557-560 Downloads
Nelson E. Taylor
American Conservatives; The Political Thought of Francis Lieber and John W. Burgess. By Brown Bernard Edward. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1951. Pp. 191. $2.75.) pp. 560-561 Downloads
Charles B. Robson
American Conservatism in the Age of Enterprise; A Study of William Graham Sumner, Stephen J. Field and Andrew Carnegie. By McCloskey Robert Green. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1951. Pp. xi, 193. $3.25.)Brooks Adams; Constructive Conservative. By Anderson Thornton. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 1951. Pp. xiv, 250. $3.75.) pp. 561-563 Downloads
Guy Howard Dodge
Les Partis Politiques. By Duverger Maurice. (Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1951. Pp. ix, 476. 1,100 fr.) pp. 563-564 Downloads
Alfred de Grazia
Communism in Western Europe. By Einaudi Mario, Domenach Jean-Marie, and Garosci Aldo. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 1951. Pp. ix, 239. $3.00.) pp. 564-566 Downloads
Robert G. Neumann
Power Politics; A Study of International Society. By Schwarzenberger Georg. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc. Revised Edition. 1951. Pp. xxii, 898. $12.75.) pp. 566-568 Downloads
Fred Greene
Human Rights as Legal Rights; The Realization of Individual Human Rights in Positive International Law. By Drost Pieter N.. (Leiden: A. W. Sitjthoff's Uitgevermij N. V. 1951. Pp. 272. Fl. 18.50.) pp. 568-569 Downloads
Josef L. Kunz
The Jeffersonians; A Study in Administrative History, 1801–1829. By White Leonard D.. (New York: Macmillan Company. 1951. Pp. xiv, 572. $6.00.) pp. 569-571 Downloads
Charles Aikin
Muddy Waters; The Army Engineers and the Nation's Rivers. By Maass Arthur. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1951. Pp. xiv, 306. $4.75.) pp. 571-573 Downloads
James H. Rowe
Regional Organization of the Social Security Administration; A Case Study. By Davis John A.. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1950. Pp. 315. $4.00.) pp. 573-575 Downloads
Raymond C. Atkinson
Personality and Government; Findings and Recommendations of the Indian Administration Research. By Thompson Laura. (Mexico, D.F.: Instituto Indigenista Interamericano. 1951. Pp. xviii, 229. $2.00.)Life in a Mexican Village; Tepoztlán Restudied. By Lewis Oscar. (Urbana: University of Illinois Press. 1951. Pp. xxvii, 512. $7.50.) pp. 575-578 Downloads
Heinz Eulau
The Antislavery Origins of the Fourteenth Amendment. By ten Broek Jacobus. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1951. Pp. vi, 232. $3.00.) pp. 579-580 Downloads
Wallace Mendelson
American Democracy and Military Power; A Study of Civil Control of the Military Power in the United States. By Smith Louis. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1951. Pp. xv, 370. $5.00.) pp. 579-579 Downloads
McGeorge Bundy
Government Project. By Banfield Edward C.. (Glencoe, Ill.: Free Press. 1951. Pp. 271. $3.50.) pp. 580-581 Downloads
Howard J. McMurray
Governmental Organization in Metropolitan Areas. By Tableman Betty. (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 1951. Pp. viii, 179. $2.50.) pp. 581-581 Downloads
Victor Jones
Selected Articles and Documents on American Government and Politics pp. 583-585 Downloads
J. Alton Burdine and Emmette S. Redford
Les Constitutions Européennes. By Mirkine-Guetzévitch Boris. (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. 1951. 2 vols. Pp. xiii, 883. 1,500 fr. ea.)Constitutions and Constitutional Trends Since World War II; An Examination of Significant Aspects of Postwar Public Law with Particular Reference to the New Constitutions of Western Europe. Edited by Zurcher Arnold J.. (New York: New York University Press. 1951. Pp. viii, 351. $5.00.) pp. 585-587 Downloads
Roy C. Macridis
Reflections on the Constitution; The House of Commons, the Cabinet, the Civil Service. By Laski Harold J.. (New York: Viking Press. 1951. Pp. 220. $3.00.) pp. 587-588 Downloads
Elaine Windrich
The Perón Era. By Alexander Robert J.. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1951. Pp. x, 239. $3.50.) pp. 587-587 Downloads
George I. Blanksten
The Council of State in Egypt. Br Brinton Jasper Y.. (Cairo: American Embassy. 1951. 54, 25 leaves. [Mimeo.]) pp. 589-589 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 590-592 Downloads
Mario Einaudi
Manual of Election Law; a Compilation of the Statutory Provisions Governing Elections to Parliament and the State Legislatures. By Ministry of Law, India. (Delhi: Manager of Publications. 1951, i.e. 1952. Pp. 271.) pp. 590-590 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
The Foreign Policy of the United States. By Morley Felix. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1951. Pp. ix, 175, iii. $2.50.) pp. 592-593 Downloads
Martin B. Travis
The United States and Spain; An Interpretation. By Hayes Carlton J. H.. (New York: Sheed & Ward, Inc. 1951. Pp. 198. $2.75.) pp. 593-593 Downloads
Frank E. Manuel
Danmarks traktater og aftaler med fremmede magter efter 1814; Syvende bind, 1908–1920. Udgivet paa Udenrigsministeriets foranstaltning (Københaven: Gyldendal. 1951. Pp. 1036.) pp. 595-595 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Instrumentos internacionales de carácter bilateral suscriptos por la República Argentina (hasta el 30 de junio de 1948). By Ministerio de Relaciones exteriores y culto de la Republica Argentina. (Buenos Aires: Alea, S. A. C. e I. 1950, i.e. 1951. 3 vols. Pp. xxxii, 2998; cxxxiii.) pp. 595-596 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on International Law and Relations pp. 596-601 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
Recueil des traiés de la République d'Haiti; Tome second, 1905–1921. Publication de la Secretairerie d'état des relations extérieures. (Port-au-Prince: Imprimerie de l'état. 1951. Pp. xi, 1422.) pp. 596-596 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Justice According to Law. By Pound Roscoe. (New Haven: Published by Yale University Press for Westminster College. 1951. Pp. 98. $2.50.) pp. 601-602 Downloads
Kenneth C. Cole
Understanding Public Opinion; A Guide for Newspapermen and Newspaper Readers. By MacDougall Curtis D.. (New York: Macmillan Company. 1952. Pp. xii, 698. $5.00.) pp. 603-603 Downloads
R. Wallace Brewter and Francis R. Aumann
Note on Gaetano Mosca pp. 603-605 Downloads
Renzo Sereno
Selected Articles and Documents on Political Theory pp. 606-609 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles and Documents on Methodology and Research in the Social Sciences pp. 609-610 Downloads
Herbert Simon

Volume 46, issue 01, 1952

American Individualism: Fact and Fiction pp. 1-18 Downloads
Alpheus T. Mason
The French Peasant and Communism pp. 19-43 Downloads
Henry W. Ehrmann
Interaction of Psychological and Sociological Factors in Political Behavior pp. 44-65 Downloads
Frenkel-Brunswik, Else
American County Government: A Mid-Century Review pp. 66-80 Downloads
Clyde F. Snider
[Introduction] pp. 81-81 Downloads
David Fellman
Development of Theory of Democratic Administration pp. 81-103 Downloads
Dwight Waldo
The American Tradition of Empirical Collectivism pp. 104-120 Downloads
Currin V. Shields
Recent Political Thought in the South pp. 121-141 Downloads
Marian D. Irish
The Colombian-Peruvian Asylum Case: The Practice of Diplomatic Asylum pp. 142-157 Downloads
Alona E. Evans
Constitutional Law in 1950–1951 pp. 158-199 Downloads
David Fellman
A Survey of Political Science Literature on Japan pp. 201-213 Downloads
Robert E. Ward
Professor Morgenthau's Theory of Political “Realism” pp. 214-224 Downloads
Robert W. Tucker
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