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Volume 99, issue 04, 2005

Majority Norms, Multiculturalism, and Gender Equality pp. 473-489 Downloads
Sarah Song
To Trust an Adversary: Integrating Rational and Psychological Models of Collaborative Policymaking pp. 491-503 Downloads
William D. Leach and Paul A. Sabatier
Using Geographic Information Systems to Study Interstate Competition pp. 505-519 Downloads
William D. Berry and Brady Baybeck
Ethnicity and Trust: Evidence from Russia pp. 521-532 Downloads
Donna Bahry, Mikhail Kosolapov, Polina Kozyreva and Rick K. Wilson
Military Coercion in Interstate Crises pp. 533-547 Downloads
Branislav Slantchev
Contracting around International Uncertainty pp. 549-565 Downloads
Barbara Koremenos
Centripetal Democratic Governance: A Theory and Global Inquiry pp. 567-581 Downloads
John Gerring, Strom C. Thacker and Carola Moreno
: Political Supports for the Exercise of Judicial Review by the United States Supreme Court pp. 583-596 Downloads
Keith E. Whittington
Political Science on the Cusp: Recovering a Discipline's Past pp. 597-609 Downloads
John G. Gunnell
Do Treaties Constrain or Screen? Selection Bias and Treaty Compliance pp. 611-622 Downloads
Jana von Stein
The Constraining Power of International Treaties: Theory and Methods pp. 623-631 Downloads
Beth A. Simmons and Daniel J. Hopkins

Volume 99, issue 03, 2005

Perverse Accountability: A Formal Model of Machine Politics with Evidence from Argentina pp. 315-325 Downloads
Susan C. Stokes
A Sequential Theory of Decentralization: Latin American Cases in Comparative Perspective pp. 327-346 Downloads
Tulia G. Falleti
Competition Between Unequals: The Role of Mainstream Party Strategy in Niche Party Success pp. 347-359 Downloads
Bonnie M. Meguid
Uncovering Evidence of Conditional Party Government: Reassessing Majority Party Influence in Congress and State Legislatures pp. 361-371 Downloads
William T. Bianco and Itai Sened
Racism Revised: Courts, Labor Law, and the Institutional Construction of Racial Animus pp. 373-387 Downloads
Paul Frymer
Stability and Rigidity: Politics and Design of the WTO's Dispute Settlement Procedure pp. 389-400 Downloads
B. Peter Rosendorff
Reading Habermas in Anarchy: Multilateral Diplomacy and Global Public Spheres pp. 401-417 Downloads
Jennifer Mitzen
Prenegotiation Public Commitment in Domestic and International Bargaining pp. 419-433 Downloads
Bahar Levenotoglu and Ahmer Tarar
Nested Analysis as a Mixed-Method Strategy for Comparative Research pp. 435-452 Downloads
Evan S. Lieberman
No Rest for the Democratic Peace pp. 453-457 Downloads
David Kinsella
Probabilistic Causality, Selection Bias, and the Logic of the Democratic Peace pp. 459-462 Downloads
Branislav Slantchev, Anna Alexandrova and Erik Gartzke
Three Pillars of the Liberal Peace pp. 463-466 Downloads
Michael W. Doyle
Explaining the Democratic Peace pp. 467-472 Downloads
Sebastian Rosato

Volume 99, issue 02, 2005

Are Political Orientations Genetically Transmitted? pp. 153-167 Downloads
John R. Alford, Carolyn L. Funk and John R. Hibbing
Ambivalence, Information, and Electoral Choice pp. 169-184 Downloads
Scott J. Basinger and Howard Lavine
When Moderate Voters Prefer Extreme Parties: Policy Balancingin Parliamentary Elections pp. 185-199 Downloads
Orit Kedar
An Explanation of Anomalous Behavior in Models of Political Participation pp. 201-213 Downloads
Jacob Goeree and Charles Holt
Civic Engagement and Mass Elite Policy Agenda Agreement in American Communities pp. 215-224 Downloads
Kim Quaile Hill and Tetsuya Matsubayashi
Madison's Opponents and Constitutional Design pp. 225-243 Downloads
David Brian Robertson
Flexing Muscle: Corporate Political Expenditures as Signals to the Bureaucracy pp. 245-261 Downloads
Sanford C. Gordon and Catherine Hafer
Policy and the Dynamics of Political Competition pp. 263-281 Downloads
Michael Laver
Do Get-Out-the-Vote Calls Reduce Turnout? The Importance of Statistical Methods for Field Experiments pp. 283-300 Downloads
Kosuke Imai
Correction to Gerber and Green (2000), Replication of Disputed Findings, and Reply to Imai (2005) pp. 301-313 Downloads
Alan S. Gerber and Donald P. Green

Volume 99, issue 01, 2005

The New Videomalaise: Effects of Televised Incivility on Political Trust pp. 1-15 Downloads
Diana C. Mutz and Byron Reeves
Who Surfs, Who Manipulates? The Determinants of Opportunistic Election Timing and Electorally Motivated Economic Intervention pp. 17-27 Downloads
Mark Andreas Kayser
Accountability and Abuses of Power in World Politics pp. 29-43 Downloads
Ruth W. Grant and Robert O. Keohane
Does Collective Identity Presuppose an Other? On the Alleged Incoherence of Global Solidarity pp. 45-60 Downloads
Arash Abizadeh
InsiderOutsider Politics in Industrialized Democracies: The Challenge to Social Democratic Parties pp. 61-74 Downloads
David Rueda
Racial Orders in American Political Development pp. 75-92 Downloads
Desmond S. King and Rogers M. Smith
Coalition Policymaking and Legislative Review pp. 93-106 Downloads
Lanny W. Martin and Georg Vanberg
Who Influences U.S. Foreign Policy? pp. 107-123 Downloads
Lawrence R. Jacobs and Benjamin I. Page
Welfare and the Multifaceted Decision to Move pp. 125-135 Downloads
Michael A. Bailey
Rousseau's Anti Agenda-Setting Agenda and Contemporary Democratic Theory pp. 137-144 Downloads
John T. Scott
Rousseau on the People as Legislative Gatekeepers, Not Framers pp. 145-151 Downloads
Ethan Putterman

Volume 98, issue 04, 2004

The Political Salience of Cultural Difference: Why Chewas and Tumbukas Are Allies in Zambia and Adversaries in Malawi pp. 529-545 Downloads
Daniel N. Posner
Putting Race in Context: Identifying the Environmental Determinants of Black Racial Attitudes pp. 547-562 Downloads
Claudine Gay
Extending Offensive Realism: The Louisiana Purchase and America's Rise to Regional Hegemony pp. 563-576 Downloads
Colin Elman
The Political Economy of IMF Lending in Africa pp. 577-591 Downloads
Randall W. Stone
Does the Organization of Capital Matter? Employers and Active Labor Market Policy at the National and Firm Levels pp. 593-611 Downloads
Cathie Jo Martin and Duane Swank
Protection without Capture: Product Approval by a Politically Responsive, Learning Regulator pp. 613-631 Downloads
Daniel P. Carpenter
A Theory of Endogenous Institutional Change pp. 633-652 Downloads
Avner Greif and David D. Laitin
The Possibility Principle: Choosing Negative Cases in Comparative Research pp. 653-669 Downloads
James Mahoney and Gary Goertz
Political Preference Formation: Competition, Deliberation, and the (Ir)relevance of Framing Effects pp. 671-686 Downloads
James N. Druckman
How Deliberation Affects Policy Opinions pp. 687-701 Downloads
Jason Barabas
The Reputations Legislators Build: With Whom Should Representatives Collaborate? pp. 703-716 Downloads
Brian F. Crisp, Kristin Kanthak and Jenny Leijonhufvud

Volume 98, issue 03, 2004

The Third Democracy: Tocqueville's Views of America after 1840 pp. 391-404 Downloads
Aurelian Craiutu and Jeremy Jennings
Madison v. Hamilton: The Battle Over Republicanism and the Role of Public Opinion pp. 405-424 Downloads
Colleen A. Sheehan
Presidentialism and Accountability for the Economy in Comparative Perspective pp. 425-436 Downloads
David Samuels
It's Not Whether You Win or Lose, but How You Play the Game: Self-Interest, Social Justice, and Mass Attitudes toward Market Transition pp. 437-452 Downloads
Raymond M. Duch and Harvey D. Palmer
Credible Commitment and Property Rights: Evidence from Russia pp. 453-466 Downloads
Timothy Frye
Regulatory Regimes, Agency Actions, and the Conditional Nature of Congressional Influence pp. 467-480 Downloads
Charles R. Shipan
Bureaucratic Capacity, Delegation, and Political Reform pp. 481-494 Downloads
John D. Huber and Nolan McCARTY
A Model of Path-Dependence in Decisions over Multiple Propositions pp. 495-513 Downloads
Christian List
The Dynamics of the Partisan Gender Gap pp. 515-528 Downloads
Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M., Suzanna de Boef and Tse-Min Lin

Volume 98, issue 02, 2004

Secessionism in Multicultural States: Does Sharing Power Prevent or Encourage It? pp. 209-229 Downloads
Ian S. Lustick, Dan Miodownik and Roy J. Eidelson
The Inefficient Use of Power: Costly Conflict with Complete Information pp. 231-241 Downloads
Robert Powell
Privatizing Risk without Privatizing the Welfare State: The Hidden Politics of Social Policy Retrenchment in the United States pp. 243-260 Downloads
Jacob S. Hacker
Remodeling the Competition for Capital: How Domestic Politics Erases the Race to the Bottom pp. 261-276 Downloads
Scott J. Basinger and Mark Hallerberg
Diverging Orbits: Situation Definitions in Creation of Regimes for Broadcast and Remote Sensing Satellites pp. 277-291 Downloads
M. J. Peterson
Spatial Models of Delegation pp. 293-310 Downloads
Jonathan Bendor and Adam Meirowitz
Athenian Democracy and Legal Change pp. 311-325 Downloads
Melissa Schwartzberg
Political Science and Political Understanding: Isaiah Berlin on the Nature of Political Inquiry pp. 327-339 Downloads
Ryan Patrick Hanley
What Is a Case Study and What Is It Good for? pp. 341-354 Downloads
John Gerring
The Statistical Analysis of Roll Call Data pp. 355-370 Downloads
Joshua Clinton, Simon Jackman and Douglas Rivers
Untangling Neural Nets pp. 371-378 Downloads
Scott de Marchi, Christopher Gelpi and Jeffrey D. Grynaviski
Theory and Evidence in International Conflict: A Response to de Marchi, Gelpi, and Grynaviski pp. 379-389 Downloads
Nathaniel Beck, Gary King and Langche Zeng

Volume 98, issue 01, 2004

Intelligence as a Basis for the Evolution of Cooperative Dispositions pp. 1-15 Downloads
John Orbell, Tomonori Morikawa, Jason Hartwig, James Hanley and Nicholas Allen
The Paradox of Democracy: A Theoretical Investigation pp. 17-33 Downloads
Wantchekon Leonard
Predisposing Factors and Situational Triggers: Exclusionary Reactions to Immigrant Minorities pp. 35-49 Downloads
Paul M. Sniderman, Louk Hagendoorn and Markus Prior
Election Time: Normative Implications of Temporal Properties of the Electoral Process in the United States pp. 51-63 Downloads
Dennis F. Thompson
The Mobilizing Effect of Majority Minority Districts on Latino Turnout pp. 65-75 Downloads
Matt A. Barreto, Gary M. Segura and Nathan D. Woods
The Effect of Candidate Quality on Electoral Equilibrium: An Experimental Study pp. 77-90 Downloads
Enriqueta Aragones and Thomas R. Palfrey
Citizens, Slaves, and Foreigners: Aristotle on Human Nature pp. 91-104 Downloads
Jill Frank
Between Eros and Will to Power: Rousseau and pp. 105-119 Downloads
Laurence D. Cooper
Realism, Narrative, and Happenstance: Thucydides' Tale of Brasidas pp. 121-138 Downloads
Thomas Heilke
Contra Coercion: Russian Tax Reform, Exogenous Shocks, and Negotiated Institutional Change pp. 139-152 Downloads
Pauline Jones Luong and Erika Weinthal
International Institutions and Issue Linkage: Building Support for Agricultural Trade Liberalization pp. 153-169 Downloads
Christina L. Davis
The Globalization of Liberalization: Policy Diffusion in the International Political Economy pp. 171-189 Downloads
Beth A. Simmons and Zachary Elkins
Enhancing the Validity and Cross-Cultural Comparability of Measurement in Survey Research pp. 191-207 Downloads
Gary King, Christopher J. L. Murray, Joshua A. Salomon and Ajay Tandon
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