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Volume 11, issue 04, 1917

The Prussian Theory of Monarchy pp. 621-642 Downloads
W. W. Willoughby
Legislatures and Foreign Relations pp. 643-684 Downloads
Denys P. Myers
Our Bungling Electoral System pp. 685-710 Downloads
Joseph Cady Allen
The Illinois Legislature of 1917 pp. 711-717 Downloads
W. F. Dodd
Index to State Legislation pp. 717-719 Downloads
1 J. A. F.
Judicial Decisions on Public Law pp. 720-730 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Government of the Virgin Islands pp. 736-737 Downloads
Lindsay Rogers
American War Measures pp. 737-742 Downloads
1 J. A. F.
British War Administration pp. 742-746 Downloads
1 J. A. F.
The Internal Political Situation in Germany pp. 746-750 Downloads
Walter James Shepard
Constructive Peace Proposals pp. 751-757 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
The Economic Program pp. 757-765 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
Distributive Justice. The Right and Wrong of Our Present Distribution of Wealth. By Ryan John A. D.D. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1916. Pp. xviii, 442.) pp. 766-770 Downloads
Carlton J. H. Hayes
An Introduction to Social Psychology. By Ellwood Charles A.. (New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1917.)Social Diagnosis. By Richmond Mary E.. (New York: Russell Sage Foundation. 1917.)Criminal Sociology. By Ferri Enrico, translated by Kelly Joseph I. and John Lisle. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1917.) pp. 770-772 Downloads
Wm. B. Bailey
Community: A Sociological Study. By Maciver R. M.. (London: Macmillan and Company, Ltd. 1917. Pp. xvi, 437.) pp. 772-774 Downloads
L. L. Bernard
A Political History of Japan during the Meija Era, 1867–1912. By McLaren W. W. Ph.D. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1916.) pp. 774-777 Downloads
Stanley K. Hornbeck
International Conventions and Third States. By Roxburgh Ronald F.. (New York: Longmans, Green and Company. 1917. Pp. xvi, 199.) pp. 777-779 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
Japan in World Politics. By Kawakami K. K.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1917.) pp. 777-777 Downloads
W. W. McLaren
A Guide to Diplomatic Practice. By the Rt. Hon. Sir Satow Ernest G.C.M.G., LL.D., D.C.L. Two volumes. (London: Longmans, Green and Company. 1917. Pp. xxii, 407; ix, 405.) pp. 779-780 Downloads
Lawrence B. Evans
The Constitution of Canada in its History and Practical Working. By Riddell William Renwick. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1917. Pp. 170.) pp. 781-782 Downloads
William Bennett Munro
The Teaching of Government. Report to the American Political Science Association by the Committee on Instruction. Haines Charles Grove Chairman. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1916. Pp. xi, 284.) pp. 782-783 Downloads
W. F. Dodd
Unfair Competition. By Stevens W. H. S. Ph.D. (Chicago: Chicago University Press. 1917.) pp. 783-784 Downloads
James T. Young
Oregon Minimum Wage Cases. Brief for the Oregon Industrial Welfare Commission, Defendants in Error, before the Supreme Court of the United States. By Frankfurter Felix and Goldmark Josephine. (New York: National Consumers' League. 1917. Pp. vi, 837.) pp. 784-785 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Jewish Philanthropy. By Dr. Bogen Boris D.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1917.) pp. 785-787 Downloads
Alfred A. Benesch
Town Planning for Small Communities. By Walpole Town Planning Committee, Bird Charles S. Jr., Chairman. (New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1917. Pp. xvii, 492.) pp. 787-787 Downloads
Charles Mulford Robinson
The Psychology of Special Abilities and Disabilities. By Bronner Augusta F. Ph.D. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1917. Pp. vi, 269.) pp. 788-788 Downloads
Erville B. Woods
Government Publications pp. 812-816 Downloads
John A. Dorney

Volume 11, issue 03, 1917

Spain and the War pp. 421-447 Downloads
Charles H. Cunningham
Opposition to Home Rule pp. 448-460 Downloads
Edward Raymond Turner
The Merit System and the Higher Offices pp. 461-472 Downloads
John A. McIlhenny
The Veto Power of the State Governor pp. 473-493 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
The Direct Primary in New York State pp. 494-518 Downloads
H. Feldman
Constitutional Conventions pp. 519-528 Downloads
Roger Sherman Hoar
Legislative Activity in Massachusetts, 1916 pp. 528-539 Downloads
Wilder H. Haines
New York State Police pp. 539-541 Downloads
Edgar Dawson
Judicial Decisions on Public Law pp. 545-555 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Electoral Reform in the United Kingdom pp. 561-563 Downloads
Edward Porritt
French War Cabinets pp. 563-568 Downloads
James W. Garner
The Military Unpreparedness of the United States. By Huidekoper Frederick Louis. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1915. Pp. xx, 735.) pp. 569-573 Downloads
William A. Schaper
American World Policies. By Weyl Walter E.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1917.) pp. 573-574 Downloads
Roland G. Usher
The Hague Arbitration Cases. By Wilson George Grafton. (Boston: Ginn and Company. 1915. Pp. x, 525.)The Hague Court Reports. Published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Edited with an introduction by Scott James Brown. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1916. Pp. cxi, 664.) pp. 574-577 Downloads
Henry F. Munro
Breaches of Anglo-American Treaties. By Bigelow Major John. (New York: Sturgis and Walton Company. 1917. Pp. xi, 248, with three maps.) pp. 577-578 Downloads
Philip Marshall Brown
The System of Financial Administration of Great Britain. By Willoughby W. F., Willoughby W. W. and Lindsay Samuel McCune. Published for the Institute for Government Research. Introduction by Lowell A. Lawrence. (New York: D. Appelton and Company. 1917. Pp. xvi, 392.) pp. 578-580 Downloads
Edward Porritt
Standards of American Legislation. By Freund Ernst. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1917. Pp. xx, 327.) pp. 580-582 Downloads
A. N. Holcombe
Studies in the Problem of Sovereignty. By Laski Harold J.. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1917. Pp. 297.) pp. 582-584 Downloads
Walter James Shepard
The Leveller Movement. A study in the History and Political Theory of the English Great Civil War. A dissertation submitted to the faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Literature, University of Chicago. By Pease Theodore Calvin. (Washington: American Historical Association. 1916. Pp. x, 406.) pp. 584-585 Downloads
C. H. McIlwain
Public Opinion in Massachusetts during the Civil War and Reconstruction. By Ware Edith Ellen. (Columbia University Studies in History, Economics, and Public Law. 1916. Pp. 219.) pp. 586-587 Downloads
Ernest Kimball
The County—The “Dark Continent” of American Politics. By Gilbertson H. S.. (New York: The National Short Ballot Organization. 1917. Pp. vi, 297.) pp. 587-588 Downloads
Orren Chalmer Hormell
Essays in the Earlier History of American Corporations. By Davis Joseph Stancliffe PhD. Two volumes. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1917. Pp. 546, 419.) pp. 589-590 Downloads
J. A. F.
The Rule Making Authority in the English Supreme Court. By Rosenbaum Samuel. (Boston: Boston Book Company. 1917. Pp. xiv, 321.) pp. 590-591 Downloads
Chester Lloyd Jones
Business Competition and the Law. By Montague Gilbert H.. (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1917. Pp. 309.) pp. 591-592 Downloads
Albert M. Kales
The Man in Court. By Wells Frederick DeWitt. (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1917.) pp. 592-592 Downloads
W. S. McNeill
Books and Periodicals pp. 598-612 Downloads
Niels H. Debel
Government Publications pp. 612-620 Downloads
John A. Dorney

Volume 11, issue 02, 1917

Pan-American Coöperation in Pan-American Affairs pp. 217-230 Downloads
F. Alfonso Pezet
The Monroe Doctrine and the Government of Chile pp. 231-238 Downloads
Castro-Ruiz, Carlos
Lending our Financial Machinery to Latin America pp. 239-251 Downloads
F. C. Schwedtman
Four Years of Congress pp. 252-283 Downloads
James Miller Leake
Woman Suffrage in Parliament: A Test for Cabinet Autocracy pp. 284-309 Downloads
Evans Clark
Illinois Administrative Code pp. 310-315 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
Constitutional Conventions pp. 316-319 Downloads
Arthur Connors
Absent Voting pp. 320-322 Downloads
Charles Kettleborough
The Short Ballot—Governor's Messages pp. 322-324 Downloads
Edward R. Lewis
Judicial Decisions on Public Law pp. 325-335 Downloads
John T. Fitzpatrick
La Liberté politique en Allemagne et la Dynastie des Hohenzollern. By Visscher F. de. (Paris. 1916.)Belgium's Case. A Judicial Enquiry. By Visscher Ch. de. (London. 1916.)Belgium and the Great Powers. Her Neutrality Explained and Vindicated. By Waxweiler Emile. (New York and London: G. F. Putnam's Sons. 1916. 186 pp.) pp. 336-340 Downloads
Léon Dupriéz
The Chartist Movement in its Social and Economic Aspects. By Rosenblatt Frank F.. Pp. 248. (New York: The Columbia University Press. 1916.)The Decline of the Chartist Movement. By Slosson Preston William. Pp. 216. (New York: The Columbia University Press. 1916.)Chartism and the Churches. A study in Democracy. By Faulkner Harold Underwood. Pp. 152. (New York: The Columbia University Press. 1916.)Studies in History, Economics and Public Law, edited by the Faculty of Political Science of Columbia University. Whole Numbers 171, 172 and 173. (New York: The Columbia University Press. 1916.) pp. 340-342 Downloads
Edward Porritt
Political Thought in England: The Utilitarians. From Bentham to J. S. Mill. By Davidson William L.. (New York: Henry Holt and Company. 1913. Pp. 256.)Political Thought in England: From Herbert Spencer to the Present Day. By Barker Ernest. (New York: Henry Holt and Company. 1915. Pp. 256.) pp. 342-344 Downloads
Raymond Garfield Gettell
State Government in the United States. By Holcombe Arthur N.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1916. Pp. xiii, 498.) pp. 344-346 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
Principles of American State Administration. By Mathews John M.. (New York: D. Appleton and Company. 1917. Pp. xiv, 534.) pp. 346-347 Downloads
A. N. Holcombe
Statute Law-Making in Iowa. Edited by Shambaugh Benjamin F.. Applied History, volume III. (Iowa City, Iowa. 1916. The State Historical Society of Iowa. Pp. xviii, 718.) pp. 348-349 Downloads
Russell McCulloch Story
The Mississippi Valley in British Politics. A Study of the Trade, Land Speculation, and Experiments in Imperialism Culminating in the American Revolution. By Alvord Clarence W.. Two volumes. (Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company. 1917. Pp. 358, 396.) pp. 349-351 Downloads
Frederic Austin Ogg
Jeffersonian Democracy in New England. By Robinson William A. Ph.D. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1916. Pp. vi, 170.) pp. 351-352 Downloads
Lois Kimball Mathews
The Government of the Philippine Islands: Its Development and Fundamentals. By Malcolm George A., Professor of Public Law and Dean of the College of Law in the University of the Philippines. (Rochester, N. Y.: The Lawyers Coöperative Publishing Company. 1916.) pp. 352-353 Downloads
Alleyne Ireland
Political Frontiers and Boundary Making. By Col. Sir Holdich Thomas H.. (London: Macmillan and Company. 1916. Pp. xi, 307.) pp. 354-355 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
A Political and Social History of Modern Europe. By Hayes Carlton J. H., Associate Professor of History in Columbia University, two volumes. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1916.) pp. 355-356 Downloads
W. Roy Smith
Modern Currency Reforms. By Kemmerer Edwin Walter. (New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. xxi, 564.) pp. 356-356 Downloads
George Ray Wicker
Government Telephones, The Experience of Manitoba, Canada. By Mavor James. (New York: Moffatt, Yard and Company. 1916. Pp. viii, 176.) pp. 357-359 Downloads
A. N. Holcombe
Newer Federal Commissions pp. 376-378 Downloads
H. J. Harris
Porto Rican Civil Government Act pp. 378-379 Downloads
William S. Carpenter
The Mexican Constitution of 1917 pp. 379-381 Downloads
Salvador Martinez de Alva
Parties and the Cabinet System in Japan pp. 381-383 Downloads
T. Iyenaga
Antecedents of the Russian Revolution pp. 383-385 Downloads
Nicholas Goldenweiser
The Freedom of the Seas pp. 386-388 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
The Status of Armed Neutrality pp. 388-389 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
Armed Merchantmen pp. 389-390 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
The Yarrowdale Case pp. 390-391 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
Volunteer Navies pp. 391-392 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
The Conviction of Frantz Bopp pp. 392-393 Downloads
Charles G. Fenwick
Books and Periodicals pp. 394-410 Downloads
Niels H. Debel
Government Publications pp. 411-420 Downloads
John A. Dorney

Volume 11, issue 01, 1917

The Scientific Spirit in Politics pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jesse Macy
Pan-Turanism pp. 12-23 Downloads
T. Lothrop Stoddard
The Control of Foreign Relations pp. 24-58 Downloads
Denys P. Myers
The Department of the Navy pp. 59-75 Downloads
Robert W. Neeser
Obstacles to Municipal Progress pp. 76-87 Downloads
Henry T. Hunt
Powers of the Lieutenant-Governor pp. 88-92 Downloads
Charles Kettleborough
Direct Legislation in 1916 pp. 92-110 Downloads
Arthur Connors
Constitutional Conventions pp. 110-111 Downloads
Arthur Connors
Absent Voting pp. 116-117 Downloads
P. Orman Ray
Judicial Decisions on Public Law pp. 118-131 Downloads
John T. Fitzpatrick
Politics. By Treitschke Heinrich von. Translated from the German by Dugdale Blanche and Bille Torben De, with an introduction by the Right Hon. Arthur James Balfour, and a foreword by Lowell A. Lawrence. In two volumes. (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1916. Pp., Vol. I, xliv, 406; Vol. II, vi, 643.) pp. 132-137 Downloads
Walter James Shepard
Modern French Legal Philosophy. Translated by Mrs. Scott F. W. and Chamberlain J. P.. Edited by Spencer A. W.. (Boston: Boston Book Company, 1916. Pp. lxvi, 578.) pp. 137-139 Downloads
Morris R. Cohen
A History of Continental Criminal Law. By Bar Carl Ludwig von. Translated by Bell Thomas S.. Continental Legal History Series. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1916. Pp. lvi, 561.) pp. 139-142 Downloads
Edward Lindsey
Le Droit des Gens, ou Principes de la Loi Naturelle Appliqués à la Conduite et aux affaires des Nationes et des Souverains. Par Vattel M. de. With an introduction by Lapradelle Albert de. English translation by Fenwick Charles G. Ph.D., Three volumes. (Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1916. Pp. xxxv, 644; 501; 463.) pp. 142-143 Downloads
James W. Garner
The Enforcement of International Law through Municipal Law in the United States. By Wright Philip Quincy Ph.D., (University of Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences, March, 1916. Pp. 264.) pp. 143-146 Downloads
Philip Marshall Brown
International Cases: Arbitrations and Incidents Illustrative of International Law as Practised by Independent States. Volume 1, Peace. Volume 2, War and Neutrality. By Stowell Ellery C. and Munro Henry F.. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1916. Pp. xxxvi, 496; xvii, 662.) pp. 146-148 Downloads
John H. Latané
Nationalism, War and Society. A study of nationalism and its concomitant, war, in their relation to civilization; and of the fundamentals and the progress of the opposition to war. By Krehbiel Edward. With an introduction by Angell Norman. (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1916. Pp. xxxv, 276.) pp. 149-150 Downloads
Philip Marshall Brown
Contemporary Politics in the Far East. By Hornbeck Stanley K. B.A. (Oxon.), Ph.D., (New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1916. Pp. xiv, 466.) pp. 150-153 Downloads
Bernadotte E. Schmitt
England and Germany: 1740–1914. By Schmitt Bernadotte Everly. (Princeton University Press, 1916. Pp. ix, 524.) pp. 153-154 Downloads
William A. Frayer
French Policy and the American Alliance of 1778. By Corwin Edward S. Ph.D., (Princeton University Press, 1916. Pp. 430.) pp. 154-156 Downloads
Frank A. Updyke
America's Foreign Relations. By Johnson Willis Fletcher. (New York: The Century Company, 1916. Two volumes: Pp. xii, 551; vii, 485.) pp. 156-159 Downloads
Ralston Hayden
Caribbean Interests of the United States. By Jones Chester Lloyd. (New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1916. Pp. viii, 379.) pp. 159-162 Downloads
James Morton Callahan
Principles of Constitutional Government. By Goodnow Frank J.. (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1916. Pp. 396.) pp. 162-163 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
Form and Functions of American Government. By Reed Thomas Harrison. (Yonkers-on-Hudson: World Book Company, 1916. Pp. xv, 549.) pp. 164-166 Downloads
Frank Abbott Magruder
The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina. By Boucher Chauncey Samuel. (The University of Chicago Press, 1916. Pp. xii, 399.) pp. 166-167 Downloads
W. Roy Smith
Life of Henry Winter Davis. By Steiner Bernard C.. (Baltimore: John Murphy Company, 1916. Pp. 416.) pp. 167-168 Downloads
W. Roy Smith
Municipal Affairs pp. 186-194 Downloads
Alice M. Holden
Government Publications pp. 211-215 Downloads
John A. Dorney
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