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Volume 48, issue 04, 1954

Presidential Address pp. 961-971 Downloads
Ralph J. Bunche
The Ryukyu Islands: Pawn of the Pacific pp. 972-998 Downloads
Ralph Braibanti
Hume and Conservatism pp. 999-1016 Downloads
Sheldon S. Wolin
The Conservative Dilemma: Reflections on the Political Thought of Metternich pp. 1017-1030 Downloads
Henry A. Kissinger
The Contemporary Doctrine of the Soviet State and its Philosophical Foundations pp. 1031-1057 Downloads
Vernon V. Aspaturian
The Logical and the Real in Political Theory: Plato, Aristotle, and Marx pp. 1058-1066 Downloads
Charles N. R. McCoy
The People of the State Department and Foreign Service pp. 1067-1082 Downloads
James L. McCamy and Alessandro Corradini
Charisma in the 1952 Campaign pp. 1083-1102 Downloads
James C. Davies
The Protection of the Public Interest with Special Reference to Administrative Regulation pp. 1103-1113 Downloads
Emmette S. Redford
Co-determination in Germany pp. 1114-1127 Downloads
Herbert J. Spiro
An Interpretation of the Philippine Election of 1953 pp. 1128-1138 Downloads
Harold F. Gosnell
Basic Materials for the Study of State Constitutions and State Constitutional Development pp. 1140-1152 Downloads
J. Alton Burdine
The Future of Cities and Urban Redevelopment. Edited by Woodbury Coleman. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1953. Pp. xix, 764. $9.00.)Urban Redevelopment: Problems and Practices. Edited by Woodbury Coleman. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1953. Pp. xvi, 525. $7.50.) pp. 1153-1155 Downloads
John C. Bollens
Program Budgeting: Theory and Practice with Particular Reference to the U. S. Department of the Army. By Mosher Frederick C.. (Chicago: Public Administration Service. 1954. Pp. xiii, 258. $5.00.) pp. 1155-1156 Downloads
Harvey C. Mansfield
Tito's Promised Land. By Dragnich Alex N.. (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press. 1954. Pp. 333. $5.75.) pp. 1157-1158 Downloads
Louis Nemzer
Terror and Progress USSR: Some Sources of Change and Stability in the Soviet Dictatorship. By Moore Barrington Jr., (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1954. Pp. xvii, 261. $4.50.) pp. 1159-1160 Downloads
Julian Towster
The Threat of Soviet Imperialism. Edited by Haines C. Grove. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1954. Pp. xvi, 402. $5.00.) pp. 1160-1162 Downloads
Alfred G. Meyer
The Struggle for Indochina. By Hammer Ellen J. with a Preface by Emerson Rupert. (Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1954. Published under the Auspices of the Institute of Pacific Relations. Pp. xvii, 332. $5.00.) pp. 1162-1164 Downloads
William W. Lockwood
Totalitarianism: Proceedings of a Conference Held at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, March 1953. Edited by Friedrich Carl J.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1954. Pp. viii, 386. $6.50.) pp. 1164-1165 Downloads
John S. Reshetar
Supreme Court and Supreme Law. Edited by Cahn Edmond. (Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 1954. Pp. ix, 250. $4.00.) pp. 1165-1167 Downloads
Robert J. Harris
Robert M. LaFollette: June 14, 1855–June 18, 1925. By LaFollette Bella Case and LaFollette Fola. (New York: Macmillan Co. 1953. 2 vols. Pp. xx, 730; vii, 731–1305. $15.00.) pp. 1167-1168 Downloads
Wallace S. Sayre
A Court for Children: A Study of the New York City Children's Court. By Kahn Alfred J.. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1953. Pp. xxii, 359. $4.50.) pp. 1169-1170 Downloads
Alan Keith-Lucas
The Regulation of Businessmen. By Lane Robert E.. (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press. 1954. Pp. xiii, 144. $3.75.) pp. 1170-1171 Downloads
Francis D. Wormuth
Federal-State-Local Tax Correlation: Symposium. (Princeton: Tax Institute. 1954. Pp. viii, 248. $5.00.) pp. 1170-1170 Downloads
Weldon Cooper
Letters on Public Administration: From a Dean to His Graduates. By Upson Lent D.. (Detroit: Citizens Research Council of Michigan. 1954. Pp. xi, 178.) pp. 1171-1172 Downloads
Roscoe C. Martin
Is There a Republican Majority? Political Trends, 1952–1956. By Harris Louis. (New York: Harper & Bros. 1954. Pp. xviii, 231. $3.50.) pp. 1171-1171 Downloads
Harold F. Gosnell
A Descriptive Catalogue of Government Publications of the United States, September 5, 1774–March 4, 1881. By Ben: Poore Perley. (Washington: Government Printing Office. 1885. Ann Arbor, Mich.: J. W. Edwards, reprinted, 1953. Pp. 1392. $14.40.) pp. 1172-1172 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: American Government and Politics pp. 1174-1180 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
The Future of the House of Lords. Edited by Bailey Sydney D.. (London: The Hansard Society. 1954. Pp. 180. 10/6.) pp. 1180-1181 Downloads
John R. Williams
Interpretación de la Historia de Sudamerica. By Vilela Arturo. (La Paz, Bolivia: Biblioteca Pacena. 1953. Pp. 230.) pp. 1181-1182 Downloads
William S. Stokes
Uruguay: Portrait of a Democracy. By Fitzgibbon Russell H.. (New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press. 1954. Pp. xiv, 301. $5.75.) pp. 1181-1181 Downloads
Robert E. Scott
Catalogue of Papers Printed by Order of the House of Commons, 1731–1800. (London: H. M. Stationery Office. 1953. Pp. ix, 101. £1 1s. 0d.) pp. 1183-1183 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Jawaharlal Nehru's Speeches, 1949–1953. (Delhi: Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 1954. Pp. x, 586. $2.50.) pp. 1185-1185 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 1186-1192 Downloads
William H. Roberts
A Study of the Philosophy of International Law as Seen in Works of Latin American Writers. By Jacobini H. B.. (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff. 1954. Pp. viii, 158.) pp. 1192-1192 Downloads
Manuel R. García-Mora
Benjamin Franklin and American Foreign Policy. By Stourzh Gerald. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. xvii, 335. $4.50.) pp. 1192-1193 Downloads
S. Grover Rich
Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Its Aftermath. Edited by Barnes Harry Elmer. (Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton Printers, Ltd. 1953. Pp. xiii, 679. $6.00.) pp. 1193-1194 Downloads
Bernard C. Cohen
Japan: From Surrender to Peace. By Van Aduard Baron E. J. Lewe. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger. 1954. Pp. xv, 351. $7.50.) pp. 1194-1194 Downloads
Ralph Braibanti
Bibliografía de las Conferencias Americanas. By the Columbus Memorial Library of the Pan American Union. (Washington, D.C.: Pan American Union. 1954. Pp. x, 277. Bibliographic Series No. 41. $1.50.) pp. 1195-1196 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: International Law and Relations pp. 1198-1204 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
The Question of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. By Cassirer Ernst. Translated and Edited with an Introduction by Gay Peter. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1954. Pp. vii, 129. $2.75.) pp. 1204-1205 Downloads
Harvey Wheeler
Notre Maître, M. Sorel. By Andreu Pierre. (Paris: Bernard Grasset. 1953. Pp. 338.) pp. 1205-1206 Downloads
James H. Meisel
Principia Politica. By Woolf Leonard. (London: Hogarth Press. 1953. Pp. 315. 25/–.)The Vocabulary of Politics. BY Weldon T. D.. (Baltimore: Penguin Books. 1953. Pp. 199. 2/–.) pp. 1206-1206 Downloads
George Catlin
Selected Articles and Documents on: Political Theory pp. 1208-1214 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles and Documents on: Methodology and Research in the Social Sciences pp. 1214-1218 Downloads
Herbert Simon
In Memoriam pp. 1239-1240 Downloads
Arthur W. MacMahon

Volume 48, issue 03, 1954

Presidency and Legislation: The Growth of Central Clearance pp. 641-671 Downloads
Richard E. Neustadt
A Pressure Group and the Pressured: A Case Report pp. 672-691 Downloads
Oliver Garceau and Corinne Silverman
Extra-Legal Political Parties in Wisconsin pp. 692-704 Downloads
Frank J. Sorauf
The Politics of Collective Bargaining: The Postwar Record in Steel pp. 705-720 Downloads
Frederick H. Harbison and Robert C. Spencer
State Cooperation in Enforcement of the Federal Wage-Hour Law pp. 721-737 Downloads
Virginia G. Cook
Military Assistance for Pakistan pp. 738-751 Downloads
James W. Spain
Mass Organizations in Mainland China pp. 752-765 Downloads
Chao Kuo-Chün
Revisionist Opinion in Post-Treaty Japan pp. 766-774 Downloads
Douglas H. Mendel
Capital and Carbuncles: The “Great Books” Reappraised pp. 775-786 Downloads
Andrew Hacker
A Method for Evaluating the Distribution of Power in a Committee System pp. 787-792 Downloads
Lloyd Shapley and Martin Shubik
Doctoral Dissertations in Political Science: In American Universities pp. 793-824 Downloads
Francis E. Rourke
A Selective Survey of the Literature in the Social Sciences and Related Fields on Modern North Africa pp. 826-848 Downloads
Benjamin Rivlin
Civil Liberties and the Vinson Court. By Pritchett C. Herman. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. xi, 297. $5.00.) pp. 849-851 Downloads
Jack W. Peltason
Law and Politics in the World Community: Essays on Hans Kelsen's Pure Theory and Related Problems in International Law. Edited by Lipsky George A.. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1953. Pp. xx, 373. $6.00.) pp. 851-853 Downloads
Oliver J. Lissitzyn
The Future of Underdeveloped Countries: Political Implications of Development. By Staley Eugene. (New York: Harper and Bros. 1954. Pp. xiv, 410. $5.00.) pp. 853-854 Downloads
Rupert Emerson
Cultural Patterns and Technical Change. Edited by Mead Margaret. (Paris: UNESCO. 1953. Pp. 348. $1.75.) pp. 854-856 Downloads
Walter H. C. Laves
The Adams Federalists. By Dauer Manning J.. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1953. Pp. xxiii, 381. $6.00.) pp. 856-857 Downloads
Frank Grace
The Rise and Decline of Liberalism. By Neill Thomas P.. (Milwaukee: The Bruce Publishing Co. 1953. Pp. xi, 321. $5.50.) pp. 857-859 Downloads
Currin V. Shields
Plato's Modern Enemies and the Theory of Natural Law. By Wild John. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1953. Pp. xi, 259. $5.50.)In Defense of Plato. By Levinson Ronald B.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 674. $10.00.) pp. 859-862 Downloads
Eric Voegelin
Introduction to French Local Government. By Chapman Brian. (London: George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. 1953. Pp. 238. 18 s.) pp. 862-864 Downloads
Henry W. Ehrmann
The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation; Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of the United States to June 30, 1952. By the Legislative Reference Service, Library of Congress. Corwin Edward S., Editor. (Washington: Government Printing Office. 1953. Pp. xxiv, 1361. $6.25.) pp. 864-865 Downloads
J. A. C. Grant
American State Legislatures: Report of the Committee on American Legislatures, American Political Science Association. Edited by Zeller Belle. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1954. Pp. ix, 294. $3.50.) pp. 865-868 Downloads
Charles S. Hyneman
Modern China's Foreign Policy. By Levi Werner. (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. 1953. Pp. 399. $5.50.) pp. 868-870 Downloads
Alfred Fernbach
War Labor Boards in the Field. By Richards Allan R.. (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press. 1953. Pp. vii, 281. $1.25.) pp. 870-871 Downloads
Byron R. Abernethy
The American President. By Hyman Sidney. (New York: Harper & Bros. 1954. Pp. 342. $4.00.) pp. 872-872 Downloads
Cortez A. M. Ewing
Hidden Threads of History: Wilson through Roosevelt. By Wehle Louis B.. With an Introduction by Nevins Allan. (New York: Macmillan Company. 1953. Pp. xix, 300. $4.00.) pp. 872-873 Downloads
E. Allen Helms
Race, Jobs, and Politics: The Story of FEPC. By Ruchames Louis (New York: Columbia University Press. 1953. Pp. x, 255. $3.75.) pp. 873-874 Downloads
Felix Rackow
Index to Congressional Committee Hearings in the Library of the United States House of Representatives Prior to January 1, 1951. Compiled by Saville Russell. (Washington: Government Printing Office. 1954. Pp. 485.) pp. 874-874 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: American Government and Politics pp. 875-882 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
The Doctrine of Responsible Party Government: Its Origins and Present State. By Ranney Austin. (Urbana: The University of Illinois Press. 1954. Pp. xi, 176. Paper, $3.00; cloth, $4.00.) pp. 882-883 Downloads
J. Roland Pennock
Evolution of Provincial Autonomy in India, 1858 to 1950, with Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh. By Masaldan P. N.. (Bombay: Hind Kitabs Ltd. 1953. Pp. viii, 215. Rs. 10–0.) pp. 883-884 Downloads
Gene D. Overstreet
Democracy in Alberta: The Theory and Practice of a Quasi-Party System. By Macpherson C. B.. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 258. $5.50.) pp. 883-883 Downloads
Alexander Heard
Russia: What Next? By Deutscher Isaac. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1953. Pp. vii, 230. $3.00.) pp. 884-885 Downloads
Herbert McClosky
Forteckning över statliga utredningar 1904–1945. By Riksdagsbiblioteket. (Norrköping: Ostergötlands dagblads tryckeri. 1953. Pp. vi, 1405. Kr. 40.) pp. 885-886 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Zaibatsu Dissolution in Japan. By Bisson T. A.. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1954. Pp. xi, 314. $5.00.) pp. 885-885 Downloads
Paul S. Dull
L'Evolution récente des institutions politiques dans les territoires d'Outre-Mer et territoires associés. By the Direction de la Documentation of the Présidence du Conseil and by the Direction des Affaires Politiques of the Ministére de la France d'Outre-Mer. (Paris: La Documentation Française. 1954. Pp. 40. Notes et études documentaires, no. 1, 847. 100 francs.) pp. 886-887 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Sveriges officiella statistik. Allmänna val. Riksdaesmannavalen, oren, 1949–1952. By Centralbyran Statistiska. (Stockholm: Kungl, Boktryckeriet P. A. Norstedt & Söner. 1953. Pp. 246.) pp. 886-886 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Annuaire des États Associés: Cambodge–Laos–Vietnam. 1953. (Paris: Editions Diloutremer et Havas. 1953. Pp. 578.) pp. 887-887 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Statistisches Taschenbuch über die Heimatvertriebenen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und in West-Berlin. (Wiesbaden: Statistisches Bundesamt. 1953. Pp. xii, 163.) pp. 888-888 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 889-895 Downloads
William H. Roberts
Stresemann and the Revision of Versailles: A Fight for Reason. By Bretton Henry L.. (Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 199. $3.00.) pp. 895-895 Downloads
Elton Atwater
Problems of Stability and Progress in International Relations. By Wright Quincy. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1954. Pp. xiv, 378. $5.00.) pp. 896-896 Downloads
Norman D. Palmer
A Short History of International Organization. By Mangone Gerard J.. (New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co. 1954. Pp. ix, 326. $5.00.) pp. 896-897 Downloads
Richard N. Swift
Selected Articles and Documents on: International Law and Relations pp. 898-905 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
La Politique des États et leur Géographie. By Gottmann Jean. (Paris: Librairie Armand Colin. 1952. Pp. xi, 228.) pp. 905-906 Downloads
James L. Busey
La Pensée Politique et Constitutionelle de Montesquieu: Bicentenaire de L'Esprit des Lois, 1748–1948. A Symposium. (Paris: Sirey. 1952. Pp. 328.) pp. 905-905 Downloads
Peter J. Fliess
Political Thought in England: Tyndale to Hooker. By Morris Christopher. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1953. Pp. x, 220. $2.00.) pp. 906-906 Downloads
Roy C. Macridis
Theory and Method in the Social Sciences. By Rose Arnold M.. (Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press. 1954. Pp. xii, 351. $5.00.) pp. 907-908 Downloads
1 Henry
Selected Articles and Documents on: Political Theory pp. 908-915 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles and Documents on: Methodology and Research in the Social Sciences pp. 915-916 Downloads
Herbert Simon

Volume 48, issue 02, 1954

Public Opinion and the Intellectuals pp. 321-339 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
The Congressional Committee: A Case Study pp. 340-365 Downloads
Ralph K. Huitt
The Accountability of the British Nationalized Industries pp. 366-385 Downloads
Eldon L. Johnson
Democracy and the Problem of Civil Disobedience pp. 386-403 Downloads
David Spitz
Nationalism in Tropical Africa pp. 404-426 Downloads
James S. Coleman
World Trends in Political Science Research pp. 427-449 Downloads
C. B. Macpherson
Parties, Partisanship, and Public Policy in the Pennsylvania Legislature pp. 450-464 Downloads
William J. Keefe
Florida's New Campaign Expense Law and the 1952 Democratic Gubernatorial Primaries pp. 465-476 Downloads
Elston E. Roady
The American Party Systems pp. 477-485 Downloads
Austin Ranney and Willmoore Kendall
Age as a Factor in the Recruitment of Communist Leadership pp. 486-499 Downloads
Robert T. Holt
Uruguay Introduces Government by Committee pp. 500-513 Downloads
Milton I. Vanger
Notes on Literature Available for the Study of Comparative Public Administration pp. 515-537 Downloads
Fred W. Riggs
Natural Right and History. By Strauss Leo. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1953. Pp. x, 327. $5.00.) pp. 538-541 Downloads
John H. Hallowell
How Russia is Ruled. By Fainsod Merle. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1953. Pp. xi, 575. $7.50.)The Dynamics of Soviet Society. By Rostow W. W. in Collaboration with Levin Alfred. (New York: W. W. Norton and Co. 1953. Pp. xvi, 282. $3.95.)Law and Social Change in the U.S.S.R. By Hazard John N.. (Toronto: The Carswell Co. 1953. Published under the Auspices of the London Institute of World Affairs. Pp. xxiv, 310. $4.50.) pp. 541-544 Downloads
W. W. Kulski
Ideals and Self-Interest in America's Foreign Relations: The Great Transformation of the Twentieth Century. By Osgood Robert Endicott. (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 491. $6.50.) pp. 544-546 Downloads
Norman J. Padelford
Moscow and the Chinese Communists. By North Robert C.. (Stanford: Stanford University Press. 1954. Pp. 306. $5.00.) pp. 546-548 Downloads
1 Null
American Foreign Assistance. By Brown William Adams and Opie Redvers. (Washington: The Brookings Institution. 1953. Pp. xii, 615. $6.00.)Raising the World's Standard of Living: The Coordination and Effectiveness of Point Four, United Nations Technical Assistance, and Related Programs. By Mack Robert T. Jr., (New York: The Citadel Press. 1953. Pp. xviii, 285. $4.00.) pp. 548-551 Downloads
Walter R. Sharp
Administration in Foreign Affairs. By Macmahon Arthur W.. (University, Alabama: University of Alabama Press. 1953. Pp. v, 275. $3.50.) pp. 551-553 Downloads
John A. Vieg
The Advice and Consent of the Senate: A Study of the Confirmation of Appointments by the United States Senate. By Harris Joseph P.. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 457. $5.00.) pp. 553-554 Downloads
V. O. Key
Nationalism and Social Communication: An Inquiry into the Foundations of Nationality. By Deutsch Karl W.. (Cambridge: The Technology Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Pp. x, 292. $5.00.) pp. 554-556 Downloads
Harold D. Lasswell
Church, State, and Freedom. By Pfeffer Leo. (Boston: Beacon Press. 1953. Pp. xvi, 675. $10.00.) pp. 556-558 Downloads
Mulford Q. Sibley
Politics, Economics, and Welfare. By Dahl Robert A. and Lindblom Charles E.. (New York: Harper & Bros. 1953. Pp. 526. $5.00.) pp. 558-560 Downloads
Bertram M. Gross
Flood Control Politics: The Connecticut River Valley Problem, 1927–1950. By Leuchtenberg William Edward. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1953. Pp. vi, 339. $5.00.) pp. 560-562 Downloads
Charles D. Curran
Public Policy: A Yearbook of the Graduate School of Public Administration, Harvard University, 1953. Edited by Friedrich C. J. and Galbraith J. K.. (Cambridge: Graduate School of Public Administration, Harvard. 1953. Pp. xi, 292. $4.75.) pp. 562-563 Downloads
C. Herman Pritchett
The Nemesis of Power: The German Army in Politics, 1918–1945. By Wheeler-Bennett John W.. (London: Macmillan and New York: St. Martin's Press. 1953. Pp. xvi, 829. $12.00.) pp. 563-564 Downloads
Henry L. Bretton
Henry Cabot Lodge: A Biography. By Garraty John A.. (New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 1953. Pp. xxiv, 433. $6.00.) pp. 565-565 Downloads
Denys P. Myers
Federal Examiners and the Conflict of Law and Administration. By Musolf Lloyd D.. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 203. $3.00.) pp. 565-566 Downloads
Vincent M. Barnett
The Legislative Process in Congress. By Galloway George B.. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1953. Pp. xii, 689. $6.00.) pp. 566-567 Downloads
O. Douglas Weeks
American Constitutional Custom: A Forgotten Factor in the Founding. By Rodick Burleigh Cushing. (New York: Philosophical Library. 1953. Pp. xx, 244. $4.75.) pp. 567-568 Downloads
Frank Grace
Civil Rights in Immigration. By Konvitz Milton R.. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 216. $3.50.) pp. 567-567 Downloads
L. V. Howard
The Decline of Agrarian Democracy. By McConnell Grant. (Berkeley: University of California Press. 1953. Pp. 226. $3.75.) pp. 568-568 Downloads
Ralph K. Huitt
Texas Presidential Politics in 1952. By Weeks O. Douglas. (Austin: Institute of Public Affairs, The University of Texas. 1953. Pp. x, 116. Paper, $1.25; cloth, $2.00.) pp. 568-569 Downloads
Donald S. Strong
Renewing Our Cities. By Colean Miles L.. (New York: The Twentieth Century Fund. 1953. Pp. x, 181. $2.50.) pp. 569-569 Downloads
Robert T. Daland
Selected Articles and Documents on: American Government and Politics pp. 571-576 Downloads
Franklin L. Burdette
Governmental Liability: A Comparative Study. By Street H.. (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. 1953. Pp. iv, 223. $5.00.) pp. 576-576 Downloads
J. Roland Pennock
The Administrative Reforms of Frederick William I of Prussia. By Dorwart Reinhold August. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. 1953. Pp. xvii, 250. $4.00.) pp. 576-577 Downloads
Dwight Waldo
Courts, Lawyers and Trials under the Last Three Tsars. By Kucherov Samuel. (New York: Frederick A. Praeger. 1953. Pp. xii, 339. $6.00.) pp. 577-577 Downloads
Michael T. Florinsky
Etat des périodiques officiels français. Liste des revues, journaux et bulletins statistiques des assemblées parlementaires et des administrations centrales à la date du 1er janvier 1952. (Paris: Bibliothèque Nationale. 1953. Pp. 39.) pp. 578-578 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Deutschland Heute. Mit einem Geleitwort von Bundeskanzler Dr. Adenauer Konrad. Herausgegeben vom Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung. (Wiesbaden: Wiesbadener Graphische Betriebe. 1953. Pp. 416. DM 12.50.) pp. 579-579 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: Foreign and Comparative Government pp. 580-586 Downloads
William H. Roberts
Federal Government Gazette, Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Vol. 1, No. 1, 4th September, 1953. (Salisbury: Government Printer.) pp. 580-580 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Beyond Containment. By Chamberlin William Henry. (Chicago: Henry Regnery Company. 1953. Pp. vi, 406. $5.00.) pp. 586-587 Downloads
William G. Carleton
Japan's Role in Southeast Asian Nationalist Movements, 1940–45. By Elsbree Willard H.. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1953. Issued under the Auspices of the Institute of Pacific Relations. Pp. v., 182. $3.25.) pp. 587-588 Downloads
Tatsuji Takeuchi
Les Publications Officielles des Institutions Européennes. Bibliographie établie par Roussier Michel … avec la collaboration de Maryvonne Stephan. (Paris: Dotation Carnegie pour la Paix Internationale. 1954. Pp. 73.) pp. 588-588 Downloads
1 J.B.C.
Selected Articles and Documents on: International Law and Relations pp. 591-598 Downloads
H. Arthur Steiner
French Corporative Theory, 1789–1948: A Chapter in the History of Ideas. By Elbow Matthew H.. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1953. Pp. 222. $3.75.) pp. 598-599 Downloads
James H. Meisel
The White Umbrella: Indian Political Thought from Manu to Gandhi. By Brown D. Mackenzie. (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. 1953. Pp. xv, 205. $3.75.) pp. 598-598 Downloads
Werner Levi
Heresy, Yes; Conspiracy, No. By Hook Sidney. (New York: The John Day Co. 1953. Pp. 283. $3.75.) pp. 599-600 Downloads
Vern Countryman
Communication and Persuasion: Psychological Studies of Opinion Change. By Hovland Carl I., Janis Irving L. and Kelley Harold H.. (New Haven: Yale University Press. 1953. Pp. xii, 315. $4.50.) pp. 600-600 Downloads
George M. Belknap
Selected Articles and Documents on: Political Theory pp. 602-607 Downloads
Francis G. Wilson
Selected Articles and Documents on: Methodology and Research in the Social Sciences pp. 608-609 Downloads
Herbert Simon
In Memoriam pp. 623-623 Downloads
G. Lowell Field

Volume 48, issue 01, 1954

The Direct Primary and Party Structure: A Study of State Legislative Nominations pp. 1-26 Downloads
V. O. Key
Politics of British Conservatism pp. 27-48 Downloads
Leon D. Epstein
“Neutralism” in Asia pp. 49-62 Downloads
Robert A. Scalapino
Constitutional Law in 1952–1953 pp. 63-113 Downloads
David Fellman
The President's Economic Staff during the Truman Administration pp. 114-130 Downloads
Bertram M. Gross and John P. Lewis
The Federal Bureaucracy and the Change of Administration pp. 131-151 Downloads
Herman Miles Somers
Representation of the Region in Missouri Basin Organization pp. 152-165 Downloads
Frederick L. Zimmermann and Mitchell Wendell
Legislative Politics in Connecticut pp. 166-173 Downloads
W. Duane Lockard
“Reflections of a Law Professor on Instruction and Research in Public Administration”: An Exchange pp. 174-185 Downloads
Joseph P. Harris and Kenneth Culp Davis
Survey of Background Material for the Study of the Government of East Africa pp. 187-203 Downloads
Roland Young and J. Gus Liebenow
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