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Volume 113, issue 01, 2019

Legislative Staff and Representation in Congress pp. 1-18 Downloads
Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander, Matto Mildenberger and Leah C. Stokes
Does Private Regulation Preempt Public Regulation? pp. 19-37 Downloads
Neil Malhotra, Benoît Monin and Michael Tomz
Does Party Trump Ideology? Disentangling Party and Ideology in America pp. 38-54 Downloads
Michael Barber and Jeremy C. Pope
The Informational Theory of Legislative Committees: An Experimental Analysis pp. 55-76 Downloads
Marco Battaglini, Ernest K. Lai, Wooyoung Lim and Joseph Wang
Preventive Repression: Two Types of Moral Hazard pp. 77-87 Downloads
Tiberiu Dragu and Adam Przeworski
The Countervailing Effects of Competition on Public Goods Provision: When Bargaining Inefficiencies Lead to Bad Outcomes pp. 88-107 Downloads
Jessica Gottlieb and Katrina Kosec
Enhancing Electoral Equality: Can Education Compensate for Family Background Differences in Voting Participation? pp. 108-122 Downloads
Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Sven Oskarsson and Mikael Persson
(Under What Conditions) Do Politicians Reward Their Supporters? Evidence from Kenya’s Constituencies Development Fund pp. 123-139 Downloads
J. Andrew Harris and Daniel N. Posner
The Psychology of State Repression: Fear and Dissent Decisions in Zimbabwe pp. 140-155 Downloads
Lauren E. Young
The Credibility of Public and Private Signals: A Document-Based Approach pp. 156-172 Downloads
Azusa Katagiri and Eric Min
From Isolation to Radicalization: Anti-Muslim Hostility and Support for ISIS in the West pp. 173-194 Downloads
Tamar Mitts
Theopolitics Contra Political Theology: Martin Buber’s Biblical Critique of Carl Schmitt pp. 195-208 Downloads
Charles H. T. Lesch
Candidate Entry and Political Polarization: An Experimental Study pp. 209-225 Downloads
Jens GROßER and Thomas R. Palfrey
The Endurance of Politicians’ Values Over Four Decades: A Panel Study pp. 226-241 Downloads
Donald D. Searing, William G. Jacoby and Andrew H. Tyner
Legislative Review and Party Differentiation in Coalition Governments pp. 242-247 Downloads
David Fortunato
Elections Activate Partisanship across Countries pp. 248-253 Downloads
Shane P. Singh and Judd R. Thornton
Education and Anti-Immigration Attitudes: Evidence from Compulsory Schooling Reforms across Western Europe pp. 254-263 Downloads
Charlotte Cavaille and John Marshall
Public Attitudes toward Young Immigrant Men pp. 264-269 Downloads
Dalston G. Ward
Effects of Divisive Political Campaigns on the Day-to-Day Segregation of Arab and Muslim Americans pp. 270-276 Downloads
William Hobbs and Nazita Lajevardi
Partisan Affect and Elite Polarization pp. 277-281 Downloads
Daniel Diermeier and Christopher Li
Tactical Extremism pp. 282-286 Downloads
Jon Eguia and Francesco Giovannoni

Volume 112, issue 04, 2018

When Do the Advantaged See the Disadvantages of Others? A Quasi-Experimental Study of National Service pp. 721-741 Downloads
Cecilia Hyunjung Mo and Katharine M. Conn
Exclusion and Cooperation in Diverse Societies: Experimental Evidence from Israel pp. 742-757 Downloads
Ryan D. Enos and Noam Gidron
When the Money Stops: Fluctuations in Financial Remittances and Incumbent Approval in Central Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia pp. 758-774 Downloads
Katerina Tertytchnaya, Catherine E. de Vries, Hector Solaz and David Doyle
How Clients Select Brokers: Competition and Choice in India's Slums pp. 775-791 Downloads
Adam Michael Auerbach and Tariq Thachil
How Internal Constraints Shape Interest Group Activities: Evidence from Access-Seeking PACs pp. 792-808 Downloads
Zhao Li
Political Competition in Legislative Elections pp. 809-825 Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
Primaries and Candidate Polarization: Behavioral Theory and Experimental Evidence pp. 826-843 Downloads
Jonathan Woon
Leadership with Trustworthy Associates pp. 844-859 Downloads
Torun Dewan and Francesco Squintani
On the Limits of Officials’ Ability to Change Citizens’ Priorities: A Field Experiment in Local Politics pp. 860-873 Downloads
Daniel M. Butler and Hans J.G. Hassell
Who Polices the Administrative State? pp. 874-890 Downloads
Kenneth Lowande
The Power of the Multitude: Answering Epistemic Challenges to Democracy pp. 891-904 Downloads
Samuel Bagg
The Right to Strike: A Radical View pp. 905-917 Downloads
Alex Gourevitch
Technological Change and Political Turnover: The Democratizing Effects of the Green Revolution in India pp. 918-938 Downloads
Aditya Dasgupta
Cabinet Durability and Fiscal Discipline pp. 939-953 Downloads
David Fortunato and Matt W. Loftis
Media Bias against Foreign Firms as a Veiled Trade Barrier: Evidence from Chinese Newspapers pp. 954-970 Downloads
Sung Eun Kim
Office-Selling, Corruption, and Long-Term Development in Peru pp. 971-995 Downloads
Jenny Guardado
Endogenous Taxation in Ongoing Internal Conflict: The Case of Colombia pp. 996-1015 Downloads
Rafael Ch, Jacob Shapiro, Abbey Steele and Juan Vargas
Reelection and Renegotiation: International Agreements in the Shadow of the Polls pp. 1016-1035 Downloads
Peter Buisseret and Dan Bernhardt
Between Presumption and Despair: Augustine's Hope for the Commonwealth pp. 1036-1049 Downloads
Michael Lamb
Examining a Most Likely Case for Strong Campaign Effects: Hitler’s Speeches and the Rise of the Nazi Party, 1927–1933 pp. 1050-1066 Downloads
Peter Selb and Simon Munzert
How to Make Causal Inferences with Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data under Selection on Observables pp. 1067-1082 Downloads
Matthew Blackwell and Adam N. Glynn
Are Human Rights Practices Improving? pp. 1083-1089 Downloads
David Cingranelli and Mikhail Filippov
Quantifying Political Relationships pp. 1090-1095 Downloads
Simon Weschle
Ethnoracial Homogeneity and Public Outcomes: The (Non)effects of Diversity pp. 1096-1103 Downloads
Alexander Kustov and Giuliana Pardelli
Protecting the Right to Discriminate: The Second Great Migration and Racial Threat in the American West pp. 1104-1110 Downloads
Tyler T. Reny and Benjamin J. Newman
Distributive Politics with Vote and Turnout Buying pp. 1111-1119 Downloads
Agustin Casas
Exit, Voice, and Public Reason pp. 1120-1124 Downloads
Kevin Vallier
What Makes a Good Neighbor? Race, Place, and Norms of Political Participation – CORRIGENDUM pp. 1125-1125 Downloads
Allison P. Anoll

Volume 112, issue 03, 2018

The Politics of International Oversight: Strategic Monitoring and Legal Compliance in the European Union pp. 429-445 Downloads
Joshua C. Fjelstul and Clifford J. Carrubba
Justifying the Jury: Reconciling Justice, Equality, and Democracy pp. 446-458 Downloads
Melissa Schwartzberg
Anonymity and Democracy: Absence as Presence in the Public Sphere pp. 459-472 Downloads
Hans Asenbaum
When Do Renters Behave Like Homeowners? High Rent, Price Anxiety, and NIMBYism pp. 473-493 Downloads
Michael Hankinson
What Makes a Good Neighbor? Race, Place, and Norms of Political Participation pp. 494-508 Downloads
Allison P. Anoll
Who Punishes Extremist Nominees? Candidate Ideology and Turning Out the Base in US Elections pp. 509-524 Downloads
Andrew B. Hall and Daniel M. Thompson
The Ties That Double Bind: Social Roles and Women's Underrepresentation in Politics pp. 525-541 Downloads
Dawn Langan Teele, Joshua Kalla and Frances Rosenbluth
Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion among Political Elites pp. 542-563 Downloads
David E. Broockman and Christopher Skovron
The Birth of Pork: Local Appropriations in America’s First Century pp. 564-579 Downloads
Sanford C. Gordon and Hannah K. Simpson
Dynamic Pivotal Politics pp. 580-601 Downloads
Wioletta Dziuda and Antoine Loeper
Concealing Corruption: How Chinese Officials Distort Upward Reporting of Online Grievances pp. 602-620 Downloads
Jennifer Pan and Kaiping Chen
How Sudden Censorship Can Increase Access to Information pp. 621-636 Downloads
William R. Hobbs and Margaret E. Roberts
Ethnic Segregation and Public Goods: Evidence from Indonesia pp. 637-653 Downloads
Yuhki Tajima, Krislert Samphantharak and Kai Ostwald
Can Social Contact Reduce Prejudice and Discrimination? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nigeria pp. 654-677 Downloads
Alexandra Scacco and Shana S. Warren
Independent Candidates and Political Representation in India pp. 678-697 Downloads
Sacha Kapoor and Arvind Magesan
Trickle-Up Political Socialization: The Causal Effect on Turnout of Parenting a Newly Enfranchised Voter pp. 698-705 Downloads
Jens Olav Dahlgaard
Political Dynasties and the Incumbency Advantage in Party-Centered Environments pp. 706-712 Downloads
Jon Fiva and Daniel M. Smith
Candidate Sexual Orientation Didn't Matter (in the Way You Might Think) in the 2015 UK General Election pp. 713-720 Downloads
Gabriele Magni and Andrew Reynolds

Volume 112, issue 02, 2018

Global Competition and Brexit pp. 201-218 Downloads
Italo Colantone and Piero Stanig
Whither Parties? Hume on Partisanship and Political Legitimacy pp. 219-230 Downloads
Joel E. Landis
Agency Problems in Political Campaigns: Media Buying and Consulting pp. 231-248 Downloads
Gregory J. Martin and Zachary Peskowitz
Policy Preferences and Policy Change: Dynamic Responsiveness in the American States, 1936–2014 pp. 249-266 Downloads
Devin Caughey and Christopher Warshaw
The Deliberative Sublime: Edmund Burke on Disruptive Speech and Imaginative Judgment pp. 267-279 Downloads
Rob Goodman
Information Dissemination, Competitive Pressure, and Politician Performance between Elections: A Field Experiment in Uganda pp. 280-301 Downloads
Guy Grossman and Kristin Michelitch
Nonrepresentative Representatives: An Experimental Study of the Decision Making of Elected Politicians pp. 302-321 Downloads
Lior Sheffer, Peter John Loewen, Stuart Soroka, Stefaan Walgrave and Tamir Sheafer
Businesspeople in Elected Office: Identifying Private Benefits from Firm-Level Returns pp. 322-338 Downloads
David Szakonyi
Elite Competition and State Capacity Development: Theory and Evidence from Post-Revolutionary Mexico pp. 339-357 Downloads
Francisco Garfias
Reading Between the Lines: Prediction of Political Violence Using Newspaper Text pp. 358-375 Downloads
Hannes Mueller and Christopher Rauh
Social and Institutional Origins of Political Islam pp. 376-394 Downloads
Steven Brooke and Neil Ketchley
The Index of Emancipative Values: Measurement Model Misspecifications pp. 395-408 Downloads
Boris Sokolov
Pragmatism and Prophecy: H. G. Wells and the Metaphysics of Socialism pp. 409-422 Downloads
Duncan Bell
Convergence's Democracy Problem: A Critique of Kogelmann and Stich pp. 423-427 Downloads
Benjamin R. Hertzberg
Nonrepresentative Representatives: An Experimental Study of the Decision Making of Elected Politicians - CORRIGENDUM pp. 428-428 Downloads
Lior Sheffer, Peter John Loewen, Stuart Soroka, Stefaan Walgrave and Tamir Sheafer

Volume 112, issue 01, 2018

Limited Obstruction pp. 1-14 Downloads
Christian Fong and Keith Krehbiel
Ideology, Grandstanding, and Strategic Party Disloyalty in the British Parliament pp. 15-30 Downloads
Jonathan B. Slapin, Justin H. Kirkland, Joseph A. Lazzaro, Patrick A. Leslie and O’grady, Tom
Positioning under Alternative Electoral Systems: Evidence from Japanese Candidate Election Manifestos pp. 31-48 Downloads
Amy Catalinac
Secular Party Rule and Religious Violence in Pakistan pp. 49-67 Downloads
Gareth Nellis and Niloufer Siddiqui
Public Employees as Politicians: Evidence from Close Elections pp. 68-81 Downloads
Ari Hyytinen, Jaakko Meriläinen, Tuukka Saarimaa, Otto Toivanen and Janne Tukiainen
When Order Affects Performance: Culture, Behavioral Spillovers, and Institutional Path Dependence pp. 82-98 Downloads
Jenna Bednar and Scott E. Page
Democratic Citizenship and Denationalization pp. 99-111 Downloads
Patti Tamara Lenard
Durkheim on Social Justice: The Argument from “Organic Solidarity” pp. 112-124 Downloads
Lisa Herzog
Collective Action and Representation in Autocracies: Evidence from Russia’s Great Reforms pp. 125-147 Downloads
Paul Castañeda Dower, Evgeny Finkel, Scott Gehlbach and Steven Nafziger
The Minimal Persuasive Effects of Campaign Contact in General Elections: Evidence from 49 Field Experiments pp. 148-166 Downloads
Joshua L. Kalla and David E. Broockman
The Politics of Policy: The Initial Mass Political Effects of Medicaid Expansion in the States pp. 167-185 Downloads
Joshua D. Clinton and Michael W. Sances
Seeing the World Through the Other's Eye: An Online Intervention Reducing Ethnic Prejudice pp. 186-193 Downloads
Gábor Simonovits, Gabor Kezdi and Péter Kardos
Democratic Citizenship and Denationalization-CORRIGENDUM pp. 194-194 Downloads
Patti Tamara Lenard
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