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Volume 18, issue 04, 1924

Foreign Service Reorganization pp. 697-711 Downloads
Tracy Lay
Freedom of Speech: During and Since the Civil war pp. 712-736 Downloads
Richard H. Eliel
The Supreme Court and the Constitution pp. 737-759 Downloads
Alan H. Monroe
Simplified Procedure in Municipal Courts pp. 760-772 Downloads
Rasmus S. Saby
State Police Developments: 1921–1924 pp. 773-781 Downloads
Milton Conover
The Item Veto and State Budget Reform pp. 782-791 Downloads
Roger H. Wells
History of Political Thought. By Gettell R. G.. (New York: The Century Co. 1924. Pp. xi, 511.) pp. 801-802 Downloads
A. N. Holcombe
The Common Weal. By the Right Hon. Fisher Herbert. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1924. Pp. 287.) pp. 802-803 Downloads
F. W. Coker
Christianity and the State. By Parkes Cadman S. LL.D., D.D., (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1924. Pp. xi, 370.) pp. 804-805 Downloads
John Simpson Penman
The Life of Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman. By Spender J. A.. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1924. Two volumes. Pp. iii, 351; 411.) pp. 805-807 Downloads
C. D. Allin
The American Colonies in the Eighteenth Century. By Osgood Herbert L. Ph.D., LL.D., (New York: Columbia University Press. 1924. Two volumes. Pp. xxxii, 552; xxiv, 554.) pp. 807-809 Downloads
C. H. McIlwain
International Law and Some Current Illusions and Other Essays. By Moore John Bassett. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1924. Pp. xviii, 381) pp. 809-812 Downloads
Quincy Wright
International Law. By Fenwick Charles G.. (New York: The Century Company. 1924. Pp. xxxviii, 641.) pp. 812-815 Downloads
Ellery C. Stowell
The Freedom of the Seas in History, Law, and Politics. By Potter Pitman B.. (New York: Longmans, Green and Co. 1924. Pp. xvi, 299.) pp. 815-816 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
British-American Relations. By Whelpley J. D.. (Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1924. Pp. vi, 325.)Our Foreign Affairs. By Mowrer Paul Scott. (New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. 1924. Pp. xii, 348.)A Short History of International Intercourse. By Delisle Burns C.. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1924. Pp. 155.) pp. 816-818 Downloads
Harold S. Quigley
The Foreign Policies of Soviet Russia. By Dennis Alfred L. P.. (New York: E. P. Dutton Company. 1924. Pp. xiv, 500.) pp. 819-820 Downloads
F. A. Golder
Select Documents Relating to the Union of South Africa. Edited by Newton Arthur Percival. (London: Longmans, Green and Company. 1924. 2 volumes. Pp. xxviii, 281; viii, 291.) pp. 820-821 Downloads
George M. Wrong
Modern Democracy in China. By Bau Mingchien Joshua. (Shanghai: Commercial Press, Ltd. 1923. Pp. vii, 467.) pp. 821-822 Downloads
C. F. Remer
Labor Disputes and the President of the United States. By Berman Edward Ph.D., Columbia University Studies in History, Economics and Public Law. (New York: Longmans, Green and Company, 1924. Pp. 284.) pp. 822-824 Downloads
Alpheus T. Mason
Samuel Adams. By Harlow Ralph Volney. (New York: Henry Holt & Company. 1923. Pp. x, 363.) pp. 824-826 Downloads
Philip P. Chase
Books and Articles pp. 836-860 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
Government Publications pp. 860-868 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 18, issue 03, 1924

The Significance of Psychology for the Study of Politics pp. 469-488 Downloads
Charles E. Merriam
The Labor Clauses of the Clayton Act pp. 489-512 Downloads
Alpheus T. Mason
Recent Political Changes in the Moslem World pp. 513-527 Downloads
Albert Howe Lybyer
The German Elections pp. 528-533 Downloads
Fredericx A. Ogg and Walter James Shepard
The French Elections pp. 533-540 Downloads
Walter R. Sharp
Latin America in 1923 pp. 541-552 Downloads
Herman G. James
Lerislative Investigatine Committees pp. 553-559 Downloads
Jesse H. Blair
Soldiers' Bonus pp. 559-565 Downloads
Charles Kettleborough
Judicial Decisions on Public Law pp. 566-573 Downloads
Robert E. Cushman
Political Science in Great Beitain pp. 574-582 Downloads
John A. Fairlie
Political Science in France pp. 582-592 Downloads
W. R. Sharp
The Social Science Research Council pp. 594-600 Downloads
Robert T. Crane, John A. Fairlie, A. N. Holcombe, Clyde L. King and Charles E. Merriam
Social Science Abstracts pp. 611-614 Downloads
F. Stuart Chapin, A. C. Hanford, Davis R. Dewey and Walter F. Willcox
Representative Government. By Ford Henry Jones. (New York: Henry Holt and Co. 1924. Pp. vii, 318.) pp. 615-617 Downloads
Lucius H. Holt
Creative Experience. By Follett M. P.. (New York: Longmans, Green and Co. 1924. Pp. xix, 303.) pp. 617-619 Downloads
Walter James Shepard
Political Action: A Naturalistic Interpretation of the Labor Movement in Relation to the State. By Eldridge Seba. (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. 1924. Pp. xviii, 382.) pp. 619-620 Downloads
Harry Elmer Barnes
The Newspaper and Authority. By Salmon Lucy Maynard. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1923. Pp. xxix, 505.) pp. 621-622 Downloads
Z. Chafee
Service Monographs of the United States Government. By the Institute for Government Research. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. 1922–1924.)The Development of National Administrative Organization in the United States. By Short Lloyd M.. (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. Pp. xviii, 514.) pp. 622-626 Downloads
A. C. Hanford and 2 Null
Social Politics in the United States. By Haynes Fred E.. (Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company. 1924. Pp. xii, 414.) pp. 626-627 Downloads
Harold F. Gosnell
Boss Platt and His New York Machine. By Gosnell Harold F.. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1924. Pp. xxiv, 370.) pp. 627-629 Downloads
Robert C. Brooks
The American Judge. By Bruce Andrew A.. (New York: The Macmillan Co. 1924. Pp. 218.) pp. 629-631 Downloads
Simeon E. Baldwin
Child Labor and the Constitution. By Fuller Raymond G.. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell. 1923. Pp. xvi, 323.) pp. 631-632 Downloads
Paul H. Douglas
With Congress and Cabinet. By Redfield William C.. (New York: Doubleday, Page & Co. 1924. Pp. xi, 307.) pp. 632-633 Downloads
John L. Conger
The Local Government of the United Kingdom. By Clarke John J.. (London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. 1924. Pp. xv, 484.)Municipal and Local Government Law (England). By Smith Herbert Emerson. (London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. 1923. Pp. xi, 247.) pp. 633-634 Downloads
William Anderson
Government and Politics of Belgium. By Reed Thomas Harrison. (New York: World Book Company. 1924. Pp. xiii, 197.) pp. 634-636 Downloads
Frances E. Willis
Latin America and the United States. By Stuart Graham H.. (New York: Century Company. 1922. Pp. ix, 404.) pp. 636-636 Downloads
Julius Klein
The Mexican Nation: A History. By Priestley Herbert Ingram. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. Pp. xviii, 507.) pp. 637-638 Downloads
C. H. Haring
An Indiscreet Chronicle. By Putnam Weale B. L.. (New York: Dodd, Mead & Company. 1922. Pp. 248.) pp. 638-639 Downloads
Chao-Ying Shill
The Outlines of Sociology. By Ross Edward Alsworth. (New York: The Century Co. 1923. Pp. xiii, 474.)Social Problems and Social Policy. By Ford James. (Boston: Ginn and Co. 1923. Pp. xiii, 1027.) pp. 639-640 Downloads
A. B. Wolfe
The Sources of Law in the Swiss Civil Code. By Williams Ivy. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1923. Pp. ii, 191.) pp. 641-642 Downloads
William E. Britton
African Questions at the Paris Peace Conference. By Beer George Louis, edited by Gray Louis Herbert (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. Pp. xliv, 628.) pp. 642-643 Downloads
Herbert Adams Gibbons
Books and Articles pp. 657-686 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
Government Publications pp. 686-695 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 18, issue 02, 1924

The Pragmatic Politics of Mr. H. J. Laski pp. 251-275 Downloads
W. Y. Elliott
The Socialist Movement in Great Britain and the United States pp. 276-284 Downloads
Bertram Benedict
Teaching Citizenship to the Filipinos by Local Self-Government pp. 285-295 Downloads
O. Garfield Jones
Governors' Messages pp. 296-305 Downloads
Ralph S. Boots
State Legislation on Declaratory Judgments pp. 305-312 Downloads
Edwin M. Borchard
Changes in Election Laws, 1922–23 pp. 312-321 Downloads
Victor J. West
Absent-voting Laws pp. 321-325 Downloads
P. O. Ray
The Alabama Presidential Primary Law pp. 325-326 Downloads
F. C. Crawford
State Legislative Memorials to Congress pp. 326-328 Downloads
William A. Robinson
The Missouri Constitutional Amendments pp. 329-330 Downloads
Isidor Loeb
The British Elections of December, 1923 pp. 331-340 Downloads
William Thomas Morgan
The Irish Constitution pp. 340-345 Downloads
Allan F. Saunders
The Constitution of China pp. 346-350 Downloads
Harold Scott Quigley
Operation of the League of Nations pp. 351-358 Downloads
Denys P. Myers
Influence of the League of Nations on the Development of International Law pp. 358-366 Downloads
Fannie Fern Andrews
The Progressive Character of War pp. 366-373 Downloads
Elbridge Colby
The Second International Congress of Public Administration pp. 384-388 Downloads
Leonard D. White
Grover Cleveland: The Man and the Statesman. By McElroy Robert. (New York: Harper and Brothers. 1923. 2 vols. Pp. xi, 359, 427.) pp. 389-392 Downloads
James A. Woodburn
Richard Olney. By James Henry (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1923. Pp. 335.)The Autobiography of T. Jefferson Coolidge. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1923. Pp. 311.) pp. 393-395 Downloads
Paul H. Douglas
The Life or Sir William Harcourt. By Gardiner A. G.. (New York: George H. Doran Company. 1923. 2 vols. Pp. x, 608; vi, 670.) pp. 395-396 Downloads
L. M. Larson
Federal Centralization. By Thompson Walter. (New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. 1923. Pp. vii, 399.) pp. 396-398 Downloads
Lloyd M. Short
Recent Changes in American Constitutional Theory. By Burgess John W.. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1923. Pp. xi, 115.)The American Constitution as it Protects Private Rights. By Stimson Frederic Jesup. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1923. Pp. xv, 239.) pp. 398-400 Downloads
H. A. Yeomans
Political Parties and Electoral Problems. By Brooks Robert C.. (New York: Harper & Brothers. 1923. Pp. xvi, 638.) pp. 400-401 Downloads
P. Orman Ray
The Democratic Machine, 1850–1854. By Nichols Roy Franklin. (New York: Longmans, Green & Co. 1923. Pp. 248.) pp. 402-402 Downloads
Roger H. Wells
The Populist Movement in Georgia: A View of the “Agrarian Crusade” in the Light of Solid South Politics. By Arnett Alex Mathews. (New York: Columbia University Press. 1922. Pp. 239.) pp. 403-404 Downloads
Solon J. Buck
Municipal Government and Administration. By Munro William Bennett. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. 2 vols. Pp. xii, 459; vi, 517.) pp. 404-406 Downloads
H. W. Dodds
Regulation and the Management of Public Utilities. By Morgan Charles Stillman. (Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1923. Pp. xi, 362.) pp. 406-407 Downloads
William Anderson
The Irresistible Movement of Democracy. By Penman John Simpson. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. Pp. xii, 729.) pp. 407-408 Downloads
C. G. Fenwick
The Development of International Law After the World War. By Nippold Otfried, translated from the German by Hershey Amos S.. (New York: Oxford University Press. 1923. Pp. xv, 241.) pp. 408-409 Downloads
George Grafton Wilson
Turkey, The Great Powers and the Bagdad Railway: A Study in Imperialism. By Earle Edward Meade. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. Pp. ix, 364.) pp. 410-411 Downloads
Arthur I. Andrews
Aarbog for de Nordiske Interparlamentariske Grupper. Fjerde Aargang, 1921. Lauesgaard Ved A., Sekretar for den Danske Gruppe. (København: Den Danske Interparlamentariske Gruppe. 1922. Pp. 157.)Årsbok för de Nordiska Interparlamentariska Grupperna. Femte Årgången, 1922. Widegren Utgiven av P., Gruppens Sekreterare. (Stockholm: Rigsdagens Interparlamentariska Grupp. 1923. Pp. 45 + 31 + 167 + 41 + 67.) pp. 411-413 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
America and the Atlantic. By Ballard Vice-Admiral G. A.. (New York: E. P. Dutton and Company. 1923. Pp. vii, 351.) pp. 413-414 Downloads
Quincy Wright
One Hundred Years of the Monroe Doctrine. By Thomas D. Y.. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. Pp. xii, 580.) pp. 414-415 Downloads
Guy V. Price
The Revolutionary Idea in France, 1789–1871. By Elton Godfrey. (New York, Longmans, Green and Co. 1923. Pp. vi, 191.) pp. 415-416 Downloads
Frank Maloy Anderson
Catholicism and the Second French Republic, 1848–1852. By Collins Ross William Ph.D. (New York: Longmans, Green and Co. 1923. Pp. 360.) pp. 416-417 Downloads
Robert H. Lord
The Colonial Policy of William III in America and the West Indies. By Guttridge G. H.. (Cambridge, England. Cambridge University Press. 1922. Pp. viii, 189.) pp. 417-418 Downloads
E. P. Chase
Books and Periodicals pp. 433-460 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
Government Publications pp. 460-468 Downloads
Miles O. Price

Volume 18, issue 01, 1924

Recent Political Developments: Progress or Change? pp. 1-17 Downloads
Harry A. Garfield
The Missouri Constitutional Convention pp. 18-33 Downloads
Isidor Loeb
Public Agencies and Private Agencies pp. 34-48 Downloads
James D. Barnett
Constitutional Law in 1922–1923: The Constitutional Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States in the October Term, 1922 pp. 49-78 Downloads
Edward S. Corwin
The Second, Third and Fourth Sessions of the Sixty-Seventh Congress: December 5, 1921–September 22, 1922; November 20–December 4, 1922; December 4, 1922–March 3, 1923 pp. 79-95 Downloads
Lindsay Rogers
Administrative Reorganization in Vermont pp. 96-102 Downloads
Edmund C. Mower
Budgetary Legislation of 1923 pp. 102-106 Downloads
Ruth Montgomery
Constitutional Amendments in Arkansas pp. 107-108 Downloads
David Y. Thomas
Changing the Date for Congressional Sessions and Inauguration Day pp. 108-118 Downloads
Michael Angelo Mussman
Introduction pp. 119-122 Downloads
Arnold Bennett Hall
Round Table I. Psychology and Political Science pp. 122-125 Downloads
Charles E. Merriam
Round Table II. Problems and Methods in Civil Service with Special Reference to Efficiency Ratings pp. 125-133 Downloads
W. E. Mosher
Round-Table III. Public Finance pp. 134-140 Downloads
Frederick P. Gruenberg
Round Table IV. Legislation pp. 140-146 Downloads
H. W. Dodds
Round Table V. Political Statistics pp. 146-148 Downloads
Lent D. Upson
Round Table VI. Public Law pp. 148-154 Downloads
E. S. Corwin
Round Table VII. Nominating Methods pp. 154-158 Downloads
Victor J. West
Round Table VIII. International Organization pp. 159-166 Downloads
Pitman B. Potter
Theodore Roosevelt. By Charnwood Lord. (Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press. 1923. Pp. 232.) pp. 178-180 Downloads
Albert Bushnell Hart
The American Revolution: A Constitutional Interpretation. By McIlwain Charles Howard. (New York: The Macmillan Company. 1923. Pp. xi, 198.) pp. 180-182 Downloads
A. C. McLaughlin
Revolutionary New England, 1691–1776. By Adams James Truslow (Boston: The Atlantic Monthly Press. 1923. Pp. xiv, 469.) pp. 182-184 Downloads
C. H. McIlwain
The Social and Political Ideas of Some Great Medieval Thinkers. Edited by Hearnshaw F. J. C.. (New York: Henry Holt and Co. 1923. Pp. 224.) pp. 184-186 Downloads
F. W. Coker
The Foundations of the Modern Commonwealth. By Holcombe Arthur N. Ph.D., (New York: Harper and Brothers. 1923. Pp. 491.) pp. 186-188 Downloads
Walter James Shepard
Labor and Politics. By Carroll Molly Ray. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1923. Pp. ix, 206.) pp. 188-188 Downloads
Charles E. Merriam
The Genesis of the War. By the Rt. Hon. Asquith H. H.. (New York: Doran & Company. 1923. Pp. 405.)The World Crisis. By the Rt. Hon. Churchill W. S.. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. 1923. Pp. xii, 578.)Where Are We Going? By the Rt. Hon. George D. Lloyd. (New York: G. H. Doran & Company. 1923. Pp. 371.) pp. 189-191 Downloads
Redvers Opie
The Republics of Latin America: Their History, Governments, and Economic Conditions. By James H. G. and Martin Percy Alvin. (New York: Harper and Brothers. 1923. Pp. x, 533.) pp. 191-193 Downloads
W. E. Dunn
Hispanic-American Relations with the United States. By Robertson William Spence. (New York: Oxford University Press, American Branch. 1923. Pp. xii, 470.) pp. 194-195 Downloads
R. F. Arragon
The Russian Soviet Republic. By Ross Edward Alsworth. (New York: The Century Company. 1923. Pp. xvii, 405.) pp. 195-196 Downloads
Russell M. Story
History of British India under the Company and the Crown. By Roberts P. E.. (Oxford: The Clarendon Press. 1923. Pp. v, 625.)The Political System of British India with special reference to the Recent Constitutional Changes. By Horne E. A.. (Oxford: The Clarendon Press. 1922. Pp. 184.)India in Ferment. By Van Tyne Claude H.. (New York: D. Appleton and Co. 1923. Pp. xii, 252.) pp. 197-198 Downloads
Alfred L. P. Dennis
China: Yesterday and Today. Williams E. T.. (New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co. 1923. Pp. xvii, 613.) pp. 198-199 Downloads
G. Nye Steiger
Books and Periodicals pp. 213-243 Downloads
Clarence A. Berdahl
Government Publications pp. 243-250 Downloads
Miles O. Price
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