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Volume 27, issue 2, 1982

Rational cooperation in the finitely repeated prisoners' dilemma pp. 245-252 Downloads
David Kreps, Paul Milgrom, John Roberts and Robert Wilson
Reputation and imperfect information pp. 253-279 Downloads
David Kreps and Robert Wilson
Predation, reputation, and entry deterrence pp. 280-312 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and John Roberts
On the theory of a participatory firm pp. 313-330 Downloads
Jan Svejnar
Revelation of preferences for public goods: Aggregation by Abelian operations pp. 331-352 Downloads
Pierre Batteau
Some quasi-globally stable processes of price adjustment pp. 353-365 Downloads
Mario Girardi and Giorgio Israel
The structure of coalitional power under probabilistic group decision rules pp. 366-375 Downloads
Taradas Bandyopadhyay, Rajat Deb and Prasanta K. Pattanaik
Voting and paying for public goods: An application of the theory of the core pp. 376-409 Downloads
Lester G. Telser
Asymmetries in price and quantity adjustments by the competitive firm pp. 410-420 Downloads
Patricia B. Reagan and Martin Weitzman
A note on the existence of an optimal capital accumulation in the continuous time horizon pp. 421-429 Downloads
Makoto Yano
A simple proof of the LeChatelier-Samuelson principle and the theory of cost and production pp. 430-438 Downloads
Yoshihiko Otani
A simple proof of Blackwell's "comparison of experiments" theorem pp. 439-443 Downloads
Jacques Crémer
A note on linear utility pp. 444-446 Downloads
Peter C. Fishburn

Volume 27, issue 1, 1982

Duality theory for dynamic optimization models of economics: The continuous time case pp. 1-19 Downloads
L. M. Benveniste and Jose Scheinkman
Strict rational expectations equilibria with diffuseness pp. 20-46 Downloads
Beth Allen
Equilibrium allocations of Walrasian preference games pp. 47-68 Downloads
Yoshihiko Otani and Joseph Sicilian
A dynamic model of duopoly with customer loyalties pp. 69-76 Downloads
Robert Rosenthal
Comparative dynamics in the adjustment-cost model of the firm pp. 77-100 Downloads
Larry Epstein
Intertemporal allocation with a non-convex technology: The aggregative framework pp. 101-136 Downloads
Mukul Majumdar and Tapan Mitra
Weakly democratic regular tax equilibria in a local public goods economy with perfect consumer mobility pp. 137-162 Downloads
Donald K. Richter
The number of commodities required to represent a market game pp. 163-169 Downloads
Sergiu Hart
Imperfect information, perceived quality, and the formation of professional groups pp. 170-181 Downloads
Avner Shaked and John Sutton
Adoption and diffusion of an innovation of uncertain profitability pp. 182-193 Downloads
Richard Jensen
A primal route to the Turnpike and Liapounov stability pp. 194-209 Downloads
Lionel McKenzie
A note on increasing returns to scale and learning by doing pp. 210-218 Downloads
Martine Duchatelet
Increases in risk with kinked payoff functions pp. 219-228 Downloads
Ravi Kanbur
A probabilistic model of location choice with neighborhood effects: Comment pp. 229-230 Downloads
Yorgos Papageorgiou
Risk and the gain from information pp. 231-238 Downloads
James Hess
Budget-constrained pareto efficient allocations: A dynamic story pp. 239-242 Downloads
Yves Balasko

Volume 26, issue 2, 1982

Rational expectations in microeconomic models: An overview pp. 201-223 Downloads
James S. Jordan and Roy Radner
The generic existence of rational expectations equilibrium in the higher dimensional case pp. 224-243 Downloads
J. S. Jordan
Approximate equilibria in microeconomic rational expectations models pp. 244-260 Downloads
Beth Allen
On the existence of rational expectations equilibrium pp. 261-278 Downloads
Robert M. Anderson and Hugo Sonnenschein
Rational expectations equilibrium with conditioning on past prices: A mean-variance example pp. 279-312 Downloads
Martin Hellwig
Introduction to the stability of rational expectations equilibrium pp. 313-317 Downloads
Lawrence Blume, M. M. Bray and David Easley
Learning, estimation, and the stability of rational expectations pp. 318-339 Downloads
Margaret Bray
Learning to be rational pp. 340-351 Downloads
Lawrence Blume and David Easley

Volume 26, issue 1, 1982

The law of supply and demand as a law of markov chains pp. 1-16 Downloads
John Conlisk
Information, trade and common knowledge pp. 17-27 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and Nancy Stokey
Fixprice analysis in exchange economies pp. 28-58 Downloads
Joaquim Silvestre
The so-called "transformation problem" revisited pp. 59-88 Downloads
Alain Lipietz
Restricted pareto and rights pp. 89-99 Downloads
David Austen-Smith
Unemployment equilibrium in an economy with linked prices pp. 100-123 Downloads
Mordecai Kurz
Capital accumulation in a stochastic decentralized economy pp. 124-142 Downloads
Steven M. Barta
Equilibria with rationing in an economy with increasing returns pp. 143-163 Downloads
Claus Weddepohl
A note on the stochastic value loss assumption pp. 164-170 Downloads
Fwu-Ranq Chang
Learning behavior in non-Walrasian economy pp. 171-182 Downloads
Masaki Nakagome
General equilibrium in multijurisdictional models with income interdependence pp. 183-190 Downloads
Ahsan Mansur and John Whalley
A remark on compatibility of some planning objectives pp. 191-199 Downloads
Gerard Fuchs

Volume 25, issue 3, 1981

Constrained excess demand functions pp. 323-337 Downloads
Heraklis M. Polemarchakis
Strategic voting under minimally binary group decision functions pp. 338-352 Downloads
I. MacIntyre and Prasanta K. Pattanaik
Wealth and power in a collegial polity pp. 353-366 Downloads
Roy Gardner
On pareto-efficiency and the no-envy concept of equity pp. 367-379 Downloads
Kotaro Suzumura
Self-fulfilling prophecies pp. 380-396 Downloads
Costas Azariadis
Nine kinds of quasiconcavity and concavity pp. 397-420 Downloads
Walter Diewert, M. Avriel and Israel Zang
A hybrid fiat--Commodity monetary system pp. 421-430 Downloads
Neil Wallace
A class of solutions to bargaining problems pp. 431-441 Downloads
William Thomson
A nonsubstitution theorem with many primary factors pp. 442-449 Downloads
Richard Manning
Measuring the technical efficiency of production: A comment pp. 450-452 Downloads
Raymond Kopp
Measuring the technical efficiency of production: Reply pp. 453-454 Downloads
Rolf Fare and C. Lovell
Separability vs strict separability: A further result pp. 455-460 Downloads
Rolf Fare and Daniel Primont
A note on risk and the value of information pp. 461-465 Downloads
Yuk-Shee Chan
On the asymptotic local stability of autonomous economic systems with nonnegativity conditions pp. 466-470 Downloads
George A. Kondor

Volume 25, issue 2, 1981

An equilibrium analysis of search and breach of contract II. A non-steady state example pp. 165-195 Downloads
Peter Diamond and Eric Maskin
Equilibrium distributions of sales and advertising prices over space pp. 196-218 Downloads
Yves Balcer
Utility over time: The homothetic case pp. 219-236 Downloads
Trout Rader
Direct and indirect weak separability pp. 237-254 Downloads
W. Haque
Majority committees pp. 255-268 Downloads
Peter C. Fishburn
Fair allocations in large economies pp. 269-282 Downloads
Paul Champsaur and Guy Laroque
Super-modularity: Applications to convex games and to the greedy algorithm for LP pp. 283-286 Downloads
Tatsuro Ichiishi
Giffen inputs and the theory of multiple production pp. 287-301 Downloads
Joseph Hughes
Stable quantities in fixed price disequilibrium pp. 302-313 Downloads
John Eckalbar
Approximation of points of the convex hull of a sum of sets by points of the sum: An elementary approach pp. 314-317 Downloads
Ross M. Starr
A note on a comparative statics theorem for choice under risk pp. 318-319 Downloads
Eliakim Katz

Volume 25, issue 1, 1981

Optimal adaptive price search pp. 1-20 Downloads
Donald B. Rosenfield and Roy D. Shapiro
Dynamic games of innovation pp. 21-41 Downloads
Jennifer Reinganum
Testing for ability in a competitive labor market pp. 42-66 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett and Dale Mortensen
Second best taxation as a game pp. 67-91 Downloads
Roger Guesnerie and Claude Oddou
Games of perfect information, predatory pricing and the chain-store paradox pp. 92-100 Downloads
Robert Rosenthal
Length and cycle equalization pp. 101-130 Downloads
Ronald A. Heiner
Additivity and the entropy concept: An axiomatic approach to inequality measurement pp. 131-143 Downloads
Frank Cowell and Kiyoshi Kuga
Equilibria, the core and jurisdiction structures in economies with a local public good: A correction pp. 144-151 Downloads
Myrna Wooders
A note on the probability of casting a decisive vote pp. 152-162 Downloads
Gary Chamberlain and Michael Rothschild
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