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Volume 30, issue 2, 1983

The nonlinear input-output model pp. 219-229 Downloads
Parkash Chander
On the correspondence between multivariate risk aversion and risk aversion with state-dependent preferences pp. 230-242 Downloads
Edi Karni
Existence of voting-market equilibria pp. 243-265 Downloads
Arthur T. Denzau and Robert Parks
Inflation and growth in a disequilibrium macroeconomic model pp. 266-295 Downloads
Pierre Picard
Labour contracts in a stock market economy pp. 296-314 Downloads
Michael Peters
Stability in a simple pure consumption loan model pp. 315-329 Downloads
Georg Tillmann
Turnpike theory, discounted utility, and the von Neumann facet pp. 330-352 Downloads
Lionel McKenzie
On planning procedures which are locally strategy proof pp. 353-369 Downloads
Paul Champsaur and Jean Rochet
Selling to risk averse buyers with unobservable tastes pp. 370-400 Downloads
Steven Matthews
Fixprice analysis in productive economies pp. 401-409 Downloads
Joaquim Silvestre
Stochastic dominance, efficiency and separation in financial markets pp. 410-414 Downloads
Vijay S. Bawa and Daniel L. Goroff
Leif Johansen: 1930-1982 pp. 415-415 Downloads

Volume 30, issue 1, 1983

Maximum principle and transversality condition for concave infinite horizon economic models pp. 1-16 Downloads
Aloisio Araujo and Jose Scheinkman
Local public goods with mobility: Existence and optimality of a general equilibrium pp. 17-33 Downloads
Joseph Greenberg
Essential aggregation procedures on restricted domains of preferences pp. 34-53 Downloads
Douglas Blair and Eitan Muller
F.O.B. Pricing versus uniform delivered pricing: A welfare analysis in a stochastic environment pp. 54-73 Downloads
Yves Balcer
Repeated insurance contracts and moral hazard pp. 74-97 Downloads
Ariel Rubinstein and Menahem E. Yaari
Duality, interest rates, and the theory of present value pp. 98-114 Downloads
Philip Dybvig
Uncertain vacancies and unemployment equilibria pp. 115-138 Downloads
Jeff Frank
Nash equilibrium search for the best alternative pp. 139-152 Downloads
Jennifer Reinganum
Walrasian equilibria as limits of noncooperative equilibria. Part I: Mixed strategies pp. 153-170 Downloads
Andreu Mas-Colell
Walrasian equilibria as limits of noncooperative equilibria. Part II: Pure strategies pp. 171-187 Downloads
William Novshek and Hugo Sonnenschein
Budget preferences and direct utility pp. 188-190 Downloads
Susanne Fuchs-Seliger
A note on value maximization for consumption sets in l pp. 191-200 Downloads
John B. Donaldson
Monopoly resource extractions under the presence of predetermined substitute production pp. 201-212 Downloads
Michael Hoel
Numerical representation of intransitive preferences on a countable set pp. 213-217 Downloads
Douglas S. Bridges

Volume 29, issue 2, 1983

Social welfare functions for economic environments with and without the pareto principle pp. 205-216 Downloads
Kim C. Border
Equity in exchange economies pp. 217-244 Downloads
William Thomson
Decreasing absolute risk aversion and utility indices derived from cake-eating problems pp. 245-264 Downloads
Larry Epstein
Efficient mechanisms for bilateral trading pp. 265-281 Downloads
Roger Myerson and Mark A. Satterthwaite
Stochastic growth with correlated production shocks pp. 282-312 Downloads
John B. Donaldson and Rajnish Mehra
Optimal cartel trigger price strategies pp. 313-338 Downloads
Robert Porter
Balanced equilibrium in a consumption loans model pp. 339-346 Downloads
Oliver Kim
A note on the generalised measures of risk aversion pp. 347-352 Downloads
Tapan Biswas
Ethically flexible gini indices for income distributions in the continuum pp. 353-358 Downloads
David Donaldson and John Weymark
Coalitional manipulation and the Pareto rule pp. 359-363 Downloads
Taradas Bandyopadhyay

Volume 29, issue 1, 1983

Limited liability contracts between principal and agent pp. 1-21 Downloads
David Sappington
Stability with regime switching pp. 22-48 Downloads
Seppo Honkapohja and Takatoshi Ito
Competitive nonlinear tariffs pp. 49-71 Downloads
Shmuel S. Oren, Stephen A. Smith and Robert Wilson
Social choice rules and real-valued representations pp. 72-94 Downloads
Kevin Roberts
Fixed price equilibria in a multifirm model pp. 95-108 Downloads
Claus Weddepohl
Von Neumann-Morgenstern solution social choice functions: An impossibility theorem pp. 109-119 Downloads
John A. Ferejohn and Richard D. McKelvey
Measurable triples and cardinal measurement pp. 120-160 Downloads
James C. Moore
Innovation adoption and diffusion when there are competing innovations pp. 161-171 Downloads
Richard Jensen
Sensitivity of optimal programs with respect to changes in target stocks: The case of irreversible investment pp. 172-184 Downloads
Tapan Mitra
A characterization of the distributions that imply mean--Variance utility functions pp. 185-201 Downloads
Gary Chamberlain

Volume 28, issue 2, 1982

Asymptotic efficiency of the demand revealing mechanism pp. 207-220 Downloads
Rafael Rob
Characterization of optimal plans for stochastic dynamic programs pp. 221-234 Downloads
Lawrence Blume, David Easley and O'Hara, Maureen
A dynamic model of expectations equilibrium pp. 235-254 Downloads
J. S. Jordan
Informational diversity over time and the optimality of monetary equilibria pp. 255-274 Downloads
Dan Peled
CBD hypothesis and economies of agglomeration pp. 275-299 Downloads
Haruo Imai
Realization and accumulation in a Marxian model of the circuit of capital pp. 300-319 Downloads
Duncan Foley
Pareto-optimal Nash equilibria are competitive in a repeated economy pp. 320-346 Downloads
Mordecai Kurz and Sergiu Hart
The definition of stability in models with perfect foresight pp. 347-353 Downloads
John Laitner
Recovering preferences from preferences over nominal gambles pp. 354-360 Downloads
Philip Dybvig
Preservation of "more risk averse" under expectations pp. 361-368 Downloads
David C. Nachman
Fluctuations in a dynamic, intermediate-run IS-LM model: Applications of the Poincare-Bendixon theorem pp. 369-375 Downloads
Garry Schinasi
A condition guaranteeing that the Nash allocation is Walrasian pp. 376-378 Downloads
David Schmeidler

Volume 28, issue 1, 1982

The competitive allocation process is informationally efficient uniquely pp. 1-18 Downloads
J. S. Jordan
Admissible market data structures: A complete characterization pp. 19-31 Downloads
J. S. Jordan
An existence theorem for the core of a productive economy with increasing returns pp. 32-50 Downloads
Martine Quinzii
Contributions to Cournot oligopoly theory pp. 51-70 Downloads
F. Szidarovszky and S. Yakowitz
The speed of convergence of prices in random exchange economies pp. 71-81 Downloads
Paul A. Weller
Approximate equilibria in markets with indivisible commodities pp. 82-101 Downloads
M. Khan and Salim Rashid
Location and the comparative statics of the theory of production pp. 102-112 Downloads
Terry Heaps
Equilibria and efficiency in the fixprice setting pp. 113-127 Downloads
Yves Balasko
Market structure and resource depletion: A contribution to the theory of intertemporal monopolistic competition pp. 128-164 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz and Partha Dasgupta
Oscillations between repressed inflation and Keynesian equilibria due to inertia in decision making pp. 165-182 Downloads
Michael C. Blad and E. Christopher Zeeman
A simple approach to arbitrage pricing theory pp. 183-191 Downloads
Gur Huberman
We can't disagree forever pp. 192-200 Downloads
John D. Geanakoplos and Heraklis M. Polemarchakis
Rationalization of market demand on finite domains pp. 201-204 Downloads
Jordi Andreu
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