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Volume 145, issue 6, 2010

Nonseparable preferences and optimal social security systems pp. 2055-2077 Downloads
Borys Grochulski and Narayana Kocherlakota
Unemployment insurance with hidden savings pp. 2078-2107 Downloads
Matthew Mitchell and Yuzhe Zhang
Directed search with multi-vacancy firms pp. 2108-2132 Downloads
Benjamin Lester
Consumption dynamics in general equilibrium: A characterisation when markets are incomplete pp. 2133-2185 Downloads
Pablo Beker and Subir Chattopadhyay
Overlapping risk adjusted sets of priors and the existence of efficient allocations and equilibria with short-selling pp. 2186-2202 Downloads
R.A. Dana and Cuong Le van
Testing theories with learnable and predictive representations pp. 2203-2217 Downloads
Nabil I. Al-Najjar, Alvaro Sandroni, Rann Smorodinsky and Jonathan Weinstein
Stochastic stability for roommate markets pp. 2218-2240 Downloads
Bettina Klaus, Flip Klijn and Markus Walzl
Role of linking mechanisms in multitask agency with hidden information pp. 2241-2259 Downloads
Hitoshi Matsushima, Koichi Miyazaki and Nobuyuki Yagi
Informational smallness and the scope for limiting information rents pp. 2260-2281 Downloads
Alia Gizatulina and Martin Hellwig
Information acquisition and full surplus extraction pp. 2282-2308 Downloads
Sushil Bikhchandani
Testing the TASP: An experimental investigation of learning in games with unstable equilibria pp. 2309-2331 Downloads
Timothy Cason, Daniel Friedman and Ed Hopkins
On behavioral complementarity and its implications pp. 2332-2355 Downloads
Christopher Chambers, Federico Echenique and Eran Shmaya
The Nash bargaining solution in general n-person cooperative games pp. 2356-2379 Downloads
Akira Okada
Externalities, potential, value and consistency pp. 2380-2411 Downloads
Bhaskar Dutta, Lars Ehlers and Anirban Kar
Repeated moral hazard with effort persistence pp. 2412-2423 Downloads
Arantxa Jarque
Cores of combined games pp. 2424-2434 Downloads
Francis Bloch and Geoffroy de Clippel
With exhaustible resources, can a developing country escape from the poverty trap? pp. 2435-2447 Downloads
Cuong Le van, Katheline Schubert and Tu Nguyen
Preemption in a real option game with a first mover advantage and player-specific uncertainty pp. 2448-2462 Downloads
Jacco Thijssen
An efficiency theorem for incompletely known preferences pp. 2463-2470 Downloads
Gabriel Carroll
Selectivity in hierarchical social systems pp. 2471-2482 Downloads
Jose A. Garcia-Martinez
Kernel-based type spaces pp. 2483-2495 Downloads
Konrad Grabiszewski
Corrigendum to "Forward trading and collusion in oligopoly" [J. Econ. Theory 131 (1) (2006) 212-230] pp. 2496-2497 Downloads
Ludwig Ressner, Matti Liski and Juan-Pablo Montero
Corrigendum to "Reserve price signaling" [J. Econ. Theory 135 (1) (2007) 253-268] pp. 2498-2504 Downloads
Laurent Lamy

Volume 145, issue 5, 2010

Imitation and the evolution of Walrasian behavior: Theoretically fragile but behaviorally robust pp. 1603-1617 Downloads
Jose Apesteguia, Steffen Huck, Jörg Oechssler and Simon Weidenholzer
Optimal fiscal and monetary policy when money is essential pp. 1618-1647 Downloads
S. Boragan Aruoba and Sanjay Chugh
Individual versus group strategy-proofness: When do they coincide? pp. 1648-1674 Downloads
Salvador Barberà, Dolors Berga and Bernardo Moreno
Information-based trade pp. 1675-1703 Downloads
Philip Bond and Hülya Eraslan
Substitutes and stability for matching with contracts pp. 1704-1723 Downloads
John William Hatfield and Fuhito Kojima
Market structure and matching with contracts pp. 1724-1738 Downloads
Alexander Westkamp
The roommates problem revisited pp. 1739-1756 Downloads
Thayer Morrill
Simplicity and likelihood: An axiomatic approach pp. 1757-1775 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa and David Schmeidler
Unique solutions for stochastic recursive utilities pp. 1776-1804 Downloads
Massimo Marinacci and Luigi Montrucchio
Renegotiation-proof contracting, disclosure, and incentives for efficient investment pp. 1805-1836 Downloads
Nina Baranchuk, Philip Dybvig and Jun Yang
Portfolio choice, attention allocation, and price comovement pp. 1837-1864 Downloads
Jordi Mondria
A model of merchants pp. 1865-1889 Downloads
Makoto Watanabe
Research cycles pp. 1890-1920 Downloads
Yann Bramoullé and Gilles Saint-Paul
A dynamic theory of war and peace pp. 1921-1950 Downloads
Pierre Yared
Non-cooperative support for the asymmetric Nash bargaining solution pp. 1951-1967 Downloads
Volker Britz, P. Jean-Jacques Herings and Arkadi Predtetchinski
Symmetry-breaking in two-player games via strategic substitutes and diagonal nonconcavity: A synthesis pp. 1968-1986 Downloads
Rabah Amir, Filomena Garcia and Malgorzata Knauff
Interim efficiency with MEU-preferences pp. 1987-2017 Downloads
V. Filipe Martins-da-Rocha
Greater prudence and greater downside risk aversion pp. 2018-2026 Downloads
Donald C. Keenan and Arthur Snow
Stronger measures of higher-order risk attitudes pp. 2027-2036 Downloads
Michel M. Denuit and Louis Eeckhoudt
Revenue ranking of first-price auctions with resale pp. 2037-2043 Downloads
Bernard Lebrun
An additively separable representation in the Savage framework pp. 2044-2054 Downloads
Brian Hill

Volume 145, issue 4, 2010

Introduction to Search Theory and Applications pp. 1319-1324 Downloads
Giuseppe Moscarini and Randall Wright
Stock-flow matching pp. 1325-1353 Downloads
Ehsan Ebrahimy and Robert Shimer
Sorting versus screening: Search frictions and competing mechanisms pp. 1354-1385 Downloads
Jan Eeckhout and Philipp Kircher
Search by committee pp. 1386-1407 Downloads
James Albrecht, Axel Anderson and Susan Vroman
Wage/tenure contracts with heterogeneous firms pp. 1408-1435 Downloads
Kenneth Burdett and Melvyn Coles
Sorting by search intensity pp. 1436-1452 Downloads
Rasmus Lentz
Block recursive equilibria for stochastic models of search on the job pp. 1453-1494 Downloads
Guido Menzio and Shouyong Shi
Essential interest-bearing money pp. 1495-1507 Downloads
David Andolfatto
Some results on the optimality and implementation of the Friedman rule in the Search Theory of Money pp. 1508-1524 Downloads
Ricardo Lagos
Money and credit with limited commitment and theft pp. 1525-1549 Downloads
Daniel Sanches and Stephen Williamson
Search and the market for ideas pp. 1550-1573 Downloads
Rafael Silveira and Randall Wright
The relative contributions of private information sharing and public information releases to information aggregation pp. 1574-1601 Downloads
Darrell Duffie, Semyon Malamud and Gustavo Manso

Volume 145, issue 3, 2010

Lifetime consumption and investment: Retirement and constrained borrowing pp. 885-907 Downloads
Philip Dybvig and Hong Liu
Risky human capital and deferred capital income taxation pp. 908-943 Downloads
Borys Grochulski and Tomasz Piskorski
Dollarization and financial integration pp. 944-973 Downloads
Cristina Arellano and Jonathan Heathcote
Endogenous trading constraints with incomplete asset markets pp. 974-1004 Downloads
Arpad Abraham and Eva Carceles-Poveda
Fiscal policy under loose commitment pp. 1005-1032 Downloads
Davide Debortoli and Ricardo Nunes
Trade elasticity of substitution and equilibrium dynamics pp. 1033-1059 Downloads
Martin Bodenstein
Balanced-budget rules: Chaos and deterministic sunspots pp. 1060-1085 Downloads
David Stockman
On equilibrium prices in continuous time pp. 1086-1112 Downloads
V. Filipe Martins-da-Rocha and Frank Riedel
Adverse selection problems without the Spence-Mirrlees condition pp. 1113-1141 Downloads
Aloisio Araujo and Humberto Moreira
An Afriat Theorem for the collective model of household consumption pp. 1142-1163 Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock and Frederic Vermeulen
The rate of convergence to perfect competition of matching and bargaining mechanisms pp. 1164-1187 Downloads
Artyom Shneyerov and Chi Leung Wong
Risk aversion and optimal reserve prices in first- and second-price auctions pp. 1188-1202 Downloads
Audrey Hu, Steven Matthews and Liang Zou
Informational limitations of ascending combinatorial auctions pp. 1203-1223 Downloads
Liad Blumrosen and Noam Nisan
Context effects: A representation of choices from categories pp. 1224-1243 Downloads
Andrei Barbos
Variational convergence: Approximation and existence of equilibria in discontinuous games pp. 1244-1268 Downloads
Adib Bagh
Efficient assignment respecting priorities pp. 1269-1282 Downloads
Lars Ehlers and Aytek Erdil
On the observational equivalence of random matching pp. 1283-1301 Downloads
Robert Molzon and Daniela Puzzello
Testable implications of transferable utility pp. 1302-1317 Downloads
Pierre Chiappori

Volume 145, issue 2, 2010

Introduction to judgment aggregation pp. 441-466 Downloads
Christian List and Ben Polak
Abstract Arrowian aggregation pp. 467-494 Downloads
Klaus Nehring and Clemens Puppe
Aggregation of binary evaluations pp. 495-511 Downloads
Elad Dokow and Ron Holzman
Majority voting on restricted domains pp. 512-543 Downloads
Franz Dietrich and Christian List
Aggregation of binary evaluations with abstentions pp. 544-561 Downloads
Elad Dokow and Ron Holzman
The premiss-based approach to judgment aggregation pp. 562-582 Downloads
Franz Dietrich and Philippe Mongin
Justifiable group choice pp. 583-602 Downloads
Klaus Nehring and Clemens Puppe
The possibility of judgment aggregation on agendas with subjunctive implications pp. 603-638 Downloads
Franz Dietrich
Competitive experimentation with private information: The survivor's curse pp. 639-660 Downloads
Giuseppe Moscarini and Francesco Squintani
The binary policy model pp. 661-688 Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
Overcoming the coordination problem: Dynamic formation of networks pp. 689-720 Downloads
Jack Ochs and In-Uck Park
Informational control and organizational design pp. 721-751 Downloads
Maxim Ivanov
Robust equilibria under non-common priors pp. 752-784 Downloads
Daisuke Oyama and Olivier Tercieux
Self-admissible sets pp. 785-811 Downloads
Adam Brandenburger and Amanda Friedenberg
Ecological discounting pp. 812-829 Downloads
Christian Gollier
Discounting and divergence of opinion pp. 830-859 Downloads
Elyès Jouini, Jean-Michel Marin and Clotilde Napp
Monetary policy under a fiscal theory of sovereign default pp. 860-868 Downloads
Andreas Schabert
Communication via a strategic mediator pp. 869-884 Downloads
Maxim Ivanov

Volume 145, issue 1, 2010

When is market incompleteness irrelevant for the price of aggregate risk (and when is it not)? pp. 1-41 Downloads
Dirk Krueger and Hanno Lustig
Community enforcement when players observe partners' past play pp. 42-62 Downloads
Satoru Takahashi
When is the lowest equilibrium payoff in a repeated game equal to the minmax payoff? pp. 63-84 Downloads
Olivier Gossner and Johannes Hörner
Two-sided matching with interdependent values pp. 85-105 Downloads
Archishman Chakraborty, Alessandro Citanna and Michael Ostrovsky
Incentives in the probabilistic serial mechanism pp. 106-123 Downloads
Fuhito Kojima and Mihai Manea
The tradeoff between risk sharing and information production in financial markets pp. 124-155 Downloads
Joel Peress
Optimal debt contracts and product market competition with exit and entry pp. 156-188 Downloads
Naveen Khanna and Mark Schroder
One-dimensional bargaining with Markov recognition probabilities pp. 189-215 Downloads
P. Jean-Jacques Herings and Arkadi Predtetchinski
Generalized risk-dominance and asymmetric dynamics pp. 216-248 Downloads
Marcin Peski
Interim Bayesian Nash equilibrium on universal type spaces for supermodular games pp. 249-263 Downloads
Timothy Van Zandt
Minimax regret and strategic uncertainty pp. 264-286 Downloads
Ludovic Renou and Karl Schlag
Indeterminacy with no-income-effect preferences and sector-specific externalities pp. 287-300 Downloads
Jang-Ting Guo and Sharon Harrison
Competitive equilibria in semi-algebraic economies pp. 301-330 Downloads
Felix Kubler and Karl Schmedders
Externalities and fundamental nonconvexities: A reconciliation of approaches to general equilibrium externality modeling and implications for decentralization pp. 331-353 Downloads
Sushama Murty
A consistent route to randomness pp. 354-381 Downloads
Maciej Dudek
A uniqueness proof for monetary steady state pp. 382-391 Downloads
Randall Wright
On the multiplicity of monetary equilibria: Green-Zhou meets Lagos-Wright pp. 392-401 Downloads
Kasie Jean, Stanislav Rabinovich and Randall Wright
A belief-based approach to the repeated prisoners' dilemma with asymmetric private monitoring pp. 402-420 Downloads
Bo Chen
Essential equilibria in normal-form games pp. 421-431 Downloads
Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau
Bayesian consistent belief selection pp. 432-439 Downloads
Christopher Chambers and Takashi Hayashi
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