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Volume 146, issue 6, 2011

Crises and liquidity in over-the-counter markets pp. 2169-2205 Downloads
Ricardo Lagos, Guillaume Rocheteau and Pierre-Olivier Weill
Separating the Hawks from the Doves: Evidence from continuous time laboratory games pp. 2206-2225 Downloads
Ryan Oprea, Keith Henwood and Daniel Friedman
Axioms for minimax regret choice correspondences pp. 2226-2251 Downloads
Jörg Stoye
Asset pricing in large information networks pp. 2252-2280 Downloads
Han Ozsoylev and Johan Walden
Endogenous market power pp. 2281-2306 Downloads
Marek Weretka
Incentives and the structure of teams pp. 2307-2332 Downloads
April Franco, Matthew Mitchell and Galina Vereshchagina
Pre-sale information pp. 2333-2355 Downloads
Florian Hoffmann and Roman Inderst
Optimal risk sharing and borrowing constraints in a continuous-time model with limited commitment pp. 2356-2388 Downloads
Borys Grochulski and Yuzhe Zhang
Network effects, market structure and industry performance pp. 2389-2419 Downloads
Rabah Amir and Natalia Lazzati
Premium auctions and risk preferences pp. 2420-2439 Downloads
Audrey Hu, Theo Offerman and Liang Zou
Income distributions and decomposable divergence measures pp. 2440-2454 Downloads
Brice Magdalou and Richard Nock
On spatial equilibria in a social interaction model pp. 2455-2477 Downloads
P. Mossay and Pierre Picard
Wealth distribution and output fluctuations pp. 2478-2509 Downloads
Christian Ghiglino and Alain Venditti
Ironing without control pp. 2510-2526 Downloads
Juuso Toikka
Robust monopoly pricing pp. 2527-2543 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann and Karl Schlag
Measuring lifetime poverty pp. 2544-2562 Downloads
Michael Hoy and Buhong Zheng
Aggregation of multiple prior opinions pp. 2563-2582 Downloads
Herve Cres, Itzhak Gilboa and Nicolas Vieille
A new necessary condition for implementation in iteratively undominated strategies pp. 2583-2595 Downloads
Takashi Kunimoto and Roberto Serrano
Optimal advertising of auctions pp. 2596-2607 Downloads
Nora Szech
Common knowledge of rationality and market clearing in economies with asymmetric information pp. 2608-2626 Downloads
Elchanan Ben-Porath and Aviad Heifetz

Volume 146, issue 5, 2011

Learning from private information in noisy repeated games pp. 1733-1769 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Yuichi Yamamoto
Belief-free equilibria in games with incomplete information: Characterization and existence pp. 1770-1795 Downloads
Johannes Hörner, Stefano Lovo and Tristan Tomala
The dynamic instability of dispersed price equilibria pp. 1796-1827 Downloads
Ratul Lahkar
Entry costs, industry structure, and cross-country income and TFP differences pp. 1828-1851 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan and Riccardo DiCecio
Outside versus inside bonds: A ModiglianiâMiller type result for liquidity constrained economies pp. 1852-1887 Downloads
Aleksander Berentsen and Christopher Waller
Credit and inflation under borrowerʼs lack of commitment pp. 1888-1914 Downloads
Antonia Díaz and Fernando Perera-Tallo
Collateral fluctuations in a monetary economy pp. 1915-1940 Downloads
Leo Ferraris and Makoto Watanabe
A dynamic model of unsecured credit pp. 1941-1964 Downloads
Daniel Sanches
Industry dynamics: Foundations for models with an infinite number of firms pp. 1965-1994 Downloads
Gabriel Y. Weintraub, C. Lanier Benkard and Benjamin Van Roy
No profitable decompositions in quasi-linear allocation problems pp. 1995-2012 Downloads
Geoffroy de Clippel and Camelia Bejan
Quantal response equilibria with heterogeneous agents pp. 2013-2028 Downloads
Golman Russell
Nonmanipulable Bayesian testing pp. 2029-2041 Downloads
Colin Stewart
Optimal stopping with dynamic variational preferences pp. 2042-2074 Downloads
Engelage Daniel
Modeling non-monotone risk aversion using SAHARA utility functions pp. 2075-2092 Downloads
An Chen, Antoon Pelsser and Michel Vellekoop
The robustness of robust implementation pp. 2093-2104 Downloads
Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn and Stephen Morris
On the optimality of optimal income taxation pp. 2105-2116 Downloads
Bierbrauer Felix J.
Probabilistic sophistication and variational preferences pp. 2117-2125 Downloads
Tomasz Strzalecki
Transferable utility games with uncertainty pp. 2126-2139 Downloads
Helga Habis and P. Jean-Jacques Herings
Stationary monetary equilibria with strictly increasing value functions and non-discrete money holdings distributions: An indeterminacy result pp. 2140-2150 Downloads
Kazuya Kamiya and Takashi Shimizu
Large deviations and multinomial probit choice pp. 2151-2158 Downloads
Emin Dokumaci and William Sandholm

Volume 146, issue 4, 2011

Uncertainty averse preferences pp. 1275-1330 Downloads
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, F. Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Luigi Montrucchio
On the first-order approach in principal-agent models with hidden borrowing and lending pp. 1331-1361 Downloads
Arpad Abraham, Sebastian Koehne and Nicola Pavoni
Strategic argumentation pp. 1362-1397 Downloads
Wioletta Dziuda
On efficiency of the English auction pp. 1398-1417 Downloads
Oleksii Birulin and Sergei Izmalkov
Taking the road less traveled by: Does conversation eradicate pernicious cascades? pp. 1418-1436 Downloads
Huining Cao, Bing Han and David Hirshleifer
Competitive behavior in market games: Evidence and theory pp. 1437-1463 Downloads
John Duffy, Alexander Matros and Ted Temzelides
On the informational efficiency of simple scoring rules pp. 1464-1480 Downloads
Johanna Goertz and Francois Maniquet
Minimal stable sets in tournaments pp. 1481-1499 Downloads
Felix Brandt
Saddlepath learning pp. 1500-1519 Downloads
Martin Ellison and Joseph Pearlman
Asset prices, debt constraints and inefficiency pp. 1520-1546 Downloads
Gaetano Bloise and Pietro Reichlin
Risk taking with additive and multiplicative background risks pp. 1547-1568 Downloads
Günter Franke, Harris Schlesinger and Richard C. Stapleton
Idiosyncratic risk and financial policy pp. 1569-1597 Downloads
Andrés Carvajal and Herakles Polemarchakis
Illiquidity, position limits, and optimal investment for mutual funds pp. 1598-1630 Downloads
Min Dai, Hanqing Jin and Hong Liu
Shadow pricing market access: A trade benefit function approach pp. 1631-1663 Downloads
Nancy Chau and Rolf Färe
The folk theorem for irreducible stochastic games with imperfect public monitoring pp. 1664-1683 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Yuichi Yamamoto
The [alpha]-MEU model: A comment pp. 1684-1698 Downloads
Jürgen Eichberger, Simon Grant, David Kelsey and Gleb Koshevoy
Learning about the arrival of sales pp. 1699-1711 Downloads
Robin Mason and Juuso Välimäki
Menu-dependent preferences and revelation principle pp. 1712-1720 Downloads
Rene Saran
Set-rationalizable choice and self-stability pp. 1721-1731 Downloads
Felix Brandt and Paul Harrenstein

Volume 146, issue 3, 2011

Introduction to Incompleteness and Uncertainty in Economics pp. 775-784 Downloads
P. Dean Corbae and Ramon Marimon
General equilibrium, wariness and efficient bubbles pp. 785-811 Downloads
Aloisio Araujo, Rodrigo Novinski and Mario Pascoa
Asset prices in a Huggett economy pp. 812-844 Downloads
Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama and Anthony A. Smith
Self-insurance vs. self-financing: A welfare analysis of the persistence of shocks pp. 845-862 Downloads
Francisco Buera and Yongseok Shin
Financial integration, entrepreneurial risk and global dynamics pp. 863-896 Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Vasia Panousi
Human capital values and returns: Bounds implied by earnings and asset returns data pp. 897-919 Downloads
Mark Huggett and Greg Kaplan
Public versus private risk sharing pp. 920-956 Downloads
Dirk Krueger and Fabrizio Perri
Crowding out and crowding in: When does redistribution improve risk-sharing in limited commitment economies? pp. 957-975 Downloads
Tobias Broer
Competition, human capital and income inequality with limited commitment pp. 976-1008 Downloads
Ramon Marimon and Vincenzo Quadrini
Power fluctuations and political economy pp. 1009-1041 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Mikhail Golosov and Aleh Tsyvinski
Information-constrained optima with retrading: An externality and its market-based solution pp. 1042-1077 Downloads
Weerachart Kilenthong and Robert Townsend
Social security and risk sharing pp. 1078-1106 Downloads
Piero Gottardi and Felix Kubler
A three state model of worker flows in general equilibrium pp. 1107-1133 Downloads
Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson and Aysegül Sahin
Knightian decision theory and econometric inferences pp. 1134-1147 Downloads
Truman F. Bewley
Knightian uncertainty and moral hazard pp. 1148-1172 Downloads
Giuseppe Lopomo, Luca Rigotti and Chris Shannon
Efficient allocations under ambiguity pp. 1173-1194 Downloads
Tomasz Strzalecki and Jan Werner
Robustness and ambiguity in continuous time pp. 1195-1223 Downloads
Lars Hansen and Thomas Sargent
Internal rationality, imperfect market knowledge and asset prices pp. 1224-1252 Downloads
Klaus Adam and Albert Marcet
Rationalizable implementation pp. 1253-1274 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris and Olivier Tercieux

Volume 146, issue 2, 2011

Perturbed communication games with honest senders and naive receivers pp. 401-424 Downloads
Ying Chen
Optimal taxation in the extensive model pp. 425-453 Downloads
Philippe Choné and Guy Laroque
When is multidimensional screening a convex program? pp. 454-478 Downloads
Alessio Figalli, Young-Heon Kim and Robert J. McCann
Sustainable reputations with rating systems pp. 479-503 Downloads
Mehmet Ekmekci
Noncooperative household demand pp. 504-527 Downloads
Valérie Lechene and Ian Preston
Institutions and growth in limited access societies pp. 528-568 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan and Ani Guerdjikova
Poverty trap and global indeterminacy in a growth model with open-access natural resources pp. 569-591 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Marcello Galeotti and Paolo Russu
Kidney exchange: An egalitarian mechanism pp. 592-618 Downloads
Özgür Yılmaz
Median stable matching for markets with wages pp. 619-637 Downloads
Michael Schwarz and M. Bumin Yenmez
Correlated equilibrium existence for infinite games with type-dependent strategies pp. 638-655 Downloads
Maxwell Stinchcombe
Balance and discontinuities in infinite games with type-dependent strategies pp. 656-671 Downloads
Maxwell Stinchcombe
Dynamic coalitional equilibrium pp. 672-698 Downloads
Hannu Vartiainen
Strategic resource dependence pp. 699-727 Downloads
Reyer Gerlagh and Matti Liski
A class of incomplete and ambiguity averse preferences pp. 728-750 Downloads
Leandro Nascimento and Gil Riella
The genericity of beliefs-determine-preferences models revisited pp. 751-761 Downloads
Yi-Chun Chen and Siyang Xiong
Justifiable preferences pp. 762-774 Downloads
Ehud Lehrer and Roee Teper

Volume 146, issue 1, 2011

Measuring school segregation pp. 1-38 Downloads
David M. Frankel and Oscar Volij
Globalization and labor market outcomes: Wage bargaining, search frictions, and firm heterogeneity pp. 39-73 Downloads
Gabriel Felbermayr, Julien Prat and Hans-Joerg Schmerer
Termination of dynamic contracts in an equilibrium labor market model pp. 74-110 Downloads
Cheng Wang
Prior symmetry, similarity-based reasoning, and endogenous categorization pp. 111-140 Downloads
Pe[combining cedilla]ski, Marcin
Advance-purchase discounts as a price discrimination device pp. 141-162 Downloads
Volker Nocke, Martin Peitz and Frank Rosar
Herding and bank runs pp. 163-188 Downloads
Chao Gu
The dynamics of efficient asset trading with heterogeneous beliefs pp. 189-229 Downloads
Pablo Beker and Emilio Espino
Communication, timing, and common learning pp. 230-247 Downloads
Jakub Steiner and Colin Stewart
Knightian games and robustness to ambiguity pp. 248-274 Downloads
Ronald Stauber
Groups, collective decisions and markets pp. 275-299 Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Hans Haller
Robustness of equilibria in anonymous local games pp. 300-325 Downloads
Willemien Kets
Are incentives against economic justice? pp. 326-345 Downloads
Rodrigo Velez
Effects of background risks on cautiousness with an application to a portfolio choice problem pp. 346-358 Downloads
Chiaki Hara, James Huang and Christoph Kuzmics
Asymmetric auctions with resale: An experimental study pp. 359-371 Downloads
Sotiris Georganas and John Kagel
The demand for a risky asset in the presence of a background risk pp. 372-391 Downloads
Jingyuan Li
A comment on "School choice: An experimental study" [J. Econ. Theory 127 (1) (2006) 202-231] pp. 392-396 Downloads
Caterina Calsamiglia, Guillaume Haeringer and Flip Klijn
Corrigendum to "School choice: An experimental study" [J. Econ. Theory 127 (1) (2006) 202-231] pp. 397-399 Downloads
Yan Chen and Tayfun Sönmez
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