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Volume 150, issue C, 2014

Optimal auctions with financially constrained buyers pp. 383-425 Downloads
Mallesh M. Pai and Rakesh Vohra
Social networks and interactions in cities pp. 426-466 Downloads
Robert Helsley and Yves Zenou
Coarse decision making and overfitting pp. 467-486 Downloads
Nabil I. Al-Najjar and Mallesh M. Pai
Delayed-response strategies in repeated games with observation lags pp. 487-514 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg, Yuhta Ishii and Scott Kominers
Household behavior and the marriage market pp. 515-550 Downloads
Daniela Del Boca and Christopher Flinn
Property rights and efficiency in OLG models with endogenous fertility pp. 551-582 Downloads
Alice Schoonbroodt and Michele Tertilt
Socialization networks and the transmission of interethnic attitudes pp. 583-610 Downloads
Fabrizio Panebianco
A two-parameter model of dispersion aversion pp. 611-641 Downloads
Robert G. Chambers, Simon Grant, Ben Polak and John Quiggin
Parametric representation of preferences pp. 642-667 Downloads
Nabil I. Al-Najjar and Luciano De Castro
Existence and non-existence in the moral hazard problem pp. 668-682 Downloads
Sofia Moroni and Jeroen Swinkels
Investments as signals of outside options pp. 683-708 Downloads
Susanne Goldlücke and Patrick Schmitz
Experience vs. obsolescence: A vintage-human-capital model pp. 709-739 Downloads
Matthias Kredler
Money and price posting under private information pp. 740-777 Downloads
Mei Dong and Janet Hua Jiang
Behavioral learning equilibria pp. 778-814 Downloads
Cars Hommes and Mei Zhu
A constructive study of Markov equilibria in stochastic games with strategic complementarities pp. 815-840 Downloads
Łukasz Balbus, Kevin Reffett and Łukasz Woźny
The Condorcet Jur(ies) Theorem pp. 841-851 Downloads
David S. Ahn and Santiago Oliveros
Improving Nash by coarse correlation pp. 852-865 Downloads
Herve Moulin, Indrajit Ray and Sonali Sen Gupta
Saddle functions and robust sets of equilibria pp. 866-877 Downloads
Vladyslav Nora and Hiroshi Uno
A correspondence principle for cooperative differential equations pp. 878-887 Downloads
Kai-Sun Kwong

Volume 149, issue C, 2014

Introduction to financial economics pp. 1-14 Downloads
Franklin Allen, Dimitri Vayanos and Xavier Vives
The fragility of short-term secured funding markets pp. 15-42 Downloads
Antoine Martin, David Skeie and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
Looting and risk shifting in banking crises pp. 43-64 Downloads
John H. Boyd and Hendrik Hakenes
Real interest rates, leverage, and bank risk-taking pp. 65-99 Downloads
Giovanni DellʼAriccia, Luc Laeven and Robert Marquez
Money, financial stability and efficiency pp. 100-127 Downloads
Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti and Douglas Gale
Optimal disclosure policy and undue diligence pp. 128-152 Downloads
David Andolfatto, Aleksander Berentsen and Christopher Waller
Counterparty risk externality: Centralized versus over-the-counter markets pp. 153-182 Downloads
Viral Acharya and Alberto Bisin
Liquidating illiquid collateral pp. 183-210 Downloads
Martin Oehmke
Competitive rational expectations equilibria without apology pp. 211-235 Downloads
Alexander Kovalenkov and Xavier Vives
Advance information and asset prices pp. 236-275 Downloads
Rui Albuquerque and Jianjun Miao
Prospect Theory and market quality pp. 276-310 Downloads
Paolo Pasquariello
Agency-based asset pricing pp. 311-349 Downloads
Gary B. Gorton, Ping He and Lixin Huang
House price dynamics with dispersed information pp. 350-382 Downloads
Giovanni Favara and Zheng Song

Volume 148, issue 6, 2013

Uniqueness of stationary equilibrium payoffs in coalitional bargaining pp. 2195-2222 Downloads
Hülya Eraslan and Andrew McLennan
Fiscal policy over the real business cycle: A positive theory pp. 2223-2265 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan, Marco Battaglini and Stephen Coate
A monetary theory with non-degenerate distributions pp. 2266-2312 Downloads
Guido Menzio, Shouyong Shi and Hongfei Sun
On the moral hazard problem without the first-order approach pp. 2313-2343 Downloads
Ohad Kadan and Jeroen M. Swinkels
Optimal limited authority for principal pp. 2344-2382 Downloads
Anton Kolotilin, Hao Li and Wei Li
Ex post participation constraint in a principal–agent model with adverse selection and moral hazard pp. 2383-2403 Downloads
Sandrine Ollier and Lionel Thomas
Delay and information aggregation in stopping games with private information pp. 2404-2435 Downloads
Pauli Murto and Juuso Välimäki
Efficiency and information aggregation in large uniform-price auctions pp. 2436-2466 Downloads
Aaron Bodoh-Creed
Preference for Flexibility and Dynamic Consistency pp. 2467-2482 Downloads
Gil Riella
Incomplete markets, liquidation risk, and the term structure of interest rates pp. 2483-2519 Downloads
Edouard Challe, François Le Grand and Xavier Ragot
On the coexistence of money and higher-return assets and its social role pp. 2520-2560 Downloads
Tai-Wei Hu and Guillaume Rocheteau
On microfoundations of the city pp. 2561-2582 Downloads
Pierre Picard and Takatoshi Tabuchi
Tractable dynamic global games and applications pp. 2583-2619 Downloads
Laurent Mathevet and Jakub Steiner
Characterising equilibrium selection in global games with strategic complementarities pp. 2620-2637 Downloads
Christian Basteck, Tijmen Daniëls and Frank Heinemann
Noise-independent selection in multidimensional global games pp. 2638-2665 Downloads
Marion Oury
Higher order game dynamics pp. 2666-2695 Downloads
Rida Laraki and Panayotis Mertikopoulos
Community standards pp. 2696-2705 Downloads
Alan Miller
Substituting one risk increase for another: A method for measuring risk aversion pp. 2706-2718 Downloads
Liqun Liu and Jack Meyer
Spatial dynamics and convergence: The spatial AK model pp. 2719-2736 Downloads
Raouf Boucekkine, Carmen Camacho and Giorgio Fabbri
A strategic implementation of the Average Tree solution for cycle-free graph games pp. 2737-2748 Downloads
Rene van den Brink, Gerard van der Laan and Nigel Moes
Surplus extraction with rich type spaces pp. 2749-2762 Downloads
Vitor Farinha Luz

Volume 148, issue 5, 2013

Strategic information transmission networks pp. 1751-1769 Downloads
Andrea Galeotti, Christian Ghiglino and Francesco Squintani
Optimal redistributive taxation with both extensive and intensive responses pp. 1770-1805 Downloads
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann and Bruno Van der Linden
Optimal contracting with dynastic altruism: Family size and per capita consumption pp. 1806-1840 Downloads
Roozbeh Hosseini, Larry Jones and Ali Shourideh
Incentive compatibility and differentiability: New results and classic applications pp. 1841-1861 Downloads
George Mailath and Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden
Dynamic legislative decision making when interest groups control the agenda pp. 1862-1890 Downloads
Gilat Levy and Ronny Razin
Coordination failure in repeated games with private monitoring pp. 1891-1928 Downloads
Takuo Sugaya and Satoru Takahashi
Finitely repeated games with monitoring options pp. 1929-1952 Downloads
Yasuyuki Miyahara and Tadashi Sekiguchi
On Ramseyʼs conjecture pp. 1953-1976 Downloads
Tapan Mitra and Gerhard Sorger
Aggregate instability under balanced-budget consumption taxes: A re-examination pp. 1977-2006 Downloads
Carine Nourry, Thomas Seegmuller and Alain Venditti
Optimal policy with credibility concerns pp. 2007-2032 Downloads
Yang K. Lu
Gambling in contests pp. 2033-2048 Downloads
Christian Seel and Philipp Strack
Eliciting information from a committee pp. 2049-2067 Downloads
Andriy Zapechelnyuk
Asymmetric first-price menu auctions under intricate uncertainty pp. 2068-2095 Downloads
Seungjin Han
Optimal mechanism design with resale via bargaining pp. 2096-2123 Downloads
Jun Zhang and Ruqu Wang
Reshaping the schooling system: The role of immigration pp. 2124-2149 Downloads
Davide Dottori, Fernanda Estevan and I-Ling Shen
Delays and partial agreements in multi-issue bargaining pp. 2150-2163 Downloads
Avidit Acharya and Juan Ortner
Characterizing the sustainability problem in an exhaustible resource model pp. 2164-2182 Downloads
Tapan Mitra, Geir Asheim, Wolfgang Buchholz and Cees Withagen
A simple sufficient condition for strong implementation pp. 2183-2193 Downloads
Ville Korpela

Volume 148, issue 4, 2013

Pricing and signaling with frictions pp. 1301-1332 Downloads
Alain Delacroix and Shouyong Shi
Adverse selection in credit markets and regressive profit taxation pp. 1333-1360 Downloads
Florian Scheuer
Mean-dispersion preferences and constant absolute uncertainty aversion pp. 1361-1398 Downloads
Simon Grant and Ben Polak
Dynamics of inductive inference in a unified framework pp. 1399-1432 Downloads
Itzhak Gilboa, Larry Samuelson and David Schmeidler
Ambiguity, data and preferences for information – A case-based approach pp. 1433-1462 Downloads
Jürgen Eichberger and Ani Guerdjikova
Removed preferences pp. 1463-1486 Downloads
Jawwad Noor
Dynamically stable preferences pp. 1487-1508 Downloads
Anna Gumen and Andrei Savochkin
Supply function equilibria: Step functions and continuous representations pp. 1509-1551 Downloads
Pär Holmberg, David M Newbery and Daniel Ralph
The empirical content of Cournot competition pp. 1552-1581 Downloads
Laurens Cherchye, Thomas Demuynck and Bram De Rock
Intertemporal equilibria with Knightian uncertainty pp. 1582-1605 Downloads
Rose-Anne Dana and Frank Riedel
Pareto optima and equilibria when preferences are incompletely known pp. 1606-1623 Downloads
G. Carlier and R.-A. Dana
Risk-sharing and crises. Global games of regime change with endogenous wealth pp. 1624-1658 Downloads
Rodolfo Campos
Search theory, competitive equilibrium, and the Nash bargaining solution pp. 1659-1688 Downloads
Inkoo Cho and Akihiko Matsui
On the impossibility of complete Non-Interference in Paretian social judgements pp. 1689-1699 Downloads
Marco Mariotti and Roberto Veneziani
Matching through position auctions pp. 1700-1713 Downloads
T.R. Johnson
Endogenous bid rotation in repeated auctions pp. 1714-1725 Downloads
Shiran Rachmilevitch
The number of active bidders in internet auctions pp. 1726-1736 Downloads
Laurens de Haan, Casper de Vries and Chen Zhou
Optimal education and pensions in an endogenous growth model pp. 1737-1750 Downloads
Elena Del Rey and Miguel-Angel Lopez-Garcia

Volume 148, issue 3, 2013

Abstention, ideology and information acquisition pp. 871-902 Downloads
Santiago Oliveros
The price of flexibility: Towards a theory of Thinking Aversion pp. 903-934 Downloads
Pietro Ortoleva
The value of switching costs pp. 935-952 Downloads
Gary Biglaiser, Jacques Crémer and Gergely Dobos
A folk theorem for competing mechanisms pp. 953-973 Downloads
Michael Peters and Cristián Troncoso-Valverde
Ambiguity and robust statistics pp. 974-1049 Downloads
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Luigi Montrucchio
On domains that admit well-behaved strategy-proof social choice functions pp. 1050-1073 Downloads
Shurojit Chatterji, Remzi Sanver and Arunava Sen
Truthful implementation and preference aggregation in restricted domains pp. 1074-1101 Downloads
Juan Carlos Carbajal, Andrew McLennan and Rabee Tourky
Constrained-optimal strategy-proof assignment: Beyond the Groves mechanisms pp. 1102-1121 Downloads
Yves Sprumont
Large games with a bio-social typology pp. 1122-1149 Downloads
M. Khan, Kali P. Rath, Yeneng Sun and Haomiao Yu
TFP during a credit crunch pp. 1150-1178 Downloads
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau
Quality, upgrades and equilibrium in a dynamic monopoly market pp. 1179-1212 Downloads
James J. Anton and Gary Biglaiser
Information acquisition during a Dutch auction pp. 1213-1225 Downloads
Paavo Miettinen
Bridging the gap: Bargaining with interdependent values pp. 1226-1236 Downloads
William Fuchs and Andrzej Skrzypacz
Note on social choice allocation in exchange economies with many agents pp. 1237-1254 Downloads
Takeshi Momi
On multivariate prudence pp. 1255-1267 Downloads
Elyès Jouini, Clotilde Napp and Diego Nocetti
Directed search and job rotation pp. 1268-1281 Downloads
Fei Li and Can Tian
Von Neumann–Morgenstern solutions in the assignment market pp. 1282-1291 Downloads
Marina Núñez and Carles Rafels
Why do I like people like me? pp. 1292-1299 Downloads
Manuel Bagues and Maria J. Perez-Villadoniga

Volume 148, issue 2, 2013

Robust virtual implementation: Toward a reinterpretation of the Wilson doctrine pp. 424-447 Downloads
Georgy Artemov, Takashi Kunimoto and Roberto Serrano
A more general theory of commodity bundling pp. 448-472 Downloads
Mark Armstrong
Ex post renegotiation-proof mechanism design pp. 473-501 Downloads
Zvika Neeman and Gregory Pavlov
Dynamic sender–receiver games pp. 502-534 Downloads
Jérôme Renault, Eilon Solan and Nicolas Vieille
Egalitarianism under earmark constraints pp. 535-562 Downloads
Olivier Bochet, Rahmi İlkılıç and Herve Moulin
Consumption and bubbles pp. 563-600 Downloads
Mark Loewenstein and Gregory A. Willard
Goal-setting and self-control pp. 601-626 Downloads
Alice Hsiaw
Coalitional manipulation on networks pp. 627-662 Downloads
Biung-Ghi Ju
Aggregating sets of von Neumann–Morgenstern utilities pp. 663-688 Downloads
Eric Danan, Thibault Gajdos and Jean-Marc Tallon
Finite-order type spaces and applications pp. 689-719 Downloads
Cheng-Zhong Qin and Chun-Lei Yang
Linking consumption externalities with optimal accumulation of human and physical capital and intergenerational transfers pp. 720-742 Downloads
Monisankar Bishnu
Evolutionary dynamics over continuous action spaces for population games that arise from symmetric two-player games pp. 743-777 Downloads
Daniel Friedman and Daniel N. Ostrov
Unique equilibria and substitution effects in a stochastic model of the marriage market pp. 778-792 Downloads
Colin Decker, Elliott H. Lieb, Robert J. McCann and Benjamin K. Stephens
Many-valued judgment aggregation: Characterizing the possibility/impossibility boundary pp. 793-805 Downloads
Conal Duddy and Ashley Piggins
Endogenous credit limits with small default costs pp. 806-824 Downloads
Costas Azariadis and Leo Kaas
No-regret dynamics and fictitious play pp. 825-842 Downloads
Yannick Viossat and Andriy Zapechelnyuk
A two-sector model of endogenous growth with leisure externalities pp. 843-857 Downloads
Costas Azariadis, Been-Lon Chen, Chia-Hui Lu and Yin-Chi Wang
Behavioral aspects of arbitrageurs in timing games of bubbles and crashes pp. 858-870 Downloads
Hitoshi Matsushima

Volume 148, issue 1, 2013

Deliberation, disclosure of information, and voting pp. 2-30 Downloads
Matthew Jackson and Xu Tan
Some unpleasant general equilibrium implications of executive incentive compensation contracts pp. 31-63 Downloads
John B. Donaldson, Natalia Gershun and Marc Giannoni
Social networks and unraveling in labor markets pp. 64-103 Downloads
Itay Fainmesser
Mechanism design without revenue equivalence pp. 104-133 Downloads
Juan Carlos Carbajal and Jeffrey Ely
Extremal incentive compatible transfers pp. 134-164 Downloads
Nenad Kos and Matthias Messner
When are signals complements or substitutes? pp. 165-195 Downloads
Tilman Börgers, Angel Hernando-Veciana and Daniel Krähmer
Learning and risk aversion pp. 196-225 Downloads
Carlos Oyarzun and Rajiv Sarin
Hidden symmetries and focal points pp. 226-258 Downloads
Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Christoph Kuzmics
A sufficient condition for the equivalence of strategy-proofness and nonmanipulability by preferences adjacent to the sincere one pp. 259-278 Downloads
Shin Sato
Smallness of a commodity and partial equilibrium analysis pp. 279-305 Downloads
Takashi Hayashi
Safety first consumption pp. 306-321 Downloads
Michael Sattinger
Banks as coordinators of economic growth and stability: Microfoundation for macroeconomy with externality pp. 322-352 Downloads
Kenichi Ueda
Inequality, mobility and redistributive politics pp. 353-375 Downloads
Ryo Arawatari and Tetsuo Ono
A two-sided reputation result with long-run players pp. 376-392 Downloads
Alp Atakan and Mehmet Ekmekci
Efficient and optimal mechanisms with private information acquisition costs pp. 393-408 Downloads
Jingfeng Lu and Lixin Ye
Imitating cooperation and the formation of long-term relationships pp. 409-417 Downloads
Heiner Schumacher
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