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Volume 144, issue 6, 2009

Introduction to dynamic general equilibrium pp. 2235-2246 Downloads
Lee Ohanian, Edward Prescott and Nancy L. Stokey
Investment options and the business cycle pp. 2247-2265 Downloads
Boyan Jovanovic
Heterogeneous producers facing common shocks: An overlapping-generations example pp. 2266-2276 Downloads
Edward Green
Micro and macro elasticities in a life cycle model with taxes pp. 2277-2292 Downloads
Richard Rogerson and Johanna Wallenius
Business cycle fluctuations and the life cycle: How important is on-the-job skill accumulation? pp. 2293-2309 Downloads
Gary Hansen and Selahattin Imrohoroglu
What - or who - started the great depression? pp. 2310-2335 Downloads
Lee Ohanian
Island matching pp. 2336-2353 Downloads
Dale Mortensen
Self-confirming equilibrium and the Lucas critique pp. 2354-2371 Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and David Levine
On the robustness of laissez-faire pp. 2372-2387 Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota and Christopher Phelan
Doubts or variability? pp. 2388-2418 Downloads
Francisco Barillas, Lars Hansen and Thomas Sargent
Moving costs, nondurable consumption and portfolio choice pp. 2419-2439 Downloads
Nancy L. Stokey
Anonymity and individual risk pp. 2440-2453 Downloads
Pamela Labadie
Openness, technology capital, and development pp. 2454-2476 Downloads
Ellen McGrattan and Edward Prescott
Spatial growth and industry age pp. 2477-2502 Downloads
Klaus Desmet and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Volume 144, issue 5, 2009

Understanding Markov-switching rational expectations models pp. 1849-1867 Downloads
Roger Farmer, Daniel Waggoner and Tao Zha
Do voters vote ideologically? pp. 1868-1894 Downloads
Arianna Degan and Antonio Merlo
The communication cost of selfishness pp. 1895-1920 Downloads
Ronald Fadel and Ilya Segal
Constrained school choice pp. 1921-1947 Downloads
Guillaume Haeringer and Flip Klijn
Differentiability of the value function without interiority assumptions pp. 1948-1964 Downloads
Juan Pablo Rincón-Zapatero and Manuel S. Santos
Information acquisition and mutual funds pp. 1965-1995 Downloads
Diego García and Joel M. Vanden
Run equilibria in the Green-Lin model of financial intermediation pp. 1996-2020 Downloads
Huberto Ennis and Todd Keister
Private polling in elections and voter welfare pp. 2021-2056 Downloads
Dan Bernhardt, John Duggan and Francesco Squintani
Efficient compromising pp. 2057-2076 Downloads
Tilman Börgers and Peter Postl
Hyperbolic discounting and the standard model: Eliciting discount functions pp. 2077-2083 Downloads
Jawwad Noor
A dynamic mechanism and surplus extraction under ambiguity pp. 2084-2114 Downloads
Subir Bose and Arup Daripa
On redundant types and Bayesian formulation of incomplete information pp. 2115-2145 Downloads
Qingmin Liu
Foundations of neo-Bayesian statistics pp. 2146-2173 Downloads
Massimiliano Amarante
Interpreted and generated signals pp. 2174-2196 Downloads
Lu Hong and Scott Page
The value of information for auctioneers pp. 2197-2208 Downloads
Marcus Hagedorn
Why do popular mechanisms lack efficiency in random environments? pp. 2209-2226 Downloads
Onur Kesten
Corrigendum to "Stable matchings and preferences of couples" [J. Econ. Theory 121 (1) (2005) 75-106] pp. 2227-2233 Downloads
Bettina Klaus, Flip Klijn and Toshifumi Nakamura

Volume 144, issue 4, 2009

Stochastic mechanisms in settings without monetary transfers: The regular case pp. 1373-1395 Downloads
Eugen Kovac and Tymofiy Mylovanov
Mediation, arbitration and negotiation pp. 1397-1420 Downloads
Maria Goltsman, Johannes Hörner, Gregory Pavlov and Francesco Squintani
The wisdom of the minority pp. 1421-1439.e2 Downloads
Steven Callander and Johannes Hörner
Heterogeneous quantal response equilibrium and cognitive hierarchies pp. 1440-1467 Downloads
Brian Rogers, Thomas Palfrey and Colin F. Camerer
On the relevance of exchange rate regimes for stabilization policy pp. 1468-1488 Downloads
Bernardino Adao, Isabel Correia and Pedro Teles
Trade, inequality, and the political economy of institutions pp. 1489-1520 Downloads
Quy-Toan Do and Andrei Levchenko
Bubble-free policy feedback rules pp. 1521-1559 Downloads
Olivier Loisel
Endogenous inequality and fluctuations in a two-country model pp. 1560-1571 Downloads
Tomoo Kikuchi and John Stachurski
A model of collateral, investment, and adverse selection pp. 1572-1588 Downloads
Alberto Martin
Pricing the ecosystem and taxing ecosystem services: A general equilibrium approach pp. 1589-1616 Downloads
Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig
Asymmetric first price auctions pp. 1617-1635 Downloads
Rene Kirkegaard
Merger negotiations and ex-post regret pp. 1636-1664 Downloads
Dennis Gärtner and Armin Schmutzler
Stable games and their dynamics pp. 1665-1693.e4 Downloads
Josef Hofbauer and William Sandholm
Learning in games with unstable equilibria pp. 1694-1709 Downloads
Michel Benaïm, Josef Hofbauer and Ed Hopkins
Large population potential games pp. 1710-1725 Downloads
William Sandholm
Iterated potential and robustness of equilibria pp. 1726-1769 Downloads
Daisuke Oyama and Olivier Tercieux
Lexicographic compositions of multiple criteria for decision making pp. 1770-1782 Downloads
Nicolas Houy and Koichi Tadenuma
The measurement of rank mobility pp. 1783-1803 Downloads
D'Agostino, Marcello and Valentino Dardanoni
A testable model of consumption with externalities pp. 1804-1816 Downloads
Rahul Deb
Bilateral commitment pp. 1817-1831 Downloads
Sophie Bade, Guillaume Haeringer and Ludovic Renou
Excess demand functions when new assets are introduced pp. 1832-1843 Downloads
Takeshi Momi

Volume 144, issue 3, 2009

A theory of subjective compound lotteries pp. 899-929 Downloads
Haluk Ergin and Faruk Gul
Recursive smooth ambiguity preferences pp. 930-976 Downloads
Peter Klibanoff, Massimo Marinacci and Sujoy Mukerji
Information structures with unawareness pp. 977-993 Downloads
Li Jing
Apportioning of risks via stochastic dominance pp. 994-1003 Downloads
Louis Eeckhoudt, Harris Schlesinger and Ilia Tsetlin
Supermodularity and preferences pp. 1004-1014 Downloads
Christopher Chambers and Federico Echenique
Subjective random discounting and intertemporal choice pp. 1015-1053 Downloads
Youichiro Higashi, Kazuya Hyogo and Norio Takeoka
Imprecise probabilistic beliefs as a context for decision-making under ambiguity pp. 1054-1091 Downloads
Klaus Nehring
Greater downside risk aversion in the large pp. 1092-1101 Downloads
Donald Keenan and Arthur Snow
Parametric weighting functions pp. 1102-1118 Downloads
Enrico Diecidue, Ulrich Schmidt and Horst Zank
When is there state independence? pp. 1119-1134 Downloads
Brian Hill
Collusion as public monitoring becomes noisy: Experimental evidence pp. 1135-1165 Downloads
Masaki Aoyagi and Guillaume Frechette
A theory of political cycles pp. 1166-1186 Downloads
Leonardo Martinez
Size approval voting pp. 1187-1210 Downloads
Jorge Alcalde-Unzu and Marc Vorsatz
Eliciting socially optimal rankings from unfair jurors pp. 1211-1226 Downloads
Pablo Amoros
Manipulation through political endorsements pp. 1227-1248 Downloads
Mehmet Ekmekci
A second chance at success: A political economy perspective pp. 1249-1277 Downloads
Ryo Arawatari and Tetsuo Ono
Multi-stage voting, sequential elimination and Condorcet consistency pp. 1278-1299 Downloads
Parimal Bag, Hamid Sabourian and Eyal Winter
On the existence of pure-strategy equilibria in large games pp. 1300-1319 Downloads
Guilherme Carmona and Konrad Podczeck
On the genericity of full surplus extraction in mechanism design pp. 1320-1332 Downloads
Paulo Barelli
An existence result for discontinuous games pp. 1333-1340 Downloads
Guilherme Carmona
Auctions with almost homogeneous bidders pp. 1341-1351 Downloads
Bernard Lebrun
Reputation and exogenous private learning pp. 1352-1357 Downloads
Thomas Wiseman
A consistent multidimensional Pigou-Dalton transfer principle pp. 1358-1371 Downloads
Kristof Bosmans, Luc Lauwers and Erwin Ooghe

Volume 144, issue 2, 2009

Directed search with multiple job applications pp. 445-471 Downloads
Manolis Galenianos and Philipp Kircher
Debt and deficit fluctuations and the structure of bond markets pp. 473-501 Downloads
Albert Marcet and Andrew Scott
Sequential contracting with multiple principals pp. 503-531 Downloads
Alessandro Pavan and Giacomo Calzolari
Portfolio choice and pricing in illiquid markets pp. 532-564 Downloads
Nicolae Gârleanu
Optimal collusion-proof auctions pp. 565-603 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che and Jinwoo Kim
Selecting equilibria in common agency games pp. 604-634 Downloads
David Martimort and Lars Stole
Dynamic contracting with persistent shocks pp. 635-675 Downloads
Yuzhe Zhang
Theories of coalitional rationality pp. 676-695 Downloads
Attila Ambrus
The extended and generalized Shapley value: Simultaneous consideration of coalitional externalities and coalitional structure pp. 696-721 Downloads
Ben McQuillin
Correlated Nash equilibrium pp. 722-743 Downloads
Kin Chung Lo
Pivots versus signals in elections pp. 744-771 Downloads
Adam Meirowitz and Kenneth W. Shotts
Would letting people vote for multiple candidates yield policy moderation? pp. 772-801 Downloads
Arnaud Dellis
A limit characterization of belief-free equilibrium payoffs in repeated games pp. 802-824 Downloads
Yuichi Yamamoto
English auctions and the Stolper-Samuelson theorem pp. 825-849 Downloads
Juan Dubra, Federico Echenique and Alejandro Manelli
Bargaining foundations of the median voter theorem pp. 851-868 Downloads
Seok-ju Cho and John Duggan
Decreasing impatience and the magnitude effect jointly contradict exponential discounting pp. 869-875 Downloads
Jawwad Noor
From posteriors to priors via cycles pp. 876-883 Downloads
José Rodrigues-Neto
The role of optimal threats in auction design pp. 884-897 Downloads
Nicolas Figueroa and Vasiliki Skreta

Volume 144, issue 1, 2009

Dynamic psychological games pp. 1-35 Downloads
Pierpaolo Battigalli and Martin Dufwenberg
Optimal voting schemes with costly information acquisition pp. 36-68 Downloads
Alex Gershkov and Balázs Szentes
Mechanism design with collusive supervision pp. 69-95 Downloads
Gorkem Celik
Almost budget-balanced VCG mechanisms to assign multiple objects pp. 96-119 Downloads
Herve Moulin
Folk theorem with communication pp. 120-134 Downloads
Ichiro Obara
Afriat's theorem for general budget sets pp. 135-145 Downloads
Francoise Forges and Enrico Minelli
Partisan politics and election failure with ignorant voters pp. 146-174 Downloads
Faruk Gul and Wolfgang Pesendorfer
Multitask principal-agent problems: Optimal contracts, fragility, and effort misallocation pp. 175-211 Downloads
Philip Bond and Armando Gomes
Substitute goods, auctions, and equilibrium pp. 212-247 Downloads
Paul Milgrom and Bruno Strulovici
Bayesian coalitional rationalizability pp. 248-263 Downloads
Xiao Luo and Chih-Chun Yang
Redistributive politics with distortionary taxation pp. 264-279 Downloads
Benoit Crutzen and Nicolas Sahuguet
Optimal growth and uncertainty: Learning pp. 280-295 Downloads
Christos Koulovatianos, Leonard Mirman and Marc Santugini
Trading with a common agent under complete information: A characterization of Nash equilibria pp. 296-311 Downloads
Gabriella Chiesa and Vincenzo Denicolo'
Repeated games with one-memory pp. 312-336 Downloads
Mehmet Barlo, Guilherme Carmona and Hamid Sabourian
Interim efficient allocations under uncertainty pp. 337-353 Downloads
Atsushi Kajii and Takashi Ui
Finite additive utility representations for preferences over menus pp. 354-374 Downloads
Igor Kopylov
An axiomatic theory of political representation pp. 375-389 Downloads
Christopher Chambers
The Shill Bidding Effect versus the Linkage Principle pp. 390-413 Downloads
Laurent Lamy
Global Newton Method for stochastic games pp. 414-421 Downloads
Srihari Govindan and Robert Wilson
Structural holes in social networks: A remark pp. 422-431 Downloads
Nicolas Houy
Individual risk and Lebesgue extension without aggregate uncertainty pp. 432-443 Downloads
Yeneng Sun and Yongchao Zhang
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