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Volume 158, issue PB, 2015

Information, Coordination, and Market Frictions: An Introduction pp. 407-426 Downloads
Alessandro Pavan and Xavier Vives
Information and volatility pp. 427-465 Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Tibor Heumann and Stephen Morris
Cournot competition and the social value of information pp. 466-506 Downloads
David Myatt and Chris Wallace
Characterizing social value of information pp. 507-535 Downloads
Takashi Ui and Yasunori Yoshizawa
Information and strategic behavior pp. 536-557 Downloads
Marzena Rostek and Marek Weretka
Private information and sunspots in sequential asset markets pp. 558-584 Downloads
Jess Benhabib and Pengfei Wang
Information acquisition and learning from prices over the business cycle pp. 585-633 Downloads
Taneli Mäkinen and Björn Ohl
Liquid bundles pp. 634-655 Downloads
Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole
Rigid pricing and rationally inattentive consumer pp. 656-678 Downloads
Filip Matejka
Market composition and price informativeness in a large market with endogenous order types pp. 679-696 Downloads
Edouard Challe and Edouard Chrétien
Should we regulate financial information? pp. 697-720 Downloads
Pablo Kurlat and Laura Veldkamp
Coordination with flexible information acquisition pp. 721-738 Downloads
Ming Yang
Information quality and crises in regime-change games pp. 739-768 Downloads
Felipe Iachan and Plamen T. Nenov
Financial prices and information acquisition in large Cournot markets pp. 769-786 Downloads
Giacomo Rondina and Myungkyu Shim
Investment horizons and asset prices under asymmetric information pp. 787-837 Downloads
Elias Albagli
Reprint of: Information percolation in segmented markets pp. 838-869 Downloads
Darrell Duffie, Semyon Malamud and Gustavo Manso

Volume 158, issue PA, 2015

Endogenous budget constraints in auctions pp. 1-20 Downloads
Justin Burkett
Calibration without reduction for non-expected utility pp. 21-32 Downloads
David Freeman
Subjective independence and concave expected utility pp. 33-53 Downloads
Ehud Lehrer and Roee Teper
Efficient assignment with interdependent values pp. 54-86 Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che, Jinwoo Kim and Fuhito Kojima
Weak assumption and iterative admissibility pp. 87-101 Downloads
Chih-Chun Yang
Reciprocal contracting pp. 102-126 Downloads
Michael Peters
Adverse selection without single crossing: Monotone solutions pp. 127-164 Downloads
Christoph Schottmüller
Maximal manipulation of envy-free solutions in economies with indivisible goods and money pp. 165-185 Downloads
Yuji Fujinaka and Takuma Wakayama
Optimal choice of health and retirement in a life-cycle model pp. 186-212 Downloads
Michael Kuhn, Stefan Wrzaczek, Alexia Prskawetz and Gustav Feichtinger
On the nonemptiness of the α-core of discontinuous games: Transferable and nontransferable utilities pp. 213-231 Downloads
Metin Uyanık
Dynamic choice in a complex world pp. 232-258 Downloads
Murali Agastya and Arkadii Slinko
Complexity and repeated implementation pp. 259-292 Downloads
Jihong Lee and Hamid Sabourian
Which demand systems can be generated by discrete choice? pp. 293-307 Downloads
Mark Armstrong and John Vickers
Random assignment: Redefining the serial rule pp. 308-318 Downloads
Anna Bogomolnaia
Sequential auctions, price trends, and risk preferences pp. 319-335 Downloads
Audrey Hu and Liang Zou
Impure altruism and impure selfishness pp. 336-370 Downloads
Kota Saito
Government interventions in a dynamic market with adverse selection pp. 371-406 Downloads
William Fuchs and Andrzej Skrzypacz

Volume 157, issue C, 2015

A one-shot deviation principle for stability in matching problems pp. 1-27 Downloads
Jonathan Newton and Ryoji Sawa
Public information in Markov games pp. 28-48 Downloads
Andrew Kloosterman
Correlation and common priors in games with incomplete information pp. 49-75 Downloads
Qingmin Liu
Minimum cost connection networks: Truth-telling and implementation pp. 76-99 Downloads
Jens Hougaard and Mich Tvede
Contagion and uninvadability in local interaction games: The bilingual game and general supermodular games pp. 100-127 Downloads
Daisuke Oyama and Satoru Takahashi
Failure of gradualism under imperfect monitoring pp. 128-145 Downloads
Yves Guéron
Ranking multidimensional alternatives and uncertain prospects pp. 146-171 Downloads
Philippe Mongin and Marcus Pivato
Coalitions, tipping points and the speed of evolution pp. 172-187 Downloads
Jonathan Newton and Simon Angus
Collusion enforcement with private information and private monitoring pp. 188-211 Downloads
Jimmy Chan and Wenzhang Zhang
Key leaders in social networks pp. 212-235 Downloads
Junjie Zhou and Ying-Ju Chen
Rational bargaining in games with coalitional externalities pp. 236-254 Downloads
Peter Borm, Yuan Ju and David Wettstein
Innovation by entrants and incumbents pp. 255-294 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Dan Cao
Matching markets under (in)complete information pp. 295-314 Downloads
Lars Ehlers and Jordi Masso
Efficiency in decentralized oligopolistic markets pp. 315-348 Downloads
Francesco Nava
Strategy-proof social choice on multiple and multi-dimensional single-peaked domains pp. 349-383 Downloads
Alexander Reffgen
The value of information under unawareness pp. 384-396 Downloads
Spyros Galanis
Unemployment risk and wage differentials pp. 397-424 Downloads
Roberto Pinheiro and Ludo Visschers
Approachability with delayed information pp. 425-444 Downloads
David Lagziel and Ehud Lehrer
History-dependent risk attitude pp. 445-477 Downloads
David Dillenberger and Kareen Rozen
Breakdown in multilateral negotiations pp. 478-484 Downloads
Daniel Göller and Michael Hewer
Optimal central bank lending pp. 485-516 Downloads
Andreas Schabert
Product line design pp. 517-526 Downloads
Simon Anderson and Levent Celik
On the private provision of public goods on networks pp. 527-552 Downloads
Nizar Allouch
Reputation in the long-run with imperfect monitoring pp. 553-605 Downloads
Alp Atakan and Mehmet Ekmekci
Decreasing aversion under ambiguity pp. 606-623 Downloads
Frédéric Cherbonnier and Christian Gollier
On the redundancy of the implicit welfarist axiom in bargaining theory pp. 624-647 Downloads
Geoffroy de Clippel
Common agency with informed principals: Menus and signals pp. 648-667 Downloads
Simone Galperti
Knowledge spillovers in cities: An auction approach pp. 668-698 Downloads
Victor Couture
Variational Bewley preferences pp. 699-729 Downloads
José Faro
Put–Call Parity and market frictions pp. 730-762 Downloads
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, F. Maccheroni and Massimo Marinacci
Banking bubbles and financial crises pp. 763-792 Downloads
Jianjun Miao and Pengfei Wang
Intertemporal coordination with delay options pp. 793-810 Downloads
Luis Araujo and Bernardo Guimaraes
Blockbusting: Brokers and the dynamics of segregation pp. 811-841 Downloads
Amine Ouazad
Financial reporting and market efficiency with extrapolative investors pp. 842-878 Downloads
Milo Bianchi and Philippe Jehiel
Exchangeable capacities, parameters and incomplete theories pp. 879-917 Downloads
Larry Epstein and Kyoungwon Seo
An undominated mechanism for a class of informed principal problems with common values pp. 918-958 Downloads
Dieter Balkenborg and Miltiadis Makris
On the benefits of dynamic bidding when participation is costly pp. 959-972 Downloads
David McAdams
Optimal entry timing pp. 973-1000 Downloads
Aaron M. Kolb
On the Mitra–Wan forest management problem in continuous time pp. 1001-1040 Downloads
Giorgio Fabbri, Silvia Faggian and Giuseppe Freni
Stability in large Bayesian games with heterogeneous players pp. 1041-1055 Downloads
Joyee Deb and Ehud Kalai
Indeterminacy and sunspots in two-sector RBC models with generalized no-income-effect preferences pp. 1056-1080 Downloads
Frédéric Dufourt, Kazuo Nishimura and Alain Venditti
The macroeconomics of Modigliani–Miller pp. 1081-1113 Downloads
Hans Gersbach, Hans Haller and Jürg Müller
Sincere and sophisticated players in an equal-income market pp. 1114-1129 Downloads
Rodrigo Velez
Credit market frictions and capital structure dynamics pp. 1130-1158 Downloads
Julien Hugonnier, Semyon Malamud and Erwan Morellec
Contract design and non-cooperative renegotiation pp. 1159-1187 Downloads
Robert Evans and Sönje Reiche
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