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Volume 145, issue 3, 2017

What Should a Manager Like Me Do in a Situation Like This? Strategies for Handling Ethical Problems from the Viewpoint of the Logic of Appropriateness pp. 457-479 Downloads
Minna-Maaria Hiekkataipale and Anna-Maija Lämsä
Big Data: A Normal Accident Waiting to Happen? pp. 481-491 Downloads
Daniel Nunan and Marialaura Di Domenico
Social Norms and CSR Performance pp. 493-508 Downloads
Steven F. Cahan, Chen Chen and Li Chen
Strong Reciprocity in Consumer Boycotts pp. 509-524 Downloads
Tobias Hahn and Noël Albert
Understanding Ethical Luxury Consumption Through Practice Theories: A Study of Fine Jewellery Purchases pp. 525-543 Downloads
Caroline Moraes, Marylyn Carrigan, Carmela Bosangit, Carlos Ferreira and Michelle McGrath
Beyond Guilty Verdicts: Human Rights Litigation and its Impact on Corporations’ Human Rights Policies pp. 545-562 Downloads
Judith Schrempf-Stirling and Florian Wettstein
The Effect of Cognitive Moral Development on Honesty in Managerial Reporting pp. 563-575 Downloads
Janne O. Y. Chung and Sylvia H. Hsu
The NHS: Sticking Fingers in Its Ears, Humming Loudly pp. 577-598 Downloads
Rachael Pope
Overcoming the ‘Window Dressing’ Effect: Mitigating the Negative Effects of Inherent Skepticism Towards Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 599-621 Downloads
Scott Connors, Stephen Anderson-MacDonald and Matthew Thomson
Ingredients Matter: How the Human Capital of Philanthropic and Traditional Venture Capital Differs pp. 623-635 Downloads
Mariarosa Scarlata, Jennifer Walske and Andrew Zacharakis
Attraction or Distraction? Corporate Social Responsibility in Macao’s Gambling Industry pp. 637-658 Downloads
Tiffany Cheng Han Leung and Robin Stanley Snell
How Ethically Would Americans and Chinese Negotiate? The Effect of Intra-cultural Versus Inter-cultural Negotiations pp. 659-670 Downloads
Yu Yang, David De Cremer and Chao Wang

Volume 145, issue 2, 2017

Toward Moral Responsibility Theories of Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Supply Chain pp. 227-237 Downloads
Jung Ha-Brookshire
Motives and Performance Outcomes of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices: A Multi-theoretical Perspective pp. 239-258 Downloads
Antony Paulraj, Injazz J. Chen and Constantin Blome
In Search of the Dominant Rationale in Sustainability Management: Legitimacy- or Profit-Seeking? pp. 259-276 Downloads
Stefan Schaltegger and Jacob Hörisch
Community Characteristics and Changes in Toxic Chemical Releases: Does Information Disclosure Affect Environmental Injustice? pp. 277-292 Downloads
Arturs Kalnins and Glen Dowell
The Power of One to Make a Difference: How Informal and Formal CEO Power Affect Environmental Sustainability pp. 293-308 Downloads
Judith L. Walls and Pascual Berrone
Green Innovation and Performance: The View of Organizational Capability and Social Reciprocity pp. 309-324 Downloads
Jing-Wen Huang and Yong-Hui Li
The Diffusion of Voluntary Environmental Programs: The Case of ISO 14001 in Korea, 1996–2011 pp. 325-336 Downloads
Kyungmin Baek
European Green Mutual Fund Performance: A Comparative Analysis with their Conventional and Black Peers pp. 337-355 Downloads
Gbenga Ibikunle and Tom Steffen
Beyond Environmental Regulations: Exploring the Potential of “Eco-Islam” in Boosting Environmental Ethics Within SMEs in Arab Markets pp. 357-371 Downloads
Dina M. Abdelzaher and Amir Abdelzaher
The Hubris of Hybrids pp. 373-382 Downloads
Philipp Bagus, David Howden and Amadeus Gabriel
When Does It Pay to be Good? Moderators and Mediators in the Corporate Sustainability–Corporate Financial Performance Relationship: A Critical Review pp. 383-416 Downloads
Sylvia Grewatsch and Ingo Kleindienst
Does an Embedded Wind Turbine Reduce a Company’s Electricity Bill? Case Study of a 300 kW Wind Turbine in Ireland pp. 417-428 Downloads
Tony Kealy
Educating Business Students About Sustainability: A Bibliometric Review of Current Trends and Research Needs pp. 429-439 Downloads
John G. Cullen
Understanding Firms’ Approaches to Voluntary Certification: Evidence from Multiple Case Studies in FSC Certification pp. 441-456 Downloads
Kathryn Bowler, Pavel Castka and Michaela Balzarova

Volume 145, issue 1, 2017

Formation of Stakeholder Trust in Business and the Role of Personal Values pp. 1-20 Downloads
Michael Pirson, Kirsten Martin and Bidhan Parmar
Nightmare Bosses: The Impact of Abusive Supervision on Employees’ Sleep, Emotions, and Creativity pp. 21-31 Downloads
Guohong Helen Han, P. D. Harms and Yuntao Bai
The Paradox of Diversity Initiatives: When Organizational Needs Differ from Employee Preferences pp. 33-48 Downloads
Leon Windscheid, Lynn Bowes-Sperry, Jens Mazei and Michèle Morner
How Servant Leadership Influences Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Roles of LMX, Empowerment, and Proactive Personality pp. 49-62 Downloads
A. Newman, G. Schwarz, B. Cooper and S. Sendjaya
Paradoxical Relationships Between Cultural Norms of Particularism and Attitudes Toward Relational Favoritism: A Cultural Reflectivity Perspective pp. 63-79 Downloads
Chao C. Chen, Joseph P. Gaspar, Ray Friedman, William Newburry, Michael C. Nippa, Katherine Xin and Ronaldo Parente
Chinese Traditionality Matters: Effects of Differentiated Empowering Leadership on Followers’ Trust in Leaders and Work Outcomes pp. 81-93 Downloads
Shao-Long Li, Yuanyuan Huo and Li-Rong Long
Linking Ethical Leadership with Firm Performance: A Multi-dimensional Perspective pp. 95-109 Downloads
Dan Wang, Taiwen Feng and Alan Lawton
Models of Congruence of Personal and Organizational Values: How Many Points of Contact are There Between Science and Practice? pp. 111-131 Downloads
Jolita Vveinhardt and Evelina Gulbovaite
Leading by Example: Values-Based Strategy to Instill Ethical Conduct pp. 133-139 Downloads
Arne Nygaard, Harald Biong, Ragnhild Silkoset and Roland E. Kidwell
Psychopathic Leadership A Case Study of a Corporate Psychopath CEO pp. 141-156 Downloads
Clive R. Boddy
Toward a Unified Framework of Perceived Negative Leader Behaviors Insights from French and British Educational Sectors pp. 157-182 Downloads
Taran Patel and Robert G. Hamlin
The Moderated Influence of Ethical Leadership, Via Meaningful Work, on Followers’ Engagement, Organizational Identification, and Envy pp. 183-199 Downloads
Ozgur Demirtas, Sean T. Hannah, Kubilay Gok, Aykut Arslan and Nejat Capar
Custom and Moral Sentiment: Cross-Cultural Aspects of Postgraduate Student Perceptions of Leadership Ethicality pp. 201-213 Downloads
D. A. L. Coldwell
Perceptions of High Integrity Can Persist After Deception: How Implicit Beliefs Moderate Trust Erosion pp. 215-225 Downloads
Michael P. Haselhuhn, Maurice E. Schweitzer, Laura J. Kray and Jessica A. Kennedy

Volume 144, issue 4, 2017

Editorial Essay: Mapping the Ethical in Neuroscientific Research pp. 677-678 Downloads
Gazi Islam
Business Ethics: The Promise of Neuroscience pp. 679-697 Downloads
Diana C. Robertson, Christian Voegtlin and Thomas Maak
Toward an Understanding of Dynamic Moral Decision Making: Model-Free and Model-Based Learning pp. 699-715 Downloads
George I. Christopoulos, Xiao-Xiao Liu and Ying-yi Hong
How Cognitive Neuroscience Informs a Subjectivist-Evolutionary Explanation of Business Ethics pp. 717-732 Downloads
Marc Orlitzky
Deontic Justice and Organizational Neuroscience pp. 733-754 Downloads
Russell S. Cropanzano, Sebastiano Massaro and William J. Becker
Ethical Leadership as a Balance Between Opposing Neural Networks pp. 755-770 Downloads
Kylie C. Rochford, Anthony I. Jack, Richard E. Boyatzis and Shannon E. French
Sex Differences Through a Neuroscience Lens: Implications for Business Ethics pp. 771-782 Downloads
Lori Verstegen Ryan
“This Position Requires Some Alteration of Your Brain”: On the Moral and Legal Issues of Using Neurotechnology to Modify Employees pp. 783-797 Downloads
Patrick D. Hopkins and Harvey L. Fiser
Neuromarketing: Ethical Implications of its Use and Potential Misuse pp. 799-811 Downloads
Steven J. Stanton, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Scott A. Huettel
What Would John Stuart Mill Say? A Utilitarian Perspective on Contemporary Neuroscience Debates in Leadership pp. 813-822 Downloads
Dirk Lindebaum and Effi Raftopoulou

Volume 144, issue 3, 2017

Do Ethical Social Media Communities Pay Off? An Exploratory Study of the Ability of Facebook Ethical Communities to Strengthen Consumers’ Ethical Consumption Behavior pp. 449-465 Downloads
Johanna Gummerus, Veronica Liljander and Reija Sihlman
Networking, Corruption, and Subversion pp. 467-478 Downloads
Ned Dobos
Irrational Advertising and Moral Autonomy pp. 479-490 Downloads
Alonso Villarán
Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Debt Maturity pp. 491-517 Downloads
Mohammed Benlemlih
Managing New Salespeople’s Ethical Behaviors during Repetitive Failures: When Trying to Help Actually Hurts pp. 519-532 Downloads
Willy Bolander, William J. Zahn, Terry W. Loe and Melissa Clark
The Financial Impact of Firm Withdrawals from “State Sponsor of Terrorism” Countries pp. 533-547 Downloads
Wolfgang Breuer, Moritz Felde and Bertram I. Steininger
Individual Ethical Orientations and the Perceived Acceptability of Questionable Finance Ethics Decisions pp. 549-558 Downloads
Mac Clouse, Robert A. Giacalone, Tricia D. Olsen and Lorenzo Patelli
Should Charity Begin at Home? An Empirical Investigation of Consumers’ Responses to Companies’ Varying Geographic Allocations of Donation Budgets pp. 559-576 Downloads
Laura Marie Schons, John Cadogan and Roumpini Tsakona
Board of Director Gender and Corporate Tax Aggressiveness: An Empirical Analysis pp. 577-596 Downloads
Roman Lanis, Grant Richardson and Grantley Taylor
Does the Business Case Matter? The Effect of a Perceived Business Case on Small Firms’ Social Engagement pp. 597-608 Downloads
Rajat Panwar, Erlend Nybakk, Eric Hansen and Jonatan Pinkse
Religiosity and the Volatility of Stock Prices: A Cross-Country Analysis pp. 609-621 Downloads
Benjamin M. Blau
Machiavellianism, Moral Orientation, Social Desirability Response Bias, and Anti-intellectualism: A Profile of Canadian Accountants pp. 623-635 Downloads
Anis Triki, Gail Lynn Cook and Darlene Bay
Media Bias and the Persistence of the Expectation Gap: An Analysis of Press Articles on Corporate Fraud pp. 637-659 Downloads
Jeffrey Cohen, Yuan Ding, Cédric Lesage and Hervé Stolowy
Does Ethical Image Build Equity in Corporate Services Brands? The Influence of Customer Perceived Ethicality on Affect, Perceived Quality, and Equity pp. 661-676 Downloads
Vicenta Sierra, Oriol Iglesias, Stefan Markovic and Jatinder Jit Singh

Volume 144, issue 2, 2017

Art, Ethics and the Promotion of Human Dignity pp. 223-232 Downloads
Nicola M. Pless, Thomas Maak and Howard Harris
Erratum to: Art, Ethics and the Promotion of Human Dignity pp. 233-233 Downloads
Nicola M. Pless, Thomas Maak and Howard Harris
Stories as Artworks: Giving Form to Felt Dignity in Connections at Work pp. 235-249 Downloads
John Paul Stephens and Jason Kanov
Practicing Human Dignity: Ethical Lessons from Commedia dell’Arte and Theater pp. 251-262 Downloads
Simone Colle, R. Edward Freeman, Bidhan Parmar and Leonardo Colle
The Masculinisation of Ethical Leadership Dis/embodiment pp. 263-278 Downloads
Helena Liu
A Question of Fit: Cultural and Individual Differences in Interpersonal Justice Perceptions pp. 279-291 Downloads
Annilee M. Game and Jonathan R. Crawshaw
Linking Ethical Leadership to Employee Burnout, Workplace Deviance and Performance: Testing the Mediating Roles of Trust in Leader and Surface Acting pp. 293-303 Downloads
Shenjiang Mo and Junqi Shi
Diversity as Polyphony: Reconceptualizing Diversity Management from a Communication-Centered Perspective pp. 305-322 Downloads
Hannah Trittin and Dennis Schoeneborn
A Heuristic Model for Establishing Trade-Offs in Corporate Sustainability Performance Measurement Systems pp. 323-342 Downloads
Jonathan Pryshlakivsky and Cory Searcy
The Battle for Business Ethics: A Struggle Theory pp. 343-361 Downloads
Muel Kaptein
Does Greenwashing Pay Off? Understanding the Relationship Between Environmental Actions and Environmental Legitimacy pp. 363-379 Downloads
Pascual Berrone, Andrea Fosfuri and Liliana Gelabert
Strategic Responses to Resource Management Pressures in Agriculture: Institutional, Gender and Location Effects pp. 381-400 Downloads
Joanne L. Tingey-Holyoak and John D. Pisaniello
Gray Shades of Green: Causes and Consequences of Green Skepticism pp. 401-415 Downloads
Constantinos N. Leonidou and Dionysis Skarmeas
Ethical Reasoning in Action: Validity Evidence for the Ethical Reasoning Identification Test (ERIT) pp. 417-436 Downloads
Kristen Smith, Keston Fulcher and Elizabeth Hawk Sanchez
Built on Stone or Sand: The Stable Powerful Are Unethical, the Unstable Powerful Are Not pp. 437-447 Downloads
Junha Kim, Yunchul Shin and Sujin Lee

Volume 144, issue 1, 2017

Virtual Special Issue on ‘Sociology and Business Ethics’ pp. 1-4 Downloads
Gibson Burrell
One Rule to Rule Them All? Organisational Sensemaking of Corporate Responsibility pp. 5-20 Downloads
Tiina Onkila and Marjo Siltaoja
Unpacking the Drivers of Corporate Social Performance: A Multilevel, Multistakeholder, and Multimethod Analysis pp. 21-40 Downloads
Marc Orlitzky, Céline Louche, Jean-Pascal Gond and Wendy Chapple
The Impact of Stakeholder Identities on Value Creation in Issue-Based Stakeholder Networks pp. 41-57 Downloads
Thomas Schneider and Sybille Sachs
Enhancing the Role and Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports: The Missing Element of Content Verification and Integrity Assurance pp. 59-82 Downloads
S. Prakash Sethi, Terrence F. Martell and Mert Demir
Erratum to: Enhancing the Role and Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports: The Missing Element of Content Verification and Integrity Assurance pp. 83-84 Downloads
S. Prakash Sethi, Terrence F. Martell and Mert Demir
Towards Understanding Stakeholder Salience Transition and Relational Approach to ‘Better’ Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case for a Proposed Model in Practice pp. 85-101 Downloads
Michael O. Erdiaw-Kwasie, Khorshed Alam and Md. Shahiduzzaman
Civil Governance in Work and Employment Relations: How Civil Society Organizations Contribute to Systems of Labour Governance pp. 103-119 Downloads
Steve Williams, Brian Abbott and Edmund Heery
Religiosity, Attitude, and the Demand for Socially Responsible Products pp. 121-138 Downloads
Johan Graafland
Sharing the Shared Value: A Transaction Cost Perspective on Strategic CSR Policies in Global Value Chains pp. 139-152 Downloads
Aurélien Acquier, Bertrand Valiorgue and Thibault Daudigeos
Stakeholder Salience for Stakeholder Firms: An Attempt to Reframe an Important Heuristic Device pp. 153-168 Downloads
Mohammad A. Ali
What Do Stakeholders Care About? Investigating Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure in China pp. 169-184 Downloads
Yingjun Lu and Indra Abeysekera
Socioemotional Wealth and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Critical Analysis pp. 185-199 Downloads
Piotr Zientara
Strategic Outcomes in Voluntary CSR: Reporting Economic and Reputational Benefits in Principles-Based Initiatives pp. 201-217 Downloads
Jorge A. Arevalo and Deepa Aravind
Review of Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity: An Essay on Desire, Practical Reasoning and Narrative by A. MacIntyre pp. 219-222 Downloads
Ron Beadle
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