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Volume 309, issue 3, 2023

Resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem: A survey pp. 958-976 Downloads
Mariam Gómez Sánchez, Eduardo Lalla-Ruiz, Alejandro Fernández Gil, Carlos Castro and Stefan Voß
A general purpose exact solution method for mixed integer concave minimization problems pp. 977-992 Downloads
Ankur Sinha, Arka Das, Guneshwar Anand and Sachin Jayaswal
Responsive strategic oscillation for solving the disjunctively constrained knapsack problem pp. 993-1009 Downloads
Zequn Wei, Jin-Kao Hao, Jintong Ren and Fred Glover
An adaptive memory matheuristic for the set orienteering problem pp. 1010-1023 Downloads
Michael Dontas, Georgios Sideris, Eleftherios G. Manousakis and Emmanouil E. Zachariadis
Minimizing total completion time on non-identical parallel batch machines with arbitrary release times using ant colony optimization pp. 1024-1046 Downloads
Han Zhang, Kai Li, Zhao-hong Jia and Chengbin Chu
Dynamic scheduling with uncertain job types pp. 1047-1060 Downloads
Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Jingui Xie, Zhichao Zheng and Han Zhou
Recovery of disrupted airline operations using k-maximum matching in graphs pp. 1061-1072 Downloads
Nicolas Nisse, Alexandre Salch and Valentin Weber
When Is It Wise to Use Blockchain for Platform Operations with Remanufacturing? pp. 1073-1090 Downloads
Xiaoping Xu, Luling Yan, Tsan-Ming Choi and T.C.E. Cheng
A deterministic annealing local search for the electric autonomous dial-a-ride problem pp. 1091-1111 Downloads
Yue Su, Nicolas Dupin and Jakob Puchinger
Fixed-interval order-up-to policies and myopic optimal warehouse stock allocation for one-warehouse multiple-retailer systems pp. 1112-1124 Downloads
Qinan Wang and Guangyu Wan
A branch-and-price-and-cut algorithm for the truck-based drone delivery routing problem with time windows pp. 1125-1144 Downloads
Yunqiang Yin, Dongwei Li, Dujuan Wang, Joshua Ignatius, T.C.E. Cheng and Sutong Wang
Planning robust drone-truck delivery routes under road traffic uncertainty pp. 1145-1160 Downloads
Yu Yang, Chiwei Yan, Yufeng Cao and Roberto Roberti
Exact analysis of One-Warehouse-Multiple-Retailer inventory systems with quantity restricted deliveries pp. 1161-1172 Downloads
Jonas Andersson, Filip Malmberg and Johan Marklund
Cardinality-constrained distributionally robust portfolio optimization pp. 1173-1182 Downloads
Ken Kobayashi, Yuichi Takano and Kazuhide Nakata
Visualization-aided multi-criteria decision-making using interpretable self-organizing maps pp. 1183-1200 Downloads
Deepanshu Yadav, Deepak Nagar, Palaniappan Ramu and Kalyanmoy Deb
Multi-level participation in integrative, systemic planning: The case of climate adaptation in Ghana pp. 1201-1217 Downloads
Ariella Helfgott, Gerald Midgley, Abrar Chaudhury, Joost Vervoort, Chase Sova and Alex Ryan
Randomization and the valuation of guaranteed minimum death benefits pp. 1218-1236 Downloads
Griselda Deelstra and Peter Hieber
Simulation optimization for stochastic casualty collection point location and resource allocation problem in a mass casualty incident pp. 1237-1262 Downloads
Kuo-Hao Chang, Tzu-Li Chen, Fu-Hao Yang and Tzu-Yin Chang
Stable annual scheduling of medical residents using prioritized multiple training schedules to combat operational uncertainty pp. 1263-1278 Downloads
Sebastian Kraul and Jens O. Brunner
Minimax regret priors for efficiency estimation pp. 1279-1285 Downloads
Mike G. Tsionas
Simulating the progression of a professional snooker frame pp. 1286-1299 Downloads
James A.P. Collingwood, Michael Wright and Roger J. Brooks
Electric aircraft charging network design for regional routes: A novel mathematical formulation and kernel search heuristic pp. 1300-1315 Downloads
Alan Kinene, Sebastian Birolini, Mattia Cattaneo and Tobias Andersson Granberg
How much is enough? Government subsidies in supporting green product development pp. 1316-1333 Downloads
Hossein Zolfagharinia, Maryam Zangiabadi and Maryam Hafezi
Estimating the cost efficiency of public service providers in the presence of demand uncertainty pp. 1334-1348 Downloads
Hong Ngoc Nguyen and O’Donnell, Christopher
New reliability model for complex systems based on stochastic processes and survival signature pp. 1349-1364 Downloads
Miaoxin Chang, Xianzhen Huang, Frank PA Coolen and Tahani Coolen-Maturi
On the centrality analysis of covert networks using games with externalities pp. 1365-1378 Downloads
Saavedra–Nieves, Alejandro and Casas–Méndez, Balbina
Does the default pecking order impact systemic risk? Evidence from Brazilian data pp. 1379-1391 Downloads
Michel Alexandre, Thiago Silva, Krzysztof Michalak and Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues
Adaptive solution prediction for combinatorial optimization pp. 1392-1408 Downloads
Yunzhuang Shen, Yuan Sun, Xiaodong Li, Andrew Eberhard and Andreas Ernst
Partially observable collaborative model for optimizing personalized treatment selection pp. 1409-1419 Downloads
Jue Gong and Shan Liu

Volume 309, issue 2, 2023

A review of the operations literature on real options in energy pp. 469-487 Downloads
Selvaprabu Nadarajah and Nicola Secomandi
Precedence constrained generalized traveling salesman problem: Polyhedral study, formulations, and branch-and-cut algorithm pp. 488-505 Downloads
Daniil Khachai, Ruslan Sadykov, Olga Battaia and Michael Khachay
An on-line seru scheduling algorithm with proactive waiting considering resource conflicts pp. 506-515 Downloads
Dongni Li, Yuzhou Jiang, Jinhui Zhang, Zihua Cui and Yong Yin
A study on modularity density maximization: Column generation acceleration and computational complexity analysis pp. 516-528 Downloads
Issey Sukeda, Atsushi Miyauchi and Akiko Takeda
Optimal selling format considering price discount strategy in live-streaming commerce pp. 529-544 Downloads
Guojun Ji, Tianyu Fu and Shuhao Li
The interactions between upstream quality disclosure and downstream entry pp. 545-559 Downloads
Jie Wu, Wei Lu and Xiang Ji
Demand information sharing in a contract farming supply chain pp. 560-577 Downloads
Xianpei Hong, Yimeng He, Pin Zhou and Jiguang Chen
Presence of piracy and legal protection: Decisions in the digital goods market under different contracts pp. 578-596 Downloads
Shuxia Peng, Bo Li and Shuang Wu
Resilience of long chain under disruption pp. 597-615 Downloads
Napat Rujeerapaiboon, Yuanguang Zhong and Dan Zhu
Optimal stochastic inventory-distribution strategy for damaged multi-echelon humanitarian logistics network pp. 616-633 Downloads
Riki Kawase and Takamasa Iryo
Multiple allocation hub location with service level constraints for two shipment classes pp. 634-655 Downloads
Sachin Jayaswal and Navneet Vidyarthi
Inventory competition on electronic marketplaces – A competitive newsvendor problem with a unilateral sales commission fee pp. 656-670 Downloads
Christian Straubert and Eric Sucky
Optimism pessimism stability in the graph model for conflict resolution for multilateral conflicts pp. 671-682 Downloads
Emerson Rodrigues Sabino and Leandro Chaves Rêgo
Optimizing price, order quantity, and return policy in the presence of consumer opportunistic behavior for online retailers pp. 683-703 Downloads
Moutaz Khouja and Ramzi Hammami
Demand management in time-slotted last-mile delivery via dynamic routing with forecast orders pp. 704-718 Downloads
Mohammad Abdollahi, Xinan Yang, Moncef Ilies Nasri and Michael Fairbank
Optimized ensemble value function approximation for dynamic programming pp. 719-730 Downloads
Cristiano Cervellera
The over-ordering problem in trade credit: Role of return policies pp. 731-744 Downloads
Bhawna Priya, Indranil Biswas and Anupam Agrawal
Recycled content claims under demand benefit and supply uncertainty: Multi-period model and application to glasswool insulation pp. 745-761 Downloads
Ananth V. Iyer, Aditya Vedantam and Paul Lacourbe
Moving from linear to conic markets for electricity pp. 762-783 Downloads
Anubhav Ratha, Pierre Pinson, Hélène Le Cadre, Ana Virag and Jalal Kazempour
Project scheduling under the threat of catastrophic disruption pp. 784-794 Downloads
Joseph G. Szmerekovsky, Prahalad Venkateshan and Peter D. Simonson
A multiple criteria approach for building a pandemic impact assessment composite indicator: The case of COVID-19 in Portugal pp. 795-818 Downloads
José Rui Figueira, Henrique M. Oliveira, Ana Paula Serro, Rogério Colaço, Filipe Froes, Carlos Robalo Cordeiro, António Diniz and Miguel Guimarães
Predicting the outbreak of epidemics using a network-based approach pp. 819-831 Downloads
Saikat Das, Indranil Bose and Uttam Kumar Sarkar
Dynamic surgery management under uncertainty pp. 832-844 Downloads
E. Gökalp, N. Gülpınar and X.V. Doan
Contract design and comparison under the opportunity cost of working capital: Buyback vs. revenue sharing pp. 845-856 Downloads
Shuhua Zhang, Xiangbin Tong and Xing Jin
Sustainable budgeting and financial balance: Which lever will you pull? pp. 857-871 Downloads
D’Inverno, Giovanna, Francesco Vidoli and Kristof De Witte
A data-driven distributionally robust approach for the optimal coupling of interdependent critical infrastructures under random failures pp. 872-889 Downloads
Andrea Bellè, Adam F. Abdin, Yi-Ping Fang, Zhiguo Zeng and Anne Barros
Robust multi-stage economic dispatch with renewable generation and storage pp. 890-909 Downloads
Uğur Yıldıran
Models and algorithms for a yard crane scheduling problem in container ports pp. 910-924 Downloads
Eva Vallada, Jose Manuel Belenguer, Fulgencia Villa and Ramon Alvarez-Valdes
A framework to design game theory-based interventions for strategic analysis of real-world problems with stakeholders pp. 925-938 Downloads
Femke Bekius and Sharlene L. Gomes
Measuring competitive balance in sports leagues that award bonus points, with an application to rugby union pp. 939-952 Downloads
Antonio Avila-Cano, P. Dorian Owen and Francisco Triguero-Ruiz
On second order cone programming approach to two-stage network data envelopment analysis pp. 953-956 Downloads
Israfil Roshdi, Mahdi Mahdiloo, Amir Arjomandi and Dimitris Margaritis

Volume 309, issue 1, 2023

A systematic review of multi-objective hybrid flow shop scheduling pp. 1-23 Downloads
Janis S. Neufeld, Sven Schulz and Udo Buscher
Single-machine scheduling with autonomous and induced learning to minimize total weighted number of tardy jobs pp. 24-34 Downloads
Ke Chen, T.C.E. Cheng, Hailiang Huang, Min Ji and Danli Yao
Patient appointment scheduling at hemodialysis centers: An exact branch and price approach pp. 35-52 Downloads
Mohammad Reihaneh, Sina Ansari and Farbod Farhadi
Best possible algorithms for online scheduling on identical batch machines with periodic pulse interruptions pp. 53-64 Downloads
Ran Lin, Jun-Qiang Wang, Zhixin Liu and Jun Xu
Fixed set search applied to the clique partitioning problem pp. 65-81 Downloads
Raka Jovanovic, Antonio P. Sanfilippo and Stefan Voß
Territorial design for customers with demand frequency pp. 82-101 Downloads
Lu Zhen, Jiajing Gao, Zheyi Tan, Gilbert Laporte and Roberto Baldacci
Data-driven remanufacturing planning with parameter uncertainty pp. 102-116 Downloads
Zhicheng Zhu, Yisha Xiang, Ming Zhao and Yue Shi
Can “ugly veg” supply chains reduce food loss? pp. 117-132 Downloads
Behzad Hezarkhani, Guven Demirel, Yann Bouchery and Manoj Dora
Optimal trade-in and refurbishment strategies for durable goods pp. 133-151 Downloads
Shu Hu, Stuart X. Zhu and Ke Fu
Scalable timing-aware network design via lagrangian decomposition pp. 152-169 Downloads
Cristiana L. Lara, Jochen Koenemann, Yisu Nie and Cid C. de Souza
Coordination of a platform-based supply chain in the marketplace or reselling mode considering cross-channel effect and blockchain technology pp. 170-187 Downloads
Xiaoping Xu, Ping He, Li Zhou and T.C.E. Cheng
Robust maximum likelihood estimation of stochastic frontier models pp. 188-201 Downloads
Alexander Stead, Phill Wheat and William H. Greene
The Benders by batch algorithm: Design and stabilization of an enhanced algorithm to solve multicut Benders reformulation of two-stage stochastic programs pp. 202-216 Downloads
Xavier Blanchot, François Clautiaux, Boris Detienne, Aurélien Froger and Manuel Ruiz
Strategic behavior in queues with arrival rate uncertainty pp. 217-224 Downloads
Refael Hassin, Moshe Haviv and Binyamin Oz
Scale dependence in weight and rate multicriteria decision methods pp. 225-235 Downloads
Ali E. Abbas and Andrea C. Hupman
Platform responses to entry in a local market with mobile providers pp. 236-251 Downloads
Yongyi Zhou, Yulin Zhang and Mark Goh
Reductions of non-separable approximate linear programs for network revenue management pp. 252-270 Downloads
Simon Laumer and Christiane Barz
A bi-criteria moving-target travelling salesman problem under uncertainty pp. 271-285 Downloads
Alaleh Maskooki and Markku Kallio
Smart workload input-output control of production systems: A proof of concept pp. 286-305 Downloads
Juliana Keiko Sagawa, Allan Freitas Oliveira, Gašper Mušič, Martin J. Land and Arthur Sarro Maluf
Applying the Shapley value to the tuna fishery pp. 306-318 Downloads
Gustavo Bergantiños, Carlos Groba and Antonio Sartal
Perspectives on how to conduct responsible anti-human trafficking research in operations and analytics pp. 319-329 Downloads
Renata A. Konrad, Kayse Lee Maass, Geri L. Dimas and Andrew C. Trapp
Multi-objective optimization for integrated sugarcane cultivation and harvesting planning pp. 330-344 Downloads
Angelo Aliano Filho, Oliveira, Washington A. and Teresa Melo
Solving multistage stochastic linear programming via regularized linear decision rules: An application to hydrothermal dispatch planning pp. 345-358 Downloads
Felipe Nazare and Alexandre Street
Fewer teams, more games, larger attendance? Evidence from the structural change in basketball's EuroLeague pp. 359-370 Downloads
Alessandro Di Mattia and Alex Krumer
When can a manufacturer benefit from adding a direct sharing channel? pp. 371-386 Downloads
Peng Zhang, Victor Shi, Lingzhi Shao and Yang Liu
Exact and heuristic methods for a workload allocation problem with chain precedence constraints pp. 387-398 Downloads
Jordi Pereira and Marcus Ritt
Dynamic priority rules for combining on-demand passenger transportation and transportation of goods pp. 399-408 Downloads
Alexander Bosse, Marlin W. Ulmer, Emanuele Manni and Dirk C. Mattfeld
Decentralized payment clearing using blockchain and optimal bidding pp. 409-420 Downloads
Hamed Amini, Maxim Bichuch and Zachary Feinstein
Dancing with rivals: How does platform’s information usage benefit independent sellers? pp. 421-431 Downloads
Wing Man Wynne Lam and Xingyi Liu
Optimal expansion of business opportunity pp. 432-445 Downloads
Ling Wang, Kexin Chen, Mei Choi Chiu and Hoi Ying Wong
A general deep reinforcement learning hyperheuristic framework for solving combinatorial optimization problems pp. 446-468 Downloads
Jakob Kallestad, Ramin Hasibi, Ahmad Hemmati and Kenneth Sörensen
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