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Volume 318, issue 2, 2024

Fifty Years of Operations Research in Defense pp. 355-368 Downloads
Kjell Hausken
On solving close enough orienteering problems with overlapped neighborhoods pp. 369-387 Downloads
Qiuchen Qian, Yanran Wang and David Boyle
Scheduling with jobs at fixed positions pp. 388-397 Downloads
Florian Jaehn
A risk-averse distributionally robust project scheduling model to address payment delays pp. 398-407 Downloads
Maria Elena Bruni and Öncü Hazır
Dynamic resource matching in manufacturing using deep reinforcement learning pp. 408-423 Downloads
Saunak Kumar Panda, Yisha Xiang and Ruiqi Liu
Accelerated evaluation of blocking flowshop scheduling with total flow time criteria using a generalized critical machine-based approach pp. 424-441 Downloads
Yuyan Han, Yuting Wang, Quan-ke Pan, Ling Wang and M. Fatih Tasgetiren
A congested facility location problem with strategic customers pp. 442-456 Downloads
Ata Jalili Marand and Pooya Hoseinpour
Drone resupply with multiple trucks and drones for on-time delivery along given truck routes pp. 457-468 Downloads
Wenqian Liu, Lindong Liu and Xiangtong Qi
A competitive heuristic algorithm for vehicle routing problems with drones pp. 469-485 Downloads
Xuan Ren, Aurélien Froger, Ola Jabali and Gongqian Liang
The rail-road Dial-a-Ride problem pp. 486-499 Downloads
Jean Jodeau, Nabil Absi, Rémy Chevrier and Dominique Feillet
Worst-case Conditional Value at Risk for asset liability management: A framework for general loss functions pp. 500-519 Downloads
Alireza Ghahtarani, Ahmed Saif and Alireza Ghasemi
A disaggregated integer L-shaped method for stochastic vehicle routing problems with monotonic recourse pp. 520-533 Downloads
Lucas Parada, Robin Legault, Jean-François Côté and Michel Gendreau
A queueing-based approach for integrated routing and appointment scheduling pp. 534-548 Downloads
René Bekker, Bharti Bharti, Leon Lan and Michel Mandjes
Data envelopment analysis: From non-monotonic to monotonic scale elasticities pp. 549-559 Downloads
Andreas Dellnitz and Madjid Tavana
Competition or cooperation: Strategy analysis for a social commerce platform pp. 560-574 Downloads
Haiqing Song, Rui Wang and Yanli Tang
Which algorithm to select in sports timetabling? pp. 575-591 Downloads
David Van Bulck, Dries Goossens, Jan-Patrick Clarner, Angelos Dimitsas, George H.G. Fonseca, Carlos Lamas-Fernandez, Martin Mariusz Lester, Jaap Pedersen, Antony E. Phillips and Roberto Maria Rosati
An improved equilibrium efficient frontier data envelopment analysis approach for evaluating decision-making units with fixed-sum outputs pp. 592-604 Downloads
Junfei Chu, Yanhua Dong and Zhe Yuan
Solving large-scale electricity market pricing problems in polynomial time pp. 605-617 Downloads
Mete Şeref Ahunbay, Martin Bichler, Teodora Dobos and Johannes Knörr
Condition-based reallocation and maintenance for a 1-out-of-2 pairs balanced system pp. 618-628 Downloads
Xiaofei Chai, Onur A. Kilic, Jasper Veldman, Ruud H. Teunter and Xian Zhao
Automated feeder routing for underground electricity distribution networks based on aerial images pp. 629-641 Downloads
Justus Ameling and Gunther Gust
Ensuring neonatal human milk provision: A framework for estimating potential demand for donor human milk pp. 642-655 Downloads
Marta Staff, Navonil Mustafee, Natalie Shenker and Gillian Weaver
A robust optimization approach for a two-player force-design game pp. 656-669 Downloads
Jeffrey Christiansen, Andreas T. Ernst and Janosch Rieger
Cross validation based transfer learning for cross-sectional non-linear shrinkage: A data-driven approach in portfolio optimization pp. 670-685 Downloads
Torsten Mörstedt, Bernhard Lutz and Dirk Neumann
Unexpected opportunities in misspecified predictive regressions pp. 686-700 Downloads
Guillaume Coqueret and Romain Deguest

Volume 318, issue 1, 2024

Fifty years of portfolio optimization pp. 1-18 Downloads
Ahti Salo, Michalis Doumpos, Juuso Liesiö and Constantin Zopounidis
Labeling methods for partially ordered paths pp. 19-30 Downloads
Ricardo Euler and Pedro Maristany de las Casas
An efficient hybrid genetic algorithm for the traveling salesman problem with release dates pp. 31-42 Downloads
Gabriel Soares, Teobaldo Bulhões and Bruno Bruck
A generalized Benders decomposition approach for the optimal design of a local multi-energy system pp. 43-54 Downloads
Bingqian Liu, Côme Bissuel, François Courtot, Céline Gicquel and Dominique Quadri
Railway crew planning with fairness over time pp. 55-70 Downloads
B.T.C. van Rossum, T. Dollevoet and D. Huisman
Spare parts recommendation for corrective maintenance of capital goods considering demand dependency pp. 71-86 Downloads
İpek Dursun, Anastasiia Grishina, Alp Akcay and Geert-Jan van Houtum
Product portfolio adjustments and the bullwhip effect: The impact of product introduction and retirement pp. 87-99 Downloads
Hamed Jalali and Mozart B.C. Menezes
Complexity analysis of integrated dynamic lot sizing and maintenance planning problems pp. 100-109 Downloads
Nabil Absi, Wilco van den Heuvel and Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès
Green technological licensing strategies with fixed-fee among rival firms under emissions trading scheme pp. 110-130 Downloads
Qi Zhang, Xide Zhu and Gui-Hua Lin
Manufacturer's choice of online selling format in a dual-channel supply chain with green products pp. 131-142 Downloads
Jin Li, Haoyu Wang, Victor Shi and Qi Sun
Discrete forecast reconciliation pp. 143-153 Downloads
Bohan Zhang, Anastasios Panagiotelis and Yanfei Kang
Problem-based scenario generation by decomposing output distributions pp. 154-166 Downloads
Benjamin S. Narum, Jamie Fairbrother and Stein W. Wallace
Rank-1 transition uncertainties in constrained Markov decision processes pp. 167-178 Downloads
V Varagapriya, Vikas Vikram Singh and Abdel Lisser
Multistage Stochastic optimization for mid-term integrated generation and maintenance scheduling of cascaded hydroelectric system with renewable energy uncertainty pp. 179-199 Downloads
Zhiming Zhong, Neng Fan and Lei Wu
Consensus adjustment for multi-attribute group decision making based on cross-allocation pp. 200-216 Downloads
Fan-Yong Meng, Deng-Yu Zhao, Zai-Wu Gong, Jun-Fei Chu, Witold Pedrycz and Zhe Yuan
Whitelisting versus advertising-recovery: Strategies to overcome advertising blocking by consumers pp. 217-229 Downloads
Ashutosh Singh, S. Sajeesh and Pradeep Bhardwaj
Pricing and Capacity Allocation in Opaque Selling pp. 230-241 Downloads
Zihao Zhang and Mengying Zhang
Determinism versus uncertainty: Examining the worst-case expected performance of data-driven policies pp. 242-252 Downloads
Xuecheng Tian, Shuaian Wang, Gilbert Laporte and Ying Yang
A data-driven distributionally robust optimization approach for the core acquisition problem pp. 253-268 Downloads
Cheng-Hu Yang, Xiao-Li Su, Xin Ma and Srinivas Talluri
A robust approach to food aid supply chains pp. 269-285 Downloads
Danique de Moor, Joris Wagenaar, Robert Poos, Dick den Hertog and Hein Fleuren
A multiobjective beam angle optimization framework for intensity-modulated radiation therapy pp. 286-296 Downloads
Juliana Campos de Freitas, Daniela Renata Cantane, Humberto Rocha and Joana Dias
How power structure and markup schemes impact supply chain channel efficiency under price-dependent stochastic demand pp. 297-309 Downloads
Eunji Lee and Stefan Minner
Worst-case risk measures of stop-loss and limited loss random variables under distribution uncertainty with applications to robust reinsurance pp. 310-326 Downloads
Jun Cai, Fangda Liu and Mingren Yin
Bi-level optimisation of subsidy and capacity investment under competition and uncertainty pp. 327-340 Downloads
Zixuan Zhang, Michail Chronopoulos, Ioannis Kyriakou and Dimitrina S. Dimitrova
Blockchain adoption and optimal reinsurance design pp. 341-353 Downloads
Hamed Amini, Romain Deguest, Engin Iyidogan and Andreea Minca

Volume 317, issue 3, 2024

A method for evaluating accessibility in transportation problems considering social vulnerability pp. 646-659 Downloads
James L. Sullivan and David C. Novak
Regulating the rebound effect in the traveling purchaser problem pp. 660-677 Downloads
William N. Caballero, Brian J. Lunday and Finn Meissner
Analysis of cost-efficient urban air mobility systems: Optimization of operational and configurational fleet decisions pp. 678-695 Downloads
Michael Husemann, Ansgar Kirste and Eike Stumpf
Instance generation tool for on-demand transportation problems pp. 696-717 Downloads
Michell Queiroz, Flavien Lucas and Kenneth Sörensen
Single-leader multi-follower games for the regulation of two-sided mobility-as-a-service markets pp. 718-736 Downloads
Haoning Xi, Didier Aussel, Wei Liu, S.Travis. Waller and David Rey
Truthful online double auctions for on-demand integrated ride-sourcing platforms pp. 737-747 Downloads
Xiaoshu Ding, Qi Qi and Sisi Jian
Let the fast passengers wait: Boarding an airplane takes shorter time when passengers with the most bin luggage enter first pp. 748-761 Downloads
Sveinung Erland, Eitan Bachmat and Albert Steiner
A column generation heuristic for the dynamic bicycle rebalancing problem pp. 762-775 Downloads
Marte D. Gleditsch, Kristine Hagen, Henrik Andersson, Steffen J. Bakker and Kjetil Fagerholt
The effect of increasing vehicle utilization on the automotive industry pp. 776-792 Downloads
David R. Keith, Sergey Naumov, Hannah E. Rakoff, Lars Meyer Sanches and Anuraag Singh
Public acceptance of crowdsourced delivery from a customer perspective pp. 793-805 Downloads
Yi-Jia Wang, Yue Wang, George Q. Huang and Ciyun Lin
Electric van-based robot deliveries with en-route charging pp. 806-826 Downloads
Shaohua Yu, Jakob Puchinger and Shudong Sun
Using public transport in a 2-echelon last-mile delivery network pp. 827-840 Downloads
Jeanette Schmidt, Christian Tilk and Stefan Irnich
Literature survey on the container stowage planning problem pp. 841-857 Downloads
Jaike van Twiller, Agnieszka Sivertsen, Dario Pacino and Rune Møller Jensen
Benders decomposition for the discrete ordered median problem pp. 858-874 Downloads
Ivana Ljubić, Miguel A. Pozo, Justo Puerto and Alberto Torrejón
Dynamic rebalancing optimization for bike-sharing systems: A modeling framework and empirical comparison pp. 875-889 Downloads
Jiaqi Liang, Sanjay Dominik Jena and Andrea Lodi
Combinatorial Benders decomposition for single machine scheduling in additive manufacturing with two-dimensional packing constraints pp. 890-905 Downloads
Zhaofang Mao, Enyuan Fu, Dian Huang, Kan Fang and Lin Chen
Optimizing service networks to support freight rail decarbonization: Flow selection, facility location, and energy sourcing pp. 906-920 Downloads
Adrian Hernandez, Max Ng, Pablo L. Durango-Cohen and Hani S. Mahmassani
A hybrid genetic search and dynamic programming-based split algorithm for the multi-trip time-dependent vehicle routing problem pp. 921-935 Downloads
Jingyi Zhao, Mark Poon, Vincent Y.F. Tan and Zhenzhen Zhang
Forecasting and planning for a critical infrastructure sector during a pandemic: Empirical evidence from a food supply chain pp. 936-952 Downloads
Tariq Aljuneidi, Sushil Punia, Aida Jebali and Konstantinos Nikolopoulos
Electric vehicle supply equipment location and capacity allocation for fixed-route networks pp. 953-966 Downloads
Amir Davatgari, Taner Cokyasar, Anirudh Subramanyam, Jeffrey Larson and Mohammadian, Abolfazl (Kouros)
Ranking voting systems and surrogate weights: Explicit formulas for centroid weights pp. 967-976 Downloads
Bonifacio Llamazares
Robust two-stage optimization consensus models with uncertain costs pp. 977-1002 Downloads
Huanhuan Li, Ying Ji, Jieyu Ding, Shaojian Qu, Huijie Zhang, Yuanming Li and Yubing Liu
Reward function design method to achieve system-level objectives in ambulance diversion problem pp. 1003-1014 Downloads
Hyun-Rok Lee and Taesik Lee
A new class of composite indicators: The penalized power mean pp. 1015-1035 Downloads
Francesca Mariani, Mariateresa Ciommi and Maria Cristina Recchioni

Volume 317, issue 2, 2024

Explainable AI for Operational Research: A defining framework, methods, applications, and a research agenda pp. 249-272 Downloads
Koen W. De Bock, Kristof Coussement, Arno De Caigny, Roman Słowiński, Bart Baesens, Robert N. Boute, Tsan-Ming Choi, Dursun Delen, Mathias Kraus, Stefan Lessmann, Sebastián Maldonado, David Martens, María Óskarsdóttir, Carla Vairetti, Wouter Verbeke and Richard Weber
Supervised feature compression based on counterfactual analysis pp. 273-285 Downloads
Veronica Piccialli, Dolores Romero Morales and Cecilia Salvatore
A model-agnostic and data-independent tabu search algorithm to generate counterfactuals for tabular, image, and text data pp. 286-302 Downloads
Raphael Mazzine Barbosa de Oliveira, Kenneth Sörensen and David Martens
Interpretable generalized additive neural networks pp. 303-316 Downloads
Mathias Kraus, Daniel Tschernutter, Sven Weinzierl and Patrick Zschech
Explainability in process outcome prediction: Guidelines to obtain interpretable and faithful models pp. 317-329 Downloads
Alexander Stevens and Johannes De Smedt
Explainability through uncertainty: Trustworthy decision-making with neural networks pp. 330-340 Downloads
Arthur Thuy and Dries F. Benoit
A Markovian score model for evaluating provider performance for continuity of care—An explainable analytics approach pp. 341-351 Downloads
Kazim Topuz, Timothy L. Urban and Mehmet B. Yildirim
An algorithmic approach to identification of gray areas: Analysis of sleep scoring expert ensemble non agreement areas using a multinomial mixture model pp. 352-365 Downloads
Gabriel Jouan, Erna Sif Arnardottir, Anna Sigridur Islind and María Óskarsdóttir
360 Degrees rumor detection: When explanations got some explaining to do pp. 366-381 Downloads
Bram Janssens, Lisa Schetgen, Matthias Bogaert, Matthijs Meire and Dirk Van den Poel
Towards the development of an explainable e-commerce fake review index: An attribute analytics approach pp. 382-400 Downloads
Ronnie Das, Wasim Ahmed, Kshitij Sharma, Mariann Hardey, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Ziqi Zhang, Chrysostomos Apostolidis and Raffaele Filieri
Feature importance in the age of explainable AI: Case study of detecting fake news & misinformation via a multi-modal framework pp. 401-413 Downloads
Ajay Kumar and James W. Taylor
Explaining and predicting customer churn by monotonic rules induced from ordinal data pp. 414-424 Downloads
Marcin Szeląg and Roman Słowiński
What makes accidents severe! explainable analytics framework with parameter optimization pp. 425-436 Downloads
Abdulaziz Ahmed, Kazim Topuz, Murad Moqbel and Ismail Abdulrashid
Explainable real-time predictive analytics on employee workload in digital railway control rooms pp. 437-448 Downloads
Léon Sobrie, Marijn Verschelde and Bart Roets
An explainable federated learning and blockchain-based secure credit modeling method pp. 449-467 Downloads
Fan Yang, Mohammad Zoynul Abedin and Petr Hajek
Home chemotherapy delivery: An integrated production scheduling and multi-trip vehicle routing problem pp. 468-486 Downloads
Yasemin Arda, Diego Cattaruzza, Véronique François and Maxime Ogier
A generic approach to conference scheduling with integer programming pp. 487-499 Downloads
Yaroslav Pylyavskyy, Peter Jacko and Ahmed Kheiri
An accelerated benders decomposition algorithm for the solution of the multi-trip time-dependent vehicle routing problem with time windows pp. 500-514 Downloads
Antonios Fragkogios, Yuzhuo Qiu, Georgios K.D. Saharidis and Panos M. Pardalos
Platform financing versus bank financing: “When to choose which” for green production systems pp. 515-532 Downloads
Xiaoping Xu, Xinyang Chen, Tsan-Ming Choi and T.C.E. Cheng
Supply chain coordination in a dual sourcing system under the Tailored Base-Surge policy pp. 533-549 Downloads
Kilani Ghoudi, Younes Hamdouch, Youssef Boulaksil and Sadeque Hamdan
An exact method for a last-mile delivery routing problem with multiple deliverymen pp. 550-562 Downloads
Fernando Senna, Leandro C. Coelho, Reinaldo Morabito and Pedro Munari
Individualized second stage corrections in data envelopment analysis pp. 563-577 Downloads
Mohsen Afsharian, Sara Kamali, Heinz Ahn and Peter Bogetoft
Repositioning to sink: The pricing and quality decisions for product line considering the sinking market pp. 578-591 Downloads
Yusheng Wang, Yongjian Li and Shuangshuang Xu
On cone-based decompositions of proper Pareto-optimality in multi-objective optimization pp. 592-602 Downloads
Marlon Braun and Pradyumn Shukla
Inventory reallocation in a fashion retail network: A matheuristic approach pp. 603-615 Downloads
Paolo Brandimarte, Giuseppe Craparotta and Elena Marocco
An efficient solver for large-scale onshore wind farm siting including cable routing pp. 616-630 Downloads
Jaap Pedersen, Jann Michael Weinand, Chloi Syranidou and Daniel Rehfeldt
Optimal energy collection with rotational movement constraints in concentrated solar power plants pp. 631-642 Downloads
José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez, José-Manuel Higes-López, Miguel-Angel Pérez-Cutiño and Juan Valverde

Volume 317, issue 1, 2024

Vehicle routing problems with multiple commodities: A survey pp. 1-15 Downloads
Wenjuan Gu, Claudia Archetti, Diego Cattaruzza, Maxime Ogier, Frédéric Semet and M. Grazia Speranza
Maximizing the net present value of a project under uncertainty: Activity delays and dynamic policies pp. 16-24 Downloads
Salim Rostami, Stefan Creemers and Roel Leus
A computationally efficient approach to optimizing offers in centrally committed electricity markets pp. 25-42 Downloads
Yuzhou Jiang and Ramteen Sioshansi
Integer optimization models and algorithms for the multi-period non-shareable resource allocation problem pp. 43-59 Downloads
Jongyoon Park, Jinil Han and Kyungsik Lee
Logistics sourcing of e-commerce firms considering promised delivery time and environmental sustainability pp. 60-75 Downloads
Canran Gong, Huaming Song, Daqiang Chen, Steven James Day and Joshua Ignatius
A novel model for transfer synchronization in transit networks and a Lagrangian-based heuristic solution method pp. 76-91 Downloads
Zahra Ansarilari, Merve Bodur and Amer Shalaby
Optimal decomposition approach for solving large nesting and scheduling problems of additive manufacturing systems pp. 92-110 Downloads
Paulo Jorge Nascimento, Cristóvão Silva, Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Samuel Moniz
Vehicle routing with stochastic demand, service and waiting times — The case of food bank collection problems pp. 111-127 Downloads
Meike Reusken, Gilbert Laporte, Sonja U.K. Rohmer and Frans Cruijssen
Working along both lines? The relationship between government green publicity and emissions tax pp. 128-140 Downloads
Liqun Wei, Libin Zhang, Wanying Wei, Xiaohong Chen and Kai Wang
The Impact of Platform’s Information Sharing on Manufacturer Encroachment and Selling Format Decision pp. 141-155 Downloads
Canran Gong, Joshua Ignatius, Huaming Song, Junwu Chai and Steven James Day
Trust exploration- and leadership incubation- based opinion dynamics model for social network group decision-making: A quantum theory perspective pp. 156-170 Downloads
Peng Wang, Peide Liu, Yueyuan Li, Fei Teng and Witold Pedrycz
Robust decisions for heterogeneous agents via certainty equivalents pp. 171-184 Downloads
Anne G. Balter and Nikolaus Schweizer
Competition under demand uncertainty: The roles of technology and capacity strategy pp. 185-204 Downloads
Liu Yang, Chi To Ng, T.C.E. Cheng, Mingyao Sun, Xuefeng Shao and Ruiqing Li
Configuring systems to be viable in a crisis: The role of intuitive decision-making pp. 205-218 Downloads
Ayham Fattoum, Simos Chari and Duncan Shaw
Energy-saving time allocation strategy with uncertain dwell times in urban rail transit: Two-stage stochastic model and nested dynamic programming framework pp. 219-242 Downloads
Deheng Lian, Pengli Mo, D’Ariano, Andrea, Ziyou Gao and Lixing Yang
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