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Volume 272, issue 3, 2019

Revealed preference theory: An algorithmic outlook pp. 803-815 Downloads
Bart Smeulders, Yves Crama and Frits C.R. Spieksma
Optimizing source and receiver placement in multistatic sonar networks to monitor fixed targets pp. 816-831 Downloads
Emily M. Craparo, Armin Fügenschuh, Christoph Hof and Mumtaz Karatas
Distributionally robust scheduling on parallel machines under moment uncertainty pp. 832-846 Downloads
Zhiqi Chang, Jian-Ya Ding and Shiji Song
Solving the Weighted Capacitated Planned Maintenance Problem and its variants pp. 847-858 Downloads
Torben Kuschel and Stefan Bock
A matheuristic based on Lagrangian relaxation for the multi-activity shift scheduling problem pp. 859-867 Downloads
Hernández-Leandro, Noberto A., Vincent Boyer, Salazar-Aguilar, M. Angélica and Louis-Martin Rousseau
A hybrid adaptively genetic algorithm for task scheduling problem in the phased array radar pp. 868-878 Downloads
Haowei Zhang, Junwei Xie, Jiaang Ge, Zhaojian Zhang and Binfeng Zong
The two-echelon capacitated electric vehicle routing problem with battery swapping stations: Formulation and efficient methodology pp. 879-904 Downloads
Wanchen Jie, Jun Yang, Min Zhang and Yongxi Huang
Joint pricing and production decisions for new products with learning curve effects under upstream and downstream trade credits pp. 905-913 Downloads
Lin Feng and Ya-Lan Chan
An efficient three-level heuristic for the large-scaled multi-product production routing problem with outsourcing pp. 914-927 Downloads
Yantong Li, Feng Chu, Chengbin Chu and Zhanguo Zhu
Contract and product quality in platform selling pp. 928-944 Downloads
Jianqiang Zhang, Qingning Cao and Xiuli He
A stochastic multi-period industrial hazardous waste location-routing problem: Integrating NSGA-II and Monte Carlo simulation pp. 945-961 Downloads
M. Rabbani, R. Heidari and R. Yazdanparast
Supply chain network equilibrium with strategic financial hedging using futures pp. 962-978 Downloads
Zugang Liu and Jia Wang
A Dynamic Supplier Selection and Inventory Management Model for a Serial Supply Chain with a Novel Supplier Price Break Scheme and Flexible Time Periods pp. 979-998 Downloads
Lisha Duan and José A. Ventura
Analysis of a chance-constrained new product risk model with multiple customer classes pp. 999-1016 Downloads
Belleh Fontem and Jeremiah Smith
A consensus-based probabilistic linguistic gained and lost dominance score method pp. 1017-1027 Downloads
Xingli Wu and Huchang Liao
Profitability of online order fulfillment in multi-channel retailing pp. 1028-1040 Downloads
Rafay Ishfaq and Naeem Bajwa
A comparative study of the leading machine learning techniques and two new optimization algorithms pp. 1041-1057 Downloads
P. Baumann, D.S. Hochbaum and Y.T. Yang
Behavioral modeling in weight loss interventions pp. 1058-1072 Downloads
Anil Aswani, Philip Kaminsky, Yonatan Mintz, Elena Flowers and Yoshimi Fukuoka
The wisdom of amateur crowds: Evidence from an online community of sports tipsters pp. 1073-1081 Downloads
Alasdair Brown and J. James Reade
A general framework for pricing Asian options under stochastic volatility on parallel architectures pp. 1082-1095 Downloads
Stefania Corsaro, Ioannis Kyriakou, Daniele Marazzina and Zelda Marino
The berth allocation problem in terminals with irregular layouts pp. 1096-1108 Downloads
Juan Francisco Correcher, Thomas Van den Bossche, Alvarez-Valdes, Ramon and Greet Vanden Berghe
What are the actual costs of cyber risk events? pp. 1109-1119 Downloads
Martin Eling and Jan Wirfs
Reliability-based measures and prognostic analysis of a K-out-of-N system in a random environment pp. 1120-1131 Downloads
Nan Zhang, Mitra Fouladirad and Anne Barros
Wavelet-based option pricing: An empirical study pp. 1132-1142 Downloads
Xiaoquan Liu, Yi Cao, Chenghu Ma and Liya Shen
Integrated structural approach to Credit Value Adjustment pp. 1143-1157 Downloads
Laura Ballotta, Gianluca Fusai and Daniele Marazzina
Robust strategic bidding in auction-based markets pp. 1158-1172 Downloads
Bruno Fanzeres, Shabbir Ahmed and Alexandre Street

Volume 272, issue 2, 2019

Literature review on multi-appointment scheduling problems in hospitals pp. 407-419 Downloads
Joren Marynissen and Erik Demeulemeester
POPMUSIC for the travelling salesman problem pp. 420-429 Downloads
Éric D. Taillard and Keld Helsgaun
Dantzig–Wolfe decomposition of the daily course pattern formulation for curriculum-based course timetabling pp. 430-446 Downloads
Niels-Christian F. Bagger, Matias Sørensen and Thomas R. Stidsen
A matheuristic approach with nonlinear subproblems for large-scale packing of ellipsoids pp. 447-464 Downloads
E.G. Birgin and R.D. Lobato
Vendor Management Inventory with consignment contracts and the benefits of cooperative advertising pp. 465-480 Downloads
Pietro De Giovanni, Salma Karray and Martín-Herrán, Guiomar
Optimal lateral transshipment policies for a two location inventory problem with multiple demand classes pp. 481-495 Downloads
A.C.C. van Wijk, I.J.B.F. Adan and G.J. van Houtum
An exact static solution approach for the service parts end-of-life inventory problem pp. 496-504 Downloads
J.B.G. Frenk, S. Javadi, M. Pourakbar and S.O. Sezer
An a posteriori decision support methodology for solving the multi-criteria supplier selection problem pp. 505-522 Downloads
Florian Kellner, Bernhard Lienland and Sebastian Utz
A branch-and-price algorithm for a vehicle routing with demand allocation problem pp. 523-538 Downloads
Mohammad Reihaneh and Ahmed Ghoniem
Procurement strategies for lost-sales inventory systems with all-units discounts pp. 539-548 Downloads
Huihui Wang, Yimin Yu, Wei Zhang and Zhongsheng Hua
Mileage bands in freight transportation pp. 549-564 Downloads
Maciek Nowak, Mike Hewitt and Hussam Bachour
Role of specific energy in decomposition of time-invariant least-cost reservoir filling problem pp. 565-573 Downloads
István Selek and Enso Ikonen
Spatial multicriteria decision support for robust land-use suitability: The case of landfill site selection in Northeastern Greece pp. 574-586 Downloads
Olympia E. Demesouka, Konstantinos P. Anagnostopoulos and Eleftherios Siskos
Co-authorship model with link strength pp. 587-594 Downloads
Leandro Chaves Rêgo and Andrea Maria dos Santos
Designing a recovery-orientated system of care: A community operational research perspective pp. 595-607 Downloads
Mike Walsh, Markus G. Kittler, Maria Throp and Fraser Shaw
Location of courts of justice: The making of the new judiciary map of Portugal pp. 608-620 Downloads
João C. Teixeira, João F. Bigotte, Hugo M. Repolho and António P. Antunes
Multi-train trajectory optimization for energy-efficient timetabling pp. 621-635 Downloads
Pengling Wang and Rob M.P. Goverde
Prescriptive analytics for human resource planning in the professional services industry pp. 636-641 Downloads
Lauren Berk, Dimitris Bertsimas, Alexander M. Weinstein and Julia Yan
An Integrated Market for Electricity and Natural Gas Systems with Stochastic Power Producers pp. 642-654 Downloads
Christos Ordoudis, Pierre Pinson and Juan M. Morales
Selective capacitated location-routing problem with incentive-dependent returns in designing used products collection network pp. 655-673 Downloads
Mozhde Bagheri Hosseini, Farzad Dehghanian and Majid Salari
The impact of tourist destination on hotel efficiency: A data envelopment analysis approach pp. 674-686 Downloads
Lado-Sestayo, Rubén and Fernández-Castro, Ángel Santiago
A reassessment of the Global Food Security Index by using a hierarchical data envelopment analysis approach pp. 687-698 Downloads
Po-Chi Chen, Ming-Miin Yu, Jou-Chen Shih, Ching-Cheng Chang and Shih-Hsun Hsu
Column generation for vehicle routing problems with multiple synchronization constraints pp. 699-711 Downloads
Martin Fink, Guy Desaulniers, Markus Frey, Ferdinand Kiermaier, Rainer Kolisch and François Soumis
Solving the Wire-Harness Design Problem at a European car manufacturer pp. 712-724 Downloads
Marie-Sklaerder Vié, Nicolas Zufferey and Jean-François Cordeau
A flexible multicriteria decision-making methodology to support the strategic management of Science, Technology and Innovation research funding programs pp. 725-739 Downloads
R.O. Parreiras, I. Kokshenev, M.O.M. Carvalho, A.C.M. Willer, C.F. Dellezzopolles, D.B. Nacif and J.A. Santana
Dynamic repositioning strategy in a bike-sharing system; how to prioritize and how to rebalance a bike station pp. 740-753 Downloads
Benjamin Legros
A two-stage solution approach for the Directed Rural Postman Problem with Turn Penalties pp. 754-765 Downloads
Carmine Cerrone, Benjamin Dussault, Xingyin Wang, Bruce Golden and Edward Wasil
A partial adjustment valuation approach with stochastic and dynamic speeds of partial adjustment to measuring and evaluating the business value of information technology pp. 766-779 Downloads
Winston T. Lin, Yueh H. Chen and TingShu Hung
On constant elasticity of substitution – Constant elasticity of transformation Directional Distance Functions pp. 780-791 Downloads
Paola Ravelojaona
Rationalising the use of Twitter by official organisations during risk events: Operationalising the Social Amplification of Risk Framework through causal loop diagrams pp. 792-801 Downloads
E.L. Comrie, C. Burns, A.B. Coulson, J. Quigley and K.F. Quigley

Volume 272, issue 1, 2019

Recent optimization models and trends in location, relocation, and dispatching of emergency medical vehicles pp. 1-23 Downloads
V. Bélanger, A. Ruiz and P. Soriano
The Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem: Stronger bounds in pseudo-polynomial time pp. 24-31 Downloads
Adam N. Letchford and Juan-José Salazar-González
Revisiting dynamic programming for precedence-constrained traveling salesman problem and its time-dependent generalization pp. 32-42 Downloads
Yaroslav Salii
Precedence theorems and dynamic programming for the single-machine weighted tardiness problem pp. 43-49 Downloads
Salim Rostami, Stefan Creemers and Roel Leus
Online scheduling of ordered flow shops pp. 50-60 Downloads
Kangbok Lee, Feifeng Zheng and Michael L. Pinedo
Finding a representative nondominated set for multi-objective mixed integer programs pp. 61-77 Downloads
Gökhan Ceyhan, Murat Köksalan and Banu Lokman
Dynamic job assignment: A column generation approach with an application to surgery allocation pp. 78-93 Downloads
Troels Martin Range, Dawid Kozlowski and Niels Chr. Petersen
Staff optimization for time-dependent acute patient flow pp. 94-105 Downloads
Anders Reenberg Andersen, Bo Friis Nielsen, Line Blander Reinhardt and Thomas Riis Stidsen
Improved state space relaxation for constrained two-dimensional guillotine cutting problems pp. 106-120 Downloads
André Soares Velasco and Eduardo Uchoa
A column generation approach for location-routing problems with pickup and delivery pp. 121-131 Downloads
Thomas Capelle, Cristián E. Cortés, Michel Gendreau, Pablo A. Rey and Louis-Martin Rousseau
Designing robust liner shipping schedules: Optimizing recovery actions and buffer times pp. 132-146 Downloads
Judith Mulder and Rommert Dekker
Managing a dual-channel supply chain under price and delivery-time dependent stochastic demand pp. 147-161 Downloads
Nikunja Mohan Modak and Peter Kelle
News-based forecasts of macroeconomic indicators: A semantic path model for interpretable predictions pp. 162-175 Downloads
Stefan Feuerriegel and Julius Gordon
Integrating link-based discrete credit charging scheme into discrete network design problem pp. 176-187 Downloads
Guangmin Wang, Ziyou Gao and Meng Xu
Minimizing the number of workers in a paced mixed-model assembly line pp. 188-194 Downloads
Xavier Delorme, Alexandre Dolgui, Sergey Kovalev and Mikhail Y. Kovalyov
Quality and pricing decisions in production/inventory systems pp. 195-206 Downloads
Hamed Jalali, Raïsa Carmen, Inneke Van Nieuwenhuyse and Robert Boute
An analysis of p-median location problem: Effects of backup service level and demand assignment policy pp. 207-218 Downloads
Mumtaz Karatas and Ertan Yakıcı
Impacts of two-stage deterioration on an integrated inventory model under trade credit and variable capacity utilization pp. 219-234 Downloads
Feng Lin, Tao Jia, Feng Wu and Zhen Yang
Routing a mix of conventional, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicles pp. 235-248 Downloads
Gerhard Hiermann, Richard F. Hartl, Jakob Puchinger and Thibaut Vidal
Vendor managed inventory contracts – coordinating the supply chain while looking from the vendor’s perspective pp. 249-260 Downloads
Arvind Sainathan and Harry Groenevelt
Production lot-sizing with dynamic capacity adjustment pp. 261-269 Downloads
Jinwen Ou and Jiejian Feng
Designing coalition-based fair and stable pricing mechanisms under private information on consumers’ reservation prices pp. 270-291 Downloads
Hélène Le Cadre, Bernardo Pagnoncelli, Tito Homem-de-Mello and Olivier Beaude
The value of entrant manufacturers: A study of competition and risk for donor-funded procurement of essential medicines pp. 292-312 Downloads
Felix Lauton, Alexander Rothkopf and Richard Pibernik
Optimising key performance indicator adherence with application to emergency department congestion pp. 313-323 Downloads
Na Li, David A. Stanford, Azaz B. Sharif, Richard J. Caron and Alim Pardhan
Donation management for menu planning at soup kitchens pp. 324-338 Downloads
Marjolein E. Buisman, Rene Haijema, Renzo Akkerman and Jacqueline M. Bloemhof
Entry of online presale of fresh produce: A competitive analysis pp. 339-351 Downloads
Bo He, Xianghua Gan and Kaifu Yuan
An exact branch-and-price algorithm for scheduling rescue units during disaster response pp. 352-363 Downloads
Gerhard Rauchecker and Guido Schryen
Three methods for robust grading pp. 364-371 Downloads
Samuel Burer and Veronica Piccialli
The determination of optimal treatment plans for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) pp. 372-388 Downloads
Pınar Dursun, Z. Caner Taşkın and İ. Kuban Altınel
Improving prediction market forecasts by detecting and correcting possible over-reaction to price movements pp. 389-405 Downloads
Ming-Chien Sung, David C.J. McDonald, Johnnie E.V. Johnson, Chung-Ching Tai and Eng-Tuck Cheah
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