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Volume 123, issue 3, 2000

Computational analysis of a flexible assembly system design problem pp. 453-472 Downloads
Ashok Kumar, Sheldon H. Jacobson and Edward C. Sewell
An exact method for the two-echelon, single-source, capacitated facility location problem pp. 473-489 Downloads
Suda Tragantalerngsak, John Holt and Mikael Ronnqvist
Coordinated replenishments in inventory systems with correlated demands pp. 490-503 Downloads
Liming Liu and Xue-Ming Yuan
A branch and bound algorithm for a production scheduling problem in an assembly system under due date constraints pp. 504-518 Downloads
Moon-Won Park and Yeong-Dae Kim
Replacement-repair policy for multi-state deteriorating products under warranty pp. 519-530 Downloads
Ming J. Zuo, Bin Liu and D. N. P. Murthy
Heuristic and exact algorithms for the simultaneous assignment problem pp. 531-542 Downloads
Takeo Yamada and Yasushi Nasu
A comparative analysis of DEA as a discrete alternative multiple criteria decision tool pp. 543-557 Downloads
Joseph Sarkis
Case-based decision support system: Architecture for simulating military command and control pp. 558-567 Downloads
Shu-hsien Liao
Coordinating an innovation in supply chain management pp. 568-584 Downloads
Bowon Kim
Partitioning under the Lp norm pp. 585-592 Downloads
Robert R. Goldberg and Jacob Shapiro
Comparing the efficacy of ranking methods for multiple round-robin tournaments pp. 593-605 Downloads
D. Mendonca and M. Raghavachari
An extension of the PROMETHEE method for decision making in fuzzy environment: Ranking of alternative energy exploitation projects pp. 606-613 Downloads
M. Goumas and V. Lygerou
Subscript-free modeling languages: A tool for facilitating the formulation and use of models pp. 614-627 Downloads
Suh-Yun Elva Lin, David Schuff and Robert D. St. Louis
Separating risk and return in the CAPM: A general utility-based model pp. 628-639 Downloads
Christian S. Pedersen
Clustering of objects and attributes for manufacturing and marketing applications pp. 640-651 Downloads
Asoo J. Vakharia and Jayashree Mahajan
An efficient linearization approach for mixed-integer problems pp. 652-659 Downloads
Ching-Ter Chang

Volume 123, issue 2, 2000

Recent advances in theory and practice of combinatorial optimization (ECCO X) pp. 227-228 Downloads
Rainer Burkard, Martine Labbe, M. Teresa Ramos and J. Sicilia
Heuristics for the two-stage job shop scheduling problem with a bottleneck machine pp. 229-240 Downloads
I. G. Drobouchevitch and V. A. Strusevich
Frequency assignment in mobile radio systems using branch-and-cut techniques pp. 241-255 Downloads
Matteo Fischetti, Chiara Lepschy, Giuseppe Minerva, Giorgio Romanin-Jacur and Ema Toto
Tabu Search applied to global optimization pp. 256-270 Downloads
Rachid Chelouah and Patrick Siarry
A multiperiod two-echelon multicommodity capacitated plant location problem pp. 271-291 Downloads
Y. Hinojosa, J. Puerto and F. R. Fernandez
Algorithms for the robust 1-center problem on a tree pp. 292-302 Downloads
Igor Averbakh and Oded Berman
Scheduling no-wait robotic cells with two and three machines pp. 303-314 Downloads
A. Agnetis
A directed hypergraph model for random time dependent shortest paths pp. 315-324 Downloads
Daniele Pretolani
New trends in exact algorithms for the 0-1 knapsack problem pp. 325-332 Downloads
Silvano Martello, David Pisinger and Paolo Toth
Approximation algorithms for knapsack problems with cardinality constraints pp. 333-345 Downloads
Alberto Caprara, Hans Kellerer, Ulrich Pferschy and David Pisinger
The edge-weighted clique problem: Valid inequalities, facets and polyhedral computations pp. 346-371 Downloads
Elder Magalhaes Macambira and Cid Carvalho de Souza
An efficient approach for the multi-pallet loading problem pp. 372-381 Downloads
Johannes Terno, Guntram Scheithauer, Sommerwei[ss], Uta and Jan Riehme
A primal partitioning approach for single and non-simultaneous multicommodity flow problems pp. 382-393 Downloads
Malika Hadjiat, Jean-Francois Maurras and Yann Vaxes
Unbounded knapsack problem: Dynamic programming revisited pp. 394-407 Downloads
R. Andonov, V. Poirriez and S. Rajopadhye
The asymmetric traveling salesman problem with replenishment arcs pp. 408-427 Downloads
N. L. Boland, L. W. Clarke and G. L. Nemhauser
Path equipartition in the Chebyshev norm pp. 428-435 Downloads
Marco Liverani, Aurora Morgana, Bruno Simeone and Giovanni Storchi

Volume 123, issue 1, 2000

The dynamic relocation and phase-out of a hybrid, two-echelon plant/warehousing facility: A multiple objective approach pp. 1-15 Downloads
Emanuel Melachrinoudis and Hokey Min
Fuzzy rule based classification with FeatureSelector and modified threshold accepting pp. 16-28 Downloads
V. Ravi and H. -J. Zimmermann
Lower-bounding procedures for the 2-dimensional cell suppression problem pp. 29-41 Downloads
Filipa Duarte de Carvalho and Maria Teresa Almeida
Production lot sizing in failure prone two-stage serial systems pp. 42-60 Downloads
S. D. Lee and J. M. Rung
Computing performance measures in a multi-class multi-resource processor-shared loss system pp. 61-72 Downloads
O. Zeynep Aksin and Patrick T. Harker
Hybrid fiber co-axial CATV network design with variable capacity optical network units pp. 73-85 Downloads
Rakesh Gupta and Hasan Pirkul
Algorithms for graph partitioning problems by means of eigenspace relaxations pp. 86-104 Downloads
Chih-Chien Tu, Ce-Kuen Shieh and Hsuanjen Cheng
Multi-factor performance measure model with an application to Fortune 500 companies pp. 105-124 Downloads
Joe Zhu
The application of operational research to European air traffic flow management - understanding the context pp. 125-144 Downloads
Paula Leal de Matos and Richard Ormerod
Dynamic programming using the Fritz-John conditions pp. 145-153 Downloads
Erich Steiner and Ken McKinnon
Reciprocal distributions in the analytic hierarchy process pp. 154-174 Downloads
M. T. Escobar and J. M. Moreno-Jimenez
Optimal policies under risk for changing software systems based on customer satisfaction pp. 175-194 Downloads
Izzet Sahin and Zahedi, Fatemeh (Mariam)
On a cutting plane heuristic for the stable roommates problem and its applications pp. 195-205 Downloads
Chung-Piaw Teo and Jay Sethuraman
An archiving model for a hierarchical information storage environment pp. 206-225 Downloads
Kamran Moinzadeh and Emre Berk

Volume 122, issue 3, 2000

Warehouse design and control: Framework and literature review pp. 515-533 Downloads
B. Rouwenhorst, B. Reuter, V. Stockrahm, G. J. van Houtum, R. J. Mantel and W. H. M. Zijm
Projections of the capacitated network loading problem pp. 534-560 Downloads
Prakash Mirchandani
Upper and lower bounding procedures for minimum rooted k-subtree problem pp. 561-569 Downloads
Seiji Kataoka, Norio Araki and Takeo Yamada
Optimization over the efficient set of a parametric multiple objective linear programming problem pp. 570-583 Downloads
Ta Van Tu
A multi-period profit maximizing model for retail supply chain management: An integration of demand and supply-side mechanisms pp. 584-601 Downloads
Sudip Bhattacharjee and R. Ramesh
An optimal algorithm for solving the 1-median problem on weighted 4-cactus graphs pp. 602-610 Downloads
Yu-Feng Lan and Yue-Li Wang
A new dual based procedure for the transportation problem pp. 611-624 Downloads
R. R. K. Sharma and K. D. Sharma
On the value of an item subject to general repair or maintenance pp. 625-637 Downloads
Marco Scarsini and Moshe Shaked
An empirical study of isolating mechanisms in UK companies pp. 638-655 Downloads
Mehmet Oktemgil, Gordon E. Greenley and Amanda J. Broderick

Volume 122, issue 2, 2000

Advances in modeling: Paradigms, methods and applications pp. 175-177 Downloads
Marek Makowski and Hans-Jurgen Sebastian
Complex systems analysis and environmental modeling pp. 178-189 Downloads
Y. Nakamori and Y. Sawaragi
An application-oriented view of modeling uncertainty pp. 190-198 Downloads
H. -J. Zimmermann
Integrated model management in the data warehouse era pp. 199-218 Downloads
Daniel R. Dolk
Modeling paradigms applied to the analysis of European air quality pp. 219-241 Downloads
Marek Makowski
Building agent-based corporate information systems: An application to telemedicine pp. 242-257 Downloads
Tung Bui
Cooperative game solution concepts to a cost allocation problem pp. 258-271 Downloads
Lech Krus and Piotr Bronisz
Service network design in freight transportation pp. 272-288 Downloads
Teodor Gabriel Crainic
Planning models for long-haul operations of postal and express shipment companies pp. 289-309 Downloads
Tore Grunert and Hans-Jurgen Sebastian
A multi-depot pickup and delivery problem with a single hub and heterogeneous vehicles pp. 310-328 Downloads
Stefan Irnich
Modelling multi-stage manufacturing systems for efficient scheduling pp. 329-338 Downloads
Christoforos Charalambous, Turaj Tahmassebi and Khalil Hindi
A novel decomposition approach for on-line lot-sizing pp. 339-353 Downloads
E. H. L. Aarts, M. F. Reijnhoudt, H. P. Stehouwer and J. Wessels
Modelling and simulating multi-echelon food systems pp. 354-366 Downloads
Jack G. A. J. van der Vorst, Adrie J. M. Beulens and Paul van Beek
Using recipe classes for supporting detailed planning in food industry: A case study pp. 367-373 Downloads
Iris H. G. Houba, Rob J. M. Hartog, Jan L. Top, Adrie J. M. Beulens and Linda N. van Berkel
Inequality measures and equitable approaches to location problems pp. 374-391 Downloads
Wlodzimierz Ogryczak
Estimation of embodied CO2 emissions by general equilibrium model pp. 392-404 Downloads
M. Kainuma, Y. Matsuoka and T. Morita
Analysis of recycling activities using multi-sectoral economic model with material flow pp. 405-415 Downloads
T. Masui, T. Morita and J. Kyogoku
The AIM/end-use model and its application to forecast Japanese carbon dioxide emissions pp. 416-425 Downloads
Mikiko Kainuma, Yuzuru Matsuoka and Tsuneyuki Morita
EMEP Eulerian acid deposition model and its applications pp. 426-439 Downloads
Krzysztof Olendrzynski, Erik Berge and Jerzy Bartnicki
A simplified ozone model based on fuzzy rules generation pp. 440-451 Downloads
Mina Ryoke, Yoshiteru Nakamori, Chris Heyes, Marek Makowski and Wolfgang Schopp
A system approach to management of catastrophic risks pp. 452-460 Downloads
Yuri M. Ermoliev, Tatiana Y. Ermolieva, Gordon J. MacDonald, Vladimir I. Norkin and Aniello Amendola
Modeling and analysis of decision making problem for mitigating natural disaster risks pp. 461-468 Downloads
Hiroyuki Tamura, Kouji Yamamoto, Shinji Tomiyama and Itsuo Hatono
Interactive specification and analysis of aspiration-based preferences pp. 469-485 Downloads
Janusz Granat and Marek Makowski
Multicriteria analysis for agricultural resource management: A critical survey and future perspectives pp. 486-500 Downloads
Kiyotada Hayashi
Utilization of artificial neural networks and the TD-learning method for constructing intelligent decision support systems pp. 501-508 Downloads
N. Baba and H. Suto
Assignment of program modules to processors: A simulated annealing approach pp. 509-513 Downloads
Yskandar Hamam and Khalil S. Hindi

Volume 122, issue 1, 2000

Optimization methods for the planning of rapid transit systems pp. 1-10 Downloads
Gilbert Laporte, Juan A. Mesa and Francisco A. Ortega
An efficient transformation of the generalized vehicle routing problem pp. 11-17 Downloads
Gianpaolo Ghiani and Gennaro Improta
A two-phased approach to the supply network reconfiguration problem pp. 18-30 Downloads
Anthony D. Ross
Comparison of neural network models with ARIMA and regression models for prediction of Houston's daily maximum ozone concentrations pp. 31-40 Downloads
Victor R. Prybutok, Junsub Yi and David Mitchell
A review of manufacturing flexibility pp. 41-57 Downloads
R. Beach, A. P. Muhlemann, D. H. R. Price, A. Paterson and J. A. Sharp
A class of optimization problems over the efficient set of a multiple criteria nonlinear programming problem pp. 58-68 Downloads
Nguyen V. Thoai
Order relations among the optimal values under three evaluation criteria and their applications pp. 69-78 Downloads
Xue Li, Genji Yamazaki and Kiyoaki Iimura
Establishing dominance between alternatives with incomplete information in a hierarchically structured attribute tree pp. 79-90 Downloads
Soung Hie Kim and Chang Hee Han
Bi-criteria utility functions: Analytical considerations and implications in the short-run labour market pp. 91-100 Downloads
Carlos Romero
Expected utility maximization of optimal stopping problems pp. 101-114 Downloads
Alfred Müller
Computation of noncooperative equilibria in ordinal games pp. 115-122 Downloads
Chunhui Xu
A sampling procedure to estimate risk probabilities in access-control security systems pp. 123-132 Downloads
Sheldon H. Jacobson, John E. Kobza and Marvin K. Nakayama
A moment based metric for 2-D and 3-D packing pp. 133-144 Downloads
John K. Dickinson and George K. Knopf
Symmetric duality with pseudo-invexity in variational problems pp. 145-150 Downloads
C. Nahak and S. Nanda
A field study of sales forecasting accuracy and processes pp. 151-160 Downloads
Michael Lawrence, O'Connor, Marcus and Bob Edmundson
A note on pseudo-invexity and duality in nonlinear programming pp. 161-165 Downloads
S. Chandra and Abha
A note on splitting of variables in integer programming models pp. 166-172 Downloads
A. Volgenant
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