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Volume 164, issue 3, 2005

Recent advances in scheduling in computer and manufacturing systems pp. 573-574 Downloads
J. Blazewicz, K. Ecker and D. Trystram
Path colorings in bipartite graphs pp. 575-584 Downloads
D. de Werra
Chromatic scheduling in a cyclic open shop pp. 585-591 Downloads
Marek Kubale and Adam Nadolski
A review of exact solution methods for the non-preemptive multiprocessor flowshop problem pp. 592-608 Downloads
Tamas Kis and Erwin Pesch
A triple objective function with a Chebychev dynamic pick-and-place point specification approach to optimise the surface mount placement machine pp. 609-626 Downloads
Masri Ayob and Graham Kendall
Scheduling tasks on a flexible manufacturing machine to minimize tool change delays pp. 627-638 Downloads
K. H. Ecker and J. N. D. Gupta
Simulated annealing and tabu search for multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling with positive discounted cash flows and different payment models pp. 639-668 Downloads
Marek Mika, Grzegorz Waligora and Jan Weglarz
A buffer minimization problem for the design of embedded systems pp. 669-679 Downloads
Alix Munier Kordon and Jean-Baptiste Note
A graph based model for survivability applications pp. 680-689 Downloads
A. W. Krings and A. Azadmanesh
Complexity of master-slave tasking on heterogeneous trees pp. 690-695 Downloads
Pierre-Francois Dutot
Fuzzy c-means clustering and Internet portals: A case study pp. 696-714 Downloads
Muammer Ozer
Modeling uncertain activity duration by fuzzy number and discrete-event simulation pp. 715-729 Downloads
Hong Zhang, C. M. Tam and Heng Li
Multi-issue allocation situations pp. 730-747 Downloads
Pedro Calleja, Peter Borm and Ruud Hendrickx
Solving a multiobjective possibilistic problem through compromise programming pp. 748-759 Downloads
M. Arenas Parra, A. Bilbao Terol, B. Perez Gladish and M. V. Rodriguez Uria
Solving multiattribute design problems with analytic hierarchy process and conjoint analysis: An empirical comparison pp. 760-777 Downloads
Armin Scholl, Laura Manthey, Roland Helm and Michael Steiner
Characterizations of the 3-cycle count and backward length of a tournament pp. 778-784 Downloads
Herman Monsuur
Reference point approach for multiple decision makers pp. 785-791 Downloads
Risto Lahdelma, Kaisa Miettinen and Pekka Salminen
A measure of risk and a decision-making model based on expected utility and entropy pp. 792-799 Downloads
Jiping Yang and Wanhua Qiu
Data envelopment analysis based decision model for optimal operator allocation in CMS pp. 800-810 Downloads
Tijen Ertay and Da Ruan
Positive dynamic systems with entropy operator: Application to labour market modelling pp. 811-828 Downloads
Alexey Y. Popkov, Yuri Popkov and Leo van Wissen
Innovation diffusion uncertainty, advertising and pricing policies pp. 829-850 Downloads
Bardia Kamrad, Shreevardhan S. Lele, Akhtar Siddique and Robert J. Thomas
Single machine preemptive scheduling with fixed jobs to minimize tardiness related criteria pp. 851-855 Downloads
Jinjiang Yuan and Yixun Lin

Volume 164, issue 2, 2005

An overview of the design and analysis of simulation experiments for sensitivity analysis pp. 287-300 Downloads
Jack Kleijnen
Base station location and channel allocation in a cellular network with emergency coverage requirements pp. 301-323 Downloads
Mohan R. Akella, Rajan Batta, Eric M. Delmelle, Peter A. Rogerson, Alan Blatt and Glenn Wilson
An integrated systems approach to process control and maintenance pp. 324-340 Downloads
Kevin Linderman, Kathleen E. McKone-Sweet and John C. Anderson
Performance of static priority rules for shared facilities in a remanufacturing shop with disassembly and reassembly pp. 341-353 Downloads
V. Daniel R. Guide, Gilvan C. Souza and Erwin van der Laan
Definition and properties of the input-weighted average lead-time pp. 354-357 Downloads
Herbert Jodlbauer
Inventory models with variable lead time and present value pp. 358-366 Downloads
Gino Yang, Robert J. Ronald and Peter Chu
On interval estimation of the coefficient of variation for the three-parameter Weibull, lognormal and gamma distribution: A simulation-based approach pp. 367-377 Downloads
Wan-Kai Pang, Ping-Kei Leung, Wei-Kwang Huang and Wei Liu
Reliability function of a class of time-dependent systems with standby redundancy pp. 378-386 Downloads
Amir Azaron, Hideki Katagiri, Masatoshi Sakawa and Mohammad Modarres
A preemptive priority queue with balking pp. 387-401 Downloads
Steve Drekic and Douglas G. Woolford
Reverse multiple recursive random number generators pp. 402-405 Downloads
Hui-Chin Tang
Second order symmetric duality in non-differentiable multiobjective programming with F-convexity pp. 406-416 Downloads
X. M. Yang, X. Q. Yang, K. L. Teo and S. H. Hou
An [epsilon]-sensitivity analysis for semidefinite programming pp. 417-422 Downloads
Sungmook Lim, Sangwook Lee and Soondal Park
Forest structure optimization using evolutionary programming and landscape ecology metrics pp. 423-439 Downloads
Henry David Venema, Paul H. Calamai and Paul Fieguth
Layout design for flexible manufacturing systems considering single-loop directional flow patterns pp. 440-455 Downloads
Taho Yang, Brett A. Peters and Mingan Tu
Two new algorithms for UMTS access network topology design pp. 456-474 Downloads
Alpar Juttner, Andras Orban and Zoltan Fiala
Modelling and optimisation for sustainable development policy assessment pp. 475-490 Downloads
M. Cannon, B. Kouvaritakis and G. Huang
A practical model of Heineken's bottle filling line with dependent failures pp. 491-504 Downloads
Roger Cooke, Atze Bosma and Frank Harte
A Steiner arborescence model for the feeder reconfiguration in electric distribution networks pp. 505-509 Downloads
Pasquale Avella, Domenico Villacci and Antonio Sforza
Preference scheduling for nurses using column generation pp. 510-534 Downloads
Jonathan F. Bard and Hadi W. Purnomo
Estimating output gains by means of Luenberger efficiency measures pp. 535-547 Downloads
Hirofumi Fukuyama and William L. Weber
A decision-rule for transplanting non-cadaveric organs pp. 548-554 Downloads
Amnon Levy
Hedge fund performance appraisal using data envelopment analysis pp. 555-571 Downloads
Greg N. Gregoriou, Komlan Sedzro and Joe Zhu

Volume 164, issue 1, 2005

Loop based facility planning and material handling pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ardavan Asef-Vaziri and Gilbert Laporte
A co-operative parallel heuristic for mixed zero-one linear programming: Combining simulated annealing with branch and bound pp. 12-23 Downloads
V. Nwana, K. Darby-Dowman and G. Mitra
Local adjustments: A general algorithm pp. 24-38 Downloads
Laurent Peridy and David Rivreau
Machine scheduling with deliveries to multiple customer locations pp. 39-51 Downloads
Chung-Lun Li, George Vairaktarakis and Chung-Yee Lee
Insertion of a random task in a schedule: a real-time approach pp. 52-63 Downloads
Cyril Duron, Jean-Marie Proth and Yorai Wardi
Crane scheduling in container yards with inter-crane interference pp. 64-78 Downloads
W. C. Ng
Reducing quadratic programming problem to regression problem: Stepwise algorithm pp. 79-88 Downloads
Dong Q. Wang, Stefanka Chukova and C. D. Lai
The biobjective undirected two-commodity minimum cost flow problem pp. 89-103 Downloads
A. Sedeno-Noda, C. Gonzalez-Martin and J. Gutierrez
Quadratic cost flow and the conjugate gradient method pp. 104-114 Downloads
Jie Sun, Xiaoqi Yang and Xiongda Chen
Criteria for generalized invex monotonicities pp. 115-119 Downloads
X. M. Yang, X. Q. Yang and K. L. Teo
Supply chain networks, electronic commerce, and supply side and demand side risk pp. 120-142 Downloads
Anna Nagurney, Jose Cruz, June Dong and Ding Zhang
Competitive advantage through take-back of used products pp. 143-157 Downloads
Hans S. Heese, Kyle Cattani, Geraldo Ferrer, Wendell Gilland and Aleda V. Roth
Who should control inventory in a supply chain? pp. 158-172 Downloads
Ching Chyi Lee and Wai Hung Julius Chu
Modeling the role of retail price formats, and retailer competition types on production schedule strategy pp. 173-184 Downloads
Sanjoy Ghose, John J. Liu, Amit Bhatnagar and Hisashi Kurata
Reexamination of processing time uncertainty pp. 185-194 Downloads
Qidong Cao, J. Wayne Patterson and Xue Bai
The influence of demand variability on the performance of a make-to-stock queue pp. 195-205 Downloads
Zied Jemai and Fikri Karaesmen
A least deviation method to obtain a priority vector of a fuzzy preference relation pp. 206-216 Downloads
Zeshui Xu and Qingli Da
Valuing the business environment on a daily basis pp. 217-224 Downloads
Juan Nicolau
Core, least core and nucleolus for multiple scenario cooperative games pp. 225-238 Downloads
M. A. Hinojosa, A. M. Marmol and L. C. Thomas
Solving the combinatorial double auction problem pp. 239-251 Downloads
Mu Xia, Jan Stallaert and Andrew B. Whinston
Customer base analysis: partial defection of behaviourally loyal clients in a non-contractual FMCG retail setting pp. 252-268 Downloads
Wouter Buckinx and Dirk Van den Poel
Efficient market-clearing prices in markets with nonconvexities pp. 269-285 Downloads
O'Neill, Richard P., Paul M. Sotkiewicz, Benjamin Hobbs, Michael H. Rothkopf and William R. Stewart
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