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12494: Fiscal Policy with an Informal Sector Downloads
Harris Dellas, Dimitris Malliaropoulos, Dimitris Papageorgiou and Evangelia Vourvachaki
12493: Prize allocation and incentives in team contests Downloads
Benoît SY Crutzen, Sabine Flamand and Nicolas Sahuguet
12492: On the Optimal Majority Rule Downloads
Olivier Compte and Philippe Jehiel
12491: Do the rich pay their taxes early? Downloads
Andreas Fischer and Lucca Zachmann
12490: The behavior of the money multiplier during and after the subprime crisis: Implications for the transmission mechanism of monetary policy Downloads
Alex Cukierman
12489: International evidence on professional interest rates forecasts: The impact of forecasting ability Downloads
Alex Cukierman and Thomas Lustenberger
12488: Rising Stars Downloads
Erich Battistin and Marco Ovidi
12487: Grandmothers' Labor Supply Downloads
Wolfgang Frimmel, Martin Halla, Bernhard Schmidpeter and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer
12486: The Price Effects of Liquidity Shocks: A Study of SEC's Tick-Size Experiment Downloads
Rui Albuquerque, Shiyun Song and Chen Yao
12485: Network Structure and Consolidation in the U.S. Airline Industry, 1990-2015 Downloads
Federico Ciliberto, Emily Cook and Jonathan Williams
12484: How well targeted are soda taxes? Downloads
Pierre Dubois, Rachel Griffith and O'Connell, Martin
12483: On Monotone Strategy Equilibria in Simultaneous Auctions for Complementary Goods Downloads
Matthew Gentry, Tatiana Komarova, Pasquale Schiraldi and Wiroy Shin
12482: On the Value of Persuasion by Experts Downloads
Ricardo Alonso and Odilon Câmara
12481: Philippine Inequality across the Twentieth Century: Slim Evidence but Fat Questions Downloads
Jeffrey G Williamson
12480: The Value of Online Scarcity Signals Downloads
Pascal Courty and Sinan Ozel
12479: Failure of the Becker-Degroot-Marschak Mechanism in Inexperienced Subjects: New Tests of the Game Form Misconception Hypothesis Downloads
Charlie Bull, Pascal Courty, Maurice Doyon and Daniel Rondeau
12478: A Pure Hedonic Theory of Utility and Status: Unhappy but Efficient Invidious Comparisons Downloads
Pascal Courty and Merwan Engineer
12477: The Effects of a Day Off from Retail Price Competition: Evidence on Consumer Behavior and Firm Performance in Gasoline Retailing Downloads
Øystein Foros, Mai Nguyen-Ones and Frode Steen
12476: House Price Beliefs And Mortgage Leverage Choice Downloads
Michael Bailey, Eduardo Dávila, Theresa Kuchler and Johannes Ströbel
12475: Hierarchical Bank Supervision Downloads
Rafael Repullo
12474: Heterogeneous Effects of Performance Pay with Market Competition: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Pooyan Khashabi, Tobias Kretschmer and Nick Zubanov
12473: The revenge of the places that don't matter (and what to do about it) Downloads
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
12472: Relationship Trading in OTC Markets Downloads
Terrence Hendershott, Dan Li, Dmitry Livdan and Norman Schürhoff
12471: Tax Simplicity and Heterogeneous Learning Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Matthieu Lequien and Stefanie Stantcheva
12470: Identification of Counterfactuals in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Myrto Kalouptsidi, Paul Scott and Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues
12469: Tax Revenues, Development, and the Fiscal Cost of Trade Liberalization, 1792-2006 Downloads
Julia Cagé and Lucie Gadenne
12468: The Agnostic's Response to Climate Deniers: Price Carbon! Downloads
Armon Rezai and Frederick van der Ploeg
12467: Structural Change within the Service Sector and the Future of Baumol's Disease Downloads
Georg Duernecker, Berthold Herrendorf and Akos Valentinyi
12466: Religious Tolerance as Engine of Innovation Downloads
Francesco Cinnirella and Jochen Streb
12465: Regulatory Reform: A Scorecard Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti and Kermit Schoenholtz
12464: Socioeconomic Status and Macroeconomic Expectations Downloads
Sreyoshi Das, Camelia Kuhnen and Stefan Nagel
12463: Shrinking the Cross Section Downloads
Serhiy Kozak, Stefan Nagel and Shrihari Santosh
12462: Trading in style: Retail investors vs. institutions Downloads
Christian C Wolff
12461: Macroeconomic Implications of Financial Imperfections: A Survey Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Ayhan Kose
12460: Asset Prices and Macroeconomic Outcomes: A Survey Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Ayhan Kose
12459: Household inequality and the consumption response to aggregate real shocks Downloads
Gene Amromin, Mariacristina De Nardi and Karl Schulze
12458: Structural Change with Long-run Income and Price Effects Downloads
Diego Comin, Danial Lashkari and Martí Mestieri
12457: The Long-run Effects of Agricultural Productivity on Conflict, 1400-1900 Downloads
Murat Iyigun, Nathan Nunn and Nancy Qian
12456: Contests with Insurance Downloads
Aner Sela
12455: Costly Concessions: An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfectly Transferable Utility Downloads
Alfred Galichon, Scott Duke Kominers and Simon Weber
12454: The Economic Consequences of the Brexit Vote Downloads
Benjamin Born, Gernot Müller, Moritz Schularick and Petr Sedlacek
12453: The making of a national currency. Spatial transaction costs and money market integration in Spain (1825-1874) Downloads
Nektarios Aslanidis, Alfonso Herranz-Loncán and Pilar Nogues-Marco
12452: Platform Competition: Who Benefits from Multihoming? Downloads
Paul Belleflamme and Martin Peitz
12451: The Human Capital Stock: A Generalized Approach. Comment Downloads
Francesco Caselli and Antonio Ciccone
12450: Regulating False Disclosure Downloads
Maarten Janssen and Santanu Roy
12449: Innovation, Reallocation, and Growth Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, Harun Alp, Nicholas Bloom and William R. Kerr
12448: Predictably Unequal? The Effects of Machine Learning on Credit Markets Downloads
Andreas Fuster, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Tarun Ramadorai and Ansgar Walther
12447: Productivity and Misallocation in General Equilibrium Downloads
David Rezza Baqaee and Emmanuel Farhi
12446: Aggregating From Micro to Macro Patterns of Trade Downloads
Stephen Redding and David E. Weinstein
12445: School Performance, Score Inflation and Economic Geography Downloads
Erich Battistin and Lorenzo Neri
12444: The European Trust Crisis and the Rise of Populism Downloads
Yann Algan, Sergei Guriev, Elias Papaioannou and Evgenia Passari
12443: Schumpeterian Banks: Credit Reallocation and Capital Structure Downloads
Christian Keuschnigg and Michael Kogler
12442: Friedman's Presidential Address in the Evolution of Macroeconomic Thought Downloads
N Gregory Mankiw and Ricardo Reis
12441: Inflexibility and Stock Returns Downloads
Lifeng Gu, Dirk Hackbarth and Tim Johnson
12440: Winning Connections? Special Interests and the Sale of Failed Banks Downloads
Deniz Igan, Thomas Lambert, Wolf Wagner and Quxian Zhang
12439: The Rise and Fall of Local Elections in China: Theory and Empirical Evidence on the Autocrat's Trade-off Downloads
Monica Martinez-Bravo, Gerard Padró i Miquel, Nancy Qian and Yan Yao
12438: From Taxing to Subsidizing Farmers in China Post-1978 Downloads
Kym Anderson
12437: Highways, Market Access, and Spatial Sorting Downloads
Stephan Fretz, Raphaël Parchet and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud
12436: Firm-level political risk: Measurement and effects Downloads
Tarek Hassan, Stephan Hollander, Ahmed Tahoun and Laurence van Lent
12435: Segmentation versus Agglomeration: Competition between Platforms with Competitive Sellers Downloads
Heiko Karle, Martin Peitz and Markus Reisinger
12434: Noise Traders Incarnate: Describing a Realistic Noise Trading Process Downloads
Joel Peress and Daniel Schmidt
12433: Firm R&D and Financial Analysis: How Do They Interact? Downloads
Jim Goldman and Joel Peress
12432: Urban Interactions Downloads
Jun Sung Kim, Eleonora Patacchini, Pierre M Picard and Yves Zenou
12431: Missing Growth from Creative Destruction Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Antonin Bergeaud, Timo Boppart, Peter J. Klenow and Huiyu Li
12430: Can Credit Rating Agencies Affect Election Outcomes? Downloads
Igor Cunha, Miguel Ferreira and Rui C Silva
12429: Measuring Indirect Effects of Unfair Employer Behavior on Worker Productivity - A Field Experiment Downloads
Matthias Heinz, Sabrina Jeworrek, Vanessa Mertins, Heiner Schumacher and Matthias Sutter
12428: The Regulation of Public Service Broadcasters: Should there be more advertising on television? Downloads
Gregory S. Crawford, Lachlan Deer, Jeremy Smith and Paul Sturgeon
12427: Some doubts about the economic analysis of the flow of silver to China in 1550-1820 Downloads
Jacques Melitz
12426: Where Do People Get Their News? Downloads
Patrick Kennedy and Andrea Prat
12425: The Gold Pool (1961-1968) and the fall of the Bretton Woods system. Lessons for central bank cooperation Downloads
Michael D Bordo, Eric Monnet and Alain Naef
12424: Credit Market Spillovers: Evidence from a Syndicated Loan Market Network Downloads
Abhimanyu Gupta, Sotirios Kokas and Alexander Michaelides
12423: Shock Propagation and Banking Structure Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti and Farzad Saidi
12422: Risk Management and Regulation Downloads
Tobias Adrian
12421: A Scientific Approach to Entrepreneurial Decision-Making: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial Downloads
Arnaldo Camuffo, Alessandro Cordova and Alfonso Gambardella
12420: Are Important Innovations Rewarded? Evidence from Pharmaceutical Markets Downloads
Margaret K Kyle
12419: Strategic Interaction Among Governments in the Provision of a Global Public Good Downloads
Margaret K Kyle, David Ridley and Su Zhang
12418: CoCo Issuance and Bank Fragility Downloads
Stefan Avdjiev, Bilyana Bogdanova, Patrick Bolton, Wei Jiang and Anastasia Kartasheva
12417: A Portfolio Perspective on the Multitude of Firm Characteristics Downloads
Victor DeMiguel, Alberto Martin-Utrera, Francisco J. Nogales and Raman Uppal
12416: Financial Innovation and Asset Prices Downloads
Adrian Buss and Raman Uppal
12415: Do Individual Behavioral Biases Affect Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy? Downloads
Harjoat Bhamra and Raman Uppal
12414: Does Household Finance Matter? Small Financial Errors with Large Social Costs Downloads
Harjoat Bhamra and Raman Uppal
12413: Public goods, role models and "sucker aversion": the audience matters Downloads
Giuseppe Attanasi, Roberta Dessí, Frederic Moisan and Donald Robertson
12412: The WTO's Next Work Programme--As if the Global Economic Crisis Really Mattered Downloads
Simon J Evenett and Johannes Fritz
12411: From Soviets to Oligarchs: Inequality and Property in Russia 1905-2016 Downloads
Filip Novokmet, Thomas Piketty and Gabriel Zucman
12410: Capital Accumulation, Private Property and Rising Inequality in China, 1978-2015 Downloads
Thomas Piketty, Li Yang and Gabriel Zucman
12409: Indian income inequality, 1922-2014: From British Raj to Billionaire Raj ? Downloads
Lucas Chancel and Thomas Piketty
12408: Trade, Merchants and Lost Cities of the Bronze Age Downloads
Gojko Barjamovic, Thomas Chaney, Kerem Cosar and Ali Hortacsu
12407: A Model of Focusing in Political Choice Downloads
Salvatore Nunnari and Jan Zapal
12406: Frontier Culture: The Roots and Persistence of Rugged Individualism in the United States Downloads
Samuel Bazzi, Martin Fiszbein and Mesay Gebresilasse
12405: Measuring inequality in the Middle East 1990-2016: The World's Most Unequal Region? Downloads
Facundo Alvaredo, Lydia Assouad and Thomas Piketty
12404: Generalized Pareto Curves: Theory and Applications Downloads
Thomas Blanchet, Juliette Fournier and Thomas Piketty
12403: The Selection of High-Skilled Emigrants Downloads
Nicolai Netz, Matthias Parey, Jens Ruhose and Fabian Waldinger
12402: Studying Consumption Patterns using Registry Data: Lessons From Swedish Administrative Data Downloads
Jonas Kolsrud, Camille Landais and Johannes Spinnewijn
12401: Small Firm Death in Developing Countries Downloads
David McKenzie and Anna Luisa Paffhausen
12400: Ethnic Diversity and Growth: Revisiting the Evidence Downloads
Jose G Montalvo and Marta Reynal-Querol
12399: ECB Policies Involving Government Bond Purchases: Impacts and Channels Downloads
Arvind Krishnamurthy, Stefan Nagel and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen
12398: The Survival and Demise of the State: A Dynamic Theory of Secessions Downloads
Joan Esteban, Sabine Flamand, Massimo Morelli and Dominic Rohner
12397: Silver, Murder, and Institutions: Did the "Curse of Resources" impact on Homicide Rates? Global evidence since 1890 Downloads
Jessica Baier and Joerg Baten
12396: Until taxes do us part: tax penalties or bonuses and the marriage decision Downloads
Francesca Barigozzi, Helmuth Cremer and Kerstin Roeder
12395: The Private Production of Safe Assets Downloads
Marcin Kacperczyk, Christophe Perignon and Guillaume Vuillemey
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