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17402: The Political Polarization of Corporate America Downloads
Vyacheslav Fos, Elisabeth Kempf and Margarita Tsoutsoura
17401: Market Effects of Sponsored Search Auctions Downloads
Massimo Motta and Antonio Penta
17400: Startup Types and Macroeconomic Performance in Europe Downloads
Ralph De Haas, Vincent Sterk and Neeltje Van Horen
17399: Search Costs and Diminishing Sensitivity Downloads
Heiko Karle, Florian Kerzenmacher, Heiner Schumacher and Frank Verboven
17398: The Causal Effects of Education on Age at Marriage and Marital Fertility Downloads
Neil Cummins
17397: Excess Savings and Twin Deficits: The Transmission of Fiscal Stimulus in Open Economies Downloads
Rishabh Aggarwal, Adrien Auclert, Matthew Rognlie and Ludwig Straub
17396: Deep historical roots, culture choice and the 'New World Order' Downloads
Marcus Miller
17395: International trade spillovers from domestic COVID-19 lockdowns Downloads
Shekhar Aiyar, Davide Malacrino, Adil Mohommad and Andrea Presbitero
17394: Preferred Habitat and Monetary Policy Through the Looking-Glass Downloads
Giacomo Carboni and Martin Ellison
17393: Health and Economic Growth: Reconciling the Micro and Macro Evidence Downloads
David Bloom, David Canning, Rainer Kotschy, Klaus Prettner and Johannes Schuenemann
17392: Microfoundations of Low-Frequency High-Impact Decisions Downloads
Arnaldo Camuffo, Alfonso Gambardella, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Andrea Pignataro
17391: Estimating Nonlinear Heterogeneous Agents Models with Neural Networks Downloads
Hanno Kase, Leonardo Melosi and Matthias Rottner
17390: Monetary Mystique and the Fed's Path Toward Increased Transparency Downloads
Lars E.O. Svensson
17389: The impact of mechanisation on wages and employment: evidence from the diffusion of steam power Downloads
Leonardo Ridolfi, Carla Salvo and Jacob Weisdorf
17388: COVID-19 vaccine supply chains and the Defense Production Act Downloads
Chad P. Bown
17387: Using Equity Market Reactions to Infer Exposure to Trade Liberalization Downloads
Andrew Greenland, Mihai Ion, John Lopresti and Peter K. Schott
17386: A shot at economic prosperity: Long-term effects of India's childhood immunization program on earnings and consumption expenditure Downloads
David Bloom, Arindam Nandi and Amit Summan
17385: Global Innovation and Knowledge Diffusion Downloads
Nelson Lind and Natalia Ramondo
17384: Did the global financial crisis and the pandemic induce persistent deflation avoidance in major central banks? Downloads
Alex Cukierman
17383: The Research University, Invention, and Industry: Evidence from German History Downloads
Jeremiah Dittmar and Ralf Meisenzahl
17382: Organizational Dynamics: Culture, Design, and Performance Downloads
Timothy Besley and Torsten Persson
17381: Global Stagflation Downloads
Jongrim Ha, Ayhan Kose and Franziska Ohnsorge
17380: Fighting Populism on Its Own Turf: Experimental Evidence Downloads
Vincenzo Galasso, Massimo Morelli, Tommaso Nannicini and Piero Stanig
17379: Validating DSGE Models through Dynamic Factor Models Downloads
Mario Forni, Luca Gambetti, Marco Lippi and Luca Sala
17378: Where Do We Stand With "Whatever It Takes"? Downloads
Karl Whelan
17377: The Returns to Face-to-Face Interactions: Knowledge Spillovers in Silicon Valley Downloads
David Atkin, Keith Chen and Anton Popov
17376: Temporary Layoffs, Loss-of-Recall, and Cyclical Unemployment Dynamics Downloads
Mark Gertler, Christopher Huckfeldt and Antonella Trigari
17375: Does Information Affect Homophily? Downloads
Yana Gallen and Melanie Wasserman
17374: College Openings and Local Economic Development Downloads
Francesco Berlingieri, Christina Gathmann and Matthias Quinckhardt
17373: Gender Differences in STEM Persistence after Graduation Downloads
Judith Delaney and Paul Devereux
17372: Marketing Investment and Intangible Brand Capital Downloads
Bart Bronnenberg, Jean-Pierre Dube and Chad Syverson
17371: The Regional Development Trap in Europe Downloads
Andreas Diemer, Simona Iammarino, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Michael Storper
17370: Relative Investor Sentiment Measurement Downloads
Xiang Gao, Kees Koedijk, Thomas Walther and Zhan Wang
17369: Explaining Deviations from Okun's Law Downloads
Claudia Foroni and Francesco Furlanetto
17368: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Price-driven Growth in a Baumol-Solow-Swan Economy Downloads
Michael Burda and Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg
17367: Private Monopoly and Restricted Entry - Evidence from the Notary Profession Downloads
Frank Verboven and Biliana Yontcheva
17366: Historical Newspaper Data: A Researcher's Guide and Toolkit Downloads
Brian Beach and W Hanlon
17365: Is Hospital Quality Predictive of Pandemic Deaths? Evidence from US Counties Downloads
Johannes Kunz and Carol Propper
17364: (Machine) Learning What Policies Value Downloads
Daniel Bjorkegren, Joshua Blumenstock and Samsun Knight
17363: Advising the management: A theory of shareholder engagement Downloads
Ali Kakhbod, Uliana Loginova, Andrey Malenko and Nadya Malenko
17362: European Funds and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Downloads
José Mesquita Gabriel, João Pereira dos Santos and José Tavares
17361: Policy-Making, Trust and the Demand for Public Services: Evidence from a Nationwide Family Planning Program Downloads
Fernando Fernandez, Gianmarco León-Ciliotta and Dijana Zejcirovic
17360: Myopic Fiscal Objectives and Long-Run Monetary Efficiency Downloads
Gaetano Gaballo and Eric Mengus
17359: The political economy of financing climate policy â?? Evidence from the solar PV subsidy programs Downloads
Olivier De Groote, Axel Gautier and Frank Verboven
17358: Social Media and Newsroom Production Decisions Downloads
Julia Cagé, Nicolas Hervé and Béatrice Mazoyer
17357: Debt Sustainability with Involuntary Default Downloads
Fabrice Collard, Michel Antoine Habib, Ugo Panizza and Jean-Charles Rochet
17356: Low Passthrough from Inflation Expectations to Income Growth Expectations: Why People Dislike Inflation Downloads
Ina Hajdini, Edward Knotek, John Leer, Mathieu Pedemonte, Robert Rich and Raphael Schoenle
17355: Securitization, Covered Bonds and the Risk Taking Behavior of European Banks Downloads
Ahmed Arif, Laura Bottazzi and Sergio Pastorello
17354: The Summer Drop in Female Employment Downloads
Brendan Price and Melanie Wasserman
17353: Suspense and Surprise in Media Product Design: Evidence from Downloads
Andrey Simonov, Raluca Ursu and Carolina Zheng
17352: Structural Change Within versus Across Firms: Evidence from the United States Downloads
Xiang Ding, Teresa C Fort, Stephen Redding and Peter K. Schott
17351: Retailer-led Marketplaces Downloads
Andres Hervas-Drane and Sandro Shelegia
17350: Price Competition with a Stake in your Rival Downloads
Andres Hervas-Drane and Sandro Shelegia
17349: Competing Diffusions in a Social Network Downloads
Arthur Campbell, Matthew Leister and Yves Zenou
17348: How Economics can Contribute to Evolutionary Perspectives on the Family Downloads
Siwan Anderson and Chris Bidner
17347: The Race Between Tax Enforcement and Tax Planning: Evidence From a Natural Experiment in Chile Downloads
Sebastian Bustos, Dina Pomeranz, Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, José Vila-Belda and Gabriel Zucman
17346: The Mismeasure of Man: Why Intergenerational Occupational Mobility is Much Lower than Conventionally Measured, England, 1800-2021 Downloads
Gregory Clark, Neil Cummins and Matthew Curtis
17345: Supporting small firms through recessions and recoveries Downloads
Diana Bonfim, Cláudia Custódio and Clara Raposo
17344: The Rise and Fall of SES Gradients in Heights around the World Downloads
Elisabetta Aurino, Adriana Lleras-Muney, Alessandro Tarozzi and Brendan Tinoco
17343: Implicit Preferences Downloads
Tom Cunningham and Jonathan de Quidt
17342: Income Inequality and Job Creation Downloads
Sebastian Doerr, Thomas Drechsel and Donggyu Lee
17341: Measuring U.S. Fiscal Capacity using Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Downloads
Zhengyang Jiang, Hanno Lustig, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Mindy Xiaolan
17340: Exorbitant Privilege Gained and Lost: Fiscal Implications Downloads
Zefeng Chen, Zhengyang Jiang, Hanno Lustig, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh and Mindy Xiaolan
17339: SONOMA: a Small Open ecoNOmy for MAcrofinance Downloads
Mariano Massimiliano Croce
17338: Who Holds Sovereign Debt and Why It Matters Downloads
Xiang Fang, Bryan Hardy and Karen Lewis
17337: Money Markets and Bank Lending: Evidence from the Tiering Adoption Downloads
Carlo Altavilla, Miguel Boucinha, Lorenzo Burlon, Mariassunta Giannetti and Julian Schumacher
17336: Public versus Secret Voting in Committees Downloads
Andrea Mattozzi and Marcos Y. Nakaguma
17335: Does IT help? Information Technology in Banking and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Toni Ahnert, Sebastian Doerr, Nicola Pierri and Yannick Timmer
17334: International Capital Markets and Wealth Transfers Downloads
Magnus Dahlquist, Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen, Anna Pavlova and Julien Penasse
17333: Neighborhood CEOs Downloads
Mario Daniele Amore, Morten Bennedsen and Birthe Larsen
17332: The Financial Drivers of Populism in Europe Downloads
Luigi Guiso, Helios Herrera, Massimo Morelli and Tommaso Sonno
17331: The Null Result Penalty Downloads
Felix Chopra, Ingar Haaland, Christopher Roth and Andreas Stegmann
17330: Growth Volatility and Trade: Market Diversification vs. Production Specialization Downloads
Adina Ardelean, Miguel Leon-Ledesma and Laura Puzzello
17329: Naive Calibration Downloads
Yair Antler and Benjamin Bachi
17328: Wealth of two nations: The U.S. racial wealth gap, 1860-2020 Downloads
Ellora Derenoncourt, Chi Hyun Kim, Moritz Kuhn and Moritz Schularick
17327: The Role of Firms in Wage Inequality Dynamics Downloads
Martim Leitao, Jaime Montana and Joana Silva
17326: How to measure parenting styles? Downloads
Christopher Rauh and Laetitia Renee
17325: Machine Learning in International Trade Research - Evaluating the Impact of Trade Agreements Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Valentina Corradi, Nadia Rocha, Michele Ruta, João Santos Silva and Thomas Zylkin
17324: Climate Change Mitigation: How Effective is Green Quantitative Easing? Downloads
Raphael Abiry, Marien Ferdinandusse, Alexander Ludwig and Carolin Nerlich
17323: A Penny for Your Thoughts Downloads
William Walker Hanlon, Stephan Heblich, Ferdinando Monte and Martin Schmitz
17322: Terrorism, media coverage and education: Evidence from al-Shabaab attacks in Kenya Downloads
Marco Alfano and Joseph-Simon Goerlach
17321: The UK Productivity "Puzzle" in an International Comparative Perspective Downloads
John Fernald and Robert Inklaar
17320: Dale W. Jorgenson: An intellectual biography Downloads
John Fernald
17319: Who to Listen to?: A Model of Endogenous Delegation Downloads
William Fuchs, Satoshi Fukuda and Mahyar Sefidgaran
17318: Digital connectivity and firm participation in foreign markets: An exporter-based bilateral analysis Downloads
Joël Cariolle, Jaime de Melo and Michele Imbruno
17317: Laboratory Safety and Research Productivity Downloads
Alberto Galasso, Hong Luo and Brooklynn Zhu
17316: The Emergence of Procyclical Fertility: The Role of Gender Differences in Employment Risk Downloads
Sena Coskun and Husnu Dalgic
17315: Toward a General Theory of Peer Effects Downloads
Vincent Boucher, Michelle Rendall, Philip Ushchev and Yves Zenou
17314: Tying under Double-Marginalization Downloads
Fabian Griem, Roman Inderst and Greg Schaffer
17313: The digital economy, privacy, and CBDC Downloads
Toni Ahnert, Peter Hoffmann and Cyril Monnet
17312: Robust relational contracts with subjective performance evaluation Downloads
Venkataraman Bhaskar, Wojciech Olszewski and Thomas Wiseman
17311: Are Working Hours Complements in Production? Downloads
Lin Shao, Faisal Sohail and Emircan Yurdagul
17310: Small Campaign Donors Downloads
Laurent Bouton, Julia Cagé, Edgard Dewitte and Vincent Pons
17309: The Long-Run Effects of Psychotherapy on Depression, Beliefs, and Economic Outcomes Downloads
Bhargav Bhat, Jonathan de Quidt, Johannes Haushofer, Vikram Patel, Gautam Rao, Frank Schilbach and Pierre-Luc Vautrey
17308: Elusive Effects of Fossil Energy Resource Export Embargoes Downloads
Kai A. Konrad and Marcel Thum
17307: The Limits of Commitment Downloads
Jacopo Bizzotto, Toomas Hinnosaar and Adrien Vigier
17306: Heterogenous Peer Effects: How Community Connectivity Affects Car Purchases Downloads
Joshua Shemesh, Fernando Zapatero and Yves Zenou
17305: Narratives about the Macroeconomy Downloads
Peter Andre, Ingar Haaland, Christopher Roth and Johannes Wohlfart
17304: A Traffic-Jam Theory of Growth Downloads
Daria Finocchiaro and Philippe Weil
17303: The Allocation of Incentives in Multi-Layered Organizations Downloads
Stefano Caria, Erika Deserranno, Philipp Kastrau and Gianmarco León-Ciliotta
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