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12375: Technology, Market Structure and the Gains from Trade Downloads
Giammario Impullitti, Omar Licandro and Pontus Rendahl
12374: Ethical Voting in Multicandidate Elections Downloads
Laurent Bouton and Benjamin Ogden
12373: Shadow Banking and the Four Pillars of Traditional Financial Intermediation Downloads
Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole
12372: Activism, Strategic Trading, and Liquidity Downloads
Kerry E. Back, Pierre Collin-Dufresne, Vyacheslav Fos, Tao Li and Alexander P. Ljungqvist
12371: Macroeconomic Stabilization, Monetary-Fiscal Interactions, and Europe's Monetary Union Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Luca Dedola, Marek Jarocinski, Bartosz Adam Mackowiak and Sebastian Schmidt
12370: Brexit - balancing trade and mobility? Downloads
Rikard Forslid and Sten Nyberg
12369: Stagnant productivity and low unemployment: stuck in a Keynesian equilibrium Downloads
Wendy Carlin and David Soskice
12368: Optimal Tournaments Downloads
Mikhail Drugov and Dmitry Ryvkin
12367: On the Dilution of Market Power Downloads
Sergey Kokovin, Mathieu Parenti, Jacques-François Thisse and Philip Ushchev
12366: Advertising Spending and Media Bias: Evidence from News Coverage of Car Safety Recalls Downloads
Graham Beattie, Ruben Durante, Brian Knight and Ananya Sen
12365: Creativity over Time and Space Downloads
Michel Serafinelli and Guido Tabellini
12364: Risk-based Selection in Unemployment Insurance: Evidence and Implications Downloads
Camille Landais, Arash Nekoei, Peter Nilsson, David Seim and Johannes Spinnewijn
12363: The two faces of interbank correlation Downloads
Klaus Schaeck, Consuelo Silva Buston and Wolf Wagner
12362: Asset Price Bubbles and Systemic Risk Downloads
Markus K Brunnermeier, Simon Rother and Isabel Schnabel
12361: Busy Directors: Strategic Interaction and Monitoring Synergies Downloads
Alexander P. Ljungqvist and Konrad Raff
12360: Costly Interpretation of Asset Prices Downloads
Xavier Vives and Liyan Yang
12359: Contingent Convertibles: Can the Market handle them? Downloads
Gera Kiewiet, Iman Paul Dieter van Lelyveld and Sweder van Wijnbergen
12358: The Origins of the Italian Regional Divide: Evidence from Real Wages, 1861-1913 Downloads
Giovanni Federico, Alessandro Nuvolari and Michelangelo Vasta
12357: Modeling Fluctuations in the Global Demand for Commodities Downloads
Lutz Kilian and Xiaoqing Zhou
12356: Long-run Money Demand in Switzerland Downloads
Stefan Gerlach
12355: Profit Sharing and Incentives Downloads
Emre Ozdenoren and Oleg Rubanov
12354: Willpower and Compromise Effect Downloads
Yusufcan Masatlioglu, Daisuke Nakajima and Emre Ozdenoren
12353: Transparency is overrated: communicating in a coordination game with private information Downloads
Antonio Cabrales, Michalis Drouvelis, Zeynep Gurguc and Indrajit Ray
12352: Geographical Advantage: Home Market Effect in a Multi-Region World Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama
12351: Tall Buildings and Land Values: Height and Construction Cost Elasticities in Chicago, 1870-2010 Downloads
Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Daniel McMillen
12350: Can financial incentives reduce the baby gap? Evidence from a reform in maternity leave benefits Downloads
Anna Raute
12349: The Sovereign Money Initiative in Switzerland: An Economic Assessment Downloads
Philippe Bacchetta
12348: The Third Place Game Downloads
Aner Sela
12347: Does population diversity matter for economic development in the very long-term? Historic migration, diversity and county wealth in the US Downloads
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Viola von Berlepsch
12346: Happiness Convergence in Transition Countries Downloads
Sergei Guriev and Nikita Melnikov
12345: The Externalities of Corruption: Evidence from Entrepreneurial Activity in China Downloads
Mariassunta Giannetti, Guanmin Liao, Jiaxing You and Xiaoyun Yu
12344: Risk as Impediment to Privatization? The Role of Collective Fields in Extended Agricultural Households Downloads
Matthieu Delpierre, Catherine Guirkinger and Jean-Philippe Platteau
12343: Worker Churn and Employment Growth at the Establishment Level Downloads
Rüdiger Bachmann, Christian Bayer, Christian Merkl, Stefan Seth, Heiko Stüber and Felix Wellschmied
12342: The Productivity Slowdown and the Declining Labor Share: A Neoclassical Exploration Downloads
Gene Grossman, Elhanan Helpman, Ezra Oberfield and Thomas Sampson
12341: Artificial Pitches and Unfair Home Advantage in Professional Football Downloads
Jan C. van Ours
12340: The real effects of relationship lending Downloads
Ryan Banerjee, Leonardo Gambacorta and Enrico Sette
12339: Uncertainty Through the Lenses of A Mixed-Frequency Bayesian Panel Markov Switching Model Downloads
Roberto Casarin, Claudia Foroni, Massimiliano Marcellino and Francesco Ravazzolo
12338: Lift and Shift: The Effect of Fundraising Interventions in Charity Space and Time Downloads
Kimberley Scharf, Sarah Smith and Mark Wilhelm
12337: International liquidity Downloads
Philipp Hartmann
12336: Structural Reforms and Monetary Policies in a Behavioural Macroeconomic Model Downloads
Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji
12335: Tax shocks with high and low uncertainty Downloads
Fabio Bertolotti and Massimiliano Marcellino
12334: Market Reforms at the Zero Lower Bound Downloads
Matteo Cacciatore, Romain Duval, Giuseppe Fiori and Fabio Ghironi
12333: A Large-Scale Field Experiment to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Paid Search Advertising Downloads
Lorenzo Coviello, Uri Gneezy and Lorenz Götte
12332: Youth Enfranchisement, Political Responsiveness, and Education Expenditure: Evidence from the U.S Downloads
Graziella Bertocchi, Arcangelo Dimico, Francesco Lancia and Alessia Russo
12331: The Impact of Trade on Inequality in Developing Countries Downloads
Nina Pavcnik
12330: The returns to entrepreneurship: Evidence from matched person-firm data Downloads
Arvid Raknerud and Mirjam van Praag
12329: Badge of Honor or Scarlet Letter? Unpacking Investors' Judgment of Entrepreneurs' Past Failure Downloads
Gary Dushnitsky, Mirjam van Praag and Diego Zunino
12328: Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics Approach Downloads
Kory Kroft, Kavan Kucko, Etienne Lehmann and Johannes Schmieder
12327: Doomed to Disappear? The Surprising Return of Cash Across Time and Across Countries Downloads
Clemens Jobst and Helmut Stix
12326: Word of Mouth Communication and Search Downloads
Arthur Campbell, Matthew Leister and Yves Zenou
12325: Rising inequality and trends in leisure Downloads
Timo Boppart and Liwa Rachel Ngai
12324: Big or small cities? On city size and economic growth Downloads
Susanne A. Frick and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
12323: Is Pollution Value-Maximizing? The DuPont Case Downloads
Roy Shapira and Luigi Zingales
12322: Monopoly Without a Monopolist: An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System Downloads
Gur Huberman, Jacob Leshno and Ciamac Moalleni
12321: A Matter of Trust? The Bond Market Benefits of Corporate Social Capital during the Financial Crisis Downloads
Hami Amiraslani, Karl Lins, Henri Servaes and Ane Tamayo
12320: Subjective Well-being and Partnership Dynamics; Are Same-sex Relationships Different? Downloads
Shuai Chen and Jan C. van Ours
12319: Planning Ahead for Better Neighborhoods: Long Run Evidence from Tanzania Downloads
Neeraj Baruah, Amanda Dahlstrand-Rudin, Guy Michaels, Dzhamilya Nigmatulina, Ferdinand Rauch and Tanner Regan
12318: Changes in CEO Stock Option Grants: A Look at the Numbers Downloads
Vasiliki Athanasakou, Daniel Ferreira and Lisa Goh
12317: The Inner Workings of the Board: Evidence from Emerging Markets Downloads
Ralph de Haas, Daniel Ferreira and Tom Kirchmaier
12316: Wage posting, nominal rigidity, and cyclical inefficiencies Downloads
Axel Gottfries and Coen N Teulings
12315: Directed Search: A Guided Tour Downloads
Veronica Guerrieri, Benoit Julien, Philipp Kircher and Randall Wright
12314: The Accident Externality from Trucking Downloads
Ziyan Chu, Lucija Muehlenbachs and Stefan Staubli
12313: What Drives Pension Reform Measures in the OECD? Evidence based on a New Comprehensive Dataset and Theory Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Ward E Romp and Ron van Maurik
12312: Are They All Like Bill, Mark, and Steve? The Education Premium for Entrepreneurs Downloads
Claudio Michelacci and Fabiano Schivardi
12311: The local economic impacts of regeneration projects: Evidence from UK's Single Regeneration Budget Downloads
Steve Gibbons, Henry G Overman and Matti Sarvimäki
12310: Fiscal Consolidations in a Low Inflation Environment:Pay cuts versus Lost Jobs Downloads
Guilherme Almeida, Evi Pappa, Rana Sajedi and Eugenia Vella
12309: A Walk on the Wild Side: `Predatory' Journals and Information Asymmetries in Scientific Evaluations Downloads
Manuel Bagues, Mauro Sylos-Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva
12308: Connections and Applicants' Self-Selection: Evidence from a Natural Randomized Experiment Downloads
Manuel Bagues, Mauro Sylos-Labini and Natalia Zinovyeva
12307: Strategic Default in the International Coffee Market Downloads
Arthur Blouin and Rocco Macchiavello
12306: German Robots - The Impact of Industrial Robots on Workers Downloads
Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, Jens Südekum and Nicole Woessner
12305: The Long-Term Consequences of Short-Term Incentives Downloads
Alex Edmans, Vivian Fang and Allen Huang
12304: Managing the UK National Debt 1694-2017 Downloads
Martin Ellison and Andrew Scott
12303: Global Value Chains, Trade Shocks And Jobs: An Application to Brexit Downloads
William Connell, Wouter Simons and Hylke Vandenbussche
12302: Playing Favorites: How Firms Prevent the Revelation of Bad News Downloads
Lauren Cohen, Dong Lou and Christopher Malloy
12301: Brexit: The Economics of International Disintegration Downloads
Thomas Sampson
12300: Quantity Measurement and Balanced Growth in Multi-Sector Growth Models Downloads
Georg Duernecker, Berthold Herrendorf and Akos Valentinyi
12299: Macro Needs Micro Downloads
Fabio Ghironi
12298: Keynesian Economics without the Phillips Curve Downloads
Roger E A Farmer
12297: Attention Manipulation and Information Overload Downloads
Petra Persson
12296: The Effect of Superstar Firms on College Major Choice Downloads
Darwin Choi, Dong Lou and Abhiroop Mukherjee
12295: Offsetting Disagreement and Security Prices Downloads
Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Dong Lou and Chengxi Yin
12294: Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find? Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Charles Jones, John van Reenen and Michael Webb
12293: Signaling to Experts Downloads
Pablo Kurlat and Florian Scheuer
12292: Taxes and Market Hours -- the Role of Gender and Skill Downloads
Robert Duval-Hernandez, Lei Fang and Liwa Rachel Ngai
12291: Engineering Crises: Favoritism and Strategic Fiscal Indiscipline Downloads
Gilles Saint-Paul, Davide Ticchi and Andrea Vindigni
12290: The Political Economy of International Finance Corporation Lending Downloads
Axel Dreher and Katharina Richert
12289: Corporate Debt Maturity Profiles Downloads
Jaewon Choi, Dirk Hackbarth and Josef Zechner
12288: Altruism and strategic giving in children and adolescents Downloads
Isabelle Brocas, Juan D. Carrillo and Niree Kodaverdian
12287: A Property Rights Approach to Temporary Work Visas Downloads
Alessandra Casella and Adam Cox
12286: Two Great Trade Collapses: The Interwar Period & Great Recession Compared Downloads
Kevin O'Rourke
12285: Impact of Managerial Commitment on Risk Taking with Dynamic Fund Flows Downloads
Ron Kaniel, Stathis Tompaidis and Ti Zhou
12284: Firm Volatility in Granual Networks Downloads
Bernard Herskovic, Bryan Kelly, Hanno Lustig and Stijn van Nieuwerburgh
12283: Out-of-town Home Buyers and City Welfare Downloads
Jack Favilukis and Stijn van Nieuwerburgh
12282: A Macroeconomic Model with Financially Constrained Producers and Intermediaries Downloads
Vadim Elenev, Tim Landvoigt and Stijn van Nieuwerburgh
12281: Why Are REITS Currently So Expensive? Downloads
Stijn van Nieuwerburgh
12280: Sequential Banking: Direct and Externality Effects on Delinquency Downloads
Giacomo De Giorgi, Andres Drenik and Enrique Seira
12279: How Efficient is Dynamic Competition? The Case of Price as Investment Downloads
David Besanko, Ulrich Doraszelski and Yaroslav Kryukov
12278: Industrial Development and Long-Run Prosperity Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
12277: Aid Effectiveness: Revisiting the Trade-off Between Needs and Governance Downloads
François Bourguignon and Jean-Philippe Platteau
12276: Optimal income taxation with composition effects Downloads
Laurence M. Jacquet and Etienne Lehmann
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