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18269: The Oral Contraceptive Pill and Adolescents' Mental Health Downloads
Ana Costa-Ramon, Meltem Daysal and Rodríguez-González, Ana
18268: Emigrant Voyages from the UK to North America and Australasia, 1853-1913 Downloads
Tim Hatton
18267: The Internationalization of China’s Equity Markets Downloads
Martínez Pería, Maria Soledad, Juan Cortina Lorente, Sergio Schmukler and Jasmine Xiao
18266: Does Anger Drive Populism? Downloads
Klaus Desmet, Omer Ali and Romain Wacziarg
18265: Currency risk premiums: A multi-horizon perspective Downloads
Magnus Dahlquist and Mikhail Chernov
18264: How Does a Dominant Currency Replace Another? Evidence from European Trade Downloads
Arnaud Mehl, Marko Mlikota and Ine Van Robays
18263: Origins of Latin American Inequality Downloads
Felipe Valencia Caicedo and Francisco Eslava Saenz
18262: The Many Channels of Firm's Adjustment to Energy Shocks: Evidence from France Downloads
Philippe Martin, Fontagné, Lionel and Gianluca Orefice
18261: Parents’ Preferences, Parenting Styles and Children’s Outcomes Downloads
Daniela Del Boca, Flavia Coda Moscarola and Giovanna Paladino
18260: Price Level and Inflation Dynamics in Heterogeneous Agent Economies Downloads
Giovanni Violante, Greg Kaplan and Georgios Nikolakoudis
18259: On FIRE, news, and expectations Downloads
Benjamin Born, Zeno Enders and Müller, Gernot
18258: A HANK2 model of monetary unions Downloads
Müller, Gernot, Christian Bayer, Alexander Kriwoluzky and Fabian Seyrich
18257: How do governments respond to interest rates? Downloads
Roel Beetsma, Franc Klaassen and Joao Jalles
18256: Dynamic Equilibrium with Costly Short-Selling and Lending Market Downloads
Suleyman Basak, Adem Atmaz and Fangcheng Ruan
18255: Measuring Religion from Behavior: Climate Shocks and Religious Adherence in Afghanistan Downloads
Michael Callen, Joshua Blumenstock and Oeindrila Dube
18254: Strengthening Fragile States: Evidence from Mobile Salary Payments in Afghanistan Downloads
Michael Callen, Joshua Blumenstock, Anastasiia Faikina, Stefano Fiorin and Tarek Ghani
18253: Time on the Crossing: Emigrant Voyages Across the Atlantic, 1853 to 1913 Downloads
Tim Hatton
18252: Information Choice: Cost over Content Downloads
Madarász, Kristóf and Marek Pycia
18251: Union Leaders: Experimental Evidence from Myanmar Downloads
Laura Boudreau, Rocco Macchiavello, Virginia Minni and Mari Tanaka
18250: Globalization, Structural Change and International Comovement Downloads
Andrei Levchenko, Barthélémy Bonadio, Zhen Huo and Nitya Pandalai-Nayar
18249: The Dynamics of the “Great Gatsby Curveâ€, and a look at the curve during the Great Gatsby Era Downloads
Rodríguez Mora, José V, Diego Battiston, Stephan Maurer and Andrei Potlogea
18248: Measuring Science: Performance Metrics and the Allocation of Talent Downloads
Fabian Waldinger, Sebastian Hager and Carlo Schwarz
18247: War and Science in Ukraine Downloads
Fabian Waldinger and Ina Ganguli
18246: Do Disinflation Policies Ravage Central Bank Finances? Downloads
Eric Monnet, Theodore Humann and Kris Mitchener
18245: Tordesillas, Slavery and the Origins of Brazilian Inequality Downloads
Felipe Valencia Caicedo and Humberto Laudares
18244: Forecasting US Inflation Using Bayesian Nonparametric Models Downloads
Massimiliano Marcellino, Todd Clark, Florian Huber and Gary Koop
18243: The Expectations of Others Downloads
Raphael Schoenle, Ezequiel Garcia-Lembergman, Ina Hajdini, John Leer and Mathieu Pedemonte
18242: Gender-Neutral Language and Gender Disparities Downloads
Alma Cohen, Tzur Karelitz, Tamar Kricheli-Katz, Sephi Pumpian and Tali Regev
18241: A Tale of Two Pandemics: The Enduring Partisan Differences in Actions, Attitudes and Beliefs during the Coronavirus Pandemic Downloads
Ying Fan, Yesim Orhun and Dana Turjeman
18240: Misspecified profit functions and full-cost pricing Downloads
Choné, Philippe and Laurent Linnemer
18239: Double marginalization, market foreclosure, and vertical integration Downloads
Choné, Philippe, Laurent Linnemer and Vergé, Thibaud
18238: Black Empowerment and White Mobilization: The Effects of the Voting Rights Act Downloads
Marco Tabellini, Andrea Bernini, Giovanni Facchini and Cecilia Testa
18237: The blurred lines of copyright infringement Downloads
Alberto Galasso
18236: Cultural and Economic Integration of Immigrant Minorities: Analytical Framework and Policy Implications Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Moshe Justman
18235: Learning Monetary Policy Strategies at the Effective Lower Bound with Sudden Stops Downloads
Leonardo Melosi, Spencer Krane and Matthias Rottner
18234: ETF effects: the role of primary versus secondary market activities Downloads
Carole Comerton-Forde and Thomas Marta
18233: Does Shareholder Activism Create Value? A Meta-Analysis Downloads
Tomas Havranek, Bajzík, Josef, Zuzana Irsova and Jiri Novak
18232: Monetary Policy and Market Competition: Is Europe Different? Downloads
Alexander Popov and Lea Steininger
18231: Global Liquidity: Drivers, Volatility and Toolkits Downloads
Linda S. Goldberg
18230: The International Commonality of Idiosyncratic Variances Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Xue Wang and Xiaoyan Zhang
18229: Risk, Monetary Policy and Asset Prices in a Global World Downloads
Geert Bekaert, Marie Hoerova and Nancy Xu
18228: The Monetary Policy Haircut Rule Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Markus Althanns
18227: One for All: Resolving Tensions between Heterogeneous Investors in a Startup Downloads
Bart Lambrecht and Shiqi Chen
18226: Slowing Growth: More Than a Rough Patch Downloads
Franziska Ohnsorge and Ayhan Kose
18225: Quantifying the Germany Shock: Structural Reforms and Spillovers in a Currency Union Downloads
Harald Fadinger, Philipp Herkenhoff and Jan Schymik
18224: The Role of Geography in Determining the Inequality between Italians Downloads
Rodríguez Mora, José V, Juraj Briskar, Edoardo Di Porto and Cristina Tealdi
18223: Anticipated Financial Contagion Downloads
Toni Ahnert, Gideon DuRand and Co-Pierre Georg
18222: Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability Downloads
Toni Ahnert, Peter Hoffmann, Agnese Leonello and Davide Porcellacchia
18221: Corporate Discount Rates Downloads
Kilian Huber and Niels Gormsen
18220: New Technologies and Jobs in Europe Downloads
Juan Francisco Jimeno, Stefania Albanesi, Antonio Dias da Silva, Ana Lamo and Alena Wabitsch
18219: Green Tilts Downloads
Pástor, Luboš, Robert F. Stambaugh and Lucian Taylor
18218: Leverage, Competitiveness and Systemic Risk in Banking Downloads
Thomas Gehrig
18217: Big Techs and the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Fiorella De Fiore and Cristina Manea
18216: Privacy regulation and fintech lending Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Sebastian Doerr, Luigi Guiso and Marina Sanchez del Villar
18215: Chat Over Coffee? Diffusion of Agronomic Practices and Market Spillovers in Rwanda Downloads
Esther Duflo, Daniel Keniston, Tavneet Suri and Zipfel, Céline
18214: How Does Monetary Policy Affect Household Indebtedness? Downloads
Andreas Fagereng, Magnus A.H. Gulbrandsen, Martin Holm and Gisle Natvik
18213: Swallow This: Childhood and Adolescent Exposure to Fast Food Restaurants, BMI, and Cognitive Ability Downloads
Bütikofer, Aline, Sara Abrahamsson and Krzysztof Karbownik
18212: The Spillover Effects of Top Income Inequality Downloads
Hémous, David, Joshua Gottlieb, Jeffrey Hicks and Morten Olsen
18211: Morts Pour la France: A Database of French Fatalities of the Great War Downloads
Pauline Grosjean and Victor Gay
18210: The Social Cost of Carbon under Climate Volatility Risk Downloads
Sweder van Wijnbergen and Xu Lin
18209: Isolation and Insurrection: How Partisanship and Political Geography Fueled January 6, 2021 Downloads
Konstantin Sonin, David Van Dijcke and Austin L. Wright
18208: The Proper Scope of Government Reconsidered: Asymmetric Information and Incentive Contracts Downloads
Patrick Schmitz
18207: It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Superman! Using Mass Media to fight Intolerance Downloads
Joseph Flavian Gomes, Alex Armand, Paul Atwell and Yannik Schenk
18206: Tax Design, Information, and Elasticities: Evidence From the French Wealth Tax Downloads
Jonathan Goupille-Lebret, Bertrand Garbinti, Mathilde Munoz, Stefanie Stantcheva and Gabriel Zucman
18205: Supply Chain Constraints and Inflation Downloads
Diego Comin, Robert Johnson and Callum Jones
18204: Do Green users become green voters Downloads
Diego Comin and Johannes Rode
18203: The Fast and the Studious? Ramadan Observance and Student Performance Downloads
Olivier Marie, Kyra Hanemaaijer and Marco Musumeci
18202: Help for the Heartland? The Employment and Electoral Effects of the Trump Tariffs in the United States Downloads
David Dorn, David Autor, Anne Beck and Gordon Hanson
18201: Jointly Estimating Macroeconomic News and Surprise Shocks Downloads
Lutz Kilian, Michael D. Plante and Alexander W. Richter
18200: The Confederate Diaspora Downloads
Samuel Bazzi, Andreas Ferrara, Martin Fiszbein, Thomas Pearson and Patrick Testa
18199: Estimating Discrete Games with Many Firms and Many Decisions: An Application to Merger and Product Variety Downloads
Ying Fan and Chenyu Yang
18198: Survival and Value: the Conglomerate Case Downloads
Giovanna Nicodano and Michela Altieri
18197: Government Debt Management and Inflation with Real and Nominal Bonds Downloads
Lukas Schmid, Vytautas Valaitis and Alessandro Villa
18196: Anomalies at any time in any place? Momentum, reversal and size around the world in the early twentieth century Downloads
Fabio Braggion, Joost Driessen and Lyndon Moore
18195: Long-term Labor Market Adjustment to Transitory Shocks: Worker Impact and Firm Channels Downloads
Joana Silva and Ana Margarida Fernandes
18194: Local Corporate Taxes and the Geography of Foreign Multinationals Downloads
Yuan Zi, Jianpeng Deng, Chong Liu and Zi Wang
18193: The Neoclassical Growth of China Downloads
Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús, Lee Ohanian and Wen Yao
18192: Anticipating Climate Change Across the United States Downloads
Adrien Bilal and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
18191: Mind Your Language: Market Responses to Central Bank Speeches Downloads
Michael McMahon, Maximilian Ahrens, Deniz Erdemlioglu, Christopher J Neely and Xiye Yang
18190: Dynamic Programming on a Quantum Annealer: Solving the RBC Model Downloads
Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús and Isaiah Hull
18189: Price and Quantity Discovery without Commitment Downloads
Estelle Cantillon, Stefan Bergheimer and Mar Reguant
18188: Efficient Bilateral Trade Downloads
Marek Pycia and Rodney Garratt
18187: Economic Freedom in Retrospect Downloads
Leandro Prados de la Escosura
18186: Behavioral Causal Inference Downloads
Ran Spiegler
18185: Representative Sampling Equilibrium Downloads
Ran Spiegler and Tuval Danenberg
18184: Love-for-Variety Downloads
Kiminori Matsuyama and Philip Ushchev
18183: Techies and Firm-Level Productivity Downloads
Farid Toubal, James Harrigan and Ariell Reshef
18182: If You Do Not Change Your Behavior: Preventive Repression in Lithuania under Soviet Rule Downloads
Mark Harrison and Eugenia Nazrullaeva
18181: Pension Systems (Un)sustainability and Fiscal Constraints: A Comparative Analysis Downloads
Michael R. Wickens, Burkhard Heer and Vito Polito
18180: Preregistration and Credibility of Clinical Trials Downloads
Marco Ottaviani and Christian Decker
18179: VAT Pass-Through and Competition: Evidence from the Greek Islands Downloads
Christos Genakos, Lydia Dimitrakopoulou, Themistoklis Kampouris and Stella Papadokonstantaki
18178: Trading Places: Mobility Responses of Native and Foreign-Born Adults to the China Trade Shock Downloads
David Dorn, David Autor and Gordon Hanson
18177: Regulating Online Search in the EU: From the Android Case to the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act Downloads
Francesco Decarolis and Muxin Li
18176: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Recommendations and Competition Downloads
Giacomo Calzolari, Emilio Calvano, Vincenzo Denicolo and Sergio Pastorello
18175: Supervisory Policy Stimulus: Evidence from the Euro Area Dividend Recommendation Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Dautović, Ernest and Alessio Reghezza
18174: Climate tech 2.0: social efficiency versus private returns Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Giulio Cornelli, Jon Frost and Ouarda Merrouche
18173: FinTech, investor sophistication and financial portfolio choices Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Romina Gambacorta and Roxana Mihet
18172: Campaign Connections Downloads
Samuel Bazzi and Claudio Labanca
18171: The Cost of Banking with Naivety and Adverse Selection Downloads
John Thanassoulis and Tamas Vadasz
18170: Concrete Thinking About Development Downloads
Martina Kirchberger and Keelan Beirne
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