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14058: The Origination and Distribution of Money Market Instruments: Sterling Bills of Exchange during the First Globalisation Downloads
Olivier Accominotti, Delio Lucena and Stefano Ugolini
14057: The Limits of onetary Economics: On Money as a Medium of Exchange in Near-Cashless Credit Economies Downloads
Ricardo Lagos and Shengxing Zhang
14055: Insolvency-Illiquidity, Macro Externalities and Regulation Downloads
Ester Faia
14054: Behavioral Responses to Wealth Taxes: Evidence from Switzerland Downloads
Marius Brülhart, Jonathan Gruber, Matthias Krapf and Kurt Schmidheiny
14053: US Monetary Policy and International Risk Spillovers Downloads
Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem
14052: Hysteresis from Employer Subsidies Downloads
Emmanuel Saez, Benjamin Schoefer and David Seim
14051: On Money As a Latent Medium of Exchange Downloads
Ricardo Lagos and Shengxing Zhang
14050: Is There a Zero Lower Bound? The Effects of Negative Policy Rates on Banks and Firms Downloads
Carlo Altavilla, Lorenzo Burlon, Mariassunta Giannetti and Sarah Holton
14049: Electoral Sentencing Cycles Downloads
David Abrams, Roberto Galbiati, Emeric Henry and Arnaud Philippe
14048: Rules versus Discretion in Bank Resolution Downloads
Ansgar Walther and Lucy White
14047: Facts and Fiction in Oil Market Modeling Downloads
Lutz Kilian
14046: Undiscounted Bandit Games Downloads
R Godfrey Keller and Sven Rady
14045: How do trade and communication costs shape the spatial organization of firms? Downloads
Toshitaka Gokan, Sergey Kichko and Jacques-François Thisse
14044: Procuring Medical Devices: Evidence from Italian Public Tenders Downloads
Vincenzo Atella and Francesco Decarolis
14043: A Theory of Simplicity in Games and Mechanism Design Downloads
Marek Pycia and Peter Troyan
14042: Reopening Pandora's Box in Search of a WTO-Compatible Industrial Policy? The Brazil -Taxation Dispute Downloads
Emanuel Ornelas and Laura Puccio
14041: Are political and economic integration intertwined? Downloads
Bernt Bratsberg, Giovanni Facchini, Tommaso Frattini and Anna Rosso
14040: The geography of EU discontent Downloads
Lewis Dijkstra, Hugo Poelman and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
14039: Trading and shareholder voting Downloads
Doron Levit, Nadya Malenko and Ernst Maug
14038: Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Recorded Music Sales Downloads
Tobias Kretschmer and Christian Peukert
14037: The FOMC Risk Shift Downloads
Tim Kroencke, Maik Schmeling and Andreas Schrimpf
14036: Information Acquisition and Diffusion in Markets Downloads
Atabek Atayev and Maarten Janssen
14035: Market definition in the pharmaceutical industry: a case of drugs hopping antitrust markets? Downloads
Micael Castanheira, Carmine Ornaghi and Georges Siotis
14034: The Dollar During the Great Recession: US Monetary Policy Signaling and The Flight To Safety Downloads
Vania Stavrakeva and Jenny Tang
14033: Technology Treaties and Climate Change Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Marie-Catherine Riekhof
14032: What drives implementation of the European Union's policy recommendations to its member countries? Downloads
Konstantinos Efstathiou and Guntram B. Wolff
14031: Tying in evolving industries, when future entry cannot be deterred Downloads
Chiara Fumagalli and Massimo Motta
14030: Monetary policy for commodity booms and busts Downloads
Thomas Drechsel, Michael McLeay and Silvana Tenreyro
14029: Can Risk Be Shared Across Investor Cohorts? Evidence from a Popular Savings Product Downloads
Johan Hombert and Victor Lyonnet
14028: When Correspondence Studies Fail to Detect Hiring Discrimination Downloads
Pierre Cahuc, Stéphane Carcillo, Andreea Minea and Marie-Anne Valfort
14027: Transition from plan to market, height and well-being Downloads
Alicia Adsera, Francesca Dalla Pozza, Sergei Guriev, Kleine-Rueschkamp, Lukas and Elena Nikolova
14026: Population aging and structural transformation Downloads
Javier Cravino, Andrei A. Levchenko and Marco Rojas
14025: When the U.S. catches a cold, Canada sneezes: a lower-bound tale told by deep learning Downloads
Vadym Lepetyuk, Lilia Maliar and Serguei Maliar
14024: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Computational Economists Any Time Soon? Downloads
Lilia Maliar, Serguei Maliar and Pablo Winant
14023: The Primary Cause of European Inflation in 1500-1700: Precious Metals or Population? The English Evidence Downloads
Anthony Edo and Jacques Melitz
14022: 3G Internet and Confidence in Government Downloads
Sergei Guriev, Nikita Melnikov and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
14021: Threats to Central Bank Independence: High-Frequency Identification with Twitter Downloads
Francesco Bianchi, Thilo Kind and Howard Kung
14020: Hidden Wealth Downloads
Neil Cummins
14019: Dominance and the pre-emption of competition following the Servier and Paroxetine GSK judgments Downloads
Vilen Lipatov, Damien Neven and Georges Siotis
14018: Family Ownership and Antitrust Violations Downloads
Mario Daniele Amore and Riccardo Marzano
14017: Stock Market's Assessment of Monetary Policy Transmission: The Cash Flow Effect Downloads
Refet Gürkaynak, Gokce Karasoy Can and Sang Seok Lee
14016: A Crash Course on the Euro Crisis Downloads
Markus K Brunnermeier and Ricardo Reis
14015: Business Cycles and Currency Returns Downloads
Ric Colacito, Steven Riddiough and Lucio Sarno
14014: Heterogeneity in Decentralized Asset Markets Downloads
Julien Hugonnier, Benjamin Lester and Pierre-Olivier Weill
14013: Elite Violence and Elite Numeracy in Europe from 500 to 1900 CE: A Co-Evolution? Downloads
Jörg Baten and Thomas Keywood
14012: Finance and Carbon Emissions Downloads
Ralph de Haas and Alexander Popov
14011: Why is Labor Productivity in Israel so Low? Downloads
Moshe Hazan and Shay Tsur
14010: Public Debt Sustainability Downloads
Xavier Debrun, Jonathan Ostry, Tim Willems and Charles Wyplosz
14009: Market Size and Competition: A "Hump-Shaped" Result Downloads
Iris Grant, Iris Kesternich, Heiner Schumacher and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
14008: Immigration, Diversity and Growth Downloads
Mark Gradstein and Moshe Justman
14007: Imposing Equilibrium Restrictions in the Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and Mathieu Marcoux
14006: Social origins, shared book reading and language skills in early childhood: evidence from an information experiment Downloads
Carlo Barone, Denis Fougere and Clement Pin
14005: Entry decisions and asymmetric competition between non-profit and for-profit homes in the long-term care market Downloads
Iris Grant, Iris Kesternich and Johannes Van Biesebroeck
14004: Macro Recruiting Intensity from Micro Data Downloads
Simon Mongey and Giovanni L. Violante
14003: Fiscal distress and banking performance: The role of macroprudential regulation Downloads
Hiona Balfoussia, Harris Dellas and Dimitris Papageorgiou
14002: Financial Frictions and the Wealth Distribution Downloads
Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, Samuel Hurtado and Galo Nuño
14001: The Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Financial Globalization: Evidence from Macro and Sectoral Data Downloads
Davide Furceri, Prakash Loungani and Jonathan Ostry
14000: Cognitive Hubs and Spatial Redistribution Downloads
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Pierre-Daniel Sarte and Felipe Schwartzman
13999: Facts on Business Dynamism in Turkey Downloads
Ufuk Akcigit, Yusuf Emre Akgunduz, Seyit Cilasun, Elif Ozcan Tok and Fatih Yilmaz
13998: Immigration, Internal Migration, and Technology Adoption Downloads
Joan Monras
13997: Climate Change, Inequality, and Human Migration Downloads
Michał Burzyński, Jaime de Melo, Christoph Deuster and Frédéric Docquier
13996: Political Effects of the Internet and Social Media Downloads
Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
13995: Labor Market Trends and the Changing Value of Time Downloads
Job Boerma and Loukas Karabarbounis
13994: Matching with Externalities Downloads
Marek Pycia and M. Bumin Yenmez
13993: The Brexit Vote, Productivity Growth and Macroeconomic Adjustments in the United Kingdom Downloads
Ben Broadbent, Federico DiPace, Thomas Drechsel, Richard Harrison and Silvana Tenreyro
13992: The Effect of High-Tech Clusters on the Productivity of Top Inventors Downloads
Enrico Moretti
13991: Can ATMs Get Out the Vote? Evidence from a Nationwide Field Experiment Downloads
João Pereira Santos, José Tavares and Pedro Vicente
13990: The War Next Door and the Reds are Coming: The Spanish Civil War and the Portuguese Stock Market Downloads
Diogo Leitão, Jaime Pereira, João Pereira Santos and José Tavares
13989: Extreme Temperature and Extreme Violence across Age and Gender: Evidence from Russia Downloads
Vladimir Otrachshenko, Olga Popova and José Tavares
13988: Policy Uncertainty and Information Flows: Evidence from Pension Reform Expectations Downloads
Emanuele Ciani, Adeline Delavande, Ben Etheridge and Marco Francesconi
13987: The Political Economy of a Diverse Monetary Union Downloads
Enrico C Perotti and Oscar Soons
13986: More Power to the People: Electricity Adoption, Technological Change and Social Conflict Downloads
Kerstin Enflo, Tobias Karlsson and Jakob Molinder
13985: Civic Engagement as a Second-Order Public Good: The Cooperative Underpinnings of the Accountable State Downloads
Kenju Kamei, Louis Putterman and Jean-Robert Tyran
13984: Redistributive Growth Downloads
Robin Döttling and Enrico C Perotti
13983: VAT Notches, Voluntary Registration, and Bunching: Theory and UK Evidence Downloads
Miguel Almunia, Li Liu, Ben Lockwood and Eddy H.F. Tam
13982: Out of Sight: A Study of Uncited Patents Downloads
Michael Crystal, Neil Gandal, Royee Shilony and Shur-Ofry, Michal
13981: The Efficient Deployment of Police Resources: Theory and New Evidence from a Randomized Drunk Driving Crackdown in India Downloads
Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Daniel Keniston
13980: Bank intermediation activity in a low interest rate environment Downloads
Claudio Borio, Michael Brei and Leonardo Gambacorta
13979: Incentives to Discover Talent Downloads
Tobias Bruenner, Guido Friebel, Richard Holden and Suraj Prasad
13978: Riders on the Storm Downloads
Oscar Jorda and Alan M. Taylor
13977: Can more public information raise uncertainty? The international evidence on forward guidance Downloads
Michael Ehrmann, Gaetano Gaballo, Peter Hoffmann and Georg Strasser
13976: Misallocation Under Trade Liberalization Downloads
Keyu Jin
13975: Commodity Option Pricing Efficiency before Black Scholes Merton Downloads
David Chambers
13974: A Supply and Demand Approach to Equity Pricing Downloads
Sebastien Betermier, Laurent Calvet and Evan Jo
13973: Asset Pricing with Fading Memory Downloads
Stefan Nagel and Zhengyang Xu
13972: Productivity Growth, Capital Reallocation and the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Europe and the US Downloads
Carol Corrado, Jonathan Haskel and Jona-Lasinio, Cecilia
13971: Taxation and Supplier Networks: Evidence from India Downloads
Lucie Gadenne, Tushar Nandi and Roland Rathelot
13970: Assessing International Commonality in Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Its Effects Downloads
Andrea Carriero, Todd Clark and Massimiliano Marcellino
13969: Bargaining Failure and Freedom to Operate: Re-evaluating the Effect of Patents on Cumulative Innovation Downloads
Fabian Gaessler, Dietmar Harhoff and Stefan Sorg
13968: State Capacity, Reciprocity, and the Social Contract Downloads
Timothy J. Besley
13967: Optimal mechanism for the sale of a durable good Downloads
Laura Doval and Vasiliki Skreta
13966: Exposure to More Female Peers Widens the Gender Gap in STEM Participation Downloads
Anne Brenøe and Ulf Zölitz
13965: Hierarchy of Membership and Burden Sharing in a Military Alliance Downloads
Shlomo Weber, Yuval Weber and Hans Wiesmeth
13964: Uncertainty-Induced Reallocations and Growth Downloads
Ravi Bansal, Mariano Massimiliano Croce, Wenxi Liao and Samuel Rosen
13963: Patronage for Productivity: Selection and Performance in the Age of Sail Downloads
Hans-Joachim Voth and Guo Xu
13962: Taxation and the Superrich Downloads
Florian Scheuer and Joel Slemrod
13961: Media Attention and Strategic Timing in Politics: Evidence from U.S. Presidential Executive Orders Downloads
Milena Djourelova and Ruben Durante
13960: Price Discrimination within and across EMU Markets: Evidence from French Exporters Downloads
Francois Fontaine, Julien Martin and Isabelle Mejean
13959: A Menu of Insurance Contracts for the Unemployed Downloads
Régis Barnichon and Yanos Zylberberg
13958: Patterns of innovation during the industrial revolution: a reappraisal using a composite indicator of patent quality Downloads
Alessandro Nuvolari, Valentina Tartari and Matteo Tranchero
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