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4980: Can we Trust Private Firms as Suppliers of Vaccines for the Avian Influenza? Downloads
Rikard Forslid
4979: The Quality of Entrepreneurs Downloads
Hans Hvide
4978: Trade Costs and Location of Foreign Firms in China Downloads
Mary Amiti and Beata Javorcik
4977: Leading Indicators: What Have We Learned? Downloads
Massimiliano Marcellino
4976: A Comparison of Direct and Iterated Multistep AR Methods for Forecasting Macroeconomic Time Series Downloads
Massimiliano Marcellino, James Stock and Mark Watson
4975: Jump-and-Rest Effects of US Business Cycles Downloads
Maximo Camacho and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós
4974: Money Demand and Macroeconomic Stability Revisited Downloads
Andreas Schabert and Christian Stoltenberg
4973: The Clash of Liberalizations: Preferential vs. Multilateral Trade Liberalization in the European Union Downloads
Baybars Karacaovali and Nuno Limão
4972: Bertrand Equilibria and Sharing Rules Downloads
Steffen Hoernig
4971: Reforming the Formula: A Modest Proposal for Introducing Development Outcomes in IDA Allocation Procedures Downloads
Ravi Kanbur
4970: The Need for Institutional Changes in the Global Financial System: An Analytical Framework Downloads
Stijn Claessens and Geoffrey R D Underhill
4969: Information Channels in Labour Markets. On the Resilience of Referral Hiring Downloads
Alessandra Casella and Nobuyuki Hanaki
4968: Favouritism and Financial Incentives: A Natural Experiment Downloads
Neil Rickman and Robert Witt
4967: Liquidity, Risk-Taking and the Lender of Last Resort Downloads
Rafael Repullo
4966: On Sustainable Pay-As-You-Go Systems Downloads
Gabrielle Demange
4965: Trade and Growth with Heterogeneous Firms Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
4964: Productivity Spillovers, Terms of Trade and the 'Home Market Effect' Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti, Philippe Martin and Paolo Pesenti
4963: Product Market Integration, Wages and Inequality Downloads
Torben M Andersen and Allan Sørensen
4962: How Changes in Benefits Entitlement Affect the Duration of Unemployment Downloads
Jan C van Ours and Milan Vodopivec
4961: Do Mergers Improve Information? Evidence from the Loan Market Downloads
Fabio Panetta, Fabiano Schivardi and Matthew Shum
4960: Loss Functions in Option Valuation: A Framework for Model Selection Downloads
Dennis Bams, Thorsten Lehnert and Christian Wolff
4959: Time Variation in Term Premia: International Evidence Downloads
Ron Jongen, Willem Verschoor and Christian Wolff
4958: Forecasting the Spot Exchange Rate with the Term Structure of Forward Premia: Multivariate Threshold Cointegration Downloads
Michel R van Tol and Christian Wolff
4957: A Phillips Curve for China Downloads
Jörg Scheibe and David Vines
4956: Insurance Policies for Monetary Policy in the Euro Area Downloads
Keith Küster and Volker Wieland
4955: Agency Conflicts, Investment and Asset Pricing Downloads
Rui Albuquerque and Neng Wang
4954: The Impact of Turkey's Membership on EU Voting Downloads
Richard Baldwin and Mika Widgrén
4953: The Foreign Service and Foreign Trade: Embassies as Export Promotion Downloads
Andrew Rose
4952: Belief in a Just World and Redistributive Politics Downloads
Roland Benabou and Jean Tirole
4951: Allocation of Prizes in Asymmetric All-Pay Auctions Downloads
Chen Cohen and Aner Sela
4950: Did Inflation Really Soar After the Euro Cash Changeover? Indirect Evidence from ATM Withdrawals Downloads
Paolo Angelini and Francesco Lippi
4949: Do Locational Spillovers Pay? Empirical Evidence from German IPO Data Downloads
David Audretsch and Erik Lehmann
4948: Monetary Policy with Single Instrument Feedback Rules Downloads
Bernardino Adao, Isabel Correia and Pedro Teles
4947: The Early Modern Great Divergence: Wages, Prices and Economic Development in Europe and Asia, 1500-1800 Downloads
Stephen Broadberry and Bishnupriya Gupta
4946: Demand for Education and Labour Market Outcomes: Lessons from the Abolition of Compulsory Conscription in France Downloads
Eric Maurin and Theodora Xenogiani
4945: Assessing the Foreign Control of Production of Technology: The Case of a Small Open Economy Downloads
Michele Cincera, Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie and Reinhilde Veugelers
4944: Financing and the Protection of Innovators Downloads
Gerard Llobet and Javier Suarez
4943: Neoclassical Growth and the 'Trivial' Steady State Downloads
Hendrik Hakenes and Andreas Irmen
4942: Learning Foreign Languages.Theoretical and Empirical Implications of the Selten and Pool Model Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh, Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín and Shlomo Weber
4941: Time Consistency of Fiscal and Monetary Policy: A Solution Downloads
Mats Persson, Torsten Persson and Lars Svensson
4940: Vive la Révolution! Long Term Returns of 1968 to the Angry Students Downloads
Eric Maurin and Sandra McNally
4939: Marriage and the City Downloads
Pieter Gautier, Michael Svarer and C. N. Teulings
4938: Forms of Democracy, Policy and Economic Development Downloads
Torsten Persson
4937: How Transition Paths Differ: Enterprise Performance in Russia and China Downloads
Sumon Bhaumik and Saul Estrin
4936: A Simple Model of Economic Geography à la Helpman-Tabuchi Downloads
Yasusada Murata and Jacques Thisse
4935: Do Risk Premia Protect from Banking Crises? Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Jan Wenzelburger
4934: Optimal Sliding Scale Regulation: An Application to Regional Electricity Distribution in England and Wales Downloads
David Hawdon, Lester Hunt, Paul Levine and Neil Rickman
4933: Rising Trade Costs? Agglomeration and Trade with Endogenous Transaction Costs Downloads
Gilles Duranton and Michael Storper
4932: The Corporate Governance of Defined-Benefit Pension Plans: Evidence from the United Kingdom Downloads
Joâo Francisco P.D. Cocco and Paolo Volpin
4931: Does Longevity Cause Growth? Downloads
Moshe Hazan and Hosny Zoabi
4930: Asset Pricing Implications of Pareto Optimality with Private Information Downloads
Narayana Kocherlakota and Luigi Pistaferri
4929: Trade Protection and Industry Wage Structure in Poland Downloads
Chor-Ching Goh and Beata Javorcik
4928: Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus: Bilateral Opinions and International Trade Downloads
Anne-Célia Disdier and Thierry Mayer
4927: Job Security and Job Protection Downloads
Andrew Clark and Fabien Postel-Vinay
4925: Strategic Experimentation and Disruptive Technological Change Downloads
Fabiano Schivardi and Martin Schneider
4924: Managerial Leverage is Limited By the Extent of the Market: Hierarchies, Specialization and the Utilization of Lawyers' Human Capital Downloads
Luis Garicano and Thomas Hubbard
4923: International Financial Adjustment Downloads
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Helene Rey
4922: Euler Equation Errors Downloads
Martin Lettau and Sydney Ludvigson
4921: Why is Long-Horizon Equity Less Risky? A Duration-based Explanation of the Value Premium Downloads
Martin Lettau and Jessica Wachter
4920: Current Account Theory and the Dynamics of US Net Foreign Liabilities Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti and Panagiotis T Konstantinou
4919: Retained State Shareholding in Chinese PLCs: Does Government Ownership Reduce Corporate Value? Downloads
Saul Estrin and Lihui Tian
4918: Are the Welfare State and Distribution Really that Bad for the Economy? Effects of Reciprocal Altruism, Consumer Rivalry and Second Best Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
4917: A Full Equilibrium Relevant Market Test: Application to Computer Servers Downloads
Marc Ivaldi and Szabolcs Lörincz
4916: Cross-Country Variations in Capital Structures: The Role of Bankruptcy Codes Downloads
Viral Acharya, Kose John and Rangarajan K Sundaram
4915: Trends in Hours, Balanced Growth and the Role of Technology in the Business Cycle Downloads
Jordi Gali
4914: The Term Structure of the Risk-Return Tradeoff Downloads
John Campbell and Luis Viceira
4913: Dynamic Consumption and Portfolio Choice with Stochastic Volatility in Incomplete Markets Downloads
George Chacko and Luis Viceira
4912: Identifying Technology Spillovers and Product Market Rivalry Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Mark Schankerman and John van Reenen
4911: Monetary Policies for Developing Countries: The Role of Institutional Quality Downloads
Haizhou Huang and Shang-Jin Wei
4910: The Predictive Power of the Yield Spread: Further Evidence and A Structural Interpretation Downloads
Carlo Favero, Iryna Kaminska and Ulf Söderström
4909: Parameter Instability, Model Uncertainty and the Choice of Monetary Policy Downloads
Carlo Favero and Fabio Milani
4908: Regional Wage and Employment Responses to Market Potential in the EU Downloads
Keith Head and Thierry Mayer
4907: A Theory of Influence: The Strategic Value of Public Ignorance Downloads
Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo
4906: Legal, Actual and Desirable Independence: A Case Study of the Bank of Israel Downloads
Alex Cukierman
4905: Entrepreneurship Capital - Determinants and Impact Downloads
David Audretsch and Max Keilbach
4904: The Demise of Investment Banking Partnerships: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Alan Morrison and William J Wilhelm
4903: Foreign Direct Investment, Competitive Pressure and Spillovers. An Empirical Analysis of Spanish Firm Level Data Downloads
Alessandro Sembenelli and Georges Siotis
4902: Exclusive Dealing, Entry and Mergers Downloads
Chiara Fumagalli, Massimo Motta and Lars Persson
4901: Structuring and Restructuring Sovereign Debt: The Role of Seniority Downloads
Patrick Bolton and Olivier Jeanne
4900: Autopsy on an Empire: Understanding Mortality in Russia and the Former Soviet Union Downloads
Elizabeth Brainerd and David Cutler
4899: Demand Reduction and Pre-emptive Bidding in Multi-Unit License Auctions Downloads
Jacob Goeree, Theo Offerman and Randolph Sloof
4897: Back to Keynes? Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
4896: Rolling Back the Public Sector - Differential Effects on Unemployment, Investment and Growth Downloads
Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg
4895: Globalization and Disinflation: The Efficiency Channel Downloads
Prakash Loungani and Assaf Razin
4894: Firms' Productivity Growth and R&D Spillovers: An Analysis of Alternative Technological Proximity Measures Downloads
Michele Cincera
4893: Pricing Behaviour and the Introduction of the Euro: Evidence from a Panel of Restaurants Downloads
Eugenio Gaiotti and Francesco Lippi
4892: The Economics of Books Downloads
Marcel Canoy, Frederick (Rick) van der Ploeg and Jan C van Ours
4891: Intermediation in Innovation Downloads
Heidrun Hoppe-Wewetzer and Emre Ozdenoren
4890: Party Governance and Political Competition with an Application to the American Direct Primacy Downloads
Micael Castanheira, Benoit Crutzen and Nicolas Sahuguet
4889: Credit Crunch and Keynesian Contraction: Argentina in Crisis Downloads
Javier García-Fronti, Marcus Miller and Lei Zhang
4888: The US Current Account and the Dollar Downloads
Olivier Blanchard, Francesco Giavazzi and Filipa Sa
4887: Location Choice and Employment Decisions: A Comparison of German and Swedish Multinationals Downloads
Sascha Becker, Karolina Ekholm, Robert Jäckle and Marc-Andreas Muendler
4886: Is Cash Negative Debt? A Hedging Perspective on Corporate Financial Policies Downloads
Viral Acharya, Heitor Almeida and Murillo Campello
4885: Experimental Evidence on the Persistence of Output and Inflation Downloads
Klaus Adam
4884: Preferential Trade Agreements as Stumbling Blocks for Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Evidence for the US Downloads
Nuno Limão
4883: On the Community Patent Downloads
Steffen Hoernig
4882: Retirement Expectations, Pension Reforms and Their Effect on Private Wealth Accumulation Downloads
Renata Bottazzi, Tullio Jappelli and Mario Padula
4881: Child Labour, Crop Shocks and Credit Constraints Downloads
Kathleen Beegle, Rajeev Dehejia and Roberta Gatti
4880: Optimal Monetary Policy Rules, Asset Prices and Credit Frictions Downloads
Ester Faia and Tommaso Monacelli
4879: The Effects of Globalization on Worker Training Downloads
Hans Gersbach and Armin Schmutzler
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