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Volume 72, issue C, 2014

Factors affecting biodiesel engine performance and exhaust emissions – Part I: Review pp. 1-16 Downloads
James Pullen and Khizer Saeed
Factors affecting biodiesel engine performance and exhaust emissions – Part II: Experimental study pp. 17-34 Downloads
James Pullen and Khizer Saeed
Performance analysis of a modified regenerative Brayton and inverse Brayton cycle pp. 35-43 Downloads
Mohsen Goodarzi, Mohsen Kiasat and Ehsan Khalilidehkordi
Maximum-efficiency architectures for steady-flow combustion engines, I: Attractor trajectory optimization approach pp. 44-57 Downloads
Sankaran Ramakrishnan and Christopher F. Edwards
Maximum-efficiency architectures for steady-flow combustion engines, II: Work-regenerative gas turbine engines pp. 58-68 Downloads
Sankaran Ramakrishnan and Christopher F. Edwards
Thermodynamic study of multi-effect thermal vapour-compression desalination systems pp. 69-79 Downloads
Oumar Samaké, Nicolas Galanis and Mikhail Sorin
Small adaptations, big impacts: Options for an optimized mix of variable renewable energy sources pp. 80-92 Downloads
Philip Tafarte, Subhashree Das, Marcus Eichhorn and Daniela Thrän
Parameter identification of solar cells using artificial bee colony optimization pp. 93-102 Downloads
Diego Oliva, Erik Cuevas and Gonzalo Pajares
Thermo-ecological and exergy replacement costs of nickel processing pp. 103-114 Downloads
Adriana Domínguez, Lucyna Czarnowska, Alicia Valero, Wojciech Stanek and Antonio Valero
Are structural change and modernisation leading to convergence in the CO2 economy? Decomposition analysis of China, EU and USA pp. 115-125 Downloads
Jari Kaivo-oja, J. Luukkanen, Panula-Ontto, J., J. Vehmas, Y. Chen, S. Mikkonen and B. Auffermann
Modeling natural gas price volatility: The case of the UK gas market pp. 126-134 Downloads
Harm van Goor and Bert Scholtens
Displacer gap losses in beta and gamma Stirling engines pp. 135-144 Downloads
M.T. Mabrouk, A. Kheiri and M. Feidt
Simultaneous use of MRM (maximum rectangle method) and optimization methods in determining nominal capacity of gas engines in CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) systems pp. 145-158 Downloads
Sepehr Sanaye and Navid Khakpaay
Fluid selection of Organic Rankine Cycle for low-temperature waste heat recovery based on thermal optimization pp. 159-167 Downloads
Filippo Cataldo, Rita Mastrullo, Alfonso William Mauro and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
How much CO2 emissions will be reduced through industrial structure change if China focuses on domestic rather than international welfare? pp. 168-179 Downloads
Yongbin Zhu, Yajuan Shi and Zheng Wang
Volatile species release during torrefaction of wood and its macromolecular constituents: Part 1 – Experimental study pp. 180-187 Downloads
Timothée Nocquet, Capucine Dupont, Jean-Michel Commandre, Maguelone Grateau, Sébastien Thiery and Sylvain Salvador
Volatile species release during torrefaction of biomass and its macromolecular constituents: Part 2 – Modeling study pp. 188-194 Downloads
Timothée Nocquet, Capucine Dupont, Jean-Michel Commandre, Maguelone Grateau, Sébastien Thiery and Sylvain Salvador
Experimental study on temperature variation in a porous inert media burner for premixed methane air combustion pp. 195-200 Downloads
Hongmin Wang, Chunzhi Wei, Pinghui Zhao and Taohong Ye
Thermodynamic analysis of a coal-based polygeneration system with partial gasification pp. 201-214 Downloads
Yuanyuan Li, Guoqiang Zhang, Yongping Yang, Dailong Zhai, Kai Zhang and Gang Xu
Fabrication and operating characteristics of a flat tubular segmented-in-series solid oxide fuel cell unit bundle pp. 215-221 Downloads
Dae-Wi Kim, Ui-Jin Yun, Jong-Won Lee, Tak-Hyoung Lim, Seung-Bok Lee, Seok-Joo Park, Rak-Hyun Song and Guntae Kim
Prediction of biomass-generated syngas using extents of major reactions in a continuous stirred-tank reactor pp. 222-232 Downloads
Ashokkumar M. Sharma, Ajay Kumar, Sundararajan Madihally, James R. Whiteley and Raymond L. Huhnke
The linkage between crude oil consumption and economic growth in Latin America: The panel framework investigations for multiple regions pp. 233-241 Downloads
Niaz Bashiri Behmiri and Jose Manso
Combustion of CH4/O2/N2 in a well stirred reactor pp. 242-253 Downloads
Feifei Wang, Pengfei Li, Zhenfeng Mei, Jianpeng Zhang and Jianchun Mi
Matrix method for comparing system and individual energy return ratios when considering an energy transition pp. 254-265 Downloads
Carey W. King
Mathematical modeling and process parameters optimization studies by artificial neural network and response surface methodology: A case of non-edible neem (Azadirachta indica) seed oil biodiesel synthesis pp. 266-273 Downloads
Eriola Betiku, Oluwasesan Ropo Omilakin, Sheriff Olalekan Ajala, Adebisi Aminat Okeleye, Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo and Bamidele Ogbe Solomon
Predicting the physical–chemical properties of biodiesel fuels assessing the molecular structure with the SAFT−γ group contribution approach pp. 274-290 Downloads
Felipe A. Perdomo, Beatriz M. Millán and José L. Aragón
A novel distributed optimal power sharing method for radial dc microgrids with different distributed energy sources pp. 291-299 Downloads
R. Asad and A. Kazemi
A three-dimensional transient model for EGS subsurface thermo-hydraulic process pp. 300-310 Downloads
Fangming Jiang, Jiliang Chen, Wenbo Huang and Liang Luo
Heat integration of fractionating systems in para-xylene plants based on column optimization pp. 311-321 Downloads
Ting Chen, Bingjian Zhang and Qinglin Chen
Significance of loss correlations in performance prediction of small scale, highly loaded turbine stages working in Organic Rankine Cycles pp. 322-330 Downloads
Piotr Klonowicz, Florian Heberle, Markus Preißinger and Dieter Brüggemann
Heat transfer and film cooling effectiveness on the squealer tip of a turbine blade pp. 331-343 Downloads
Jun Su Park, Dong Hyun Lee, Dong-Ho Rhee, Shin Hyung Kang and Hyung Hee Cho
Thermal and thermohydraulic performance evaluation of a novel type double pass packed bed solar air heater under external recycle using an analytical and RSM (response surface methodology) combined approach pp. 344-359 Downloads
Satyender Singh and Prashant Dhiman
The application of power-to-gas, pumped hydro storage and compressed air energy storage in an electricity system at different wind power penetration levels pp. 360-370 Downloads
Harmen Sytze de Boer, Lukas Grond, Henk Moll and René Benders
Paraffin/diatomite/multi-wall carbon nanotubes composite phase change material tailor-made for thermal energy storage cement-based composites pp. 371-380 Downloads
Biwan Xu and Zongjin Li
Heat transfer characteristics of thermal energy storage of a composite phase change materials: Numerical and experimental investigations pp. 381-392 Downloads
Moussa Aadmi, Mustapha Karkri and Mimoun El Hammouti
Mathematical approach to the characterization of daily energy balance in autonomous photovoltaic solar systems pp. 393-404 Downloads
F.J. Casares, Lopez-Luque, R., R. Posadillo and Varo-Martinez, M.
An important feature of air heat pump cycle: Heating capacity in line with heating load pp. 405-413 Downloads
Chun-Lu Zhang and Han Yuan
Thermophysical characterization of Mg–51%Zn eutectic metal alloy: A phase change material for thermal energy storage in direct steam generation applications pp. 414-420 Downloads
Blanco-Rodríguez, P., Rodríguez-Aseguinolaza, J., E. Risueño and M. Tello
Improved hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of aluminum ball milled with hydride pp. 421-426 Downloads
Yongan Liu, Xinhua Wang, Haizhen Liu, Zhaohui Dong, Shouquan Li, Hongwei Ge and Mi Yan
Banking development and energy consumption: Evidence from a panel of Middle Eastern countries pp. 427-433 Downloads
Alper Aslan, Nicholas Apergis and Mert Topcu
Short term electric load forecasting by wavelet transform and grey model improved by PSO (particle swarm optimization) algorithm pp. 434-442 Downloads
Saadat Bahrami, Rahmat-Allah Hooshmand and Moein Parastegari
Features of a fully renewable US electricity system: Optimized mixes of wind and solar PV and transmission grid extensions pp. 443-458 Downloads
Sarah Becker, Bethany A. Frew, Gorm B. Andresen, Timo Zeyer, Stefan Schramm, Martin Greiner and Mark Z. Jacobson
Improved exergoeconomic analysis of a retrofitted natural gas-based cogeneration system pp. 459-475 Downloads
Xianglong Luo, Jiahao Hu, Jun Zhao, Bingjian Zhang, Ying Chen and Songping Mo
A facility-location model for biofuel plants: Applications in the Colombian context pp. 476-483 Downloads
Alexandra E. Duarte, William A. Sarache and Yasel J. Costa
Comparison of particle swarm optimization and other metaheuristics on electricity demand estimation: A case study of Iran pp. 484-491 Downloads
Alireza Askarzadeh
Improving vortex tube performance based on vortex generator design pp. 492-500 Downloads
Farzaneh-Gord, Mahmood and Meisam Sadi
Hybrid-input power supply with PFC (power factor corrector) and MPPT (maximum power point tracking) features for battery charging and HB-LED driving pp. 501-509 Downloads
Chih-Lung Shen and Yong-Xian Ko
Mean-variance model for power system economic dispatch with wind power integrated pp. 510-520 Downloads
Y.Z. Li, Q.H. Wu, M.S. Li and J.P. Zhan
Numerical simulation and process optimization of an aluminum holding furnace based on response surface methodology and uniform design pp. 521-535 Downloads
Ji-min Wang, Shen Lan and Wen-ke Li
Degradation analysis of a-Si, (HIT) hetro-junction intrinsic thin layer silicon and m-C-Si solar photovoltaic technologies under outdoor conditions pp. 536-546 Downloads
Vikrant Sharma, O.S. Sastry, Arun Kumar, Birinchi Bora and S.S. Chandel
Development and testing of a hybrid system with a sub-kW open-cathode type PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell stack pp. 547-553 Downloads
Zhen-Ming Huang, Ay Su and Ying-Chieh Liu
On the determinants of renewable energy consumption: International evidence pp. 554-560 Downloads
Anis Omri and Duc Khuong Nguyen
An integrated optimization for organic Rankine cycle based on entransy theory and thermodynamics pp. 561-573 Downloads
Tailu Li, Wencheng Fu and Jialing Zhu
Analysis of regulation methods of a combined heat and power plant based on gas turbines pp. 574-589 Downloads
Jiménez-Espadafor Aguilar, Francisco, R. Rodríguez Quintero, E. Carvajal Trujillo and Miguel Torres García
Chemisorption cooling and electric power cogeneration system driven by low grade heat pp. 590-598 Downloads
Huashan Bao, Yaodong Wang, Constantinos Charalambous, Zisheng Lu, Liwei Wang, Ruzhu Wang and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Exergy analysis of gas turbine with air bottoming cycle pp. 599-607 Downloads
M. Ghazikhani, I. Khazaee and E. Abdekhodaie
Combustion and emission characteristics of a DME (dimethyl ether)-diesel dual fuel premixed charge compression ignition engine with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) pp. 608-617 Downloads
Yuwei Zhao, Ying Wang, Dongchang Li, Xiong Lei and Shenghua Liu
Bio-lubricant-biodiesel combination of rapeseed oil: An experimental investigation on engine oil tribology, performance, and emissions of variable compression engine pp. 618-627 Downloads
S. Arumugam, G. Sriram and R. Ellappan
High efficiency bio-hydrogen production from glucose revealed in an inoculum of heat-pretreated landfill leachate sludge pp. 628-635 Downloads
Y.M. Wong, J.C. Juan, Adeline Ting and T.Y. Wu
Enhanced heat transfer characteristics of water based copper oxide nanofluid PCM (phase change material) in a spherical capsule during solidification for energy efficient cool thermal storage system pp. 636-642 Downloads
P. Chandrasekaran, M. Cheralathan, V. Kumaresan and R. Velraj
Diagnosis and redesign of power plants using combined Pinch and Exergy Analysis pp. 643-651 Downloads
Arriola-Medellín, Alejandro, Manzanares-Papayanopoulos, Emilio and Romo-Millares, César
Coastal impact assessment of a generic wave farm operating in the Romanian nearshore pp. 652-670 Downloads
Andrei Tănase Zanopol, Florin Onea and Eugen Rusu
Investigation of in-cylinder gas stratification of diesel engine during intake and compression stroke pp. 671-679 Downloads
Zhaojie Shen, Zhongchang Liu, Jing Tian and Jiangwei Liu
Thermo-economic and environmental optimization of solar assisted heat pump by using multi-objective particle swam algorithm pp. 680-690 Downloads
Ehsan Khorasaninejad and Hassan Hajabdollahi
Floating vs. bottom-fixed turbines for tidal stream energy: A comparative impact assessment pp. 691-701 Downloads
M. Sanchez, R. Carballo, V. Ramos and G. Iglesias
Comparison of closed and open thermochemical processes, for long-term thermal energy storage applications pp. 702-716 Downloads
Benoit Michel, Pierre Neveu and Nathalie Mazet
Power substation location selection using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and PROMETHEE: A case study from Bangladesh pp. 717-730 Downloads
Golam Kabir and Razia Sultana Sumi
Numerical optimization of solar air heaters having different types of roughness shapes on the heated plate – Technical note pp. 731-738 Downloads
Anil Kumar and Man-Hoe Kim
Analysis of the integrated characteristics of the CPS (combined power system) of a bottoming organic Rankine cycle and a diesel engine pp. 739-751 Downloads
Chen Yue, Dong Han and Wenhao Pu
Maximizing the transferred power to electric arc furnace for having maximum production pp. 752-759 Downloads
Haidar Samet, Teymoor Ghanbari and Jafar Ghaisari
Investigation on combustion performance and emission characteristics of a DI (direct injection) diesel engine fueled with biogas–diesel in dual fuel mode pp. 760-771 Downloads
Debabrata Barik and S. Murugan
Sectoral comparison of electricity-saving potentials in China: An analysis based on provincial input–output tables pp. 772-782 Downloads
F.Y. Meng, D.Q. Zhou, P. Zhou and Y. Bai
Energy technology allocation for distributed energy resources: A strategic technology-policy framework pp. 783-799 Downloads
Sreekanth Mallikarjun and Herbert F. Lewis
Experimental and numerical flow investigation of Stirling engine regenerator pp. 800-812 Downloads
Sol-Carolina Costa, Mustafa Tutar, Igor Barreno, Jon-Ander Esnaola, Haritz Barrutia, David García, Miguel-Angel González and Jesús-Ignacio Prieto
Impact of biodiesel blend on injector deposit formation pp. 813-823 Downloads
A.M. Liaquat, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam and I.M. Rizwanul Fattah
Maximizing coal-fired power plant efficiency with integration of amine-based CO2 capture in greenfield and retrofit scenarios pp. 824-831 Downloads
David H. Van Wagener, Ulrich Liebenthal, Jorge M. Plaza, Alfons Kather and Gary T. Rochelle
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