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Volume 100, issue C, 2016

Productivity decomposition and economies of scale of Korean fossil-fuel power generation companies: 2001–2012 pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dong-hyun Oh and Yong-Gil Lee
The micro-scale analysis of the micro direct methanol fuel cell pp. 10-17 Downloads
Zhenyu Yuan, Jie Yang, Xiaoyang Li and Shikai Wang
NH2-MIL-125 as a promising material for adsorptive heat transformation and storage pp. 18-24 Downloads
Larisa G. Gordeeva, Marina V. Solovyeva and Yuri I. Aristov
Large-scale deployment of electric taxis in Beijing: A real-world analysis pp. 25-39 Downloads
Yuan Zou, Shouyang Wei, Fengchun Sun, Xiaosong Hu and Yaojung Shiao
Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems with Battery/Hydrogen storage considering practical power losses: A MEPoPA (Modified Extended-Power Pinch Analysis) pp. 40-50 Downloads
Iman Janghorban Esfahani, Pouya Ifaei, Jinsoo Kim and ChangKyoo Yoo
Enhanced thermal cracking of VOCs evolved from the thermal degradation of lignin using CO2 pp. 51-57 Downloads
Jieun Kim, Ki-Hyun Kim and Eilhann E. Kwon
Energy saving of benzene separation process for environmentally friendly gasoline using an extended DWC (divided wall column) pp. 58-65 Downloads
Young Han Kim
Thermal efficiency of direct, inverse and sCO2 gas turbine cycles intended for small power plants pp. 66-72 Downloads
Manuel Valdés, Rubén Abbas, Antonio Rovira and Martín-Aragón, Javier
Identification of plants responding to CO2 leakage stress using band depth and the full width at half maxima of canopy spectra pp. 73-81 Downloads
Jinbao Jiang, Michael D. Steven, Ruyan He, Yunhao Chen and Peijun Du
Battery-assisted charging system for simultaneous charging of electric vehicles pp. 82-90 Downloads
Muhammad Aziz, Takuya Oda and Masakazu Ito
High-performance photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid power generation system with optimized thermal management pp. 91-101 Downloads
Wei Zhu, Yuan Deng, Yao Wang, Shengfei Shen and Raza Gulfam
Endogenizing the probability of nuclear exit in an optimal power-generation mix model pp. 102-114 Downloads
Takanobu Kosugi
Maximum-efficiency architectures for heat- and work-regenerative gas turbine engines pp. 115-128 Downloads
Sankaran Ramakrishnan and Christopher F. Edwards
Misuse of thermodynamic entropy in economics pp. 129-136 Downloads
Andrey V. Kovalev
Microwave pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass: Heating performance and reaction kinetics pp. 137-144 Downloads
Yu-Fong Huang, Pei-Te Chiueh, Wen-Hui Kuan and Shang-Lien Lo
Effect OF CO2/N2 dilution on laminar burning velocity of liquid petroleum gas-air mixtures at elevated temperatures pp. 145-153 Downloads
Aswathy Nair, Ratna Kishore Velamati and Sudarshan Kumar
Experiment and simulation study on the optimization of the PV direct-coupled solar water heating system pp. 154-166 Downloads
Yanqiu Wang, Jie Ji, Wei Sun, Weiqi Yuan, Jingyong Cai, Chao Guo and Wei He
Development and performance assessment of a parabolic trough solar collector-based integrated system for an ice-cream factory pp. 167-176 Downloads
Onder Kizilkan, Ahmet Kabul and Ibrahim Dincer
Detecting urban-scale dynamics of electricity consumption at Chinese cities using time-series DMSP-OLS (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program-Operational Linescan System) nighttime light imageries pp. 177-189 Downloads
Yanhua Xie and Qihao Weng
Four operation modes of a pulse tube machine with a step piston compressor pp. 190-198 Downloads
Shaowei Zhu
Investigation of density inversion induced by gas charges into oil reservoirs using diffusion equations pp. 199-216 Downloads
Julian Y. Zuo, Yi Chen, Shu Pan, Kang Wang and Oliver C. Mullins
A novel method of methanol concentration control through feedback of the amplitudes of output voltage fluctuations for direct methanol fuel cells pp. 217-226 Downloads
Myung-Gi An, Asad Mehmood, Jinyeon Hwang and Heung Yong Ha
The influence of Thomson effect in the performance optimization of a two stage thermoelectric generator pp. 227-237 Downloads
S. Manikandan and S.C. Kaushik
Twenty-two compositional characterizations and theoretical energy potentials of extensively diversified China's crop residues pp. 238-250 Downloads
Wenjuan Niu, Lujia Han, Xian Liu, Guangqun Huang, Longjian Chen, Weihua Xiao and Zengling Yang
Carbon capture simulation using ejectors for waste heat upgrading pp. 251-261 Downloads
Christopher Reddick, Mikhail Sorin, Hristo Sapoundjiev and Zine Aidoun
Thermochemical and structural changes in Jatropha curcas seed cake during torrefaction for its use as coal co-firing feedstock pp. 262-272 Downloads
Buddhike Neminda Madanayake, Suyin Gan, Carol Eastwick and Hoon Kiat Ng
Mitigating crystallization of saturated FAMEs in biodiesel 6: The binary phase behavior of 1, 2-dioleoyl-3-stearoyl sn-glycerol – Methyl stearate pp. 273-284 Downloads
Athira Mohanan, Laziz Bouzidi and Suresh S. Narine
Optimal scheduling of renewable micro-grids considering plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging demand pp. 285-297 Downloads
Hamidreza Kamankesh, Vassilios G. Agelidis and Kavousi-Fard, Abdollah
DESOD: a mathematical programming tool to optimally design a distributed energy system pp. 298-309 Downloads
Stefano Bracco, Gabriele Dentici and Silvia Siri
Review article: Numerical simulation of adsorption heat pumps pp. 310-320 Downloads
Alireza Pesaran, Hoseong Lee, Yunho Hwang, Reinhard Radermacher and Ho-Hwan Chun
Biofuel supply chain design from Coffee Cut Stem under environmental analysis pp. 321-331 Downloads
Alexandra Duarte, William Sarache and Yasel Costa
Recognition and prioritization of challenges in growth of solar energy using analytical hierarchy process: Indian outlook pp. 332-348 Downloads
Sonal Punia Sindhu, Vijay Nehra and Sunil Luthra
Security of the Colombian energy supply: The need for liquefied natural gas regasification terminals for power and natural gas sectors pp. 349-362 Downloads
Saldarriaga-C., Carlos A. and Harold Salazar
Developing an optimal electricity generation mix for the UK 2050 future pp. 363-373 Downloads
H. Sithole, T.T. Cockerill, K.J. Hughes, D.B. Ingham, L. Ma, R.T.J. Porter and M. Pourkashanian
Design and experiment of a new solar air heating collector pp. 374-383 Downloads
S.M.N. Shams, M. Mc Keever, S. Mc Cormack and B. Norton
Comparison of China's primary energy consumption forecasting by using ARIMA (the autoregressive integrated moving average) model and GM(1,1) model pp. 384-390 Downloads
Chaoqing Yuan, Sifeng Liu and Zhigeng Fang
System optimisation and performance analysis of CO2 transcritical power cycle for waste heat recovery pp. 391-400 Downloads
Chuang Wu, Xiao-jiang Yan, Shun-sen Wang, Kun-lun Bai, Juan Di, Shang-fang Cheng and Jun Li
Integrating large scale wind power into the electricity grid in the Northeast of Brazil pp. 401-415 Downloads
Pieter de Jong, Asher Kiperstok, Antonio Santos Sánchez, Roger Dargaville and Ednildo Andrade Torres
Elucidating the consumption and CO2 emissions of fossil fuels and low-carbon energy in the United States using Lotka–Volterra models pp. 416-424 Downloads
Bi-Huei Tsai, Chih-Jen Chang and Chun-Hsien Chang
Relative environmental footprint of waste-based fuel burned in a power boiler in the context of end-of-waste criteria assigned to the fuel pp. 425-430 Downloads
Krzysztof Badyda, Piotr Krawczyk and Krzysztof Pikoń

Volume 99, issue C, 2016

Performance analysis of sequential Carnot cycles with finite heat sources and heat sinks and its application in organic Rankine cycles pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hansaem Park and Min Soo Kim
Carbon emissions dynamics, efficiency gains, and technological innovation in China's industrial sectors pp. 10-19 Downloads
Ning Zhang, Bing Wang and Zhu Liu
Fundamental study on aerodynamic force of floating offshore wind turbine with cyclic pitch mechanism pp. 20-31 Downloads
Qing'an Li, Yasunari Kamada, Takao Maeda, Junsuke Murata, Kohei Iida and Yuta Okumura
Simultaneous molecular and process design for waste heat recovery pp. 32-47 Downloads
Palma-Flores, Oscar, Flores-Tlacuahuac, Antonio and Canseco-Melchorb, Graciela
Cooperative energy dispatch for multiple autonomous microgrids with distributed renewable sources and storages pp. 48-57 Downloads
Xinli Fang, Shihao Ma, Qiang Yang and Jintao Zhang
Conjugated heat and mass transfer during flow melting of a phase change material slurry in pipes pp. 58-68 Downloads
X.J. Shi and P. Zhang
Towards a comprehensive understanding of the influence of fuel properties on the combustion characteristics of a RCCI (reactivity controlled compression ignition) engine pp. 69-82 Downloads
Yaopeng Li, Ming Jia, Yachao Chang, Maozhao Xie and Rolf D. Reitz
Thermal equilibrium research of solar seasonal storage system coupling with ground-source heat pump pp. 83-90 Downloads
Long Liu, Neng Zhu and Jing Zhao
Determination of safe operation zone for an intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cell and gas turbine hybrid system pp. 91-102 Downloads
Xiaojing Lv, Xing Liu, Chenghong Gu and Yiwu Weng
Hydrogen storage in hybrid of layered double hydroxides/reduced graphene oxide using spillover mechanism pp. 103-114 Downloads
Ali A. Ensafi, Jafari-Asl, Mehdi, Afshin Nabiyan, Behzad Rezaei and Mohammad Dinari
Sunlight to hydrogen conversion: Design optimization and energy management of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV-Hydrogen) system using micro genetic algorithm pp. 115-128 Downloads
Muhammad Burhan, Kian Jon Ernest Chua and Kim Choon Ng
Ni-polymer nanogel hybrid particles: A new strategy for hydrogen production from the hydrolysis of dimethylamine-borane and sodium borohydride pp. 129-135 Downloads
Haokun Cai, Liping Liu, Qiang Chen, Ping Lu and Jian Dong
Numerical study of oxy-fuel MILD (moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution combustion) combustion for CH4–H2 fuel pp. 136-151 Downloads
Abbas Mardani and A. Fazlollahi Ghomshi
Maximum production rate optimization for sulphuric acid decomposition process in tubular plug-flow reactor pp. 152-158 Downloads
Chao Wang, Lingen Chen, Shaojun Xia and Fengrui Sun
A study on evolution of energy intensity in China with heterogeneity and rebound effect pp. 159-169 Downloads
Ruguo Fan, Ming Luo and George Zhang
Parameters identification of solar cell models using generalized oppositional teaching learning based optimization pp. 170-180 Downloads
Xu Chen, Kunjie Yu, Wenli Du, Wenxiang Zhao and Guohai Liu
Performance analysis of a solar window incorporating a novel rotationally asymmetrical concentrator pp. 181-192 Downloads
Abu-Bakar, Siti Hawa, Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus, Daria Freier, Ramirez-Iniguez, Roberto, Tapas Kumar Mallick, Abu Bakar Munir, Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin, Abdullahi Abubakar Mas'ud and Nurul Aini Bani
Surface modification of commercial carbon felt used as anode for Microbial Fuel Cells pp. 193-201 Downloads
Diana Hidalgo, Tonia Tommasi, Sergio Bocchini, Alessandro Chiolerio, Angelica Chiodoni, Italo Mazzarino and Bernardo Ruggeri
Optimal design and operation strategy for integrated evaluation of CCHP (combined cooling heating and power) system pp. 202-220 Downloads
Miao Li, Hailin Mu, Nan Li and Baoyu Ma
A mathematical model formulation for the design of an integrated biodiesel-petroleum diesel blends system pp. 221-236 Downloads
Boyan Ivanov and Stoyan Stoyanov
Numerical investigation of magnetic field effects on entropy generation in viscous flow over a stretching cylinder embedded in a porous medium pp. 237-249 Downloads
Adnan Saeed Butt, Asif Ali and Ahmer Mehmood
A thermo-activated wall for load reduction and supplementary cooling with free to low-cost thermal water pp. 250-265 Downloads
Yuebin Yu, Fuxin Niu, Heinz-Axel Guo and Denchai Woradechjumroen
Porous Mn3O4 nanorod/reduced graphene oxide hybrid paper as a flexible and binder-free anode material for lithium ion battery pp. 266-273 Downloads
Seung-Keun Park, Chae-Yong Seong, Suyeon Yoo and Yuanzhe Piao
Effects of the duct thrust on the performance of ducted wind turbines pp. 274-287 Downloads
R. Bontempo and M. Manna
Superstructure optimization of the olefin separation system by harmony search and genetic algorithms pp. 288-303 Downloads
Kazem Hasanzadeh Lashkajani, Bahram Ghorbani, Majid Amidpour and Mohammad-Hossein Hamedi
Triple-finned tubes – Increasing efficiency, decreasing CO2 pollution of a steam boiler pp. 304-314 Downloads
Robert Wejkowski
Optimization model of peach production relevant to input energies – Yield function in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province, Iran pp. 315-321 Downloads
Shirin Ghatrehsamani, Rahim Ebrahimi, Salim Newaz Kazi, Ahmad Badarudin Badry and Emad Sadeghinezhad
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