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Volume 128, issue C, 2017

Numerical method for wind energy analysis applied to Apulia Region, Italy pp. 1-10 Downloads
Marco Milanese, Ljuba Tornese, Gianpiero Colangelo, Domenico Laforgia and Arturo de Risi
Study on the changes of the decoupling indicator between energy-related CO2 emission and GDP in China pp. 11-18 Downloads
Wenwen Wang, Man Li and Ming Zhang
Preparation of DB film in the channel of SS304 bipolar plate to improve its water liquidity pp. 19-27 Downloads
Yuee Li and Dongming Zhang
How does speed affect the rebound effect in car travel? Conceptual issues explored in case study of 900 Formula 1 Grand Prix speed trials pp. 28-38 Downloads
Ray Galvin
Thermodynamic evaluation of a rice husk fired integrated steam and hot air generation unit for rice parboiling pp. 39-49 Downloads
E.M. Kwofie, M. Ngadi and S. Sotocinal
Structural design and analysis of a passive DMFC supplied with concentrated methanol solution pp. 50-61 Downloads
Shuo Fang, Yufeng Zhang, Yuezhang Zou, Shengtian Sang and Xiaowei Liu
New polytropic model to predict the performance of beta and gamma type Stirling engine pp. 62-76 Downloads
Ruijie Li, Lavinia Grosu and Wei Li
Optimal short-term generation scheduling of hydrothermal systems by implementation of real-coded genetic algorithm based on improved Mühlenbein mutation pp. 77-85 Downloads
Nazari-Heris, M., Mohammadi-Ivatloo, B. and A. Haghrah
Assessment of probabilistic distributed factors influencing renewable energy supply for hotels using Monte-Carlo methods pp. 86-100 Downloads
Henning Meschede, Heiko Dunkelberg, Fabian Stöhr, Ron-Hendrik Peesel and Jens Hesselbach
Emergy analysis of three alternative carbon dioxide capture processes pp. 101-108 Downloads
Prathana Nimmanterdwong, Benjapon Chalermsinsuwan and Pornpote Piumsomboon
CFD investigation on roughness pitch variation in non-uniform cross-section transverse rib roughness on Nusselt number and friction factor characteristics of solar air heater duct pp. 109-127 Downloads
Amritpal Singh and Sukhmeet Singh
Environmental, enviroeconomic and enhanced thermodynamic analyses of a diesel engine with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) after treatment systems pp. 128-144 Downloads
Hakan Caliskan and Kazutoshi Mori
Changes in energy output in a regional economy: A structural decomposition analysis pp. 145-151 Downloads
Maria Llop
Performance analysis of a novel low CO2-emission solar hybrid combined cycle power system pp. 152-162 Downloads
Guoqiang Zhang, Yuanyuan Li and Na Zhang
Modeling of solar transmission through multilayer glazing facade using shading blinds with arbitrary geometrical and surface optical properties pp. 163-182 Downloads
Yongqiang Luo, Ling Zhang, Jing Wu, Xiliang Wang, Zhongbing Liu and Zhenghong Wu
Energy and exergy analysis of a mixed-mode greenhouse-type solar dryer, integrated with partially covered N-PVT air collector pp. 183-195 Downloads
Sumit Tiwari and G.N. Tiwari
Performance evaluation of a solar-driven adsorption desalination-cooling system pp. 196-207 Downloads
Ahmed S. Alsaman, Ahmed A. Askalany, K. Harby and Mahmoud S. Ahmed
CO2 emissions in China's building sector through 2050: A scenario analysis based on a bottom-up model pp. 208-223 Downloads
Tao Yang, Yiqun Pan, Yikun Yang, Meishun Lin, Bingyue Qin, Peng Xu and Zhizhong Huang
Experimental study of a modified solar phase change material storage wall system pp. 224-231 Downloads
Chenglong Luo, Lijie Xu, Jie Ji, Mengyin Liao and Dan Sun
Electric and thermal characteristics of photovoltaic modules under partial shading and with a damaged bypass diode pp. 232-243 Downloads
Suk Whan Ko, Young Chul Ju, Hye Mi Hwang, Jung Hun So, Young-Seok Jung, Hyung-Jun Song, Hee-eun Song, Soo-Hyun Kim and Gi Hwan Kang
A comparison of an energy/economic-based against an exergoeconomic-based multi-objective optimisation for low carbon building energy design pp. 244-263 Downloads
Iván García Kerdan, Rokia Raslan, Paul Ruyssevelt and David Morillón Gálvez
Exergoeconomic analysis of ejector-augmented shrouded wind turbines pp. 264-270 Downloads
Al-Sulaiman, Fahad A.
Analysis of supercritical coal fired oxy combustion power plant with cryogenic oxygen unit and turbo-compressor pp. 271-283 Downloads
Hnydiuk-Stefan, Anna and Jan Składzień
Willingness to pay for replacing traditional energies with renewable energy in South Korea pp. 284-290 Downloads
Chul-Yong Lee, Min-Kyu Lee and Seung-Hoon Yoo
Cost-benefit analysis of nZEB energy efficiency strategies with on-site photovoltaic generation pp. 291-301 Downloads
Ergo Pikas, Jarek Kurnitski, Martin Thalfeldt and Lauri Koskela
Derivative-driven window-based regression method for gas turbine performance prognostics pp. 302-311 Downloads
Elias Tsoutsanis and Nader Meskin
Experimental investigation on performance, emission behavior and exergy analysis of a variable compression ratio engine fueled with diesel - aegle marmelos oil - diethyl ether blends pp. 312-328 Downloads
M. Krishnamoorthi and R. Malayalamurthi
Influence of methane content on a LNG heavy-duty engine with high compression ratio pp. 329-336 Downloads
Zheng Chen, Fan Zhang, Boya Xu, Quanchang Zhang and Jingping Liu
A multi-fuel management model for a community-level district heating system under multiple uncertainties pp. 337-356 Downloads
D.Z. Fu, Z.Y. Zheng, H.B. Shi, Rui Xiao, G.H. Huang and Y.P. Li
Local resolved investigation of hydrogen crossover in polymer electrolyte fuel cell pp. 357-365 Downloads
Jing Shan, Pawel Gazdzicki, Rui Lin, Mathias Schulze and K. Andreas Friedrich
Geothermal exploitation from hot dry rocks via recycling heat transmission fluid in a horizontal well pp. 366-377 Downloads
Guodong Cui, Shaoran Ren, Liang Zhang, Justin Ezekiel, Chioma Enechukwu, Yi Wang and Rui Zhang
The value of electricity storage to large enterprises: A case study on Lancaster University pp. 378-393 Downloads
Andrew J. Pimm, Tim T. Cockerill, Peter G. Taylor and Jan Bastiaans
A new way to estimate the direct and indirect rebound effect and other rebound indicators pp. 394-402 Downloads
Freire-González, Jaume
Optimal design of thermoelectric cooling system integrated heat pipes for electric devices pp. 403-413 Downloads
Di Liu, Yang Cai and Fu-Yun Zhao
Kinetics of carbon dioxide gas hydrates with tetrabutylammonium bromide and functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes pp. 414-420 Downloads
Renault-Crispo, Jean-Sébastien, Sylvain Coulombe and Phillip Servio
Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of a novel inlet air cooling system with gas turbine engines using cascaded waste-heat recovery pp. 421-434 Downloads
Yousef S.H. Najjar and Ahmad M. Abubaker
Energy management strategy development of a forklift with electric lifting device pp. 435-446 Downloads
Lili Wang, Dingxuan Zhao, Yao Wang, Lei Wang, Yilei Li, Miaomiao Du and Hanzhe Chen
Development of a pricing mechanism for valuing ancillary, transportation and environmental services offered by a power to gas energy system pp. 447-462 Downloads
Ushnik Mukherjee, Sean Walker, Azadeh Maroufmashat, Michael Fowler and Ali Elkamel
Evaluation of the properties of tyre pyrolysis oils obtained in a conical spouted bed reactor pp. 463-474 Downloads
J. Alvarez, G. Lopez, M. Amutio, N.M. Mkhize, B. Danon, P. van der Gryp, J.F. Görgens, J. Bilbao and M. Olazar
Uncertainty in well-to-tank with combustion greenhouse gas emissions of transportation fuels derived from North American crudes pp. 475-486 Downloads
Giovanni Di Lullo, Hao Zhang and Amit Kumar
Revisiting the role of financial development for energy-growth-trade nexus in BRICS economies pp. 487-495 Downloads
Khalid Ahmed
Modeling and optimization of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over Co-Mn-Ce/SiO2 catalyst using hybrid RSM/LHHW approaches pp. 496-508 Downloads
Zohdi-Fasaei, Hossein, Hossein Atashi, Farshad Farshchi Tabrizi and Ali Akbar Mirzaei
Gasification characteristics of sawdust char at a high-temperature steam atmosphere pp. 509-518 Downloads
Ming Zhai, Jianing Liu, Ze Wang, Li Guo, Xinyu Wang, Yu Zhang, Peng Dong and Jiawei Sun
Combined effect of injection timing and injection angle on mixture formation and combustion process in a direct injection (DI) natural gas rotary engine pp. 519-530 Downloads
Baowei Fan, Jianfeng Pan, Wenming Yang, Zhenhua Pan, Stephen Bani, Wei Chen and Ren He
Experimental study of energy utilization effectiveness of thermoelectric generator on diesel engine pp. 531-539 Downloads
Tae Young Kim, Assmelash A. Negash and Gyubaek Cho
Emergy-based energy return on investment method for evaluating energy exploitation pp. 540-549 Downloads
Yingchao Chen, Lianyong Feng, Jianliang Wang and Mikael Höök
Darrieus wind turbine blade unsteady aerodynamics: a three-dimensional Navier-Stokes CFD assessment pp. 550-563 Downloads
Francesco Balduzzi, Jernej Drofelnik, Alessandro Bianchini, Giovanni Ferrara, Lorenzo Ferrari and Michele Sergio Campobasso
Optimization of the rectangular storage tanks for the sloshing phenomena based on the entropy generation minimization pp. 564-574 Downloads
Hassan Saghi and Esmail Lakzian
An application of a double bootstrap to investigate the effects of technological progress on total-factor energy consumption performance in China pp. 575-585 Downloads
Ke Li and Boqiang Lin
Thermodynamic analysis of a novel ejector expansion transcritical CO2/N2O cascade refrigeration (NEETCR) system for cooling applications at low temperatures pp. 586-600 Downloads
K. Megdouli, N. Ejemni, E. Nahdi, A. Mhimid and L. Kairouani
The analysis of the underlying reasons of the inconsistent relationship between economic growth and the consumption of electricity in China – A case study of Anhui province pp. 601-608 Downloads
Fei Ge, Bin Ye, Shengnan Xing, Bao Wang and Shuang Sun
Assessment of thermal comfort conditions during physical exercise by means of exergy analysis pp. 609-617 Downloads
Izabela Batista Henriques, Carlos Eduardo Keutenedjian Mady and Silvio de Oliveira Junior
Direct carbonization of rice husk to prepare porous carbon for supercapacitor applications pp. 618-625 Downloads
Wenli Zhang, Nan Lin, Debo Liu, Jinhui Xu, Jinxin Sha, Jian Yin, Xiaobo Tan, Huiping Yang, Haiyan Lu and Haibo Lin
An energy and cost comparison of residential water heating technologies pp. 626-633 Downloads
Christopher M. Keinath and Srinivas Garimella
3-E analysis of a Pressurized Pulverized Combined Cycle (PPCC) power plant using high ash Indian coal pp. 634-648 Downloads
Selvam Kalimuthu, Sujit Karmakar and Ajit Kumar Kolar
Entropy generation on electro-osmotic flow pumping by a uniform peristaltic wave under magnetic environment pp. 649-660 Downloads
N.K. Ranjit and G.C. Shit
Characterizing the Great Lakes hydrokinetic renewable energy resource: Lake Erie wave, surge and seiche characteristics pp. 661-675 Downloads
Ali Farhadzadeh, M. Reza Hashemi and Simon Neill
CFD based reactivity parameter determination for biomass particles of multiple size ranges in high heating rate devolatilization pp. 676-687 Downloads
Niko P. Niemelä, Henrik Tolvanen, Teemu Saarinen, Aino Leppänen and Tero Joronen
Climate sensitivity of end-use electricity consumption in the built environment: An application to the state of Florida, United States pp. 688-700 Downloads
Sayanti Mukhopadhyay and Roshanak Nateghi
In situ catalytic fast pyrolysis of crude and torrefied Eucalyptus globulus using carbon aerogel-supported catalysts pp. 701-712 Downloads
Arteaga-Pérez, Luis E., Oscar Gómez Cápiro, Romina Romero, Aaron Delgado, Patricia Olivera, Frederik Ronsse and Romel Jiménez
Thermo-hydraulic characterization of a self-pumping corrugated wall heat exchanger pp. 713-728 Downloads
Kevin Schmidmayer, Prashant Kumar, Pascal Lavieille, Marc Miscevic and Frédéric Topin
Heat pipe based systems - Advances and applications pp. 729-754 Downloads
H. Jouhara, A. Chauhan, T. Nannou, S. Almahmoud, B. Delpech and L.C. Wrobel
Development of a building integrated solar photovoltaic/thermal hybrid drying system pp. 755-767 Downloads
Ya Brigitte Assoa, François Sauzedde, Benjamin Boillot and Simon Boddaert
Development of energy-efficient processes for natural gas liquids recovery pp. 768-775 Downloads
Sekwang Yoon, Michael Binns, Sangmin Park and Jin-Kuk Kim
Power-to-heat as a flexibility measure for integration of renewable energy pp. 776-784 Downloads
Jon Gustav Kirkerud, Torjus Folsland Bolkesjø and Erik Trømborg
Constrained economic optimization of shell-and-tube heat exchangers using elitist-Jaya algorithm pp. 785-800 Downloads
R. Venkata Rao and Ankit Saroj
Experimental studies on combined cooling and power system driven by low-grade heat sources pp. 801-812 Downloads
G. Praveen Kumar, R. Saravanan and Alberto Coronas
Proper orthogonal decomposition for energy convergence of shock waves under severe knock pp. 813-829 Downloads
Han Xu, Anren Yao, Chunde Yao and Jian Gao
Performance assessment of hybrid solar energy and coal-fired power plant based on feed-water preheating pp. 830-838 Downloads
Hui Hong, Shuo Peng, Hao Zhang, Jie Sun and Hongguang Jin
Optimization-based provincial hybrid renewable and non-renewable energy planning – A case study of Shanxi, China pp. 839-856 Downloads
Yuan Liu, Li He and Jing Shen
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