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Volume 105, issue C, 2016

The exploitation of the physical exergy of liquid natural gas by closed power thermodynamic cycles. An overview pp. 2-15 Downloads
Costante M. Invernizzi and Paolo Iora
Combined cascaded Rankine and direct expander based power units using LNG (liquefied natural gas) cold as heat sink in LNG regasification pp. 16-24 Downloads
Ramón Ferreiro García, Jose Carbia Carril, Javier Romero Gomez and Manuel Romero Gomez
Application of the Stirling engine driven with cryogenic exergy of LNG (liquefied natural gas) for the production of electricity pp. 25-31 Downloads
Ireneusz Szczygieł, Wojciech Stanek and Jan Szargut
Thermodynamic analysis of a novel power plant with LNG (liquefied natural gas) cold exergy exploitation and CO2 capture pp. 32-44 Downloads
Manuel Romero Gómez, Javier Romero Gómez, López-González, Luis M. and López-Ochoa, Luis M.
Cold energy utilization of liquefied natural gas for capturing carbon dioxide in the flue gas from the magnesite processing industry pp. 45-56 Downloads
Liang Zhao, Hui Dong, Jiajun Tang and Jiuju Cai
Application of metal foam heat exchangers for a high-performance liquefied natural gas regasification system pp. 57-69 Downloads
Dae Yeon Kim, Tae Hong Sung and Kyung Chun Kim
A pump-free boosting system and its application to liquefied natural gas supply for large ships pp. 70-79 Downloads
Suwon Seo, Sangheon Han, Sangick Lee and Daejun Chang
Optimal LNG (liquefied natural gas) regasification scheduling for import terminals with storage pp. 80-88 Downloads
Ian M. Trotter, Marília Fernandes Maciel Gomes, Marcelo Braga, Bjørn Brochmann and Ole Nikolai Lie

Volume 104, issue C, 2016

Aerodynamic performance of a circulating airfoil section for Magnus systems via numerical simulation and flow visualization pp. 1-15 Downloads
Seyed Ali Kazemi, Nili-Ahmadabadi, Mahdi, Ahmad Sedaghat and Mohsen Saghafian
Maximizing recovery of energy and nutrients from urban wastewaters pp. 16-23 Downloads
T. Selvaratnam, Henkanatte-Gedera, S.M., T. Muppaneni, N. Nirmalakhandan, S. Deng and P.J. Lammers
Numerical simulation of six jet Pelton turbine model pp. 24-32 Downloads
Vishal Gupta, Vishnu Prasad and Ruchi Khare
Hot metal yield optimization of a blast furnace based on constructal theory pp. 33-41 Downloads
Xiong Liu, Huijun Feng, Lingen Chen, Xiaoyong Qin and Fengrui Sun
Municipal solid waste gasification in semi-industrial conditions using air-CO2 mixtures pp. 42-52 Downloads
Nuno Couto, Valter Silva and Abel Rouboa
Solar fuel production at high temperatures using ceria as a dense membrane pp. 53-63 Downloads
Liya Zhu, Youjun Lu and Shaohua Shen
Performance of double source boiler with coal-fired and solar power tower heat for supercritical power generating unit pp. 64-75 Downloads
Maolong Zhang, Xiaoze Du, Liping Pang, Chao Xu and Lijun Yang
Experimental study on hydrate-based CO2 removal from CH4/CO2 mixture pp. 76-84 Downloads
Fei Wang, Shanfei Fu, Gang Guo, Zhen-Zhen Jia, Sheng-Jun Luo and Rong-Bo Guo
Investigation on the performance of a heat recovery ventilator in different climate regions in China pp. 85-98 Downloads
Lingling Bao, Jinggang Wang and Hongxing Yang
A newly composed paraffin encapsulated prototype roof structure for efficient thermal management in hot climate pp. 99-106 Downloads
Hussein J. Akeiber, Mazlan A. Wahid, Hasanen M. Hussen and Abdulrahman Th. Mohammad
A thermally self-sustaining solid oxide fuel cell system at ultra-low operating temperature (319 °C) pp. 107-113 Downloads
Ikwhang Chang, Jiwoong Bae, Joonho Park, Sunho Lee, Myeongseok Ban, Taehyun Park, Yoon Ho Lee, Han Ho Song, Young-Beom Kim and Suk Won Cha
Investment and risk appraisal in energy storage systems: A real options approach pp. 114-131 Downloads
Giorgio Locatelli, Diletta Colette Invernizzi and Mauro Mancini
Primary energy implications of different design strategies for an apartment building pp. 132-148 Downloads
Uniben Yao Ayikoe Tettey, Ambrose Dodoo and Leif Gustavsson
Do oil prices drive agricultural commodity prices? Evidence from South Africa pp. 149-157 Downloads
Babajide Fowowe
Synergistic dosing effect of TiC/FeCr nanocatalysts on the hydrogenation/dehydrogenation kinetics of nanocrystalline MgH2 powders pp. 158-170 Downloads
El-Eskandarany, M. Sherif, Ehab Shaban and Ammar A. Alsairafi
Electrical circuit analogy for analysis and optimization of absorption energy storage systems pp. 171-183 Downloads
Tian Zhao, Yong Min, Qun Chen and Jun-Hong Hao
Using the ensemble Kalman filter for electricity load forecasting and analysis pp. 184-198 Downloads
Hisashi Takeda, Yoshiyasu Tamura and Seisho Sato
Hydrogen enhancement potential of synthetic biofuels manufacture in the European context: A techno-economic assessment pp. 199-212 Downloads
Ilkka Hannula
Reliability constrained congestion management with uncertain negawatt demand response firms considering repairable advanced metering infrastructures pp. 213-228 Downloads
Abbas Tabandeh, Amir Abdollahi and Masoud Rashidinejad
Performance of ground-source heat exchangers using short residential foundation piles pp. 229-236 Downloads
Koutaro Tsubaki and Yuichi Mitsutake
Projection of fossil fuels consumption in the Venezuelan electricity generation industry pp. 237-249 Downloads
Jorge A. Vidoza and Waldyr L.R. Gallo
A single-reciprocating-piston two-phase thermofluidic prime-mover pp. 250-265 Downloads
Aly I. Taleb, Michael A.G. Timmer, El-Shazly, Mohamed Y., Aleksandr Samoilov, Valeriy A. Kirillov and Christos N. Markides
Energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and measures towards their improvement in the food and beverage sector for six European countries pp. 266-283 Downloads
Steven Meyers, Bastian Schmitt, Chester-Jones, Mae and Barbara Sturm
Effect of hydrogen addition on overall pollutant emissions of inverse diffusion flame pp. 284-294 Downloads
J. Miao, C.W. Leung, C.S. Cheung, Z.H. Huang and H.S. Zhen
Wind tunnel and numerical study of a straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in three-dimensional analysis (Part II: For predicting flow field and performance) pp. 295-307 Downloads
Qing'an Li, Takao Maeda, Yasunari Kamada, Junsuke Murata, Toshiaki Kawabata, Kento Shimizu, Tatsuhiko Ogasawara, Alisa Nakai and Takuji Kasuya
Intra-day electro-thermal model predictive control for polygeneration systems in microgrids pp. 308-319 Downloads
Ramanunni P. Menon, François Maréchal and Mario Paolone

Volume 103, issue C, 2016

Time series analysis of Bahrain's first hybrid renewable energy system pp. 1-15 Downloads
Mohamed Bin Shams, Shaker Haji, Ali Salman, Hussain Abdali and Alaa Alsaffar
Experimental investigation of a MnCl2/CaCl2-NH3 two-stage solid sorption freezing system for a refrigerated truck pp. 16-26 Downloads
P. Gao, L.W. Wang, R.Z. Wang, X.F. Zhang, D.P. Li, Z.W. Liang and A.F. Cai
Drivers in CO2 emissions variation: A decomposition analysis for 33 world countries pp. 27-37 Downloads
Valeria Andreoni and Stefano Galmarini
Numerical modeling of repowering of a thermal power plant boiler using plasma combustion systems pp. 38-48 Downloads
Beycan Ibrahimoglu, M. Zeki Yilmazoglu and Ahmet Cucen
The effects of household consumption pattern on regional development: A case study of Shanghai pp. 49-60 Downloads
Xu Tian, Yong Geng, Hancheng Dai, Tsuyoshi Fujita, Rui Wu, Zhe Liu, Toshihiko Masui and Xie Yang
Optical non-intrusive measurements of internal recirculation zone of pulverized coal swirling flames with secondary swirl intensity pp. 61-74 Downloads
Yonmo Sung, Sangmin Lee, Seongyong Eom, Cheoreon Moon, Seongyool Ahn, Gyungmin Choi and Duckjool Kim
Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in air duct with various V-pattern rib roughness on the heated plate: A comparative study pp. 75-85 Downloads
Anil Kumar and Man-Hoe Kim
Multi-objective optimal reconfiguration and DG (Distributed Generation) power allocation in distribution networks using Big Bang-Big Crunch algorithm considering load uncertainty pp. 86-99 Downloads
Mobin Esmaeili, Mostafa Sedighizadeh and Masoud Esmaili
Hollow carbon sphere/metal oxide nanocomposites anodes for lithium-ion batteries pp. 100-106 Downloads
K. Wenelska, A. Ottmann, P. Schneider, E. Thauer, R. Klingeler and E. Mijowska
Integration and optimization of pressure retarded osmosis with reverse osmosis for power generation and high efficiency desalination pp. 110-118 Downloads
Ali Altaee, Graeme J. Millar and Guillermo Zaragoza
The effects of the engine design and running parameters on the performance of a Otto–Miller Cycle engine pp. 119-126 Downloads
Erinc Dobrucali
On the optimization of RO (Reverse Osmosis) system arrangements and their operating conditions pp. 127-150 Downloads
H. Kotb, E.H. Amer and K.A. Ibrahim
Life cycle energy and CO2 emission optimization for biofuel supply chain planning under uncertainties pp. 151-166 Downloads
Jingzheng Ren, Da An, Hanwei Liang, Liang Dong, Zhiqiu Gao, Yong Geng, Qinghua Zhu, Shaoxian Song and Wenhui Zhao
Geothermal potential assessment for a low carbon strategy: A new systematic approach applied in southern Italy pp. 167-181 Downloads
E. Trumpy, S. Botteghi, F. Caiozzi, A. Donato, G. Gola, D. Montanari, M.P.D. Pluymaekers, A. Santilano, J.D. van Wees and A. Manzella
Experimental study of compressed air energy storage system with thermal energy storage pp. 182-191 Downloads
Sixian Wang, Xuelin Zhang, Luwei Yang, Yuan Zhou and Junjie Wang
A multi-agent based distributed energy management scheme for smart grid applications pp. 192-204 Downloads
Bharat Menon Radhakrishnan and Dipti Srinivasan
Catalytic pyrolysis of Tetraselmis and Isochrysis microalgae by nickel ceria based catalysts for hydrocarbon production pp. 205-214 Downloads
Tevfik Aysu, Nur Adilah Abd Rahman and Aimaro Sanna
Inequality constrained nonlinear data reconciliation of a steam turbine power plant for enhanced parameter estimation pp. 215-230 Downloads
Sisi Guo, Pei Liu and Zheng Li
Optimal sizing and location of SPV (solar photovoltaic) based MLDG (multiple location distributed generator) in distribution system for loss reduction, voltage profile improvement with economical benefits pp. 231-239 Downloads
Majid Jamil and Ahmed Sharique Anees
How do Spanish polluting sectors' stock market returns react to European Union allowances prices? A panel data approach pp. 240-250 Downloads
Blanca Moreno and Patricia Silva
Usability of porous burner in kerosene pressure stove: An experimental investigation aided by energy and exergy analyses pp. 251-260 Downloads
Monikankana Sharma, P. Mahanta and Subhash C. Mishra
Energy performance of different silicon photovoltaic technologies under hot and harsh climate pp. 261-270 Downloads
Alain K. Tossa, Y.M. Soro, L. Thiaw, Y. Azoumah, Lionel Sicot, D. Yamegueu, Claude Lishou, Y. Coulibaly and Guillaume Razongles
Transient model to predict the performance of thermoelectric generators coupled with solar pond pp. 271-289 Downloads
L.C. Ding, A. Akbarzadeh and A. Date
Numerical simulation of electricity generation potential from fractured granite reservoir through vertical wells at Yangbajing geothermal field pp. 290-304 Downloads
Yu-chao Zeng, Jie-min Zhan, Neng-you Wu, Ying-ying Luo and Wen-hao Cai
A study on the effect of tar fouled on thermal efficiency of a wood pellet boiler: A performance analysis and simulation using Computation Fluid Dynamics pp. 305-312 Downloads
Seung Hee Euh, Sagar Kafle, Yun Sung Choi, Jae-Heun Oh and Dae Hyun Kim
An acoustically matched traveling-wave thermoacoustic generator achieving 750 W electric power pp. 313-321 Downloads
Kai Wang, Daming Sun, Jie Zhang, Ya Xu, Kai Luo, Ning Zhang, Jiang Zou and Limin Qiu
Performance, aeroacoustics and feature extraction of an axial flow fan with abnormal blade angle pp. 322-339 Downloads
Chunxi Li, Qing Lin, Xueliang Ding and Xuemin Ye
A study of regulated and green house gas emissions from a prototype heavy-duty compressed natural gas engine under transient and real life conditions pp. 340-355 Downloads
Theodoros Grigoratos, Georgios Fontaras, Giorgio Martini and Cesare Peletto
Single phase fault location in electrical distribution feeder using hybrid method pp. 356-368 Downloads
Mohammad Daisy and Rahman Dashti
Transient natural gas liquefaction and its application to CCC-ES (energy storage with cryogenic carbon capture™) pp. 369-384 Downloads
Farhad Fazlollahi, Alex Bown, Edris Ebrahimzadeh and Larry L. Baxter
A waste cold recovery from the exhausted cryogenic nitrogen by using thermoelectric power generator pp. 385-396 Downloads
Chien-Chou Weng, Ming-Chyuan Lin and Mei-Jiau Huang
How to model the cycling ability of thermal units in power systems pp. 397-409 Downloads
Sonja Babrowski, Patrick Jochem and Wolf Fichtner
Shroud leakage flow models and a multi-dimensional coupling CFD (computational fluid dynamics) method for shrouded turbines pp. 410-429 Downloads
Zhengping Zou, Jingyuan Liu, Weihao Zhang and Peng Wang
Efficiency of methane hydrate combustion for different types of oxidizer flow pp. 430-439 Downloads
S.Y. Misyura
An elevated-pressure cryogenic air separation unit based on self-heat recuperation technology for integrated gasification combined cycle systems pp. 440-446 Downloads
Qian Fu, Yasuki Kansha, Chunfeng Song, Yuping Liu, Masanori Ishizuka and Atsushi Tsutsumi
Access to electricity and socio-economic characteristics: Panel data evidence at the country level pp. 447-455 Downloads
Natalia Magnani and Andrea Vaona
Production of gasoline and diesel like fuels from waste tire oil by using catalytic pyrolysis pp. 456-468 Downloads
Abdulkadir Ayanoğlu and Recep Yumrutaş
Environmental performance of wood pellets' production through life cycle analysis pp. 469-480 Downloads
Andrea Laschi, Enrico Marchi and González-García, Sara
Ultra high supercapacitance of ultra small Co3O4 nanocubes pp. 481-486 Downloads
Monalisa Pal, Rupali Rakshit, Ashutosh Kumar Singh and Kalyan Mandal
Household electricity demand profiles – A high-resolution load model to facilitate modelling of energy flexible buildings pp. 487-501 Downloads
Marszal-Pomianowska, Anna, Per Heiselberg and Olena Kalyanova Larsen
Multi-criteria assessment of building combined heat and power systems located in different climate zones: Japan–China comparison pp. 502-512 Downloads
Qiong Wu, Hongbo Ren, Weijun Gao and Jianxing Ren
Catalytic co-pyrolysis of paper biomass and plastic mixtures (HDPE (high density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyethylene terephthalate)) and product analysis pp. 513-521 Downloads
Jayeeta Chattopadhyay, T.S. Pathak, R. Srivastava and A.C. Singh
Transportation fuel production from gasified biomass integrated with a pulp and paper mill - Part B: Analysis of economic performance and greenhouse gas emissions pp. 522-532 Downloads
Johan Isaksson, Mikael Jansson, Anders Åsblad and Thore Berntsson
Thermal behavior of waste tea pyrolysis by TG-FTIR analysis pp. 533-542 Downloads
Linghui Tian, Boxiong Shen, Huan Xu, Fukuan Li, Yinyin Wang and Surjit Singh
Energy consumption across European Union farms: Efficiency in terms of farming output and utilized agricultural area pp. 543-556 Downloads
Vítor João Pereira Domingues Martinho
Transportation fuel production from gasified biomass integrated with a pulp and paper mill – Part A: Heat integration and system performance pp. 557-571 Downloads
Johan Isaksson, Mikael Jansson, Anders Åsblad and Thore Berntsson
Flow phenomena leading to surge in a centrifugal compressor pp. 572-587 Downloads
Bernhard Semlitsch and Mihai Mihăescu
Building energy efficiency for public hospitals and healthcare facilities in China: Barriers and drivers pp. 588-597 Downloads
Tao Wang, Xiaodong Li, Pin-Chao Liao and Dongping Fang
Enhancement of microalgal biomass production and dissolved inorganic C fixation from actual coal flue gas by exogenous salicylic acid and 1-triacontanol growth promoters pp. 598-604 Downloads
Burcu Ertit Taştan, Ergin Duygu, Mustafa İlbaş and Gönül Dönmez
A capacitive deionization system with high energy recovery and effective re-use pp. 605-617 Downloads
Ginno L. Andres and Yoshinobu Yoshihara
Performance prediction of solid desiccant – Vapor compression hybrid air-conditioning system using artificial neural network pp. 618-629 Downloads
D.B. Jani, Manish Mishra and P.K. Sahoo
Energetic and exergetic efficiency modeling of a cargo aircraft by a topology improving neuro-evolution algorithm pp. 630-645 Downloads
Tolga Baklacioglu, Hakan Aydin and Onder Turan
Process integration of chemical looping combustion with oxygen uncoupling in a coal-fired power plant pp. 646-659 Downloads
Maurizio Spinelli, Petteri Peltola, Aldo Bischi, Jouni Ritvanen, Timo Hyppänen and Matteo C. Romano
Experimental study of an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and analysis of R1233zd-E as a drop-in replacement for R245fa for low temperature heat utilization pp. 660-671 Downloads
Sebastian Eyerer, Christoph Wieland, Annelies Vandersickel and Hartmut Spliethoff
Applying optimization techniques to improve of energy efficiency and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions of wheat production pp. 672-678 Downloads
Nabavi-Pelesaraei, Ashkan, Hosseinzadeh-Bandbafha, Homa, Qasemi-Kordkheili, Peyman, Kouchaki-Penchah, Hamed and Riahi-Dorcheh, Farshid
Novel hybridized drying methods for processing of apple fruit: Energy conservation approach pp. 679-687 Downloads
Amin Hazervazifeh, Ali M. Nikbakht and Parviz A. Moghaddam
Contribution of emergency demand response programs in power system reliability pp. 688-696 Downloads
Jamshid Aghaei, Mohammad-Iman Alizadeh, Pierluigi Siano and Alireza Heidari
High quality syngas production via steam-oxygen blown bubbling fluidised bed gasifier pp. 697-708 Downloads
Stefano Stendardo, Pier Ugo Foscolo, Mirko Nobili and Silvera Scaccia
Energy penalty estimates for CO2 capture: Comparison between fuel types and capture-combustion modes pp. 709-714 Downloads
Suraj Vasudevan, Shamsuzzaman Farooq, Iftekhar A. Karimi, Mark Saeys, Michael C.G. Quah and Rakesh Agrawal
Carbon exergy tax applied to biomass integrated gasification combined cycle in sugarcane industry pp. 715-724 Downloads
Valdi Freire da Fonseca Filho, José Alexandre Matelli and José Antonio Perrella Balestieri
Visible-light-induced photocatalytic oxidation of nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide: Discrete kinetics and mechanism pp. 725-734 Downloads
Yinghui Han, Junjun Zhang and Yi Zhao
Integration of renewable generation uncertainties into stochastic unit commitment considering reserve and risk: A comparative study pp. 735-745 Downloads
Hao Quan, Dipti Srinivasan and Abbas Khosravi
Accurate estimation model for small and micro hydropower plants costs in hybrid energy systems modelling pp. 746-757 Downloads
Giovanna Cavazzini, Alberto Santolin, Giorgio Pavesi and Guido Ardizzon
Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles for coal-fired power plants pp. 758-771 Downloads
Mounir Mecheri and Yann Le Moullec
The effects of temperature on transport phenomena in phosphoric acid doped polybenzimidazole polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell pp. 772-783 Downloads
Gülşah Elden, Muhammet Çelik, Gamze Genç and Hüseyin Yapıcı
State of health estimation algorithm of LiFePO4 battery packs based on differential voltage curves for battery management system application pp. 784-796 Downloads
Maitane Berecibar, Maitane Garmendia, Iñigo Gandiaga, Jon Crego and Igor Villarreal
Banana peels as a biobase catalyst for fatty acid methyl esters production using Napoleon's plume (Bauhinia monandra) seed oil: A process parameters optimization study pp. 797-806 Downloads
Eriola Betiku, Aramide Mistura Akintunde and Tunde Victor Ojumu
A discrete and continuous mathematical model for the optimal synthesis and design of dual pressure heat recovery steam generators coupled to two steam turbines pp. 807-823 Downloads
Juan I. Manassaldi, Ana M. Arias, Nicolás J. Scenna, Miguel C. Mussati and Sergio F. Mussati
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