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Volume 168, issue C, 2019

Selection of refrigerants for a modified organic Rankine cycle pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jakub Kajurek, Artur Rusowicz, Andrzej Grzebielec, Wojciech Bujalski, Kamil Futyma and Zbigniew Rudowicz
Numerical study of the effect of combustion chamber structure on scavenging process in a boosted GDI engine pp. 9-29 Downloads
Yejian Qian, Zhen Gong, Xiaowei Shao, Changfa Tao and Yuan Zhuang
Cooperative planning model of renewable energy sources and energy storage units in active distribution systems: A bi-level model and Pareto analysis pp. 30-42 Downloads
Rui Li, Wei Wang, Xuezhi Wu, Fen Tang and Zhe Chen
On increasing the thermal mass of a salinity gradient solar pond with external heat addition: A transient study pp. 43-56 Downloads
Sayantan Ganguly, Abhijit Date and Aliakbar Akbarzadeh
Effects of battery technology and load scalability on stand-alone PV/ICE hybrid micro-grid system performance pp. 57-69 Downloads
Barun K. Das, Al-Abdeli, Yasir M. and Matthew Woolridge
Energy and emission impacts of liquid fueled engines compared to electric motors for small size motorcycles based on the Brazilian scenario pp. 70-79 Downloads
Natália de Assis Brasil Weber, Bárbara Pacheco da Rocha, Paulo Smith Schneider, Luiz Carlos Daemme and Renato de Arruda Penteado Neto
Magnesia phosphate cement composite bipolar plates for passive type direct methanol fuel cells pp. 80-87 Downloads
Wenbin Hao, Hongyan Ma, Guoxing Sun and Zongjin Li
A novel optical-thermal modeling of a parabolic dish collector with a helically baffled cylindrical cavity receiver pp. 88-98 Downloads
Sara Soltani, Mohammad Bonyadi and Vahid Madadi Avargani
Condensation characteristics of natural gas in the supersonic liquefaction process pp. 99-110 Downloads
Jiang Bian, Xuewen Cao, Wen Yang, Xiaodan Song, Chengcheng Xiang and Song Gao
Scenario-based modelling of the potential for solar energy charging of electric vehicles in two Scandinavian cities pp. 111-125 Downloads
Clara Good, Mahmoud Shepero, Joakim Munkhammar and Tobias Boström
Syngas production by chemical looping gasification using Fe supported on phosphogypsum compound oxygen carrier pp. 126-135 Downloads
Jie Yang, Yi Wei, Jing Yang, Huaping Xiang, Liping Ma, Wei Zhang, Lichun Wang, Yuhui Peng and Hongpan Liu
Modeling and experimental investigation for performance and emissions on a diesel engine using bio-oxygenated ternary fuel blends pp. 136-150 Downloads
Ashish Nayyar, Dilip Sharma, Shyam Lal Soni, Bhuvnesh Bhardwaj and Manu Augustine
Characteristics of stoichiometric CH4/O2/CO2 flame up to the pure oxygen condition pp. 151-159 Downloads
Bo Li, Baolu Shi, Qingzhao Chu, Xiaoyao Zhao, Junwei Li and Ningfei Wang
Energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining: A study of electricity consumption in mining cryptocurrencies pp. 160-168 Downloads
Jingming Li, Nianping Li, Jinqing Peng, Haijiao Cui and Zhibin Wu
Thermodynamic, dynamic and flow friction analysis of a Stirling engine with Scotch yoke piston driving mechanism pp. 169-181 Downloads
Halit Karabulut, Melih Okur, Serdar Halis and Murat Altin
Contribution and investigation to compare models parameters of (PEMFC), comprehensives review of fuel cell models and their degradation pp. 182-199 Downloads
Mohamed Blal, Ali Benatiallah, Ammar NeÇaibia, Salah Lachtar, Nordine Sahouane and Ahmed Belasri
Optimization of mixed refrigerant system for LNG processes through graphically reducing exergy destruction of cryogenic heat exchangers pp. 200-206 Downloads
Chang Song, Shuai Tan, Fengcheng Qu, Weidong Liu and Yong Wu
A novel curtain design to enhance the aerodynamic performance of Invelox: A steady-RANS numerical simulation pp. 207-221 Downloads
M. Anbarsooz, M. Amiri and I. Rashidi
A novel empirical heat transfer model for a solar thermal storage process using phase change materials pp. 222-234 Downloads
Yu Bie, Ming Li, Fei Chen, Grzegorz Królczyk, Lin Yang, Zhixiong Li and Weihua Li
Solid oxide fuel cell hybrid system: A detailed review of an environmentally clean and efficient source of energy pp. 235-246 Downloads
U.M. Damo, M.L. Ferrari, A. Turan and A.F. Massardo
Design and optimization of a novel system for trigeneration pp. 247-260 Downloads
A. Arabkoohsar and G.B. Andresen
Integrated advanced nonlinear neural network-simulink control system for production of bio-methanol from sugar cane bagasse via pyrolysis pp. 261-272 Downloads
N.H. Kasmuri, S.K. Kamarudin, S.R.S. Abdullah, H.A. Hasan and A. Md Som
Spray cooling system design and optimization for cooling performance enhancement of natural draft dry cooling tower in concentrated solar power plants pp. 273-284 Downloads
Yubiao Sun, Zhiqiang Guan, Hal Gurgenci, Jianyong Wang, Peixin Dong and Kamel Hooman
Experimental observation and thermodynamic modeling of non-ideal expanding flows of siloxane MDM vapor for ORC applications pp. 285-294 Downloads
Andrea Spinelli, Giorgia Cammi, Camilla Cecilia Conti, Simone Gallarini, Marta Zocca, Fabio Cozzi, Paolo Gaetani, Vincenzo Dossena and Alberto Guardone
Supercritical CO2 and air Brayton-Joule versus ORC systems for heat recovery from glass furnaces: Performance and economic evaluation pp. 295-309 Downloads
Piero Danieli, Sergio Rech and Andrea Lazzaretto
Nocturnal electric vehicle charging interacting with a residential photovoltaic-battery system: a 3E (energy, economic and environmental) analysis pp. 310-331 Downloads
Domenico Mazzeo
Energetic, exergetic, economic and environmental (4E) analysis and multi-factor evaluation method of low GWP fluids in trans-critical organic Rankine cycles pp. 332-345 Downloads
Cheng Zhang, Chao Liu, Xiaoxiao Xu, Qibin Li and Shukun Wang
Thermal design and optimization of a heat recovery steam generator in a combined-cycle power plant by applying a genetic algorithm pp. 346-357 Downloads
Ali Rezaie, George Tsatsaronis and Udo Hellwig
Harvesting waste heat from cement kiln shell by thermoelectric system pp. 358-369 Downloads
Mojtaba Mirhosseini, Alireza Rezania and Lasse Rosendahl
Uncertainty quantification and scenario generation of future solar photovoltaic price for use in energy system models pp. 370-379 Downloads
Hansung Kim, Hyungkyu Cheon, Young-Hwan Ahn and Dong Gu Choi
Thermodynamic considerations on MEA absorption: Whether thermodynamic cycle could be used as a tool for energy efficiency analysis pp. 380-392 Downloads
Junyao Wang, Taiwei Sun, Jun Zhao, Shuai Deng, Kaixiang Li, Yaofeng Xu and Jianxin Fu
Study of the reaction mechanism of aluminum based composite fuel and chlorine trifluoride oxide pp. 393-399 Downloads
Xinghua Liu, Yue Ma, Shuyuan Li, Hua Yan, Daxi Wang and Yongfeng Luo
The implementation of building-integrated photovoltaics in Singapore: drivers versus barriers pp. 400-408 Downloads
Yujie Lu, Ruidong Chang, Veronika Shabunko and Amy Tan Lay Yee
Prefeasibility techno-economic assessment of a hybrid power plant with photovoltaic, fuel cell and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) pp. 409-424 Downloads
Saber Sadeghi and Ighball Baniasad Askari
Multi-objective hydropower station operation using an improved cuckoo search algorithm pp. 425-439 Downloads
Xuejiao Meng, Jianxia Chang, Xuebin Wang and Yimin Wang
Energy and exergy analysis of solar heat driven chiller under wide system boundary conditions pp. 440-449 Downloads
Karolina Petela and Andrzej Szlek
Comprehensive assessment for battery energy storage systems based on fuzzy-MCDM considering risk preferences pp. 450-461 Downloads
Haoran Zhao, Sen Guo and Huiru Zhao
Exergy-based ecological indicators: From Thermo-Economics to cumulative exergy consumption to Thermo-Ecological Cost and Extended Exergy Accounting pp. 462-476 Downloads
Enrico Sciubba
Natural gas displacement by wind curtailment utilization in combined-cycle power plants pp. 477-491 Downloads
A. Gangoli Rao, F.S.C. van den Oudenalder and S.A. Klein
Assessment of turbine performance under swirling inflow conditions pp. 492-504 Downloads
Zhanming Ding, Weilin Zhuge and Yangjun Zhang
Approaches to energy efficiency in air conditioning: A comparative study on purge configurations for indirect evaporative cooling pp. 505-515 Downloads
Seung Jin Oh, Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Muhammad Burhan, Wongee Chun, Chua Kian Jon, M. KumJa and Kim Choon Ng
Sustainable economic development in China: Modelling the role of hydroelectricity consumption in a multivariate framework pp. 516-531 Downloads
Sakiru Solarin, Muhammad Shahbaz and Shawkat Hammoudeh
Biomass in the electricity system: A complement to variable renewables or a source of negative emissions? pp. 532-541 Downloads
Viktor Johansson, Mariliis Lehtveer and Lisa Göransson
Advanced exergoeconomic evaluation of a mini-scale nitrogen dual expander process for liquefaction of natural gas pp. 542-557 Downloads
Ali Palizdar, Talieh Ramezani, Zahra Nargessi, Saeedeh AmirAfshar, Mojgan Abbasi and Ali Vatani
A novel combination forecasting model for wind power integrating least square support vector machine, deep belief network, singular spectrum analysis and locality-sensitive hashing pp. 558-572 Downloads
Yachao Zhang, Jian Le, Xiaobing Liao, Feng Zheng and Yinghai Li
Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of furfural residue in a continuously operated auger reactor: Biochar characterization and analysis pp. 573-584 Downloads
Xiao Mao, Qinhao Kang, Yang Liu, Asif Ali Siyal, Wenya Ao, Chunmei Ran, Jie Fu, Zeyu Deng, Yongmeng Song and Jianjun Dai
Combustion characteristics, performances and emissions of a biodiesel-producer gas dual fuel engine with varied combustor geometry pp. 585-600 Downloads
Swarup Kumar Nayak and Purna Chandra Mishra
Definition of cycle based comprehensive efficiency of a cooled turbine pp. 601-608 Downloads
Wei Ba, Xiao-chen Wang, Xue-song Li, Xiao-dong Ren and Chun-wei Gu
Energy utilization of coal-coking wastes via coal slurry preparation: The characteristics of slurrying, combustion, and pollutant emission pp. 609-618 Downloads
Zhenghui Zhao, Ruikun Wang, Lichao Ge, Junhong Wu, Qianqian Yin and Chunbo Wang
Multi-skill project scheduling problem under time-of-use electricity tariffs and shift differential payments pp. 619-636 Downloads
Hamid Najafzad, Davari-Ardakani, Hamed and Nemati-Lafmejani, Reza
Investigation into spacing restriction and layout optimization of wind farm with multiple types of wind turbines pp. 637-650 Downloads
Haiying Sun, Hongxing Yang and Xiaoxia Gao
Analysis of the temperatures of heating and cooling sources and the air states in liquid desiccant dehumidification systems regenerated by return air pp. 651-661 Downloads
Xia Song, Lun Zhang and Xiaosong Zhang
Exergy assessment and exergy cost analysis of a renewable-based and hybrid trigeneration scheme for domestic water and energy supply pp. 662-683 Downloads
Sergio Usón, Javier Uche, Amaya Martínez, Alejandro del Amo, Luis Acevedo and Ángel Bayod
High penetration renewable generation within Australian isolated and remote power systems pp. 684-692 Downloads
James Hamilton, Michael Negnevitsky, Xiaolin Wang and Sarah Lyden
Characteristics of charge/discharge and alternating current impedance in all-vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 693-701 Downloads
Hong Sun, Mingfu Yu, Qiang Li, Kaiming Zhuang, Jie Li, Saif Almheiri and Xiaochen Zhang
Performance evaluation of a turbojet engine integrated with interstage turbine burner and solid oxide fuel cell pp. 702-711 Downloads
Zhixing Ji, Jiang Qin, Kunlin Cheng, He Liu, Silong Zhang and Peng Dong
Energetic and exergetic investigation of a novel refrigeration system utilizing ejector integrated subcooling using different refrigerants pp. 712-727 Downloads
Tuncay Yilmaz and Mehmet Tahir Erdinç
Experimental investigation on the heating performance of a novel designed trombe wall pp. 728-736 Downloads
Jiankai Dong, Zhihua Chen, Long Zhang, Yuanda Cheng, Suyuting Sun and Jia Jie
Experimental analysis of NOx reduction through water addition and comparison with exhaust gas recycling pp. 737-752 Downloads
J. Serrano, Jiménez-Espadafor, F.J., A. Lora, Modesto-López, L., Gañán-Calvo, A. and López-Serrano, J.
Convex decoupled-synergetic strategies for robust multi-objective power and gas flow considering power to gas pp. 753-771 Downloads
Kaiping Qu, Baomin Zheng, Tao Yu and Haofei Li
Energy system impacts of grid tariff structures for flexible power-to-district heat pp. 772-781 Downloads
Eli Sandberg, Jon Gustav Kirkerud, Erik Trømborg and Torjus Folsland Bolkesjø
Effect of dewatered sludge microwave pretreatment temperature and duration on net energy generation and biosolids quality from anaerobic digestion pp. 782-795 Downloads
Kor-Bicakci, Gokce, Ubay-Cokgor, Emine and Cigdem Eskicioglu
A novel multi-objective Dynamic Programming optimization method: Performance management of a solar thermal power plant as a case study pp. 796-814 Downloads
Javad Mahmoudimehr and Parvin Sebghati
The relationship between energy consumption, economic growth, and CO2 emission in MENA countries: Causality analysis in the frequency domain pp. 815-822 Downloads
Muhammed Sehid Gorus and Mucahit Aydin
Transient behavior of concentrated solar oxide thermoelectric generator pp. 823-832 Downloads
S. Mahmoudinezhad, A. Rezania, P.A. Cotfas, D.T. Cotfas and L.A. Rosendahl
Effect of equivalence ratio on the performance of the downdraft gasifier – An experimental and modelling approach pp. 833-846 Downloads
Darshit S. Upadhyay, Anil Kumar Sakhiya, Krunal Panchal, Amar H. Patel and Rajesh N. Patel
H2S and CO2 capture from gaseous fuels using nanoparticle membrane pp. 847-857 Downloads
Abdolahi-Mansoorkhani, Hamed and Sadegh Seddighi
Performance enhancement of centrally finned twist inserted solar collector using corrugated booster reflectors pp. 858-869 Downloads
M. Murugan, R. Vijayan, A. Saravanan and S. Jaisankar
Balancing future variable wind and solar power production in Central-West Europe with Norwegian hydropower pp. 870-882 Downloads
I. Graabak, M. Korpås, S. Jaehnert and M. Belsnes
Adaptive full-range decoupled ventilation strategy and air-conditioning systems for cleanrooms and buildings requiring strict humidity control and their performance evaluation pp. 883-896 Downloads
Chaoqun Zhuang, Shengwei Wang and Kui Shan
Optimization procedure to minimize fuel consumption of a four-stroke marine turbocharged diesel engine pp. 897-908 Downloads
M. Tadros, M. Ventura and C. Guedes Soares
Optimization of diesel engine performance and emission parameters employing cassia tora methyl esters-response surface methodology approach pp. 909-918 Downloads
Yashvir Singh, Abhishek Sharma, Sumit Tiwari and Amneesh Singla
Unified energy management and load control in building equipped with wind-solar-battery incorporating electric and hydrogen vehicles under both connected to the grid and islanding modes pp. 919-930 Downloads
Hasan Mehrjerdi, Mosayeb Bornapour, Reza Hemmati and Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Ghiasi
Thermo-mechanical behavior assessment of smart wire connected and busbarPV modules during production, transportation, and subsequent field loading stages pp. 931-945 Downloads
Guiqiang Li, M.W. Akram, Yi Jin, Xiao Chen, Changan Zhu, Ashfaq Ahmad, R.H. Arshad and Xudong Zhao
Simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of corn stover pretreated by H2O2 oxidative degradation for ethanol production pp. 946-952 Downloads
Lu Liu, Zhicai Zhang, Jia Wang, Yajuan Fan, Wenjing Shi, Xiaocui Liu and Quanshan Shun
Impedance matching control strategy for a solar cooling system directly driven by distributed photovoltaics pp. 953-965 Downloads
Youhua Han, Ming Li, Yunfeng Wang, Guoliang Li, Xun Ma, Rui Wang and Liang Wang
Hub-and-spoke structure: Characterizing the global crude oil transport network with mass vessel trajectories pp. 966-974 Downloads
Peng Peng, Yu Yang, Shifen Cheng, Feng Lu and Zimu Yuan
Two-dimensional numerical study of a heat and mass exchanger for a dew-point evaporative cooler pp. 975-988 Downloads
Yuting Liu, Jun Ming Li, Xu Yang and Xudong Zhao
CO2 emissions patterns in 7 top carbon emitter economies: The case of transport sector pp. 989-1001 Downloads
Saeed Solaymani
On the dynamic modeling of Brayton cycle power conversion systems with the CATHARE-3 code pp. 1002-1016 Downloads
Gedeon Mauger, Nicolas Tauveron, Fabrice Bentivoglio and Alain Ruby
A bionic approach for heat generation and latent heat storage inspired by the polar bear pp. 1017-1030 Downloads
Anastasia August, Aron Kneer, Andreas Reiter, Michael Wirtz, Jamal Sarsour, Thomas Stegmaier, Stéphan Barbe, Götz T. Gresser and Britta Nestler
Energy intensity determinants in an energy-exporting developing economy: Case of Iran pp. 1031-1044 Downloads
Hassan Dargahi and Kazem Biabany Khameneh
Fate of a biomass particle during CO2 gasification: A mathematical model under entrained flow condition at high temperature pp. 1045-1062 Downloads
M.A. Kibria, Pramod Sripada, M.W. Woo and Sankar Bhattacharya
Modeling and simulation on a water vapor high temperature heat pump system pp. 1063-1072 Downloads
Di Wu, Hongzhi Yan, Bin Hu and R.Z. Wang
Exploring temporal and spatial evolution of global coal supply-demand and flow structure pp. 1073-1080 Downloads
Yunting Song and Nuo Wang
Carbon emissions, energy use, real GDP per capita and trade matrix in the Indian economy-an ARDL approach pp. 1081-1093 Downloads
Ergin Akalpler and Simbarashe Hove
Experimental investigation on near wall ignited lean methane/hydrogen/air flame pp. 1094-1103 Downloads
Du Wang, Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang, Jinxin Yang and Chuanqi Tang
Application of automated cubic-order mesh generation for efficient energy transfer using parabolic arcs for microwave problems pp. 1104-1118 Downloads
T.V. Smitha and K.V. Nagaraja
Real-time price-based demand response model for combined heat and power systems pp. 1119-1127 Downloads
Manijeh Alipour, Kazem Zare, Heresh Seyedi and Mehdi Jalali
Modeling of a dual fueled diesel engine operated by a novel fuel containing glycerol triacetate additive and biodiesel using artificial neural network tuned by genetic algorithm to reduce engine emissions pp. 1128-1137 Downloads
Bahman Najafi, Eivaz Akbarian, S. Mehdi Lashkarpour, Mortaza Aghbashlo, Hassan S. Ghaziaskar and Meisam Tabatabaei
A numerical study on the angle of attack to the blade of a horizontal-axis offshore floating wind turbine under static and dynamic yawed conditions pp. 1138-1156 Downloads
Binrong Wen, Xinliang Tian, Xingjian Dong, Zhike Peng, Wenming Zhang and Kexiang Wei
Effect of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE)–gasoline blends on regulated and unregulated emissions in spark-ignition engine pp. 1157-1167 Downloads
Yuanxu Li, Zhi Ning, Chia-fon F. Lee, Junhao Yan and Timothy H. Lee
One-dimensional modeling of a turbulent fluidized bed for a sorbent-based CO2 capture process with solid–solid sensible heat exchange pp. 1168-1180 Downloads
Junhyung Park, Wangyun Won, Wonho Jung and Kwang Soon Lee
Mapping between transmission constraint penalty factor and OPF solution in electricity markets: analysis and fast calculation pp. 1181-1191 Downloads
Zhifang Yang, Haiwang Zhong, Wei Lin, Jeremy Lin, Yonghong Chen, Qing Xia, Wentao Liu and Xuan Zhang
Scheduling isolated power systems considering electric vehicles and primary frequency response pp. 1192-1207 Downloads
Miguel Carrión, Ruth Domínguez, Cañas-Carretón, Miguel and Zárate-Miñano, Rafael
Investigation of effect of compression ratio on combustion and exhaust emissions in A HCCI engine pp. 1208-1216 Downloads
Alper Calam, Hamit Solmaz, Emre Yılmaz and Yakup İçingür
Comparative evaluation of different combined cycle configurations having simple gas turbine, steam turbine and ammonia water turbine pp. 1217-1236 Downloads
Mayank Maheshwari and Onkar Singh
Experimental study on absorption/compression hybrid refrigeration cycle pp. 1237-1245 Downloads
Li Jianbo, Xu Shiming, Kong Xiangqiang, Liu Kai and Cui Fulin
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