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Volume 182, issue C, 2019

A novel insulation system based on active cooling without power input for liquid hydrogen storage pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jianpeng Zheng, Liubiao Chen, Xiafan Xu, Luna Guo, Yuan Zhou and Junjie Wang
Experimental study on flame radiant heat flux from two heptane storage pools and its application to estimating safety distance pp. 11-20 Downloads
Huaxian Wan, Zihe Gao, Jie Ji and Yongming Zhang
Homogenization of solar flux distribution in a carbon aerosol entrapped cavity receiver pp. 21-36 Downloads
Yabin Jin, Jiabin Fang, Jinjia Wei, Mumtaz A. Qaisrani and Xinhe Wang
The multi-objective optimization of combustion system operations based on deep data-driven models pp. 37-47 Downloads
Zhenhao Tang and Zijun Zhang
Performance characteristics of mode of ballast on energy efficiency indices of agricultural tyre in different terrain condition in controlled soil bin environment pp. 48-56 Downloads
Sanjeev Kumar, Md Tabish Noori and K.P. Pandey
Thermal management of lithium-ion batteries: An experimental investigation pp. 57-71 Downloads
Carla Menale, Francesco D'Annibale, Barbara Mazzarotta and Roberto Bubbico
Predicting residential energy consumption using CNN-LSTM neural networks pp. 72-81 Downloads
Tae-Young Kim and Sung-Bae Cho
Controlling the optimal combustion phasing in an HCCI engine based on load demand and minimum emissions pp. 82-92 Downloads
Mohsen Nazoktabar, Seyed Ali Jazayeri, Mohsen Parsa, Davoud Domiri Ganji and Kamran Arshtabar
Thermal performance of a heating system combining solar air collector with hollow ventilated interior wall in residential buildings on Tibetan Plateau pp. 93-109 Downloads
Tao Yu, Bowan Liu, Bo Lei, Yanping Yuan, Haiquan Bi and Zili Zhang
Thermodynamic competitiveness of high temperature vapor compression heat pumps for boiler substitution pp. 110-121 Downloads
Riccardo Bergamini, Jonas Kjær Jensen and Brian Elmegaard
Optimal placement and sizing of heat pumps and heat only boilers in a coupled electricity and heating networks pp. 122-134 Downloads
Getnet Tadesse Ayele, Mohamed Tahar Mabrouk, Pierrick Haurant, Björn Laumert and Bruno Lacarrière
Feasibility study of improved unconventional reservoir performance with carbonated water and surfactant pp. 135-147 Downloads
Haiyang Yu, Zhenhua Rui, Zhewei Chen, Xin Lu, Zhonglin Yang, Junhui Liu, Xuefeng Qu, Shirish Patil, Kegang Ling and Jun Lu
Thermal performance enhancement of non-premixed syngas combustion in a partial combustion unit by winged nozzle: Experimental and CFD study pp. 148-158 Downloads
Woon Phui Law and Jolius Gimbun
Comparison of inflow and outflow radial air turbines in vented and bidirectional OWC wave energy converters pp. 159-176 Downloads
Nazanin Ansarifard, Alan Fleming, Alan Henderson, S.S. Kianejad, Shuhong Chai and Jarrah Orphin
Design and test of a 600-kW horizontal-axis tidal current turbine pp. 177-186 Downloads
Yangjian Li, Hongwei Liu, Yonggang Lin, Wei Li and Yajing Gu
A mathematical procedure to predict optical efficiency of CPCs with tubular absorbers pp. 187-200 Downloads
Ruihua Xu, Runsheng Tang and Ashmore Mawire
Flexible Co-Scheduling of integrated electrical and gas energy networks under continuous and discrete uncertainties pp. 201-210 Downloads
Ahmad Nikoobakht, Jamshid Aghaei, Fallahzadeh-Abarghouei, Hossein and Rasul Hemmati
Boundaries of high-power charging for long-range battery electric car from the heat generation perspective pp. 211-223 Downloads
Jiuyu Du, Xinying Mo, Yalun Li, Qun Zhang, Jianqiu Li, Xiaogang Wu, Languang Lu and Minggao Ouyang
Modified phosphogypsum sequestrating CO2 and characteristics of the carbonation product pp. 224-235 Downloads
Wenjin Ding, Qiuju Chen, Hongjuan Sun and Tongjiang Peng
Practical heat pump and storage integration into non-continuous processes: A hybrid approach utilizing insight based and nonlinear programming techniques pp. 236-253 Downloads
Jan A. Stampfli, Martin J. Atkins, Donald G. Olsen, Michael R.W. Walmsley and Beat Wellig
Sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply and utilisation through innovative concepts and technologies at regional, urban and single-user scales pp. 254-268 Downloads
Antonio Piacentino, Neven Duic, Natasa Markovska, Brian Vad Mathiesen, Zvonimir Guzović, Valerie Eveloy and Henrik Lund
Numerical and experimental analysis of heat dissipation intensification from electric motor pp. 269-279 Downloads
B. Melka, J. Smolka, J. Hetmanczyk and P. Lasek
An energy efficiency integration optimization scheme for ethylene production with respect to multiple working conditions pp. 280-295 Downloads
Shixin Gong, Cheng Shao and Li Zhu
Squirrel search algorithm for multi-region combined heat and power economic dispatch incorporating renewable energy sources pp. 296-305 Downloads
M. Basu
Nickel catalyst with different supports for green diesel production pp. 306-320 Downloads
Nitchakul Hongloi, Paweena Prapainainar, Anusorn Seubsai, Kandis Sudsakorn and Chaiwat Prapainainar
An investigation on energy savings of a split air-conditioning using different commercial cooling pad thicknesses and climatic conditions pp. 321-336 Downloads
K. Harby and Al-Amri, Fahad
Pyrolysis of textile dyeing sludge in fluidized bed and microwave-assisted auger reactor: Comparison, migration and distribution of heavy metals pp. 337-348 Downloads
Chunmei Ran, Yang Liu, Azka Rizwana Siddiqui, Asif Ali Siyal, Xiao Mao, Qinhao Kang, Jie Fu, Wenya Ao and Jianjun Dai
Modelling and experimental study on performance and emission characteristics of citrullus colocynthis (thumba oil) diesel fuelled operated variable compression ratio diesel engine pp. 349-368 Downloads
Bhanu Pratap, Rahul Goyal, Mayur Deo, Nishant Chaudhary, Parth Chauhan and Aditya Chauhan
Efficient energy harvesting from nonlinear vibrations of PZT beam under simultaneous resonances pp. 369-380 Downloads
Masoud Rezaei, R. Talebitooti and Sasan Rahmanian
Integrated design for direct and indirect solar thermal utilization in low temperature industrial operations pp. 381-396 Downloads
Ben Abikoye, Lidija Čuček, Adeniyi Jide Isafiade and Zdravko Kravanja
Risk assessment of electric vehicle supply chain based on fuzzy synthetic evaluation pp. 397-411 Downloads
Yunna Wu, Weibing Jia, Lingwenying Li, Zixin Song, Chuanbo Xu and Fangtong Liu
A quantitative relationship between heat gain and local cooling load in a general non-uniform indoor environment pp. 412-423 Downloads
Chao Liang, Xianting Li, Arsen Krikor Melikov, Xiaoliang Shao and Baoming Li
International R&D spillovers to the electric power industries pp. 424-432 Downloads
Lucas G.L. Brandão and Philipp Ehrl
Demand side management in district heating networks: A real application pp. 433-442 Downloads
Elisa Guelpa, Ludovica Marincioni, Stefania Deputato, Martina Capone, Stefano Amelio, Enrico Pochettino and Vittorio Verda
Design optimization and thermal management of the PEMFC using artificial neural networks pp. 443-459 Downloads
Hossein Pourrahmani, Majid Siavashi and Mahdi Moghimi
Performance of the very high-temperature heat pump with low GWP working fluids pp. 460-470 Downloads
Dariusz Mikielewicz and Jan Wajs
Field study on thermal comfort and energy saving potential in 11 split air-conditioned office buildings in Changsha, China pp. 471-482 Downloads
Zhibin Wu, Nianping Li, Pawel Wargocki, Jingqing Peng, Jingming Li and Haijiao Cui
A general model for the evolution of non-equilibrium systems pp. 483-492 Downloads
Enrico Sciubba and Federico Zullo
Human energy and time spent by women using cooking energy systems: A case study of Nepal pp. 493-501 Downloads
Karabee Das, Greeshma Pradhan and Sanderine Nonhebel
Increasing the penetration of renewable energy sources in isolated islands through the interconnection of their power systems. The case of Pico and Faial islands, Azores pp. 502-510 Downloads
M. Alves, R. Segurado and M. Costa
Experiment and simulation research on super-knock suppression for highly turbocharged gasoline engines using the fuel of methane pp. 511-519 Downloads
Hui Liu, Zhi Wang, Yunliang Qi, Xin He, Yingdi Wang and Jianxin Wang
Future oil extraction in Ecuador using a Hubbert approach pp. 520-534 Downloads
Vicente Sebastian Espinoza, Javier Fontalvo, Martí-Herrero, Jaime, Paola Ramírez and Capellán-Pérez, Iñigo
Multi-dimensional life cycle assessment of decentralised energy storage systems pp. 535-543 Downloads
Lydia Stougie, Giulia Del Santo, Giulia Innocenti, Emil Goosen, David Vermaas, Hedzer van der Kooi and Lidia Lombardi
Multi-factor numerical simulation study on spray dust suppression device in coal mining process pp. 544-558 Downloads
Changwei Xu, Wen Nie, Zhiqiang Liu, Huitian Peng, Shibo Yang and Qiang Liu
A data-driven approach for industrial utility systems optimization under uncertainty pp. 559-569 Downloads
Liang Zhao and Fengqi You
Detailed gas/particle flow characteristics of an improved down-fired boiler with respect to a critical factor affecting coal burnout: Vent-air inclination angle pp. 570-584 Downloads
Qingxiang Wang, Zhichao Chen, Hui Han, Yaojie Tu, Guangkui Liu, Lingyan Zeng and Zhengqi Li
Error analysis and auto correction of hybrid solar tracking system using photo sensors and orientation algorithm pp. 585-593 Downloads
Junbin Zhang, Zhuojun Yin and Peng Jin
Environmental performance of end-of-life handling alternatives for paper-and-pulp-mill sludge: Using digestate as a source of energy or for biochar production pp. 594-605 Downloads
Ali Mohammadi, Maria Sandberg, G. Venkatesh, Samieh Eskandari, Tommy Dalgaard, Stephen Joseph and Karin Granström
A novel hybrid model based on neural network and multi-objective optimization for effective load forecast pp. 606-622 Downloads
Priyanka Singh and Pragya Dwivedi
Embodied and operating energy assessment of existing buildings – Demolish or rebuild pp. 623-631 Downloads
Grace Ding and Xiaoyu Ying
Experimental and computational investigation of methane hydrate inhibition in the presence of amino acids and ionic liquids pp. 632-640 Downloads
Dongyoung Lee, Woojin Go and Yongwon Seo
Thermodynamic analysis of nutating disc engine topping cycles for aero-engine applications pp. 641-655 Downloads
Joshua Sebastiampillai, Andrew Martin Rolt, Florian Jacob, Devaiah Nalianda and Vishal Sethi
A numerical investigation of the performance of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell with the converging-diverging flow field using two-phase flow modeling pp. 656-672 Downloads
P. Havaej
Improved double-multiple-streamtube approach for H-Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine computations pp. 673-688 Downloads
Galih Bangga, Amgad Dessoky, Thorsten Lutz and Ewald Krämer
Combustion and emission characteristics from biojet fuel blends in a gas turbine combustor pp. 689-705 Downloads
Ramraj H. Sundararaj, Roshan Dinesh Kumar, Anoop Kumar Raut, T. Chandra Sekar, Vivek Pandey, Abhijit Kushari and S.K. Puri
Comparison of different ORC typologies for heavy-duty trucks by means of a thermo-economic optimization pp. 706-728 Downloads
Ludovic Guillaume and Vincent Lemort
A method for technical assessment of power-to-heat use cases to couple local district heating and electrical distribution grids pp. 729-738 Downloads
Benedikt Leitner, Edmund Widl, Wolfgang Gawlik and René Hofmann
Mapping scroll expander performance for organic working fluids using dimensionless parameters in Ns-Ds diagram pp. 739-752 Downloads
Arun Kumar Narasimhan, Chatura Wickramaratne, Rajeev Kamal, D. Yogi Goswami and Punit Singh
Long-term memory dynamics of crude oil price spread in non-dollar countries under the influence of exchange rates pp. 753-764 Downloads
Siyao Liu, Wei Fang, Xiangyun Gao, Feng An, Meihui Jiang and Yang Li
Investigation on the effects of shadow on output performance and thermal characteristic of the solar array on stratospheric aerostat pp. 765-776 Downloads
Jun Liao, Yi Jiang, He Liao, Di-e Xiao, Junjie Yuan, Zechuan Yang, Jun Li and Shibin Luo
The impact of aging and environmental conditions on the effective thermal conductivity of several foam materials pp. 777-794 Downloads
Umberto Berardi
Solar radiation as a renewable energy source for the biodiesel production by esterification of palm fatty acid distillate pp. 795-801 Downloads
Anilkumar R. Gupta and Virendra K. Rathod
Clean and stable utilization of solar energy by integrating dish solar Stirling engine and salinity gradient technology pp. 802-813 Downloads
Xiaotian Lai, Minjie Yu, Rui Long, Zhichun Liu and Wei Liu
Rural household energy consumption characteristics and determinants in China pp. 814-823 Downloads
Baoling Zou and Biliang Luo
A comprehensive review of the key technologies for pure electric vehicles pp. 824-839 Downloads
Zhenhe Li, Amir Khajepour and Jinchun Song
Comparative study of neighbor communication approaches for distributed model predictive control in building energy systems pp. 840-851 Downloads
Marc Baranski, Lina Meyer, Johannes Fütterer and Dirk Müller
An evaluation method for transient response performance of turbocharged diesel engines pp. 852-863 Downloads
Shuo Liu, Yi Cui, Yi Wang, Kangyao Deng and Sheng Liu
Methodology of exergy-based economic analysis incorporating safety investment cost for comparative evaluation in process plant design pp. 864-880 Downloads
Yeelyong Noh and Daejun Chang
A heat driven elastocaloric cooling system pp. 881-899 Downloads
Suxin Qian, Yao Wang, Lifen Yuan and Jianlin Yu
A geographical information system-based multi-criteria method for the evaluation of solar farms locations: A case study in Souss-Massa area, southern Morocco pp. 900-919 Downloads
O. Nait Mensour, B. El Ghazzani, B. Hlimi and A. Ihlal
Is it worth to invest? -An evaluation of CTL-CCS project in China based on real options pp. 920-931 Downloads
Xing Yao, Ying Fan, Yuan Xu, Xian Zhang, Lei Zhu and Lianyong Feng
Work and heat exchange network synthesis considering multiple electricity-related scenarios pp. 932-953 Downloads
Leandro V. Pavão, Caliane B.B. Costa and Mauro A.S.S. Ravagnani
Modified finite volumes method for the simulation of dynamic district heating networks pp. 954-964 Downloads
Manuel Betancourt Schwarz, Mohamed Tahar Mabrouk, Carlos Santo Silva, Pierrick Haurant and Bruno Lacarrière
Modeling of transient operation of steam superheater in CFB boiler pp. 965-974 Downloads
Paweł Madejski, Dawid Taler and Jan Taler
Real-time maximized power generation of vertical axis wind turbines based on characteristic curves of power coefficients via fuzzy pulse width modulation load regulation pp. 975-987 Downloads
Lap-Arparat, Pongpak and Thananchai Leephakpreeda
Effects of leading edge slat on flow separation and aerodynamic performance of wind turbine pp. 988-998 Downloads
Haipeng Wang, Xiao Jiang, Yun Chao, Qian Li, Mingzhou Li, Wenniu Zheng and Tao Chen
The dependence structure between crude oil futures prices and Chinese agricultural commodity futures prices: Measurement based on Markov-switching GRG copula pp. 999-1012 Downloads
Xiang-dong Liu, Fei Pan, Lin Yuan and Yu-wang Chen
Semi-empirical balance-based computational model of air-cooled condensers with the A-frame layout pp. 1013-1027 Downloads
Lubomír Klimeš, Jiří Pospíšil, Josef Štětina and Petr Kracík
Model Predictive Control and energy optimisation in residential building with electric underfloor heating system pp. 1028-1044 Downloads
Maciej Ławryńczuk and Paweł Ocłoń
A unified approach to the analysis of electric energy and fuel consumption of cars in city traffic pp. 1045-1057 Downloads
Jacek Kropiwnicki
Quantification of economic uncertainty for synthetic natural gas production in a H2O permeable membrane reactor as simultaneous power-to-gas and CO2 utilization technologies pp. 1058-1068 Downloads
Boreum Lee, Hyunjun Lee, Sehwa Kim, Hyun-Seok Cho, Won-Chul Cho, Byong-Hun Jeon, Chang-Hee Kim and Hankwon Lim
An Eulerian model for forest residues gasification in a plasma gasifier pp. 1069-1083 Downloads
Tamer M. Ismail, Eliseu Monteiro, Ana Ramos, El-Salam, M. Abd and Abel Rouboa
Life cycle assessment as a methodological tool for the optimum design of integrated collector storage solar water heaters pp. 1084-1099 Downloads
Nektarios Arnaoutakis, Maria Milousi, Spiros Papaefthimiou, Paris A. Fokaides, Yannis G. Caouris and Manolis Souliotis
A study of swirl ratio effects on the NOx formation and mixture stratification in an RCCI engine pp. 1100-1114 Downloads
M. Dadsetan, I. Chitsaz and E. Amani
Numerical investigations and performance comparisons of a novel cross-flow hollow fiber integrated liquid desiccant dehumidification system pp. 1115-1131 Downloads
Nan Zhang, Xiangjie Chen, Yuehong Su, Hongfei Zheng, Omar Ramadan, Xingxing Zhang, Hongbin Chen and Saffa Riffat
Effects of diluents on cycle-by-cycle variations in a spark ignition engine fueled with methanol pp. 1132-1140 Downloads
Miaomiao Zhang, Wei Hong, Fangxi Xie, Yu Liu, Yan Su, Xiaoping Li, Haifeng Liu, Kangning Fang and Xinbo Zhu
Application of ITM to improve the efficiency of SOFC/GTCC triple combined cycle with carbon capture pp. 1141-1153 Downloads
Ji Hun Jeong, Ji Ho Ahn and Tong Seop Kim
Simplified dynamic modeling of single-tank thermal energy storage systems pp. 1154-1172 Downloads
J. Raccanello, S. Rech and A. Lazzaretto
Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition for clean and efficient ship propulsion pp. 1173-1192 Downloads
Maciej Mikulski, Sudarshan Ramesh and Cemil Bekdemir
The energy use and environmental emissions of high-speed rail transportation in China: A bottom-up modeling pp. 1193-1201 Downloads
Yuan Chang, Shuhua Lei, Jianjian Teng, Jiangxue Zhang, Lixiao Zhang and Xiao Xu
The effect of the boundary layer on the wake of a horizontal axis wind turbine pp. 1202-1221 Downloads
Nima Sedaghatizadeh, Maziar Arjomandi, Richard Kelso, Benjamin Cazzolato and Mergen H. Ghayesh
The future of European onshore wind energy potential: Detailed distribution and simulation of advanced turbine designs pp. 1222-1238 Downloads
David Severin Ryberg, Dilara Gulcin Caglayan, Sabrina Schmitt, Jochen Linßen, Detlef Stolten and Martin Robinius
A novel approach for lean energy operation based on energy apportionment model in reheating furnace pp. 1239-1249 Downloads
Biao Lu, Kai Tang, Demin Chen, Yunlong Han, Suojun Wang, Xin He and Guang Chen
Synthesis of natural gas from thermochemical and power-to-gas pathways for industrial sector decarbonization in California pp. 1250-1264 Downloads
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