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Volume 10, issue 12, 1985

Discount rates in consumers' energy-related decisions: A review of the literature pp. 1243-1253 Downloads
Kenneth Train
High temperature solar electrothermal processing—II. Zinc from zinc oxide pp. 1255-1272 Downloads
Edward A. Fletcher, Frank J. Macdonald and Dennis Kunnerth
The effects of internal gains on residential space-heating analyses pp. 1273-1276 Downloads
Laurent Hodges
Electric power in ASEAN countries: A shifting fuel mix pp. 1277-1282 Downloads
Abdul Kadir
Social and engineering determinants and their equity implications in residential electricity use pp. 1283-1291 Downloads
James C. Cramer, Nancy Miller, Paul Craig, Bruce M. Hackett, Thomas M. Dietz, Edward L. Vine, Mark D. Levine and Dan J. Kowalczyk
A thermonuclear fusion power program for Israel pp. 1293-1297 Downloads
Bruce Friedman
Fuel production from a brewery residue pp. 1299-1306 Downloads
Mukuna Tshiteya

Volume 10, issue 11, 1985

The energy situation in Nigeria pp. 1177-1184 Downloads
Nelson Iwenofu Ngoka
Singular energy trends in California pp. 1185-1195 Downloads
I.Y. Borg and C.K. Briggs
Energy in the New Zealand household, 1974–1980 pp. 1197-1208 Downloads
N.J. Peet, A.J. Carter and J.T. Baines
Performance prediction for a built-in, storage-type solar water heater pp. 1209-1213 Downloads
J. Parkash, H.P. Garg and G. Datta
Thermal performance evaluation of active and passive water heat-storage schemes for solar energy applications pp. 1215-1223 Downloads
E.A. Arinze, G.J. Schoenau and R.W. Besant
Robustness as a goal in energy models and policies pp. 1225-1235 Downloads
S.C. Lonergan
Basin-type solar distillation with air flow through the still pp. 1237-1241 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh and Lie-Chaing Chen

Volume 10, issue 10, 1985

Evaluation of a conservation program for commercial and industrial customers pp. 1079-1088 Downloads
Kenneth Train, Patrice Ignelzi and Mark Kumm
A model of the world oil market with an OPEC cartel pp. 1089-1102 Downloads
R.G. Alsmiller, J.E. Horwedel, R.A. Marshalla, D.M. Nesbitt and S.M. Haas
Statistically adjusted engineering (SAE) models of end-use load curves pp. 1103-1111 Downloads
Kenneth Train, Joseph Herriges and Robert Windle
The relation of acid rain to energy policy pp. 1113-1118 Downloads
Michael Brady
Hydrogen and sulfur from hydrogen sulfide—IV. Quenching the effluent from a solar furnace pp. 1119-1137 Downloads
T. Kappauf, J.P. Murray, R. Palumbo, R.B. Diver and E.A. Fletcher
Resinous plants as an economic alternative to bioenergy plantations pp. 1139-1143 Downloads
Joseph J. Hoffmann
Energy information and data retrieval pp. 1145-1150 Downloads
Ali Bülent Çambel, Peña-Taveras, Marino S. and Carl F. Oldsen
Thermal storage-mass enhances woodstove combustion and reduces pollution pp. 1151-1157 Downloads
K.R. Pilcher and A.J. Ghajar
Solar energy in the Northwest U.S pp. 1159-1164 Downloads
Zia A. Yamayee
High-temperature sensible-heat storage options pp. 1165-1175 Downloads
K.Y. Wang, R.E. West, F. Kreith and P. Lynn

Volume 10, issue 9, 1985

Assessment of ground thermal capacity for space cooling in Libya pp. 993-998 Downloads
I. Ahmad, E. Khetrish and S.M. Abughres
Aerodynamics of raindrops and its energy resource implications pp. 999-1007 Downloads
O.O. Mojola
Effects of the quality and type of micro-organisms on ethanol production from pawpaw pp. 1009-1016 Downloads
D.K.G. Ayanru, V.C. Sharma, O.N. Ogbeide and D.A. Okiy
A national strategy for energy management in Singapore pp. 1017-1022 Downloads
S.K. Chou and J.C. Ho
An analytical model for a biomass system pp. 1023-1028 Downloads
M.J. Mwandosya and M.L. Luhanga
Optimum integration of solar technologies into an existing hydrothermal power system pp. 1029-1041 Downloads
Barry Hyman, Gilbert McCoy and Housh Kiany
Future CO2 emissions from combustion of natural and synthetic gases pp. 1043-1049 Downloads
David B. Reister and John A. Laurmann
The viability of shale syncrude as feedstock in the Australian liquid-fuel sector pp. 1051-1060 Downloads
F.K. Mak
A study of the economics of alcohol-gasoline blend production pp. 1061-1073 Downloads
F.K. Mak
Nigeria's energy sources pp. 1075-1078 Downloads
Chidi E. Akujor

Volume 10, issue 8, 1985

Options in planning global energy strategies pp. 887-899 Downloads
S.Mohammad Hassan Khandani and David J. Rose
A preliminary economic analysis of buffalo gourd as a diesel fuel and ethanol feedstock in the high plains of New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma pp. 901-909 Downloads
Larry Icerman and Eugene B. Shultz
Energy analysis and options of Indian agriculture pp. 911-916 Downloads
A.R. Rao
Economics of nuclear power: Past record, present trends and future prospects pp. 917-934 Downloads
Doan L. Phung
Collaboration in future coal trade in East and South-east Asia pp. 935-940 Downloads
N.J.D. Lucas and R.H. Puno
Modelling the impact of temperature on summer electricity consumption in Kuwait pp. 941-949 Downloads
S. Ayyash, M. Salman and Al-Hafi, N.
An overview of the Gas Analysis Modeling System (GAMS) pp. 951-962 Downloads
Andy S. Kydes, Mark J. Minasi, Steven H. Wade, Bradford J. Wing, Mariner-Volpe, Barbara and Richard P. O'Neill
Energy supply and use on the small Scottish island of Eigg pp. 963-973 Downloads
J.W. Twidell and A.A. Pinney
Some evidence concerning energy use in manufacturing pp. 975-982 Downloads
John Gowdy and Jack L. Miller
Stability of growth rates in energy technologies pp. 983-985 Downloads
S.S. Penner and D.F. Wiesenhahn
Energy options in weed control pp. 987-988 Downloads
A.R. Rao and V.M. Bhan
Fertilizer use saves fuels in India pp. 989-991 Downloads
A.R. Rao

Volume 10, issue 7, 1985

Dewpoints of flue gases for energy-recovery system design and operation pp. 785-791 Downloads
Krystal M. Lee and Yen-Shiang, Shih
Modeling energy and agriculture interactions—I: A rural energy systems model pp. 793-804 Downloads
Jyoti Parikh
Modeling energy and agriculture interactions—II: Food-fodder-fuel-fertilizer relationships for biomass in Bangladesh pp. 805-817 Downloads
J.K. Parikh and G. Krömer
Solar cookers for outdoors and indoors pp. 819-829 Downloads
A.M.A. Khalifa, M.M.A. Taha and M. Akyurt
Hydrogen and sulfur from H2S-III. The economics of a quench process pp. 831-842 Downloads
Richard B. Diver and Edward A. Fletcher
The potential economic benefits of energy conservation research pp. 843-849 Downloads
Gerald D. Pine and Mitchell Olszewski
Economic distribution distance for cogenerated district heating and cooling pp. 851-859 Downloads
R.W. Porter
Indoor temperature changes in retrofit homes pp. 861-870 Downloads
Eric Hirst, Dennis White and Richard Goeltz
An amorphous silicon-based one-unit photovoltaic electrolyzer pp. 871-876 Downloads
A.J. Appleby, A.E. Delahoy, S.C. Gau, O.J. Murphy, M. Kapur and J.o'M. Bockris
Direct coal liquefaction safety risks: Feedstock production and transportation pp. 877-886 Downloads
A.P. Watson and F.R. O'Donnell

Volume 10, issue 6, 1985

Basin-type solar distillers with operating pressure reduced for improved performance pp. 683-688 Downloads
Ho-Ming, Yeh, Lin-Wen, Ten and Lie-Chaing, Chen
Determining the long-term potential for energy conservation and renewable energy in Canada pp. 689-705 Downloads
John B. Robinson, David B. Brooks, Ralph D. Torrie, Herman Boerma, Kirk Brown, Auguste Gallant, Jeff Harrison, Tony Hodge, Susan Holtz, Helene Lajambe, Richard Lalonde, Jay Lewis, Yvonne Penning, Bonny Pond, Wlliam Ross and Geoff Stiles
A case study on cogeneration pp. 707-720 Downloads
Margery McKay and A. Rabl
Economic analysis of energy management for cooling systems in Kuwait pp. 721-725 Downloads
S. Ayyash and Shawkat Hammoudeh
Forecasting electric loads with multiple predictors pp. 727-732 Downloads
Derek W. Bunn
Potential air quality benefits of methanol as a vehicle fuel pp. 733-736 Downloads
Jane V. Hall
A generalized factorization principle for energy conservation analysis pp. 737-748 Downloads
Barry Hyman
Equity and electric power generation facility location in California pp. 749-760 Downloads
E.H. Warren, J.R. Huning and C.F. Hutchinson
Market penetration of primary energy and its role in the Greenhouse warming problem pp. 761-775 Downloads
John A. Laurmann
Operation and economical feasibility of a turbine-generator microhydroplant pp. 777-784 Downloads
R.R. Mankbadi and S. Mikhail

Volume 10, issue 5, 1985

Conversion of wood to liquid fuel pp. 581-588 Downloads
Mukuna Tshiteya
Theory of multiple-pass solar air heaters pp. 589-599 Downloads
H.P. Garg, V.K. Sharma and A.K. Bhargava
A disaggregate econometric analysis of electricity distribution capital costs pp. 601-612 Downloads
Jean-Michel Guldmann
Industrial electricity demand in New York State pp. 613-619 Downloads
John Gowdy
Why don't people weatherize their homes? An ethnographic solution pp. 621-629 Downloads
Richard R. Wilk and Harold L. Wilhite
The economic impact of uncertainties associated with energy-saving technologies pp. 631-634 Downloads
Elizabeth Gerber Albright and Robert J. Albright
Model of the use of coal, gas, and oil pp. 635-641 Downloads
Henry C. Thode, Andy S. Kydes and Stephen J. Finch
The importance of cumulative impacts for socioeconomic impact assessment and mitigation pp. 643-652 Downloads
Robert B. Braid, Martin Schweitzer, Sam A. Carnes and E.Jonathan Soderstrom
The effects of federal energy tax credit on the solar thermal industry and government revenue pp. 653-660 Downloads
Habib-agahi, Hamid
The second nuclear ERA: A nuclear renaissance pp. 661-680 Downloads
Alvin M. Weinberg, Irving Spiewak, Doan L. Phung and Robert S. Livingston
Energy consumption in rural transportation in India pp. 681-682 Downloads
A.R. Rao

Volume 10, issue 3, 1985

Plate tectonic evolution of the Western Pacific-Indian ocean region pp. 249-261 Downloads
E.S. Parker and W.K. Gealey
Structure and tectonics of the Manila trench system, Western Luzon, Philippines pp. 263-279 Downloads
Dennis E. Hayes and Stephen D. Lewis
Forearc basin development along Western Luzon, Philippines pp. 281-296 Downloads
Stephen D. Lewis and Dennis E. Hayes
Geology of the Dangerous Grounds, South China Sea, and the Continental Margin off Southwest Palawan: Results of SONNE cruises SO-23 and SO-27 pp. 297-315 Downloads
K. Hinz and H.U. Schlüter
Velocity of seismic waves in the basement of oil-bearing basins in the Pearl River mouth region of the South China Sea pp. 317-329 Downloads
Xia Kan Yuan, and Zhou Ji Ping,
Geology and Bouguer anomalies of Hainan Island and vicinity pp. 331-340 Downloads
Pow-Foong Fan
Summary of tectonic development of Kalimantan and adjacent areas pp. 341-352 Downloads
H.M.S. Hartono
A review of certain major tectonic features of the Southeast Asian Mainland pp. 353-358 Downloads
Ernest P. Du Bois
The characteristics of the Geological structures of the Tertiary basins on the continental margin in the northern part of the South China Sea pp. 359-372 Downloads
Jin-Min Wu
Margins of the Southwest sub-basin of the South China Sea—A frontier exploration target? pp. 373-382 Downloads
Dennis E. Hayes
Use of SEISLOG for basin evaluation and field development pp. 383-401 Downloads
R.C. Mummery
Pre-Tertiary oil and gas potential in the South China Sea pp. 403-412 Downloads
Henri Fontaine and Maurice Mainguy
A history of oil and gas exploration in the central and northern parts of the South China Sea pp. 413-419 Downloads
Jin-Min, Wu
The Cenozoic tectonic evolution of offshore Taiwan pp. 421-432 Downloads
Si-Chih, Sun
Tertiary tectonic evolution and related hydrocarbon potential in the Natuna area pp. 433-455 Downloads
Gatot K. Wirojudo and Abiratno Wongsosantiko
The history of offshore hydrocarbon exploration in Malaysia pp. 457-473 Downloads
Nordin Ramli
Petroleum exploration in Thailand pp. 475-480 Downloads
Prakong Polahan
Offshore hydrocarbon development and potential in the Gulf of Thailand pp. 481-486 Downloads
Charan Achalabhuti
Offshore exploration in Brunei pp. 487-491 Downloads
Abdul Kani Hj.Mohd. Salleh
Deep-water hydrocarbon exploration in the Philippines pp. 493-504 Downloads
Apollo P. Madrid
OPEC and the structural changes in the oil market: The outlook after the counter-revolution pp. 505-516 Downloads
Fereidun Fesharaki and Sharon L. Hoffman
Geological studies as a risk-reducing factor in exploration ventures with special references to the South China Sea pp. 517-523 Downloads
Gatot K. Wirojudo
China's sovereignty over its offshore oil and the new Law of the Sea pp. 525-532 Downloads
Paul C. Yuan
The Malaysian philosophy of joint development pp. 533-538 Downloads
Datuk Harun Ariffin
A case study in joint development: The Saudia Arabia-Kuwait partitioned neutral zone pp. 539-544 Downloads
William T. Onorato
The Japan-South Korea agreement on joint development of the continental shelf pp. 545-553 Downloads
Masahiro Miyoshi
Joint jurisdiction and development in Southeast Asian Seas: Factors and candidate areas pp. 573-579 Downloads
Mark J. Valencia

Volume 10, issue 2, 1985

Foreword pp. 109-109 Downloads
John C. Gault
Introduction: Natural gas development begins at home pp. 111-118 Downloads
J.E. Hartshorn
Opening address: The world gas situation pp. 119-127 Downloads
G. Kardaun
Natural gas development in Mexico pp. 129-138 Downloads
Lajous-Vargas, Adrian
Gas resources and gas markets: A global view pp. 139-149 Downloads
James T. Jensen
Oil industry participation in natural gas development pp. 151-156 Downloads
M. Colitti
The Thailand experience in natural gas development pp. 157-164 Downloads
Tongchat Hongladaromp
The measurement of demand for natural gas pp. 165-180 Downloads
Joe Stanislaw
Alternative methods and costs of financing gas development projects pp. 181-185 Downloads
Patrice De Vallée
Natural gas and other alternative fuels for transportation purposes pp. 187-215 Downloads
Arnaldo Vieira De Carvalho
Exporting natural gas in the form of LNG pp. 217-225 Downloads
Pieter L. Vrancken
Natural gas development in Egypt pp. 227-230 Downloads
Mostafa Kamal El Ayouty
Natural gas development in Indonesia pp. 231-236 Downloads
Ir. Wijarso
The economics of natural gas development pp. 237-248 Downloads
P. Bourcier, D. Julius, P. Moulin and K. Palmer

Volume 10, issue 1, 1985

Incentives for solar water heating systems pp. 1-15 Downloads
E. Taşdemiroǧlu
Air pollution implications of increasing residential firewood use pp. 17-33 Downloads
Frederick W. Lipfert and John Lee
Elemental composition of Nigerian coals pp. 35-39 Downloads
A.B. Borishade, A.H.M.A. Hanan, L.O. Kehinde, A.F. Oluwole and O. Oshin
Energy recovery from mass burning of refuse in waterwalled incinerators pp. 41-56 Downloads
W.D. Turner
Hydrodynamic and heat-transfer studies in fine particle gas-fluidized beds pp. 57-68 Downloads
S.C. Saxena and A. Mathur
Exergoeconomic analysis and evaluation of energy-conversion plants—I. A new general methodology pp. 69-80 Downloads
Georgios Tsatsaronis and Michael Winhold
Exergoeconomic analysis and evaluation of energy-conversion plants—II. Analysis of a coal-fired steam power plant pp. 81-94 Downloads
Georgios Tsatsaronis and Michael Winhold
Analysis of energy conservation standards for Singapore office buildings pp. 95-107 Downloads
I. Turiel, R. Curtis and M.D. Levine
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