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Volume 19, issue 12, 1994

How competition might affect electric-utility DSM programs pp. 1193-1203 Downloads
Eric Hirst
Shadow prices for heat generation in time-dependent and dynamic energy systems pp. 1205-1211 Downloads
M. Andersson
Area- and time-specific marginal capacity costs of electricity distribution pp. 1213-1218 Downloads
Chi-Keung Woo, Ren Orans, Brian Horii, Roger Pupp and Grayson Heffner
Optimal performance of a geothermal heat-engine-driven heat-pump system pp. 1219-1223 Downloads
Gregory W. Davis and Chih Wu
Exergoeconomic optimization of a cogeneration plant pp. 1225-1233 Downloads
S. Alvarado and C. Gherardelli
Environmental damage due to thermal power generation in Türkiye pp. 1235-1244 Downloads
Ersoy Taşdemiroğlu
Different strategies for operation of flat-plate solar collectors pp. 1245-1254 Downloads
E. Zamfir and V. Bǎdescu
The marginal cost of CO2 emissions pp. 1255-1261 Downloads
Christian Azar
Rebuttal to “The Marginal Cost of CO2 Emissions” pp. 1263-1266 Downloads
John Haraden
Exergy use in the Italian society pp. 1267-1274 Downloads
Göran Wall, Enrico Sciubba and Vincenzo Naso
Exergonomics of an EOR (OCDOPUS) project pp. 1275-1278 Downloads
Eugene I. Yantovskii, Göran Wall, Lars Lindquist and Joakim Tryggstad

Volume 19, issue 11, 1994

A research agenda for demand-side management impact measurement pp. 1103-1111 Downloads
Edward L. Vine, Harry Misuriello and Mary Ellen Hopkins
Energy consumption by industrial processes in the European Union pp. 1113-1129 Downloads
E. Worrell, R.F.A. Cuelenaere, K. Blok and W.C. Turkenburg
Dynamics of appliance energy efficiency in Sweden pp. 1131-1141 Downloads
Joel N. Swisher
Assessment of various scenarios for utility-based cogeneration in Ontario pp. 1143-1149 Downloads
M.A. Rosen
Comparison of CO, NO2 and HCHO emissions from biomass combustion in traditional and improved cookstoves pp. 1151-1155 Downloads
J.B. Kandpal, R.C. Maheshwari and Tara Chandra Kandpal
Energy consumption in Hong Kong pp. 1157-1164 Downloads
J.C. Lam and A.K.W. Ng
The influence of altitude on the performance of desiccant-cooling systems pp. 1165-1179 Downloads
Ahmad A. Pesaran and Rick Heiden
Exergetic assessment of the coolants HCFC123, HFC134a, CFC11, and CFC12 pp. 1181-1186 Downloads
S.A.M. Said and B. Ismail
Greenhouse cooling in hot countries pp. 1187-1192 Downloads
Al-Jamal, K.

Volume 19, issue 10, 1994

Experimental and theoretical investigation of a box-type solar cooker with multi-step inner reflectors pp. 1011-1021 Downloads
El-Sebaii, A.A., R. Domański and M. Jaworski
Organizational determinants of energy-conservation management pp. 1023-1030 Downloads
Jan Selmer
Optimal heat-transfer areas for endoreversible heat pumps pp. 1031-1036 Downloads
Jincan Chen
Transparent insulation characteristics of honeycomb and slat arrays pp. 1037-1041 Downloads
N.D. Kaushika, R. Padmapriya, M. Arulanantham and P.K. Sharma
A regression model for electric-energy-consumption forecasting in Eastern Saudi Arabia pp. 1043-1049 Downloads
Al-Garni, Ahmed Z., Syed M. Zubair and Javeed S. Nizami
Interactive efforts between utilities and non-utility parties: Constraints and possibilities pp. 1051-1060 Downloads
Mary R. English, Martin Schweitzer and John A. Altman
Energy inputs and crop yield relationships for rice in Punjab pp. 1061-1065 Downloads
Surendra Singh, Sarjinder Singh, J.P. Mittal, C.J.S. Pannu and B.S. Bhangoo
A new algorithm for solution of the non-linear equation systems occurring in the design of air-compression systems pp. 1067-1075 Downloads
H.i̇ Saraç, H.R. Güven, N. Sözbir and Ü. Uysal
Solar combined thermochemical processes for CO2 mitigation in the iron, cement, and syngas industries pp. 1077-1081 Downloads
A. Steinfeld and Gary Thompson
Reaction of steam with cellulose in a fluidized bed using concentrated sunlight pp. 1083-1098 Downloads
Jean P. Murray and Edward A. Fletcher
Forecasts of future atmospheric CO2 concentrations for a simple global carbon-cycle model pp. 1099-1101 Downloads
K. Kamiuto

Volume 19, issue 9, 1994

Energy balances for upward-type baffled solar air heaters pp. 919-924 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh
The optimum glazing height of a glazed solar collector/regenerator for open-cycle absorption cooling pp. 925-931 Downloads
Ru Yang and Pai-Lu Wang
The impact of a cold snap on daily system load shapes pp. 933-946 Downloads
The-Hiep Nguyen
Staged desulphurization by direct sorbent injection in pulverized-coal boilers pp. 947-956 Downloads
S.V. Makarytchev, K.F. Cen and Z.Y. Luo
Crop-residue management on mechanized farms in India pp. 957-960 Downloads
G.C. Aggarwal
Experimental and theoretical study of a constant-volume adsorption process pp. 961-965 Downloads
A. Hajji, G. Cacciola and G. Restuccia
The effectiveness of marine CO2 disposal pp. 967-974 Downloads
H.S. Kheshgi, Brian Flannery, M.I. Hoffert and A.G. Lapenis
Implications for energy and climate-change policies of using purchasing-power-parity-based GDP pp. 975-981 Downloads
Toufiq A. Siddiqi
Heat-transfer analysis of a flat-plate collector in a solar thermal pump pp. 983-991 Downloads
K. Sumathy, A. Venkatesh and V. Sriramulu
Performance of a solar dryer pp. 993-997 Downloads
Cigdem Tiris, Necdet Ozbalta, Mustafa Tiris and Ibrahim Dincer
Analysis of a steam-generating system using a linear solar concentrator pp. 999-1003 Downloads
N.K. Mandal and T. Mandal
Energy, economy and environment modelling: Applications for Turkey pp. 1005-1009 Downloads
Mustafa Tiris, Gurbuz Atagunduz and Ibrahim Dincer

Volume 19, issue 8, 1994

Theoretical analysis of dust removal from gas impinging on a confined liquid surface pp. 817-824 Downloads
D. Khummongkol and P. Khummongkol
A simple global carbon-cycle model pp. 825-829 Downloads
K. Kamiuto
Solar regeneration of liquid desiccants suitable for humid climates pp. 831-836 Downloads
P. Gandhidasan and Al-Farayedhi, A.A.
Finite-time view of the stirling engine pp. 837-843 Downloads
H.G. Ladas and O.M. Ibrahim
Combustion characteristics of shredded waste tires in a fluidized bed combustor pp. 845-854 Downloads
Jung Rae Kim, Jung Soo Lee and Sang Done Kim
Energy use and CO2 emissions reduction: Integrating pricing and regulatory policies pp. 855-867 Downloads
Richard Howarth and Margrethe A. Winslow
Performance prediction for a triangular built-in-storage-type solar water heater with transparent insulation pp. 869-877 Downloads
J. Prakash, S.C. Kaushik, R. Kumar and H.P. Garg
Assessment of the radiative cooling potential of a collector using hourly weather data pp. 879-888 Downloads
A. Argiriou, M. Santamouris and D.N. Assimakopoulos
A comparison of the field performance of thermal energy storage (TES) and conventional chiller systems pp. 889-900 Downloads
K. Liu, H. Güven, A. Beyene and P. Lowrey
Optimum thickness of the gradient layer and maximum energy gains of a solar pond pp. 901-904 Downloads
Peinan Meng and Hongfei Zheng
Factorial design for energy-system models pp. 905-910 Downloads
Stig-Inge Gustafsson, Susanne Andersson and Björn G. Karlsson
The effect of glazing on solar collectors pp. 911-918 Downloads
D. Michalopoulos and G. Massouros

Volume 19, issue 7, 1994

The impact of information technology on energy efficiency: An evaluation case study of steel-reheating furnaces pp. 717-728 Downloads
Anders Mårtensson
Preliminary assessment of the wave-energy resource using observed wave and wind data pp. 729-738 Downloads
R.Cengiz Ertekin and Xu Yingfan
A machine-learning approach to modelling and forecasting the minimum temperature at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia pp. 739-749 Downloads
Abdel-Aal, R.E. and M.A. Elhadidy
Correlations between values of daily horizontal beam and global radiation for Beer Sheva, Israel pp. 751-764 Downloads
A. Ianetz and A.I. Kudish
A nonparametric statistical procedure for ranking the overall performance of solar radiation models at multiple locations pp. 765-769 Downloads
R.J. Stone
A new reversible chemical system for efficient utilization of carbonaceous compounds pp. 771-778 Downloads
K. Mimori, T. Togawa, N. Hasegawa, M. Tsuji and Y. Tamaura
Sensitivity analysis on a dose-calculation model for the terrestrial food-chain pathway pp. 779-782 Downloads
Abdel-Aal, Medhat Mohamed
Democratization and world petroleum trade in the year 2000 pp. 783-793 Downloads
Sujit Das
An overview of problems and prospects for the Indian power sector pp. 795-803 Downloads
Subhes C. Bhattacharyya
Atomization and combustion performance of diesel oil-shale slurry pp. 805-812 Downloads
N.T. Ahmad, Abou-Arab, T.W., T.K. Aldooss and B. Khasawneh
Prediction of U.S. crude oil-production using growth curves pp. 813-815 Downloads
W.M. Heffington and M.W. Brasovan

Volume 19, issue 6, 1994

Energy use in Poland: An international comparison pp. 601-617 Downloads
Stephen Meyers, Lee Schipper and Jürgen Salay
Energy balances for upward-type, double-effect solar distillers with air flow through the second-effect unit pp. 619-626 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh and Zhi-Fang Chen
New gross energy-requirement figures for materials production pp. 627-640 Downloads
E. Worrell, R.J.J. van Heijningen, J.F.M. de Castro, J.H.O. Hazewinkel, J.G. de Beer, A.P.C. Faaij and K. Vringer
Influence of energy-supply structure on emission-reduction costs pp. 641-651 Downloads
O. Rentz, H.-D. Haasis, A. Jattke, P. Ruβ, M. Wietschel and M. Amann
Energy consumption and the potential for energy conservation in school buildings in Hellas pp. 653-660 Downloads
M. Santamouris, C.A. Balaras, E. Dascalaki, A. Argiriou and A. Gaglia
Advanced monitoring technologies for the evaluation of demand-side management programs pp. 661-678 Downloads
Anibal T. de Almeida and Edward L. Vine
Modeling of a solar-assisted desiccant air conditioner for a residential building pp. 679-691 Downloads
R.R. Smith, C.C. Hwang and R.S. Dougall
Sector analysis of the Dutch electricity load shape pp. 693-706 Downloads
R.A. van den Wijngaart, K. Blok and A.J.M. van Wijk
Thermodynamics of a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle with mechanical subcooling pp. 707-715 Downloads
Syed M. Zubair

Volume 19, issue 5, 1994

Household energy use and environment in Asian cities: An introduction pp. 503-508 Downloads
Stephen Tyler
Urban household energy consumption in Thailand pp. 509-516 Downloads
Amara Pongsapich and Wathana Wongsekiarttirat
Household energy transition in Hong Kong pp. 517-528 Downloads
Peter Hills
Household energy consumption in Beijing and Nanning, China pp. 529-538 Downloads
Daxiong Qiu, Yuqing Ma, Yingyun Lu, Qizhi Wang and Zhuliang Zhu
Household energy consumption surveys in three Philippine cities pp. 539-548 Downloads
Ruben A. Garcia, Ferdinand Manegdeg and Nester O. Raneses
Urbanization in search of energy in three Indian cities pp. 549-560 Downloads
Ashwini Kulkarni, Girish Sant and J.G. Krishnayya
Substitution of energy carriers for cooking in Bangalore pp. 561-571 Downloads
Amulya K.N. Reddy and B. Reddy
Transportation, fuel use and air quality in Asian cities pp. 573-586 Downloads
Jayant Sathaye, Stephen Tyler and Nina Goldman
Air pollution and the energy ladder in asian cities pp. 587-600 Downloads
Kirk R. Smith, Michael G. Apte, Ma Yuqing, Wathana Wongsekiarttirat and Ashwini Kulkarni

Volume 19, issue 4, 1994

An experimental system for the transient, non-periodic thermal analysis of structural elements pp. 383-395 Downloads
K.A. Antonopoulos, F. Democritou and M. Vrachopoulos
Multi-stage reactor for thermal gasification of wood pp. 397-404 Downloads
T. Bui, R. Loof and S.C. Bhattacharya
Flame characteristics of liquefied petroleum gas with primary air entrainment for upright cylindrical burners pp. 405-414 Downloads
V.H. Morcos
A new advanced power-generation system using chemical-looping combustion pp. 415-422 Downloads
Masaru Ishida and Hongguang Jin
Estimation of net savings from energy-conservation programs pp. 423-441 Downloads
Kenneth Train
Efficiency of upward-type baffled solar air heaters pp. 443-448 Downloads
Ho-Ming Yeh
Modeling uncertainties in advanced technologies: Application to a coal gasification system with hot-gas cleanup pp. 449-463 Downloads
H.Christopher Frey, Edward S. Rubin and Urmila M. Diwekar
Fuelwood consumption pattern at different altitudes in Garhwal Himalaya pp. 465-468 Downloads
B.P. Bhatt, A.K. Negi and N.P. Todaria
A multi-objective analysis of cooking-energy alternatives pp. 469-478 Downloads
R. Ramanathan and L.S. Ganesh
Techno-economic evaluation of a solar hot water system pp. 479-487 Downloads
S. Sinha and G.N. Tiwari
Rational use of energy in the Ukraine: a pilot study for DESNA pp. 489-497 Downloads
Th. Bruckner, A. Blavdzevitch, H.-M. Groscurth and R. Kümmel
Past and projected carbon dioxide emissions due to energy utilization in Turkey pp. 499-500 Downloads
M. Tiris and E. Alper

Volume 19, issue 3, 1994

CGAM problem: Definition and conventional solution pp. 279-286 Downloads
Antonio Valero, Miguel A. Lozano, Luis Serra, George Tsatsaronis, Javier Pisa, Christos Frangopoulos and Michael R. von Spakovsky
Exergoeconomic evaluation and optimization of energy systems — application to the CGAM problem pp. 287-321 Downloads
George Tsatsaronis and Javier Pisa
Application of the thermoeconomic functional approach to the CGAM problem pp. 323-342 Downloads
Christos A. Frangopoulos
Application of engineering functional analysis to the analysis and optimization of the CGAM problem pp. 343-364 Downloads
Michael R. von Spakovsky
Application of the exergetic cost theory to the CGAM problem pp. 365-381 Downloads
A. Valero, M.A. Lozano, L. Serra and C. Torres

Volume 19, issue 2, 1994

Using synthetic data to explore the usefulness of prism's parameters at inferring causes of changes in normalized annual consumption pp. 135-148 Downloads
David L. Minehart and Alan K. Meier
Cost-efficient emission reduction strategies for Lithuania pp. 149-163 Downloads
Carsten Oder, Hans-Dietrich Haasis, Otto Rentz, Arvydas Galinis, Vaclovas Miskinis and Jurgis Vilemas
The human dimension of program evaluation pp. 165-178 Downloads
Edward L. Vine
Numerical simulation to control rotary-kiln incineration of municipal solid waste pp. 179-186 Downloads
S.I. Park, N.H. Kyong, Y.J. Park and S.K. Lee
Effect of addition of water on snow compaction pp. 187-194 Downloads
Clément Vigneault and Samuel Gameda
Energy savings in the nitrogen fertilizer industry in the Netherlands pp. 195-209 Downloads
E. Worrell and K. Blok
The effects of an increase in the motor fuels excise tax on the U.S. economy pp. 211-226 Downloads
Roy Boyd and Noel D. Uri
Global energy strategies to control future carbon dioxide emissions pp. 227-236 Downloads
Yuri Sinyak and Koji Nagano
Turning to supply-side management: Estimating industrial cogeneration potential pp. 237-249 Downloads
Mark Jaccard and Timo Makinen
Input-output exergo-economic optimization of multicomponent-multiproduct systems methodology pp. 251-258 Downloads
S. Alvarado and C. Gherardelli
An approximate method for calculating laminar natural convective motion in a trombe-wall channel pp. 259-268 Downloads
D.T. Chen, S.K. Chaturvedi and T.O. Mohieldin
A new building energy-efficiency law in Thailand: Impact on new buildings pp. 269-278 Downloads
Surapong Chirarattananon and Bundit Limmeechokchai

Volume 19, issue 1, 1994

Long-term projection for U.S. oil and gas production and the demands for petroleum engineers and geologists pp. 1-16 Downloads
John C. Reis
Use of the ground for heat dissipation pp. 17-25 Downloads
G. Mihalakakou, M. Santamouris and D. Asimakopoulos
Worldwide status of energy standards for buildings pp. 27-44 Downloads
Kathryn B. Janda and John F. Busch
MIND optimization reduces the system cost at a refinery pp. 45-54 Downloads
K. Nilsson, M. Söderström and B.G. Karlsson
Radiation doses resulting from a proposed coal-fired power plant in the Suez Canal area pp. 55-61 Downloads
A.I.M. Aly, Abdel-Aal, M.M., M.A. Ahmed and M.G. Sabek
Demand side management investment and electric power exchange pp. 63-66 Downloads
Ren Orans, Chi-Keung Woo and Roger Pupp
Intelligent control strategies for HVAC processes in buildings pp. 67-79 Downloads
Zaheer-Uddin, M.
District heating systems and energy conservation—part I pp. 81-91 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson
District heating systems and energy conservation—Part II pp. 93-102 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson
Performance of a desiccant dehumidifier bed with mixed inert and desiccant materials pp. 103-116 Downloads
P. Majumdar and M.K. Sarwar
Unsteady heat-transfer analysis of spherical fruit to air flow pp. 117-123 Downloads
Ibrahim Dincer
Power optimization of an endoreversible stirling cycle with regeneration pp. 125-133 Downloads
David A. Blank, Gregory W. Davis and Chih Wu
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