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Volume 98, issue C, 2016

Investigation of the nano fluid effects on heat transfer characteristics in nuclear reactors with dual cooled annular fuel using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modeling pp. 1-14 Downloads
M. Ebrahimian and G.R. Ansarifar
Simulation study on the operating characteristics of the heat pipe for combined evaporative cooling of computer room air-conditioning system pp. 15-25 Downloads
Zongwei Han, Yanqing Zhang, Xin Meng, Qiankun Liu, Weiliang Li, Yu Han and Yanhong Zhang
Performance investigation of a power, heating and seawater desalination poly-generation scheme in an off-shore oil field pp. 26-39 Downloads
Valérie Eveloy, Peter Rodgers and Linyue Qiu
Improving short term load forecast accuracy via combining sister forecasts pp. 40-49 Downloads
Jakub Nowotarski, Bidong Liu, Rafał Weron and Tao Hong
A finite line source model with Cauchy-type top boundary conditions for simulating near surface effects on borehole heat exchangers pp. 50-63 Downloads
Jaime A. Rivera, Philipp Blum and Peter Bayer
Effects of piston bowl geometry on Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition heat transfer and combustion losses at different engine loads pp. 64-77 Downloads
Jesús Benajes, Antonio García, José Manuel Pastor and Monsalve-Serrano, Javier
Operation analysis of a photovoltaic plant integrated with a compressed air energy storage system and a city gate station pp. 78-91 Downloads
A. Arabkoohsar, L. Machado and R.N.N. Koury
Analysis of DSPV (distributed solar PV) power policy in China pp. 92-100 Downloads
Sufang Zhang
Study on the determination method of the normal value of relative internal efficiency of the last stage group of steam turbine pp. 101-107 Downloads
Li-hua Cao, Jing-wen Yu and Yong Li
Monitoring on CO2 migration in a tight oil reservoir during CCS-EOR in Jilin Oilfield China pp. 108-121 Downloads
Bo Ren, Shaoran Ren, Liang Zhang, Guoli Chen and Hua Zhang
Assessment of thermal comfort in existing pre-1945 residential building stock pp. 122-134 Downloads
Manoj Kumar Singh, Shady Attia, Sadhan Mahapatra and Jacques Teller
Comparison between exergy and energy analysis for biodiesel production pp. 135-145 Downloads
A. Amelio, T. Van de Voorde, C. Creemers, J. Degrève, S. Darvishmanesh, P. Luis and B. Van der Bruggen
Recover energy from domestic wastewater using anaerobic membrane bioreactor: Operating parameters optimization and energy balance analysis pp. 146-154 Downloads
Xiaojie Mei, Zhiwei Wang, Yan Miao and Zhichao Wu
Enhanced split-phase resource utilization of kitchen waste by thermal pre-treatment pp. 155-167 Downloads
Yangyang Li, Yiying Jin and Jinhui Li
A novel framework for optimal design of hybrid renewable energy-based autonomous energy systems: A case study for Namin, Iran pp. 168-180 Downloads
Akbar Maleki, Fathollah Pourfayaz and Marc A. Rosen
A clean coal utilization technology based on coal pyrolysis and chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling: Principle and experimental validation pp. 181-189 Downloads
Yongliang Zhang, Bo Jin, Xixian Zou and Haibo Zhao
A fuzzy-stochastic simulation-optimization model for planning electric power systems with considering peak-electricity demand: A case study of Qingdao, China pp. 190-203 Downloads
L. Yu, Y.P. Li and G.H. Huang
An experimental study on the effect of membrane thickness and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) loading on methanol crossover in direct methanol fuel cell pp. 204-214 Downloads
B. Mullai Sudaroli and Ajit Kumar Kolar
A novel vacuum discharge thermal energy combined desalination and power generation system utilizing R290/R600a pp. 215-224 Downloads
Alireza Hosseini Araghi, Mehdi Khiadani and Kamel Hooman
Magnetic microencapsulated phase change materials with an organo-silica shell: Design, synthesis and application for electromagnetic shielding and thermal regulating polyimide films pp. 225-239 Downloads
Fuyun Jiang, Xiaodong Wang and Dezhen Wu
Exergy-based sustainability assessment of ethanol production via Mucor indicus from fructose, glucose, sucrose, and molasses pp. 240-252 Downloads
Mortaza Aghbashlo, Meisam Tabatabaei and Keikhosro Karimi
The implications of heat electrification on national electrical supply-demand balance under published 2050 energy scenarios pp. 253-270 Downloads
Daniel Quiggin and Richard Buswell
Supercritical CO2 Brayton power cycles for DEMO (demonstration power plant) fusion reactor based on dual coolant lithium lead blanket pp. 271-283 Downloads
José Ignacio Linares, Alexis Cantizano, Beatriz Yolanda Moratilla, Martín-Palacios, Víctor and Lluis Batet
Mapping the energy performance of hellenic residential buildings from EPC (energy performance certificate) data pp. 284-295 Downloads
Kalliopi G. Droutsa, Simon Kontoyiannidis, Elena G. Dascalaki and Constantinos A. Balaras
Multi-objective optimal operation and energy coupling analysis of combined cooling and heating system pp. 296-307 Downloads
Dajun Wei, Alian Chen, Bo Sun and Chenghui Zhang
Numerical investigation of a multi-stage solar still under Batna climatic conditions: Effect of radiation term on mass and heat energy balances pp. 308-323 Downloads
Omar Bait and Si–Ameur, Mohamed
Analytical closed-form model for predicting the power and efficiency of Stirling engines based on a comprehensive numerical model and the genetic programming pp. 324-339 Downloads
Mojtaba Babaelahi and Hoseyn Sayyaadi

Volume 97, issue C, 2016

Utilizing the building envelope for power generation and conservation pp. 1-10 Downloads
M.C. Lee, C.H. Kuo and F.J. Wang
Utilisation of waste heat from the power plant by use of the ORC aided with bleed steam and extra source of heat pp. 11-19 Downloads
Dariusz Mikielewicz, Jan Wajs, Paweł Ziółkowski and Jarosław Mikielewicz
Large eddy simulation of n-heptane spray combustion in partially premixed combustion regime with linear eddy model pp. 20-35 Downloads
Gang Xiao, Ming Jia and Tianyou Wang
Location and optimization analysis of capillary tube network embedded in active tuning building wall pp. 36-45 Downloads
Fuxin Niu and Yuebin Yu
Global freshwater thermal emissions from steam-electric power plants with once-through cooling systems pp. 46-57 Downloads
Catherine E. Raptis and Stephan Pfister
Implementing multi objective genetic algorithm for life cycle carbon footprint and life cycle cost minimisation: A building refurbishment case study pp. 58-68 Downloads
Yair Schwartz, Rokia Raslan and Dejan Mumovic
Output power smoothing and reduced downtime period by combined wind and wave energy farms pp. 69-81 Downloads
S. Astariz and G. Iglesias
Efficient energy consumption in industrial sectors and its effect on environment: A comparative analysis between G8 and Southeast Asian emerging economies pp. 82-89 Downloads
Md. Saifur Rahman, Abu Hanifa Md. Noman, Farihana Shahari, Mohamed Aslam, Sok-Gee Chan, Che Ruhana Isa and Sajeda Pervin
Energy management system for stand-alone diesel-wind-biomass microgrid with energy storage system pp. 90-104 Downloads
Chengshan Wang, Yixin Liu, Xialin Li, Li Guo, Lei Qiao and Hai Lu
Improvement of emission characteristics and thermal efficiency in diesel engines by fueling gasoline/diesel/PODEn blends pp. 105-112 Downloads
Haoye Liu, Zhi Wang, Jianxin Wang and Xin He
Microencapsulation of n-dodecane into zirconia shell doped with rare earth: Design and synthesis of bifunctional microcapsules for photoluminescence enhancement and thermal energy storage pp. 113-126 Downloads
Ying Zhang, Xiaodong Wang and Dezhen Wu
Analysis and long term forecasting of electricity demand trough a decomposition model: A case study for Spain pp. 127-143 Downloads
Pérez-García, Julián and Moral-Carcedo, Julián
A case study on the calibration of the k–ω SST (shear stress transport) turbulence model for small scale wind turbines designed with cambered and symmetrical airfoils pp. 144-150 Downloads
P. A. Costa Rocha, H. H. Barbosa Rocha, F. O. Moura Carneiro, M. E. Vieira da Silva and C. Freitas de Andrade
A hybrid renewable energy system for a North American off-grid community pp. 151-160 Downloads
Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Mohib-Ul-Haque Khan, Mohammad Ahsan Ullah, Xiaolei Zhang and Amit Kumar
Designing sustainable energy regions using genetic algorithms and location-allocation approach pp. 161-172 Downloads
Seda Yanık, Özge Sürer and Başar Öztayşi
Effects of supercritical CO2 treatment time, pressure, and temperature on microstructure of shale pp. 173-181 Downloads
Yongdong Jiang, Yahuang Luo, Yiyu Lu, Chao Qin and Hui Liu
Experimental study on a resorption system for power and refrigeration cogeneration pp. 182-190 Downloads
L. Jiang, L.W. Wang, C.Z. Liu and R.Z. Wang
Mathematical modeling, validation, and operation optimization of an industrial complex steam turbine network-methodology and application pp. 191-213 Downloads
Qiannan Zhu, Xianglong Luo, Bingjian Zhang, Ying Chen and Songping Mo
Impact of energy storage units on load frequency control of deregulated power systems pp. 214-228 Downloads
Ramesh Kumar Selvaraju and Ganapathy Somaskandan
Performance of CO2 concentrations on nutrient removal and biogas upgrading by integrating microalgal strains cultivation with activated sludge pp. 229-237 Downloads
Shiqing Sun, Zhigang Ge, Yongjun Zhao, Changwei Hu, Hui Zhang and Lifeng Ping
Preparation and characterization of hydrochar from waste eucalyptus bark by hydrothermal carbonization pp. 238-245 Downloads
Pin Gao, Yiyuan Zhou, Fang Meng, Yihui Zhang, Zhenhong Liu, Wenqi Zhang and Gang Xue
Dimensionless numbers for the assessment of mesh and timestep requirements in CFD simulations of Darrieus wind turbines pp. 246-261 Downloads
Francesco Balduzzi, Alessandro Bianchini, Giovanni Ferrara and Lorenzo Ferrari
Effect of operation strategies on the economic and environmental performance of a micro gas turbine trigeneration system in a tropical region pp. 262-272 Downloads
Firdaus Basrawi, Thamir K. Ibrahim, Khairul Habib and Takanobu Yamada
CO2 emission reduction potential assessment using renewable energy in India pp. 273-282 Downloads
Subhash Kumar and Reinhard Madlener
Steady state heat transfer modeling of solid fuel biomass stove: Part 1 pp. 283-295 Downloads
Biswajit Gogoi and D.C. Baruah
Decomposition analysis of energy consumption for an freeway during its operation period: A case study for Guangdong, China pp. 296-305 Downloads
DuoQi Li and DuanYi Wang
A review on the susceptor assisted microwave processing of materials pp. 306-338 Downloads
Madhuchhanda Bhattacharya and Tanmay Basak
A time series analysis of oil production, rig count and crude oil price: Evidence from six U.S. oil producing regions pp. 339-349 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis, Bradley Ewing and James Payne
Dynamic simulation of mixed refrigerant process for small-scale LNG plant in skid mount packages pp. 350-358 Downloads
Tianbiao He and Yonglin Ju
Optimal charging scheduling for large-scale EV (electric vehicle) deployment based on the interaction of the smart-grid and intelligent-transport systems pp. 359-368 Downloads
Yugong Luo, Tao Zhu, Shuang Wan, Shuwei Zhang and Keqiang Li
Energy saving potential of heat insulation solar glass: Key results from laboratory and in-situ testing pp. 369-380 Downloads
Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce and Chin-Huai Young
Study of solid chemical evolution in torrefaction of different biomasses through solid-state 13C cross-polarization/magic angle spinning NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) pp. 381-390 Downloads
Elvira Rodriguez Alonso, Capucine Dupont, Laurent Heux, Denilson Da Silva Perez, Jean-Michel Commandre and Christophe Gourdon
Renewable energy management in a remote area using Modified Gravitational Search Algorithm pp. 391-399 Downloads
Sahand Ghavidel, Jamshid Aghaei, Kashem M. Muttaqi and Alireza Heidari
A numerical investigation of serpentine flow channel with different bend sizes in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells pp. 400-410 Downloads
Leila Rostami, Puriya Mohamad Gholy Nejad and Ali Vatani
The expected efficiency and coastal impact of a hybrid energy farm operating in the Portuguese nearshore pp. 411-423 Downloads
Florin Onea and Eugen Rusu
System profitability of excess heat utilisation – A case-based modelling analysis pp. 424-434 Downloads
Akram Fakhri Sandvall, Erik O. Ahlgren and Tomas Ekvall
Performance prediction of seawater shower cooling towers pp. 435-443 Downloads
Xiaoni Qi, Yongqi Liu, Qianjian Guo, Jie Yu and Shanshan Yu
Optimal stochastic management of renewable MG (micro-grids) considering electro-thermal model of PV (photovoltaic) pp. 444-459 Downloads
Fatemeh Najibi, Taher Niknam and Kavousi-Fard, Abdollah
Experimental comparison of organic fluids for low temperature ORC (organic Rankine cycle) systems for waste heat recovery applications pp. 460-469 Downloads
Adriano Desideri, Sergei Gusev, Martijn van den Broek, Vincent Lemort and Sylvain Quoilin
Comprehensive analysis and parametric optimization of a CCP (combined cooling and power) system driven by geothermal source pp. 470-487 Downloads
Yajing Zhao, Jiangfeng Wang, Liyan Cao and Yu Wang
Thermal performance enhancement of palmitic-stearic acid by adding graphene nanoplatelets and expanded graphite for thermal energy storage: A comparative study pp. 488-497 Downloads
Yanping Yuan, Nan Zhang, Tianyu Li, Xiaoling Cao and Weiyue Long
Characteristics of a sintered porous Ni–Cu alloy cathode for hydrogen production in a potassium hydroxide solution pp. 498-505 Downloads
Linping Yu, Ting Lei, Bo Nan, Yao Jiang, Yuehui He and C.T. Liu
Estimating building energy consumption using extreme learning machine method pp. 506-516 Downloads
Sareh Naji, Afram Keivani, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, U. Johnson Alengaram, Mohd Zamin Jumaat, Zulkefli Mansor and Malrey Lee
An investigation of the impact of building orientation on energy consumption in a domestic building using emerging BIM (Building Information Modelling) pp. 517-527 Downloads
F.H. Abanda and L. Byers
Synthesis of ethyl biodiesel from soybean oil, frying oil and chicken fat, using catalysts based on vanadium pentoxide pp. 528-533 Downloads
T.A. Almeida, I.A. Rodrigues, T.S. Estrela, C.N.F. Nunes, L.L. Machado, K.V. Leão, I.C.L. Barros, F.A.C. Amorim and V.S. Braga
Energy use and overheating risk of Swedish multi-storey residential buildings under different climate scenarios pp. 534-548 Downloads
Ambrose Dodoo and Leif Gustavsson
Sustainability of wave energy resources in southern Caspian Sea pp. 549-559 Downloads
Bahareh Kamranzad, Etemad-Shahidi, Amir and Vahid Chegini
Comparison of the performance and EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) response of an activated PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell) under low and high thermal and pressure stresses pp. 560-567 Downloads
Mohammad Zhiani, Somayeh Majidi, Valter Bruno Silva and Hussein Gharibi
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