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Volume 118, issue C, 2017

Parametric study on catalytic tri-reforming of methane for syngas production pp. 1-17 Downloads
Rei-Yu Chein, Chien-Yu Wang and Ching-Tsung Yu
Biowaste utilization in the process of co-gasification with bituminous coal and lignite pp. 18-23 Downloads
Natalia Howaniec and Adam Smoliński
Comparison of linear regression and artificial neural networks models to predict heating and cooling energy demand, energy consumption and CO2 emissions pp. 24-36 Downloads
Pino-Mejías, Rafael, Pérez-Fargallo, Alexis, Rubio-Bellido, Carlos and Pulido-Arcas, Jesús A.
Hybrid AC/DC microgrid planning pp. 37-46 Downloads
Hossein Lotfi and Amin Khodaei
Effect of different fuel NO models on the prediction of NO formation/reduction characteristics in a pulverized coal combustion field pp. 47-59 Downloads
Nozomu Hashimoto, Hiroaki Watanabe, Ryoichi Kurose and Hiromi Shirai
Generation efficiency improvement of IGCC with CO2 capture by the application of the low temperature reactive shift catalyst pp. 60-67 Downloads
Takashi Sasaki, Tomoko Suzuki, Yasufumi Akasaka and Masaki Takaoka
Exploring the stochastic and deterministic aspects of cyclic emission variability on a high speed spark-ignition engine pp. 68-76 Downloads
Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A., A. Dimaratos, L. Ntziachristos and Z. Samaras
Exergy analysis: A CO2 removal plant using a-MDEA as the solvent pp. 77-84 Downloads
Vafa Feyzi, Masoud Beheshti and Abolfazl Gharibi Kharaji
Thermodynamic analysis of a simple Organic Rankine Cycle pp. 85-96 Downloads
Alireza Javanshir and Nenad Sarunac
Optimal combined long-term facility design and short-term operational strategy for CHP capacity investments pp. 97-115 Downloads
Jose L. Mojica, Damon Petersen, Brigham Hansen, Kody M. Powell and John D. Hedengren
A new role of supercritical ethanol in macroalgae liquefaction (Saccharina japonica): Understanding ethanol participation, yield, and energy efficiency pp. 116-126 Downloads
Hassan Zeb, Jaeyeon Choi, Yunje Kim and Jaehoon Kim
Experimental investigation on the behavior of a direct injection diesel engine fueled with Karanja methyl ester-biogas dual fuel at different injection timings pp. 127-138 Downloads
Debabrata Barik, S. Murugan, N.M. Sivaram, E. Baburaj and P. Shanmuga Sundaram
A new type three-stage gasification of dried sewage sludge: Effects of equivalence ratio, weight ratio of activated carbon to feed, and feed rate on gas composition and tar, NH3, and H2S removal and results of approximately 5 h gasification pp. 139-146 Downloads
Young-Kon Choi, Ji-Ho Ko and Joo-Sik Kim
A Turbosail profile analysis code based on the panel method pp. 147-155 Downloads
Cherif Hcini, Essia Abidi, Badreddine Kamoun and David Afungchui
Hydrogen generator characteristics for storage of renewably-generated energy pp. 156-171 Downloads
Janusz Kotowicz, Łukasz Bartela, Daniel Węcel and Klaudia Dubiel
Flexible free-standing ternary CoSnO3/graphene/carbon nanotubes composite papers as anodes for enhanced performance of lithium-ion batteries pp. 172-180 Downloads
Xiaojun Zhao, Gang Wang, Yixuan Zhou and Hui Wang
Numerical investigation of effects of CO2 recirculation in an oxy-fuel IGCC on gasification characteristics of a two-stage entrained flow coal gasifier pp. 181-189 Downloads
Hiroaki Watanabe, Seongyool Ahn and Kenji Tanno
Knock characteristics of SI engine fueled with n-butanol in combination with different EGR rate pp. 190-196 Downloads
Haiqiao Wei, Dengquan Feng, Jiaying Pan, Aifang Shao and Mingzhang Pan
A flexible control strategy of plug-in electric vehicles operating in seven modes for smoothing load power curves in smart grid pp. 197-208 Downloads
Siwar Khemakhem, Mouna Rekik and Lotfi Krichen
Thermal response of a turbulent premixed flame to the imposed inlet oscillating velocity pp. 209-220 Downloads
N. Hajialigol and Kiumars Mazaheri
Optimum resistance analysis and experimental verification of nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvesting from human motions pp. 221-230 Downloads
Wei Wang, Junyi Cao, Chris R. Bowen, Shengxi Zhou and Jing Lin
Day-ahead natural gas demand forecasting based on the combination of wavelet transform and ANFIS/genetic algorithm/neural network model pp. 231-245 Downloads
Ioannis P. Panapakidis and Athanasios S. Dagoumas
District heating by drinking water heat pump: Modelling and energy analysis of a case study in the city of Milan pp. 246-263 Downloads
A.M. De Pasquale, A. Giostri, M.C. Romano, P. Chiesa, T. Demeco and S. Tani
Ipomoea aquatica as a new substrate for enhanced biohydrogen production by using digested sludge as inoculum pp. 264-271 Downloads
Mishma S. Stanislaus, Nan Zhang, Chenyu Zhao, Qi Zhu, Dawei Li and Yingnan Yang
Modelling the rebound effect with network theory: An insight into the European freight transport sector pp. 272-283 Downloads
Franco Ruzzenenti and Riccardo Basosi
The impact of Zero Energy Buildings on the Scandinavian energy system pp. 284-296 Downloads
Pernille Seljom, Karen Byskov Lindberg, Asgeir Tomasgard, Gerard Doorman and Igor Sartori
Experimental and numerical analysis on thermal performance of large-diameter cast-in-place energy pile constructed in soft ground pp. 297-311 Downloads
Sangwoo Park, Dongseop Lee, Seokjae Lee, Alexis Chauchois and Hangseok Choi
Hydrothermal carbonization of medical wastes and lignocellulosic biomass for solid fuel production from lab-scale to pilot-scale pp. 312-323 Downloads
Yafei Shen, Shili Yu, Shun Ge, Xingming Chen, Xinlei Ge and Mindong Chen
In-depth analysis of the performance of hybrid desiccant cooling system incorporated with an electric heat pump pp. 324-332 Downloads
Won-Baek Hwang, Sun Choi and Dae-Young Lee
Factors affecting the downward flame depth in a 600 MW down-fired boiler incorporating multiple-injection and multiple-staging technology pp. 333-344 Downloads
Lingyan Zeng, Minhang Song, Xiaoguang Li, Yibo Liu, Zhengqi Li and Zhichao Chen
Aero-acoustics noise assessment for Wind-Lens turbine pp. 345-368 Downloads
I. Hashem, M.H. Mohamed and A.A. Hafiz
Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of microalgal Aurantiochytrium sp. KRS101 pp. 369-376 Downloads
The Ky Vo, Hoang Vu Ly, Ok Kyung Lee, Eun Yeol Lee, Chul Ho Kim, Jeong-Woo Seo, Jinsoo Kim and Seung-Soo Kim
Effects of thermal pretreatment on degradation kinetics of organics during kitchen waste anaerobic digestion pp. 377-386 Downloads
Yangyang Li, Yiying Jin, Jinhui Li, Hailong Li, Zhixin Yu and Yongfeng Nie
A new active portfolio risk management for an electricity retailer based on a drawdown risk preference pp. 387-398 Downloads
Mansour Charwand, Mohsen Gitizadeh and Pierluigi Siano
The optimal design and 4E analysis of double pressure HRSG utilizing steam injection for Damavand power plant pp. 399-413 Downloads
Hamid Mokhtari, Hossein Ahmadisedigh and Mohammad Ameri
Flammability limits temperature dependence of pure compounds in air at atmospheric pressure pp. 414-424 Downloads
Andrés Z. Mendiburu, João A. de Carvalho, Christian R. Coronado and Justo J. Roberts
Acidogenesis driven by hydrogen partial pressure towards bioethanol production through fatty acids reduction pp. 425-434 Downloads
Omprakash Sarkar, Sai Kishore Butti and S. Venkata Mohan
Hybrid energy harvesting for condition monitoring sensors in power grids pp. 435-445 Downloads
Feng Yang, Lin Du, Weigen Chen, Jian Li, Youyuan Wang and Disheng Wang
Decentralized price-driven grid balancing via repurposed electric vehicle batteries pp. 446-455 Downloads
B. Faessler, P. Kepplinger and J. Petrasch
Palm biomass strategic resource managment – A competitive game analysis pp. 456-463 Downloads
J.P. Tang, H.L. Lam, M.K. Abdul Aziz and N.A. Morad
Novel multi-step sorption-reaction energy storage cycles for air conditioning and temperature upgrading pp. 464-472 Downloads
Zisheng Lu, Ruzhu Wang and Larisa Gordeeva
Novel grey prediction model with nonlinear optimized time response method for forecasting of electricity consumption in China pp. 473-480 Downloads
Ning Xu, Yaoguo Dang and Yande Gong
International comparison of total-factor energy productivity growth: A parametric Malmquist index approach pp. 481-488 Downloads
Kerui Du and Boqiang Lin
Sequential Monte Carlo simulation for robust optimal design of cooling water system with quantified uncertainty and reliability pp. 489-501 Downloads
Qi Cheng, Shengwei Wang and Chengchu Yan
Influence of artificially aged gas diffusion layers on the water management of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells analyzed with in-operando synchrotron imaging pp. 502-511 Downloads
Tobias Arlt, Merle Klages, Matthias Messerschmidt, Joachim Scholta and Ingo Manke
A new global maximum power point tracking technique for solar photovoltaic (PV) system under partial shading conditions (PSC) pp. 512-525 Downloads
J. Prasanth Ram and N. Rajasekar
Techno-economic evaluation of strategies for addressing energy and environmental challenges of industrial boilers in China pp. 526-533 Downloads
Bo Shen, Yafeng Han, Lynn Price, Hongyou Lu and Manzhi Liu
Thermodynamic and economic assessment of a new generation of subcritical and supercritical solar power towers pp. 534-544 Downloads
Rodríguez-Sánchez, M.R., Sánchez-González, A., González-Gómez, P.A., Marugán-Cruz, C. and D. Santana
Optimal transmission conversion from alternating current to high voltage direct current transmission systems for limiting short circuit currents pp. 545-555 Downloads
Jianxiao Wang, Haiwang Zhong, Qing Xia and Chongqing Kang
Soft computing based on hierarchical evaluation approach and criteria interdependencies for energy decision-making problems: A case study pp. 556-577 Downloads
Hossein Gitinavard, S. Meysam Mousavi and Behnam Vahdani
Modeling of a liquid desiccant dehumidification system for close type greenhouse cultivation pp. 578-589 Downloads
Ameer Ali, Kashif Ishaque, Aref Lashin and Nassir Al Arifi
TRusT: A Two-stage Robustness Trade-off approach for the design of decentralized energy supply systems pp. 590-599 Downloads
Dinah Elena Majewski, Matthias Lampe, Philip Voll and André Bardow
Mahua seed pyrolysis oil blends as an alternative fuel for light-duty diesel engines pp. 600-612 Downloads
Debalaxmi Pradhan, Harisankar Bendu, R.K. Singh and S. Murugan
Autoignition of blends of n-butanol and ethanol with diesel or biodiesel fuels in a constant-volume combustion chamber pp. 613-621 Downloads
Magín Lapuerta, Juan José Hernández, Fernández-Rodríguez, David and Cova-Bonillo, Alexis
Application of reanalysis data to estimate offshore wind potential in EEZ of India based on marine ecosystem considerations pp. 622-631 Downloads
Garlapati Nagababu, Surendra Singh Kachhwaha, Natansh K. Naidu and Vimal Savsani
Measurement and statistical analysis of wind speed intermittency pp. 632-643 Downloads
Guorui Ren, Jinfu Liu, Jie Wan, Yufeng Guo, Daren Yu and Jizhen Liu
A methodology for assessment of erosive wear on a Francis turbine runner pp. 644-657 Downloads
Junaid H. Masoodi and G.A. Harmain
Salt intrusions providing a new geothermal exploration target for higher energy recovery at shallower depths pp. 658-670 Downloads
Alexandros Daniilidis and Rien Herber
Thermodynamic analysis of solar-assisted hybrid power generation systems integrated with thermochemical fuel conversion pp. 671-683 Downloads
Ting Yue and Noam Lior
Rail coaches with rooftop solar photovoltaic systems: A feasibility study pp. 684-691 Downloads
M. Shravanth Vasisht, G.A. Vashista, J. Srinivasan and Sheela K. Ramasesha
A survey analysis of the wood pellet industry in Finland: Future perspectives pp. 692-704 Downloads
Svetlana Proskurina, Eija Alakangas, Jussi Heinimö, Mirja Mikkilä and Esa Vakkilainen
An investigation of the PEM fuel cells performance with partially restricted cathode flow channels and metal foam as a flow distributor pp. 705-715 Downloads
E. Afshari, Mosharaf-Dehkordi, M. and H. Rajabian
Integration of SOFC/GT hybrid systems in Micro-Grids pp. 716-728 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini and A. Ottaviano
Energy saving potential in humidification-dehumidification desalination system pp. 729-741 Downloads
C. Muthusamy and K. Srithar
The influence of global benchmark oil prices on the regional oil spot market in multi-period evolution pp. 742-752 Downloads
Meihui Jiang, Haizhong An, Xiaoliang Jia and Xiaoqi Sun
Parametric optimization and heat transfer analysis of a dual loop ORC (organic Rankine cycle) system for CNG engine waste heat recovery pp. 753-775 Downloads
Fubin Yang, Hongguang Zhang, Zhibin Yu, Enhua Wang, Fanxiao Meng, Hongda Liu and Jingfu Wang
Multi-parameter optimization of cold energy recovery in cascade Rankine cycle for LNG regasification using genetic algorithm pp. 776-782 Downloads
Sangick Lee
Profit allocation analysis among the distributed energy network participants based on Game-theory pp. 783-794 Downloads
Qiong Wu, Hongbo Ren, Weijun Gao, Jianxing Ren and Changshi Lao
Energy efficiency improvement opportunities and associated greenhouse gas abatement costs for the residential sector pp. 795-807 Downloads
Veena Subramanyam, Amit Kumar, Alireza Talaei and Md. Alam Hossain Mondal
Application of an amine-based CO2 capture system in retrofitting combined gas-steam power plants pp. 808-826 Downloads
Roberto Carapellucci, Lorena Giordano and Maura Vaccarelli
Energy management in microgrid based on the multi objective stochastic programming incorporating portable renewable energy resource as demand response option pp. 827-839 Downloads
Vahid Sohrabi Tabar, Mehdi Ahmadi Jirdehi and Reza Hemmati
Design of magnetic flywheel control for performance improvement of fuel cells used in vehicles pp. 840-852 Downloads
Chung-Neng Huang and Yui-Sung Chen
Model-based flexibility assessment of a residential heat pump pool pp. 853-864 Downloads
David Fischer, Tobias Wolf, Jeannette Wapler, Raphael Hollinger and Hatef Madani
Exploring the potential for waste heat recovery during metal casting with thermoelectric generators: On-site experiments and mathematical modeling pp. 865-875 Downloads
Marit Takla Børset, Øivind Wilhelmsen, Signe Kjelstrup and Odne Stokke Burheim
Increasing fossil power plant flexibility by integrating molten-salt thermal storage pp. 876-883 Downloads
Oliver Garbrecht, Malte Bieber and Reinhold Kneer
Potential solar energy use in the global petroleum sector pp. 884-892 Downloads
Jingfan Wang, John O'Donnell and Adam R. Brandt
Supercritical CO2 Rankine cycles for waste heat recovery from gas turbine pp. 893-905 Downloads
Young Min Kim, Jeong Lak Sohn and Eui Soo Yoon
Thermodynamic analyses for recovering residual heat of high-temperature basic oxygen gas (BOG) by the methane reforming with carbon dioxide reaction pp. 906-913 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Xun Shen, Shaojun Xia and Fengrui Sun
A new approach for the comprehensive grading of petroleum reserves in China: Two natural gas examples pp. 914-926 Downloads
Wandi Li, Dongkun Luo and Jiehui Yuan
Application of organic Rankine cycle in integration of thermal power plant with post-combustion CO2 capture and compression pp. 927-936 Downloads
Hossein Farajollahi and Siamak Hossainpour
The life cycle greenhouse gas implications of a UK gas supply transformation on a future low carbon electricity sector pp. 937-949 Downloads
Geoffrey P. Hammond and Áine O' Grady
CO2 capture from flue gas using clathrate formation in the presence of thermodynamic promoters pp. 950-956 Downloads
Soyoung Kim, Sung-Deuk Choi and Yongwon Seo
Fuel consumption and CO2 emission analysis in different strip tillage scenarios pp. 957-968 Downloads
Egidijus Šarauskis, Kristina Vaitauskienė, Kęstutis Romaneckas, Algirdas Jasinskas, Vidmantas Butkus and Zita Kriaučiūnienė
Research on China's energy supply and demand using an improved Grey-Markov chain model based on wavelet transform pp. 969-984 Downloads
Sun Wei and Xu Yanfeng
Mathematical model for integrated coal fired thermal boiler using physical laws pp. 985-998 Downloads
Chandrasekharan Sreepradha, Rames Chandra Panda and Natrajan Swaminathan Bhuvaneswari
Artificial neural networks to predict energy performance and retrofit scenarios for any member of a building category: A novel approach pp. 999-1017 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Nicola Bianco, Claudio De Stasio, Gerardo Maria Mauro and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
Performance of SDHW systems with fully mixed and stratified tank operation under radiative regimes with different degree of stability pp. 1018-1034 Downloads
Iuliana Soriga and Viorel Badescu
Thermoelectric heat recovery from glass melt processes pp. 1035-1043 Downloads
Kazuaki Yazawa, Ali Shakouri and Terry J. Hendricks
Estimating the benefits of transmission expansion projects: An Aumann-Shapley approach pp. 1044-1054 Downloads
Banez-Chicharro, Fernando, Luis Olmos, Andres Ramos and Jesus M. Latorre
Kinetic study of catalytic gasification of wood char impregnated with different alkali salts pp. 1055-1065 Downloads
Kawnish Kirtania, Joel Axelsson, Leonidas Matsakas, Paul Christakopoulos, Kentaro Umeki and Erik Furusjö
Pressure responses and phase transitions during the release of high pressure CO2 from a large-scale pipeline pp. 1066-1078 Downloads
Xiaolu Guo, Xingqing Yan, Jianliang Yu, Yang Yang, Yongchun Zhang, Shaoyun Chen, Haroun Mahgerefteh, Sergey Martynov and Alexander Collard
Influence of mechanical pretreatment and organic concentration of Irish brown seaweed for methane production pp. 1079-1089 Downloads
M.E. Montingelli, K.Y. Benyounis, B. Quilty, J. Stokes and A.G. Olabi
Delayed detached eddy simulation of the wind turbine airfoil S809 for angles of attack up to 90 degrees pp. 1090-1109 Downloads
He-Yong Xu, Chen-Liang Qiao, Hui-Qiang Yang and Zheng-Yin Ye
Design and test of a new droop control algorithm for a SMES/battery hybrid energy storage system pp. 1110-1122 Downloads
Jianwei Li, Qingqing Yang, Francis. Robinson, Fei Liang, Min Zhang and Weijia Yuan
Integration of a LOHC storage into a heat-controlled CHP system pp. 1123-1130 Downloads
Axel Haupt and Karsten Müller
A new retrofit approach to the absorption-stabilization process for improving energy efficiency in refineries pp. 1131-1145 Downloads
X.G. Liu, C. He, C.C. He, J.J. Chen, B.J. Zhang and Q.L. Chen
Worm structure piezoelectric energy harvester using ionotropic gelation of barium titanate-calcium alginate composite pp. 1146-1155 Downloads
Nagamalleswara Rao Alluri, Sophia Selvarajan, Arunkumar Chandrasekhar, Balasubramaniam Saravanakumar, Gae Myoung Lee, Ji Hyun Jeong and Sang-Jae Kim
Planning of electric vehicle infrastructure based on charging reliability and quality of service pp. 1156-1167 Downloads
Sreten Davidov and Miloš Pantoš
Stochastic scheduling of aggregators of plug-in electric vehicles for participation in energy and ancillary service markets pp. 1168-1179 Downloads
Manijeh Alipour, Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam, Moradi-Dalvand, Mohammad and Kazem Zare
Comparative analysis of degradation rates for inland and seaside wind turbines in compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission standard pp. 1180-1186 Downloads
Dongheon Shin and Kyungnam Ko
Integration highly concentrated photovoltaic module exhaust heat recovery system with adsorption air-conditioning module via phase change materials pp. 1187-1197 Downloads
Suling Zhang, Wei Wu and Shuangfeng Wang
Flow control on the NREL S809 wind turbine airfoil using vortex generators pp. 1210-1221 Downloads
Haipeng Wang, Bo Zhang, Qinggang Qiu and Xiang Xu
Continuous-time tube-based explicit model predictive control for collective pitching of wind turbines pp. 1222-1233 Downloads
Ahmed Lasheen, Mohamed S. Saad, Hassan M. Emara and Abdel Latif Elshafei
Nanocrystalline spinel ferrite for an enriched production of hydrogen through a solar energy stimulated water splitting process pp. 1234-1242 Downloads
Heba M. Gobara, Ibrahim M. Nassar, Ahmed M.A. El Naggar and Gh. Eshaq
An experimental study into the effect of air staging distribution and position on emissions in a laboratory scale biomass combustor pp. 1243-1255 Downloads
Hassan Khodaei, Ferdinando Guzzomi, Guan H. Yeoh, Araceli Regueiro and David Patiño
Methane enhancement and asynchronism minimization through co-digestion of goose manure and NaOH solubilized corn stover with waste activated sludge pp. 1256-1263 Downloads
Muhammad Hassan, Weimin Ding, Muhammad Umar, Kunlun Hei, Jinhua Bi and Zhendan Shi
Heat transfer analysis of north wall insulated greenhouse dryer under natural convection mode pp. 1264-1274 Downloads
Prashant Singh Chauhan and Anil Kumar
Thermo-structural analysis of cracks on gas turbine vane segment having multiple airfoils pp. 1275-1285 Downloads
Heeyoon Chung, Ho-Seong Sohn, Jun Su Park, Kyung Min Kim and Hyung Hee Cho
Design of large scale oxy-fuel fluidized bed boilers: Constant thermal power and constant furnace size scenarios pp. 1286-1294 Downloads
Sadegh Seddighi
A framework for identification of maintenance significant items in reliability centered maintenance pp. 1295-1303 Downloads
Yang Tang, Qingyou Liu, Jiajia Jing, Yan Yang and Zhengwei Zou
Experimental study on performance improvement of U-tube solar collector depending on nanoparticle size and concentration of Al2O3 nanofluid pp. 1304-1312 Downloads
Hyeongmin Kim, Jinhyun Kim and Honghyun Cho
Large-area printed supercapacitor technology for low-cost domestic green energy storage pp. 1313-1321 Downloads
Z. Tehrani, D.J. Thomas, T. Korochkina, C.O. Phillips, D. Lupo, S. Lehtimäki, J. O'Mahony and D.T. Gethin
Mix-mode energy management strategy and battery sizing for economic operation of grid-tied microgrid pp. 1322-1333 Downloads
Shivashankar Sukumar, Hazlie Mokhlis, Saad Mekhilef, Kanendra Naidu and Mazaher Karimi
Experimental evaluation on performance, combustion behavior and influence of in-cylinder temperature on NOx emission in a D.I diesel engine using thermal imager for various alternate fuel blends pp. 1334-1344 Downloads
P. Mohamed Shameer and K. Ramesh
Decomposition of benzene using char aerosol particles dispersed in a high-temperature filter pp. 1345-1352 Downloads
Mario Morgalla, Leteng Lin and Michael Strand
Fast analysis of high heating value and elemental compositions of sorghum biomass using near-infrared spectroscopy pp. 1353-1360 Downloads
Ke Zhang, Ling Zhou, Michael Brady, Feng Xu, Jianming Yu and Donghai Wang
An improved cycle for large temperature lifts application in water-ammonia absorption system pp. 1361-1369 Downloads
X. Chen, R.Z. Wang and S. Du
Energy efficiency evaluation in ethylene production process with respect to operation classification pp. 1370-1379 Downloads
Shixin Gong, Cheng Shao and Li Zhu
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